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Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects

Thu, 21 Sep 17 12:01:42 -0700
Posted by Lou (Nsw) on 09/21/2017
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After using ACV for six weeks, twice a day I mixed a teaspoon with soda water and really enjoyed it. I lost weight as I was not as hungry but I did develop itchy rash on my torso and worse, bleeding from the bowel and increased vaginal bleeds. I'm hoping now I've stopped the ACV, the bleeding will also stop as my HB levels are now quite low and doctors are concerned. Scopes to follow.

  Re: Accidentally Ingested Boric Acid in Capsule With Great Results

Thu, 21 Sep 17 12:00:49 -0700
Posted by Amanda (California) on 09/21/2017

I accidentally swallowed a gel cap of boric acid which is slightly different than borax ( I think a little more acidic). It was supposed to be a vaginal suppository but I swallowed it by mistake. I was terrified because of what I read on the internet. It said I should get my stomach pumped and run to a poison control center. I stayed calm and waited for symptoms before I took action. The only symptoms I experienced was clarity of mind, clarity in my gut, total disappearance of cravings for chocolate and sugar and meat. Weight loss, glowing skin, more flexibility in my body and less tightness in my hips. :-) I swallowed one capsule only and it's been 2 months and I've continued to look and feel amazing. People comment all the time on how I look better than ever. It's now been about 10 weeks and I'm starting to have some sugar cravings for the first time. I dreamt about chocolate chip cookies last night :-0 I feel like it's time to do another cleanse and try borax instead of boric acid. And trying to decide if I should drink the diluted version or try doing a capsule again. My experience was that one capsule which probably contained about half a teaspoon of boric acid lasted me for 2 months. It seems like it might be a lot to do that daily unless you have really severe symptoms. Any thoughts anyone?

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for GERD

Thu, 21 Sep 17 11:58:57 -0700
Posted by Geo Phil (Uk) on 09/21/2017
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In my case AVC did not work. It exacerbated the issue!

  Re: Sugar Tea for Acid Reflux

Thu, 21 Sep 17 11:58:40 -0700
Posted by George (Uk) on 09/21/2017

Funny I came across this comment. I recently developed acid reflux. This happened after I have stopped taking sugar completely in my morning tea. I used to use refined sugar about more than a year ago. Then I switched over to unrefined sugar. Now, about 10 months since, I do not use any sugar. Now I have GERD!! I shall try my good old sugar again and see what happens.

 Re: Symptoms After Mononucleosis

Thu, 21 Sep 17 09:37:27 -0700
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 09/21/2017

Dear Peggy,

Here are some things your daughter could try:

virgin coconut oil - 1 T. 2-3 times a day if she tolerates it well. We found this to work very well for mono and other viruses.

Vitamin C - as much as she can tolerate. (Loose stools means the dose is enough and cut back a bit.) Sodium ascorbate form. During sickness, even 1 gram an hour is often not too much.

Nettle tea is a great all around health boost, especially for women in her age group.

All of that stress is likely depleting vitamins, and especially magnesium. Natural Calm magnesium supplement before bed can restore magnesium and help with sleep.

B - complex for stress

For detox and relaxing -

Epsom salt baths or baking soda baths. 1 cup of either.

Castor oil massaged into swollen lymph nodes.

Also castor oil packs over the liver (not during menses) for detox and gall bladder help. Done overnight they can be relaxing and promote sleep.

It is hard to see your daughter suffer so. She is blessed to have you on her side.

~Mama to Many~

 Re: Fish Bone Stuck in Tongue

Thu, 21 Sep 17 09:37:10 -0700
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Usa) on 09/21/2017

Baking soda is a draw salve and would be safe to use in your mouth. I use it 50/50 with coconut oil for my gums and teeth at night and you could use it to encourage that bone to the surface - 1 /4 tsp in mouth at bedtime, won't hurt if it gets swallowed.

Dietary Changes, Probiotics, Exercise for Optimal Brain Functioning

Thu, 21 Sep 17 09:36:26 -0700
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 09/21/2017
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Cooked eggs, wheat, cooked foods in general, sugar all seem to negatively affect my thinking. Probiotics should be added to the list of brain foods. Aerobic exercise makes my brain function better.

Caprylic Acid for Nail Fungus

Thu, 21 Sep 17 09:34:14 -0700
Posted by Suzanne (Norman, Ok) on 09/21/2017
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I went to the health food store and found a product containing caprylic acid that was supposed to cleanse yeast from the body. I took half the dose recommended on the bottle daily and the nail fungus was gone in a week.

  Re: Molybdenum for Morning Sickness

Thu, 21 Sep 17 09:32:41 -0700
Posted by Whisperingsage (Northeastern California) on 09/21/2017

Molybdenum is a trace mineral and should never even be found in a large dose. The Linus pauling institute recommends 45 mcg. 50 mcg for pregnancy.

 Re: Remedies Needed for Varicose Eczema

Thu, 21 Sep 17 09:32:14 -0700
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 09/21/2017

Dear Leanne,

How is your health otherwise?

Castor oil or coconut oil (or a combination) might help, gently massaged into the legs.

Borage Oil 1300 mg supplements worked well for my eczema. I would take 3 per day when it was really bad.

Epsom salt baths, or a bath with a cup of apple cider vinegar may be be helpful.

~Mama to Many~

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar and Yeast Infections

Thu, 21 Sep 17 09:31:55 -0700
Posted by Sm (Md) on 09/21/2017

The problem was the baking soda, not the ACV. Baking soda PROMOTES yeast growth.

  Blackstrap Molasses for Gray Hair Does Not Contain Copper, Will It Work?

Thu, 21 Sep 17 09:31:27 -0700
Posted by Reversing Grey Hair (Bangalore, Karnataka ) on 09/21/2017

I have bought organic unsulphured blackstrap molasses but that say 0% copper on label of the bottle.. will that works in reversing grey hairs or should I try for something else.. please suggest.. Thanks in advance

  Re: Pips, Stones, Kernels, Pits and Seeds

Thu, 21 Sep 17 09:30:15 -0700
Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 09/21/2017

Hi Michael. Yes, I had heard that also, but some research has shown that the cyanide in the seeds can only affect cancer cells (kills them). I have successfully eaten apple seeds, lemon seeds, watermelon seeds (yum) papaya seeds (for parasites) cantaloupe seeds. There was a news story recently about an Aussie fella who was eating a lot of apricot seeds every day plus a homemade apricot seed concoction. Anyway they said it was super dangerous (his blood oxygen count was a bit low) but meanwhile his cancer was in remission and he had been doing it daily for 5 years. And of course would continue. It was also refreshing to see some of the comments to the article, eg I'd like to see him survive 5 years of chemo!

  Re: Surgery for Trigger Finger

Thu, 21 Sep 17 09:28:39 -0700
Posted by Kathryn S. (Stockbridge, Ga) on 09/21/2017

I realize this post is 4 years old but for others in the same position I wanted to add this: I have had 3 trigger finger surgeries and 2 for Dequervain's tenosynovitis. All successfully cured the stenosising tenosynovitis. I had complications on one surgery with a cyst that debeloped at the base of one finger after surgery that has caused considerable pain and as it is over the tendon interferes with the finger straightening fully. I have it drained at the doctor's office and this helps considerably. I would recommend surgery for anyone with this condition if it is what your doctor recommends. It does work and the majority of time without any sort of complications. This individual's experience and my one with the cyst are the exceptions and not the rule, and will not prevent me from getting further surgery if required. Surgery does work and the relief from triggering and its resultant pain is almost immediate.

  Re: 4 Year Old With Asthma and Eczema

Thu, 21 Sep 17 09:27:22 -0700
Posted by Teena (Melbourne Australia) on 09/21/2017

Hi Mama to Many, I was encouraged to see your use of frankincense topically for the asthma, as a rather new discovery is boswelia serrata, the tree from which the frankincense comes from, for curing asthma (ingested). It is also useful for all inflammation, including the joints, etc.

Apples for Cooling Down

Thu, 21 Sep 17 09:26:13 -0700
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 09/21/2017
5 out of 5 stars

When I eat apples, hot, humid weather doesn't bother me. I eat one or two and feel better almost immediately.

  Re: Hydrogen Peroxide Drops for Cancer

Thu, 21 Sep 17 09:24:45 -0700
Posted by Mary (Oudtshoorn, SA) on 09/20/2017


HP does get diluted. We started with 3 drops and gradually increased to 25 drops in a glass of water. My brother (65) who is one of the healthiest people that I know, has been taking HP for years. He takes a teaspoon full in a beer mug of water every morning. He has no side-effects and is of the opinion that 25 drops is too little. 1 teaspoon is equal to 99 drops.

Vitamin B12 for Arrhythmia

Thu, 21 Sep 17 09:12:18 -0700
Posted by Jm (Ca) on 09/20/2017
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58 year old male, cardiac arrhythmias for a few years with associated general tiredness, leg weakness. Read up on B12 deficiency and tried it - the METHYLcobalamin form, 1,000 mcg chewable sublingual tablets.

One a day, two if necessary. Arrhythmias gone. That simple.


Multiple Remedies Not Helping White Tongue, Please Help!

Thu, 21 Sep 17 09:09:08 -0700
Posted by Garcia (Pasadena) on 09/20/2017
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White tongue. I tried everything, I tried sea salt & baking soda & lemon still won't work. I brush my tounge twice a day & I got a tounge scrapper still won't work. I been having it for a long time. I don't know what to use now.

  Re: Vulvodynia

Thu, 21 Sep 17 09:07:14 -0700
Posted by Lynn (California) on 09/20/2017

Tems, have you had your daughter tested for Lichen Sclerosus?

Also, certain birth control pills will bring it on and a switch to another pill (different progestin, estrogen) helps. Notably the YAZ brand has been causing problems for some young people and it's used for Acne as well as for birth control.

Just some things to check out if you haven't already found a diagnosis or treatment.