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Hot Spot Remedies

| Modified: Sep 23, 2017
Add New Post Hot spots are those nasty and extremely painful sores that develop on a dog's skin and could be the result of many things, such as a little bug bite, a small sore or a scratch on the skin that begins to itch and bother the animal. As the issue becomes increasingly irritating, the dog will begin to lick, chew and scratch at the area, causing bacteria to grow and before you know it, your puppy has a hot spot. The key with hot spots is to act fast!!! Did you know that a hot spot can go from being barely visible, to several inches in size in just thirty minutes? Did you also know that when the problem goes untreated the spot can increase to twenty times its size in just a day? Like I said, you need to Act Fast!

Here's how you can treat those hot spots at home, easily and effectively.

First of all you need to clear away some of the fur in the area of the hot spot.  Use some K-Y Jelly and apply it to the spot.  Hold a couple of fingers against the spot so that you can carefully cut away the fur above your finger line and go beyond the outer edges of the sore approximately one inch.  Use warm water to rinse the area well and you'll find that by using the jelly, the fur has stuck to it and washes out easily.  Afterwards use electric clippers to shave off only the fur that surrounds the sore.

Now you need to cleanse the sore well.  Use a Water Based Cleanser or antiseptic Betadine if you have it.  Be sure that all the cleanser is rinsed away as it could cause further irritation if any were to remain.

Treat the hot spots by using Black Tea Bags, (but don't use herbal ones).  Black tea contains tannic acids, which will help to dry out and heal the sores quickly.  Soak the tea bag in hot water and once removed let it cool.  Apply the tea bag directly onto the hotspots for about five minutes.  Repeat this treatment three to six times every day until the spot is dry and healed.

You can also use some Witch Hazel on the spots, as it will provide a cooling and soothing sensation.