Osteoarthritis Remedies

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Treating osteoarthritis requires a holistic approach that incorporates exercise, rest and natural supplements. The inclusion of exercise in a treatment regimen enhances circulation while rest, when appropriate, relieves the joint. Additionally, certain supplements offer anti-inflammatory treatment and relief.

What is Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is described as joint pain and damage associated with aging joints, injury and obesity. The most common symptoms of the condition include joint pain and stiffness. Creaky joints and swelling are also common of osteoarthritis. Areas commonly affected include the hands, wrist, neck, back, knee and hip.

Natural Treatment for Joint Pain

Treating joint pain involves a multifaceted approach that treats the condition from all sides. Exercise paired with appropriate periods of rest aid in regulating circulation of the joint as well as relieving pressure. Supplements, including omega-3s and glucosamine, also help treat the condition by limiting and reversing inflammation.


Exercise serves as an effective treatment for osteoarthritis in a number of ways. Continuing to use the afflicted joint enhances circulation, offers repair and often aids in weight loss. Gentle exercise is best including such programs as yoga and tai chi.


It is also important to rest the affected joints as necessary. Resting the joints is typically appropriate for treating pain associated with sudden, acute symptoms. Cold packs and heat pads also aid in rest treatment and promoting healing.

Natural Supplements

Supplements serve as a third component of an osteoarthritis treatment regimen. The key for treating joint pain via supplements is selecting anti-inflammatory supplements including omega-3 fats, turmeric, ginger and vitamin C. Glucosamine is another well-known osteoarthritis cure.

One of the most common forms of arthritis, osteoarthritis is generally caused by aging joints, injury and obesity. Effective treatment options, however, relieve stress on the joints as well as reduce inflammation that causes pain.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Denise (Crescent City, Ca) on 10/25/2018

I recently got my sister started on ACV, the good stuff with the Mother. Anyway, I just got a message from her and she says it's like a miracle. All her pain from her osteoArthritis has let up. She's only been doing the ACV 1 tbsp in the a.m. She also never has taken any drugs for pain, so her system is pretty clean so to speak. Maybe that is why it is working so well! I'm thrilled, and wanted to share here with others.

I told her about the honey and Blackstrap Molasses post I saw here as well, she's just ecstatic about the pain being gone. She is 76 and had this for about 20 years at least.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Chrisf (Surrey, Uk) on 04/01/2016 4 posts

Following some research on the use of apple cider vinegar and honey, I started to use a concoction every day in the morning.

The reason for the use is to bring relief for sinus congestion and frequent sore throat.

What has happened though has taken me a bit by surprise. My increasing symptoms of Osteoarthritis have been brought under control, the pain is significantly reduced. My energy levels are increased, my sinus congestion is reduced, my sore throats ..... almost gone! The surprise though is the change to the Osteoarthritis. I suffer with this in my wrists and hands.

The mix I use is as follows: One dessert spoon of good quality honey, 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass and half filled with warm ( partly cooled boiled water ) stir until dissolved and just drink it down or sip it. It is quite palateable. I drink this in the morning.

Replied by Helen Thomas

I've been doing ACV for over 20 years, off and on. I add 1 tsp cinnamon and a lemon wedge to it, which makes it much more palatable. Both lemon and cinnamon have other benefits as well.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Michael (Va Beach, Va) on 06/27/2013

I've tried apple cider vinegar with honey for 3 months for osteo arthritis in my hands. So far non beneficial at all. Does anyone out there have any ideas to help? I can't sleep at night the pain and inflamation is terrible. Thanks in advance.

Replied by Anonymous

Try boron.... 6 mg a day. Google boron and arthritis. Makes my hands pain free. It takes a week or so to see the improvement. Good luck.

Replied by Kathy
(The Usa)

Hello Michael, It's difficult to know how to advise not knowing how you eat. Over the last twenty years I learned the flowing (anti-caking) agent in commercial table salt is the culprit and is in practically everything. I use a sea salt that is considered "real" and is available at health food stores. Keep in mind that the majority of what is sold in health food stores contain other ingredients that contribute to inflammatory conditions. Turmeric and ginger reduce inflammation. You could also try BSM (blackstrap molasses) in warm water.

Replied by Trudyg

I, too, took Apple Cider Vinegar for months (years, really) but saw no impact with my arthritis. Now I take 4 mg Astaxanthin twice a day and no pain. I also take serrapeptase whenever I get any sort of pain (migraine, muscle ache, etc) and it clears it up. I took serrapeptase for a twisted knee and, after a month, no more pain--from last summer and still fine.

Replied by Bess
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Hi Michael from Va Beach - Have you tried pure MSM for your osteoarthritis? Many capsules have additives so your best bet would be to use the pure flakes (available through health food stores or online). One "formula" found online to help rebuild joint cartilage uses glucosamine sulfate (750 mg x twice a day); MSM (2500 mg per day in divided doses) and, if you have severe arthritis, then add chondroitin sulfate (1200 mg per day). It takes about 6 weeks to work but should decrease your pain substantially before then. The late actor James Coburn used MSM (in very large doses) for his arthritis - it didn't cure him but it stopped the crippling pain. If you do an Internet search for MSM and arthritis, you will find some interesting material. Best of luck - take care, Bess

Replied by Anon

Hi, for the pain try Epsom salt baths or foot baths- try black strap molasses for arthritis and also boron supplements are said to help with complete recovery.

Replied by Om
(Hope, B.c., Canada)

Hi Michael, I have had that problem for most of my life, my hands becoming extremely painful as it progressed. Guess what! It is gone. For many years I have treasured the booklets on Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) by Bragg, and on Blackstrap Molasses (BSM) by Dr. Lust with all that wonderful info.

Osteoartrithis is, in the books of alternative meds. Due to lack of minerals. Anyway, I love BSM and for almost three months took a large tbsp. Diluted in hot water twice a day, drinking with a straw. After almost twelve weeks my pain was gone for over four years. ACV is essential to remove calcium deposits from the joints according to Dr. Lust and these two remedies should be taken together. BSM has lots of minerals and natural iron. Prescribed iron will bring problems such viral invasions according to my experience, but not natural iron content.

According to Bragg, ACV should be taken with a tsp. of honey (or BSM) for the valuable minerals which have not been assessed so far. Honey is not straight sugar. It has been used to cure diabetes if used over time in daily doses.

So, this is my experience. Even though I have diabetes, I am using BSM daily for its invaluable benefits. Anyway, this is another subject. It comes to mind that, a couple of years ago, Opra told everyone to take BSM. So there you are.

I wish you a speedy recovery and keep in touch on EC. Om

(New York)

I tried blackstrap molasses when fibroids were symptomatic but had to stop due to upset stomach. What is a better alternative?

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

Just do the Ginger tea thing for a few weeks. The science is there, it's better than ibuprofen and Cortisol. The ginger oils stop the inflammation, instead of just masking it.

Replied by Eddy
(Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I just want to let you know that you should google coconut oil and read everything it does for you. It's a super food. It will cure your arthritis and 20 other amazing things.

Replied by Connie

I use hyaluronic acid (it has 2 items in with the hyaluronic acid) 100mg 2x day. I do not have the bottle handy to tell you those 2 other items that are in the capsule. It has helped me a whole lot. I also heat a cup of water and put 1/2 tsp Tumeric in it and let it sit 15 seconds stir and put 1 tsp honey in it stir and drink. I do this a couple of times a day and it really helps also.

Replied by Michael
(New Zealand)

Thank you Connie for that information.

Could you kindly tell me how long your Hyaluronic acid and Turmeric treatments took to show results? Also, the other ingredients listed on the bottle would be good to know?

Hoping for a reply.

Thanks, Michael

Replied by Ila
(Hamilton, On)

If ACV isn't helping, try magnesium oil. While I haven't used it, I've read that you can apply it topically to the affected area for relief. May you be well soon!

Replied by Iowama

Michael, I hope what I write can help you as much as it has helped me.

When I first started daily use of a tea made with ACV, it helped. I was in my early 50s then and had ended a career in hands on horticulture. I too woke up with aching hands in the night. I'm closer to 60 now and no longer drink that tea, because other things have helped more. I make bone broth to drink and to cook with. I really believe in that broth as a great help for arthritis! I strive to eat no sugar, gluten, or soy. I only eat Irish butter (higher fat content than US butter) and some goat products for dairy, but am cognizant that too much dairy can cause inflammation. I try to eat 7-9 cups of colored vegetables or berries per day. drink plenty of water, and limit alchohol. I take a B complex, magnesium, potassium, CoQ10, and an eye vitamin each day. I seem to be getting the needed minerals by using pink salt. If I wake up at night, my palms do feel a bit knotted, but I continue to work with my hands each day and am, basically, pain free.

For me, there was no single supplement that did the trick; just the overhaul of my diet. When people on this site speak of Alkalizing the body for health, this is what they mean.

Replied by Michael
(New Zealand)

Dear Iowama,

Fantastic that some people are responding to older postings when they feel they have something to offer each other-wonderful community here on Earth Clinic! I got advised of your recent posting to-day even though my relevant posting was late last year! Thanks for that interest.

My story is a bit similar to your story of your journey with arthritis. There are apparently hundreds of types of arthritis out there, so it is pretty darn likely that the majority of us will have at least one type pay us a call in our lifetimes, especially as some of us are living longer than we used to (if you get my meaning) and therefore opening ourselves up to elderly maladies.

As our Good Doctor famously opined a few years ago, “I'll get to see all of you folks come through these doors eventually”! Ha! “One thing about old age is that it doesn't last long” he said, cheerful fellow but I suppose you need a sense of humour if you are going to be a doctor in this day and age.

You may possibly be interested to check out my looong list of reported treatments for arthritis(es) here on Earth Clinic.

However, a more targeted response (gleaned from this Site and trial and error), I have found to be as follows. This is helping me but has not “cured” me. Nevertheless, I am grateful for the pain relief I think the following regime has brought me over the last several months.

Upon rising, I do the oil pulling with coconut oil and occasionally olive oil (for a bit of variety).

On an empty stomach, I mix baking soda with lime OR lemon juice in a glass of freshly boiled and cooled water. Our rainwater goes through three filters but I still boil for this job. I could use warm water from the tap but my mummy told me not to years ago, even for cleaning my teeth in a cold climate! A half hour later, and after breakfast, I take a fish oil tablet, two alfalfa tablets along with a vitamin C tablet. In addition, I take an enhanced Turmeric/Curcumin tablet and I am fairly confident that this latter one is the Magic Bullet in my case. These little darlings take from about one week to one month to kick in and while they will probably not reverse the damage sustained over a lifetime of hectic, careless living, they seem to tackle the pain factor pretty well in my case.

I confess to having a couple of cups of coffee each day and that could be a tad acidic but I enjoy them and they keep me “grounded”. I still try my best to alkalise, eat more vegetables, drink more fluids to wash out the dross, & have cut out gluetin over the past four months etc etc. I'll be a good boy one day but it's exhausting! Time was, I just poked things into my mouth without analysing!

After (or during) the evening meal, I take my ACV and this has certainly helped my (former) digestive issues considerably. Straight away, it took away the gas and it probably assists the digestion of an older person anyway. It can assist in an alkalizing programme of course. Many reasons why it could be useful to take on a regular basis. Also, regular gardening and walking work for me. Positive outlook!?

On an ad-hoc basis I will take some magnesium chloride liquid in a glass of water, will increase my water consumption even further, especially if I am doing a lot of outdoor work, take my Boron supplement, enjoy an Epsom salts foot soak and put some gelatin(e) into my tea or coffee. If parts get too sore, I resort to my Soothe Cream that I have mentioned on this site before by slipping it under our Dear Leader's Radar (no mean feat! ).

A smoothie I like goes as follows: take half a cup of orange juice, half a cup of apple juice, one cup of water, 2 cups of diced pineapple, 100gms of organic gelatin(e), one cinnamon stick and a dash of organic honey(to taste).

Add the above (except the water) to the blender until you see a homogeneous mixture. You can then add the water. If you wish to stiffen it up you can stick it into the ‘fridge. When it becomes jellified you can begin to take a spoonful regularly.

Cheers & thanks, Michael

Replied by Iowama


Wow! I'm learning a lot here. Next time I start hurting, I will step up my game!

Thanks for your response,


Replied by Farmer

Maybe lugol's iodine and selenium. Or the whole iodine protocol.

I have been using an organic molasses for years with no issue. Recently I tried a different big-name brand because it had a higher iron content, and I developed abdominal cramping/discomfort and chest pains. After a few days it went away, but resuming the molasses causes them to return. I suspect the new molasses may be especially high in selenium as previously I had similar discomfort after taking selenium supplements.

Best of luck.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Alittlebitsassy (Langley Bc, Canada) on 01/14/2010

Better But With Side Effects

I have been taking 1 TB ACV in either 8 oz juice or water 2x daily for the past month now. I have osteoarthritis in both my knees and they ACV has helped immensley with the pain and inflammation. The only problem I have noticed is that I am getting some bad stomach pains and also racing of the heart this past week or so. Has anyone else encountered this problem while taking ACV? Thank you!

Replied by Peggy
(West Covina, Ca)

Hi, Alittlebitsassy, that happened to me to for the first two weeks,your body is detoxifying. I started with ACV for melasma and spider veins. Melasma improved just a little bit, spider veins got better 50% in only one month. I was not feeling anymore pain on the bones and loved the way my skin start looking, but almost quit because of the bad stomaches and feeling bloated. My mom convinced me to wait a little bit and explained what was going on. I don't regret it, I also lost some weight without even dieting and start feeling more energetic. I stopped drinking it just because of being lazy, but I already started again this week.

Replied by Lily
(Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

If you make soup by boiling the bones to make your stock using pork bones (bacon bones), chicken bones etc. then that will help with osteoarthritis. You get the chondroitin naturally this way. Cheers Lily.

Replied by Judith
(Lakes Entrance Vic , Australia)

I was diagnosed withosteoarthriris and have been using 6000 gr. of fish oil a day, this has loosened up my body but not got rid of pain. I am trying Iodine now as my daughter has been cured of a lump in her breast which was fibrocistic, but could have turned to cancer. She feels much better in herself. So do look up Iodine on internet this is a very forgotten mineral which I think most people are lacking. I will try the apple cider too. Judith

Replied by Ila
(Hamilton, On)

I've read that heartburn or other side effects in heart due to ACV may be due to a higher concentration. Try taking a smaller amount than what you're drinking.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Taqi (Hamilton, NZ) on 07/19/2008

OSTEOARTHRITIS: I'm male 62 and have suffered osteoarthritus at lower back areas. Have just started with 4 tsp ACV + 1 tsp manuka honey dissolved in a glass of luke warm water taken twice a day. In only couple of days I experienced better morning wake up as well as had better sleep during night. I couldn't yet be clear on the dosage of baking soda. If you can give me feedback it will be good. Thanks.
Another question: Pl suggest dosage for my grandson aged 6 who has sensitive allergy to nuts and some dairy products. Also suffers off and on chest congestion. Like to keep in touch with you. Thanks for your time.

Replied by Olivia
(New York, Ny, Usa)

Just be careful to buy baking soda without aluminum. That's what a naturopath told me. The same goes for using baking powder. Don't want to get alzheimers down the line. Guess you can find it at a health food store.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Susan (Tampa, FL) on 01/03/2007

2 tsp honey, 2 tsp apple cider vinegar in 8 to 16 ounces of water 3 times a day cured my arthritis, back pain and allergies. I was in so much pain for many many years with severe back problems, and then 2 years ago was diagnosed with rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. The dr. prescribed steroids, and 2 different immuno suppresant drugs and the side effects were horrible. I could hardly get out of bed in the morning, my joints and muscles hurt so bad, i also have fibromyalgia. I started this regimen about a month ago and saw immediate results. My hay fever has cleared up also. My sinuses are dry, usually I always have a bad post nasal drip problem. I feel more energized, and my body just feels good, like it is getting what it needs.

Replied by Kay
(Norwich, NY)

my name is kay and i have same thing you do.plus fibermylga.been in pain for 30 yrs.24/7.dr gave me mobic which causes heart attacks.plus other meds.i cant take any as i get sick from them,i read about the honey and vingar i started on it today,i keep praying to god as pain is so bad,my husband does my dishes as i cant stand over few mins,i am 60 and dont ejoy life at all,i am over weight 180 and 5 ft,i have sugar to so cant exersise at all,i just want to know if the honey and vinagar really helped you.
thank you kay

Replied by Poe
(Mesa, Arizona)

Kay, you should really think about medicinal marijuana to help the pain. It's completly natural and healthy for you.

Replied by Sreolin
(Sligo, Ireland)

Look up the wonders of LDN for rheumatoid arthritis.

Replied by Fred
(Curitiba, Parana, Brazil)

Kay, I have had great success in curing Fibro in 72 hours using Rife Technology. I mean the pain totally gone. I have seen this many times and it does not come back.


I have information that most of the Rife machines are not what they "use" to be so for some they may not work.

Replied by Jeanie B.

Can someone please help me with where and how to get information on Rife treatment for arthritis?


Many of the Rife machines are not like the original. I have info that tells why this is the case. Look up Dr. Beck BioElectric's Electromedicine is better.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Cathy (North Carolina)

I have been suffering for 2 years with bursitis and osteoarthritis in my hip. I have been on all kinds of medications for this, and it feels better as long as I don't stop my meds. I have been in so much pain that I could not hardly walk. I started taking ACV for 2 days now and my legs are not even hurting. I have so much more energy than I had before. This is so much better than medications.

Replied by Herbmama
(Springer, Ok/usa)

For bursitis, try walnuts daily too. I usually eat 10/day. and cucumbers! I've had bursitis in my left hip for a years now, but since juicing, it doesn't bother me as much!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Ginger

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Posted by Chrisf (Surrey Uk) on 06/11/2016 4 posts

Update to my ongoing experiments.

I have read about the use of ginger to ease Osteoarthritis. I have also used Apple Cider Vinegar as an additive with honey to relieve sore throat, sinus symptoms etc.

I must report though that you need to be really careful with the amount of ACV you use. One of the ingredients is Potassium Metabisulphate. Too much of this can have bad effects on different parts of the body. I started to get quite serious difficulty in passing urine. My thought process went into rewind to find a reason why I suddenly found it so difficult to pass urine and using a catheter was very painful during insertion when the tip of the tube got to the point where the prostate is.

I did some research about Potassium Metabisulphate and discovered that one of the side effects over too much in the body can cause swelling of certain parts of the body.....fingers, toes, extremities, but also the prostate. What was happening is that my prostate was swelling up and pinching the urethra and stopping urine flow. I stopped using ACV and within 3 to 4 days the symptoms disappeared.

I then read about ginger and results to ease Osteoarthritis. So I followed quantity recommendations and used fresh ginger root every other day. However the symptoms experienced with too much ACV returned. I checked the suggested quantity amount, but I also checked what components make up ginger. I was surprised to see that ginger is very high in Potassium. So I stopped this too and my symptoms disappeared.

Another vegetable that does similar things is Asparagus, be careful with this one too.

The moral here is to be very careful with things that are high in Potassium. Too much of it can actually be very dangerous.

Replied by Mally

I want to thank you for your timely warning that ginger has a high Potassium content. I've just been diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in my wrists and my doctor put me on Prednisolone (a steroid) which makes me feel terrible. But there is a warning on the tablet container not to take Potassium while taking the meds; maybe drinking ginger tea wouldn't do much harm, but one never knows so I'll be cautious. I'm searching the net for more natural cures and land often on the earth clinic website. I'm also doing the Borax cure following Dr Newnham's recipe. it's early days yet but I'm hopeful. thank you again Chris in Surrey. :)

Apple Pectin

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Posted by Lad (Bel Air, MD) on 10/13/2006

Apple Pectin cured Osteo-Arthritis and ganglion cycsts in the small knuckles. The hot-water/ACV soak recommended on Earthclinic was the most helpful topical treatment I ever tried for my painful knuckles. But when I started taking liquid citrus pectin, I noticed more lasting improvement during the day. When I later added apple pectin pills, the pain relief neared 100%. I read where pectin revives stiff, damaged synovial tissue - which is the culprit in ganglions. Doctor's only recommended Glucsoame/chondroiton./MSM, gloves, or surgery! I've tried just about EVERY arthritis supplement out there over the years, (including some fairly exotic and costly ones). But these very cheap, simple and widely available food-based home remedies did the trick for me. It's a shame they aren't more widely known.

Black Cherry Juice, ACV, Turmeric

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Posted by Goosebeans (Tulsa, Ok) on 03/23/2010

I have been suffering with osteoarthritis in my knees for years. After much research, I purchased Black Cherry juice concentrate and started taking 1 tbs 2x a day along with 1 tbs apple cider vinegar in 8 oz of water. I also take turmeric capsules 400 mg 3x a day. I am on day 10 and the pain that usually wakes me up at night has disappeared. I still have some stiffness but the pains are gone....nothing short of a miracle for me. I love this website, you guys & gals rock!

Replied by Tahiti
(Pittsburgh, Pa)

Hi Goosebeans.Thanks so much for the information. I am suffering with arthritic pain in my knees to the point of not being able to walk much at all anymore. All activities are limited and dependent on how much walking I would have to do. Because of this, I rarely go anywhere anymore. I am do to have arthroscopic surgery in about two weeks. I don't like going to the doctors, taking pills or getting injections. So having surgery would be absolute torture for me. I am going to try your remedy and hope that it will work for me too! Thanks, again!

Replied by Mumtaz
(Mississauga, Ontario. L5v 2y5)

My name is Mumtaz. I also have the same problem. I have osterioarthrits from 4 yrs. Its getting worse day by day. I had the arthroscopic surgery in both the knees but now again the pain is here and now I have pain in my lower back and also in my hips.. I just want to know how I should take this ACV, and cinnimon and honey. How many time in a day? Pls. Kindly tell me the contents also. I appreciate yr. help.

Replied by Edward
(Tawas City, Mi)

I can verify that ACV is a cure for many things, but you must try it, and stick with it for at least a month, THANK GOD FOR TED AND EARTH CLINIC... COCONUT OIL IS GOOD FOR OILING UP THE GREATEST MACHINE EVER... "YOUR BODY" CARPAL TUNNEL, ACHES AND PAINS, HEARTBURN, pH Balance, Heart Health with Potassium, joint discomfort

Ed Davison Jr, MI

Replied by Thanks
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

To Mumtaz & others, I also had arthroscopic knee surgery at the OsteoArthritic "Hospital" on Wellesley off Yonge St. in Toronto, Canada & only after the "simple, day surgery" was told later after a visit to my family doctor about osteoarthritis developing in the future as a result of the arthroscopic knee surgery! After tearing a meniscus and the leg swelling like a tree trunk down to the ankle, then scheduling the surgery after a "Doctor" at the local university sports clinic told me, literally red-faced, that I needed surgery! (which was cleverly sold to me by the operating surgeon Dr. Paul M. Toronto) which was scheduled 8-10 months after the initial injury, the knee and leg swelling went down within a few weeks, full flexibility (i. e. ankle able to touch back thigh) not yet as before the injury, but was much, much, much better by letting time and the body's own healing ability doing its job on its own, and all of this before the surgery! I should have listened to the inner voice and gotten up from the hospital bed that morning awaiting the anaesthetic before the Doc cut into me, even though as one of the hospital team informed me the procedures have become so advanced, "I would hardly see a scar on my leg".

If only I had known what I later learned from my G. P. even though I had specifically asked the operating doctor when I talked with him the one and only time before the surgery that I can expect osteo-arthritis in the knee as a result of the surgery.

I now know this case is not an isolated experience/incident and the guise of this needless procedure and its major consequences on one's life is the sole product of some professionally accredited liars.

I also, feel pain in my hip now on the same leg as the surgery (this reminded me of all of the ppl who were waiting at the hospital for hip replacements and I could not understand how the Creator would naturally make this to occur in our bodies solely on the basis of advanced years?

This I am sure is what is professionally opinioned to all seniors needing this done. Pls ppl do not believe the legalized scams of these professionally accredited con artists.

Good luck to all in your natural cures. Pls see the benefits and, yes, scientific studies done on the benefits of pimento oil (or "allspice" as many know from cooking a hearty meal) for osteo arthritic symptoms. I have not started using this yet as I have just found out about its reported benefits? Looks good, and seeming no need for worry about those pesky "side effects". Thanks.

Replied by Togoodhealth
(Alma, Arkansas)

To Toronto: "I also, feel pain in my hip now on the same leg as the surgery (this reminded me of all of the ppl who were waiting at the hospital for hip replacements and I could not understand how the Creator would naturally make this to occur in our bodies solely on the basis of advanced years?"

God did not do the above, it is our own selves that cause our problems in our bodies from all the crappy food we have been given through our young lives and then our choices when an adult. Herbs and spices are Gods healing medicine and that of ancient times. I wish I had know this long long ago, now I too suffer from OA of the spine in the form of DDD disc degenerative desease upper and lower spine. Spinal fusion does not work. I did research on it and it doesn't work. Disc replacement is new and the votes not in yet. Cherry's are very good in many ways see this site: http://shine.yahoo.com/healthy-living/the-miraculous-properties-of-cherries-330530.html

And the one that mentioned coconut oil, yay for you a fellow believer in the powers of coconut oil, but get the good kind not the cheap stuff. And if you are in the country where they use it for fuel to replace diesel lucky you! I am in the US and no one has done it yet. I was taking 3 tbs a day of melted oil and don't worry it takes fine. I have been forgetting to do it and I feel awful... So I just started now and I am going to get some cherries no matter the cost or juice if I can find it.

Thanks for all your suggestions everyone. Lets heal ourselves and eat Gods way for good health shall we.

Replied by Lucy
(Chester Uk)

yes lets eat gods way. I have been taking pomegranate extract as well as cherry juice as it stops the enzyme that contributes to osteoarthritis. coconut oil is amazing too for us and pets too.

Replied by Ruth

I just want to add more praise about Black Cherries. I too have arthritis, aka gout, I bought the Black Cherry juice, what a difference. With in 3 days I could use my hands again!


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Posted by Ruth (Glendora, California, Usa) on 01/21/2012

EAT BLUBERRIES! They really work! I eat them every morning that I possibly can and noticed that it reduces both pain and redness and inflammation. You can skip days and still get a benefit once you build up the antioxidants in your blood.


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Posted by Darmae (Mercer, PA ) on 11/28/2020

I have taken the boron supplements for years and no longer have any arthritis pain. (I discovered taking it in the evening didn't make me nauseous)

Since it's cheaper I started taking the borax powder more recently. I did get nauseous taking 1/8tsp, so I cut it back to 1/16tsp. I'll try 1/8tsp again after a few weeks.

Replied by Art
1945 posts

Hi Darmae,

For those who can not tolerate oral borax or are otherwise opposed to oral borax, Borax Lotion can act as an effective substitute applied topically. Here is a link to how to make it:


Btw, I recently found out that this also works for other arthritic areas of the body as mentioned by a friend of mine who was testing it on her arthritic knees and wrists which were painfully swollen, so it is not limited to just the hands!


Posted by Karen (Greenbank, Qld Australia) on 10/13/2008


Pat Coleby is Australian Animal natural care expert. Many books. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Cures based on mineral deficiencies in our soil caused by super phosphate/modern farming. Promotes use of Dollomite, Yellow Sulphur, Copper, Seaweed meal, Cod liver oil, rock salt & borax.

Been feeding my horses her diet for 4 years - NEVER GOING BACK to modern feeds. ALL problems gone with my horses.
Qld Itch is a copper defficiency,
worms are a copper deficiency,
lice/mites are a sulphur deficiency,
laminitus/founder is a magnesium &/or a calcium deficiency.
arthritus is a boron deficeincy.(Pat takes this herself & still runs a goat farm alone at age of 80+++- despite being diagnosed with osteo arthritus 30 years ago & told to buy wheelchair.

Can't recommend her enough - everything she says proves to be true - amazing woman - highly respected by CSIRO.

Replied by Sam
(Riyadh, KSA)

"arthritus is a boron deficeincy. (Pat takes this herself & still runs a goat farm alone at age of 80 - despite being diagnosed with osteo arthritus 30 years ago & told to buy wheelchair.

Can't recommend her enough - everything she says proves to be true - amazing woman - highly respected by CSIRO."

Hello everyone - With respect to the above mentioned post im greatly interested to know as how to use the boron.

Im 40yr old female recently diagnosed with grade4 knee oestoarthritis in both knees and feel the same burning in elbows lower back now. Done with pain killers and physio therapy. Dont want to go for knee replacement as the Dr. insists. Please please please any alternative medicines and home remedies besides our friends have listed are most welcome.


Replied by Catherine
(Wellington, New Zealand)

Hi Sam, check out the other posts on borax (boron). There is info on the website http://educate-yourself.org/cn/boraxconspiracy03jul12.shtml. The EC insomnia remedies include borax as well. Could be that dimunition in pain levels assist sleep.

Replied by Colleen
(Sydney, Nsw, Australia)

Walter Last provided this report on his website last year, with full information about borax (the natural, ionic form of boron), how to easily mix a diluted solution, and how much of it to take (costs pennies) - www.health-science-spirit.com/borax.htm.

As he advises, our soils are also depleted of magnesium. Calcium and magnesium are designed to work in partnership. Magnesium moves in and out of bones in order to hold the calcium in proper concentration. Without sufficient magnesium to calibrate it, excess calcium calcifies (ages) the joints, eyes, and eventually the organs.

Dr Mark Sircus and also Dr Carolyn Dean confirm that, the best way to supplement magnesium is transdermally (through your skin). I started this 3 years ago and the changes were dramatic within a few days, because magnesium is critical for virtually every bodily function. None of my GP's ever told me!

This is very affordable. I think the only supplier of the "transdermal" (preferred) form is the marvelous David Dartez - he provides it (online) in the form of concentrated pure seawater and calls it "Magnesium Oil", because of its slightly oily consistency.

Some general practitioners use it to treat children with autism. Pharmacists know about our need for magnesium but most doctors do not (maybe because Pharmaceutical giants sponsor medical schools and influence the curriculum). Borax was removed from the EU market last year, even though it's only as toxic as table salt, so stock up now.

Replied by Wendy
(New York)

That is not the only provider of transdermal magnesium oil. Please don't mislead people. Magnesium oil can be purchased under numerous brand names.

Replied by Jb

? Misslead? I think not. Maybe you're drinking to much of the Kool-Aid? There's stuff from Mother Earth. Or you can get crap or synthetic junk tha isn't going to help you at all. False promises. I'll take the stuff from mother earth and the ocean.

Replied by Jill

Would this help the swelling in my knuckles and also get rid of lump on index finger of my left hand? My thumbs have already bent downwards on both hands. Any help would be appreciated.


Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U JILL,,,,,,,, I'm a fellow Arkansas yahoo from Crossett. My hands started to do the same thing many years ago. I started reading and doing healthy things and now at 79 all my fingers are straight.

I have found that there is no one solution for our heath problems. We must address our entire body. Read until you get tired and read some more. You will solve your health problems with knowledge.

Jill, I wish you well.


Posted by Penny (Fresno, CA) on 08/06/2008

Thanks so much! I appreciate the osteoporosis info, esp today! [Edit note: Penny is referring to blurb in our latest newsletter.]

By the way, you HAVE heard about boron for preventing and even reversing osteo-arthritis, haven't you?

Probiotics also rid me of sinus infections, but one needs to gradually work up to take them plentifully & regularly to be effective. A good idea, in my opinion, if one has allergies, IBS, sinus infections or otherwise compromised immunity. I read a scientific detailed report online stating that probiotics bond with carcenogens and "dance" them out of the body.

EC: We wrote Penny for more information:

8/6/2008: Penny replies, "http://www.glucosamine-arthritis.org/glucosamine/boron-arthritis.html

I think this might be a good link. I think there are others too.

Re; the probiotics, my nutrition guy said take 9mg preventatively. Said it is not fussy how it mixes with other stuff nor has to be TOP grade like MSM, but just not the Now brand, he said.

Replied by Jasonmchicago
(Chicago, Il)

I'm looking to treat my arthritis with Boron... Any thoughts on how much I should take and also if I should by the magnesium/calcium/boron mix or just plain boron. Any info would be great. Thanks!

Replied by Lisa
(Lafayette, La)

To Jasonmchicago: Ted had previously recommended msm for osteoarthritis, and hyaluronic acid for joint pain/degenerative disc disease. My husband has been on Ted's HA remedy for approx 2 1/2 weeks now, and is amazed at how differently he feels. The pain in his body is disappearing from top to bottom. Ted's remedy really works! Order the HA powder from Purebulk (Ted's recommendation, which is why I used it) or just go to the health food store and get the Now brand that is in capsule form, and includes msm in it. Just open the capsules and follow Ted's recipe for mixing it. Look at Purebulk's instruction page on HA, though, to give you specifics Ted does not mention, such as cold water ONLY, mix every few hours to blend the powder with the water, etc. Just follow Ted's actual recipe of ha powder and sea salt (NOT regular salt! BIG difference! ) Anyway, the reason I wanted to write you, though, is to tell you that hubby is going to now start on the msm for a tiny glitch in his back that he wants gone (although he is now saying that it's feeling so much better with just the HA. ) Read Ted's rather long post on HA. Very enlightening.

Replied by Jennieo22
(Boise, Id)

I'm new to this site. Who is Ted and where is this post?

Boswellia Serata

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Posted by Mary M. (Arcadia, CA) on 08/03/2021

I have osteoarthritis and started to take Boswellia Serata. It really helped me take most of the pain away. It helps me to walk a lot better. I am not cured but a lot better now. Hope this helps you. You can buy it from amazon or vitacost vitamins. I am sure from Swansons vitamins which are a not as expensive. Hope this helps you.


Mary M.

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