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Hydrogen Peroxide From Drugstore Works Better Than FG in Ears

3 hours ago
Posted by Ron (Santa Barbara, CA) on 07/31/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I've used brown bottle HP 3% to help disinfect ears after swimming in dirty seawater and to help eliminate some ear wax. I've always heard it fizzing away like it's boiling and doing something active.

I got some food grade HP 3% to nebulize and breathe. I switched to that for my ears thinking it would be better. But when I use the food grade I don't hear any fizzing noise so I don't have the confidence it's doing the same as the brown bottle HP. Does anyone have any comment to that?


  Re: MMS and DMSO for Depression and Bipolar Disorder

3 hours ago
Posted by Lauren (Auckland ) on 07/31/2021

Hi Linda, where can I buy MMS in New Zealand?

  Re: Broccoli Sprout Juice for Melanoma

3 hours ago
Posted by Jill (Florida) on 07/31/2021

Hi Reed, you can sprout broccoli from seeds and then juice them. You can find sprouting containers on many websites. Hope this helps. Happy juicing.

  Re: Art's New Article on Gut Microbiome

3 hours ago
Posted by GertJr (Madison) on 07/31/2021

Art, in your article you say that FMT is used for IBS, but I can't find out where in the US that they do this. My gastroenterologist still insists they cannot for IBS-D and I would jump at the chance to do it. I've been on ibs drugs so long that I'm concerned about the impact on my liver, but what's better, Viberzi or tons of immodium? Even on Viberzi, I take 6 - 10 immodium per week. I've done the probiotics for years, using dairy kefir, with no change. Recently did a food sensitivity test and find I'm sensitive to just about all my usual foods, so have changed that. I truly think if my gut was corrected, all my issues with insomnia, reflux, and now thyroid would resolve.

  Re: Art's New Article on Gut Microbiome

3 hours ago
Posted by Sue (VA) on 07/31/2021

Great article, Art.

Re: the pistachios, do you suggest the ones in the shells, or already shelled? Thanks!

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Dog's Bladder Infection

3 hours ago
Posted by Maggie (Id) on 07/31/2021

Research D-Mannose and see if that's something that might work for you. It worked wonders for one of my dogs and it's easy to give.

  Re: Supplements for Cancer

3 hours ago
Posted by Lealyn (SC) on 07/30/2021

Hello, I noticed that your comments were posted 10 years ago. Thank you for the info. How is everything going now?

Garlic and Tea Tree Oil for Covid19

3 hours ago
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 07/30/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I just got thru speaking with a friend Jason (he is a licensed naturopathic) about Dr. Reuben Schwartz's battle with Covid19 virus, he is the Amish doctor here in Southeastern Kentucky and Jason studied under him. He is as old as “Methuselah” but still in great health and practicing medicine.

He was sick for only 3-4 days using only herbs as medicine. Here is what he used:

Garlic powder “O” size capsules and Cajeput essential oil (cousin to tea tree oil)

He complained about his lungs hurting and a lung crud developing. He applied Cajeput oil straight undiluted on his chest, back, and neck several times daily to kill the infection and open up his lungs. Please keep in mind some people may have sensitive skin so dilute 1:1 ratio with coconut or olive oil.

Protocol: He was taking 2 garlic capsules 3x/daily. 2 cloves of garlic are considered a medical dose. Take with food if you have a sensitive stomach.

Garlic has been used as traditional medicine by cultures around the world, including by the Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks, Japanese, Native Americans, and Romans. Its uses include fighting infection, improving heart disease, preventing certain types of cancers, and functioning as an antioxidant, and many more.

How to Make your own Garlic Bulb Powder for Capsules: 2 ways to make.

Hard way:

Peel and thinly slice the garlic into ⅛ inch pieces. Place garlic slices onto dehydrator racks without overlapping pieces. Once fully dried, place the garlic in a blender or food processor and blend until a fine powder is achieved. Use a fine-mesh strainer to sift the blended powder before placing in a storage container.

- Or -

Lazy way: You could buy Garlic Powder in the spice aisle at most grocery stores, place the garlic in a blender or food processor (I use an electric coffee grinder) and blend until a fine powder is achieved. Use a fine-mesh strainer to sift the blended powder before placing in gelatin capsules. Load this powder into size “O” gelatin capsules.

The universities do not teach all things, so a doctor must seek out old wives, gypsies, sorcerers, wandering tribes, old robbers, and such outlaws and take lessons from them. A doctor must be a traveler… Knowledge is experience.

- Paracelsus

  Re: Niacin Causing Nausea

16 hours ago
Posted by Ali (Wales) on 07/30/2021

Apparently, it seems that the no-flush forms of niacin, such as Niacinamide, may trigger liver issues, but the flushing niacin doesn't. Having said that, one of niacin's roles is in detoxification. That in itself may temporarily put a greater burden on the liver as it eliminates toxins. It is better to start low & slow & gradually build up the dose. The flushing action can be unpleasant, so it may be better to acclimatise gradually, starting with just 50mg or even 25mg. The flushing effect is stronger if taken with water on an empty stomach, but may not be experienced at all if taken with food. The flushing effect is beneficial though, as it opens the capillaries & not only allows more oxygen to the cells, but also helps flush out toxins, parasites & pathogenic microbe colonies.

Would Garlic Bulbs in Apple Cider Vinegar Be Considered a Probiotic?

16 hours ago
Posted by Gracie (Nottingham) on 07/30/2021

Hi, I've just come across a recipe for pickling whole cloves of garlic in apple cider vinegar, and wondered whether the resultant garlic would be classed as probiotic, or just pickled garlic.

The recipe says to take whole bulbs of garlic with the skin still on, place them in jars, and cover with apple cider vinegar, and leave for as long as possible.

Apple cider vinegar is fermented.

 Re: Meningioma

16 hours ago
Posted by LY (Louisiana) on 07/30/2021

I was diagnosed with a meningioma brain tumor (located at lower back of skull) in 2014. I have had recurring issues related to stress levels, and have found intermittent success in keeping stress levels low, setting boundaries for what I am able to do, and working only temporary jobs. If I begin to feel stress and anxiety building, I detach myself from it. Currently, my meningioma is not growing. I encourage anyone with a brain tumor to set boundaries without apology. We may want to do more, but, we have to take care of ourselves first and foremost. Peace and tranquility to you all.

  Re: Art's New Article on Gut Microbiome

16 hours ago
Posted by Marja (France) on 07/30/2021

I can recommend the web site, They have a wealth of information for cultured food and pro and prebiotics.

  Herbs, Supplements, Diet and Good Habits Kept Me From Hemorrhoid Surgery

16 hours ago
Posted by Brandon (Healdsburg, CA) on 07/30/2021

Hi Bubba_man,

I noticed you posted this message a few years back and was wondering (A) if you're still using the supplements listed above, and (B) if they are still working for you. Thanks!

  Re: Art's New Article on Gut Microbiome

16 hours ago
Posted by Art (California) on 07/30/2021

Hi Madelyn,

Thank you for saying so!

I have tested one type of resistant starch before, potato starch. It is very healthful, but in the potato form, it gave me a ridiculous amount of gas which precluded me from continuing the test beyond one month.

It seems like some of the precursors to Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs) can promote gas as part of the process, beans would be one example, but fortunately not all of them do. Pistachios do not seem to give me gas and I usually eat 3 little cups of them a day. The cup I use is like the ones that they use at restaurants to serve a side of dressing in. My particular cup holds exactly 4 ounces of water when filled to overflowing. I use it as a scoop to dip in the bag of pistachios and I fill it to a rounded top 3 times a day and that is my snack food. That allows me to get a consistent amount of pistachios each day.

Those two FMT studies that I linked to in the article transformed the way I look at treating health issues because while I always knew that maintaining a healthy gut biome was good for your health, I never truly realized how important it is, until I read those studies! Their results were fantastic by any measure. The sad part is that the US is not really pursuing FMT as it should and it is just speculation on my part, but I suspect it is because FMT would essentially take trillions of dollars away from the pharmaceutical industrial complex. There is so much money at risk for them that I can see where they would go to great lengths to see that FMT never really gets off the ground here. Those two studies came out of Asia, which is leading the world in the research into FMT.

That is why I wrote the article because it may be able to replicate FMT with none of the reported risks of FMT and it would be less expensive than FMT.

Good luck and good health on your journey, Madelyn!


  Re: Ivermectin for Suspected COVID-19

16 hours ago
Posted by Burcu (Cankaya, Turkey) on 07/30/2021

Can you inform us about the dosage of the pills you took?

Art's Gut Microbiome Article

16 hours ago
Posted by Clare (US) on 07/30/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Hello Art,

It would be helpful to know how much B-12, how many pistachios, etc, you are taking each day. There are plenty of us out there who want to experiment right along with you! I've been gut sick for decades.



Borax for Verrucas

1 day ago
Posted by Karen (Devon, England) on 07/30/2021
5 out of 5 stars

My 10 year old daughter has had verrucas on her feet for at least 2-3 years which just kept spreading.

I tried all the usual over the counter remedies but nothing helped. In fact, they were making her feet sore.

I then read about the benefits of borax here at Earth Clinic, so I decided to try it.

I made my daughter a foot bath with 1/4 cup of borax dissolved in some boiling water in a washing up bowl, then topped up with cold water until it was cool enough to put her feet in it. So the water was warm but not too hot. She soaked her feet for 30-40 minutes. I did this every evening for a week.

After a few days I could already see an improvement. Her feet were no longer sore. The verrucas had stopped spreading and the smaller ones were starting to reduce. After a week I just did a maintenance foot bath once or twice a week. After a month the verrucas have all gone and the holes left are healing.

My daughter is so grateful. Her feet are the best I've seen them in ages.

I have also had a couple of borax foot baths myself as I have had a fungal toenail for over 10 years. Sure enough it's on the mend now.

Thank you Earth Clinic!

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects

1 day ago
Posted by Michelle (Port Charlotte, FL) on 07/30/2021

Coconut vinegar is better. It's less acid and you can get the same results with half the amount.

  Re: Colloidal Silver and Coconut Oil for Mites on People and Dogs

1 day ago
Posted by Nicole (Wisconsin) on 07/30/2021

Did you ever use castile soap, neem oil aid water in a spray bottle on your body? I just read about that today and am about to try it.

Re: Art's New Article on Gut Microbiome

1 day ago
Posted by Madelyn (Boise, Idaho) on 07/30/2021
5 out of 5 stars

An excellent, must-read article!

Thank you, Art, for writing this up and sharing.

I've just recently been doing some research myself on increasing resistant starches in the diet to promote a healthy microbiome and heal the gut. Green banana flour appears to be very effective at feeding probiotics and increasing their production of SCFAs. I've even found a couple of recipes that utilize green banana flour. Now after reading your article, I'm inspired to take action! Off to go order some green banana flour and finally start taking the melatonin powder that's been sitting on my counter. I do eat pistachios frequently and will continue to do so! Be blessed!