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  Re: Exhaustion Before and During Menstruation
Thu, 31 Jul 14 23:27:50 -0500

07/31/2014: Mama To Many from Tennessee: "Dear Sunny,

Great to hear from you--the answers to the questions are helpful.

There are so many things you could try. But I think you are right - it could well be a nutrient deficit.

I been pondering today what would be the best thing to suggest. I prefer the most natural solutions, ones easily attainable, and accessible to most. But these things are not always the most convenient to do. At the end of the day, I think in your shoes, I would start with the vitamin Optivite PMT. You can get it on Amazon. 20 years ago I did a lot of research on cycles and nutrition...In fact, I still refer back to Marilyn Shannon's book, "Fertility, Cycles and Nutrition." I took the above mentioned vitamins for years and found them very helpful. It can take a couple of months of taking them regularly to see a difference. (And you have to take 6 per day.) Noting that your cycles can be pretty short (22 days) makes me think also that these may be a good solution. Very short cycles often indicate a luteal phase insufficiency, which can be corrected with these vitamins.

Now, if you are not one who likes to swallow vitamins and prefer an herbal tea route, you could take a PMS tea. Or Red Raspberry Leaf tea-- several cups a day all month. These may work as well, if not better than vitamins, but not everyone is going to follow through with 3 cups of herbal tea a day.

There are also PMS tinctures and such that people with success. A last resort would be natural progesterone cream. I have used it successfully in the past, but am not sure it is that natural. There was a brand a few years ago called, 'Happy PMS, " which tells you why many women used it!

If you don't do the vitamins, a magnesium supplement might be very helpful. Natural Calm, or magnesium oil, or epsom salt baths. Some kelp might be helpful, too. So many are iodine deficient and the kelp is a little boost there. Lugol's iodine would be a bigger boost, but that is a whole new thread. :)

While you are getting your cycles manageable, a few things to help the cramping are these:

Frankincense Essential Oil - massaged into the area of pain.

Cayenne pepper - 1/2 teaspoon in some juice. Amazing for cramping pain. I was doubled over with cramping pain during a miscarriage once and the cayenne in juice stopped the cramping and pain. (And the heavy bleeding, which was why I had taken it in the first place.) You can repeat the dose in a couple of hours if needed. It is a great pick-me-up when you are exhausted, too.

There are so many things you can try. If you are not a vitamin person and prefer a more herbal route, let me know and I will try and be more specific about that. Castor Oil packs may also be of help to you.

I am suspecting there is a root problem causing the exhaustion, the cramping, and the PMS. Fixing that would hopefully help with all of the problems.

Keep in touch!

~Mama to Many~"

  Questions About Food Grade Peroxide for Breathing Issues
Thu, 31 Jul 14 23:02:48 -0500

07/31/2014: Mama To Many from Tennessee: "Dear Chris,

1 ounce of food grade hydrogen peroxide plus 11 ounces of distilled water will give you 3% hydrogen peroxide. If you are going to drink it it must be diluted much further still. I think people begin with 1 drop of 3% in water and work up from there, but I don't know the protocol. I do not think I would put peroxide in capsules. I don't think one drop in water measured by the ounces would actually have much taste. But again, I am no expert on that at all.

Since yours is a lung issue, I might begin with the Bill Munroe's inhalation method. This will deliver the hydrogen peroxide right to the lungs, where it is needed. We have used 1% hydrogen peroxide in a nebulizer. (1/2% might be better and some use even less.) It has been really helpful done this way.

Please be very careful when diluting that peroxide and let us know what you try and how it is going.

~Mama to Many~"

Help Requested for Husband with Sudden Onset of Eye Pain and Vision Issues
Thu, 31 Jul 14 22:05:25 -0500

07/31/2014: Joanne from Philadelphia: "Was hopingsomeone might have some advice regarding my husband's eyes.

Symptoms: Sudden onset in 24 hr. period started yesterday afternoon, eye pain felts like something in it (but Dr.found nothing), burning, pain over entire eyeball area, hurts to move eyes, light sensitivity, started in right eye and a couple hours later also in left eye. He has calcium deposits in cornea, but that may be normal for his age (70) or result of gouty arthritis. He also has renal problems linked to gouty arthritis (has had g.a. for at least 30 years.) Has VERY BIG tophi in joints, huge ones in knees and elbows. Walking hurts. Also has type 2 diabetes, controlled fairly well. No insulin, just diet. Constant rashes on arms, neck and trunk, which come and go. Has been taking Apple cider vinegar for about 3 months. Started gelatin, but only for a few days, not soon enough to do anything. Had bypass surgery a few yrs. ago. Takes lots of meds. plus some supplements. BP is usually higher than normal, but not usually extremely high.

Has not had any infections recently that we know of. I'm wondering if Colloidal Silver would help. Thank you so much in advance."

Anyone Tried Glutathione for Cataracts?
Thu, 31 Jul 14 21:56:10 -0500

07/31/2014: Larry from Fairfax, Virginia: "Has anyone found glutathione helpful for diminishing cataracts? If so, what daily dosage taken and length of time for results, etc.? Thanks."

  Re: Advice Needed on Hair Loss
Thu, 31 Jul 14 21:54:06 -0500

07/31/2014: Karen from Michigan: "You DO NOT want to leave ACV (vinegar) in y our hair for long as it can cause hair loss. When you stop and think of it, you can remove rust with vinegar. That being so, it can break your hair off your head too. Make SURE YOU RINSE it off. Hope this helps you. My sister once told me a friend of hers used ACV vinegar on her hair and let it stay on and she lost all her hair."

  Re: Excessive Saliva
Thu, 31 Jul 14 18:31:32 -0500

07/31/2014: Kt from Usa: "Dear Om, I do not understand why you directed your post to me. I was directing my post to Oscar, who misunderstood and replied to my initial suspicion of Saba having an abscessed tooth. PHEW!"

  Re: OTC for Grover's Disease
Thu, 31 Jul 14 18:31:07 -0500

07/31/2014: Kathy from Mashpee Ma: "I have been diagnoist with Grovers also ealier this year. I have been on steroids with no effect at all. I read this post about using Monistat 7 and decided to try it. I use it 2x/day then put baby powder on the lesions. I also take 2400mg fish oil / day. This has definately helped me. This itching goes away within 3days but I stopped using it for 4 days while recovering from unrelated surgery and it came back in full force.

I have also noticed that staying out of the heat will help. I tried taking an oatmeal bath as recomended by an RN and my legs broke out something awful. It may have been the temp of the hot bath however."

  Re: Coconut Oil for Epilepsy
Thu, 31 Jul 14 18:30:30 -0500

07/31/2014: Om from Hope Bc Canada: "Maureen from Sturgeon Bay --- do take a look on EC special section on epilepsie. sp.

I thought I saw something interesting not too long ago. It is worth spending the time. All the best. Namaste, Om"

  Re: Lugol's Iodine for Fibrocystic Breasts
Thu, 31 Jul 14 18:30:16 -0500

07/31/2014: Suseeq from Sydney, Australia: "Hi Sara, I too suffer with breast disease but have haven't been able to get hold of Lugols iodine could you please tell me where you were able to find yours. Thank you"

  Re: Essiac Tea, Boswellia, Apricot Seeds for Meningioma
Thu, 31 Jul 14 18:29:52 -0500

07/31/2014: Sam from Usa: "Any updates with your MRI? Also have you tried graviols/soursop, I heard great things about it?"

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Seborrheic Keratosis
Thu, 31 Jul 14 16:50:53 -0500

07/31/2014: Linda from Oh: "This does work, however, it stings and itches a lot! Worth it though! I'm glad to read only 2 hours at a time, I was letting it set for 12 hours!"

Re: Morgellons
Thu, 31 Jul 14 15:55:17 -0500

07/31/2014: Mad Woman from Uk: "Hi all. Firstly this site is a godsend to all of us sufferers of the unknown attack .. I have a thought for Ted.. Bless his wonderfull advice.. Is there any chance that the condition known as morgellons could be similar or from the same strain as dry rot?? That throws out fibres and is not bothered what it hits?. Just a thought... I'm currently doing the borax and cider vinegar with hydrogen peroxide.. After a week I think I'm feeling a little better. Or is it because I'm not alone any more..not sure I have morgellons but it's the closest to how I feel.. Thank you all for all your stories xxx"

Re: Ebola Virus
Thu, 31 Jul 14 15:51:18 -0500

07/31/2014: Cc from Los Angeles, California: "Ted and Bill, or anyone else.......Please, I would like to know your way of treatment for the Ebola epidemic. Would Colloidal Silver be a deterrent?

Again, thanks EC for your great go to forum.


Hot Sitz Bath, Home Remedies to Get Fluids Moving Helped Painful Bartholin
Thu, 31 Jul 14 15:48:30 -0500

[YEA]  07/31/2014: Lisa from Connecticut: "SOLUTION:Get fluids moving naturally Had Bartholin Cyst, the size of golf ball. Alot of pain, swelling, soreness, tried the following: tea tree and grapefruit seed extract topically-BAD IDEA -worse pain!! Also did castor oil hot packs applied to the area 2 nights in a row, all night, very hot water baths with a cup of epsom salts, cup of sea salt, and cup of baking soda. NO RELIEF!! Then I spoke wih a Naturapathic Doctor today-- he said the problem is that fluids are not moving. The fluid that comes from these glands is for the purpose of lubricating pre-intercourse. Somehow those fluids have to start moving again. Well, the area was so inflammed, ultra sensitized and there was a great feeling of pressure that I instinctiveley felt would be relieved if I helped to "get fluids moving". I don't know if this is what he was implying, but I did another hot sitz bath, went back to bed and did what I could to "get fluids moving"-- three times. Immediateley felt alot of pain relief and did another sitz bath, the cyst broke up, alot of blood and fluid. You may think this is unconventional, but I have been dealing with excruciating pain for 48 hours and this was the thing that "got fluids moving" and broke up the cyst. It would be a natural instinctive way to---- "get fluids moving" as the Naturopath said. Most importantly: IT WORKED!!!!! I do believe that the castor oil hot packs, baths with epsom salt, sea salt, and baking soda also were integral to the success of this. Sorry if you think it's crass, IT WORKED!!! I think taking a knife to the problem is crass and draconian. THANK YOU EARTH CLINIC!!!!!"

  Re: Hard to Cure Genital Herpes
Thu, 31 Jul 14 15:44:36 -0500

07/31/2014: Bambi from Canada : "Just wondering. You say you've had it for 31 years and tried all of these methods using hydrogen peroxide and apple cider vinegar and it never worked for you?"

  Re: Remedies Needed for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
Thu, 31 Jul 14 15:43:42 -0500

07/31/2014: Nancy from Palo Alto, California: "To Timh from KY re: Cure and/or treatment for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis.

Dear Timh, I don't know if was a typing error but in your answer you called the disease you were treating "IP" which is a different disease from IPF which I was asking about.

Please clarify whether you are reporting making a difference in IP or IPF? I appreciated your suggestions but want to be sure that they are applicable to IPF.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


  Liposomal Vitamin C Versus Oxidized Vitamin C (DHAA)
Thu, 31 Jul 14 15:43:10 -0500

07/31/2014: Bess from Calgary, Alberta, Canada: "For those of you who are scientifically inclined, here is a video about making something more potent than liposomal Vitamin C using a blender, a lot of zucchini peelings, a bit of Knox gelatin and ascorbic acid crystals. It’s about 45 minutes long but I haven’t watched it all the way through (I get easily distracted and/or bored! ).

Bear in mind that this man has a company called ReCverin with products to sell - although he seemed very genuine and has data to back up the information about the DIY DHAA using products most people have in their kitchen.

I suppose it would be great if you have a garden full of zucchinis. Think of how much potent Vitamin C you can have!

Cheers, Bess"

  Re: Lugol's Iodine for Fibrocystic Breasts
Thu, 31 Jul 14 15:41:55 -0500

07/31/2014: Bess from Calgary, Alberta, Canada: "Hi Sarra from Australia - Quite a few years ago (well, about 20 actually), I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and fibrocystic breast disease and saw Dr. David Derry in Victoria, BC.

At that time, he gave me a prescription for natural thyroid and told me that many women with fibrocystic breast disease are also hypothyroid. For the fibrocystic breasts, he told me to use Lugol's 5% iodine and paint a quarter-sized circle on my breasts where the lumps were every day. It took six months or more until, very, very gradually, the lumps disappeared. Bear in mind that was about 20 years ago and he didn't suggest ingesting it - probably because he was a regular MD who was restricted by conventional medical authorities.

Since then, Dr. Derry wrote a book about iodine and breast cancer and, I believe, he says iodine (1 to 2 drops of 5% Lugol's) should be ingested.

Here is a summary called "Connecting Fibrocystic Breast Disease, Breast Cancer, Thyroid Function and Iodine" by Elora Gabriel. Both Dr. Jonathan Wright (Tacoma, Washington) and Dr. David Derry are quoted. You might find it useful.

Although I don't have any problems with fibrocystic lumps now, as a precaution, I started taking 2 drops of 5% Lugol's every day in a glass of juice. I don't apply it to my skin any more because I heard it wasn't as effective as ingesting it (and it stains anything it touches! ). I've had no bad reactions to ingesting Lugol's but everyone is different.

I wish you the best of luck. I'm sure other contributors will have advice for you. Take care, Bess"

Questions About Food Grade Peroxide for Breathing Issues
Thu, 31 Jul 14 15:40:55 -0500

07/31/2014: Chris from Missouri: "I bought some 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide but still scared to try it. I have shortness of breath and if it works would be wonderful, but I don't know whether to take it orally (1 oz to 11 oz) and drink it or put it in a small inhaler bottle and inhale it or now I have seen where they make it in capsules which I would prefer and love if it works as good, please someone give me some good advice, I am such a scary cat, I need some advice please!"

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