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  Re: Seeking More Info on Lactoferrin for SIBO

Wed, 04 May 16 12:22:37 -0500
Posted by Bilja (Toronto) on 05/04/2016

Hello D,

I started taking lactoferrin 500mg in the morning, for my iron deficiency, losing hair, candida, etc. When treating SIBO, what would be suggested dosage? Any specifics on how to take, with/without meal? Thanks.

What Remedies Can Ease Edema Legs Due to Warm Weather?

Wed, 04 May 16 12:21:39 -0500
Posted by Izzy (England, Uk) on 05/04/2016

We finally get a warm, sunny spring day & joy turns to misery. First I noticed my ring was tight so removed it, then my ankles started to ache - huge. Been sitting with legs up for an hour & will have to get moving - RLS. This happens every time we get some warmth.

My BP is ok, my diet is lifelong vegetarian with little dairy, probably too much (good qual) bread, smoothies, fruits & spinach with soya, vit D, calc/Magn/zinc/Omega 3 supplements, avoid meds (they don't suit me - hypersensitive, ditto to alcohol). 2 cups instant coffee, 1 black tea per day. No problem in winter except COLD feet. Doctors (plural) say circulation is fine. I am 67.

I'm about to reach for the bottle - ACV - but any other tips are very welcome. Thank you.

Any Natural Remedies That Can Help 3 Year Old With Hydrocephalus?

Wed, 04 May 16 12:12:43 -0500
Posted by Muhammad M. (Sharjah, Uae) on 05/04/2016

My daughter age of 3 years suffering from Hydrocephalus by birth and doctor already done surgery with shunt when she was just 6 month old but still she cant handle her head and nor sit and speak. Can you suggest any natural remedy to help?

 Re: Lyme Disease

Wed, 04 May 16 12:09:23 -0500
Posted by Ben (Bremerton Wa ) on 05/04/2016

Hello Cassandra, here is a page where you can order gallium nitrate

Here are two phone numbers for george 1-512-263-0805 and 1 512-815-6855.

Gallium nitrate can be drank after diluting it down to 1% or less and can also be applied topically to the skin. As for your cat, I got no idea about dosage for cats.

You are taking a bunch of stuff, are you including liposomal vitamin c? Youtube has some great videos on how to make it.

A very cheap thing that works great on lyme is blood electrification. A Bob Beck blood electrifier costs about 120 bucks but it lasts forever. You probably spend many times more than that on vitamins each month.

One of the organisms that come in the mixture called lyme is mycoplasma fermentans. This very clever beasty lives inside the cells. This means that the immune system can not enter into cells therefore the immune system can not successfully attack and get rid of mycoplasma.

This bug was custom designed to evade the immune system. With that in mind can you see why spending thousands of dollars on vitamins still wont get the job done?

Once mycoplasma is happily living inside your cells safe from the immune system the only option the immune system has is to kill an entire cell once infected. Can you think autoimmune disease? this is the way it works with autoimmune disease. First comes the mycoplasma, the cell gets infected, the immune system gets frustrated and has to kill the entire cell to get at the mycoplasma hiding inside. Then your doctor comes along and says bad immune system, we must suppress your actions and give mycoplasma a boost.

Gallium nitrate attacks the mycoplasma regardless of immune system activity. This is a spectacular trick very few things are capable of doing

If I were you I would use blood electrification, gallium nitrate or gallium maltoleate, I would look diligently for whole body blood ozonation also called ozone dialysis and maybe uvbi...

Eboo also called ozone dialysis has taken sick as a dog lymies too weak to hardly walk and restored them to near perfect health in about 2 months time. Ozone fries any germ that gets near it. Hiv, lyme, lupus, cancer, hep-c they all get nuked by ozone

If you can find a doctor brave enough to give you gcmaf shots then you are in luck! gcmaf is an immune system activator. The bugs you got inside you produce nagalase an immune system deactivator.

Spend time looking at "the gcmaf book"available for free online. Read about gcmaf and nagalase. This is an important part of getting well

If you still need more firepower to kill these beasties off then research hypochlorus acid. This chemical is actually created by the immune system in very tiny amounts. It is thousands of times more powerful than even colloidal silver. The immune system creates this chemical as a last ditch effort to stop the most deadly pathogens

Jim humble has information on it, he calls it mms-2. See ya

 Re: Questions About Supplement Phenibut for Anxiety and Depression

Wed, 04 May 16 12:07:55 -0500
Posted by Mel (California) on 05/04/2016

Hi Ben,

Thank you for the info on Phenibut. It does make more sense to me now. I had tried GABA a long time ago on it's own, I don't remember much, but I don't think it worked wonders so I never bought again. But now that I have found this site and have read people's info and experiences, I am wanting to go back and retry some of the remedies in a more structured way.

Right now I have been taking approximately 1 teaspoon of Inositol in the morning and 1 Holy Basil capsule around lunch, and 1 Holy Basil Capsule towards evening. This seems to be working fairly well for my depression and then anxiety. However I had one last Phenibut capsule, so I swallowed it at bedtime. I had the best night's sleep! That has never happened even when I was taking Phenibut at high and low doses on it's own. But I still can't seem to shake the sleepiness from Phenibut, no matter what dosage/cycling/time of day that I take it. I may one day I may try another brand, because I like that it didn't cause me any stomach upset or anything fo that matter, except for that strong urge to have a deep sleep nap when it wore off.

So your advice on GABA for me is right on the money! :) I think I may have to add a low dosage amount of GABA at night though.

I would love to go see a naturopath doctor since I have always liked the natural remedies, but alas it has never been in my budget, plus I don't think there are any naturopath type people around my area. So I have always had to muddle through things. You have no idea how excited I was to find this site, never knew it existed LOL.

  Re: Ted's Lime and Baking Soda Remedy for Infertility

Wed, 04 May 16 12:07:24 -0500
Posted by Nana (Ghana) on 05/04/2016

Hi Ted,

please can lemon juice and baking soda cure low sperm count and low sperm motility or can it be a solution to the cure of hormonal imbalances?

  Holy Basil for Anxiety - 7 Year Update

Wed, 04 May 16 12:00:18 -0500
Posted by Wydo (Ca) on 05/04/2016

I was looking at my post from years ago and I thought I would update it. I still take holy basil but I have discovered the root of the anxiety problem. Sometime after I made that post I decided to take Ted's advice and get a digital PH meter. I found that my urine was very low in PH so I started to take Ted's alkaline remedies and that just helped a little. I knew there was some kind of problem going on but I wasn't sure what it was until recently I got a prostrate biopsy followed by a real bad UTI. The doctor checked my urine and said it wasn't from an infection causing it. As more and more symptoms popped up it became apparent that this was a candida flair up.

I bought Bill Thompson's book on candida and started reading up on this. What happens when candida, has gone fungal in your system, is that the candida produces acids. These are acids that enter the system in addition to the acids that your body and produces acidosis in the body. The acids that candida produces will cause anxiety and an overly acid body will eventually will interrupt many process that go on in the body including the production of the elements we need to go to sleep.

I began Bill's anti-candida protocol and for the first time in many years I can sleep the night through. The anxiety that I was having during the flair up is gone as well. If you are having sleep problems and anxiety from nothing or exaggerated feelings of anxiety over small things there is a simple solution to this. If you are wondering if you have my problem then you can always start with the digital PH meter like I did but I think Bill's book is wonderful and is a must have. Not only did I get the paper version but I got the kindle version as well and I am thinking of getting another to give friends and family.

Another great book that I got to go along with this is PH-Balance for Life. It think that these 2 books could be helpful to you if you are reading these post. Thank you for reading my post.

EC: Wydo, thank you very much for giving us such a thorough update after 7 years. We are very fortunate!

  Re: Cayenne for Interstitial Cystitis

Wed, 04 May 16 11:56:46 -0500
Posted by Ruth E (Maryland) on 05/04/2016

Thanks for you comments...Because of IC, my urologist has given me botox injections, had hypo gastric injection and now live with 10% of a bladder(90% removed)...thanks for all the remedies...I'm tired of narcotics. Painful days and nights...I go to bathroom all day and night. I have not had 2 hours of sleep in 3 years. I now take dilaudid, oxybutin, and nortriptyline everyday. I'm going to try some natural remedies suggested by patients. I pray someone helps...I have NO quality of life!! Cannot dance (love dancing). Miss playing with grandchildren. Road trips are limited unless I can get to restroom quickly.

Thanks everyone for remedies the Medical professional will not give.

  Re: Petty Spurge Herb for Basal Cell Carcinomas

Wed, 04 May 16 11:56:12 -0500
Posted by Ianl (Australia) on 05/04/2016

Hi Jim,

Sorry, I'm not familiar with the bloodroot approach but would like to learn more about that if you have time to elaborate?

Like you, I use the Petty Spurge sap for 3 days straight and - like you - find the 3rd day to be the most uncomfortable, albeit a mild discomfort when compared to the surgical "cut & stitch" alternative I endured multiple times over previous years!

I live in Western Australia and have found the plants thrive from the fall through to spring. They don't enjoy our long hot summers very much but seem to endure and self-seed regardless. A truly remarkable herb that seems to need very little care and attention once propagated. I've also had limited success collecting the sap and preserving it.

I did find a cottage business here that seems to have done this - although I think they may have added sorbolene to increase the volume.

Interestingly, I discovered this little plant after being prescribed a topical treatment called "Picato" by my dermatologist. One small tube allowed for 3 treatments and cost me A$140! It worked well, but I figured to treat all my BCC's over time would amount to thousands of dollars, so I researched the key ingredient in Picato and found it to be "ingenol mebutate" - and guess what the key component of Petty Spurge sap happens to be?

I know you can find the plant growing in the wild but as I was not well versed in identifying it, I located a reputable supplier and invested all of A$12 for a healthy batch of seeds. I now have a long term supply growing in my backyard.

  Re: Petty Spurge Herb for Basal Cell Carcinomas

Wed, 04 May 16 11:55:47 -0500
Posted by Ianl (Australia) on 05/04/2016


Yes, I went through the surgical approach, like you, until they started to run out of areas on my body to add new scars to!

The Petty Spurge sap topical treatments have left me scarless - although the first time I used it, I was concerned it might leave me with rather large pockmarks.

I applied the sap for 3 days straight - at roughly the same time each day. First day was an almost immediate reaction (but not painful), 2nd day was more reactive and definitely sensitive. 3rd day I almost felt I had overdone it! Once you get over the shock (and ignore too much visual contact with family & friends who suspect you might have a communicable disease! ) it really becomes very manageable. The open wounds created by the application will dry out and scabs will drop off (along with the BCC's) in a matter of days. For oversensitive skin a mild application of antiseptic cream after the 3rd day does help.

The key to this is only treating one BCC at a time. Any more than that can become quite irritating.

I have not tried alternative approaches such as black salve, eggplant extract, etc. I'm sure these are all effective in their own right as people on this forum will attest to, but for me, personally, Petty Spurge sap has been extremely effective and has helped me manage my ongoing battle with non-melanoma skin cancers with confidence.

  Re: Colloidal Silver for Epstein Barr

Wed, 04 May 16 11:49:34 -0500
Posted by Samwebster (Uk) on 05/04/2016

Sorry to be so pessimistic, but you really don't know what you are buying with colloidal silver and other supplements. We just don't know the quality and purity. I know from personal experience then there's ionic, who are we to believe? I must say the 3 brands of silver I've had in the UK have had no noticeable effect on anything. So beware.

  Re: Aloe Vera for Silent Reflux

Wed, 04 May 16 09:06:12 -0500
Posted by Myway (Usa) on 05/04/2016

Stephanie - I would suggest you follow Dr. Carolyn Dean on her blog very carefully. Be sure your magnesium RBC (red blood cells) are checked. Be cautious of ANY medications you are given. Do your research. Live a healthy lifestyle. If mucous is a problem, I take black seed oil (nigella sativa). 1 tsp in the am, 1 tsp in the pm. Very safe oil (used for cooking in many countries). It can be purchased online or at "The Vitamin Shoppe".

You Got This!

Myway :D

  Re: Foods to Avoid for Boil Prevention

Wed, 04 May 16 09:01:11 -0500
Posted by Shanny (New Jersey) on 05/04/2016

Go on the low carb diet. No sugars in the diet. My skin get clear every time I'm on the diet.

  Re: Aloe Vera for Silent Reflux

Tue, 03 May 16 23:51:36 -0500
Posted by Stephanie (North Carolina) on 05/03/2016

Hey all, I just got out of a two day hospital stay for chest tightness and pressure. Had a myriad of tests for heart attack, calcium and potassium are great. I am thinking it might be the silent reflux..i have some mucus that I cannot swallow down. Going to try the aloe...anybody else AND I have a heart monitor on for the next 30 days...

  Re: Atrial Fib Saga Never Ends

Tue, 03 May 16 23:48:10 -0500
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 05/03/2016


HI U BIRDS DOIN,,,,,,,,,, me, not so good. As all know, I's a hard charger...... kick ass and take names. Well, it appears that my stressful life has caught up with me because my self imposed stress is keeping me in atrial fibrillation. I can bring it on in a heart beat.

I can get out to it after awhile with magnesium, cayenne, hawthorn and chilling. What I know is to keep my blood dilute least it form a clot and I go to the happy hunting ground.

Excuse me, Hillary got into trouble by saying that she can handle men who get off the reservation and that pissed off the Indians. My comment probably gets their ire too, and I could care less. Everyone is in stress because they are afraid of offending anyone. If you read my posts, the more I offend, the more loves I get. Folks have had enough of this PC crap.

Anyway, we headed to SGI and I am going to try and think good thoughts for a change, while soaking in the gulf waters next week. There I will get positive ions, magnesium and fresh sea food.

One thing I have learned on my live's journey ...... don't get old.


  Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey for Excessive Sweating

Tue, 03 May 16 23:45:52 -0500
Posted by Connie (Charlotte, Nc) on 05/03/2016

[YEA]  I would like to say that this works wonders! I had the ETS surgery in 2005 and since then had compensatory sweating everywhere that could possibly sweat other than my hands and underarms. I saw a huge difference 2 weeks after using this! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I was able to enjoy Miami with no problems!!! Won't he do it! I bought Trader Joes's organic raw honey and Hines Organic raw with mother Apple cider vinegar! It is definitely worth a try...less than $10!!! I hope this helps someone!

  Re: Calcium Supplement for Heel Spurs

Tue, 03 May 16 23:42:57 -0500
Posted by Eliyah (South Carolina) on 05/03/2016

Would you please give me details on the calcium you used for bone spurs? I would really appreciate the help! Thank you!

Borax for Fluoride Poisoning Causing Side Effects

Tue, 03 May 16 22:33:29 -0500
Posted by Haudirakku (Bc) on 05/03/2016

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  Hello. I found this site and begun the fluoride detox with borax. I took borax 1/8th teaspoon in 1 litre of water.

The cure was good, but then the fluorides begun to combine with the grease on my skin. It seems the fluoride was excreting but was being combined with grease on the surface of my skin. This made my skin waterproof and impossible to rinse off with soap.

Please help, I need a solution. Thanks

 Re: Lyme Disease

Tue, 03 May 16 22:25:52 -0500
Posted by Cassandra (New York) on 05/03/2016

Hi, Ben,

I am very interested in the Gallium Nitrate. My cat and I, contracted Bart approx. two years ago. I am treating self with baking soda/water liquid, borax as liquid drinks and baths, Olive Leaf Extract, etc. The list goes on....

Please, where can I order Gallium Nitrate for self and cat. Plus, how to administer?

Note, I called George Eby and no answer so not sure if he is selling.

Thanks in advance.

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