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  Re: Homeopathic Remedy for Calcium Deposits

Fri, 31 Jul 15 12:17:57 -0500
Posted by Matt (Scottsville, Ny) on 07/30/2015

Rhus tox is poison ivy. You're ingesting poison ivy.

  Re: Candida and Sinus Polyps

Fri, 31 Jul 15 12:16:42 -0500
Posted by Radha (Uk) on 07/31/2015

[NAY]  I lived in the uk for 40 years with a very clear sinus.I moved to live in a tropical island-so call paradise and lived there for 3 years.Well you know living on a tropical island is no fun.The humidity is very high and built up of mould everywhere in the house.There was mould everywhere on the furniture and even on my purse. If there is a rain and wind, then everything in the house get mouldy. You have to take everything from the wardrope and wash them, dry them. At the end of the 3 years, I notice a swelling on my left nostril. I did not know what they were.When I got back to UK at the end of 3 years, I was breathless when I had my flu. Everything was blocked up.I had no sense of smell and I was breathing through my mouth. My dr told me that swelling on my nostril was the beginning of polyps. Drs will tell you they do not know the causes of polyps. Here is a typical scenario of mould and polyps. Drs do not believe in all that. They only believe in surgery. So we sufferers of polyps must stand together and try to fight this evil nasal polyps.Thanks to the internet we might be able to find a cure for the nasal polyps.

 Re: Husband Has Sudden Wheat Allergy and Possible Celiac Disease

Fri, 31 Jul 15 12:14:00 -0500
Posted by Mb (India) on 07/31/2015

Can this kind of disorder be rectified?

 Re: What Could be Causing Edema in My Legs?

Fri, 31 Jul 15 12:13:47 -0500
Posted by Kt (Usa) on 07/31/2015

Hi Bindy, Something you are eating could contribute to your inflammation. When I ingested too many hidden sources of MSG (a list can be found at, my fingers swelled so bad they split and were very painful.

Turmeric and ginger both reduce inflammation. When I ingested about 1/2 tsp. (a little over) of turmeric in about 6 oz. of warm water, the swelling and pain left right away. I try to alternate a tea of ginger or turmeric throughout the day and sprinkle both on my food. They both fight cancer and ginger kills salmonella.

The flowing agent in common table salt contributes to edema. I use RealSalt obtained from the HF Store. It does not contain the flowing agent. Our bodies need sodium.

I think the fat-free and salt-free craze has contributed to more ailments than is recognized. I hear about a lot of gallbladder removal surgeries. The gallbladder needs fat to contract.

Do you eat a lot of whole grains or fresh fruit? Our entire food supply has been tainted with GMO's in one way or the other and "organic" is no longer as safe as it was thought to be.

B-6 will help but you need to take all the B vitamins together so you don't cause a deficiency in the others. Blackstrap Molasses (BSM) is an excellent source and contains minerals we need. I dilute a TBSP in any combination of 2% milk, water or coffee. Sometimes I put it in my oatmeal. I just make sure I get at least one tablespoon a day. The magnesium in it needs to bind with protein for absorption.

Not everything will work for everyone. Try to keep a list of what you eat and the time you eat it so you can identify any pattern.

It is also important to get at least 15-20 minutes of sunlight each day. Three days a week should be fine if you are not deficient. No sunscreen. The sun exposure converts cholesterol into vitamin D needed for your bones. I hope some of this will help you.

  Re: Breathing Tighter After Hydrogen Peroxide 3% Inhalation

Fri, 31 Jul 15 12:12:34 -0500
Posted by Hoopy (Berea, Kentucky) on 07/31/2015

Hello, did you get better and the tightness go away? I'm wanting to use it also but been researching first so was wondering how that turned out for you. Thanks.

  Re: Chicken Cartilage for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Fri, 31 Jul 15 12:12:15 -0500
Posted by Rose (Dallas, Texas Usa) on 07/30/2015


Can you please tell me what brand of Chicken Cartliage you ordered? I too was diagnosed with Rheumatoid and have had very bad reactions to the medicines. But am afraid of going back to the crippling state that I was in at the beginning. There are so many products out there that I just don't know which to choose from. I would greatly appreciate your input on this. Much thanks, Rose

  Re: Peppermint Oil Working for Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Fri, 31 Jul 15 12:11:53 -0500
Posted by Neal (San Jose) on 07/31/2015

[YEA]  I have been using Pepper Mint oil for 3 days I only have one bump, that I have had for a long time. Tried Liquid Nitrogen which didn't work. I have seen a noticeable difference and am so happy about it. My bump is on the bridge of my nose. I put a drop on a Q tip twice a day and the redness has gone away and the bump has decreased. I would think after another week or two, problem will be solved

B Vitamins and Iron Supplements Cured Burning Mouth Syndrome

Fri, 31 Jul 15 09:26:04 -0500
Posted by Linda (Sc) on 07/31/2015

[YEA]  I had burning mouth syndrome with a very painful tongue. When I started taking Super B complex, iron and B12 daily, it resolved in a few days. It was really awful:( and painful. I have not had it again since starting these supplements.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss

Fri, 31 Jul 15 09:22:18 -0500
Posted by Rajula (Uae) on 07/31/2015

[YEA]  I am a hypo thyroid patient and was finding it difficult to lose weight how much ever I worked out or I had a strict diet. And I came across this B----s ACV . And I wanted to give it a try and it is a magic bullet . And in just a week my fat started melting like butter. Lot of energy and feeling content all the time and the craving for eating started disappearing. I sip it through out the day - 1tsp whenever I drink water. But just maintained a diet said a big NO to all junk, sweeteners, fried oily, preservatives food. And had plenty of vegetables n fruits through out the day.

  Re: Baking Soda for Cysts

Fri, 31 Jul 15 09:19:02 -0500
Posted by Mandy (Australia) on 07/31/2015

Thank you very much for posting this amazing method! I have a small cyst on my head the size of a pea that seems to be growing. I'll try your method ASAP, rather than the black salve that I was going to try.

What Could be Causing Edema in My Legs?

Fri, 31 Jul 15 09:17:03 -0500
Posted by Bindy (The Woodlands, Tx) on 07/31/2015

I have severe edema in my calves only and lower thighs. It does not matter if I sit or stand. Started 3 yrs ago. It was in my ankles and took Aldactazide 50/50 Rx which completely removed swelling in ankles. I am 50 yrs old. Very active lifestyle. Too young for this!

The only time edema was under control was when I worked in an outdoor garden center and did not sit or stand behind a desk, but I still had it.

Lymph node blockage? Compression of vena cava? Something is making me swell and the 10 doctors I've been to, don't have an answer.

  Re: Beets and ALA for Edema

Fri, 31 Jul 15 09:08:12 -0500
Posted by Karen (Kansas City ) on 07/30/2015

Want to know how much of the acid and beets are needed. I have been using no meds and cayenne pepper for the past few days. My pressure is wonderful.


  Re: Apricot Seeds for Bulging Eyes

Fri, 31 Jul 15 09:06:18 -0500
Posted by Elizabeth (Lancaster, Sc) on 07/30/2015

Hi! Please tell me how exactly do you use the apricot seeds? For how long? And how long before you started seen results? Thank you!

  Re: Garlic for MRSA

Fri, 31 Jul 15 09:05:44 -0500
Posted by Aftermath431 (Missouri) on 07/30/2015

[YEA]  Update- after using garlic I crushed and applied with a bandage Several times a day. The MRSA sore went completely away after doing this for a few days or so. It did leave a burn mark but the MRSA went away. I can't say I'm a 100% sure that the garlic got rid of it but that's what seems to be the case.

D- Mannose Cured My Child's Bedwetting

Fri, 31 Jul 15 09:04:15 -0500
Posted by Pip (Hamilton, New Zealand) on 07/30/2015

[YEA]  After nearly a year of trying everything for my five/six year old the thing that finally worked was D-Mannose. Between the ages of 3-5 he had actually been pretty good, was dry most of the time, but then steadily got worse until he seemed to almost lack bladder control during the day as well. I read yet another thing on yet another forum trying to find answers and it actually made sense. The person said that boys in particular can have a build up of bad bacteria in the bladder which can lead to bedwetting. UTIs can also cause bedwetting (though he didn't appear to have one). The suggestion was to use D-Mannose which is commonly used for UTIs, having used it myself a few years back. The bad bacteria clings to it and gets washed out of your body.

After about the second day on it he has been dry ever since, and even started getting himself up to go at night (previously he seemed comatose all night, there was no waking him). I still give him a little bit (half a teaspoon) every two days since doing the initial course suggested on the bottle. I also give him cranberry juice occasionally for good measure, and recently started probiotics as well for a more permanent fix. I think it was necessary to think long term because there was a few days where I slackened off thinking he was 'all fixed', and he had a bit of a whoopsie one day first thing in the morning.

This has been life changing (the washing! ) and worked really fast. I had literally tried everything else. I hope this helps someone, it's a very hard situation for a family.

  Re: Detoxing From Mold Exposure

Thu, 30 Jul 15 21:05:45 -0500
Posted by Sandy (Northern Ca) on 07/30/2015

Faith - Please, I'm looking for an experienced specialist in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mold exposure from school!!! I have Kaiser, but, they are no help. This war is an outrage!

  Re: Oscar's BHT Hepatitis Treatment

Thu, 30 Jul 15 21:05:24 -0500
Posted by Shelby (Sf) on 07/30/2015

Dear Oscar,

Thank you very much for your prompt reply, and, yes, the BHT/ascorbyl palmitate mixture is apparently the product from Pearson and Shaw. I just looked at the bottle closely, and, sure enough, in extremely small red print, it says "Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw's" above the boldly printed name "BHT Plus". I was not familiar with their names or their book until you wrote me about it. (As I wrote before, I took that form because that was all my health food store carried.)

I just ordered BHT 250mg from Lifelinks over the phone. Thank you so very much for that recommendation. The man who took my order was very nice and said it should be here in two days. I will begin taking 250 mg with water only on an empty stomach once daily as soon as it arrives.

I do have one concern. The Lifelinks product contains 500 capsules which will last 500 days taking one a day. (My old product with 100 capsules and my taking 4 a day only lasted 25 days). With the new product, I am concerned as to how to store it for such a long time. I don't want the BHT to somehow lose potency by being exposed to air and or moisture--I live by the water and it is very damp in my apartment. Perhaps I should take out a month's worth at a time and keep the bulk of the capsules in a sealed glass jar (perhaps with a desiccant). In fact, my old product had a little package of desiccant in the bottle. I'm sorry to trouble you with such a tedious question, but I have never experienced storing a supplement for so long, and I would like to preserve it as best I can.

Again, thank you so much for your response. I now have new hope that the switch to the BHT-only treatment will have positive results. I was in a bike accident resulting in a shattered shoulder and thus a 3-hour operation (including a bone graft) on July 1st. It is the worst injury I have ever had and I am in a tremendous amount of pain. The only bright spot in this horrible ordeal is my communication with you. Being bed-ridden, my friend, who is good at chemistry, has been acting as caregiver and giving me my BHT every day. He questioned the efficacy of the "mixture" as soon as he read the ingredients on the bottle. (I had erroneously thought that the ascorbyl palmitate was simply adding a little extra Vitamin C to my regimen.) Once I was alerted to the possibility that the ascorbyl palmitate could be a problem, I immediately wanted to ask you, and, luckily, my friend is also a computer expert, so he was able to help me communicate with you. I have wanted to communicate with you since late 2013, so I feel very fortunate to finally be able to do. The horrendous accident, major surgery and painful recovery have been awful, but, ironically, it has resulted in new hope for me as far as the Hep C goes.

One last question, once I have started the 250 mg daily dose, how long should I wait to go and have my viral load tested?

Thank you,


  Re: Iron Cured Burning Mouth Syndrome

Thu, 30 Jul 15 21:05:08 -0500
Posted by Lori (Melbourne Beach, Florida) on 07/30/2015

Same exact thing happened to me!

  Re: Milk to Cure a Sty

Thu, 30 Jul 15 19:04:10 -0500
Posted by Brittney (South Carolina) on 07/30/2015

[YEA]  I totally agree. 2 days ago I got a stye on my upper right eye out of nowhere. I felt the pain a day before but there was nothing there this is the second stye I've ever had in my life. Someone at my job told me to use milk, she said that the bacteria kills the infection of the sty, I didn't think that it would work but I tried it and a day later the swelling was gone and the pain was gone and my eye is back to normal. I would recommend this to anyone that has a sty. I used one of my today medicine droppers that I cleaned out very well and I dropped warm milk into my eye a couple of drops at a time twice yesterday and I am all better today!! This is the best and safest way in my opinion.

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