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Borax Cures and Health Benefits

| Modified on May 17, 2022
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Borax Cures and Health Benefits

Borax is an increasingly popular natural remedy for a whole host of health issues.

Commonly used as a natural cleaning agent, Borax's reported number of successful treatments and health benefits are extensive. Additionally, this remedy is easy to make and very inexpensive.

Borax is used to treat overall chronic illnesses, including autoimmune diseases, hormone problems, and chronic pain.

Sodium borate is also useful for treating a variety of specific ailments. As an anti-inflammatory agent, borax effectively treats arthritis, gout, swollen gums, and other inflammatory diseases.

Additionally, the substance eliminates infections such as bladder infections, urinary tract infections, and others.

Borax has also been used to treat cancer, obesity, high blood pressure, arterial disease, and osteoporosis.

What is Borax?

Borax is a naturally occurring compound found all around the world. Mines are located in countries like the United States, China, Ukraine, Turkey, and India. The largest known mine is the Rio Tinto Borax Mine in Boron, California. The reserves in this mine are expected to last until 2050. The chemical formula for borax is Na2B4O7·10H2O.

In more simple terms, this includes sodium, boron, oxygen, and hydrogen. Borax has several different names, but they are all the same chemical compound.

Common Names for Borax:

  • Sodium tetraborate
  • Sodium borate
  • Disodium tetraborate

Borax for Medicinal Use

Shocking as it sounds to some, borax is used as a natural remedy for many health conditions. Borax is a natural substance, mined from the earth, just like salt. Borax contains boron, a trace mineral, which can be lacking in modern diets. Restoring healthy boron levels can improve a number of health conditions like arthritis, according to research.

Additionally, borax is quite alkaline. Many health problems arise because the body is too acidic.

What Health Issues Benefit from Borax?

  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Bone Spurs
  • Calcium Deposits
  • Lupus
  • Autoimmune Disease
  • Hormone Imbalances
  • Fungus
  • Candida
  • Ringworm
  • Tinea Versicolor
  • Insomnia
  • Rough Skin
  • Impotence

If you are wondering how some white powder could help such a variety of illnesses, consider a tower made of blocks. Removing one of them, especially a foundation block, compromises the stability of the entire building. Thus is it with the body. The human body exercises countless processes in many of the body's systems. These processes are dependent upon “building blocks.”

Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, etc. are all necessary for your body to work well. Remove any one of them, and all kinds of body processes are affected.

Boron, a trace mineral, and a borax component is one of those many necessary nutrients in your body.  Many diseases found in the world today are related to simple nutritional deficiencies. Restoring a lacking nutrient can make a huge difference in your overall health.

Boron is necessary for the body for proper hormone function and proper calcium-magnesium balance.

Studies have found that the incidence of arthritis is lower when daily boron intake is higher (3-10 mg as opposed to 1 mg or less). Additionally, the bones of those who take boron supplements are harder than those who do not take a boron supplement.

How Much Boron is in Borax?

One US teaspoon of borax powder contains about 4 grams of borax, so ¼ teaspoon of borax contains about 1 gram of borax. One gram of borax is 11.3% boron. So ¼ teaspoon borax has approximately 113 mg of boron.


Borax Dosage for Men and Women

Earth Clinic’s Ted recommends ¼ teaspoon (940 mg ~ 1,000 mg) of borax in 1 liter of water for men and 1/8 teaspoon (470 mg ~ 500 mg) of borax in 1 liter of water for women each day. This would give men about 113 mg of boron each day they drink the solution and women about 56 mg of boron each day.

You will find more dosing information on this page.

Walter Last has popularized another method of dosing borax. He recommends adding a heaping teaspoon to a liter of water and then taking 1 teaspoon of this borax solution once or twice daily. This solution delivers 25-30 mg of borax (and thus about 3 mg of boron) per dose. He recommends taking it with meals.

Borax Uses


The most common use of borax is as a "green" cleaning aid, especially for laundry.

Because borax has an alkaline (high) pH of 9.3, it can be added to the washing machine to soften the water. Hard water is hard on clothes and makes it more challenging to get them clean. Some people have water that is already quite soft (alkaline), and borax would be unnecessary.

Borax is one of three ingredients in popular DIY laundry powder.

Borax can be used as a cleaning powder for the bathroom. It is especially useful for hard water stains. Gloves are recommended for cleaning, even with this natural product.


Borax is a popular and safe remedy for pest control. It has helped thousands of dogs and cats with mange and people with various parasite problems, including lice and mites.


Borax has become popular as a shampoo alternative. Multitudes of chemicals in shampoos and health conditions that affect the scalp have motivated many people to turn to the “no-poo” method of hair care.

Borax is not only a natural alternative to chemical-laden shampoos because of its alkalinity and anti-fungal properties; it often brings healing to chronic and embarrassing scalp conditions.

Instructions for Hair

  • To use borax for your hair, dissolve 1 cup of borax into one gallon of pure water.
  • Keep this solution in the shower.
  • Pour a cup or two of this solution over your hair instead of shampoo, making sure that the solution gets to your scalp.
  • Allow the solution to sit on your scalp and hair for a few minutes and then rinse.
  • If you find the borax method dries out your hair, take a small amount of coconut oil and massage it into your hair. You may not need to use the borax solution on your hair more than once or twice a week.


How Should I Store Borax Solution?

If you make Walter Last’s solution with distilled water and store it in a clean glass jar, you will avoid having any impurities to contaminate the mixture. This will maximize the shelf life of the solution. For even more exceptional preservation of this solution, store it in the refrigerator and always use a clean stainless steel spoon to take your dose out of the jar. If your solution looks cloudy or smells off to you, discard it and make another batch.

Are There Any Side Effects from Taking Borax?

Yes, some people experience some side effects from taking borax. You will find more information about side effects, and reader reported side effects on this page.

To avoid your risk of side effects, always start with a smaller dose and monitor how it affects you. While the relative lethal dose (LD50) of borax is similar to that of table salt, it is always wise to be careful with your dosages.


Watch Earth Clinic's most popular video with over 500,000 views on the extensive health benefits of borax! We'll also show you 2 ways to make a borax solution.

Is There an Alternative to Taking Borax?

Some will be uncomfortable with taking any amount of borax internally. Taking a boron supplement will, in many cases, achieve a similar result.

Continue on to read the hundreds of posts that have been sent into Earth Clinic since 2002 regarding the health benefits of borax. Our reader feedback section on borax is extensive and not to be missed!

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Abdominal Pain, Bloating

3 User Reviews
5 star (3) 

Posted by Merlin (Queensland) on 09/10/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I too have found a huge, albeit unexpected, improvement in my gut since taking borax powder (This didn't happen whenI was taking borax supplements in tablet form). Pretty much since the day I ran out of the tablets and used 'cleaning' borax (pure with no additives) I have noticed this effect. I told my mother about it as she too has had major gut issues that have caused her serious pain for over 20 years. She has been diagnosed with IBS and told basically that she has to live with it. She too has have next to no issues since taking borax powder (1 tsp dissolved in 1 l of water, then add 1 tsp of this liquid to a glass of water to drink every day, sometimes 2x a day.)

Replied by Gia

Do you drink sometimes 2 liters per day? or 2 glasses of water per day? Thank you


Earth Clinic's Ted recommends ¼ teaspoon (940 mg ~ 1,000 mg) of borax in 1 liter of water for men and 1/8 teaspoon (470 mg ~ 500 mg) of borax in 1 liter of water for women each day. (read article above)

Abdominal Pain, Bloating
Posted by Veesue (Sheridan, Wy, Usa) on 03/10/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Prioris, Bill, Ted, and TimH..etc: Thank you all so much for your informative posts on borax. They have explained my mild die-off reaction (herxheimer effect) from using it. I shall cut back a bit on the intake and continue on.

For the record, my apparent die-off reaction consists only of morning diarrhea.

The apparent positive effects that I have noticed recently have been that my chronic abdominal bloating has all but completely disappeared (I've literally had that for decades). Along with the bloating, general abdominal pain and discomfort have also all but disappeared, which included daily, middle-of-the-night deep burning pain in my gut.

Please note, that along with starting the borax regime, I have also started the “water cure” (Google it), which involves properly hydrating your body. These two remedies have removed a dark cloud of dismal depression that many digestive-related issues have caused me for many years. It feels like I have a new life. Cheers and blessing to all!!

Replied by Gerry
(New Jersey)

Can I just take Boron Capsules?

Replied by John
5 out of 5 stars

Things are dose dependent. All of the Boron supplements I find are rather low like less than or equal to about 10mg. 1/4 teaspoon per day though dissolved in water is between 115mg-158mg depending on the measuring spoon and how level or round your scoop is. That is a huge delta in dose. I have heard of 50mg-60mg tablets but have never actually seen them for sale.

In the late 1980's and early 1990's as a high school athlete the ones sold to athletes where 3mg-6mg - again far lower than what you get in a rather common dose of 1/4 teaspoon of borax in 1 liter of water sipped through the day!

I took 1/4 teaspoon per day the first 3 weeks then started to get diarrhea. I reduced it to 1/8 of a teaspoon a day for 2 weeks and all of the diarrhea went away completely. Some days I take 1/8 teaspoon some days I take a 1/4 and I am fine.

In theory anything is better than not taking borax so if someone was really sensitive or had IBS you could start at 1/16th of a teaspoon and slowly over weeks and months build up to 1/4 teaspoon. Evidence is showing that observational with individuals that you can get a lot of health benefits at varying does but the higher the dose the more consistent the results seem to be.

In post menopausal women a lot of individuals have found that reversing osteoporosis takes around 150mg of borax, vit and 400mg-600mg of magnesium per day to reverse it and that is a far higher dose than someone without osteoporosis needs. In those without severe fluorosis or osteoporosis that have healthy bone mass, 50mg per day seems to be the sweet spot but again you need magnesium and vitamin D3 in the diet. It is thought that enzymes and mineral metabolism is how boron works it's many benefits. Some people probably get enough minerals in their diet but for most Americans minerals and Vitamin D3 and iodine are almost always low. Iodine helps to keep your body from depositing fluoride in your bones.

Replied by John

Please edit your comment. It currently says "(1 tsp dissolved in 1 l of water, ", but there is something missing, ie cup, gallon?

EC: One teaspoon dissolved in one liter of water...

Dean M.

I believe 1 l should be 1 L or better yet, 1 liter. A liter is a fractional bit over a quart in volume.


read article above ..... don't depend on others....


L stands for liter

or quart

Replied by Jody

@John from Michigan:

"...150mg of borax, vit and 400mg-600mg of magnesium per day" "vit"? Do you mean Vitamin D3 or what? New information shouldn't involve guessing.

Replied by Marinko

I read thru comments. It's “funny “ how many people can't educate themselves thru their own observations and symptoms. Of course, school medicine isn't helping either. To many doctors are 30-40 years behind todays knowledge. What is Borax? It's simple question. Detergent. It dissolve fats. Clean dirty fat from things. What are most dangerous toxins in human body? Don't ask doctors. Fat soluble. If you are lucky, you are going to store them in fat tissues. If not, organs and arteries. Liver is working hardest from 11 pm till 3 am. If you woke up and have heartburn, or can not get back to sleep, thats liver recycling old stored toxic fats. Ooops. I forget that I am not “ medicine man”. Take fiber and binders to stop recycling of toxins and lower Herxeimer reaction. Toxins are really corrosive, especially heavy metals( positiv charged/ different story). Turpentine? Solvent. MCT C8? Solvent.... When Herxing, don't take fish, krill oil, Vitamin D, sardines....

Eardrum Manna

lol . No!!! It's not detergent. Like so many others. You forgot to read the second word on the box. BOOSTER!!! It's helps clean. It clearly says it is not detergent. Besides, it's just salt dude.


It is a detergent, my grandmother used it in our launder in the 50's and 60's else why would she use salt to wash clothes?


Borax is anti-bacterial and anti fungal which is the reason it's so good to add to a laundry..It also chelates heavy metals from your body-another reason it's so good for arthritis etc. etc.


Can you elaborate more on the corrosive toxins and solvents relation?

And why not take D3, omega3, etc while herxing?


There is ONE ingredient in Borax. It is a mineral.

Sodium tetraborate

I've taken it for close to 8 years. I never get sick and it helps in many areas. I primarily take it for unblocking arteries. It has done that.


How do you know it has unblocked your arteries? That is awesome!

John Scot

I would also like to know- does borax actually unblocks arteries so can this be true... This question must be answered if possible...


What dose are you using and how often and how long did it take to achieve your results of clearing the arteries?


@Marinko, How much borax would you take to detox heavy metals and other fat soluble toxins? What fiber is best to eat? What else can be done to eliminate toxins? Please contact me if you want to chat about detox methods, I am intensely researching detoxing methods as well: antoinebechamp444 (at) protonmail (dot} com Thank you

Peg Futrell
(Virginia, USA)

I have been detoxing for 3 years, after discovering a load of heavy metals, microbes and radiation poisons that almost ended my incarnation this time round.

Recently I have discovered heavy calcification that occurs due to microwave radiation exposure (cell, wifi, wireless phones, 5G, etc., ovens, smart meters ... you get the idea.) The voltage gated calcium channels are affected by frequencies in this range and this can increase the intake of calcium into our cells by 7000 times! Check out this interview of Dr. Martin Pall by Mercola:

What to do? Get the calcium out! Recently I have tuned into Tony Pantalleresco, a Canadian herbalist. He has many Youtube videos, including this one:

And also has "recipes" on his website, mentioned in the youtube videos.

His recipes and protocols are the best! Borax is right up there in his recommended list, along with sodium thiosulfate, iodine and other easily procurable items. His youtube channel:

Good luck detoxing.

Arthritis, Bad Breath

2 User Reviews
5 star (2) 

Posted by Happy (Iowa) on 10/22/2017
5 out of 5 stars

The borax mix treatment:

I had pain in my knees and fingers. I started using this mix and its only been one week and my knees don't ache going up the stairs. I will continue for a while longer. My daughter had a foul breath and the second day after taking the mix she has no bad breath.

Replied by Blueridge Mountain
(North Carolina)


Did you mix the Borax with something else and rub it on your knees or mix it with something and take it by mouth? Please clarify bc my knees are bothering me now that the weather be changing. Also, does your daughter have to take the mix every single day to keep the bad breath away? Thank you

Replied by bilja
5 out of 5 stars

Borax works great for not just bad breath, but in a toothpaste too. I make it with approx 1tsp coconut oil organic, 1tsp borax, mix till all blend nicely, ok maybe still feel some grainy texture here and there. also add drops of teatree oil at first, but actually prefer adding a drop or two when putting on a toothbrush, right before brushing. Once all brushed nicely, I then pull the oily content as in “oil pulling”, then spit out after 2mins.

Adding borax makes substantial difference in how my gums feel afterwards.

Arthritis, Herpes

1 User Review
5 star (1) 

Posted by Kate (Co) on 06/17/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects


I started taking borax 2 months ago. For arthritis in my knee which exploded skiing. I also developed the most painful disease known: CRPS. This was 2 1/2 years ago. At that time I also found out I had herpes. After taking borax for only 24 hours I was able to walk 3 miles. Herpes outbreaks stopped.

BIG problem is side effects. Gut side effects. I sure don't want to quit borax, but am concerned about the gut pain. Can anyone tell me what happens in the gut to cause this pain?

Replied by Art
1238 posts

In reply to Kate (Co),

I'm glad to hear that borax has helped your arthritis, herpes and CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome)!

I have gotten stomach pain after taking borax, but this is mainly because I have drank too much at one time on an empty stomach. If I drink it as Ted suggests by sipping the liter bottle throughout the day, then I have no stomach problems. I also don't start sipping until after I have eaten breakfast which helps avoid the empty stomach issue.

You don't say what dose of borax you are taking or how you are taking it. Ted's recommended dose for women is 1/8th of a teaspoon in a liter of water sipped throughout the day or basically a slow release rate which would be less likely to cause stomach upset or other adverse events.

If you are already taking it per his recommendations and are still having stomach pain, perhaps you can try lessening your dose.

The fact that you say you got relief in 24 hours of your first dose suggests that you may be able to get by with a significantly lesser dose than whatever you are currently taking. The majority of people testing borax have mentioned results in time periods of days, weeks or months so a matter of just hours is very fast and perhaps you are very sensitive to borax and could possibly get by with significantly less. For example, let's say that you are taking Ted's recommended dose for women of 1/8th teaspoon dissolved in a liter of water, try cutting that down by half, to 1/16th teaspoon in a liter of water. If you don't have a 1/16th teaspoon to measure with, just take your normal one liter mix containing 1/8th teaspoon of borax and divide it in half by pouring half of your liter bottle into another one liter bottle. You should now have two one liter bottles with a half liter each. Top these two bottles off with purified water and you now have a two day supply of half of Ted's recommended dose for women or 1/16th teaspoon per liter.

Kate, please keep us posted on how your experiment with borax goes so that others here can learn from your experience.



I know why it causes digestion issues. Borax is alkaline and neutralizes stomach acid. It's a good idea to take it with apple cider vinegar.

Replied by Jay

I wonder if the stomach pain could be because Borax is alkaline it might decrease your stomach acid and lead to indigestion when you eat?? Purely speculative. Inversely, taking an alkaline solution on an empty stomach can stimulate release of additional acid (in anticipation that you are eating) - this excess stomach acid with no food to digest could cause stomach pain as well.

Replied by John Taylor
(Newfoundland, NJ)

Borax is a strong anti-oxidant or positive ion. It will attack and break double bonds in chemical compounds by causing the electrons to draw to it. Double bonds allow electrons to circulation between multiple carbon atoms so the positive ion can draw electrons from a few atoms away. It has a preference for large chemical compounds. By and large our bodies don't use large compounds (Vitamin K2 is an immediate exception I think of as I say this). So this anti-oxidant is effective in removing chemistry we don't want.

if you you have an ulcer there is a weak spot in the stomach lining. Borax will attack the tissue there and cause pain.

Try drinking more of a diluted solution. This is what happens in the blood stream. If you have an ulcer, that needs to be healed first. I have written an ebook that explains this and more. It is better written and more complete than I can write on the fly on a blog. Amazon kindle, The Healthy Truth by John Taylor.

Replied by Alioop

I have read that it's the bad bugs in the gut dying.

Arthritis, Hormones

1 User Review
5 star (1) 

Posted by Leslie T. (Boise, Idaho) on 04/20/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Borax amount to take for women is generally described as 1/8th teaspoon (for women, men is 1/4 teaspoon) put it in a bottle of water and sip it throughout the day.

P.S. Borax has the same toxicity level as salt... It has a very minor flavor, slightly bitter. From my experience, it does seem to help with hormones and can ease arthritis symptoms.

I have tried the turpentine for candida and gut health. it did seem to help but I have not used it much really. I do plan to start a regular regiment of that and some other things soon.

Athlete's Foot

1 User Review
5 star (1) 

Posted by Dianna (Austin, Tx) on 02/04/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Borax for athletes foot:

After trying everything else you could buy at the store for his pretty much life long athletes foot problem - and not having results my boyfriend finally decided to try the remedy I kept telling him to try... borax - which he thought was poison him instantly but he 'trusted' the OTC stuff at the store!!! LOL

He wet his feet and then took a handful and rubbed it all over his feet.

He said they stopped itching immediately! He was stunned.

A few weeks later I asked him how his athletes foot was and he said: oh wow! It hasn't come back! That stuff totally cured it!!!

Now he tells all his friends about borax ;)

Replied by Julius
(Louisville, Ky)
1 posts

I would like to know - after rubbing his feet with Borax how long did he let it stay on or if he let it dry without washing off?

Autoimmune Disease

6 User Reviews
5 star (4) 
4 star (1) 

Posted by Boroan Health My Hashimodo (8020 Graz) on 08/16/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Ich hatte seit 2 Jahren Hashimodo zuletzt meinen verschwundenen Arzt. Er war Spezialist auf diesem Gebiet. Aber eine normale mit Bor und meinem Hashimodo ist weg. Ich habe vom letzten August 2019 bis heute 1/4 Teespoon und 759 mg Magnezium genommen und meine 2 3cm Calcium Promts sind weg. Wow, ich werde es meinen Freunden sagen, aber sie sind so dumm und werden nicht gesund. Tschüss

Google Translation:

The last time I had Hashimodo for two years was my missing doctor. He was a specialist in this field. But a normal search with Bor and my Hashimodo is gone. I have taken 1/4 Teespoon and 759 mg Magnezium from last August 2019 until today and my 2 3cm Calcium. Promts are gone. Wow, I'll tell my friends, but they are so stupid and won't get well. Bye

EC: We think the poster means:

1/4 teaspoon borax solution in water, 759 mg of magnesium, and low dosage calcium supplements for Hashimoto's.

Autoimmune Disease
Posted by Diane (California) on 04/07/2018
0 out of 5 stars

I took 1/8 tsp of Borax with a liter of mineral water 5 days a week for 5 months for help with my Sjogrens. After 5 months, I didn't notice any improvement at all. Could the problem be that I used mineral water?? I see you stated that it should be either distilled or clean water w/o minerals. I was going to start again (after resting a few months) but with 1/4 tsp this time. The Sjogrens has me down to about 94 pounds because it is going after my digestive system. I was up to 97 pounds before starting the Borax -- but went down to 94 after I was on it. Maybe because I wasn't eating nuts? Anyway, before I start again, I want to ask about the mineral water and if that could have been the reason I got no results after 5 months. Thank you.

Autoimmune Disease
Posted by Candybeagle (Ohio) on 05/09/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I have scleroderma. My hands were sore, stiff and swelling. Getting digital ulcers every couple of mths. The borax protocol seem to help the symptoms plus was feeling better in general. I also take colloidal silver msm in green juice, water kefir, probiotics, colostrum plus some other supplements and essential oils. Autoimmune disease is epidemic and yet you hear very little about it. It effects each person individually. Drs just want to give us drugs to suppress the symptoms instead of attacking the root cause of the disease and seems like the research doesn't do anything to prevent the disease. It all starts with leaky gut syndrome. When we can't absorb essential nutrients then our bodies cannot fight off invaders or heal itself. Most AI patients are deficient in Vit. D3, boron and K2. If the body does not have theses essential components then you develop disease such as cancer or AI. They say 1 in 200 people have these diseases and most do not know it. So bringing awareness to people is critical to getting a cure and methods of prevention.

I find the Borax is effective. So when someone worries about the "safety" of the this I always tell them the drugs that are prescribed for my illness are far more "dangerous" than this. LOL.

Replied by Jacqueline
5 out of 5 stars

I agree the drugs I was taking for rheumatoid arthritis almost destroyed my mind.

I was taking Leflunomide 20 MG and Prednisone, this combination was a nightmare for me. Now I drink Borax and also drink Marshmallow root tea and I feel so much better my fingers are no longer swollen and the stiffness in my shoulders has improved after only 1 week.

(New Zealand)

How much borax are you using and how often? My mum has rheumatoid arthritis and is looking for alternative medicines and we have been looking at borax and its health properties. Can you please get back to me about this? Many Thanks, Taran

(New Zealand)
6 posts

Hi Taran,

You will find the recipe at the top of the thread. You can also find many helpful guidelines at: by David Niven Miller. I like both sites as I've found them to be the most helpful for some conditions that I have that are unusual.

Cheers, Adrienne (also in New Zealand)

Replied by Amanda M.

Thank God for people like Earthclinic and guest that are willing to post what works for them. We cannot or rather should not be so trusting towards the medical doctors. We see the doctor 15 minutes a visit every 2-3 months, and putting our lives in their hands, very big mistake. (No one get rich off me) Stop going to these doctors that are keeping you barely alive. Medical Standard of care is a guide used to treat a sickness or disease, not to cure it. Thus, keeping patients coming back, thus feeding our Giant Pharma, and insurance, and guess who runs that?

I am responsible for my life. I know my symptoms, I should learn the cure, and here it is, right in the palm of our hands,, all you want to know. What more can we ask for.

"Health care is a trillion-dollar industry in America, but are we getting what we pay for?

Rosenthal's new book, An American Sickness, Examines the deeply rooted problems of the exsting health care system and also offers suggestions for a way forward. She notes that under the current sysem, it's far more lucrative to provide a life time of treatment than a cure."

Replied by Linda

For your infomation, there is parasite epidemic in America. We go to doctors who DO NOT HELP. We have to self-treat with herbs, animal dewormers and other vitamins and treatments. Parasites are major cause of many stomach problems, Chrons, IBS, leaky gut, etc. FB groups are exploding exponentially.


Linda, you are absolutely on the spot. It's all caused by parasites of different forms, some are microscopically small and some can be seen with eyes. These parasites are eating us alive from inside and outside and they eat the food and nutrients that we need to heal, recover and grow. People like joe Joe Tippens have cured their cancer, by using dog dewormer (Fenbendazole), and Doctors like Tullio Simoncini cure cancer by using Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) and tell us that cancer is caused by a pathogen (specifically fungi). Then we have people like Andreas Kalckers and Jim Humble who cure autism, cancer, arthritis, and more, by using disinfectants known as Chlorine Dioxide which is used in European Union to treat ALS

( and (,

but health Canada and CDC say it's toxic and can kill you :D. These guys Jim, Andreas, Dr. Simoncini, and more, tell you that these diseases are caused by parasites in the stomach and body tissue and these diseases are curable by using dewormers and other disinfecting agents. Borax is a pesticide, herbicide, insecticide, antifungal, and antimicrobial agent. It's not the mineral boron that heals people, it's the anti-parasitic effects of borax that kills the parasites and allows the body to heal itself. Tooth decay is caused by black mold and gargling with a solution of borax will remove all the infection from gum tissue and teeth and allows the body to regenerate tooth and gum tissue.

Yes, I know doctors tell us it's not possible, but I guess you know what I think about medical doctors already ;)


They took the page away in the link above, must have joined the new world order.


Autoimmune Disease
Posted by Kristina (Arizona) on 03/15/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I was experiencing a horrible auto immune condition called HS (Hidradenitis Supperativa). Very, very painful and debilitating. I decided to try the borax protocol to attack the autoimmune condition. In six weeks all symptoms of my condition had disappeared and it is 10 months later and I continue to be healed. I now drink borax water once or twice a week. I drink 1/4 tsp in the liter of distilled water once or twice a week. I give 1/4 of the above mentioned dilution to both my children once or twice a week. My Mom has been drinking it daily for 9 months (after seeing my amazing results) due to a number of health afflictions, and has skin growing on her legs where she has had open wounds for 30 years from a recluse spider bite. My coworker drinks the above mentioned dilution daily and has had a significant reduction in her rheumatoid arthritis pain. In fact over the winter she was shocked to 'notice' she was barely hurting in her hands at all... I was desperate for answers when I tried this and I'm so glad I did. Decide for yourself, trust your instincts. Good luck.

Replied by Patty

I started drinking 1/8 tsp to a liter/quart of water today.

I have autoimmune issues, including low thyroid, and the past 2 years have been fighting with rosacea which seems to be caused by mites. Mites increase when the body is stressed and immune system down.

Anyway, as weird as it is to say I'm drinking laundry detergent :), 20 mule team Borax from the laundry aisle for $4.97 is what I am using.

I created a paste of borax and hydrogen peroxide in my hand and used it on my face.

Replied by Patty
4 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

An Update.

My face cleared up by day 4. I washed my wash with about a tsp of borax at night and have been drinking 1/8 tsp in a liter of water through the day (4 days on, 3 days off).

Day 6, I guess I experienced what they call "DIE OFF". Felt very ill. Had 3 instances within 90 minutes where I became nauseous, very warm very fast, rapid heat rate and profuse sweating (within a 10-15 period), where I had to seek shade and dump water all over me. I even came close to needing to lie flat on my back but was able to recover. I went home after the 3rd time.

Today is Day 11. Still tired and not much appetite, achy all last night. Tomorrow I will cycle off Borax again.

(Woodstock, NY)

The "sickness" you are experiencing is the "die-off" of the toxins and/or parasites, etc. They need to be MOVED OUT OF YOUR BODY! You need to make CERTAIN that you are having bowel movements at least 2x per day! This is how they EXIT THE BODY! If you are not have 2 BM's a day, do the research you need to do to make that happen. Bentonite clay moves them out. Psyllium husks. There are tons of things you can do. Do an enema. GET THE TOXINS OUT! That is why you are feeling sick and tired.


Hi Patty!

What you're having is a die-off of the bad bugs in you. Please stay with the borax, it really made a big diff in me!


Magnesium tablets at bed each night will help pooping. If not, increase dose by 1/2 tablet each night until desired effect is reached.

Replied by Christine

Did you recover? What have you gathered from it? I will do every other day.

Replied by Annie

How is your experience going with taking borax? Did you keep going after feeling so sick? I am wanting to try taking this.

Replied by Judi
(Tullahoma, Tn)

Borax should be taken with a Magnesium supplement of 400-600mg per day. This helps the effectiveness, as well as minimizing the side-effects.

Please check out a full article on The Borax Conspiracy & dosage by Dr. Newnham who discovered its healing properties at site below (scroll down till you see actual article) :

Replied by Kl Mo
(Fort Worth, Tx)

I would like to know if the Hidradenitis has continued to be in remission since taking the Borax. Thanks for your feedback.

Replied by Jacqueline

Your dosage information is incorrect. I teaspoon of borax powder, dissolved in 1 litre of water is the correct measure for making the concentrate. Then, 1 teaspoon of the concentrate will give you 3 mg of boron. This can be added to (up to 3 teaspoons a day) if there are no negative symptoms from the 1 teaspoon. The 1/8 teaspoon of borax is added to 1 litre of water and that is consumed in it's entirety during the day. These are NOT to be taken together - it's either one method or the other.

Replied by Paul
(Boston, Ma)

Ted's and Walter Last's protocols are just so different from the amount you take..not even close...hate that...LOL

Replied by Diane

Do you know what KIND of water is needed for the Borax remedy? Should it be distilled or just regular water and NOT mineral water (since I received no results using mineral water)? Thank you.

Replied by Diane

I guess I'm going to have to wait until Ted can come back. God bless his soul. His help was amazing.

Replied by Teena
(Melbourne, Australia)
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Diane, I take borax with sea-salted bottled spring water. I also ensure to sup Magnesium. Maybe borax just didn't work for you, or there are other things going on in your body that it was working on. Most people are deficient in iodine, perhaps this (lugols iodine) or kelp extract will make a difference in your health. Just a thought. Since improving my reproductive cycle with a pot of fresh garden tea every day (the goal was better health through easily absorbed nutrients, this was unexpected and very welcome), I am supplementing vitamin e, Magnesium, coconut oil, vitamin c and have just really started Iodine properly after receiving the tablets. I will be starting high dose iodine after reading some benefits, this is the adjustment phase and fortunately with clean diet I have had no ill effects, started 1/4 pill, 1/2 pill now one pill daily. On my next few days off work I will trial 50 mg a day, initially for monitoring purposes. From high dose Iodine I expect cysts, lumps, stones and worse to dissolve, to not feel cold all the time, and for the disappearance of many moles, which from my understanding are a result of internal fungus. My best advice to you is to keep reading, researching, you are sure to find what your body needs to heal. Oh also add some herbs to assist the liver, an overloaded liver can not cleanse your body of the toxins that accumulate whenever pathogens, fungus etc are attacked. This (dandelion) is in my daily tea. Best to you.

Replied by Jacqueline

Elaine, how much pink salt to a gallon of water?

Replied by Tina
(Sydney, Nsw)

I diagnosed with Lupus, except for plaquenil, my body reacts badly with other meds: methotrexate, Mycophenolate mofetil, Azathioprine,

Can I use boron to ease my joint pain and hair loss? What kind of borax I should take? Tina

Replied by William Earnest

I'm not Elaine, but I would love to give you an answer. I have been drinking distilled water 15+ years. You must add the mineral sea salt such as “Real Salt” or my preference, “Celtic Sea Salt”. I was told not to use Real Salt or Himalayan pink salt due to mercury toxicity has been found in much of the Himalayan pink salt.

  • 1/4 teaspoon to 1 quart of water.
  • 1 teaspoon to 1 gallon of water.

I will be changing my drinking water to some really, really special water. Most folks have not heard, but please check it out; Google—John Ellis Water.

Remember, your healing is in your mind and in your hands.


Replied by Kameran

for Lupus you can use also with Borax

Peroxide hydrogen 35% food grade diluted



This will need to be verified, but it's my understanding that 35% hydrogen peroxide (Food Grade ONLY! ) needs to be DILUTED down to 3% before use. It can also be purchased already diluted as 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.

Replied by Cindy
(Illinois, Usa)
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Itching and psychological effects, both, always put me in mind of parasites - which can be horrific little buggers.

I think that, for most people, particularly those who are not accustomed to natural remedies or have not done some "cleansing", a vitamin C regimen might be a better starting place. And I mean, BEFORE one ever even starts borax. Nothing else, just vitamin C. No "decorating" with other remedies.

I would not start with a mega dose. Maybe just 1000 - 2500 mg every other day. kill some off on one day and let the body flush out the toxic little parasite corpses the next. Then hit them again. After 3 or 4 doses (a week to 10 days), they'll be too busy looking for a place to hide to do much reproducing at which point their numbers will fall more rapidly without increasing the die-off rate due to the interrupted reproduction cycle with a steady, every other day dose of vitamin C.

Of course, that doesn't mean one won't itch or experience psychological effects but both should start to decrease pretty rapidly after that first week to 10 days as vitamin C is a better - I.e. more efficient - anti-parasitic than borax and can also be used, by the body, to help deal with the toxins from the die off. Borax doesn't seem very good at that. It's more..."biological" than ascorbate. Ascorbate seems to work at both the "mechanical" biological level as well as the electromagnetic level. Which is what you need for toxins. For living "bad guys", like bacteria and viruses and parasites? You want a hammer. For toxins? You want a ZAPPER. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) functions as both. It is consumed during its activity but one of the byproducts of its own destruction is hydrogen peroxide which is an oxidizer which, in its performance at breaking down toxins, itself, breaks down into oxygen and water. Which is, in my opinion, what makes vitamin C more effective than hydrogen peroxide because the body's right there with it when it's produced rather than getting hit with it, all at once and coming out of nowhere, when it's consumed.

Automimmune Disease

Posted by Uncertain (LA) on 04/23/2021

Autoimmune issues and Borax:

Has anyone here with autoimmune issues been on borax for a while, maybe 5 years or more? What have your LONG TERM results been?

Bald Spots

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Posted by Cassidyok (Fresno, Ca) on 02/02/2011
4 out of 5 stars

We've been using 1/3 cup of Borax in a large hair conditioner bottle--filled up the rest of the way with water. It's easy to use in the shower because it has a pump. My sweetheart has a bald spot that's been bugging him and 10 days ago he decided he would start using the Borax for shampoo and Apple Cider Vinegar (diluted) for a hair rinse.

Today he trimmed his hair and we noticed ALOT of hair on his bald spot. I haven't been checking it because I didn't want to jinx anything or bring attention to him using an "alternative" remedy.

It is really working!! Thank you ever so much for this site. I refer to it often.

Replied by John1230
(Delhi, India)

He has tried Coconut Oil and VCO as well. None of them worked.

Replied by Kevin

Can I use a shampoo bottle???

Replied by Rommel V
(Lewiston, New York)

Would you mind giving us an update about his baldness story? Thanks.

Replied by RAJ

Would you mind giving us an update about his baldness story? Thanks.

Bladder Cancer

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Posted by Pastor William Barhorst (EC's YouTube Channel) on 06/11/2021
5 out of 5 stars


I'm 62 years old and cancer free! Read it! I remember getting planters warts because of all the marching with the new Navy issue shoes in boot camp. The doctors would shave the wart down daily then put a piece of hard foam with a hole in center over the wart to force it out with each step and kept shaving it down until the root would separate from the rest of the skin then grabbed it with tweezers and pulled it out! I did it myself many times after that. I'm planters wart free for over 40 years.

I used borax to cure my cancer. I'm adding more information to this four months after I posted this.

Today is Jan 22,2018 and I want to add that the Doctors at the Veterans Hospital told my family If I didn't go through the entire procedure they recommended including scraping the tumors out of my bladder then after it healed to fill bladder and hold it in as long as I could or I'd die in 30 to 45 days.

Well after the doctors forced the large equipment (Video cameras needed to see what they were doing plus the scraping and burning equipment up my very small in diameter urinary track), they ripped it from tip of my male member all the way up to my bladder causing heavy bleeding which caused the catheter to get plugged up which caused a life threatening infection and tremendous pain. I begged doctors to cut my member off because it swelled to the size of a cucumber and was just as green. I told doctors I will not let their urinary doctors touch me again. Especially after the doctor pulled out the catheter from me as if he was trying to start a lawnmower that wouldn't start! I filed a report against him after I left the emergency room with Patient Advocate at the VA.

Well it's been just over 2 years since I was diagnosed with the cancer in 4 parts of my body and since I started treating my cancer with Borax. So I am living proof it works! The doctors did an ultrasound to locate the cancers they originally found on x-ray after I went to them because I saw blood in my urine. They wanted to find out if they could cut the cancers out. Well, they couldn't find any cancer! They wouldn't document when I told them of my curing it with Borax but they haven't done any more testing to try to locate it. I'm going to have my Primary care doctor put in an order for further tests to see if they can find any cancer in me. But they said I would be dead 30 to 45 days and it's 2 years now and I'm still here. I took a table spoon of Borax in a 2 liter plastic bottle from either Gatoraide or Poweraide. I drink it slowly over a few day period. I also recently found I've been getting erections for no reason throughout the day and night! (I'm celibate for many years I might add.) Which for me decreased with all the pain medications I was on. I haven't had this happen like this since grammar and High School!

EC: We just discovered this amazing comment on our borax video YouTube channel. It's from January 22, 2018. Someone recently replied that they discovered on Facebook that the pastor died last year (2020).  It is the first testimonial about borax successfully treating cancer that we've come across!

The pastor's original post is here if anyone wants to read the additional comments:

Replied by Christi
(Atlanta, Ga)

My condolences. I am a bit confused by the comment “this is the first testimony that borax cured cancer”. You just said the pastor died. I am assuming it's from his cancer returning. Was it something else?

EC: No idea, sorry.


He did not die of cancer. He died because he said borax cured cancer, publicly. Do you know how much money they make from cancer? It's not rocket science. And, they haven't taken their oaths seriously. Seems, if they don't have to be responsible for previous acts of inhumane treatment, or, anything else, the govt abuses. We've all been duped! To expect corruption to cure itself is the cancer itself.


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Posted by Randy (Jersey City, Nj, Usa) on 01/12/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Based on recommendations I found on the site, yesterday I tried Borax to help relieve my candida issue. I have had long standing bloating caused by the candida. Just to start off, I took a very small amount (maybe 1/20 teaspoon) of 20-mule team borax in 0.75L water, and drank it throughout the day. By about 4pm, I started having A LOT of flatulence that lasted several hours. Didn't smell bad luckily, but had to go home after work and stay there for a while :)

By the end of the evening, my belly felt empty, with none of the pressure or pain that I have come to live with. Unbelievable! I plan on continuing to use borax for my issues. I will work up gently to about 1/8 or 1/4 teaspoon 4 days a week, for a limit time frame. Anyone interested in trying borax, I recommend it, but please read the borax information on this site, and work up the dosage very gently, it is powerful. Thanks Earth Clinic!!

Borax and Gut Flora

Posted by June (Florida) on 06/15/2014

Bill, what are the effects of borax water on the good bacteria in the gut?

Replied by Bill
(San Fenando, Philippines)

Hi June...I'm afraid that I cannot give you any real research evidence on whether borax kills good microbiota in the gut or not -- I have looked at the research and their isn't very much on borax. But that's probably because the drugs companies don't really want you to know about how effective borax is against both mycoplasma and fungus.

What's more, I've been using borax water regularly for the last 8 years or so and it has never made me feel ill (even when I used it against my candida). So if you want my own opinion -- because that's all it is from my own experience with borax -- I would say that it doesn't kill good gut bacteria.


A chemist back in the 1960's was commissioned to travel the world for all the info he could find on boron. Other chemists were tasked with other inorganics also. An encyclopedia set was then put together for colleges. If you can get your hands on these old encyclopedia sets it might be a very useful tool.


I agree with this comment it has something to do with the human ph balance where good bacteria live and thrive and Borax works on this human ph level... Chlorine Dioxide does this also kills off bacteria that is not on the human ph balance...

Replied by June
(Florida, US)

Thanks a lot Bill.

Replied by June

I have been on it for the last six months.

Replied by Anissa

For how long can I take the borax solution?

Replied by Katzie

You can take it for as long as you want. Boron is supposed to be in our fruits & veggies naturally but our soil is deficient in North America. If you keep taking the borax, it will help you during middle age too by assisting the parathyroid gland to help regulate your hormones, which is great for hot flashes.