Pet Health Remedies - By Ailment

Please let us know if you try any of the natural cures for pets submitted by our readers on these ailment pages or have a new one to add to the list! One of our "don't miss" pages in this section is Ted's Famous Dog Mange Cure.


4th of July


Activated CharcoalAddison's DiseaseAging DogsAllergiesAlopeciaAnal and Rectal IssuesAnal GlandsAnimal Health WarningsAnti-Diarrhea DietAnxiety and StressApple Cider Vinegar BathApple Cider Vinegar, Itchy SkinArthritisAsthmaAural HaematomaAuto Immune Disorder


Back PainBacterial InfectionsBad BreathBarn FliesBath, Apple Cider VinegarBeautiful Coat RemediesBee StingsBehavioral IssuesBest Pet FoodBird Health RemediesBiting Skin ExcessivelyBlack SpotsBladder Infection (Cats)Bladder Infections (Dogs)Bladder, LeakingBladder Stones in DogsBloatBlood BlisterBoilsBone FractureBooster Shot Side EffectsBorax for DogsBoswelliaBreathing IssuesBufo ToadsBuilding Muscles in DogsBurns


Cancer RemediesCanine Addison's DiseaseCanine Congestive Heart FailureCanine MegaesophagusCanine PancreatitisCanine Valley FeverCar FearCastor OilCat Acne, Skin ConditionsCataractsCat Mange TreatmentCat RemediesCats - Ear IssuesCats - Urinary Tract DisordersCats - Urinary Tract InfectionsCat TumorsCayenneCharcoalCherry EyeChewing PawsCheyletiella MitesChicken HealthChicken Jerky WarningChicken-Rice-Pumpkin DietChipped ToothChronic Renal FailureCoconut Oil for PetsColitisColloidal SilverCongestive Heart Failure ConjunctivitisConstipationCorneal Ulcer - PetsCortisone Side EffectsCoughCushing's DiseaseCystitisCysts


DandruffDeadly Medication Side EffectsDegenerative MyelopathyDemodectic MangeDental HealthDiabetesDiarrheaDiets for PetsDigestive Problems DietDistemperDog GroomingDog Mange (Less Popular)Dog Mange - Most PopularDog OdorDog Skin Problems - Apple Cider VinegarDog TumorsDrool, ExcessiveDry EyesDry Nose


Ear InfectionsEar MitesE. ColiElderly DogsEnlarged SpleenEpilepsyEpiphora (Tearing)Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA)Eye InfectionsEye Problems in Dogs


Fat DepositsFearFear of Car RidesFear of FireworksFeathers, Loss ofFeces, Pets Who Eat PoopFeline AcneFeline Eating DisordersFeline Hyperesthesia SyndromeFeline immunodeficiency VirusFeline Infectious PeritonitisFeline Leukemia Vaccine Side EffectsFeline Respiratory DiseaseFeline Urinary Tract DisordersFeline Urinary Tract InfectionFerretFeverFIVFlatulenceFleasFleas - Apple Cider VinegarFliesFLUTDFood, BestFrankincense Fungal Infections (Ringworm)Fur ContaminantsFur LossFur, Matted


GasGastric Dilatation-Volvulus (Bloat)Gastric DistressGastroenteritis in DogsGlaucomaGoatsGrief


HairballsHeart HealthHeart MurmurHeartworm RemediesHematomaHerbicide DetoxHip DysplasiaHivesHoney Bee Die-OffHook WormsHorner's SyndromeHorse AllergiesHorse Health ConditionsHorses - E. ColiHorses - MelanomaHorses - UnderweightHorse WoundsHot SpotsHyperventilationHypothyroid

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Immune System, WeakIncontinence, UrinaryInfections, Boric Acid SolutionInfections, EarInfections, Ear and EyeInfections, FungalInjuriesInjuries, Older DogsIntervertebral Disc DiseaseIrritablityItchy SkinItchy Skin, Apple Cider Vinegar RemedyITP


Joint Pain


Keeping Older Dogs SafeKennel CoughKeratoconjunctivitis SiccaKidney FailureKidney Stones


Leaking BladderLegg Calve PerthesLeptospirosisLeukemia Vaccine Side EffectsLicking PawsLipomasLiver DiseaseLow PlateletsLung Issues, CatsLupusLyme DiseaseLyme Shot Side Effect CuresLyme Shot Side Effects - Dogs


Magnesium for DogsMange in CatsMange - Most Popular RemedyMange Photos - Ted's CureMastitisMatted FurMegaesophagusMelanomaMites - Ear MitesMites - Pet RemediesMotion SicknessMouth and Teeth IssuesMRSAMucus In StoolsMuscle Mass and ConditioningMuscle StrainMystery Diagnosis


Nail InjuryNeck PainNerve DamageNose Issues


Older Dogs, Safety


Pancreatic HealthPantingParalysisParasites and WormsParvoPaws, Chewing or LickingPeptic UlcersPesticide DetoxPet Medication Side EffectsPet Owner TipsPet Rat RemediesPets Who Eat PoopPink EyePoisonous Bufo ToadsPoisonous Household ItemsPoisonous Pet FoodsPoisonous PlantsPseudopeladePyodermaPyometra


Rabbit RemediesRabies Shot Side Effects, CatsRabies Side Effect Cures, CatsRabies, Side Effects TreatmentRabies Vaccine Reaction, DogsRats, PetRectal ProlapseRemedies for Aging DogsRenal FailureRespiratory IssuesRingworm


Salivary Gland Problems in DogSarcoptic MangeSeizuresSkin AllergiesSkin IssuesSkunked DogSpleen, EnlargedSprains and StrainsStomach IssuesStool IssuesStressStrokeSweet PotatoesSwollen Hock SyndromeSymm. Lupoid OnychodystrophySyringomyelia


Tape WormsTear StainsTed's Mange RemedyTeeth IssuesTesticle ProblemsThunderstormsTicksTips for Pet OwnersTooth, ChippedTumorsTurtle Remedies


UlcersUnderweight HorsesUrinary IncontinenceUrinary Tract Disorders - CatsUrinary Tract Infections - CatsUrinary Tract Infections - DogsUterine InfectionUTI


Vaccination Side EffectsVaccine Side Effects, RabiesVaccine Side Effects TreatmentValley FeverVitamin DVKH Syndrome in Dogs Vomiting


Walking Dandruff WartsWeak Immune SystemWhite Shaker SyndromeWood Chewing - HorsesWormsWounds


Yeast Infections