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 Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Nausea From Eating

Sun, 23 Nov 14 09:00:05 -0500

Posted by Sam (Florida, US) on 11/23/2014

If you do indeed have h.pylori, read everything you can find about treating it with antibiotics before actually taking it. I have h.pylori and refused to take antibiotics.

ACV-only Bragg brand works for me, other brands I tried gave me a stomach pain.

 Re: Atrial Fibrillation and H. Pylori

Sun, 23 Nov 14 08:54:45 -0500

Posted by Hwkmn05 (NH, US) on 11/23/2014

Ok Bee and Pat, here's my suggestion, stop worrying about stopping a med and just keep adding good things into your system. First of all 7.5 or 12.5mg is most likely doing nothing positive or negative. I can tell you this, no amount kept me from going into AF, so that small amount won't either. I added some serious power walking when I was quitting it and had some rough nights, but eventually your body will tell you when its time.

Pat, Not sure if Acu worked as I did so many other supplements, only that was the last thing I had done before NSR. She was trying different sites, and one she hit, shot a pain to my heart. IT was like a zap, quick shot. After that my rate went down and within 45 min I was out.

BSM is the best with Mag/Haw. Had a few too many red wines other night and had that pausing feeling. 1 tbls with Mag and within minutes, steady and calm.

 Re: Details Needed on Ted's Remedies for Stroke Recovery

Sun, 23 Nov 14 08:53:18 -0500

Posted by Jason (Fort Worth, Tx) on 11/23/2014

Can you please post the dosage and duration of each of the 23 supplements for stroke recovery? Patient has a feeding tube in their stomach and is diabetic. Are all of these supplements ok to use via feeding tube?

How Can I Get a Toddler to Drink Apple Cider Vinegar for His Cough?

Sun, 23 Nov 14 08:46:21 -0500
Posted by Nathan (Troy, Michigan) on 11/23/2014

My 3-year-old son has dry cough and I learned from here that 2 tablespoons of ACV in warm water can treat cough. However, my son will not drink the stuff. How do I make him drink the ACV? Please advise.

Use Lime Juice for Bad Breath

Sun, 23 Nov 14 08:42:24 -0500

Posted by Myda (Denver, Co.) on 11/23/2014

[YEA]  I got lime juice and used a tongue scraper, WOW!! Usually when I brush my teeth and use mouth wash or use hydrogen peroxide, bad breath just comes back, even if I scrape my tongue. I am amazed by how well the lime juice is working!

I Want to Know How to Remove Skin Tags on Neck

Sun, 23 Nov 14 08:36:58 -0500
Posted by Shakti (Toronto, CA) on 11/23/2014

Hello there anything (WITHOUT getting lanced by a dermatologist) that I can do on my own at home to remove numerous skin tags on neck area?


 Re: Questions Regarding Bill's Candida Diet Updated Protocol

Sun, 23 Nov 14 08:32:06 -0500

Posted by Diamond (Ma., US) on 11/23/2014

Bill; I hope you don't mind me posting some thing different with your great helping messages to help people like my self. For years I had problems with constipation, I mentioned this to my doctor only to find the remedies were worse than nothing, so I continued to change Drs. with still no results. One Dr.actually gave me a very large bottle of what appeared to be 100% sugar; later on in my life, I found that sugar makes constipation worse instead of moving my bowels. I was vomiting for a few days, again I moved onto many other Drs. with little to no results. Finely I did many web searches, this may sound odd but It's a mixture of fresh cut garlic, ACV and fresh cut onion. S,oak these over night then take an enema, this solution does not burn or sting. I found I had a huge amount of mucus because of being in a mold infested house as a young child. Mold and sugar aggravate one another and makes matters worse. This is the best remedy I have ever found - well worth it's weight in gold and then some. Thank you for letting me cross post and share.

 Re: Trying Multiple Remedies for Digestive and Muscle Issues, Weight Gain

Sun, 23 Nov 14 08:29:12 -0500

Posted by Eliza (Charlotte, US) on 11/23/2014

Thank you for your post. I have suffered with digestive issues, weight gain and atrophied muscles my whole life. I am going off gluten and dairy and just started taking HCL Betaine. I have gone up to 5 pills per meal so far with no burning. I will keep going and am trying it in combination with wheatgrass, moringa, multivitamins, concentrated red berry powder, phood, glucosamine methylated b12 methylfolate etc. Etc. I really appreciate your sharing and will try to keep you posted.

 Re: Black Cohosh for Sjogren's Disease

Sun, 23 Nov 14 08:21:49 -0500

Posted by Diamond (Ma., US) on 11/22/2014

Andrea; I have used a natural remedy for over twenty years-called black cohosh, it has been a God send for all these years. As for dry eyes, it's just the greatest, it also supports the whole system. Black Cohosh can be bought in most any drug stores and some of the leading stores.I thought I would add an extra alternative for many others to use. Good Luck...

 Neck and Shoulder Stiffness After Starting Turpentine Cure for Candida

Sun, 23 Nov 14 03:47:05 -0500

Posted by Timh (KY) on 11/23/2014

Bentonite Clay taken orally prior to meals will absorb the nasties.

 Re: Turpentine, Lugols, Borax Water Time Distance Apart

Sun, 23 Nov 14 01:51:47 -0500

Posted by Bill (San Fernandob) on 11/23/2014

Hi Cj....Concerning the full laxative version of the turps remedy, this should be 1 tspn turps mixed with between 3 and 4 tablespoons of castor oil for a full laxative effect. Take and ingest ALL of this mixture. The dosage given for the castor oil is the dosage needed to give you a full laxative effect. The amount I've given is just a ballpark amount that works for me -- what you are after is the full laxative effect of the castor oil when mixed with the the turps. Take this once a week only.

The lower dose castor oil version -- 1 tspn turps with 1 tablespoon castor oil -- should not have a laxative or diarrhea effect but should only help to loosen the stool. if this dose gives you a full laxative effect then just reduce the castor oil dose by half. This can be taken 3 times a week or it can be taken for 5 consecutive days with 2 or 3 days off as a break.

 Re: Questions Regarding Bill's Candida Diet Updated Protocol

Sat, 22 Nov 14 23:20:52 -0500

Posted by Bill (San Fernando) on 11/22/2014

Hi Buzymom...To help answer some of your questions:

Is it ok to put the castor oil and the turps both in milk?

It's ok to take turps/co with milk -- I recommend it in my book.

I have not yet tried it with the 3 T if castor oil but want to try that this coming week if I can get brave enough?

The 3 tablespoon castor oil is the full laxative dose and is just a ball-park dose -- some people might need less for full laxative effect, some people might need more. It won't hurt you and will clear out much of the candida, poisons and biofilm from your intestines. Only take the full laxative dose once week.

Also, if I forget to take it before lunch, can it be after? Or if I take it in the evening will it effect sleep?

Best time to take it(the lower turps/co maintenance dose) is before meals either in the morning or evening. But you can really take this any time you like that is convenient to you.

I do notice some grey slime that is mixed in or encasing my stools. I hope that is either biofilms or else the grey stuff lining my intestines that you have mentioned. Do you know?

It may well be biofilms or it could be the removal of hard mucus that has solidified and impacted onto your intestinal walls over the years. Either way, this outcome is beneficial.

I have been so tired since starting the iodine, is that normal?

Iodine usually always gives both a Herx and detox reaction when you first take it. In time these effects should clear as both these die-off and detox effects reduce as they are cleared by the liver.

Also, if you take the liver protocol as recommended in the book(take milk thistle, selenium and Alpha Lipoic Acid) this should also help the liver to remove poisons from the die-off and detox more quickly.

 Brand and Dosage of Aloe Vera for Acid Reflux

Sat, 22 Nov 14 23:15:19 -0500

Posted by Anti-Meds (Los Angeles, California) on 11/22/2014

HELP! I've been taking meds, currently 20mg omeprazole, 1-2 per day for a few years(1st took pepsid). I need to STOP! I'm very concerned about the side effects and have been reading about aloe vera cure. A pure aloe extract sells online --very costly! I have been using Lilly of the Desert aloe vera gel, inner fillet for my skin for years, never really drank it. Is this a good brand to drink and how much should I have daily and can it be mixed in juice, etc since it is not very tasty!

Thanks, "anti meds"

 Re: Baking Soda Douche for Vulvodynia

Sat, 22 Nov 14 23:09:27 -0500

Posted by Lauraelise (Fairfield, California) on 11/22/2014


I hope you get this notification. I also have IC I am 32 and have been dealing with it since almost 13. It is a horrible disease. I am having horrible burning for a couple weeks now which brought me to this page. Researching help. I am so tried of the pain. The bladder pain is bad at times but it is my vulva urethral burning that is so horrible. Gives me chills and makes me want to crawl into a hole. I will be giving the backing soda douche a try. Let me know how it goes for you.


ACV and Baking Soda for Fibroid and Weight Loss

Sat, 22 Nov 14 21:55:19 -0500

Posted by Jane (Saint Lucia) on 11/22/2014

[YEA]  I came across Apple Cider Vinegar baking sida for fibroids on this site. I decided to try it after the molasses seemed to be ineffective. My lower abdomen was growing like a pregnant belly. I couldn't sleep on my belly, there was a hard lump on the right side where my three small fibroids are. Within a month of taking it 2 tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar and 2.5 ml aluminum-free baking soda with a cup of water first thing in the morning and last thing at night, that lump was gone and I realized some weight loss. I haven't gone to do the ultra sound to see the size of the fibroids but my belly looks flatter, I've lost some good weight, my clothes fit better, and I have more energy. I cut out gluten, and animal products from my diet about one year now and there had been no weight loss, but the acv/bs has shrunk me, lol. I was about 160 pounds before starting d regime and had to be getting new clothes for work but in this my second month I can fit into clothes that I couldn't even get on me 2 months ago.

Different things work for different folk but this one surely works for me. I've had some very wonderful "side effects" for example increased vaginal lubrication. I hope that this helps someone as others have helped me too.

Having Severe Pain in Left Leg and Hip

Sat, 22 Nov 14 21:45:34 -0500
Posted by Yekara (Brookline, Ma) on 11/22/2014


I am having very severe pain in my left leg, esp around the outside of my hip. The pain is very bad and I am having a hard time walking, when I do it hurts a great deal. My leg started bothering me a little several days ago around the hip and got worse yesterday and it is very bad today.

I have had neuropathy in my legs esp the left one for a few years, not from diabetes. I am not sure of the cause. I have lyme disease. My legs look too white and often the legs swells somewhat. i have had foot pain on and off and numbness and some leg pain but this pain is really terrible.

I also have bad pain in my neck and shoulders; it is granular neath the skin and hurts a lot and my neck jerks and it feels crusty and stringy on the inside, normal on the outside. I am extremely tired and sleep very poorly and also have pain around hips, granualated like the neck.

I have lots of digestive trouble and feel extremely angry depressed and sad, often I weep hysterically and am very sensitive to any thing around me.

I take trazodone 100 mg for sleep and gabapentin for mood swings.

For the leg pain I am taking tylenol, using icy hot and heat and massaging

Any ideas would be apprecitaed. Thanks, yekara

 Re: Unlikely to Turn Blue from Colloidal Silver

Sat, 22 Nov 14 21:41:39 -0500

Posted by Michael (Ohio, US) on 11/22/2014

There are only 10 known cases of people actually turning blue. The one man who was called the blue man, actually used salt to make his CS. The bigger the particles the more prone to be trapped in your body. He stated he took 20 times the dosage for 35 years! So the lesson here is, use 20 PPM and dosage is easy to calculate:

Your body weight x 12 divided my PPM = number of drops. Example, if you're 125 pounds, and you're using a 10 ppm colloidal silver solution, you'd multiply 12 times 125 = 1,500. Then divide 1,500 by 10 (ppm), which is 150.

So at a body weight of 125 pounds, you can safely take 150 drops of colloidal silver per day, for your entire life, according to the Silver Safety Council. That's a little bit over a teaspoonful a day.

Neck and Shoulder Stiffness After Starting Turpentine Cure for Candida

Sat, 22 Nov 14 21:24:51 -0500

Posted by Jay (Canada) on 11/22/2014

It has been a week since I started the turpentine cure to get rid of candida. My shoulders and neck are stiff and sore now.

I've read this is because of my liver working overtime trying to get rid of all the nasties. I don't want to stop the turp treatment.

Should I do a liver detox? Or is there a supplement I can take to help with the shoulder/neck pain or the liver?

Any suggestions would be nice. Thanks in advance

 Re: Atrial Fibrillation and H. Pylori

Sat, 22 Nov 14 21:22:00 -0500

Posted by Bee (New York) on 11/22/2014

Hi Pat;

well I have read so many testimonies how this drug is shall I say insane to get off of for some people with high sensitivity to it.. I think I am in that bracket.. But it does go by how long you were on it and the miligrams you took.. Since it's a beta blocker, it suppresses the receptors in the heart and when the pill is taken away bit by bit those receptors or adrenaline are activated again. I hope I got that right...Plus one has to get the drug out of the system ..there is def. a mental thing to it also.. If I were you, instead of cutting the pill extend the time you take it by 15 minutes a few times a week.. When you do the 15 minutes then extend it more time.. This way the drug comes out of the system slowly.. I hope this makes sense... So it's process of elimination and not cutting the pill. So now I am up to taking my 12mgs. pill at 5 pm already and then another 12mgs. at 12 midnight.. Hopefully I will eliminate the midnight pill.. does this make sense.??

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