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  Re: Natural Remedies for Age Spots

Fri, 04 Sep 15 19:06:49 -0500
Posted by Penny (Salem, Oregon) on 09/03/2015

[YEA]  I would consider ACV before lemon juice because there is evidence that lemon juice is a light chemical peel which in time allows the dark spots to return.

My comment is directed to those who would like a natural, fairly inexpensive moisturizer. Have any of you tried Squalane oil? I use it directly under my makeup, if I wear any but I wait a few minutes and give it time to sink in. Squalane is a very light (almost feels like water) oil. It is so lovely, clear, no odor and fairly inexpensive. Many companies sell "cold-pressed, first-pass" olive oil and charge a lot of money for an ounce of it @ $45. But Squalane is a finer oil and very inexpensive, @ or less than $25 for 4 oz's. If you do not like the feel under your makeup use it for a night moisturizer. It is natural, inexpensive and beats any of the expensive ( very expensive) moisturizers I have ever used. I also use it as a carrier oil for other essential oils I may use. And Avocado oil is a most wonderful body moisturizer. It is a little green, and has a slight odor (mildly off-putting, but dissipates quickly). It does not make your skin green. Sure less expensive than lotion, and au -naturalle!

One last thing, I use Frankincense, straight in my nares, and it seems to be clearing my sinus'. You may want to mix it with a carrier but I like it straight. I just put a few drops in the palm of my hand and using a clean finger tip, apply it as far in in a circular motion to cover as much area as possible. My eyes have not looked like soccer balls, and I have not noticed the yellow crystals in the corner of my eyes lately.

Now, I can't wait to try the ACV and one of God's biggest healers to mankind honey. I wonder if a person made a mask of honey ( we used to do it in nursing school) and used the mask after the ACV dried what benefit a person might see with the tone, elasticity, integrity, and effect on dark spots? Sounds good, and there are some very nice tree honeys that are said to be wowsers! Best wishes on our journey~*~

  Re: Tea Tree Oil for Bartholin Cysts

Fri, 04 Sep 15 19:01:28 -0500
Posted by Joanne (South Africa) on 09/03/2015

I woke up Monday with this lump - consulted with Dr Google and decided it was a Bartholins cyst (hoped it was) and then found this site yesterday. I had been applying a drawing ointment with tee tree oil in it, but decided to add to my treatment by cleaning with colloidal silver, then applying the ointment 3-4 times a day. Yesterday (Wednesday) I also decided to drink an alkilizing soda) - someone's comment suggested our bodies may be unbalanced (this resonated with me because I had been eating too many sweets). This morning on checking - I noticed a head on the lump, I squeezed it and pus came out - much smaller now - cleaned it with colloidal silver and applied Traxa and drank some more alkalizing soda. Holding thumbs- I do like to heal myself!!

Anti-Mosquito Remedy - Dryer Sheets Tied to the Waist

Fri, 04 Sep 15 19:00:18 -0500
Posted by Karen (Florida, US) on 09/04/2015

[YEA]  My friend, who's 5 year old was getting eaten alive at his soccer games, just told me a remedy she heard about from another soccer mom. You tie a dryer sheet (she used bounty but any brand will probably work) on one of the belt loops like flag football. The mosquitoes don't like the smell of the dryer sheets. She said it's amazing how well it works. Thought I'd pass it on...

B-12 Injection for Chronic Muscle Spasm

Fri, 04 Sep 15 18:51:29 -0500
Posted by Karen (Florida, US) on 09/04/2015

[YEA]  I've had a lump in my neck for the past few years caused by a chronic muscle spasm. Yesterday, my acupuncturist injected a shot of Vitamin B12 directly into the lump and it disappeared instantly. No more muscle spasm, no more lump. The effect was instantaneous.

  Re: Oil Pulling with Castor Oil

Fri, 04 Sep 15 18:09:05 -0500
Posted by Maryellen (Loveland, Ohio) on 09/04/2015

My grandmother kept us healthy by feeding us a tablespoon of castor bean oil each month. It is an old remedy that is not popular with AMA (almost free cure). We NEED a little poison from time to time. Why, the apple seed contains cyanide. ME

  Re: Bloodroot for Skin Growths

Fri, 04 Sep 15 18:07:43 -0500
Posted by Steve (Ma) on 09/04/2015

[YEA]  I am currently taking a combination of bloodroot, chapparel, graviola and galangal. All 4 are believed to be anti tumor/cancer. I have recently used a salve with all these ingredients with success. 3 distinct spots in different areas at different stages of healing. I have used Castor oil, cell food, msm and comfrey to speed healing and minimize scarring. Pleased with the results I am getting.

  Re: Chronic Sinusitis and Adrenal Health

Fri, 04 Sep 15 18:01:46 -0500
Posted by Jj (London ) on 09/04/2015

It's important to highlight that sometimes chronic sinusitis is a result of weak adrenals in particular the case of adrenal fatigue. I myself had a blocked nose because of this. I started taking an adrenal health supplement and within days I could breath and no longer use my steroid nasal spray. Not many people know about this link. Just putting it out there for anyone who has tried everything and had no results.

  Re: Castor Oil For Pterygium

Fri, 04 Sep 15 16:05:24 -0500
Posted by Anita (Laferia, Tx) on 09/04/2015

About 3 yrs ago I had surgery for pterygium on my right eye. At that time the left eye was not as bad. Unfortunately during my follow- up visits( 2mos later) the Dr tells me that the pterygium had come back. I don't believe that for a second. My sister who lives in Louisiana heard of a doctor in Lake Charles who has been doing laser sugery on pterygium. I went ahead & had that surgery done on both eyes. It was not painful at at all. In fact it was a success. I've been told that this illness can always come back if you don't take care of your eyes. I'm definitely gonna give this a try. I also suffer from dry eyes. Will try and keep u posted on how I'm doing. Wish me luck.

 Re: What Else Can I Try for Eczema in Pregnancy?

Fri, 04 Sep 15 16:02:49 -0500
Posted by Lucena (Phil) on 09/04/2015

Thank you, but where do I get these herbs from? I use gloves to wash dishes, and use diluted liquid pears soda to wash hands ... only have eczema on hands during pregnancy.

 Re: Can Borax Help Systemic Candida and Severe Allergies?

Fri, 04 Sep 15 15:59:50 -0500
Posted by Bridgett (Asheville, NC) on 09/04/2015

Why would you make that comment? Do you know something about borax no one else does? If not, perhaps reading the MSDS sheet on borax (not boric acid) will help you.

Borax is as safe as table salt and baking soda. Thanx. please enlighten with actual data if you can. Please no commercial medicine sites.

  Re: MMS For Allergies

Fri, 04 Sep 15 15:55:09 -0500
Posted by Berenice (Calgary, Alberta) on 09/04/2015

[YEA]  I'm using MMS in coffee enemas. Never seen so many parasites coming out of me before! Sorry...i know it's disgusting. My naturalist doctor uses MMS for kids with autism. He says autism is curable!

Baking Soda added to Apple Cider Vinegar helped Weight Loss

Fri, 04 Sep 15 15:47:19 -0500
Posted by The Real Will (Pittsburgh) on 09/04/2015

[YEA]  I have been on a weight loss plan (diet and exercise) for the past 8 months, losing weight slowly and steadily. I had been taking a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) with dinner for months as a general tonic. After reading all of the great things that ACV can do here on EC, I upped the dose to 2 tablespoons in a glass of water, several times a day (3 to 4 time a day). I started to feel it in my teeth at that dose, so I recalled reading on Earth Clinic that adding baking soda to the ACV will help prevent the wearing down of the enamel on the teeth, but won't diminish the effectiveness of the ACV. So I started adding a little baking soda (I mean a little...I used the handle of the measuring spoon to scoop a little out...I'm guessing about 1/8 teaspoon or less).

Since I had been dieting already, weighing and measuring my food, and nothing had changed, and I know what kind of weight loss to expect, I was surprised at a sudden loss of fat around my midsection. I was trying to figure out what caused the sudden drop and the only thing different was the addition of the baking soda (I had been taking the ACV for months already, and the increased dose for weeks). So I kept taking the baking soda and I continue to have faster weight loss results with the baking soda, although it has only been a few weeks. For people already dieting, I think that taking a little baking soda, or baking soda with ACV is a worthwhile addition to your plan. I would take more, but I actually like the taste of ACV and I don't want to eliminate the flavor entirely. :)

In the last 8 months, I lost about 35 pounds, but an additional 3 pounds in the past week and a half. I lost 7 inches off my waist during that time, and an additional 1/2 inch in the past week and a half. Results are supposed to slow down, not accelerate, the longer you are on a diet plan. Not too bad for a 49 y.o. guy. I may try adding more baking soda by itself (as to not ruin the flavor of my ACV.).



Borax for Hives

Fri, 04 Sep 15 15:45:18 -0500
Posted by Kelly (Las Vegas) on 09/04/2015

[YEA]  My son has been suffering from horrible hives for a few months every night. Welts the size of tea plates sometimes. I my self drank the borax mixture for five days to be the guinnea pig. After no ill effects, I then gave it to my 19 year old son. He hasn't hived since day two of the treatment. (1/8 of a teaspoon of borax in a quart of water) He would drink this once a day. Borax is a natural mineral. completely safe for ingestion. It is as toxic as table salt.

My son has never had any allergic reaction to anything ever. He went to a lake in Vermont and came home with the hives. We believe it was either the poison which kills milfoil, or a parasite. Either way, the Borax either purged the toxins out of his body or the parasites. Either way, my son is hive free.

Is It Safe to Take Borax in Gelcaps?

Fri, 04 Sep 15 15:36:34 -0500
Posted by Rick (Los Angeles, California) on 09/04/2015

Hello everyone,

I am taking 1/4 tsp borax split into 4 gelcaps and the caps are taken throughout the day with meals.

I have read contradicting information on whether or not taking borax in gelcaps is ok.

I have been taking them for a week with no noticeable side affects as of yet.

Is it okay to take borax in gelcaps? Thanks!

  Re: Turmeric for Folliculitis

Fri, 04 Sep 15 15:33:46 -0500
Posted by Forever11 (United States) on 09/04/2015

No, I have not. That is something that I will definitely consider once I give the Turmeric a week or so to see what it will do. I havent thought about going to a regular doctor to see if its being caused by something different. But thank you for letting me know that because if this doesnt work then I will take that step. Thank you so much I appreciate that.

Garlic for Xanthalasma

Fri, 04 Sep 15 09:36:02 -0500
Posted by Uri (Maine) on 09/04/2015

[YEA]  Let me say that the garlic treatment works very well and is a hell of a lot cheaper than laser surgery. I started by cutting up small slices of garlic and placing it on the xanthelasma for about 10-15 min. At fist it did appear to get larger but after about 4 days it began to decrease in size. I felt that the slices were not effective enough so I decided to crush a clove of garlic using the side of my chefs knife and then absorbed the oil/juices on the knife and clove with a q tip and applied to the area. This had a dramatic effect and results were noticeable the following day. I applied at night and only for a few min and showered in the morning so I didn't smell like an Italian restaurant at work.

My only guess is that the people who can't get this to work don't have xanthelasma or did not treat it long enough. I will warn you that there will be a stinging sensation while the garlic is applied but I did not find it as painful as some have described and it became more pronounced when I improvised how the garlic was applied. I recommend starting slow like I did but I have no basis for that recommendation other than common sense. My only guess as to why there is no scientific evidence/studies to back this treatment is because there are no profits to be gained by the medical community if it's proven valid.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Aspergers

Fri, 04 Sep 15 09:33:46 -0500
Posted by Julie (New Zealand) on 09/03/2015

Apple cider vinegar works for so many symptoms including Aspergers because it regulates pH in our blood.

After spending some time researching problems related to low pH I also noticed people treating the symptoms using apple cider vinegar.

  Sinus Infection Helped with Saline and Hydrogen Peroxide

Fri, 04 Sep 15 09:32:56 -0500
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn.) on 09/03/2015

HI U ROBB, , , , , , , , , my man, I challenge you to back up your post about the South and bacteria being fatal here. Since I live here and will be 79 in a few months, I want to know where you get your facts.


Charcoal, Turmeric, Vitamin C, Nettle for Red Wasp Sting

Fri, 04 Sep 15 09:31:55 -0500
Posted by Mama To Many Donate
(Tennessee) on 09/03/2015

[YEA]  This afternoon, my 21 year old son called me from work. He had just been stung by a red wasp on his ear lobe. He was getting a charcoal poultice to put on it, but wanted to know what else he should do. (Several years ago he was stung by a red wasp. Even with charcoal poultices, he was stuck on the couch with a swollen arm for days. The charcoal worked, but slowly. As long as he had the poultice, he was not in pain.)

Providentially, I was getting into the car to take other children to piano lessons, very nearby to where he was working. I sped back into the house, grabbed a large, ready made charcoal/flax poultice with plastic wrap out of the refrigerator, a bandana, vitamin c, turmeric and nettle tincture. I dropped off piano students and stopped by his work. His earlobe was red and so was the skin on his head behind his ear.

I got the charcoal poultice centered over the sting and around his ear, covered it with plastic and secured it with a bandana. I told him to take 1,000mg of Vitamin C, 1 turmeric capsule, and 1 teaspoon of nettle tincture every hour. He did that for four hours. When he got home from work, his ear lobe looked fine.

The moral of the story for me is to deal aggressively when dealing with a potentially aggressive situation, within safe bounds of the natural remedies used.

~Mama to Many~

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