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  Re: Multiple Remedies for Perioral Dermatitis
Thu, 24 Jul 14 06:27:47 -0500

07/24/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc: "Hello Heavyhorse,

Congratulations on recent baby!

Concerning your condition, I saw in your post where at the end of your very informative post, you mentioned the possible connection to candida infection and that after the other two births you experienced the same outbreak. Well, if it is an underlying candida problem I'd recommend oral consumption of colloidal silver because the infection is likely system wide. Two tablespoons twice daily for a few months might do the trick.

But more likely the dose would have to continue for six months. Also I apply CS topically at any skin outbreak, first assuming the outbreak is likely virus/fungus or bacteria.

This is what I'd do if experiencing the skin condition you discuss.

Finally, Bill Thompson has written extensively on Candida infection on this site...Earth Clinic...look under "Ailments" and "Candida"...and he has a book "Killing so Sweetly" you will want to consider.

Best to you and the babies...


Re: Breast Explant Complication
Thu, 24 Jul 14 06:17:57 -0500

07/24/2014: Howsons from cork: "I had breast implants removed without new implants two weeks ago. My right breast is perfect, soft and in good shape. However, my left breast is as big as it was with implant. It is rock hard and looks like an immovable ant-hill. There is a little tenderness to the touch but I know there is no infection. What can I do to breakdown the hardness? I feel there must be some natural remedy to cure this. Please help. I want small breasts again."

  Re: Update Requested on Test
Thu, 24 Jul 14 06:16:17 -0500

07/24/2014: Amrita from India: "Hello Rock from Singapore,

I think by now you would have definitely done your test. So your test result was negative or not?"

  Re: Coleus Forskohlii for Tachycardia
Thu, 24 Jul 14 06:15:00 -0500

07/24/2014: Laura from Seattle, WA: "And if you hadn't taken the Coleus Forskohlii capsule what would BP have been an hour later?"

  Re: Cayenne
Thu, 24 Jul 14 06:13:22 -0500

07/24/2014: Somegirlontheinternet from Sacramento, CA: "It has been proven. Dr. Christopher used cayenne for not only stopping heart attacks but stopping hemorrhaging (including those from gunshot wounds). There is science to it. You should check it out."

  Re: OTC Natural Lithium for Depression
Thu, 24 Jul 14 06:12:36 -0500

07/24/2014: Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc: "Hello Lilac,

Depression issues ...

You're a wealth of information. I've experienced a recent family death and have taken it worse than the loss of mother and father five years ago (one lost five years ago and the other 6 and a half).

I found "colloidal gold" seemed to even me out a lot. It is a calmer and kept the feelings of "desolation" from being too extreme. And I more easily emerged from those moments of "melt down" faster. I also found simple reading from Scripture is helpful...from the Book of John in the NT and the Psalms.

I wonder if you have read about Colloidal Gold's effect. Also have you tried valerian?

Based on your post I'll try to get off computer at night...ha...I'll try anyway...


  Re: Chemical Sensitivity
Thu, 24 Jul 14 02:31:53 -0500

07/24/2014: Timh from KY: "Bess: It has long been suspect that no matter how much great advice, love, encouragement etc. that people have showered on Robyn here on E.C. she remains seeming chained to an undying pessimism. It seems like a hopeless case.

It's a sad state in much of the world. There are un-rehabilitate rescued pets, adopted children far to damaged to ever repair. Often, the caregiver takes a loss. My few yrs as a Nurse Assistant had several cases of being hit, bit, slapped, clawed, etc and there is nothing to be done as the patient has all the rights and the workers have no defense. The world is literally full of people that have pain as their closest friend. Alcoholism and substance abuse is overcrowded w/ this category.

Back in the mid 20th century there was a psychologist that explored the basis of such insistence on pleasure/sex & pain & death; his findings (can't think of his name right now) expanded some of Freud's theories of Id-Ego w/ the fundamental pleasure/pain principle. Very simple, we are all conceived in pleasure and born in pain. Most world religions aim at transcending or mortifying these basic carnal imprints, compulsions, and behaviors.

Well, what a rant. At least there is some knowledge on this subject that can lead to the possibility of cure, otherwise it's a lost condition."

  Re: Drinking H2O2 - Day 12 and Struggling!
Thu, 24 Jul 14 02:00:59 -0500

07/24/2014: Timh from KY: "Mymindisnotme: To keep the blood clean, one needs to take kidney urinary cleanse periodically, as well as colon cleans, gallbladder cleans, and a parasite cleanse --each of these is suggested once yearly to prevent disease. Optimizing antioxidant nutrition is also very important in staying healthy. All this keeps the immune system in top shape.

Turmeric, Quercetin, Pinnapple, and Cold Water Fish like Salmon, Mackeral, and Sardines (Oil) are all very good anti-inflammatory. Bee Pollen starting in very small amounts then working up to 1 or 2 spoons daily is a very beneficial "superfood".

Glad to help, and hope to hear good news from you soon."

Whew! We're Finally Back Online
Wed, 23 Jul 14 22:07:12 -0500

07/23/2014: Earth Clinic from Atlanta, Ga: "Hi everyone!

We experienced an issue with our server earlier this afternoon and Earth Clinic suddenly went offline, much to our dismay. 7 hours later, we're happily back online and the site is running smoothly again. Very sorry for the inconvenience!"

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar and Psoriasis
Wed, 23 Jul 14 21:57:40 -0500

07/23/2014: Robin from Lakewood, Wa: "I have also had it for decades and have done well only by one thing and that is swimming in the ocean for several hours several days(I am from New England and NH is the cleanest ocean water in the country) the combo of the saltwater and the sun heals my skin within a week."

  Re: Oil of Oregano for MRSA
Wed, 23 Jul 14 21:57:06 -0500

07/23/2014: Kelly from Washington, Dc: "Hi. I have similar problems with Staph and have been taking oil of oregano for years instead of using antibiotics. I wanted to add that turmeric also helps with the inflammation but you also need to take black pepper with it. The turmeric is much more potent when you add the pepper."

  Re: Alcohol Swabs for Nausea
Wed, 23 Jul 14 11:59:59 -0500

[WARNING!]  07/23/2014: Misty from Indiana: "This is a very dangerous habit. When one inhales alcohol, the fumes enter the lungs, which causes some of the alcohol to get absorbed into the bloodstream. Side effects include headaches, trouble breathing, gastric issues, and even death. Look up isopropyl alcohol huffing, and read about the host of side effects people suffer from doing this."

  Re: Drinking H2O2 - Day 12 and Struggling!
Wed, 23 Jul 14 11:42:11 -0500

07/23/2014: Mymindisnotme from Spain: "Thank you Timh, I appreciate your reply. I couldn't get to the internet, I was working away. Since I wrote the above post, I stopped taking the H2O2, and plan instead to inhale it. Up to now, I still have flashbacks of the H2O2 taste and my stomach turns. The sneezing stopped, the congestion is barely there, however, since yesterday, I have an itching in my body (including my private parts like if I'm coming down with cistitis), tolerable but I'm aware of it. Also some spots on my chest and face, a couple on my back and arms. I don't have problem with my digestion or my stomach. I'd like to know why your suggestion to take Kidney/Urinary Tract herbs? I'll search for the cleaning herbs here and also what is an anti-inflamatory diet to follow your advise. Thanks again Timh, much appreciated."

  Re: Rhodiola for Panic Attacks
Wed, 23 Jul 14 11:41:38 -0500

07/23/2014: Angie from Nc: "Do you have any food allergies or thyroid issues... I've had that walking to the side thing too."

  Re: Blackstrap Molasses for Nail Growth
Wed, 23 Jul 14 11:41:08 -0500

07/23/2014: Kristi from Covington, La: "I have been doing a lot of research recently on Blackstrap Molasses. All recommendations (I have found) for health issues for both humans and dogs say to use 1 tablespoon daily."

Re: OTC Natural Lithium for Depression
Wed, 23 Jul 14 10:45:38 -0500

[YEA]  07/23/2014: Lilac from Northern Usa: "Over-the-Counter Natural Lithium and other Helps for Depression

I have a diagnosis of Dysthymia, Bipolar 2, Cyclothymia and Depression. (From different psychiatrists). I have been battling chronic sadness for years, and long ago I took antidepressants. They made me hypomanic, so I took prescription-strength Lithium, 900 mgs./Day, which brought me back to how I was. For years I stopped all drugs, and I have t tried many things to cure my mood disorder. Recently I found over-the-counter low-dose Lithium, and it is working excellently so far. My mood is better. My chronic depression lifts. Below I wrote some of the forms of OTC Lithium. I've been taking the first two. The Amazon reviews for the OROTATE form are also stellar. I would avoid Lithium Aspartate because the Aspartate part is not good for neurons. It's excitatory. Micronized IONIC form is available on Amazon, and ionic minerals are reputed to be the best absorbed. Lithium is also helping my sleep. It is reported to increase serotonin. I've been taking one dose at night and one dose in the late afternoon, when my mood begins to slip. I take both ionic Lithium concentrate and Li-zyme, as needed. (See below, with the forms.) A DNA test I took showed a higher-than-normal risk for Manic Depression. So I assume this mood disorder has genetic etiology. The ionic form I take is liquid, so I take it sublingually, and that way I need less, since none is being lost in digestion. You can see from the forms of OTC Lithium (below) how low the doses are. I don't even take one milligram per day. Amazingly, Lithium is effective at these low doses. Studies show that Lithium may also help to heal from STROKE, because it encourages Neurogenesis.


1. Mine is also alleviated by cutting out foods I am sensitive to. The big ones for me are Gluten, all Dairy (yes even the fermented forms), and Night Shades, especially potatoes. If you have depression, it is IMPERATIVE to find out if some foods may be causing your problems. When I cut out gluten, I got a whole new life. I was in graduate school, and before I cut out gluten, ALL of my term papers were late, and I labored over them. After a gluten-free diet, NONE of my term papers were late, I whizzed through them and started taking more classes at the same time. My brain was cleared. Most people think nightshades only cause arthritis in sensitive people. Well depression goes along with the achey joints. (For me, potatoes are the main culprit.) So find out what foods you are sensitive to. JJ Virgin's book THE VIRGIN DIET is a good place to start to find out about food sensitiviy. If you are sensitive to a food, it can ruin your day, not to mention your life.

2. Eat fermented foods--best before meals, but anytime is fine. Your gut has more to do with your brain than you know! Get your good bacteria and you will be smiling. I said before meals because on an empty stomach you will get most benefit. You can go to or and learn to make these great foods. It's a cinch. Probiotic powders, capsules, etc. are fine. However, you get FAR more of the good bacteria in the fermented foods, and eating them with food also prevents stomach acids from destroying them.

3. You can also try sleeping grounded. It helps me a little. Look up "earthing" online and you will learn a lot. You can also walk around barefoot--on MOIST ground is most effective. If the earth is dry, take a spray bottle and spray your feet with water or better, salt water for best conductivity. OTHER THINGS: I don't have to tell you what you already know: cut out sugar, take omega 3, cut out omega 6 oils (they are inflammatory and block omega 3), exercise, do not expose yourself to computer-screen or other bright lights at night (the blue waves in light block melatonin and disrupt sleep), get some sun and Vitamin D, etc. I'm trying to concentrate here on what isn't so well known. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet: people are not aware that inflammation can also cause depression. Some people have a genetic defect which makes it helpful to cut out foods with high sulfur. You can get your entire genome by 23andMe. It will cost $99.00. Then you plug in your genome to sites that will interpret it for you. Some people need more dopamine: you can take Tyrosine (be careful not to take it with any other protein), or try the herb Mucuna Pruriens, which has natural dopamine. If you need more serotonin, try Tryptophan or 5HTP, without taking any protein within an hour or so of them. (Or try OTC Lithium--see above.) Low barometric pressure, as before or during rain or storm, can also bring on the blues in susceptible people. (I'm one of them). FORMS OF OVER-THE-COUNTER LITHIUM "Ionic Lithium Concentrate" (Lithium Chloride) I bought from New Beginnings Nutritionals. Liquid. 10 drops = 500 mcg. (see also micronized ionic) "Li-Zyme" or "Li-Zyme Forte" Biotics Research Corporation . Widely available on Amazon, and the nutritional-supplement companies. I bought mine from or 1 tablet = 50 mcg or 1 tablet Forte =150 mcg. "Lithium Orotate" Available at all the above places. many manufactures put it out. It's usually sold in 5 milligrams. New Beginnings, above, has 10 milligrams. AVOID LITHIUM ASPARTATE"

Re: Gallbladder Cleanse
Wed, 23 Jul 14 10:42:36 -0500

07/22/2014: Suzy from Eugene, Or: "I shared the recipe for the Apple Cider for few days followed by the Lemon juice & Olive Oil Epsom salt cleanse with a friend. He was pleased with the results, although he says he has soreness now under the right rib cage. Is this common? He said previously he felt a gravelly sensation and pain... so the soreness is tolerable. He was asking me how long he should wait before repeating this protocol. Any experience or thought on this? Thank you!"

  Re: Eliminated Aspartame to Clear Lichen Sclerosis
Wed, 23 Jul 14 10:39:55 -0500

07/23/2014: Lynn from California: "Rita...for scarring: have you ever been offered estrogen cream (estradiol--prescription only in the U.S.) to apply to the scars? I have been reading that many people have seen their scars "break up" with the use of the cream. It doesn't matter what your age..even young children have shown improvement with it's use. It's not enough hormone to be absorbed by the body or change your own hormones. It's just a small amount rubbed into the scarred area. Do a search for Lichen Schlerosus and Estrogen Cream."

  Re: Chemical Sensitivity
Wed, 23 Jul 14 10:37:54 -0500

07/23/2014: Bess from Calgary, Alberta, Canada: "Well Robert Henry - it was just a few short weeks ago when you didn’t believe Mama to Many was “real” ... now, you’re on a rant about Robyn suggesting she is putting people on a guilt trip.

You said that the USA has “51% victims as citizens” (are these your statistics?). How does that help anyone on a site where people from around the world are looking for advice about their health problems or sharing their solutions?

A little bit of compassion and understanding goes a long way. Here’s what Mmsg from Europe had to say to Robyn: 07/22/2014: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe: "Robyn, I don't know how I can help you but I love you and suspect that many here do too, without ever having seeing you!! Whoever we are, we send you hugs and hope, even though we don't yet know how/what will help you."

Well said, Mmsg! I hope Robyn gains strength from your words."

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