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Borax: Unlocking the Health Benefits of a Natural Compound

| Modified on Nov 26, 2023
L4-L5 Disc Bulge
Posted by Rick (Irvine California) on 10/09/2023

I have a 6 millimeter posterior bulge in the L4-L5 area of my back. I had great pain whenever I lifted something, usually towards the evening. Taking advil at night would help yet the thinning of my blood taking advil would leave blood spots on my arms whenever they were bumped or scratched.

I've been taking boron solution for 7 years now. One teaspoon of borax into a quart of distilled water. I've been taking one teaspoon of this solution every morning and every night with meals. Which now I just remove the jar from the refrigerator and take a sip. This gives me approximately 7 milligrams of boron every day. I now have no pain when lifting and I love working on my race car and I can lift transmissions and heavy parts with no pain arriving that evening. The only reason I see so much bad publicity about boron is that big pharmaceutical industry just can't make any money off it because it's a cheap mineral.

All I can say is it works for me and I'm living proof of it and have the mri's to prove it.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Tessy (Pennsylvania) on 10/06/2023

Rhonda, I am very happy to hear you no longer use your asthma inhalers. I too have asthma and I hate using inhalers. Also, possible COPD. I am wondering if Borax would work for me. I started with a pinch in my tea today. Chronic Bronchitis is another issue. I figure I would give this a try. Thank you.

Posted by j (aus) on 09/25/2023

All Borax is the same, from the two mines in the world, America (20 mule) or turkey. Just check it is pure with nothing added. One of the best things out there, everyone should be eating it. A bath is a waste. Keep it stocked for your grandkids. My kids also have it and they have no cavities, strong bones, no fungus, we all wash our hair with it and have a pinch to eat now and then with magnesium chloride and magnesium sulphate. Has fixed many problems. Listen to your body, learn to listen and use your own head.

Yeast Infections
Posted by j (aus) on 09/25/2023

They are two different things but both work the same way. Boric acid is twice as strong, normally 22% boron. Boric acid is banned in Australia since 80's but was used on me to heal an infection when I was a kid by my grandfather (dr). I use Borax (eat it, wash in it, wash hair, brush teeth) MMS (chlorine Dioxide and the Bob Beck Protocol. Alkaline green raw juice (dr Robert Young) also works in the same way when you understand it all and you should try to learn about them all, I would encourage you anyway. Think for yourself. It is hard to unlearn

Weight Loss
Posted by Vicki (Centerville, Iowa) on 09/23/2023

Dorothy, Go to the top of the page on the right hand side and look under Borax Dosages for the info you are looking to find. Each person is different. I started out with just the tip of an infant feeding spoon and gradually worked my way up. Everyone's body is different. I found amazing things happening even when I first started using it. Listen to your body and make notes on the calendar, so that you realize what your body is telling you.

Borax Dosages
Posted by globalrapture (melbourne, fl) on 09/05/2023

I've taken borax for years now. I usually get a gallon of water and add in 1 quarter cup at least to a gallon ////I also add it to vodka and any alcohol I have on hand and let sit 48 hours........I also bathe in it. Borax makes you feel tranquil and peaceful. That's how you know it works.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Katzie (Cancun, Mexico) on 08/31/2023

Hi Leo. It doesn't matter when you take the Borax, with food or not. I take my 1Tsp by dipping my index finger into some Borax and then dunking it into my drinking water, then drinking away. The Brand does not matter, not at all. I have never had a problem with ingesting it with a meal either Y'dont have to overthink it, just make sure to get it into your body daily. It should be in the veggies you eat grown from our soil, but for some reason isn't nowadays.

Multiple Cures
Posted by leo (london) on 08/30/2023

Hi Michael,

Did you mix the teaspoon concentrate doses in water or did you just ingest the teaspoon concentrate undiluted?

When did you take the teaspoon doses in relation to meals?

Did you take it away from meals on empty stomach or poured it on food and or right after meals?

How much water you drank generally during the borax days?

Also, can you please post the link from where did you buy the borax powder, fortunately the borax you bought works... lots of borax powders do not work...

Thank you

EC: Sorry, Michael's post is from 2014 and he is unlikely to reply.

Bladder Infection
Posted by Linda (Canada) on 08/30/2023

Hi there... you might want to try taking d-mannose powder for recurrent bladder infections. It's a molecule that binds to bacteria in the bladder. Do your research and experiment with dosing but commonly, 1 tsp in water each night before bed will do the trick.

Borax Contraindications
Posted by Cara (Warner Robins, GA) on 08/29/2023

I am on adderall and have been drinking the borax mixture for almost a month. I do about 2-3 days a week instead of 5 (the reason being I forget some days... adhd lol) but I have had no issue whatsoever! If anything my focus, organization, and memory have improved.

Posted by Twomule (TX) on 08/27/2023

I use boron as a skin exfoliant. It leaves the skin so soft and lovely.

Arteries Unblocked
Posted by Art (California) on 08/27/2023 1955 posts


In his original post, Jon mentioned Borax, sodium tetraborate (the chemical name for borax) and that he is in Arizona, USA. Those mentions would very strongly suggest he was using 20 Mule Team Borax, which is very commonly available in the US, but not so much in the UK. Here is a link to the product here in the US :

I am pretty sure that it is banned in the UK, but seems to be available on ebay UK as indicated here :

The obvious downside is that the shipping cost is significantly more than the product and there could potentially be a problem with getting it through customs. If you are not able to get 20 Mule Team Borax, you may be interested in another alternative for atherosclerosis, which Jon said he was using the Borax for, as I discussed here :

While the selection of this particular supplement on Amazon UK is not huge by any means, it appears to be available :,aps,227&ref=nb_sb_ss_ts-doa-p_1_11


Arteries Unblocked
Posted by antoine (london) on 08/27/2023

Hi Jon,

Could you please post the link from where did you get your borax since the one you take obviously works. Many borax powders do not work.

Also, how much you took/take per day and in what ways? Do you dissolve it in water or sprinkle it on food, could you please elaborate?

Thank you

Lichen Sclerosus
Posted by Sherry (Virginia ) on 08/22/2023

Perrin's Blend is the best cream for LS that I have tried. I've had LS for almost 20 years. I am so sorry you have to deal with this also. I believe a vaccine in my seventh month of pregnancy may have caused mine. Only God knows. Within two weeks? Diagnosed. Never had issues until then. 😔

Bladder Infection
Posted by Dayna (New Zealand ) on 08/22/2023

That's amazing results, I made up 1 teaspoon into 4 cups of distilled water and take 1 tablespoon every day but unfortunately I'm still getting UTIs I'm also in menopause, so get them frequently am hoping that borax will help with mine too so I don't need to take dam antibiotics all the time.

Posted by Mj (Tampa florida) on 08/20/2023

Alit could be a parasite. As doctors in America practicing western medicine turn their heads away from the parasites

Multiple Cures
Posted by naturelover (orange county) on 08/11/2023

Hi Sunny,

First of all, Thank you for posting.

I recently watched a documentary by Dr. Jorge Flechas on Boron and Health.I was most impressed by natures elements (Boron) for providing a possible natural remedy for arthritis pain in my knees, shoulders, and mental clarity. After scouring the internet for a recommended internal supplement-product (preferably powder based so not inside a capsule-making it go directly into my system)with the different options/types I am now left uncertain of what brand and in what form to take. I have bought the 20 Mules Borax at the grocery store for years and used in my wash and as a cleaning agent; it cautions and warns on the label against taking it internally. Please confirm the the borax -boron you are taking internally is the 20 Mules Borax detergent from the grocery store- just taking in a small dosage of 1/8 tsp. in a liter of water? I am so happy that you have found some relief.

Thank you for sharing. Cheers to health

Bladder Infection
Posted by Suzanne (Australia) on 08/09/2023

I have suffered from UTI and was prescribed antibiotics, after discovering borax I have no UTI, I take under a 1/4 teaspoon borax in a litre bottle and drink it all day. and no antibiotics.

Borax Contraindications
Posted by JP (Vancouver) on 08/01/2023

Hi there, I was just wondering if there were any known health risks involved with taking Borax while being on Adderall medication? I appreciate all the help!

Multiple Cures
Posted by Sunny (India) on 07/31/2023

The following remedy not only fixed multiple symptoms after taking covid vaccine but also improved my appetite.

1) Morning:

  • Triphala Powder 100g + Borax 5 g (mix it together) -- 1/2 tsp.
    (Borax is available in Ayurveda as Tankan Bhasma)

2) Afternoon:

  • Lithium Carbonate 300 mg (Lithium is an OTC medicine in India) -- 1 tab

3) Night: 10 drops each of following homeopathic drops.

  • Valeriana Officinalis Q drops (Q indicates Mother Tincture) -- 10 drops
  • Alphalpha Q drops -- 10 drops

I generally give a break of 1-2 days after taking borax for 2 weeks.

This helps purging the accumulation of borax to a harmful levels.

The above remedy has reportedly worked for cancer and several other body conditions.

Boron Vs Borax
Posted by Teresa (Fla) on 07/31/2023

Could you please share where you got the information about dosing for post menopausal women with osteoporosis.
Thank you

Multiple Cures
Posted by Sylvia (Vista, CA) on 07/26/2023

Twenty Mule Team Borax - in any grocery store! It is called a washing soda in some stores- found in the laundry detergent aisle. Been taking on and off for hashimotos/arthritis/gout for yrs-my Rheumatologist agrees! Some on EC have suggested 5 days on and 2 days off.

EC: Washing Soda (sold by the brand Arm & Hammer) is sodium carbonate, which you can make yourself by baking sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) for 30 minutes, so people should carefully not buy washing soda thinking it is boron-containing borax. Here is a box of washing soda on Amazon.

Heavy Metal Detox
Posted by Nigel (New Mexico) on 07/24/2023

Life would not be possible without Boron. Boron binds to heavy metals, like the garbage they have been spraying on us for decades. Check out this PubMed article:

Weight Loss
Posted by Sue (Kokomo Indiana ) on 07/24/2023

What is the recipe for weight loss?

Thank you.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Antoine (usa) on 07/23/2023

Hi Sue,

May I ask you for the link from where you bought the borax you use?

I firmly believe that there are huge quality differences between borax products. The ones I tried/used did not work, the one you use is obviously genuine/real borax since it works for you and in such a short time as well.

In how much warm water did you dissolve the 1/8 teaspoon of borax approximatively?

Thank you very much

Multiple Cures
Posted by Sue (Westmoreland NY USA) on 07/22/2023

I'll start by saying I was skeptical about taking Borax-but after reading many of the posts here & on other sites-I decided to go for it. I figured worse comes to worse, I'd have an excellent cleaner!

Anyway-I was looking for something to help w/Hidradenitis Suppurativa-which is basically cysts in your armpits, sometimes in groin & under breasts. It's horribly painful & can be embarrassing-especially when they burst. Doctors have no idea what causes it either & is treated w/tetracycline-a strong antibiotic or biologics &/or incisions & draining them.

That doesn't cure it-they come back. And no one should be on tetracycline or biologics all the time!

I started taking 1/8 of a teaspoon dissolved in a bit of warm water right after breakfast.

I started it on Monday-today is Saturday & the cysts are all gone! I'm shocked it worked so quickly!

I'm also an insomniac-I have been since I was a kid-& w/in a couple days I was falling asleep easier & staying asleep! I've been able to go off a couple of OTC meds I was using to fall asleep also in just a couple of days!

I also have fibromyalgia & usually have a flair up a couple times a week-but not this week! I'm knocking on wood that I don't have any more of them-but even if the flare-ups are just lessened it would be great news for me.

FYI-I didn't really have any herxing & I'm hoping I don't-but regardless, I'd continue taking this amazing mineral.

Thank you, Ted, for spreading the news of this natural medicine! You've literally changed my life!

Posted by Regina (USA) on 07/22/2023

If I may add my two cents to yours and the other person about the purple liquid, it is called Gentian Violet. I never used it but for some reason I just remember the name.

Posted by Katzie (Calgary, Canada) on 07/17/2023

I am visiting in Mexico and of course, there is tremendous heat here. This is my 3rd time visiting in July, but this year's is the worst heat & humidity yet.

Yesterday, on one arm I developed some sort of painless rash, which had red raised bumps. It was weird. I came here and tried the Coconut Oil & Baking Soda mixture and applied often during the day. This eventually worked; it was completely gone overnight.

Today, after a shower & dressing, I came downstairs and was told my whole body was covered in what can only be described as "blotches" of red, every pore! I hadn't even had the time to sweat yet and I was fine when I dried off!

So I came back here and after reading posts of people drinking borax or using it in the shower (had already done both this morning), I decided to just take a dry handful and rub it all over me. Worked right away! Must've been the sloughing of skin cells, as blocked pores lead to heat rash, but I use a loofah in the shower every time, so I don't get it really. Starting to think my "exoliating shower gel" wasn't telling me the truth! At any rate, my rash was short-lived. Another use for borax, yay.

Healthful healing everybody!

Multiple Cures
Posted by Casey (Enterprise, AL) on 07/08/2023

How much did you put into the capsules and how many capsules each day?

Borax and Hormones
Posted by Annie (Golden co) on 07/03/2023

I take bio identical hormones. Can I still take borax?

Abdominal Pain, Bloating
Posted by Lillian (SK) on 07/02/2023

You have hit so many of my conditions! Thanks for your comment!

Hair and Scalp
Posted by Gina (Oshkosh WI) on 06/29/2023

I know you posted almost 15 yrs ago but here goes. Check out Barbara ONeill's youtube video on castor oil, she addresses bone spurs. She has other great videos too.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Pat (Ottawa, ON ) on 06/24/2023

Magnesium, you gotta take magnesium with the borax. Glycinate is a good one I think. Much like how some will take a bath with borax and Epsom salt (magnesium) and along baking soda is good to add to the bath as well. A good general rule of thumb is that if stuff is feeling 'stiff' or 'backed up' or 'tight' or anything like that in any sense throughout the body, there's a good chance taking more magnesium will help 👍

Posted by mr black (Ontario) on 06/23/2023

Get yourself some good quality castile soap, some 20 Mule Team borax, and some good quality epsom salt (not the cheap stuff from the pharmacy) mix it together to form like a paste and lather up really good in the shower head to toe then scrub and rinse off. Biofilm and greasy buildup on the skin will be gone. this could also be helpful for those with morgellons and heavy metal toxicity.

Posted by Amie (New zealand) on 06/21/2023

Hi, I would be very interested in knowing what the dosage was for your baby. I had a newborn with severe oral thrush and it got so bad she went off the breastfeed so I had to full time express for her. I tried so many things too. But not Borax. I wish I had known about it back then. Now she is four and we are trying to fight vaginal thrush

Boric Acid Vs Borax
Posted by Art (California) on 06/18/2023 1955 posts


Yes, boric acid(BA) can be used in place of borax. A little less may be required because the boron content of boric acid is a bit more than borax. Borax has approximately 11.34% boron and boric acid has approximately 17.48% boron.

So that would be about 300mg of BA (52 mg of boron)for a woman and about 600mg of BA (104 mg of boron) for a man.

By comparison it would be about 480 mg of borax for a woman and about 960 mg for a man to reach similar boron levels.


Boric Acid Vs Borax
Posted by Lu (Tripoli, Libya) on 06/18/2023

I have just recently stumbled accross many videos about Borox having healing affects on arthritis and many other ailments. My only problem is I live in a country where Borox isn't available but I can manage to get Boric Acid. Is it possible to substitute Boric Acid and have the same benefits?

EC: Hello,

I know someone who takes boric acid in capsules with his wife for the past few years. He said borax turns into boric acid in the stomach so he thinks it's more efficient to take boric acid. They are in their seventies. They measure out the boric acid using a scale and put it in capsules... a bit time-consuming, he said.

I will email him to find how many mg per capsule and what size capsules they use and reply to your post when I hear back.


Borax Dosages
Posted by Sue (NY) on 06/04/2023

I know, RIGHT??

Don't get me started on X-rays!

I've had so many in my life-I'm surprised I don't glow in the dark!

Posted by Neco (Austria) on 05/30/2023


Wegen reinugung im körper Giftstoffe durch Haut ausgeschieden, auch bei der Tuvalette und Schwitzen...!


Due to purification in the body, toxins are excreted through the skin, even with the toilet and sweating...!

Multiple Cures
Posted by cc (NY) on 05/29/2023

"I avoid all gluten, starch and sugar"

I wonder how much of your success is this vs the Borax? I tend to also do too many things at once and then can't pinpoint exactly what the 'miracle" is!

Mental Clarity
Posted by cc (NY) on 05/29/2023

"I share info at times, never pushy about it, seems to be a great surprise is that anyone still does Home Doctoring."

Seems pretty clear to me. He's saying that he's not pushy about his great findings (a lot of people only go to the Cabal for doctoring), and he's surprised people are still doing old tyme home remedies.

EC: Bit confusing but he's saying it's a great surprise to others whom he shares the borax remedy with, that people are still doing home remedies.

Posted by JHoff (Wilmington) on 05/26/2023

I've been taking 1/8 tsp of boron daily for about a week now and my joints feel better already, but my skin is super itchy. Is this related to the Boron or no? Thanks.

Borax Dosages
Posted by Jayne (Mystic ct) on 05/19/2023

Thank you so much for your guidance! I just started this Monday and had to cut back Thursday. your words have given me so much courage to take one day at a time on the path to healing We are in charge of our health and since autoimmune will never get cured by medicine we can stop the insanity and figure this out! I cannot thank you enough!!

Posted by Makac (Vancouver, Canada) on 05/15/2023

Peter you're suppose to drink entire 1litre solution in one day, same next day, etc. 5days on, 2 days without. Then you'll probably feel differently.

Posted by Thana (Malaysia) on 05/07/2023

Psoriasis. Thank you Earth clinic for helping me out my flaking. I had a few spots in my scalp for over two years. Doctors confirmed me as psoriatic arthritis. I have rheumatoid arthritis for over 20 years.

After reading some comments in here I shampooed my hair a solution of borax and water and drank a mixture of borax, ACV and baking soda. I am totally cleared of flaking but my arthritis is still active. I have been clear for over ten years now. Occasions of itch at the flaking spot I will resume with one or two shampooing sessions. I am back to this page after so long for some other issue and wanted to contribute and thank this site for curing my flaking psoriasis.

Autoimmune Disease
Posted by Jess (Phoenix AZ) on 05/02/2023

Yes, it does.

Food grade 35% H202 *must* be diluted.

Use 6 drops of it p/gallon of water.

Use 1/8 c of it, with 11 oz water for a meat disinfectant. I've been using this for YEARS. Kills any germ, bacteria, parasite - anything bad that shouldn't be in the meat of fish. Pour the solution over the meat or fish, cover and refrigerate for 1 hour. Then > drain off the solution, rinse the meat or fish and freeze, or bake, or marinade or whatever you planned.

Ankylosing Spondylitis
Posted by Jess (Phoenix, AZ) on 05/02/2023

There are many, many remedies that are NOT in the public domain - one must search them out. They are too big a threat to the medical/pharm cartel, hence not widely seen.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Lisa (Canada) on 04/23/2023

Thank you so much. I had terrible plantar fasciitis and had tried everything. I read your post, took a pinch in a glass of water and within 30 minutes had no pain. Can't wait to see the long-term effects!

Multiple Cures
Posted by Jean (Deutschland) on 04/23/2023

I suggest you take magnesium. Helps for cramps and balances excess calcium. Plus taken at night, it helps to relax and sleep better.

Posted by Katzie (Calgary, Canada ) on 04/21/2023

Royal Jelly is a nutritious substance secreted by worker bees to feed all of their larvae, as well it is the ONLY food that is fed to larvae to make Queen Bees. It is an amazing substance and very healing.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Hollyhock (America ) on 04/19/2023

Please look up the lemon juice and olive oil method to dissolve kidney stones. It's here on earth clinic and it worked for me!

Multiple Cures
Posted by Tom 70 (Auckland, New Zealand) on 04/19/2023

Boron and antioxidants complex: a new concept for the treatment of kidney stones without rigorous pain:


Clinical data

One investigator has reported the use of boron supplementation in approximately 30 cases to facilitate dissolution and/or passing of urinary stones with minimal pain. Boron was supplemented at 10 mg/day with and without additional antioxidants for 2 to 60 days. Boron was well tolerated without observed side effects.(Naghii 2014, Naghii 2013, Naghii 2012) In the absence of a control group, it is difficult to attribute these results to boron.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Alicia (Indiana) on 04/18/2023

Interesting on the kidney stones! I am curious if that would help me as well.

Arteries Unblocked
Posted by tom (paris) on 04/17/2023

Must be good if they banned it for Germans.

Hair and Scalp
Posted by Claire (Dallas) on 04/14/2023

Regarding Ankle with Bone Chip:

use Castol oil. Put like 6 drops on a piece of an old t-shirt...put it on his ankle, wrap it in plastic and put a warm water bottle on it for 30 min. Like 3x a week.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Michelle (WI) on 04/12/2023

Borax has helped my bloating almost instantly. My nails are growing faster and my shoulder pain is almost gone. My skin from my hasimotos is not dry anymore. It has cured interstitial cystitis that I have had since 2006. No longer waking at night to go to the bathroom. 1.5 weeks into taking about an 1/8 tsp. Answered prayer. Saw videos on tik tok.

Systemic Yeast Infection
Posted by KC (Hawaii) on 04/10/2023

Those itchy watery blisters are from gluten and it's an autoimmune reaction. Not to be confused because Candida die-off also produces rashes. It looks exactly like a fungal rash.

Borax Dosages
Posted by Jo (Canada) on 04/09/2023

Exactly. Walk around with your cell phone in your pocket all day...more radiation than sea salt! Internet blaring in your house, tv on, laptop on, phone near you, earths natural radiation on top of that, yeah a little or a lot of sea salt ain't gonna make no difference!

Posted by Bailey (MO) on 04/08/2023

Hello! I was wondering what kind of calcification you have in your body and where? I have calcium build up that is pushing on my lungs.

Borax Dosages
Posted by Eddie (TX) on 04/08/2023

Himalayan pink salt is radioactive.

EC: Himalayan pink salt indeed contains trace amounts of naturally occurring radioactive elements such as uranium, radium, and polonium. However, the levels of radioactivity in Himalayan pink salt are so low that they are not considered harmful to human health. The amount of radiation exposure from consuming Himalayan pink salt is negligible and comparable to the background radiation that we are exposed to in our daily lives. 

Multiple Cures
Posted by Seriously (Us) on 04/08/2023

I have stopped and started it several times without issue. It's just a boron supplement. My favorite thing about it is the wild dreams.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Art (California) on 04/07/2023 1955 posts


I've been taking borax for well over a decade and have stopped for months, several times with no problems. Now I take it regularly to get all of the benefits that borax may offer. I did however, see a friend who discontinued borax at her doctor's request for well over a year and when she started taking it again, it no longer worked for her osteoarthritis.


Multiple Cures
Posted by Loretta (Suwannee ) on 04/06/2023

I have read the reviews, once you start taking borax, 5 days on 2 days off but it doesn't sound like stopping is an option? People seem to feel reactions when stopping

Borax Contraindications
Posted by Dr Howard (CA LA ) on 03/29/2023

For a Borax solution 4% see says lab use but this is a simple disclaimer.

l use many products over the years and personally know manufacturers that say lab use only, but the product is pure. They don't want to be blamed for any ‘wrong' uses. Can't blame them.

Much easier to use premade totally dissolved in solution borax pure lab grade to use in topical applications.

Breathing Issues, Energy
Posted by Dr Howard (CA LA) on 03/28/2023

This is the principle of homeopathy micro amounts of the remedy in pills or liquid after it's diluted and drop shaken many times. Borax is a homeopathic remedy it works with no side effects. I have taken it.

Multiple Cures
Posted by andi (ireland) on 03/21/2023

That's wrong! 1 teaspoon is about 4 gram which is 4000 milligram. So, a third tsp is about 1400 mg and not 140... cheers

EC: David's calculation is more or less correct. The confusion is borax powder vs boron.  Borax powder is about 11.3% boron, meaning a ¼ teaspoon contains approximately 113 mg of boron. 

Therefore, 1/3 teaspoon of borax contains approximately 150.67 mg of boron.

Mg. in Borax
Posted by Denise (Superior, WI) on 03/19/2023

The description of this article says 1/4 teaspoon contains 940-1000mg. of boron in 1 liter of water. Just before reading this I watched a video from the same Earth Clinic site, titled ''Borax Cures and Health Benefits". In this, at 4:18 the lady says 1/4 teaspoon of Borax in 1 liter of water provides 110 mg. of boron. One of these should have a correction.

EC: Hello Denise,

Thank you for bringing to our attention that the paragraph in the article is confusing. We will revise it to ensure clarity.

Additionally, there seems to be an error in the word you typed. Instead of "940-1000mg of boron," it should be "940-1000mg of borax."

As mentioned in the paragraph above the one you copied from our article, one gram of borax contains 11.3% boron. Therefore, ¼ teaspoon of borax is roughly equivalent to 113 mg of boron, which is close to the amount we stated in our previous 2016 borax video.

General Feedback
Posted by Nemanja (Belgrade) on 03/12/2023

Even less toxic than table salt.

If you were to ingest 350 grams though, then you would die.

Fluoride Poisoning
Posted by Dr Mark (Payson, Utah) on 03/11/2023

With any detox, the kidneys should always be tested first before starting and strengthened if necessary otherwise the outcome will be unnecessarily less than expected and sometimes significantly negative.

A product (Kidney MTX) will usually prevent the negative reactions and resolve if they occur.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Michele D (Massapequa Long Island) on 03/01/2023

How do you know how much borax to put in a gel capsule

And what borax do you use?

Multiple Cures
Posted by Robert (Freeland, Wa.) on 02/26/2023

In reply to the long thread on borax side effects and measurements here:

I have used it for 2 Years, 1/4 tsp Borax in a liter of water 5 days a week. No bad effects, but Gout, Joint Pain, Body stiffness, skin Spots, mental clarity, vivid dreams, 2x Hearing, Hearing came in three weeks, joint pain a week, Gout hasn't returned, dreams 4 weeks. It is a life thing because foods are Boron deficient, synthetic fertilizers grow crops. Chicken fertilizer is best so I'm trying thing in my garden, land not been in production before. If I take a break, body stiffness is the first effect to return. I'm 57.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Diana (Rome, GA) on 02/23/2023

Thank you for your post. What are the dosages you use and frequency. Did you experience adverse side affects at any time and needed to adjust or take a break?

Multiple Cures
Posted by Becky H (WA) on 02/20/2023

My son went on an all meat diet and his psoriasis cleared up. Nothing else worked.

Borax Decahydrate 99.9%
Posted by ROSINA (LONDON UK.) on 02/08/2023

Hi Ashley,

Yes, I can confirm I purchased the exact same Borax Dehydrate. I didnt purchase it from a chemical company, I bought it from a seller on for about £20.00 a kilo I think. I had no problems with the seller who was very nice, and I received it within a few days. I also live in the Uk, East end of London lol. I hope this eases your mind. Rosina Lock from london UK

Multiple Cures
Posted by Helena (london) on 02/07/2023

Hi Dee,

How much borax do you take per day?

Do you dissolve the powder in hot water first and then drink or place the powder on tongue and wash it down?

When do you take your borax doses during the day, I.e. first thing in the morning and before sleep or at noon?

When do you take your doses in relation to meals, I.e. 30- 60 min before a meal and or 2- 3 hours after a meal on empty stomach or right after a meal or during a meal (like sprinkling it on the food)?

And could you please post the link from where did you get your borax? Not all borax products are the same... I tried some without success... your borax source obviously is genuine and works.

Thank you

Multiple Cures
Posted by Dee (Work ) on 02/07/2023

The same with me! I stopped taking borax. My knees hurt so bad and I remembered I wasn't taking borax and went back on, and my knees stop hurting in around a week!

Multiple Cures
Posted by Wanda (TX) on 02/07/2023 26 posts

Going on a carnivore diet helped me with all of that! Especially broth with unflavored gelatin! It's the “glue” that keeps you together (my grandmother always said)! Now I'm strict carnivore! Love it!

Posted by Jimsiggy (AL) on 02/04/2023

I soak shoes with borax-saturated water and let them dry, in order to prevent foot fungus.