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  Re: Update From TimH Regarding Nephew

Wed, 31 Aug 16 08:58:41 -0700
Posted by Timh Donate
(Ky) on 08/31/2016

I cannot thank you Rsw ~Mama to Many~ Deirdre - Stephanie - Mary - Liz - Charity enough for your support during this time of pain.

I will soon provide a brief bio of LJ as he is a really special person. I think they call folks like himself Savants. Last night I watched a T.V. bio of Robin Williams and immediately fallowing listened to "Vincent" and the entire LP from Don McLean's American Pie which was like serendipity as he is such a special person.

Because of all the implications of this case I also hope to provide some insight into all the goings on whether it be inside the body or outside to modern medical care; really alot to cover but for now it's getting thru this loss. But it's not all loss because you loving folks have gained him. What was it Joni Mitchel said in the the song "Clouds" "Something's lost and something's gained - living every day".

Until I resume this discussion I have these keywords running in my head and likely inspired by Charity---Total Health Warrior.

  Re: Gluten Sensitivity

Wed, 31 Aug 16 08:58:11 -0700
Posted by Judy (Denver, Co) on 08/30/2016

Years ago I baked my own bread. I had an old recipe book that belonged to my grandma.

Re: making bread, it said to add pinch of ginger to make it rise faster. It cut time in 1/2. Of course I live a mile high.

 Re: Questions About Azoxystrobin and Bloodroot for Cancer

Wed, 31 Aug 16 08:56:09 -0700
Posted by Tspcbd (Hong Kong) on 08/31/2016

Ted, When possible - would love to hear about a sensible way to counter the DIPG type cancer in children that arise possibly as a result of vaccinations. Thanks

 Re: Help Needed with Tendonitis and High Enzyme Levels

Wed, 31 Aug 16 08:55:35 -0700
Posted by Carol (Mich) on 08/30/2016

Hi Larry,

I happened to be reading an old Adele Davis book, "Let's Get Well" and remembered reading your post. According to Davis Vit. E(d alpha, not dl alpha) Choline, B1, pantothenic acid, potassium are all necessary for the production and utilization of acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is necessary for healthy muscles. She suggests Lecithin, yeast, liver, wheat germ and eggs be added to your diet along with the supplements. Hope this helps.

Helichrysum Essential Oil Applied Behind Ear Helping Tinnitus

Wed, 31 Aug 16 08:54:40 -0700
Posted by Randy (Hartland, Michigan) on 08/30/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I have found helichrysum essential oil to greatly contribute to the reduction of tinnitus in as little as 3 days. The oil is massaged on the bone behind the ear. DO NOT put drops of the oil directly into the ear canal. A few drops can be put onto a cotton ball and placed in the ear overnight. There is an additional blend of other oils along with the helichrysum that I have not tried yet. So far the straight helichrysum is working wonders for me. A heads's not cheap but a very little is working wonders so far.

  Re: Kefir Cure for Diabetes Type II

Wed, 31 Aug 16 06:29:38 -0700
Posted by Namaw (Bama) on 08/31/2016

If I want thicker kefir (when I want to use it like sour cream or even cream cheese) I usually line a strainer with a coffee filter or cheesecloth and let it drip until it's the consistency that I want. Remember that adding things to flavor it will thin it--a spoon of honey can thin it a good bit (make it thicker than yogurt, then add your honey or fruit and it should thin enough to be spoonable). I make a spread with thick kefir, chopped nuts and herbs to spread on toast or crackers. delish. I use the thicker kefir like sour cream in curries, yum. I stir it in as the curry cools so as not to kill the good bacteria.

  Re: Lugol's Iodine Protocol

Wed, 31 Aug 16 06:27:12 -0700
Posted by Bill Donate
(San Fernando, Philippines) on 08/30/2016

Hi Wendy...If you have high zinc then you could have low copper which competes directly with zinc for absorption into the body and cells.

Copper is an important mineral for the body, so what you should do to get a better idea about your general vitamin and mineral status is have a hair analysis done. This will also show you how much excessive heavy metals you have in your body.

To help balance the excess zinc and get it down you should also perhaps regularly supplement copper until proper levels of copper and zinc are reached. But try and get the hair analysis done as this will give you a much wider picture of your health status.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Solar Keratosis

Wed, 31 Aug 16 06:22:30 -0700
Posted by Gary (Calgary, Alberta) on 08/30/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Excellent results from apple cider vinegar. I had many sores on my bald head from sun damage accumulated over the years from overexposurer ( Actinic Keratosis). I applied the ACV with a q-tip soaked in the ACV three or four times a day for approximately four days. Scabs began to form within a few days and I was able to gently remove the scabs. So far so good. Actually, amazing .

 Re: Strange Rash on Arms After Cutting Grass

Wed, 31 Aug 16 06:19:58 -0700
Posted by Nell (Reno) on 08/31/2016

I'm out very rural, no pesticides on my grass for the 30 years I've lived here and no spraying for zika--I don't think the gov't knows we exist out here, really. The brown rash has softened and lightened up, so it must have been a temporary thing. Thanks for your response.

 Re: Seeking Remedies and Advice for Pain, Tingling and Burning in Legs

Wed, 31 Aug 16 06:19:31 -0700
Posted by Grace (Uk) on 08/31/2016

An update on my condition, I have seen no improvement and am waiting to have an injection in my spine as the specialist thinks it could be chemicals leaking from the bulging disc, irritating nerves. I tried turmeric, vit b-complex and lineolic acid caps, ginger and am also going to try the other remedies suggested.

 Are Low Stomach Acid and Low Potassium Connected?

Tue, 30 Aug 16 17:44:11 -0700
Posted by Lyndal (Auckland) on 08/30/2016

Hi All,

I have another question that someone might be able to help me with.

I seem to be very low in potassium and no matter how much high potassium foods I eat or potassium tablets I take, I'm still low.

Could this have something to do with low stomach acid?? And if so, why?

Many thanks, Lyndal

  ORH's Summer Garden Update

Tue, 30 Aug 16 17:43:02 -0700
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn) on 08/30/2016

HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN,,,,,,,, figs and scuppernongs are ripening. We gather about 2 gallons of each every other day. Both are Sweat South fruit. The Scuppernongs were found in NC by our first explorers. The mother vine found in the 1500's and covered over 500 acres.

The figs have more nutritional value than any other existing plant.

We have so many figs canned and dried that we are now saving them for friends to make strawberry jam. You heard me right as that is what we do when we can't get strawberries. You mash the figs to a jam texture and add Strawberry Jello. We think it is even more tasty that regular strawberry jam. We are going to see how they work out with our new freeze dryer. This way they retain their nutrition, taste and keep for 25 years. All the preppers have gone ape over these new freeze dryers. They are not cheap, but will feed you through the coming depression if you plan ahead.

Scuppernongs are a bronze muscadines. We juice and can them along with our regular purple muscadines. Both figs and muscadines only take a few years to begin harvesting. I encourage all to investigate and give them a try. Next week we begin harvesting and canning pears. When you poor like us you have to live off the land. Another one of my 96.4 % ATS's.


  Re: BHT for Hepatitis C

Tue, 30 Aug 16 17:34:48 -0700
Posted by Brent (Fargo, Nd) on 08/30/2016

Oscar, this website is a blessing. I just started bht for hsv2. Thank you for your patience and knowledge.


  Re: Vulvodynia

Tue, 30 Aug 16 17:31:44 -0700
Posted by Fogel (Maryland) on 08/30/2016

Does anyone know what kind of vitamin C would be best for Vulvodynia?

  Re: Lugol's Iodine Protocol

Tue, 30 Aug 16 17:30:45 -0700
Posted by Wendy (Tx) on 08/30/2016


What if I have high zinc? Should I still supplement with it, or leave it out?

Thanks, Wendy

  Re: Chaste Tree Berry for Endometriosis Menstrual Cramping

Tue, 30 Aug 16 17:26:29 -0700
Posted by Mama To Many Donate
(Tennessee) on 08/30/2016

Dear Vibapia,

Thank you for sharing this remedy! I hope you will keep us posted. I am wondering if the chaste tree berry will even heal your endometriosis with time.

A friend of mine was dealing with prolonged bleeding from adenomyosis (basically endometriosis on the outside of the uterus) and chaste tree berry stopped her bleeding pretty quickly. She was taking 1/2 teaspoon of the dry chaste tree berries (aka "vitex") daily. She would just slowly chew them through the day.

So glad you are feeling better!

~Mama to Many~

  Re: Mitochondrial Myopathy

Tue, 30 Aug 16 17:25:59 -0700
Posted by Charleene (De) on 08/30/2016

My daughter was also diagnosed with this and she was prescribed hydroxizine to help her maintain her sleep, and it definitely helps! L Carnitine is also a good energy booster.

  Re: Kefir Cure for Diabetes Type II

Tue, 30 Aug 16 17:24:38 -0700
Posted by Mama To Many Donate
(Tennessee) on 08/30/2016

Dear Amy,

My kefir did not do very well when it was in the low 70's in my house. It thrived in the winter when I was running a woodstove and the temperature was in the upper 70's.

~Mama to Many~

  Re: Magnesium Comparisons

Tue, 30 Aug 16 17:15:30 -0700
Posted by Art (California ) on 08/30/2016


No internal magnesium that I have ever used, and I have used a few, can provide the muscle relaxing effects of topically applied mag oil, so I am with you on that topic.


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