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  Re: Hydrogen Peroxide for Stained Teeth

Sat, 28 Nov 15 22:19:21 -0500
Posted by Konrad (Calgary, Ab) on 11/28/2015

[YEA]  Janie D, can you tell us what dosage of HP you use? How much do you dilute it? You do use food grade HP, correct?

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for HBP

Sat, 28 Nov 15 22:12:35 -0500
Posted by Sandra (Kentucky) on 11/28/2015

I have had very high blood pressure for many months now. I am fixing to start trying this. My blood pressure ( bottom) number is never below 90/ today it is 165/105.. I feel bad all the time, I am currently on 3 medications for BP alone and I'm tired of it. I hope this helps me and I hope your blood pressure continues to decrease. This is a serious matter. I also silently stress and that is a big NO NO. I stress over things that don't even matter.

ORH Winter Greens

Sat, 28 Nov 15 22:11:57 -0500
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 11/28/2015

HI U OLE PATOOTS, , , , , , , , , as promised here is a picture of our winter greens. Front to rear: Collard Greens, Kale and Turnips. Maybe now I can post our garden efforts for you to see. We eat these about once a week with pinto beans, green onions and corn bread. Against the law.

Soon the cold will get the turnip greens and next the collards. Kale will last through most of our winter as well as the turnip roots.


Sodium Thiosulfate and Arthritis - Questions for Bill Thompson

Sat, 28 Nov 15 22:11:13 -0500
Posted by Baldev (Maharashtra, India) on 11/28/2015

Hi Bill,

Hope every thing is normal with you now after that bad experience of rain you had.

I read the article under the following link which talks about the Sodium thiosulphate Link:

There is a lady of 93 yrs of age mother of my friend living in other city, suffering from, seems arthritis due to which she used to have severe pain and could not bend the hand fingers. I helped by giving the mix of Mag.Oil and DMSO. It has helped her a lot and she is very happy. But now she has informed me that there is no pain but she is not able to hold the spoon to eat her meals (though at the beginning she said she can hold the spoon). What I feel is that she wants some more relief.

I feel that there is quite a bit of calcification in the joints of the fingers and that is why it is difficult for her to hold the spoon with the fingers.

In the above article, the author states that Sodium thiosulphate can eliminate the calcification, therefore my request to you is to give me your opinion as to how can I use Sodium thiosulphate to help her. Shall I mix this with the liquid I am already sending her if yes how much should I mix. My solution is 50% Mag.Oil( it is good concentration) + 50%, 80% DMSO , this has been working very well with many people. Other options are I can make separate solution of Sodium thiosulphate and DMSO which she can apply at different times and in that how much Sodium Thiosulphate. Why I am asking this is because I had read some where that you take two drops of 10% of sodium thiosulphate.

Kindly give your advice. Thanks, Baldev

 Re: Is There a Connection Between Mites and Grover's Disease?

Sat, 28 Nov 15 22:07:36 -0500
Posted by Art (California ) on 11/28/2015

It appears there might be according to this abstract!


Dermatology. 2001;202(3):252-4.

Grover's disease associated with Sarcoptes scabiei.

Kaddu S1, Müllegger RR, Kerl H.

Author information


An 83-year-old man presented with a 4-month history of discrete, itchy papules mainly distributed on the trunk and upper extremities. Histopathologic examination of two biopsies from lesions on the trunk revealed mainly focal suprabasal acantholysis and an inflammatory infiltrate composed mainly of lymphocytes with a few eosinophils. The overall clinical and histopathologic features were consistent with Grover's disease. However, scrapings taken from the skin lesions showed numerous mites of Sarcoptes scabiei. Subsequent treatment with an antiscabies cream led to a rapid complete cure, and no skin lesions have been observed during a 6-month follow-up. A review of the literature revealed 2 other cases of cutaneous lesions fulfilling the clinical and histopathologic features of Grover's disease in which mites of S. scabiei were demonstrated. Our observation further highlights the unusual association of Grover's disease with S. scabiei mites and emphasises the importance of excluding this easily treatable skin infestation in all patients with Grover's disease.

Copyright 2001 S. Karger AG, Basel



[PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

 Re: What Can Cure Ulcer on Toe Caused by Poor Circulation?

Sat, 28 Nov 15 22:07:21 -0500
Posted by Ji (Ontario, Canada) on 11/28/2015

To Sylvia (Uk) re ulcer on toe.

You have to realize that when your body has lots of toxins, it will push them out by any means possible. This means that wherever there is a weak spot or broken skin, it will use this opening as the easiest exit channel for waste material your blood is trying to get rid of. This is also why a wound scabs over. The best way to clear up your ulcer is to first work on detoxing your body, and then you can treat the wound. You said it yourself that you have poor circulation; ie. blood loaded with waste products that it can't get rid of as fast as necessary.

Tooth Abscess Remedies

Sat, 28 Nov 15 22:06:36 -0500
Posted by Don (Aptos, Ca) on 11/27/2015

[YEA]  I came across in my search for a natural remedy for a tooth problem. The situation: I had gotten a gold crown installed on my right rear molar and within a few months it fell out. I went back and had it reinstalled. I thought the area should have been a little more cleansed out before putting it back on and I didn't think much about it until the tooth started to ache. It had been getting worse over a few month period and when I went in for my teeth cleaning I had x-rays to see what was going on. The x-rays revealed an abscess that was directly under the tooth, under the crown. They said it would need surgery to fix. I asked what they would do. They said they would drill through the crown into the abscess, etc. etc. Ok, I figured it was due to the lack of proper sanitization as to why it was abscess in the first place, so now they want to drill through the crown and do who knows what. I don't think so! I was determined to find a holistic natural remedy which search landed me on the earth clinic website. I spent time reading about all the different natural remedies and things different folks had success with. I was determined to get this healed on my own naturally without getting jacked up by the dentist again, so I decided to take a multi pronged approach and combine many of the methods I had read about; a full frontal assault on the infection! In the end, my tooth abscess healed itself. My next cleaning, and x-ray was taken and much to their surprise the abscess was gone and my suspicion that it was completely healed was confirmed!

What I did:

- I sliced a raw clove of garlic thin and put it right along side the tooth where the puss pocket was showing up and left it on all night. I did this every night for about a week. I let the one sliced side of the garlic against the infected area and the outer thin layers facing out against my cheek so it would not burn the inside of my cheek. It stings pretty good, but you just have to do it. It settles down after a short time of 10-15 min.

- Swallow 3 table spoons 3x per day of Braggs apple cider vinegar by mouth internally as well as using the ACV as a mouth rinse up to 6 x per day.

-Also during this time, I was using The Braggs "Miracle of Fasting" book and fasting one day per week. This helps to cleanse the body and direct the bodies energies towards the healing task at hand instead of digestion, etc.

- After the first week of using Garlic at night, I mixed olive oil with bentonite clay to make a piece of clay, wrapped a thin slice of garlic in the clay and put that on the tooth area all night. Usually I would wake at about 3 needing to spit it all out, then would do a quick rinse with ACV, then go back to bed.

- I also would make clay out of activated charcoal, mixing with olive oil, and alternate this with the bentonite clay. This is bit more messy, but helps to pull the infection out.

- I stated taking the Alpha Lipoic acid 600 MG 3x per day, then for a straight day I did one capsule every hour on the hour to overwhelm the infection with fighters.

- Along with all of the above, I was doing the "oil pulling" 3 x per day for 15- 20 minutes each time. I alternated between raw organic coconut oil and sesame oil.

-I also rinsed as often as seemed appropriate with activated mms. This is a powerful anti-bacterial, viral and fungal killer. Do research on this before trying it. Search "Jim Humble" to find out more on this awesome solution.

- As I felt I was making progress against the infection, I stepped up and started taking a tablespoon of organic cayenne pepper and a tablespoon of organic turmeric into about 12 oz of pure water, mixed well and swallowed. Creates a little sweat on the brow, but I think it to be a potent tonic.

-Along with all the good stuff, I refused to put anything into my body that could be counter productive. Sugar, flour, including ice-cream, breads, pastas etc. I just stuck with a Mediterranean type diet.

- I noticed that as soon as I started making headway, I would get a little lazy and the infection would start to get worse again, so once you feel you are making headway, put the petal to the metal and be even more aggressive so that the infection cannot regroup. Stay on the offensive. Don't let up.

It would have cost me probably $1500 or more (with insurance coverage) to go to the dentist for this, but all in all over the 6 month period I spent about $150 or less on everything and the infection is completely gone. Now is the time to make some lifestyle changes and stay in the habit of some of this stuff for good preventative maintenance!

I learned a lot through the process and could not be more thrilled at the outcome. Yes it takes effort, dedication and consistency, but between the God-given gifts in natures cupboard and the unrelenting and amazing healing systems in our own miracle machine bodies, it can be done the natural way. The body has an innate program to heal itself. It just needs the right tools and environment to do the work.

When you cut your hand, it bleeds, then the blood coagulates and pretty soon a scab is formed. Soon the scab falls off's a miracle! ... the wound is completely healed! It is true on the inside of our bodies as well. Our bodies want to heal and if we cooperate with its own systems and desire and bent, some may call the outcome a miracle, but it is normal, our amazing, miraculous, living, healing, organic and complex healing body machines!

Thanks for the posts of prior people, I was able to customize a regimen that worked for me. Listen to your body. Each cell has intelligence and it is always speaking. We just need to listen and cooperate.

Farewell and be well!


  Re: Sauerkraut for Parasites

Sat, 28 Nov 15 17:31:16 -0500
Posted by Timh Donate
(Ky) on 11/28/2015

OK Marcin you are moving forward, and as I have already "been down this trail" in ORH terms, let me add more info.

In my severe para condition of which I am finally getting the upper hand, in the natural category what I have found most effective is a three small sugar cubes saturated w/ Turpentine plus a few drops of liquid Neem fallowed 30 minutes w/ Zapping and another 30 minutes w/ a host of antipara herbs like Black Walnut, Clove, Wormwood, Garlic, Oregano with a half spoon of Milled Flax to gently purge the colon clean and again fallowed by Zapping. This done 1x or 2x daily for a few weeks should make for a complete kill. Side note on the Turpentine. Adding Castor Oil to T keeps the mix in the gut where it will be most effective for the intestinal paras, but it prevents the T from dispersing throughout the body to get those in hiding. So, it would prove most effective to rotate the T/CLO one day and T next day.

If you have indoor/outdoor pets that are not regularly de-wormed you will get reinfected after all the hard work of removing them from yourself, so it is very important to de-worm your pets regularly (and all members of the houshold for that matter). I sometimes use small amounts of naturals for my pets, but I periodically use pharmaceuticals like either Pyrantel Pamoate or Piperazine for instant kill on adult Ascaris, and occasionally Ivermectine for the juveniles (if needed). A combination of Albendizole/Fenbendizole is standard effective against tapeworm class paras. These drugs can be purchased otc at pet sections in retail stores or better or lower priced on online retailers, or if you can budget it, leave that responsibility to your local veterinarian.

  Re: Ginger Root to Quit Smoking

Sat, 28 Nov 15 14:17:00 -0500
Posted by Scott (Pen Argyl) on 11/28/2015

Hello All,

Sorry it's taken me so long to respond you you but I don't usually re-read my posts. I'd get it in the supermarket or farmer's market fresh and cut off a slice 2-3 times a day and eat it raw. I usually have to wash it down with a bit of water. I believe raw is better than the dried form in capsules. Just my opinion.

This really is a miracle food. I keep finding more things it does for you. It's an anti bacterial, viral and fungal, anti-inflammatory ( I rarely feel any joint pain any more), diarrhea, helps with most cancers, diabetes, reduces blood pressure, gallbladder stones and more. I still take it every day at least once a day but shoot for twice, just not too late as it will keep you up.

The other day I was coming down with a cold. I took the ginger along with zinc and calcium in a 2:1 ration with magnesium and vitamin d. The zinc interferes with the cold virus binding to cells. As for the calcium, allegedly most viruses and bacteria need a more acid environment in which to survive. The calcium makes your body more alkaline. I only took two doses of this and forgot after that. Last night I'd realized I'd forgotten but it didn't matter because after the 1st dose I didn't feel the cold any more anyway. My boss had a terrible cold by the time I'd found out about it. I told him about this and 2 days later his cold was completely gone. Then I get my cold a few days later. I can't blame it on him because I work from home and the only was I communicate with him is via the internet and phone, lol. I've never even seen the guy.

Anyway, as far as I'm concerned, ginger is a miracle food everyone should take every day.

Is There a Connection Between Mites and Grover's Disease?

Sat, 28 Nov 15 09:10:54 -0500
Posted by Judy (Bethel, Vt) on 11/27/2015

For three months I have experienced crawling, itching, and biting sensations daily (but mostly at night) over my body. This began the day after a somewhat unclean woman who messes around with pet wild turkeys, birds' nests, and chickens was here for several hours in my living-room. I do believe if I had not let her in, I would be well instead of tortured today.

I have had about 12 doctor visits seeing several different doctors for this problem. My conclusion is that I have contracted some kind of mites from her. The fierce biting sensations began for me when sitting on my couch exactly where she had sat the day before. Now a recent biopsy after 4 total biopsies "suggests" I may have Grover's disease. Of course that has no known cause, and logically then no known cure. I had had under my skin what appears to be burrowing mites though. Has anyone ever connected mites with Grover's disease or even considered that to be a possible cause?

  Re: Sinus Congestion Treatment

Sat, 28 Nov 15 09:06:43 -0500
Posted by Brayden (Los Angeles) on 11/27/2015

Great idea on the mixture, but you screwed it up by putting it in the microwave. boil the water and then mix it.

  Re: Oscar's BHT Treatment

Sat, 28 Nov 15 09:06:08 -0500
Posted by Davey D (Bc) on 11/28/2015

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Two draggunns, I find that your story is not credible as I have found out by Oscar and other doctors that any one who has Hep-C will always test positive for antibodies. They can show as negative antibodies meaning that there has been a cure or positive which means there is a presence of the disease.

I find that this statement made is not true and should be withdrawn from EC as it seems that twodraggunns was only trying to give oscar support in his endevour as he has been under a lot of attacks.

I am taking BHT and have no cure but it has given me back my life which the interfuron took from me and the damage it caused. I am now taking 2 caps of 350mg per day with and without food. It makes me feel good and younger as well.

Thank you oscar for all your hard work.

Davey D

  Re: Alpha Lipoic Acid for Neuropathy

Sat, 28 Nov 15 09:04:45 -0500
Posted by Davey D (Bc) on 11/28/2015

[YEA]  Hi every one at EC.

It's been a good 2 years since I started taking R factor ALA and said it didn't seem to be working that well. Was I ever wrong, It is a fact that the R-ALA does not work that good for me and that the people at the health food store told me that the R- ALA has a left spin on it, HUH.

Since then I found the R+ALA and life would be hell without it. I have been taking 200mg of the R+ALA by Prairie Naturals for about 2 years now and the difference is outstanding. The ingerdients are, Microcrystaline cellulose, Silicone dioxide, magnesium sterate in a vegetable capsule.

As I sit here typing I can feel the effects of my third dose for the evening giving me relief from a very bad attack. The Peripheral Neuropathy when acting up makes my right side mostly feel a lot of pressure in my leg and my feet feel tingly and have pressure on top where my foot feels like it has a tight shackle on it. My knee also feels a hot pressure above the knee cap on both knees but moree on the right side. Many nights I have sat up with a cold towel on my knees for relief from this condition. My doc knows about this and tells me to take it as needed.

I do find that my urine smells like amonia if I take to much.

I have type 2 diabetes and find it to be the problem for this Peripheral Neuropathy, also diagnosed about 2 years ago. I find that Cinnamon helps to control it and I don't take meds for it and avoid sugar at all costs.

Now on my bad days which I find some foods make it worse like today. So I start with 2 v caps of 200mg each right after supper. Then about 8pm I have another 2 caps. The pain starts to ease but then returns. 9pm I take another 2 caps, and then at 9:30pm another 2 caps. So that's a total of 1600mg in about 3.5 hours not to mention my regular 2 caps after lunch. That is on a bad day and for prevention I take it noon and supper at 2 caps per meal.

So in closing I am relieved that R+ALA seems to work well for me.

Is Sea Salt Contaminated With Mercury?

Sat, 28 Nov 15 09:03:59 -0500
Posted by Waltz (India) on 11/28/2015

I have repeatedly heard that fish from sea these days are contaminated with mercury due to pollution. Is the same true for natural sea salt as well? My worry is that since it is unprocessed, it might have higher levels of mercury like the fishes.


  Re: Sauerkraut for Parasites

Sat, 28 Nov 15 09:02:22 -0500
Posted by Marcin (Ontario) on 11/27/2015

Thanks. However I am done now with my approach of curing myself using foods only. I am actually taking turpentine with castor oil right now as recommended by Bill, gradually increasing the dose - I started with 1 drop and worked up to 5 drops as of today.

I have nothing against allopathic drugs for parasites and I would gladly use them, but the problem is that even if such drugs exist, no doctor I met acknowledged that parasites are the issue because stool tests did not show anything.

However, I have high hopes for the turpentine protocol.

  Re: Beets, Carrots, Red Wine, Molasses Fibroid Recipe

Sat, 28 Nov 15 08:58:17 -0500
Posted by Jessica (Kyle Texas ) on 11/27/2015

Can you specify the quantity of each ingredient and is it OK to leave mixture sitting in refrigerator for the whole process of the treatment? Thank you!

  Sun Gazing

Sat, 28 Nov 15 08:56:34 -0500
Posted by Brighid (Valencia) on 11/27/2015

Hi Lucie,

Your message caught my attention, I hope you don't mind if I say what occured to me. I´m still doing research and haven´t started sungazing yet but I somehow feel that with your question about walking or staying still while sungazing, that you are the person who knows the answer. I think, and of course I might be wrong, that whatever feels most natural to you, whatever you feel like doing while sungazing, be it singing, tai chi, walking, dancing, sitting in the lotus position...will probably be the right way for you to sungaze.

Perhaps its like listening to music. it also energises us and some of us like to listen while lying down best, and others simply have to move their bodies while listening and dance. others never dance but they still recieve the benefit of the music.

You mentioned some rather complicated ways of getting sun and staying warm. if its cold, I wouldnt go barefoot for the sake of it. why not just in the summer, or whenever you can and feel like it?

I go barefoot all the time, and always have done. id never thought about it so intrinsically before but it is true, it is good. it is simply very very good. people always tell me "put on some shoes! " "you´ll catch a cold! " but I love it and it dosent bother me in the slightest if people give me funny looks for being barefoot.

Lots of love, Brige

  Re: Betaine HCL for GERD

Sat, 28 Nov 15 08:55:42 -0500
Posted by Dia (Usa) on 11/27/2015

Jez - I am not a doctor....but the thought keeps coming to me that IF I were having your issues I might go to the LIVER as part of the problem. No scientific truths attached to this feeling except that when I try to solve problems and 1 thing doesn't work, then go to the next level and 'troubleshoot' there. I can't imagine that the Hulda Clark or Andreas Moritz Gallbladder/Liver Cleanse protocol will hurt you (yes, folks without Gallbladders can use this protocol to release gallstones nestled in the liver). I had a great variety of distress for many years and finally got so lacking in energy that I thought I was dying. A liver cleanse came to mind, but I put it off for several months because of the regurgitation issues I had that caused me to fear doing a cleanse, I finally did it....figured all I would do was throw up if it wasn't working well. Anyway, many people online speak ill of these cleanses......all that I can say is good things. I cannot tell you how much stuff came out of my overburdened liver. I did 9 cleanses until finally nothing came out at all. I had all sorts of things over the weeks come out, as if my liver was cleansing in stages fifth cleanse seemed to produce some 'parasite/fluke-like' things......I seriously wondered if these weren't the result of my 1998 trip to China. Since China I've done parasite cleanses, but not the liver cleanse!! I offer this in sincere hopefulness that it is the KEY to your issues and that all plumbing will zing along well and major issues settle right down IF you do the cleanses. Even tho' I copied Hulda Clark's recipe from the internet, I also read Andreas Moritiz' book about the GB/Liver cleanse. I agree with you that you will find a good end result to your problems....after all, God has provided an answer for you. I agree you will find it and I hope a Liver cleanse is it....even if it is not the final answer, it won't hurt you if you do it according to directions. Then God can take you to next level!!

PS - Jez, please look into Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) for your CFS. It is also something I would try if I had that condition. Very low side effects, and it can be purchased without a script (but some docs will prescribe). Certainly worth a try, especially since your beleaguered body could use an immune boost!

Need Remedies to Detox From Silica Gel Beads

Sat, 28 Nov 15 08:50:45 -0500
Posted by Teri (Phila) on 11/27/2015

A family member accidentally ingested these over a period of two weeks. What is the best way to detox from this?

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