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 Re: Apple Cider Vinegar and Coconut Oil for Genital Herpes

Fri, 27 Mar 15 18:55:32 -0500
Posted by Elizabeth (Easton, US) on 03/27/2015

Thank you so much for your honest post about GH! You've given me hope!

 Re: Comments for Timh

Fri, 27 Mar 15 18:54:57 -0500
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 03/27/2015

While it is true that 2-6 are the formative years, there is never a time reprogramming cannot override trauma, pain, lack, drama, and memories . It takes time and perserverance. If 2-6 were our life, mine would be over and done with, but many people, have come into my reality and encouraged me out of those pits and into the bright light of day . Sickness is the resistance training that strengthens my soul . Faith is what keeps me moving forward. I am here with purpose.

You are mightier than you know with your ability to comfort from experience . Love from a longing to be loved , and hear with a desire to be heard . You are a very powerful soul. You understand supplements and combining them with foods and timing. That is over my head .

My gift is encouragement from my discouragement . From my pit I extend a hand to lift others out of their pit.

Stay the powerhouse you are , you may be tied up but you are not powerless by any means.

I'll go to my favorite prayer site this week and drop some request on your behalf . Some sites are very powerful. Others no so.

Vinegar for Splinters

Fri, 27 Mar 15 18:50:06 -0500
Posted by Toni (Henderson ) on 03/27/2015

[YEA]  I was a little skeptical about the whole vinegar treatment for splinters but I got one under my fingernail that could not be removed and it hurt so bad that after reading this I had nothing to lose. I went home from work and soaked in for 15 minutes in white vinegar. I bandaged it and left it alone for the night. The next day, I massaged the splinter on my fingernail in a forward position. On the third try, the splinter came out in one complete piece. I was so excited and my husband couldn't even believe it worked, but it did.

 Re: Rife Machines and Timh

Fri, 27 Mar 15 18:48:27 -0500
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 03/27/2015

I had the eight track in my teens . I sometimes felt like a motherless child . There was so much dysfunction in that generation, thus the raging of the teens and the drug use. They were chaotic and creative times . I don't think our current health issues were foreign to them and we just got them handed down to us along with their creative chaos, layered on them from their upbringings. Broke the chain, the buck stops here and this generation is out to find the source of the problems and get some answers that fix them. Glad you are using your weakness and learning experiences to help others not as bright as you . The answers are natural, spiritual, and relational, because we are.

 Re: Questions on Vulvodynia

Fri, 27 Mar 15 18:47:24 -0500
Posted by Billie (Florida, US) on 03/27/2015

A few questions, I think I may have Vulvodynia. How did you know you have it? Did you get checked out by a doctor? What signs did you have? And did the magnesium citrate work?

 Re: Be Aware of Allergens That May Trigger Problem

Fri, 27 Mar 15 18:46:36 -0500
Posted by June (Kansas, US) on 03/27/2015

Do you ingest the ACV or use it topically? I have had this vaginal itch for 20 years off and on. It is directly on one side of the labia and about the size of a pencil eraser. Over the years, the skin in that area has thickened and there is no visible rash of any kind. No flaking, just incessant itching in that particular area. Have been to many different doctors and have been subjected to so many different creams. It will clear up for a day or so, but it ALWAYS comes back! At times, the itching is so severe that I scratch it until it bleeds! I finally self diagnosed that is was vaginal eczema. Glad to see I am not the only one who has this! Help!

 Re: Rife Machines and Timh

Fri, 27 Mar 15 18:45:29 -0500
Posted by Rsw (Uniontown, Oh) on 03/27/2015

Hi Timh,

I'm glad you're back! We all hope you are feeling well and want you to know you have been in our thoughts and prayers. I know you have lost many important people in your life over the years, and feel alone at times, as most of us do. But if you ever need help, just post your phone number or address on Earth Clinic and I promise you won't have room in your house for all the people here who would show up for you! ORH would be leading the pack and I would be close behind. Take care now, and feel the loving smiles that surround you as we read your newest posts.

 Re: Apple Cider Vinegar Gave Me Headache and No Energy

Fri, 27 Mar 15 18:44:46 -0500
Posted by Squaregum (Geneva, Switzerland) on 03/27/2015

Thank you. I had one teaspoon this morning and so far so good.

 Re: Magnesium and Potassium for Lipomas

Fri, 27 Mar 15 18:40:16 -0500
Posted by David (Us) on 03/27/2015

Has any one tried magnesium? I was doing some research and I came across some lady saying her doctor told her that she was low on magnesium/deficiency. The doctor told her to take 1500mg of mag a day. In about a week her lipomas went away. She said when she stopped taking them they came back. Wonder if it relates to magnesium deficiency. I also have lipomas and I was healthy. I played sports and always worked out tremendously. All the talk with alcohol and causing lipomas isn't true bc I had lipomas and I never drank alcohol, just to throw that out there.

 Re: Green Tea and Camphor Oil for HPV

Fri, 27 Mar 15 18:39:14 -0500
Posted by Mcalzada (Ca) on 03/27/2015

I am so sorry......I had no idea anyone even commented on my post till now. 5 years later. The name of the naturopath in los angeles is Michelle Gerber and the treatment is spelled Escharotic. And 5 years later still have healthy normal paps. Never had surgery only did the treatments with my naturopath. Good luck to anyone who is looking for an alternative way to heal. and I have checked the box to be notified if someone has any questions.

Question on Buying Molasses

Fri, 27 Mar 15 18:38:44 -0500
Posted by Peggy (Ms, US) on 03/27/2015

The only blackstrap sold in my area says unsulphured. what does that mean and is this what I should buy?

 Re: Massage Helps Painful Bunions

Fri, 27 Mar 15 18:34:51 -0500
Posted by Tina (Kirkland, Wa) on 03/27/2015

Yeah, I'd ditch the shoes in a heartbeat! Find some comfortable shoes in a wide width... and go barefoot at home whenever possible. Earth Shoes or Aerosoles are good options for fashionable comfy shoes. I actually have some very comfy Naturalizers that get compliments often - and I've stood for hours and walked for miles in those without a complaint.

 Re: Questions About Hyaluronic Use

Fri, 27 Mar 15 18:34:13 -0500
Posted by Debbie (Usa) on 03/27/2015

For those worried about pills dissolving, you might try other ways of taking it. I saw a blueberry liquid that I am thinking about trying.

 Re: Coconut Oil for Eczema

Fri, 27 Mar 15 16:02:18 -0500
Posted by Mama to Many (Tennessee) on 03/27/2015

Dear Maya,

When I am using coconut oil for medical purposes, I always used organic cold pressed coconut oil. Many coconut oils are process and deodorized. I can't imagine this is good for the healing properties in it. If my lavender essential oil had no odor, I would think it was worthless as a medicine. Same with my coconut oil.

~Mama to Many~

 Re: Afraid to Continue with Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation

Fri, 27 Mar 15 15:58:57 -0500
Posted by Mama to Many (Tennessee) on 03/27/2015

Dear Gus,

I agree with Mmsg.

We have found H2O2 inhalation (via inhalation or nebulizer) to work very well and we have not had any side effects in our family.

I do not think I would mix albuterol with Hydrogen Peroxide. I am not a chemist; perhaps it is okay. But unless I was sure there would be no reaction to use both together, I would use them apart. Maybe even 4 hours apart from each other. We have used albuterol and hydrogen peroxide in the nubulizer, but never at the same time. When I use peroxide in the nebulizer, I dilute it with distilled water. 5 drops hydrogen peroxide to 35 drops of water.

~Mama to Many~

 Re: Afraid to Continue with Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation

Fri, 27 Mar 15 11:10:00 -0500
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 03/27/2015

Gus, the internet has every idea and it's exact opposite all over the web. So if you experienced help from it, go for it BUT SLOWLY. For example, I alway water down even the plain 3% HP from the drugstore even just for rinsing the mouth.

 Re: Preventing Gallbladder Attacks

Fri, 27 Mar 15 11:01:20 -0500
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 03/27/2015

Kong, RINSING with baking soda might be better than brushing when acid is on the teeth.

 Re: Churg-Strauss Syndrome and Polyps

Fri, 27 Mar 15 10:43:34 -0500
Posted by Anita (Ontario) on 03/27/2015

Hi Emmy

Would you be so kind as to share with me what you and your husband did for the churg-strauss syndrome...I have been sick with this for the last 6 years and searching everywhere. Please share with me what you have done so I can get my life back too! Thank you so much! Anita

 Re: Preventing Gallbladder Attacks

Fri, 27 Mar 15 10:41:44 -0500
Posted by Kong (Raleigh, Nc) on 03/27/2015

Allie, some people say you should immediately brush your teeth with baking soda afterwards to protect the enamel from the ACV acidity.

I've also been taking herbs such as gold coin grass. I do feel better but not well or symptom free like those who have done a flush talk about. I'm somewhat afraid to do the flush with a one inch stone but then again maybe it could remove the sludge or crushed stones that didn't show in the scans. Good luck and post back.

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