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  Re: Colloidal Silver for Yeast Infections

Tue, 21 Nov 17 18:34:39 -0800
Posted by Art (California ) on 11/21/2017

In reply to Jennifer (Fl),

Hi Jenniffer,

With colloidal silver, ppm is just one way to describe how much silver is in an actual liquid suspension. It probably would be less confusing to just say how many milligrams of silver are in a given amount of the liquid suspension, but manufacturers have chosen to use parts per million instead of milligrams. Most other supplements use milligrams and this is easily understood with minimal confusion for consumers. For example, a one liter bottle of 10 ppm colloidal silver contains 10 milligrams of silver, a 500ml bottle of 20 ppm CS contains 10 milligrams of silver, a 250 ml bottle of 40 ppm CS contains 10 milligrams of silver and a 125 ml bottle of 80 ppm CS also contains 10 milligrams of silver. So these four examples will all deliver 10 milligrams of colloidal silver per bottle, even though they are all different parts per million. Based on available studies and the average amount of blood in the adult human body it can be roughly estimated how many milligrams of silver need to be taken per day in order to achieve an effective dose. The amount of milligrams of silver per dose is what is important, so when people say they take 5 teaspoons of silver three times per day, it doesn't mean much, unless they also say what the parts per million is, whereas if they say they take 5 milligrams of silver three times per day, it is clear that they are taking 15 milligrams of silver total per day and there is no need to use parts per million.

If a person already has 20 ppm colloidal silver, but would prefer to have 10 ppm colloidal silver, they just need to add an equal amount of distilled water to their 20 ppm silver and they will have 10 ppm colloidal silver.

To get the best effect for topical use, keeping the topical application (dressing) wet or moist is very effective for rapid healing and neutralizing most types of pathogens .


Honey for Healing of Wound With Grit

Tue, 21 Nov 17 18:34:17 -0800
Posted by Teena (Melbourne Australia) on 11/21/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Honey for Healing of Wound With Grit

I recently went on holiday to Thailand with the family and thought my health kit was well stocked. I had tea tree oil and Vicks for bug bites and repellant, also tto is antiseptic, magnesium malate for magnesium and as an apple cider vinegar replacement, Olive leaf for antibiotics should anyone develop sickness, a wholefood multi vitamin to replace the many tablets I use at home, borax for laundry and head to toe body wash inc teeth brushing (add water) rosehips for wholefood vitamin c, beet root for my husband's blood sugar, kids organic multivitamin and melatonin for sleep assist with the added benefit of gut health. I thought I had every situation covered! Until I fell in the street (narrow foot path) directing all sorts of filth into the soft part of my inner ankle and foot. I had twisted my ankle in the fall as well but did not realise for a few days.

Not in much pain but embarrassed and bloody, I returned the short walk to the hotel and passing the bar collected some salt. In the room I soaked my foot in the salt and water, cleaning it was difficult it now hurt sooo much and to my dismay I saw grit embedded in the wound. I hobbled to the couch whereas before treatment I was walking normally, albeit slowly, the attention I had paid to my injury had been rewarded with large pain increase. I applied the tto oil and researched poultice that I could access in Thailand. If I was at home there would be at least twelve plants in my garden I could use for this purpose, my husband calls some of them weeds. I could have really used one of Mama's charcoal poultices!

I found that honey could be used as poultice which I was not confident of but thought at least it has healing properties, so when hubby and kids returned from foot massage (! ) I asked him to get the purest honey they had at the chemist. I applied the honey, covering with tea bag wrapper (limited supplies) so it wouldn't stick to the wound, and a sock to hold it in place. I rested it by having a few days just watching the kids in the pool. Twice a day I applied the honey, I didn't have to touch the tender skin which was a plus, just plopped the honey on it till it was covered. The grit was still there though, but I couldn't touch it still and would not allow my husband to either.

When the wound scabbed over I was a little concerned because I knew the grit had not come out, but I had put my faith in the healing properties of the honey. I stopped applying the honey once the scabs formed. Couple weeks later when the scabs came off, the skin was pink and healthy. I guess that as much as I thought I was prepared you cannot prepare for everything, but EC got me through.

  Re: Castor Oil for Bone Spurs

Tue, 21 Nov 17 18:31:21 -0800
Posted by Sandra (Nsw) on 11/21/2017

Thanks for this post, Helen. I have two heel spurs on my left foot along with plantar fasciitis,, haven't had trouble for over ten years but now back with a vengeance, after weeks of gardening in rubber boots. Have new orthotics etc, arnica, turmeric tablets, apple cider vinegar aspirin (can't have anti inflammatories) massage, stretching etc. so will give the castor oil a go.

  Re: Colloidal Silver for Yeast Infections

Tue, 21 Nov 17 18:30:20 -0800
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 11/21/2017

Hello Jennifer,

About your appreciation of colloidal silver; I completely agree. I have been using it for about 25 years, and within the past 3 years, I use it on a daily basis to keep overall viral load low.

One point you need to expand on; when you asserted that "less is more" ppm believing that 10 ppm is "smaller" than a larger ppm amount, like 50 ppm. But ppm has nothing to do with particle size. Ppm means that there are 10 parts per million of Ag atoms (atomic weight at 47). And if the atom is an ion, then the electron count is 46. So if a CS maker produced a product with 10 ppm, then the size of the atom is unaffected....there are just less atoms of Ag ions in the liquid.

Now there are many views of CS making, so if you would like to correct me, I am always open to new information. But it would be helpful to have a strong source for the assertion that "less" ppm means the size of the particle (atom) is smaller.

  Re: Peppermint Lip Balm Helps Vulvodynia

Tue, 21 Nov 17 18:29:51 -0800
Posted by Emma (London ) on 11/21/2017

I have the same symptoms. Randomly started a few months ago. Burning sensation at weird times a day. I've had all the tests done and doctors have no idea what it is. I saw this post yesterday and bought the lip balm straight away. I hope it works. Thank you

Blackstrap Molasses for Heart Palpitations

Tue, 21 Nov 17 18:16:25 -0800
Posted by Hilary (Va) on 11/21/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Molasses works great for my heart palpitations. But I am convinced there is more to it than just the potassium. I eat a healthy diet, take vitamin supplements and drink coconut water, which is higher in potassium than molasses. But during one particularly bad day of many lengthy atrial fib episodes (and 2 glasses of coconut water), I tried 1Tbs of molasses in hot water. Before I was finished with the cup, my a-fib was gone. I will continue taking the molasses every day. It's far better than what my cardiologist wants me to do.

 Re: Natural Treatment for High Prolactin?

Tue, 21 Nov 17 18:15:32 -0800
Posted by Glenda (Ohio ) on 11/21/2017

My sister had high prolactin due to a benign pituitary gland tumor. I think she used synthetic hormones to correct. Preferring the natural route, my first remedy to try would be Essiac Tea.

  Re: Gold Wedding Band for a Stye

Tue, 21 Nov 17 18:14:37 -0800
Posted by Tiffany Rose (Pampa, Tx ) on 11/21/2017

I've used the gold ring trick on sties in the past & it worked every time.. However.. It was always yellow gold in the past. Now I'm grown & married & don't wear yellow gold & neither does my husband.. & of course I now have another internal stye on the inside of my lower lid. Fml. 😑

Sooooo.. I came here to see if anyone could shed some light as to weather there's a difference as far as this remedy goes (between white & yellow gold).. Of course alllll the comments are just saying "gold".. so I thought, Wth? Maybe gold is just gold. Can't hurt to try.. I've been suffering with this thing for 3 days already.. Sooooo.. I just now went n washed the bajesus out of my wedding rings & rubbed one of them on the stye for a few minutes. Hopefully it works the same as the yellow gold has in the past. Fingers crossed! I'll try to remember to update my results later.

But as of rt now.. I did the thing about 10 minutes ago.. Maybe I'm crazy.. But it seems to already feel a bit better. YAAAY! I'm remaining hopeful.

  Re: Blackstrap Molasses for Anemia

Tue, 21 Nov 17 18:11:28 -0800
Posted by Peachey (Philadelphia) on 11/21/2017

I have been anemic all my life. I remember my mom craved dirt for many of her adult years. From nose bleeds, through black outs, three blood transfusion, and last year I had a stroke at 56yrs old. I always believed to be anemic yet was never property treated. I am looking forward to experiencing the benefits of its us. Thanks for the encouragement.

 Re: Feels Like Something Stuck Between Gums and Teeth

Tue, 21 Nov 17 11:19:21 -0800
Posted by Denise (Nj) on 11/21/2017

I believe this to be neurological problem. Not much to due about it. On the plus side, I'm sure you are flossing and your gums and teeth have never been better.

Natural Treatment for High Prolactin?

Tue, 21 Nov 17 11:19:00 -0800
Posted by Ashwin (London, Uk) on 11/21/2017

My last blood test showed a very high Prolactin level of 15000 - when guide range is below 384! How do I normalise this as I am booked for an MRI to check this

Vodka With Essential Oils for Lice

Tue, 21 Nov 17 11:13:45 -0800
Posted by Mary (Boston) on 11/21/2017
5 out of 5 stars

My children have never had lice until my youngest was 9. I tried several of the over the counter treatments however they were pricey and although they killed the lice there was some doubt that they were effectively killing nits. I was also concerned with the chemicals they contained. So I started to research for the best treatment. What I found was Vodka. Vodka contains ethanol which kills both lice and nits. I decided to use 4 oz of vodka mixed in a squirt bottle with 25 drops of tea tree oil (tea tree oil was shown to kill 100% of lice within 30 minutes of application) in a govt study. I also added 25 drops of lavender oil which was shown to kill nits when combined with tea tree oil. I used these in addition to the vodka just as insurance that I was covering all my bases. I soaked my daughters hair with the mixture put a shower cap on and had her sleep in it. In the morning I washed her hair with tea tree oil shampoo and then rinsed it with water then did an apple cider vinegar rinse. The apple cider vinegar actually dissolves the glue that holds the nit to the hair, for easy removal. I then put a tea tree oil conditioner and proceeded to comb her hair with a nit comb, section by section. Then I blow dryed the hair with high heat (heat also kills lice and nits). She went to school and didn't have a critter or egg on her.

I also took 6 oz of rubbing alcohol, with 25 drops each of tea tree oil, lavender, clove and eucalyptus oil and sprayed all my furniture, rugs, mattresses daily. I washed all our bedding, pillows clothing with hot water and 20 drops of tea tree oil in addition to laundry detergent. Dried all clothing on high heat. All bedding was washed daily to be on the safe side. When making our beds, the mattresses, pillows, sheets bedspreads were all sprayed daily with this alcohol/essential oil spray. I also made small spray bottles for us to take to work and school so we could spray our hair throughout the day as a precaution. Worked like a charm, cheap, not messy and safe.

  Re: Borax for Autoimmune Diseases

Tue, 21 Nov 17 11:12:14 -0800
Posted by Jacqueline (Devon) on 11/21/2017

Your dosage information is incorrect. I teaspoon of borax powder, dissolved in 1 litre of water is the correct measure for making the concentrate. Then, 1 teaspoon of the concentrate will give you 3 mg of boron. This can be added to (up to 3 teaspoons a day) if there are no negative symptoms from the 1 teaspoon. The 1/8 teaspoon of borax is added to 1 litre of water and that is consumed in it's entirety during the day. These are NOT to be taken together - it's either one method or the other.

  Re: Bemer for Meningiomas

Tue, 21 Nov 17 11:11:41 -0800
Posted by Careena (Idyllwild, Ca) on 11/20/2017

Yes I am very curious about the use of the Bemer. I too have 2 meningiomas on my brain, one large causing problems TIA's on my left side. What setting do you use the Bemer on? and just on the body; nothing on the head? Thank you so much!

Remedies Needed for Daughter With Eczema and Leaky Gut

Tue, 21 Nov 17 10:25:56 -0800
Posted by Priya (Oakland, Ca) on 11/21/2017

My 18 year old daughter has a leaky gut (I think) because she is unable to eat anything without going berserk with an allergic reaction which makes her itch like crazy. Her entire body and face is covered with hard scaly eczema. She is on a fruit/veggie/meat diet. No gluten, no dairy, no soy or nuts.

WE are desperate. Please advise with a protocol that is going to help her skin clear up and stop the itching.

Also her stool test came back positive with: trophozoites and cysts of intestinal protozoa and helminth eggs and larvae.

  Re: Grapefruit Seed Extract for POD

Tue, 21 Nov 17 10:19:03 -0800
Posted by Lina (Sweden) on 11/21/2017

Hi! Where did you order the Grapefruit Seed Extract that helped?

  Re: Testing B12 Levels

Tue, 21 Nov 17 10:14:04 -0800
Posted by Becky (Ca) on 11/21/2017

Can anyone tell me which tests are most accurate for vitamin/minerals like b12 .I did a high mineral test that revealed everything was low. I was told to take Lithium and then b12 or else the b12 would get lower. Then I did a Spectracell test which stated most b vitamin were low except b12. Very frustarting to know what to do. I have systemic candida and am developing Neuropathy.

thank you

  Re: Artificial Sweetener Detox

Tue, 21 Nov 17 10:13:14 -0800
Posted by Teddy (Israel) on 11/21/2017

Lori in Myrtle Beach - I'm very interested to know what kind of detox methods you've been using. I've only been eating protein powder with sucralose (I didn't know! ) for about one year but I've still gotten the symptoms and want to quickly get out of those.

  Re: Turpentine

Tue, 21 Nov 17 10:12:59 -0800
Posted by Bill (Philippines) on 11/21/2017

Hi M Trying...Rectified just means to purify and doesn't really apply to the manufacture of gum turpentine. But it's quite normal to use gum turpentine internally that has been distilled and this is how it's normaly sold. Distilled just means that the thick pine sap from the tree has been boiled between certain temperatures to obtain a thinner distillate that is eventually sold as pure gum turpentine. Just make sure that it's pure gum turpentine -- without any extra additives like Xylene, Toluene etc and you should be fine.

As advised by Walter Last, there are also several ways to supplement gum turpentine. You can either take it with water or molasses or milk(emulsifier) or raw honey or sugar on an empty stomach, which will then be absorbed quickly into the blood and act to disinfect and purify the blood(i.e. clears the blood, tissues etc of pathogens). Or you can take gum turpentine together with a heavier oil like castor oil or coconut oil for a similar purifying effect throughout the intestines only (because combining it with a heavier oil helps to prevent turpentine absorption into the blood).

Natural Remedies for Moist Wound Healing

Tue, 21 Nov 17 10:01:53 -0800
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 11/20/2017
5 out of 5 stars

My husband cut his scalp a couple of weeks ago. I used the principles of moist wound healing to treat it. We took pictures to monitor the progress. I have posted at the bottom; sorry the first one is pretty icky! He took the picture with his phone and texted it to me to ask what he should do for it. We didn't begin treating it until he got home from work and showered. In the shower, he removed the piece of skin that was still sticking to the wound. (He scraped off a layer of skin climbing into a work trailer.)

After the initial cleaning and removal of dead skin, all we did was use a dressing of a healing salve I make (we keep it on hand for daily use) and a large fabric bandage. We usually changed the bandage every evening. He would leave it open for an hour or two after his shower each night and then we would re dress it. Once or twice we left the bandage on for 2 days. We did this for a total of 10 days. Perhaps the dressing was not needed the last few days but we wanted to give that tender skin a little longer to heal. He is hard on his head at work (He keeps it shaved) as you will see by the additional cut in latter pictures.

I messed with the wound as little as possible. He was rinsing it in the shower. I would apply a very thick layer of healing salve to the bandage – not the wound, so I wouldn't have to mess with the wound. The layer of salve was probably 3-4 mm thick. The salve and bandage never once stuck to the wound. New skin cells and evidence of healing were noticed within 24 hours!

Some advantages to moist wound healing include less pain, faster cell regeneration, reduced tissue death and dehydration, and reduced scarring. Pretty nice advantages!

Additionally, herbal healing salves contain nutrients that the body can use to heal. The salve I used has plantain, which helps with pain and comfrey which promotes skin cell regeneration. The olive oil and coconut oil base contain nutrients also.

We have seen other things used for moist wound healing with great results as well.

Honey is amazing for wound healing. When my mother was elderly and near death, she had bedsores that were not healing. The nurses used honey on the sores and there was actually an improvement in the wounds, even in my mother's severely compromised state of health.

Lanolin is used for breastfeeding moms to heal cracked nipples with a great reduction in pain and faster healing.

I have not tried it but I suspect that lanolin and honey mixed together would make a nice wound dressing.

Herbal salves and honey are also used for burn treatment with great success.

A dozen years or so ago my daughter had a bike accident. She basically tore many layers of skin off of the bottom of her foot as it rubbed along a bike tire. (She was about 4.) It was very, very painful. The doctor I took her to introduced me to Advantix bandages. Daily I changed the dressing. I was only using those bandages that did not stick to the wound (and pull of new skin cells as dry dressings do.) (I think I had a layer of Advantix then gauze then cohesive tape, but not positive.) This dressing worked well and she was not experiencing pain with it and her healing was pretty easy.

Deeper wounds are more complicated because of fluids the wound produces – they need a place to go. But there are protocols to benefit from moist wound healing from them, but I am not suggesting that my methods here would be appropriate.

There are manuka honey bandages and colloidal silver bandages available too. It is good to know about these options before the need arrives. I try to keep a decent supply of first aid supplies at home.

Picture 1 - right after the injury

Picture 2 - 48 hours later

Picture 3 - 4 days after injury

Picture 4 - 10 days after injury

~Mama to Many~