Children's Home Remedies

Discover time-tested natural cures for children which are items you may already have in your cupboard (like apple cider vinegar or coconut oil), are quite inexpensive and rarely have side effects!

Add your own remedy or browse through our rapidly growing list of remedies for ailments like fever, asthma, acid reflux, enlarged adenoids, and more. Your feedback on children's health and natural home remedies is greatly appreciated!

Additional children's remedies can be found on this page.


Acid Reflux in ChildrenAdenoids, EnlargedAlopeciaApple Cider Vinegar for KidsApple Cider Vinegar for KidsAsthma


Bacterial ConjunctivitisBath BombsBedwettingBrain Development


Chicken PoxChildhood ImpetigoColdsColicConjunctivitisConstipationCoughsCradle Cap


Dental HealthDermatitisDiaper Rash


Ear Infections in ChildrenEarly PubertyEczemaEnlarged AdenoidsEnuresisEV-D68 Virus

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