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Colloidal Silver Cures

Last Modified on Mar 15, 2015

While researchers debate the efficacy of colloidal silver, patient reports solidify the compound as not only effective but useful on a variety of levels. A silver residue of sorts, colloidal silver has been used as a medical treatment aid for decades and continues to be used by practitioners of holistic medicine today. Silver is a substance found naturally in food and water that, when used in moderation, has a number of positive effects on the health.

What is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver and formulations of various silver salts have been used since the early 20th century. The compound is considered a colloid, which consists of miniscule silver particles suspended in liquid. Available specifically as an alternative medicine, colloidal silver is often considered a “cure-all” as it has so many purposes. Although the supplement is an effective treatment option for many ailments, care must be taken when using it because it can cause some adverse effects including allergic reactions, interactions with prescription medication and discoloration of the skin.

Health Benefits of Colloidal Silver

While many medical proponents believe colloidal silver peaked as a popular treatment in the 1920s and 1930s, it is still available on the market and remains a viable treatment option. In fact, the compound is still often found in mainstream medications, particularly those used to combat fungus in the body.

Additionally, colloidal silver can be used to treat a variety of common conditions including those of the skin, digestive system and others. The compound is most often used to treat burns, as it repairs skin and tissue damage, and to prevent scars. Rashes, cysts and acne can also be treated using the compound.

As it is an easily digestible compound that readily absorbs into the organs, colloidal silver is particularly important for boosting the immune system. It can also be used to treat colds, flu viruses, intestinal parasites, bladder and urinary tract infections and a variety of other conditions.

Colloidal silver has been used as a health remedy throughout history and continues to be an effective treatment option today. With applications ranging from minor skin conditions to more severe digestive and cardiovascular disease, colloidal silver is and will continue to be an important natural remedy.

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Adding Hydrogen Peroxide   0  0   

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 01/29/2015 | 1102 Posts

Ted from Bangkok has always advised that after people make their own colloidal silver then they should always add 3 or 4 drops of 0.5% hydrogen peroxide to this colloidal solution. Ted has also mentioned that adding the HP actually helped to make the colloidal or ionic silver smaller in size by unclumping it. I wondered about this and tried to find some evidence for it.

Colloidal Silver Used Together with Hydrogen Peroxide

This article seems to confirm that adding HP to CS actually makes the colloidal particles even smaller. It also mops up any stray silver particles in the solution -- making them ionic. So adding HP to a CS solution makes it even safer. And so this colloidal silver with HP, when supplemented, is also much more able to penetrate every nook and cranny in the body more efficiently because of CS's smaller ionic size. The other thing that adding HP does for colloidal silver is that it adds HP's excellent cell oxygenating capability and microbial killing capability to the CS solution.

And, as the article clearly states from research, that's why just adding a few drops of HP to a CS solution will make that solution 100 times stronger and more efficacious against microbes than just using CS solution alone.

Replied by Cindy

Question to Bill or Dave. Could you explain the difference between colloidal silver and ionic silver? Is one better than the other? Ionic silver is cheaper where I live. Would really like to get the best product for the money
Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc


Re your question on the difference in Colloidal Silver and Ionic Silver.

The electrolysis process makes a silver that loses one electron. This is still silver. But when an electron is lost it is called an ion. I call the result of an electrolysis process "colloidal silver" but some folks do not.

There are lots of assertions about whose "silver" is colloidal and which is not and much contradicts the other.

I use the "does it work" criteria. Silver nitrate works topically; but too concentrated to take orally! If you look at the top of the Earth Clinic page you will see at the very top "Videos" and EC has made one of me making CS. That process makes a water with a concentration of silver atoms which are ions of silver and apparently some silver particles also.

Some makers of CS want to argue that true CS uses a method that does not produce ions and that that is the real CS, producing particles that are smaller than the method used by a fast electrolysis method. Those folks often say that the method I describe will leave a residue of silver in the bottom of a jar, showing that the solution is not a true colloid. A colloid (colloidal) is a suspension of a substance in water that will stay suspended.

Well, I have a large bottle I made a week ago and you can see the cloud of silver in the water. After a week there is NO sedimentation or settling in the bottom of the jar.

So isn't THAT a suspension or a colloid? Seems to me so.

But what do I know...I've only been producing CS (in ionic form) for 22 years, and seeing results every day.

Now someone is going to write in no, go to web site X and those experts will definitively explain the convoluted truth that to be a true colloid, then you must take hours if not days to make the REAL thing.

OK. I'm not debating. I just know that the simple process of electrolysis produces an ion of silver and if you don't want to call it a colloid, that is fine with me.

But this just confuses something that is pretty simple in my mind. Are these folks saying that their version of silver is NOT ionic? If it is not, what proof do that offer, comparing and contrasting the two. I HAVE and know in fact that in at least one instance, the simple silver method I use worked to kill a cold I had and the "super duper small REAL thing CS" would not kill the infection. Humm. Back to the "does it work" test.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando

1102 Posts
Hi Cindy...Colloidal silver is particulate silver whereas ionic silver has a charge. Ionic silver is also the smallest form in terms of size.

Here is an experiment showing the efficacy of ionic vs colloidal silver between two different silver products in terms of efficacy of activity against pathogens.

Ionic Silver vs. Colloidal Silver

As you can perhaps see from the results, the ionic silver form appears to win hands-down. But I wouldn't read too much into this because in any silver solution you will always get a mixture of both colloidal and ionic silver.

And, from what you seem to be saying, I would never buy any silver solution from a store -- but, as Dave always recommends, I would simply buy a silver solution generator and make it yourself because silver in solution is oxidized fairly quickly. In the end, with a silver generator, you will be able to make the colloidal or ionic silver if and when you need it and it will always be fresh. And, in this respect, buying a silver solution generator must also help to save you some money overall as well.

Bye the way, another interesting fact seems to arise from the above research conclusions which appears to confirm the unneeded conversion of both ionic and colloidal silver forms to silver chloride when taken orally due to the the presence of HCL in the stomach. This would seem to also reduce the efficacy of both oral forms of colloidal and ionic silver. A way to perhaps sensibly avoid this would be by combining ionic or colloidal silver with DMSO and use it topically on the skin. This method entirely avoids the HCL problem in the stomach. Another advantage of this route would be that the DMSO would carry at least 80% of the colloidal or ionic silver directly from the skin into the blood. The percentage absorption of ionic silver into the blood via the oral stomach/intestinal route would necessarily be much smaller.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn.

HI U BILL, , , , , , , thank you for this input. I am a new boy to Colloidal Silver and use it to stop my eyes from burning. I am still using what I bought, but now have Bob Beck's system that I can make my own. Ole Dave has done a real service to us by teaching us to make our own.

I just read that Annette Funicello just died from MS. Would it have been great if she had been a reader of EC and learned what Dave did for his wife? Brings tears to my eyes that our medical field is so ignorant.

I truly appreciate what you and others are doing to help folks of the world to live a better life.

Yo buddy=======ORH=========

Replied by Cindy

thank you dave and bill both for your replies to my information request I appreciate it and now my next step will be looking into making my own cs.
Replied by Bee
New York, US


Question Please.... someone I know mentioned about the blood type diet and if you are A type then you shouldn't use ACV.. I am A - and been using ACV for awhile now... but now I am wondering if there is any truth to this. I don't have the study myself.

Anyone know if this Is true??

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Bee,

I am blood type A and have used ACV for years and have found it consistently helpful to me.

I have seen the books about blood type diet, and admittedly have not read them. The thought of having to fix different foods for different people in my house based on blood type just doesn't make sense to me. It would be ridiculously overwhelming in my house.

For most of the history of humankind, people have had to rely on local and in season foods for the bulk of their diets. Eating together has always been a way to experience community. So I just can wrap my mind around the blood type diet being a realistic one.

Is ACV good for ever last person? Probably not. But I would base its helpfulness more on an individual's reaction to it than to their blood type.

Just my 2 cents.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada

Hello, Mama to Many ---

I do agree with your "two cents". Blood type is just a recent invention that does not hold up to the very basis of creation which is the 5 elements in everything we contact on this planet, even beyond.

I am talking Ayurveda of five thousand years existence, applicable to every clime and time. Chinese ancient system added.

Even the new "specialists" in natural meds. can't come even close to it. So, if you are born in the same family no problem, because your pre dominant dosha which is not changeable for life means the pre dominant chemical composition of your body remains in the family for life.

You must balance it by all means but within your individual situation. So, no shirt fits all. For me, looking up ancient medicine systems as these two, are the only way to make sense.

Having perused EC posts for a long time now, the answer for me at least is not in removing nutritious foods from the diet but finding unpoisoned grains, milk, vegs. etc. and applying the right diet that suits the individual. There are businesses that market healthy grains, for instance, with thorough information about them.

Removing major foods from the diet will weaken the body according to these two ancient systems, and in my experience, vegan diet can be done for a while but not too long or there will be unwelcome results due to malnutrition.. True, every cow is now poisoned regardless of certain claims. Milk and Meat boards have their vested interests, keeping these in mind.

Bottom line is: the entire creation consists of five elements which are changeable and everything that our senses contact is made up of these. Therefore, our bodies are made up of the same elements as Mother Earth. Then, it is no surprise how we are injuring/killing ourselves by permitting abuse of any kind on this planet. Even in the recent and not so recent past knowledgeable individuals have tried to introduce the five element theory into public schools, with complete government resistance every time. Self healing and understanding our bodies is only possible with this ancient system in mind.

My other two cents. Namaste, Om

Articles of Interest   0  0   

Posted by Connie (Manitowoc, Wisconsin) on 08/12/2009

The Environmental Protection Agency's Website contains an article on silver (apparently from June 10, 2009) entitled:

"Residues of Silver in Foods from Food Contact Surface Sanitizing Solutions; Exemption from the Requirement of a Tolerance"

The paper discusses the possible toxicity of silver, and appears to indicate that argyria is the first observable undesirable consequence of silver ingestion, and that an individual would have to ingest much more silver than the amount that causes argyria in order to achieve the next undesireable consequences: "In laboratory species, the effects of silver toxicity have been reported to involve pathology to the liver (necrosis) and kidney (thickening of the basement membranes of the glomeruli), and, at elevated levels, death." The paper indicates animals do not appear to react to silver the way people do, and therefor make poor test subjects.

The paper states:

"3. Aggregate cancer risk for U.S. population. Available animal and
human experience through occupational and medicinal exposure scenarios
have not indicated a carcinogenic potential for silver. Therefore,
silver is not expected to be carcinogenic to humans particularly in
light of its low systemic toxicity potential and our understanding of
its metabolism.

4. Determination of safety. Based on these risk assessments, EPA
concludes that there is reasonable certainty that no harm will result
to the general population or to infants and children from aggregate
exposure to silver residues."

Have I understood the legalese correctly?

Replied by Katrinika
Morehead City, Nc Usa

There is a debate about whether or not colloidal silver is detrimental to only harmful micro-organisms in the body or to the beneficial (probiotics) as well.

"Standard FDA tactics: fear and disinformation
But to understand the FDA's history on silver, you've got to look back a few years and realize how the FDA used scare tactics and disinformation to try to make people afraid of silver products. Silver is indeed a broad-spectrum antibiotic, and perhaps, just as significantly, microbes do not build up a resistance to silver. It's not a chemical antibiotic like penicillin. I've seen many cases where it wipes out drug-resistant superbugs in hospitals, and I've seen people use silver to cure colds, flus, dysentery, and all kinds of things. In fact, I've had several personal experiences using silver in Peru, where it was a godsend, even though it wasn't even high quality silver... "Colloidal silver for internal use
Now then, let's move on to silver used internally, because here is where the FDA gets very uncomfortable. Why? Again, it threatens the antibiotics market. Silver is a broad-spectrum antibiotic, so when you ingest it, you might eliminate the need to take various antibiotics. People who experienced little success on prescription antibiotics have taken colloidal silver with great success. Even drug-resistant bacteria are killed by ingested colloidal or ionic silver. The catch is that if you go to your health food store, you'll find a lot of different silver products. Some of them claim 10 parts per million, while others claim 100 parts per million... And that tends to be the only way that people compare these products. They think that more is better. Gee, if it's 200 parts per million, it must be better than 10 parts per million. Well, the truth is that's not the case at all. It's not a straight numbers competition; it has to do with the way the silver is structured. And frankly, in the initial research I've done on this, there are apparently a lot of con artists out there in the market selling lousy silver products. "I'm not going to name those companies right now... Talking about what's wrong out there in the market, some of these companies are just outright lying. They say they have a certain size of particle and they don't. One company claims to have particle size so small that if they could actually produce those, they should be in the nanotechnology industry, rather than the nutritional supplement industry. There are no particles that small in silver solutions... "Only use as a last resort
So, when should you take silver? Well, first off, let's get the issue of friendly flora out of the way. Based on the research I've done (and my own experience), it is my belief that you're going to be wiping out some of your friendly intestinal flora by taking supplementary silver. Some companies say their silver product won't wipe out intestinal flora, but I have a big question about that. How does silver know the difference between friendly bacteria and unfriendly bacteria? See, I don't think silver knows that difference. I think it wipes out all the bacteria. So if you are taking a silver product, you should recognize you are going to create an imbalance in your intestinal flora that will significantly impact the nutrition you're absorbing from your small intestine. If you're taking silver products, you need to take some acidophilus and other probiotics at the same time. Rely on probiotics any time you're using silver internally, as you will need them. ------Like any other "natural" treatment, you should learn as much about it as you can before you incorporate it into use, and keep your common sense handy. Used wrong, just about anything can be classified as a poison.

From Wikipedia:
"It is established that the antibacterial action of silver is dependent on the silver ion.[13 The effectiveness of silver compounds as an antiseptic is based on the ability of the biologically active silver ion (Ag ) to irreversibly damage key enzyme systems in the cell membranes of pathogens... "Colloidal silver preparations primarily deliver inactive metallic silver, rather than the active microbicidal silver ion... "Silver has proven antimicrobial activity that includes antibiotic-resistant bacteria. It has a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity, with minimal toxicity toward mammalian cells at low concentrations, and has a less likely tendency than antibiotics to induce resistance due to its activity at multiple bacterial target sites... "Colloidal silver can also reduce the absorption of some medications, including tetracycline and quinolone antibiotics and can bind to penicillamine, thereby reducing the effectiveness of those medications... Like any other "natural" treatment, you should learn as much about it as you can before you incorporate it into use, and keep your common sense handy. Used wrong, just about anything can be classified as a poison.

Replied by Dh
Sandy Valley, Nevada

In reference to colloidal silver.... There is in depth info on the use of and making of colloidal silver. Site also has several kits for making your own. They even offer the silver needed to make it yourself for the cost of a bottle of distilled water! Site is educate-yourself. Org. You'll find many topics of interest and many natural health articles. To earth clinic; check it out. I don't really have to be associated with the suggestion so you all can post as you see fit. Thank you for your time. Dh
Replied by Dh
Sandy Valley, Nv

the address for site about colloidal siver has a hyphen in it. You will be directed to some other site without it. Have a good one!
Replied by Slim2483
West Sacramento, Ca, USA

Silver is believed to be absorbed into the body via the first one-third of the Small Intestine. 99% of orally ingested Silver is excreted from the body via the feces.

In-Tele-Health © 2009 (from Hyperhealth Pro CD-ROM)

Replied by Bojonson
Colorful Colorado, US

I'm not sure about ionic silver (Ag+) being the only effective antimicrobial form of colloidal silver, as stated in the Wikipedia reference above. While that may be true for topical applications, taken internally ionic silver will react with chlorine ions in the stomach, forming silver-chloride salt. AgCl is very insoluble and not generally bioavailable inside the body. Nano sized (1nm) silver particles can actually penetrate cells!

The best site I have found for CS info is-

Boils   5  0   

Posted by Susan (Carmichael, California) on 06/11/2008

[YEA]  I started having boil in November of 2007. I was going to the emergence room and having them lace them. Then in January of this year I was took I had MRSA and then a month later my 20 year old daughter found out she had it.She had a boil in the front between her legs and and on the sids of her finger nails. We both have trouble with bandaid. They leave marks on the skin, but not on the bottom. In March I went to a Health Food Store to buy something I read about and a clerk told me about his staph he had and what he used. I bought hight potent Colloidal Silver (500ppm) and MSM lotion. He told me to take a MSM lotion in my hand and a drop of Colloidal Silver, mix it together and rub it on my boil. It worked on my side boil, but not on my bottom because anything I put on my bottom will be saoked up and the boil gets bigger. I put a drop of the Colloidal silver on my finger and rub it in and it works. I only use it when the boil is small. I even take 3 drops by mouth 2-3 times a day all the time and my boils are geting smaller.

I was told by a doctor not to soak in a hot bath because you can reinfect the boil and that is true. I stoped going that and my boils don't get as big. I even found out by using a hot compress it does the same thing(boil gets bigger) Now I jut use Colloidal Silver, cover it and forget about it and it goes away faster.

Replied by Angie
Oneida, Wi

What is msm lotion? I have 2 boils under my right armpit. Not happy.
Replied by Joy
Battleground, Wash

try topical milk of magnesia, laxative isle in store
Replied by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand

Tea tree oil is a very good one for boils, it dissolves into the skin and kills the bug thats causing it.
Replied by Karin
Yatesville, Pennsylvania, USA

[YEA]   If you take the Colloidal Silver internally by mouth instead of topically, you will stop having boils. Colloidal Silver Solution is easy to make yourself and has been known to cure MRSA. Or you can buy it in a health food store. I had a staph like infection that produced cysts and boils and even Johns Hopkins couldn't identify it. It recurred over a 2 year period. Then I started using Colloidal Silver and it was CURED. Now I make my own and have even found it builds up the immune system.
Replied by Helpyourself
Houston, Texas, USA

Where can one buy silver 999 or 9999 pure? Need reliable source. Scared of getting silver mixed with lead or something.
Replied by Robin
Northern Michigan

I made my first batch yesterday. It seems to have turned out well. The right color/tint (yellowish) and the pure silver bars I used had the proper discoloration to them. I purchased my pure silver bars online from American Precious Metals Exchange. Hope this helps.
Replied by Colette
Liverpool, Uk

Did you use distilled water, have you got a water distiller because I have keep reading distilled water is bad and was going to buy one but am now confused.
Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Colette, distilled water is said not to be good for use as drinking water, but it seems to be the preferred water for making colloidal silver.
Replied by Megan
Horseheads, Ny

I read you should use distilled water as the things in water can react with the silver and that is why people turn blue. Along with simply taking way to much at a time that is.
Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc


I've used CS for twenty years ... make my own, and use charcoal filtered water. No problem with tinting of skin at all.

Replied by Lesley-may
Felton, Uk

I make colloidal silver. You should use PURIFIED WATER, not distilled water.

Posted by GABI (TORONTO, CANADA) on 02/04/2008

[YEA]  Hi. I didn't try turmeric when I was in boils. I use Colloidal Silver Water. Apply a drop or two on top of boil (acne too!). After 1-2 hr it stops hurting, stops "growing". Up to 3 days it subsides to red spot. You can use small hair spry bottle (with very fine mist like spry). If you have acne or boils more then one and you expect more to show up spray it on your skin just once and let it dry. Nothing will break out! I suffered for almost 30 years from something what doctor called "diaper rush" (!). The pic of my "diaper rush" was always during summer months. After using once single spray of Colloidal Silver Water I am free of this skin condition. I will get 1 tiny pimple time to time but who hasn't have it during hot summer days?

Posted by Roger (Rushford, MN) on 03/16/2007

[YEA]  colloidial silver cured my boils drink 5 to 6oz a day and rub it on topical.

Posted by Kortni (Sonora/Riverbank CA) on 11/12/2006

[YEA]  Biotic Silver cured my first boil but I wasn't careful and it spread as it drained. I wasn't aware of chemtrails and did not pay any attention at the time of my newly formed boil.

Cancer   0  0   

Posted by Francisca (Zug, Switzerland) on 02/03/2012

I suppose they are talking about Colloidal Silver as a cancer treatment... Interesting they make it sound as if it is something they have just discovered..... Years ago I bought a bottle of colloidal silver, quite expensive it was too but after reading a few articles on the Internet I threw it away. After all it can be quite useful..... Silly me!

COPD   1  0   

Posted by Maddy (Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, UK) on 12/07/2006

[YEA]  I have asthma and bronchiectasis (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Was diagnosed 8 years ago. I was suffering from monthly (sometimes twice monthly) chest infections, and had to take antibiotics for every outbreak and becoming more and more resistant and sensitive to the drugs. I started using Colloidal Silver in my nebuliser about a year ago now and have not had a chest infection since. As soon as I feel my sputum changing (from clear to yellow) I use the colloidal silver and the infection does not develop any further. Some times I have to do it more than once, but mostly once is enough. I hope this will help anybody out there that is struggling with the same problem. Good luck!!

Replied by Patsy
Brisbane, Australia

Colloidal Silver - re comments by Maddy from Nottingham UK 12/7/2006 - can you please advise me the amount of c.s. maddy uses in her nebuliser for bronchiectasis. I have had bronchiectasis for 50 years, now chronic and fed up with antibiotics - maybe she can help. I do not have asthma or can you suggest any other helpline, or can Maddy recommend any special brand of s.c.
Replied by Maddy
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

This is a reply to Patsy in Brisbane, Australia posted 7/14/2007. I am sorry I have not replied to your question. Have not visited the site for a while. Use 5mls of Colloidal Silver in your nebuliser 3-5 times a day until your sputum clears. I also use P73 Wild oregano oil, 2 gelcaps 4 times a day. I have started on a liver cleansing diet, lots of raw juices and fresh vegetables and fruit according to The liver cleansing diet and raw juices can save your life by Dr. Sandra Cabot. She has a base in the USA and also Australia. All the products I use you can order on-line. The staff of Dr. Cabot are very helpful and will give you advice tailored to your needs. Hope this helps. PS I have not had a chest infection or a cold or flu in a year. Regards, Maddy, Nottingham, UK
Replied by Megg
North Vernon, Indiana, Usa

I like the way you all say WHAT you use but dont say HOW you are using it and how much or if it has to be mixed with anything. All I seen is 5mls in the nebulizer.. Does it get mixed in with any water or just straight CS? this is such an infomative forum :)
Replied by Andrea C
Cardiff, Wales

colloidal silver in a nebuliser; I use a dropper botle and use 4 drops from the actuall dropper on its own. To start with you can either do 2 straight drops of cs (no water needed) twice a day, or do four drop's in 1 go xxxx I am using it also in my eye's for bletheritis (dry eyes) as many drops as required. Some people actually use 5mls or more in a nebuliser, but I like to start at the low end and build it up. I have seen people fill the nebuliser cup as far as it can be filled and nebulise the whole thing. But I also belive you have to find YOUR own level. Start at say 3 mls 2/3 times a day. You may also get a herx reaction (google healing crisis) but do not worry, I have had some bad detox reactions, not nice but your body may or may not feel worse as your getting better. I suggest you read up on it but do not assume it will happen to you, it may not, but its rare that NO ONE has a detox reaction. Also DRINK PLENTY OF DISTILLED WATER when using COLLOIDAL SILVER. Its expensive to but, but you can buy a machine to make your own. GOOGLE DR ROBERT BECK and also got to if I am allowed to mention it, I have no affiliation with these people, its just where I bought my silver pulser from and there is nothing more frustating than being given info.... Then not knowing were to buy these instruments from xxxxxxxxx I tell you what go watch DR BOB BECK ON YOU TUBE he mentions the name of the company that makes these gadgets, or you can make your own, loads or info on you tube. TRUTHER GIRL is very good. Infomative with out being too technical. I find its easier to go with what YOUR comfortable with if you not sure xxx But start off with two drops from a dropper bottle and remember the dropper (pipette) may or may not fill up or be a third full, that's ok, count it as a drop, put it straight into the nebuliser cup and (no water) and just breathe in xx It will not harm you, but as I said you may get DETOX SYMPTOMS so read up on it. In the UK its hard trying to find a 'make your own machine' I had to buy 1 because I am to ill to make 1, but if you are able check you tube as it shows you how to make your own. Also if you listen to ROBERT BECK he says the name of the company that sell all you need to make your own cs xxxxxxx Love Andrea c xxxx

Ear Infection   1  0   

Posted by Sunny (Dallas, Texas) on 12/15/2008

[YEA]  Ear Infection/ Colloidial Silver - yes. I had fluid in my ears in conjunction with a sinus infection. My doctor offered to give me an injection containing a steroid (I believe she said), but I told her I preferred not to have that and I'd see how it went. The next day my ears felt full and plugged up, with mild pain. I imagine they were infected. I sprayed Colloidial Silver in each ear - about 3 sprays in each ear and allowed it to get inside, tilting my head to each side for a few minutes. This alleviated the pain and fullness as well as the dizziness. It started to come back the next day and I repeated the treatment. It did not return.

Posted by Isaac (Big Rapids, MI) on 10/03/2008

[WORKED TEMPORARILY]  I have heard that meso silver is the best and I bought a bottle to fight infection in my ear. It helped a little but I found out from the doctor that it is a fungus infection and not bacterial so that is the reason my pain comes back.

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Just to confirm what Andrea has asserted about the use of colloidal silver in a nebuliser... Works on chest colds very well. I had used CS for years, making my own beginning 18 years ago but on occasion the cold would get to lungs where I'd get terribly sick. Then upon this happening seven years ago I mentioned to my wife if a nebuliser with the silver might work. She went out and bought a nebuliser at Walgreens. This kind has a plastic mold that fits around the nose and mouth. You breathe in the steam DEEPLY for five minutes. Repeat four hours later. Do that for two or three days. The infections have never gone further than when I started the nebuliser. Soon, in two or three days the upper respritory infection is gone.

This discovery has been a God-send to me because I am so susceptible to sinus infections dropping to lungs.

Eye and Ear Issues   1  0   

Posted by Sadie (Nyc, Ny) on 11/20/2009

[YEA]  I have never heard that colloidal silver could not be taken internally. I have used it internally for years. My daughter gives it to her 6 year old! I use it in my ears and eyes when there is a problem. It heals beautifully!

Replied by Jane
Portland, Or

I just sprayed a Silver solution that has small molecules and has great surface coverage, in my eyes. Did not hurt at all and I have very dry, blood shot eyes and wonder if I have been "hosting" a party in my eyes for quite some time. They are very fragile. They sure feel fresh and clear. Isn't that the base of the solution put in newborn's eyes at birth? I will absolutely give the results soon, if it is a wonderful therapy. Everything in moderation however :)
Replied by Jon

It's been 3 years! Did it kill you or what?
Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

To Jon from Indianapolis

You were posting to "Jane from Portland" who had written on a Colloidal Silver issue back in November of 2011. She promised to respond "soon" but never did. She had used the CS sprayed in the eyes to help with some problem.

Well, she didn't respond and you didn't reference her in your post so if she's watching she might miss your question;

"Did it kill you or what?" was your question. Yes, we would be left in "hold" if we'd been looking for her response since 2011.

I will respond for her since I've used CS a LOT in my eyes when I get "pink eye" and after using over the years perhaps 15 eyesight is 20/20. No vision problems. My rule is to apply two drops into each eye twice in a day and repeat the second day. I never over use CS in my eyes. And always, for me, by end of second day the pink eye is gone.

Flu   2  0   

Posted by Gordie (Reno, NV) on 03/03/2009

[YEA]  Last year I kept contracting the flu and spent most of the winter in bed. This year it started to come back. I lived alone with no real friends in Reno so I read up and selected Colloidal Silver as the best bet. I went and picked up some high quality Colloidal Silver. Within a few hours the flu symptoms were gone. I tend to be minimal with medicine so I only used the silver when I felt bad. No flu yet this season.

I used a teaspoon several times a day of a top rated brand. I also could not afford to keep buying it so I bought 2 Canadian silver dollars and made my own machine. I am an electronics tech and did well in my college chemistry so it seemed obvious how to build a device that would yield a higher percentage of true colloidal over an ionic solution. You MUST use distilled water and shiny clean electrodes. I heated my water and drove off the dissolved gasses. I used a 30V square wave at about 50kHz to theoretically dislodge microscopic particals of silver into the solution. After about 4-6 hours the electrodes start showing some corrosion and have used that as my finish point. It has worked as well as the store bought solution at a fraction of the cost. I have been giving out bottles to people I'm starting to know and to date, none of them have gotten sick from the flu this year.

Replied by Michael
Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia, Canada

it is not good using silver coins since they have other metals in them, some are undesirable and could be toxic this could lead to Argyria or other more serious problems, always use 99.99% silver can get rods of this quality and only use distilled water, never use tap water, again other metels are found in tap water, be smart and be safe!
Replied by Mark
Bluffton, In

Dude - canadian silver dollars are 99.99% silver.
Replied by Mel
Vernal, Utah

[YEA]   A friend gave me some colloidal silver for an eye infection that I had (pink eye). I applied a drop in the eye about every two hours, about four times that day, and the next day all symptoms were gone. A few months later I noticed that I was getting a stuffy nose. I bought a spray bottle of Colloidal silver from the doctor and used it (sniffed a spray) and the stuffy nose was gone. I have a history of sinus infections, but I have not had one in over four years now, because if I feel a cold or flu starting, I turn to my silver. I bought a colloidal silver(CS) generator and learned how to apply CS to different things.

I appreciate the knowledge to help myself with a product that is cheap and easy to make. And as regards the so called dangers of it, maybe we should look at the real dangers of using antibiotics and other medications. There are times that some medications are useful, so we must make knowledgeable decisions.

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Posted by Jennywren (Perth, Western Australia, Australia) on 09/25/2011

[YEA]  I'd been reading a lot about colloidal silver online and as I have reactive arthritis in my toes thought I'd give it a go, taking 20ml twice a day. (no luck yet after 4 weeks).

In the meantime, my husband contracted gastro with fevers and chills and after 3 days of me nagging, he finally took the massive dosage of 200ml of CS in water, followed by another glass of water (recommended by the manufacturer). Half an hour later his fever was gone, colour had returned and he was mucking around and that was that, he was cured!

However..the morning after I was doing the shopping and started to get hot and cold flushes and stomach cramps. Made it back home and followed the same regime as my husband with the CS, and timed it. Ten minutes - fever had dropped. An hour later - stomach cramps gone and never returned.

As someone who contracts gastro at the drop of a hat, you can imagine this has made me very happy..!

Replied by Sil
San Francisco, California

Consuming a probiotic containing Sporengis or Lactobacillus BOD would be much more beneifical then continually pouring a heavy metal into one's body and further causing yeast proliferation.
Replied by Jennywren

Hmm, not a particularly helpful remark. FWIW, probiotics don't kill viruses; colloidal silver does. And I was not 'continually' pouring down my throat: it was a one-off.
Replied by Eric
Saratoga Springs, NY

Colloidal silver helped my pancreatitis and cancer greatly along with taheebo tea, bee propolis and an alkaline diet 90% raw food with wheatgrass, barleygrass, and green juices. Juices and raw foods build your immune system and fights off every disease. But when I want something tasty I use silver colloid. We bought a silver edge silver maker.

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Posted by Angie (Concord Nc) on 10/24/2014


I am wondering if it is safe to consume salty foods while taking silver products, I just bought a bunch for an abcessed tooth that antibiotics have not helped and Ilost my insurance a few months ago. Could someone please advice me as I have been taking 1/2 ounce for three days and also consuming some salty foods, I really do thank you in advance for your advice. Angie

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Posted by Ryeman (Rye, Co ) on 11/10/2014

The effectiveness of CS isn't "proven" because natural remedies, in general, aren't studied because there simply isn't any profit in it.
I have never taken CS but I know a lady in her mid to late 80's that swears by it. She drinks a small cup of it every day and is convinced it is what keeps her healthy.

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