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09/30/2012: Magdalena from New York, NY: Hi, My son suffers from rheumatoid arthritis which co-exists with his Crohn's disease. His GI doctor put him on Azulfadine and within 2 days his symptoms began to disappear but sadly on the third day of the Azulfadine dosage, my son developed a red skin rash accompanied with high fever and diarrhea; he became severely dehydrated. The doctor immediately stopped the Azulfadine and determined he had an allergic reaction. Does curcumin or turmeric have a sulfa component in it? I need someone with pharmacology knowledge to please answer my question. I want very much to give curcumin to him because I've read how it has helped people with arthritis and Crohn's. Currently he is taking the TNF inhibitor injections which are very toxic. Thank you so much.

09/30/2012: Ed2010 from Oakville, Canada replies: Crohn's is an auto immune disease. I strongly suggest to give him HOME MADE MILK KEFIR early morning 1 cup and evening 1 cup.

Also, for intestinal inflammation you can give L-Glutamine capsules or Cabbage Juice. You will see good results in 1 week. Hope this helps. thanks

Best Way to Take Turmeric?

08/21/2008: Beverly from Houston, Texas: Can everyone please give feedback on how you take the turmeric. I know it says with water but does it have to be water? Is that what makes it work? What are some of the other ways everyone has taken it and gotten good results.

Earth Clinic replies: Please check out our Boils page for a few Turmeric recipes:


08/21/2008: Lewis from Circleville, USA replies: I dissolve mine in coconut oil so that it goes into my lymphatic drainage system, instead of my blood. Thankz EC
08/26/2008: Lewis from Circleville, Ohio,USA replies: http://grouppekurosawa.com/blog/2005/12/curcumin-preparation-and.htm

"In order for curcumin to be maximally effective against cancer, it MUST be introduced into the body in a bioavailable form. Curcumin is almost totally insoluble in water. On the other hand, it is completely soluble in fat.

Curcumin dissolves readily in coconut milk or cream, especially if they are warm. There is NO reason to boil coconut milk or cream in order to dissolve curcumin. Never boil anything unless you are absolutely certain the heat will not damage the medicinal properties of the natural medicine. I have no idea how heat stable curcumin is for medicinal purposes. So don't boil it.

Curcumin that is dissolved in fat will be introduced into the lymphatic system with the fat. There is exactly where we want curcumin to be introduced into the body. The lymphatic fluid bathes all the tissues in the body. We are NOT interested in directly introducing it into the blood.

People complain about the taste of curcumin. So add other spices, such as turmeric, or other spices to the mix to change the taste.

How much curcumin do we need to treat cancer and leukemia? No one knows but I would recommend at least 10 grams a day, 5 grams twice a day dissolved in fat. Since curcumin is not toxic, why screw around with low doses?

You must use glutamine, at least 20 grams a day, with the curcumin to make it maximally effective. I blogged on this issue yesterday.

Stay tuned...

Grouppe Kurosawa, Medicine in the Public Interest

03/30/2009: Lizbet from Vancouver, BC replies: I have tried to ingest curcumin, but have had problems with diarrhea. Have tried several brands (some with medium chain triglycerides) and always the same: cramping and diarrhea. I think eating yogurt at the same time might help a bit - seems to, but not significantly. I've dissolved the curcumin in oil, taken it with cod liver oil etc. No luck. Does anyone have a solution to this problem?
05/07/2010: Javagenie from Central, Vermont, Usa replies: I've been reading up on this natural cure-all. It sounds great and can't wait to try it for some family members allergies and joint pain. However, I am confused by so many opinions on best ways to take it.

However, after hearing about it being soluable in fat/oils and best absorbed through the lymphatic system, I began to do some quick research. Then something immediately rang clear to me. Wouldn't combining tumeric with a long-chain fatty acids such as omega 3 dha/epa be the best solution?

A capsule of fish oil and a tsp of tumeric should yield a nice paste that can be then inserted into a capsule. Has anyone tried this? Or is there a flaw in my reasoning?

05/08/2010: Merryanne from Orange City, Fl replies: I take turmeric by capsules 2, twice daily,,,You could just also take the oil caps at the same time and eat a bit or two of food at the same time and let nature do the combining. I also add turmeric to a lot of my cooking, any where there is any oil or fat I add some turmeric,,just a little and it gives a marvelous flavor and enhances the whole pot.:)



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