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Gallixa - Gallium Maltolate Skin Cream for Pain and Inflammation

Learn how Gallixa Skin Cream with gallium maltolate is used for pain and inflammation relief in conditions like arthritis, shingles, peripheral neuropathy and TN.

The Critical Role of Gut Microbiome in Health and Disease

Art Solbrig describes the role of gut microbiome in health and how short chain fatty acids and certain types of fiber may help thwart serious diseases.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Alternative Treatment and Prevention

The most extensive list of remedies on the web, our readers describe which alternative treatments helped them with COVID-19 symptoms and prevention.

The Hidden Cause of Strokes and Heart Attacks: Outdoor Carbon Monoxide

Learn how vehicular exhaust outside from cars and trucks can cause critical damage to your bodily systems and may be the leading cause of strokes and heart attacks.


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