Natural Cures for Chronic Pain Syndrome

| Modified on Oct 18, 2020

We all experience muscle aches from time to time, but 50 million Americans are partially or totally disabled from Chronic Pain Syndrome (CPS). Generally, this type of chronic pain (defined as lasting longer than 6 months) does not respond well to therapy. The list of ailments that can cause chronic pain is almost endless. There may be a single identifiable cause, such as rheumatoid arthritis or lower back pain, multiple causes, psychological disorders or no identifiable cause.

Is There Any Treatment for Chronic Pain?

Treatment options for chronic pain tend to vary based on the origin of pain as well as the overseeing physician's comfort level when dealing with chronic pain. Common treatments range from prescription pain relievers to electrical stimulation and biofeedback. Research has found that a number of natural remedies are effective for treating chronic pain, including acupuncture, yoga, and nutritional supplements like vitamin D and fish oil.

Three important facts to keep in mind when treating Chronic Pain Syndrome are:

  1. Researchers state that patients need to set reasonable goals, as complete pain relief may not be achieved (unless the underlying cause is identified and successfully treated, not usually the case).  However, any degree of pain relief is better than none at all.
  2. Pain relief is rarely achieved without treatment.
  3. The best outcomes are achieved when the patient begins treatment within 6 months of the onset of the pain.

In other words, be proactive about beginning treatment for the pain as soon as possible.  If one treatment doesn't work, try something else.

Natural Pain Relievers and Treatments for Chronic Pain Syndrome

The current approach to treating Chronic Pain Syndrome is to combine conventional and alternative treatments. A great many of the posts on Earth Clinic deal with the search for an effective treatment for a specific, painful ailment.  There have been recommendations posted for natural pain relievers and treatments on many of the Ailments pages.

Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic For Your pH Balance

This is not an overnight treatment for pain relief, but a long-term approach for improved overall health. Some posters have reported quick pain relief, but that is not true for everyone.  If someone's bodily pH is too acid, that has a definite, negative impact on overall health.  (For more information on pH, refer to Earth Clinic's pH page.  Earth Clinic also has a book available, pH-Balanced for Life! The Easiest Way to Alkalize, written by our popular and expert long-time contributors Ted from Bangkok and Bill from the Philippines, that thoroughly covers how to get bodily pH into balance.)  Check here for other alkalizing formulas from Ted from Bangkok.

Apple cider vinegar is a very good alkalizer.  Drink this tonic 3 times a day to help restore the body's pH balance and relieve inflammation.

  • Mix 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar into one full glass of water.


There have been many studies of the effectiveness of acupuncture for pain management, including this study from the Oxford Journals. Those cultures that have been using acupuncture for centuries certainly know its worth.

Acupuncture is growing in popularity as a widely accepted, even mainstream treatment for pain. It uses a well-established needling practice on certain pressure points to relieve pain and stimulate effective bodily function. This treatment is effective for relieving pain related to fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, back injuries, and other sources of chronic pain

One of the problems with attempts to standardize acupuncture results could be that the outcome relies heavily upon the skill of the acupuncturist.  For example, if 2 different doctors prescribe the identical treatment to a patient, the outcome will be the same irregardless of which doctor's prescription is used.  However, if the patient visits two different acupuncturists, the patient will probably have two different outcomes since their treatment and skill will not be identical.  For this reason, ask around and do research to locate the best acupuncturist in your area.


Turmeric is one of the most valuable natural remedies; it is a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, as well as being a natural anti-funglal and antibiotic.  It is widely used in cooking, but when being taken as a supplement, it can be taken "straight" or in a capsule.  Curcumin, the primary active component, is much more effective when taken with a small pinch of pepper.  If choosing to take a turmeric capsule, look for capsules that contain piperine.


Yoga has become a readily prescribed treatment option for chronic pain in recent years. Yoga helps relieve stress on your body and can even make your system function more optimally by promoting effective circulation and lymphatic flow. Yoga is particularly effective for treating chronic pain that is associated with neck pain, back pain, and arthritis.

Harvard Medical School states that the secret to joint pain relief is exercise.  Another option is tai chi, which is low impact and also recommended for stress relief.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids (Fish Oil) With EPA/DHA

Fish oil contains high concentrations of Omega-3 Fatty Acids DHA and EPA. These fats help reduce inflammation throughout your body and relieve pain. Fish oil also supports effective nerve function. Look for a fish oil supplement that contains 2 to 4 grams of both DHA and EPA fats to take by mouth daily.

A PubMed study found that more than half of study participants with back or neck pain stopped taking their prescription painkillers after taking 1200 mg. a day of a fish oil supplement with EPA/DHA for 75 days.

Transcendental Meditation

Chronic pain is one of the primary reasons that many people first begin to practice Trancendental Meditation. Studies have found that those who meditated daily had lower leves of stress and pain than those who did not.  One study found that patients who practiced meditation in addition to other treatment had less pain while the pain scores of those who did not meditate had worsened.

Vitamin D

Recent studies have shown than Vitamin D deficiency is closely linked to chronic pain. Vitamin D plays a key role in many bodily processes, but most important, it helps maintain effective nerve function. Try taking a daily supplement of 600 IU of vitamin D by mouth per day.

What Is Chronic Pain Syndrome?

Chronic Pain Syndrome is defined as any form of pain that lasts six months or longer. The pain can range in severity and may be episodic or continuous. Pain does not have to be debilitating to be chronic. It simply has to be present. In reality, it makes little difference to the sufferer whether or not their case fits the technical definition of CPS. Chronic pain can affect any part of the body, including the muscles, bones, joints, nerves and nervous system, and the organs.

One of the defining symptoms of Chronic Pain Syndrome is complexity. It may be very difficult to obtain a diagnosis of the cause, although a diagnosis should be sought.  Pain is nature's early warning system of a problem (even if we'd rather not be notified!). If the underlying problem can be identified, there might be a cure that would eliminate the pain

When dealing with chronic pain, your nervous system continues to interpret pain signals for months and even years following the initial trigger. Chronic pains often leads to additional problems, including fatigue, sleeplessness, withdrawal from activity, a weakened immune system, depression, change in mood, and disability.  Negative emotions are often, and understandably, linked to chronic pain. Any pain level of pain relief can have a profound impact on someone's life, job and relationships.

What Causes Chronic Pain?

According to research, chronic pain manifests in a variety of different ways. The pain may be triggered by an initial trauma, injury, or infection. However, some individuals experience pain even when there was no past injury. Common sources of chronic pain include headaches, joint pain, backaches, tendinitis, sinus pain, carpal tunnel, and generalized muscle and nerve pain.

Read more about treating Chronic Pain Syndrome with natural remedies below. Please let us know what remedies you have tried for chronic pain.


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Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Sandy (Merced, Ca) on 06/06/2008

I am 44 yrs old and in the past 5 yrs went from an over active self sufficiant independent person who rode and trained horses, lifted bailes of hay and could run circles around my kids and grandkids to someone who could barley get in and out of bed, up n down off a chair, the toilet or tub! I cant walk or move without chronic pain. I dont think Ive slept in yrs. There is not an inch on my body that does not hurt, I have two types of arthritis, just diagnosted with deterioration to the spine and hip and I think I have fibromialgia. I have been suffering from severe migraines since I was 13 that put me in the hospital. been on EVERY medication out there and am curently taking 7 different types and I am always tired sad depressed for no reason!! And to top it all off I have gained 65 pounds and cant get ridf of it, I cant do anything let alone barley walk to the bathroom. I remember as a teen wanting to loose that extra 15 20 pounds of "baby fat" and taking ACV in water with a garlic tab and LOOSING the weight like it was nothing! but yet I was always active with horses swimming and sports too... Ive decided to give it a try again starting next week when I go shopping for food in my house and see what it does for me I just cant handle living in this PAIN 24/7 anymore!! Im at the point I wish I just didnt wake up in the mornings cuz it just hurts too much to do it. Keeping my fingers crossed its going to work and be something so simple for me to take away this pain.

Replied by Chris
(San Pedro, CA)

this is in response to sandy from merced, sounds to me like what i have dealt with for about 7yrs.......i investigated adrenal fatigue and alot of what they say, i had it in spades......i looked for a found a dr that helps people with this problem & hypothyriodism, cause they go together like hand and glove...... contact "The Broda Barnes Foundation"....they r on the net...they will send u a list of dr's in ur area that believe these diseases r a real factor in good quality of life..........then look up candida and buffering ur body in between meals and then take ACV with helps alot........if u can get the dr to give u armour thyriod & hydrocortisone, which helps ur adrenals take care of the pain and healing..........good luck.

Replied by Sandy
(Merced, CA)

Answering Chris who answered me about my pain and fatigue. Hey chris thanks for the reply and info I will check up on all that now and see what I can find. I have been taking the acv for the past 5 days, the taste is def something to aquire but Im hangin in and making sure i take a glass of water with 2 tbls acv 3 times a day beyond my usual gallons of daily water intake. All I know is i pray for my cure of all my pain to finally be on its way with the acv. Thanks again, sandy.

Replied by Jimmy
(Columbus, US)

Hi Sandy, am sorry to hear you are going through this much pain. I was heart moved by your story and decided to do a little research and see if I could come up with something. I came across this site:
The name of the product is Arthcare OIL. Please give that a try and let us know the results.

Replied by Catherine
(Wellington, New Zealand)

To Sandy from Merced..Have just read your letter (dated June) I have had experience with your symptons, suffered similarly for years until I read Dr D'adamos book EAT RIGHT FOR YOUR TYPE (EY4RT) Sticking only to BENEFICIAL foods I had significant improvement within 48hrs. Now I also add the ACV, BS,and BSM (all nuetral on the EY4RT plan) and follow the guidelines for proper rehydration as per the watercure (see

10 years ago I could barely hobble, hardly slept for pain and stiffness in my knees, hip joints and lower back as well as a stiff shoulder (injured in my 30's) carpel tunnel injury and fibromyalgia. At 66yrs old I still have some occasional lower back pain but the rest is history. Even my eyesight is slightly improved. The greatest improvement is that I now sleep for hours at a stretch.

There is one other therapy that I have used and the effects were no less remarkable. It is called the FROLOV breathing technique (look up FROLOV on the internet) I started it for pain 4 years ago prior to starting on EY4RT. It took a few weeks for me to feel the effects but there were unusual improvements. A lifetime of suffering travel sickness was cured within 3 weeks with NO recurrence since. A bladder weakness which had me getting up every 1 - 2 hours during the night also cleared and I was able to rest for up to 8 hrs. Also the sciatic pain down my right leg vanished and a chronic "wheeze" I had had for some years afer a lung infection stopped almost immediately With those improvements behind me I started on EY4RT and discontinued the "breathing". However I have commenced again recently as my bladder is starting to weaken again. Will keep at it longer this time, hoping to manage 1 breath per minute eventually..not sure if I'll ever manage 1 in 3mins (I had reached one breath every 40 seconds for duration of 20 minutes, took me 3 months!) Hope there is something here for you.. Cheers and Good Luck

Replied by Teresa
(Asheboro, NC)

to Sandy:

I empathize with you. This same kind of pain hit me when I was 40. Overnight it seem, I got to where I dread sitting still for any length of time or sleeping at night because I know in the AM I will be so stiff I can't hardly move. It takes me two hours to get moving in the mornings. Even the bottoms of my feet are affected by this. I have been dx with osteoarthritis, but I think it actually started working on my body in my 20's when I began developing mysterious cartilage tears in both knees and a wrist. Now it is in my lower back and my right hip.

Not only does sitting still for long periods create stiffness, but being on my feet (I am a nurse and barely able to work) exacerbates the pain that goes along with it. I have repeatedly asked my doctor about my rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act, but he has not been very helpful, can't get a note for no heavy lifting on my job and I keep getting bounced around from doctor to doctor and still do not have a note about my back problems. They act like I am drug seeking. I bet if I went in there asking for narcotic pain killers I wouldn't have a problem getting those, but I can't get a simple note to protect my rights on the job. I was even sent to a Rheumatologist who charged my 187$ and told me to keep doing what my family doctor told me to do. I have been in and out of the ER with my back locked up over the past two years. I do not know what other proof I need to show that I am not faking this condition.

I too have started putting on weight because I can't exercise as rigorously as i used to, but I still continue to walk and lift light weights. The weight gain is also a two edged sword because it just adds to the stress on the joints.

Lately, I have started drinking about 4-6 oz of Blackberry or Elderberry wine (hard to find) right before I go to bed and this has been helpful. It is helping with the low back pain, the sleeplessness, and the menopause symptoms I am also fighting. Plus it does not leave me feeling dizzy or hung over in the mornings like the Flexeril prescription does. I haven't taken a Flexeril in a while since I started drinking a glass of dark wine. Supposedly dark wine in moderation is also good for lowering LDL cholesterol, so I will see when I go back to the unuseful doctors. Probably wine works the same way as apple cider vinegar.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
495 posts

Hello Sandy,

Been there, done that and what a blessing when you find something that works. I hope you know what poke sallet (also known as pokeweed) looks like and it grows there in Ca. If not, I hope you know someone who does live where it grows and will send it to you. Our plants here in my area won't have ripe berries until this fall, but if you haven't found any source by then let me know and I'll gather some extra ones for you this fall.

I was raised to think that poke berries are poison, but one day when I returned from the doctor, my neighbor who watched my kids while I was gone told me I was moving like I was 90 years old, and got my reply that I felt more like l90 years old and every joint in my body hurt, even my ribs hurt when I breathed. That is when she told me about her Aunt Neme and her poke berries. I started taking poke berries as soon as they ripened that fall and got better very quickly. I was in my 30's when I got the total body pain, and boy was I appreciative of those "not poisonous" poke berries. My neighbor didn't know how her aunt took them, how many of how often, so I just worked that one out for myself.

I ended up taking 20 to 25 pokeberries 4 times a day, with no problems, only good results of lessening pain. Don't chew them, just put them in your mouth and wash them down with water.

One other thing I find very helpful with joint pain is available year round. That is MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) which I learned about from an article in The Journal of Longevity years ago. Since it mentioned that they had been giving it to race horses to keep their joints limber, I figured I'd find it at the local farmer's co-op, so I went there and found a well packaged one that said it was l00% MSM. Took it home and started taking about one ounce of it a day (probably work better as 1 Tbsp. 3 times a day, but I am lazy and one ounce once a day worked for me. Still does. So get going, Sandy. Better days are just ahead when you know what to do. Those NSAIDS don't do much but upset your stomach, increases the risk of ulcers and bleeding, and I never cared for the thoughts of taking Methotrexate (cancer drug) or gold shots with all the unwanted side effects.

Replied by Lopas
(Michigan, USA)

Sorry for your suffering. Have you been tested for Lymes disease? Read about it please, your symptoms sounds much like it. Sometimes people can have it for 30 years with out knowing. lymes is diffucult to detect through blood. So when you get tested go with a labratory that speciales in Lyme disease and it's co diseases like bartonella and borrelia.
Good luck

Replied by Cynthia
(Jasper, Ga)

To Sandy from Merced California: I am 50 and have been studying and following a natural path for 15 years. I am grateful to my Oriental Medical Doctors because I am sure I would be dead if I had not found them. But I could never understand why I was the 'canary,' so to speak. I never felt good in spite of a wonderful marriage and successful job and a common cold could almost kill me. I eat organic food and have not ingested pharmaceuticals or antibiotics for the past 15 years. In spite of these efforts I continued to grow weaker and weaker. My OMD would look at me and say what have you done to yourself? I had no idea. Obviously he picked up on my toxicity but neither of us had any idea what the cause was. Moving on...I understand pain and exhaustive fatigue and while there are many remedies to address the various symptoms of the disease or poison state (like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, arthritis menopause, etc.) I believe I found the cause of my problems right here on Earth is fluoride, insidious fluoride. I am very grateful to Jason Utley for his research and have read everything posted on the Earth Clinic site on the subject of fibromyalgia and fluoride. I have been following Ted's recommendation of 1/8-1/4 tsp of Borax dissolved in a liter of water for daily drinking. I combine this with my 1/4 tsp baking soda, 1/8 tsp sea salt and 2 ounces of ACV by hiding it all in lemonade. I also take 600mg disodium EDTA daily to assist with the chelating process. Unfortunately, chelating is painful but well worth it. After almost two months of following Ted's recommendations combined into my own lemonade elixir I am getting better. I believe my problems began with fluoride and as my toxicity progressed it morphed into many other disease syndromes. At this time I am still unable to work but at least I can walk up the hill. Recently I caught a cold from my husband and followed Ted's Lysine/Aspirin/Vit. C (500mg of each every 50 minutes for 4 hours) combo along with peroxide inhalation (see Bill Munro's video on EC) and colloidal silver and while I still had the cold it was very mild for me and I'm getting over it as fast as my husband, within 3 days. That's a victory because normally I would be down for about a month. I hope you will find this helpful and wish you the best in your quest for health.

Replied by Alan

I am so sorry of hearing your suffering...i think that a good very hot bath with magnesium oil(magnesium chloride)1 cup in the tub for 20 minutes before going to sleep plus taking the formula of earth clinic of boron, plus taking omegas (pharmaceutical grade)could help you a ....lot...

Book Recommendation

Posted by Laurie (Providence, RI) on 08/28/2008

If you have chronic pain of any sort, I would suggest reading (and re-reading) "The Mindbody Prescription: Healing the Body, Healing the Pain" by Dr. John Sarno. This book changed my life!

Cold Showers

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Posted by Susan (Portland, OR) on 01/16/2008

I have been sold on this cold water business for a couple of years now..and am convinced that it has surpressed my usual severe chronic pain to a manageable level. I don't have a shower and have some heart failure so I am generally freezing 99% of the time. But I do have a large claw foot tub. So each day I start with a warm/hot bath..and then towel off and hang out while the tub refilled with all cold. Then I get in...up to my waist and lay in the cold water for at least 5 minutes. Recently, after a car accident I started to lay down up to my neck (though I never immerse my chest..cause that would just be insane :) I lay there long enough for the "heat" to be pulled away..then get out. In summer..the water isn't quite cold enough..but I go swimming in cold lakes and winter..the water gets so cold..I cheat a bit and add some hot to the mix so it is not 39 degrees. I swear by this and now do it everyday. If I am at a public pool, I use the cold shower method after swimming...but the cold bath is really good and I always soak my feet in it. I used to have chronic nerve pain the feet..but no more. I read that Thomas Jefferson (or was it Washington....?) soaked his feet in a cold water bucket every day too. It is also really good for the wrist pain you get with typing and mousing. I do not use ice...but have added ice to the tub when soaking at motels in the summer on vacation if the tap water is too warm. It is hard to lay in the tub...but I'm hooked and do it daily.

Diatomaceous Earth

Posted by Lcc (Charleston, South Carolina) on 07/17/2011

chronic pain. This week diagnosis. Even though all my lab work is normal. I was interested if you got any feedback on diatomaceous earth I have been diagnosed with chronic pain and I can't walk I am so stiff unless I take pain med. I will try anything. I am only 62. And was so healthy until 3 yrs ago I got some type of virus with vertigo for several mths and went down hill from then. Start Apple Cider Vinegar with honey today. All dr want to do is give me another pill. Thank anyone for suggestions!!!

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi LCC, My heart goes out to you as I had the same thing happen to me 7 years ago. It took me over a year to recover. I went through Chinese medicine w/ herbs and acupuncture. Still, it was a long path but I did not use any pain medication or go on any pharmaceutical drugs. Though it was a long journey I believe that we went to the core of the problem rather than masking w/ all sorts of drugs which is typical of Western medicine although naturopaths are doing some amazing work out there now! So, perhaps you want to look into Traditional Chinese medicine or naturopathy. Of course, these are only suggestions for there are many paths to the destiny I am sure. The best to you, Lisa

Replied by Onthepathtoo
(Victoria, Tx, Usa)

Ths is my first ever post. I too have had chronic pain for many years. I went to many traditional drs. But was brushed off or treated like a drug seeker until I went to a rheumatologist and was found positive for rheumatoid factor (blood test). So I am diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia since I have pain all over my body. I am taking methotrexate and enbrel. I resisted these as poison until I was told either try them or I could not get my pain medications refilled. Very harsh... But the results are real. I haven't been this pain free since 1995. So whadayagonnado? I tried many natural rememdies and still take a tremendous amount of antiinflamatory precautions naturally. I am 63 and a woman.

Replied by Steve
(Salem, Oregon)

Candida.... Try the probiotic product that contains three live bacteria: bacillus coagulans, bacillus subtilis and enterococcus faecalis. About 7-8 boxes over 10 or so months took care of my severe case. After that you still may have the Leaky Gut Syndrome and need intestinal repair products. It took me 4 years to get that damage repaired. But it was all natural clinical supplements, I got from my Chiropractor. You can buy it online.


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Posted by Kim (New York) on 10/18/2020

As strange as this may sound, I have found that good old Mucinex, that is, active ingredient *guaifenesin, * really helps amazingly with my stiff and achy hip/haunch muscles, tendons, and ligaments. I suffered a very minor injury years ago, but the area around it became stiffer and more painful over time. I noticed once when I had a bad cold and was taking the usual cold remedies that my hip area felt suddenly better. I narrowed it down to the effect of guaifenesin.

Since then, I have found that many fibromyalgia sufferers also report an amazingly beneficial effect of guaifenesin on their stiff muscles! It really does work, is sold over-the-counter, and I notice no side effects. They make 600mg tabs, but even 1/2 per day really helps me.

I hope it helps you too!!

High Dose Vitamin D3

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Posted by HisJewel (United States) on 02/28/2020

One day a few years ago, I woke up to painful, hurting, achy body and bones. Every morning when I would get out of my bed the pain would pull me back down. I wondered if this was my welcome into old age, however most of the saints in my church in their eighties are very agile and had no problems sitting or standing, and here I was in my middle 60's and had trouble getting out of my seat because of aching bones.

On the suggestion of Sir R.H., I read a book on high dose vitamin D3. When I began taking the vitamin D3, it was an overnight miracle. I started at 10 IU and worked my way up to 50 IU a day, then back down to 10 IU. I also took K2 along with it, per the book's advice. Long story short, the very next day after first high dose Vitamin D3 , when I woke up in the morning I arose up with no pain. I was amazed. That was about four years ago, I still take my Vitamin D3. Now I can skip a few day and still get out of chair or bed without achy body. Ha, ha, ha, now I can compete with the seniors.


Replied by Sandra
(United States)

Do you mean 10,000 IU and 50,000 IU of vitamin D3? Because I take 10,000 IU daily and don't see much of a difference.

Replied by Cheryl
(Hendersonville TN)

Thank you so much for sharing this, HisJewel! Am taking vitamin D but apparently need to add the K2. I read this a while back and forgot about having to add the K2. Am so happy to hear you are feeling better and was able to control your fibromyalgia naturally. Yes, God loves us so much and cares about our aches and pains, ❤️.

Lemon, Olive Oil, Garlic

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Posted by Anon (Anon) on 08/10/2017

Lemon, Olive Oil, Garlic for Chronic Pain:

Put in a high power blender:

  • a whole lemon (cut up)
  • 1/4 cup virgin olive oil
  • a whole bulb of garlic minus the root
  • water

Whip it up and drink it.

I had chronic pain all over my body for years. Within an hour I felt much better. It works even better to drink it and do cardio.

Replied by Nanaha

When you say whole lemon, do you mean the peeling too? How much water? And, did you drink it all at once or over a period of time? High doses of Garlic tend to push me into Hyper-Thyroid & an anxiety/increased blood pressure situation, but this sounds like something I'd like to try, so would appreciate additional instructions. Thanks!

Replied by Anon

Peel and all, it cuts the heat from the garlic. I tried with just the juice and without the oil and it will make you throw up. The peel and olive oil are necessary. You could probably use less garlic, but it may not work as well. Onion did not work like garlic did. But onion is also very good for you and can be used.

Here is another drink that relieves pain for me. You can make two juices and drink them seperate, the greens don't taste good with the lemon. Choose organic or it may be ineffective. Add water if it's too thick.

In high power blender mix:

1 glass cold water

1 finger of ginger

4 fingers of turmeric

1 bunch parsley

1 bunch cilantro

Juice from 1 lemon

I hope that helps you. Pain can be caused by lots of things, if it doesn't help keep trying things till you find what does. Colloidal silver and Lugol's iodine are great, too. So is nutritional yeast, brewer's yeast, and raw egg yolks. All depends on what's messed you up.


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Posted by WT (Spartanburg, SC) on 05/29/2008

I have used magnets to eliminate stubborn pain. I think one was something torn in my shoulder. After a few months of chronic pain I strapped on a magnet from a set I had gotten as a gift. After wearing it daily, the pain vanished after maybe a week never to return. I had a similar stubborn pain in my wrist for a few months. Applied the magnet and after a week or so it too vanished and never returned. I don't know what it does or how but I'm a believer.

Replied by Yochana
(Brookline, Ma Usa)

Hi, what kind of magnets did you use and how did you use them. Are there any dangers in using them? Thanks.

Replied by Lileetha

Hi, what kind of magnets do you use and how does one use them for pain? Could you be very specific. Does one need expensive magnets or do cheap small ones work? Any dangers in using them? Thanks, lileetha

Oil Pulling

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Posted by Tara (Melbourne, Australia) on 07/28/2007

I began oil pulling 7 months ago and I suffered with chronic fatigue for 14 years. It cleared up that issue within a matter of days. I was confined to bed rest and had limited mobility but the oil pulling dramatically shifted things for me so much so I am now more fit and active and don't need to rest. I had been livimg this way for years and oil pulling gave me my life back. It also cleared up a skin problem I had when nothing else seemed to work. Recently, I came down with fibromyalgia and my doctor would not be prepared to treat me as it is not a "recognised illness". I was in chronic pain and was suicidal. I could barely move my tongue inside my mouth and could not walk. I was so ill, I had never experienced anything like the severity of this before. I kept oil pulling and changes occured incrementally every day until after a couple of weeks my health was back to normal. Oil pulling has changed my life and I would recommend it to anyone. It is a POWERFUL remedy.

EC: Read more about Oil Pulling here:

Replied by Matt
(London, Britain)

In answer to various questions about what works for recovery from CFS.

I've had it for 15 years, bad enough to not work for about 6 years but now I am working, living a pretty normal life and am probably up to around 85% recovery/ normality.

I've tried just about every treatment over the years, taken loads of supplements, many that ahve been mentioned on here already and have undertaken many different kinds of detox, including a full mercury detox.

And I have to say that my overwhelming belief is that CFS is essentially a number of symptoms that derive from a disrupted nervous system.

We're in an almost cosntantly activated sympathetic nervous system state and our parasympathetic side can't switch on.

Expelling toxins from the body will help to comabt this, having an intake of good nutrition helps too and getting any virus/ infections under control is part of it but fundamentally none of these factors will be the major thing for most of us (otherwise they'd be 'curing' everyone with CFS by destroying their viruses with Olive leaf or by fasting and deotxing for a month or whatever).

We each of us have to find a way to turn our sympathetic nervous system off and turn the parasympathetic on, this isn't easy, we're in a constant stress feedback loop, we're fatigued and we're worried about our health, our futures and often our careers and money.

But it's the key, some of this will involve daily practices to get the body to start to relax, whether this is meditation or body scanning or whatever, then we have to be aware of your thoughts, do we worry about everything, are we optimistic or pessimistic, we need to sort out our thought patterns so that our thoughts aren't prolonging the stress response.

And then we may well ahve to address past traumas or events that may be contrinuting to a stressed body, how we do that is for each of us to work out individually, it may involve seeking the help of professionals but it's suurprising how much we can accomplish on our own.

I've got no doubt that CFS is a very real physical illness but I don't beleive that it is randomly caused viruses or infections. I believe that these are secondary factors that get in behind a stressed immune system, addressing the underlying causes of this stress is key, CFS is not a psychological condition but there is a psychological component to its cause and consequently to the recovery process for most of us.

Good luck.

Oil Pulling
Posted by Tara (Melbourne, Australia) on 07/28/2007

I began oil pulling 7 months ago and I suffered with chronic fatigue for 14 years. It cleared up that issue within a matter of days. I was confined to bed rest and had limited mobility but the oil pulling dramatically shifted things for me so much so I am now more fit and active and don't need to rest. I had been livimg this way for years and oil pulling gave me my life back. It also cleared up a skin problem I had when nothing else seemed to work. Recently, I came down with fibromyalgia and my doctor would not be prepared to treat me as it is not a "recognised illness". I was in chronic pain and was suicidal. I could barely move my tongue inside my mouth and could not walk. I was so ill, I had never experienced anything like the severity of this before. I kept oil pulling and changes occured incrementally every day until after a couple of weeks my health was back to normal. Oil pulling has changed my life and I would recommend it to anyone. It is a POWERFUL remedy.

Peppermint Oil

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Posted by Denise (Crescent City, CA) on 02/10/2019

I wanted to share in order to maybe help someone else who has pain, and I do realize that my pain was centered in just one place. So much easier to do what I did for mine.

Last night I had a bad bout of Acid Reflux. I posted on that thread as well. But during the same time, I developed what appears to be some chronic pain in the bone area behind my ear. As I felt around, and tried to massage it a bit, it did go down a bit lower as well, into my neck and area of some bone-spurs I have there. I put my icepack on the area, but that seemed to aggravate it, and I could still feel the pain. It was hurting more than ever before, and really kind of scared me. But I stayed calm and decided on trying something else I had read about. I have taken to Essential Oils, just for calming and comfort, but hadn't tried them on anything like this.

I feel the strongest one is the Peppermint so I just put a drop on my finger tips and massage JUST the area of the pain. I found with Frankincense and Peppermint both, I don't need a "carrier" oil because neither bothers my skin. My pain was completely gone within minutes. Nothing super special about my oils, I by "middle of the road" price-wise. They are 100% pure though, and zero other ingredients. I should mention that I tried Peppermint Oil on my temple for migraine, a totally different sort of pain. Mine are hemoplegic. The Oil didn't work on that, for me anyway. That was some time ago, but I am glad I tried again with this other aching pain.

Rock Salt Treatment

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Posted by Naeriyah Jo An (Atlanta, USA) on 01/11/2008

re: Chronic tercaria/ water retention/ pain in achilles tendons, knees, legs when i walk and stand, arms, midwaist when lye down too long

I came across your sight searching the web on acv & lemon juice remedies. I took the time and read through your sight seeking my issues hoping to find a remedy I could try or experiment on my issues with. I have been dealing with these issues for over 20 years and I have seeked Medical attention but am not a pill taker. Besides the pills dont work. I figure maybe i am low on minerals, enzymes or something. I take vitamin supplements. I need some suggestions on how I can get my life back I am very active but have been shorten by pain and stiffness. Afraid to walk without a cane for fear of falling my knees feel unstable to hold my body weight and i feel it is largely due to the h20 retention when its too cold my legs feel like frozen ice. I have a mass in my deltoids on one arm and the doctors says it nothing to be concerned about. It gets painful and sometimes presents diffulculty in using my arm i have noticed if i have ice therapy used in a massage technique it begins to break whatever it is up. I know what to do on some things the problem is somethings I cannot do myself.

Does anyone know about RockSalt bath for dropsy treatment = a treatment for fluid retention where you cover your body in a bath with rocksalt or seasalt and wrap yourself in a sheet i seen this proceedure somewhere but now cannot find it.It is suppose to pull all the extra fluid out of your tissues through your skin.

I do know of two remedies that work if you've been biten by a spider or insect and its caused swelling and redness and pain mix some tumeric and olive oil into a paste and apply it on the infected area and it will draw out the venom and reduce the swelling and relieve the pain. This has to be done several times over 7 days. You leave it on and repeat it 2-3 times throughout 7 days and it will be an improvement.

Another remedy that works if your lower extrementies are having difficulty in asorbing oils lotions or resisting water when your bathing. soak your legs in a bath of acv and warm water for about 30 minutes immediately your legs will begin absorbing again. I have done both. with the legs my medical doctors told me that they were dying and a japanese massuse told me about the acv bath and to never use anything on my skin i cannot eat. I went back to the doctor and showed them my legs. They didnt knowwhat to say but told me to keep on doing what i am doing. I have not had that severity with asborption since. I have had to repeat the bathe again 7 years since i first tried it.

okay hopefully someone can help with the itching =chronic utercaria and the chronic pain and stiffness w/ h20 retention in the areas i mention. I will anticipate your response. thank you and May the Creator of All living substance Bless each and everyone of you and your endeavors. NJ

Shiatsu, Magnesium, Herbs

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Posted by Miriam (Plain City, Ohio) on 03/23/2010

I had bad leg pain for 6 years. It started during a time I was doing a lot of uphill walking on the treadmill daily. I had an x-ray, MRI, ultrasound and cat scan! Nothing was found. I gave up my life to this pain. I gave up a fiancee, woodworking, shopping, exercising, walking, social life. At times I didn't want to continue to live. I spent a ton of money trying all kinds of remedies of which I have a laundry basket full. Finally I tried Shiatsu soft tissue massage (accupressure) along with magnesium oil, and sometimes cats claw and pau d'arco. MY PAIN IS GONE. I HAVE MY LIFE BACK! This is something I can do lying in bed or watching TV or sitting at the computer. It is just a matter of pressing around until you find very tender areas and working out the tenderness by pushing and releasing on the muscle! I had multiple tender places over the whole leg. On the inside of the ankle, the muscle was so knotted it felt like there were tiny pebbles in there. If you are in pain like this, please investigate Shiatsu! If only someone had told me about this years ago....but I was afraid to press around on sore places for fear it would become worse! My pain decreased by 75% after the first time I tried Shiatsu on myself! I hope this helps others who are desperate, because I know how chronic pain steals your brain and takes over your whole life. Get a book on Shiatsu and prepare to be amazed!

Replied by Anna

it was 8 years ago, will you know about my reply? (is there some notification when someone replies to your post?) My husband has full-body pain probably due to lymes (drs are not fast with diagnosis but frankly I'm glad we wait before their drugs). I want to try shiatsu on him but he is hardly able to move so there is only me to do it. Your first shiatsu--WHICH POINTS? I usually massage his feet-any points there?


Posted by Prioris (Florida, Usa) on 08/08/2014

I thought it would be good the summarize a list of supplements in one place that may help the CPPS/CP condition.

Top Supplements for Chronic Prostatitis

1. Beta-sitosterol
2. Cranberry
3. DIM (Diindolylmethane)
4. Green Tea
5. Pollen Extract
6. Pygeum
7. Quercetin
8. Saw Palmetto
9. Stinging Nettle
10. Curcumin (Turmeric)
11. Vitamin D
12. Vitamin E
13. Zinc

- See more at:

Wild Oregano Oil

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Posted by Mary (West Columbia, SC) on 12/11/2007

Pain and inflammation, due to arthritis, bursitis, overworked muscles or plantar fasciitis respond beautifully to oil of wild oregano, applied topically. I highly recommend it, both as a user and as a registered nurse. I have suffered for five years with severe pain in my feet, both knees and right hip. I have done cortisone shots, anti-inflammatory drugs, orthotics, and endless pain meds. I take ACV, which does improve mobility overall. For true pain relief, however, the oil of wild oregano is the only way to go! It can be mixed - 6-10 drops to one tablespoon of olive oil and rubbed into the affected area as many times a day as you wish. On the soles of my feet, I use it full strength as the skin in that part of the body is much thicker. I noticed a decrease of pain and improved mobility after the initial application. Within 3 days, I was virtually pain free! Oil of wild oregano has many of the same properties as morphine and works almost instantly. It is available at some health food stores and on the web. Be sure you purchase pure oil of wild oregano. It is worthwhile to try this for any chronic pain. Good luck!