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  Re: Diet and Other Favorite Cluster Headache Remedies

Mon, 24 Oct 16 18:46:20 -0700
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 10/24/2016

Welcome Rachal and a very good response to your Headache. One item I always think about for this condition is the likelihood of heavy metals like Mercury, Aluminum, Lead, Cadmium, and Arcenic. As one ages small amounts of these accumulate in the body and the organ most affected is the brain which can be the cause of degenerative mental conditions like Alzheimers & Parkinsons. There are Heavy Metal Cleansing remedies here on E.C. which should be done periodically for everyone in the industrial society. Another possible underlying issue is infection in the gut which causes leaky gut which always causes headaches. Oil Of Oregano Softgels is a good start for possible gut infection, but you may wish to take a Candida questionnaire to identify your likelihood.

But for immediate brain health I will list several nutrients or herbs which are very good. Taurine and Acetyl L-Carnitine help detoxify; The herbs Chinese Skullcap, Ginkgo Biloba, and Hemp Oil/CBD are excellent; Coconut Oil and Fish/Krill, Flax, Borage, and Evening Primrose Oil are all good for total body/brain.

  Re: Astragalus Root Prevents Colds

Mon, 24 Oct 16 18:41:35 -0700
Posted by Vibegirl (Buffalo, Ny) on 10/24/2016

Hi Mama to Many

There are so many wonderful options to prevent and deal with cold/flu etc.

Love that you and your family use an herbalist needless to say they are my first choice! The old 'plague' remedy is always on my cupboard - (vinegar, garlic, cayenne, ginger, onion, horseradish) and gives me a boost to my circulation each time as well! I take more if I feel the need if I didn't catch something in time. Echinacea is also high on my list.

I also believe Vitamin D3 helps me, washing my hands off and on through the day and avoiding sugar as much as I'm able! I kind of do anyway.

I'm also a big believer in mindfulness and 'expecting' to be healthy..have been cold free for 4-5 yrs now and simply expect to to breeze through the winter! But hey, there's always back up if we need it.

Thanks for sharing! :)


  Re: Castor Oil for Loss of Smell

Mon, 24 Oct 16 18:40:00 -0700
Posted by Vibegirl (Buffalo, Ny) on 10/24/2016

I knew someone years ago who had lost their sense of smell and got it back by eating horseradish daily - not too much but small amounts a couple times per day. I can't remember how long it took or if similar to your situation but thought I'd mention it!

 Re: Help Needed for Upper Abdominal Pain

Mon, 24 Oct 16 18:39:23 -0700
Posted by Vibegirl (Buffalo, Ny) on 10/24/2016

You may want to look at symptoms of a hiatal hernia and see if that may be some of what you are describing - I have many clients who get relief after seeing their chiropractor for an adjustment...and as someone else said possible gall bladder - may have to have a test done to be sure?

 Re: Help Needed for Upper Abdominal Pain

Mon, 24 Oct 16 13:22:11 -0700
Posted by Steve (Nv) on 10/24/2016

You may want to try doing Hulda Clark liver/gallbladder cleanses. It sounds like radiating pain coming from the liver or gallbladder. Also taking warm magnesium citrate powder (natural calm) with water daily will help to open up the ducts and release any pressure in that area.

Diet and Other Favorite Cluster Headache Remedies

Mon, 24 Oct 16 11:09:54 -0700
Posted by Rachel (Bloomington, In) on 10/24/2016
4 out of 5 stars

I have never written suggestions on a website online before, but I feel excited to share what I have learned in the hope that it might help others. All I can give is my own anecdotal experience. I recognize that some of these remedies may not have the same effect on you that they have had on me, but it's worth a try! Here are my favorite remedies for cluster headaches beginning with the most effective on down.

1. Avoid gluten, sugar, and dairy. I've taken an allergy test and I'm not allergic to these things. However, I have noticed that if I eliminate these foods when I feel the first hint of a cluster headache come along in October or May (the times of year I am prone to beginning a headache cycle), the headaches never materialize. I can feel them softly knocking in the background but they never come on strong unless I falter in my diet. If after several days of a good diet, I have a bagel with cream cheese or something similar, a headache will likely hit soon after. After the cycle passes completely, I eat things with gluten, sugar, and dairy again.

2. Drink as much water as possible. I read a suggestion online to drink a cup of water every half hour when you have cluster headaches. It's inconvenient, but it can hold the headaches at bay for me for days.

3. Massage your head and cranium. I recently met with a craniosacral therapist who brought to my attention that I have serious tension in my face and head. I think much of this comes from grinding my teeth at night, and this tension seems to trigger my cluster headaches. Every day, especially when a cycle begins, I take as much down time as I can (while I'm watching a movie, waiting at a stoplight, etc.) to massage my face and skull. I've found many knots I had no idea were possible, like just above my ears, in the joint of my jaw, my temples, above my temples, etc. Look especially for pressure points, but it works just to carefully explore the head for places of tension and pain and rub them in a motion perpendicular to the knot.

4. Take 1/2 tsp cayenne at the onset of a headache, and once every hour if the headache starts coming back. Often works for me.

5. Music/meditation. If I'm home as soon as I feel a headache coming on, I can stop what I'm doing immediately, turn on Jeffrey Thompson's Delta sleep music on YouTube (he has music especially formulated to relax the brain), rub my head a little, and then lie down relaxed without moving. I listen to the music and consciously relax each muscle in my head as much as possible, gently dismissing any thoughts that come to my mind. Then I enter into a state of meditation, that if I do it long enough even feels like a mildly hypnotic state. I know that melatonin is effective for the headaches and that this practice has a similar effect, almost like putting the brain to sleep while you are awake. If I fall asleep in this way at night, I am less likely to be woken up later by a headache because I was so relaxed when I went to sleep. If I do wake up in the night, I take a little melatonin and turn the music back on to relax my brain again.

  Re: Poke Berries for Frozen Ankle Pain

Mon, 24 Oct 16 11:07:18 -0700
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn) on 10/24/2016

HI U MAMA,,,,,,, just got in from dropping off a repair for our mechanic. He showed me the poke berry brew that he keeps in the frig. He takes a swig every morning. No measurement, just a swig. I asked him to get the formula, but you know how country folks are about keeping secrets. He did say it tastes like wine. I made mine from vodka.

Nothing I'm doing is relieving my back pain so I may try this. Caution all not to crush the seeds. Birds and critters eat poke berries and pass them out to form a new plant. It is called scouring and that is the reason fence rows are grown up with cedar, hedge, etc. That is also how the Lord multiplies the pawpaw, dogwood and persimmon trees throughout the forest.

If man would leave nature alone, the planet would do just fine. Next post is about how chem trails are affecting us all. Unbelievable.


  Re: Grover's Skin Rash

Mon, 24 Oct 16 09:56:13 -0700
Posted by Mt (Ottawa) on 10/24/2016

Read the Book, Your Own Perfect Medicine: The Incredible Proven Natural Miracle Cure that Medical Science Has Never Revealed by Martha Christy.

Astragalus Root Prevents Colds

Mon, 24 Oct 16 09:54:15 -0700
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 10/24/2016
5 out of 5 stars

It is that time of year to think about preventing colds this winter!

A couple of years ago I had one of my children on astragalus root daily as I felt he was at risk for lyme. (He had had a suspicious tick bite reaction.) He took it daily for a few months.

It was around this time of year that a cold was going around. Everyone in my family got the cold. (We like to share around here, haha.) Everyone, that is, except the child I had taking astragalus root.

Astragalus root strengthens the immune system. It worked for him! He was about 5 at the time, I think. He took one capsule a day. For an adult, I would probably take 2-4 daily. It is a pretty inexpensive herb.

There are plenty of things you can do to prevent colds - I would be interested to hear what anyone else has found helpful to stay healthy during the colder months!

Have a super day!

~Mama to Many~

 Re: Help Needed for Upper Abdominal Pain

Mon, 24 Oct 16 09:52:31 -0700
Posted by Ji (Ontario, Canada) on 10/24/2016

Hi Dawn,

The pain you describe is from your left kidney. You can research this further for details on symptoms and treatment.

  Re: Poke Berries for Frozen Ankle Pain

Mon, 24 Oct 16 09:37:45 -0700
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 10/24/2016

Dear Robert Henry,

Would you know the dose of poke that your friend took? My understanding is that the tincture is to be used by the DROP, not the dropperful.

Funny you should mention poke. I have my first batch of poke root tincture brewing right now. I have tons of poke growing around. I use to think of it is a nuisance, but now I look at it with respect. I see it along the dirt roads near my house and it makes me ponder all the healing that is free all around. (But one should not collect poke from roadsides.)

~Mama to Many~

  Re: Treatment for Peyronies?

Mon, 24 Oct 16 09:37:10 -0700
Posted by Hailey (Greenville) on 10/24/2016

Yes, topical castor oil use and intercourse are not contraindicated. But some would say that oils should not be used with condoms because of the risks of them breaking from the combination of plastic and oil.

The only other concern is that intra-vaginal use of castor oil can cause a laxative effect.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide for Basal Cell Carcinoma

Mon, 24 Oct 16 08:38:41 -0700
Posted by Lisa (Pa) on 10/24/2016

Hi. Thanks for sharing your story. How is your bcc now? Did it completely go away? I have a small one on my eyelid and did try Apple Cider Vinegar but it kept pussing and no healing. I'm now using CBD oil and it seems to be drying out and has 2 raised bumps around the area of the 3 mm biopsy. I'm hoping this will work because the idea of having my eyelid cut out is very scary!

Help Needed for Upper Abdominal Pain

Mon, 24 Oct 16 08:37:10 -0700
Posted by Dawn (Edmonton) on 10/23/2016

I would like to find a remedy for my upper abdominal pain The pain comes and goes I noticed it's worst after eating but lately it even come when I haven't had a meal. I've been dealing with this pain off and on for a year. I've been on antacid pill stomach spasm pills nothing helps . The pain it's self is on the left upper abdominal side but radiates to the mid section and back. I become bloated, constipated some nausea it's so painful. I have no heart burn. Please if any one can suggest something I would greatly appreciated it.

  Re: Eye Exercises for Bulging Eye From Graves Disease

Mon, 24 Oct 16 08:34:53 -0700
Posted by Sai (India) on 10/23/2016

Can any one tell me what are the exercises I should do to reduce bulging in one eye due to thyroid. I would appreciate if you recommend me eye drops also.

 Re: Remedies Not Helping Bumps on Scalp, Please Help!

Mon, 24 Oct 16 08:34:00 -0700
Posted by Janie (Mechanicsville) on 10/24/2016

Edited to Add: When my gut acts up, I get skin eruptions. My scalp never has bumps unless my ibs is acting up. They are tied together.

  Re: Treatment for Peyronies?

Mon, 24 Oct 16 08:24:49 -0700
Posted by Tito (Philippines) on 10/23/2016

Is it safe to have intercourse after using castor oil topically for peyronies disease?


Sun, 23 Oct 16 21:15:15 -0700
Posted by Meg (Atlanta Ga) on 10/23/2016

These essential oils work. I've been traveling and picked up a head cold. I came here for remedies, and it went away quickly but a persistent cough remained. I came back here and saw this post. Luckily I always carry some Thieve's Oil in my backpack (mainly to use as a topical antibiotic). It contains clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary and lemon oils. I sprayed it into the back of my throat and let it just sit there for a few minutes before chasing it with water. It quieted the cold and I slept the whole night through. Good stuff!

Fight Aging with the Amazing Antioxidant, Glutathione

Sun, 23 Oct 16 21:13:25 -0700
Posted by Wydo (Ca) on 10/23/2016

The way that glutathione works is that it attaches to toxins in the blood or the liver. Once the glutathione carries the toxins in the liver it moves on into the bile and goes onto the intestines through the bile duct in bile, where it moves out through the intestines. This is where I need to give a warning on glutathione. Your liver and bile duct must be in working order and your bile needs to be thin enough for it to move on out. For glutathione to do its job a liver detox may be in order. Light stools is a good indication of lack of bile because bile darkens the stool.

I have personal experience with this. I went to a doctor and took some glutathione through IV and it seemed to do nothing. I started coffee enemas and bitter herbs to increase the liver function and after a month I went back to the doctor for another IV of glutathione. This time all sorts of benefits became noticeable. It was like night and day between the two. It became a very good experiment to show how glutathione works in my body. I deal with mercury and its affect as well as other toxins. If you are dealing with the affects as well, you should know that glutathione should be part of the mercury detox but you should know that there is, what Dr. Shade calls, three phases, shown here;

This chart by Dr. Shade shows the 3 phases and how it should work and when it doesn't work. You take the mercury out of the cell in the first phase. Then it is carried through the blood to the liver or kidneys in the second phase. Finally it moves through the liver, into the bile duct and into the intestines in the last phase. If you use an intestinal metal sweep to lock onto the mercury it can be moved out of the intestines into the toilet. To start the detox it is best to work backwards in the 3 phases. Start with the liver by coffee enemas, herbs or red beet root. At the same time detox the kidneys with a good herbal cleaner that contains Didymocarpus pedicellata and Saxifraga ligulata. The next step would be to start the glutathione for the second phase so the mercury can move to the third phase. Lastly, in phase 1 you would take R-ALA, EDTA or if you can get one of the other things like DMSA so that the mercury can move to the last phase. If you do this you must be careful not to cut loose to much mercury, at any one time, as you will be bed ridden from the side effects of moving out the mercury. You also need to take 4 days off of phase 1 for every 3 days you do the phase 1 detox. I think that there is some other things that is overlooked by this approach. Mercury gets locked up in calcium. Your body may have stashed calcium in places it doesn't belong. Talking vitamin K2 can cause a clean out of calcium in the body as well as moving calcium to the bones. This will cut loose mercury that is attached to calcium so be careful of vitamin K2 or anything that dissolves calcium in the body. Next is the use of enzyme therapy. Enzymes can digest cysts and cancer tumors in the body and can release mercury. If you have done any of these things and it made you feel awful, this may be the reason why.

I know that glutathione is destroyed by stomach acid so I started with liposomal Glutathione but I have found Glutathione patches out there as well as Glutathione suppositories but they are all very expensive. Try a search of your own to see for yourself. I would like to try making a trans dermal glutathione using DMSO and glutathione as well as glutathione suppositories but I can't find anything on doing these things. So if you know anything or have done these things please post it here. I would love to hear from you. :)