Natural Cures for Bedwetting in Children

| Modified: Jun 19, 2020
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Bedwetting (Enuresis) is a stressful problem for children and their parents, but fortunately there are some natural remedies that can help! Sometimes the solution is as simple as a nutritional supplement, other times the remedy takes a litte more time to implement, as in the bedwetting alarms. But parents and children alike are happy to have a solution!

It is quite normal for a child to still need diapers at night for a good while after he is dry during the day. In this case, tincture of time is the only remedy needed. This is particularly true for children who potty train early.

Nutrients and Herbs for Bedwetting

At least one Earth Clinic reader has found that a simple calcium-magnesium-zinc supplement cured bedwetting in their child. Others report that a B-12 deficiency can cause bedwetting. Cayenne pepper was a help to with his bewetting, according to one of Earth Clinic's readers.

Chamomile is an herb that is sometimes recommended for bedwetting. (1/4 - 1/2 cup chamomile tea a couple of times a day, but not right before bed.) A teaspoon of blackstrap molasses each day may also be of help, it also has calcium and magnesium, among other nutrients.

In his book, Folk Medicine, D.C. Jarvis, recommends a teaspoon of honey at bedtime for bedwetting, as honey is hydroscopic; it absorbs/attracts water.

Diet and Bedwetting

Dairy products, especially ice cream in the evening have been linked to bedwetting. Bedwetting seems to run in families as well. Constipation has also been associated with bedwetting. Completely withholding fluids in the evening is not recommended. Going to bed thirsty is uncomfortable, and usually this does not help anyway. A child may do well to only have water to drink after dinner-time. Juice drinking encourages drinking more liquid than water alone.

Dealing with the Emotional Aspect of Bedwetting

Shaming or punishing a child is NEVER the solution to bedwetting. Certainly the child is as distressed as his parents over this problem. Parent must have patience and love towards their child. More stress is never the answer to a health problem. Matter of fact conversation about the issue is important. Older children can be helped to deal with the entire situation on the own, if taught where the disposable overnight underwear are kept and what to do with them in the morning. Independence in this area will help preserve their dignity. Siblings must not be allowed to tease an older bedwetter.

Please read on below and see what others are finding helpful for bedwetting. If you have a natural cure for bedwetting, be sure to send us some feedback.

Allergy Connection

Posted by Karen (United States Of America) on 12/28/2018
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If your child is wetting the bed longer than normal, PLEASE take the child for allergy tests. I wet the bed until age fourteen, and we never knew why, my parents put me through Hell over it. Then when I had a son he wet the bed until second grade. I happen to read a book that said that when a child's nose is plugged up he wakes up and the bladder releases and the bed is wet. When he goes back to sleep that bladder tenses back up, but each time the plugged up nose wakes the child up over and over this just repeats itself. Depriving the child of fluids doesn't work either.

Constipation Connection

Posted by Kristy (Seattle, Wa) on 01/16/2012
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My son has had issues with bedwetting. From going to the Dr several times he has been diagonosed with constipation. Keeping on top of that with childrens probiotics, clean diet, plenty of water and exercise it has improved tremendously.

Cranberry, D-Mannose, and Vitamin C

Posted by Misty (Usa) on 11/21/2018
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My son was on the late side of potty training. Then he was not dry through the night until about age 7. But he would still have accidents often, it seemed. Or, partial accidents.

I noticed that when he was sick he had less accidents. I started to realize that perhaps it was because he was taking a lot of vitamin c. Maybe the accidents were related to having a low grade UTI.

I started to give him a supplement each day that had D-mannose, vitamin C and cranberry in it.

His little accidents have stopped.

So my suggestion is to check for a UTI for children who struggle with accidents past when they should have stopped.

For the record, dairy in the evenings would pretty much guarantee an accident for him at night. I still avoid dairy after dinner.


Posted by Pip (Hamilton, New Zealand) on 07/30/2015
5 out of 5 stars

After nearly a year of trying everything for my five/six year old the thing that finally worked was D-Mannose. Between the ages of 3-5 he had actually been pretty good, was dry most of the time, but then steadily got worse until he seemed to almost lack bladder control during the day as well. I read yet another thing on yet another forum trying to find answers and it actually made sense. The person said that boys in particular can have a build up of bad bacteria in the bladder which can lead to bedwetting. UTIs can also cause bedwetting (though he didn't appear to have one). The suggestion was to use D-Mannose which is commonly used for UTIs, having used it myself a few years back. The bad bacteria clings to it and gets washed out of your body.

After about the second day on it he has been dry ever since, and even started getting himself up to go at night (previously he seemed comatose all night, there was no waking him). I still give him a little bit (half a teaspoon) every two days since doing the initial course suggested on the bottle. I also give him cranberry juice occasionally for good measure, and recently started probiotics as well for a more permanent fix. I think it was necessary to think long term because there was a few days where I slackened off thinking he was 'all fixed', and he had a bit of a whoopsie one day first thing in the morning.

This has been life changing (the washing! ) and worked really fast. I had literally tried everything else. I hope this helps someone, it's a very hard situation for a family.

Dietary Changes

Posted by Bk (Texas, US) on 10/11/2014
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My son had bad bedwetting up till 12-13 years old. We often wouldn't let him have sleep overs because of it. Would have to wash sheets everyday. He was one of those deep sleepers that would sleep right through it. We took him off dairy products and it made a huge difference and now he has finally grown out of it. I would suggest trying this if you have not.

General Feedback

Posted by Wendy (Orillia, Ontario Canada) on 09/05/2009

Urine smells can be gotten out of mattresses by using straight white vinegar. I put it in a spray bottle and spray it on and leave it for the day. If it is especially bad, I pour on the vinegar and leave it. It gets rid of it completely. I have 3 kids and lots of accidents ;-)

Moisture Detecting Electrodes

Posted by Lacey (Bonney Lake, WA) on 04/07/2009

My son is 10 yeas old and has a bed wetting problem. I was told about that moisture detecting electrodes as well, and was told it was $100. We don't have money that kind of money. Do you know of another way? And do you know of a way to get the smell out his bed?

Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn.) on 04/07/2009 512 posts

To Lacey from Bonny Lake, Wa.

I have been told that 1 tsp. of honey at bedtime will stop bedwetting. Make sure the honey you buy is produced within 50 miles of your home. This is one of thosoe things that will not harm unless he is allergic to honey (don't know of anyone who is though).

Posted by Michael (tempe, Az) on 10/09/2008
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Hi. our youngest son was a bed wetter for a long time - he was a very deep sleeper. We used one of the moisture detecting electrodes inserted in the front of his diaper and connected to an alarm. this worked very well... they can be perchased at most medical shops. We had to experiment with a couple of different brands before we found the right one. Sorry that its not exactly a folk remedy, but it it does mean you don't have to use any type of drugs..

Plantain Leaf

Posted by Heidi (Fl) on 06/19/2020
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Plantain Leaf does wonders for my bedwetting nephew.