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  Re: Black Peppercorns for Sinus Congestion

Mon, 22 May 17 17:53:48 -0700
Posted by Barbara B. (Pennsylvania State University) on 05/22/2017

Sinus cavities are very hard to treat with anything except direct application and contact ointments, washes, etc. Taking antibiotics is not the answer unless you apply antibiotic ointment directly to the cavity. Alternate fingers so you do not reinfect. We struggled most of my son's early years with infections, that lead to inner ear issues as the infections backed up and spread from his nose. He was prescribed dose after dose of oral antibiotics, nothing worked until an EENT physician told us how to apply directly to the nasal cavity. Only then did this end.

Remedies Needed for Osteomyelitis in Spine, E.Coli and Gram Rod Negative

Mon, 22 May 17 17:52:12 -0700
Posted by Annette (Lubbock, Tx) on 05/22/2017

My cousin has osteomyelitis (infection of the bone) in the lumbar spine. He has be struggling to fight the infection. Gram Rod Negative and Ecoli. Last week we were informed the infection destroyed almost all of L3 and L4 and the disc is gone. Described as "mush on mush" is what's left. We were told NOT having surgery at this point is riskier than going through with it. He is in terrible pain constantly and is having leg pain likely due to nerve damage. He's not really able to walk and is in bed 24/7. There is a risk of paralysis with surgery. I am reaching out for suggestions to keep him on a path to recovery now and after surgery. I've had him on garlic, olive leaf, oregano oil, raw Vitamin C, D3, bee pollen, apple cider vinegar (pill form), and echinacea. Will be refilling magnesium and starting Mangosteen soon. Will try to do collagen in powder form in shakes as he lets me. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

  Re: Bleb Remedies Needed ASAP for Son

Mon, 22 May 17 16:49:25 -0700
Posted by Lisa (Md) on 05/22/2017

I hope this worked for him.

Natural Remedies Needed for Symptomatic Dyographizam

Mon, 22 May 17 13:00:01 -0700
Posted by Lesley (Argyll And Bute) on 05/22/2017

Symptomatic Dyographizam

I was diagnosed with this over 14 months ago, and my scalp is particularly bad was told my skin regenerate too quickly, I'm on high dose anti histamine for the condition and steroid gel for my scalp told to use cold water, not hot. It's driving me mad the body itching and break outs are irritating but my scalp I've had enough any suggestions please I do have a list of other conditions and various medications for those thank you

  Re: Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Mon, 22 May 17 12:54:18 -0700
Posted by Neal & Lorene (Montgomery Tx) on 05/22/2017

You can buy DE at Ace Hardware, other hardware, feed stores. not found Grocery.

Buy FOOD GRADE only for consumption, and your pets. I believe best to add to water to drink, but DRY when applying dust to animals, yet protecting face from the heavy dust for their comfort, lungs, eyes, etc.

  Re: Mole Removal

Mon, 22 May 17 12:54:04 -0700
Posted by Katzie (Calgary, Alberta) on 05/22/2017

Hi there. If you keep the skin well hydrated with a healing oil like jojoba, goji, castor oil and even olive oil - this will help increase cellular turnover, which in turn will speed up healing. There'll be rather a lot of action at the wound site for months yet below the surface, so keep dabbing on the healing oil of your choice several times a day, and you will notice positive changes within a few weeks.

  Re: Clove Oil Doesn't Help Sensitive Tooth After Crown

Mon, 22 May 17 12:52:30 -0700
Posted by Iowama (Iowa) on 05/22/2017

Hello Gertie, I am sure you will get plenty of good suggestions here, but I did want you to know that I found a selection of Tom's fluoride free sensitive toothpaste that I ordered through Amazon. I hope you will find your tooth pain solution quickly.

  Re: Accidental Diatomaceous Earth Inhalation

Mon, 22 May 17 12:52:11 -0700
Posted by Neal & Lorene (Montgomery Tx) on 05/22/2017

I was told when using DE for carpets/house to "wear a mask" due to the dust when applying. This makes good sense. I don't know about effects on Asthma victims, but would be cautious and be out of the house while someone else does the job. It settles really fast. You might want to dust excess off furniture if ppl are going to be running, raising the dust to inflict into lungs. (?) I would suspect that it is not that harmful. Read the bag! Follow directions. Asthma can be from many things, but mostly from a poorly functioning immune system.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Pinguecula

Mon, 22 May 17 12:51:56 -0700
Posted by Charlie (Ventura, Ca) on 05/22/2017

Hi Tessa!

Can you tell me, are you diluting 1tsp to 1 cup distilled water or are you doing 1tsp ACV to 3tsp distilled water? I am losing my vision in my left eye as the pterygium is now beginning to grow over my pupil and I don't have time for surgery as my little one has been fighting cancer for 5 yrs now. I would love to make this so I can take it to the hospital with me and treat my eye while at my daughter's side.

If anyone else can help me with this, it would be much appreciated.

Questions About Natural Remedies for Endometriosis and Fertility

Mon, 22 May 17 12:35:09 -0700
Posted by Roops (India) on 05/22/2017


Last month I had a laparoscopic surgery done. My doc diagnosed me with Endometriosis and stated that is a possible reason for me not getting pregnant. Even after the surgery, my 1st period was very very heavy, painful and clots. Also one of the tubes is still blocked. Doc has mentioned to start with IUI, IVF treatment when I am ready. And I am not okay with it. I didn't go for next doc visit yet.

My humble request to advise me for conceiving naturally.
I have started taking ACV with honey in the morning, Castor Oil packs(daily from 8th day onwards before sleep for an hour).
Can I take ACV twice a day?

I want to start Ted's alkaline remedy. From which day should I start.
I am yet to start Black-strap molasses.
Is it okay to follow everything together.
I am positive that I will get pregnant.

  Re: Ginger for Long Lasting Lightheadedness

Mon, 22 May 17 12:30:15 -0700
Posted by Kasra (Tehran) on 05/22/2017

Just to update my post, I found out that fenugreek can make me dizzy too, I'm not sure the reason why yet, but it also can make you dizzy too, and just by lowering the dose it soon will disappear, and you don't need ginger with this particular case.

  Re: Thyroid Gland Removal

Mon, 22 May 17 12:29:25 -0700
Posted by Carolinablueskies55 (Nc) on 05/22/2017

Kelli, my daughter lives in NC & she had her thyroid removed and was taking synthroid for three nightmarish years. It made her life absolutely miserable. But her doc paid her symptoms no mind when she complained about how she felt. So finally she found a more suitable natural med that she orders from Canada & life is good again. Thank GOD for alternative meds! So don't give up seeking for better help through safer meds.

 Re: Gaining Weight

Mon, 22 May 17 12:26:01 -0700
Posted by Kasra (Tehran) on 05/22/2017

Just to update my post, my body got used to it just by using it after a while so I realized that by cutting on it and starting over again just after a break I can benefit from using it. and the fact that " it can make you feel dizzy at some doses ( differs from person to person ) ( and you might find yourself clueless ), by lowering the dose it will be subsided " .

Egg Whites for 2nd Degree Radiator Fluid Burn

Mon, 22 May 17 12:14:03 -0700
Posted by Jv (San Jose ) on 05/21/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Back in the 80's I foolishly opened my truck radiator cap. The fluid burst up hitting the hood and came down on my right arm. Burning me from shoulder to wrist with second degree burns. We found a hose and began rinsing my arm. A friend sent his daughter into a nearby store and had her buy 1/2 dz eggs. As the skin on my arm was literally sliding off he applied the whites and the pain stopped. I applied egg whites for several days afterwards. My arm completely healed without a single scar.

  Re: Lactoferrin for Dry Eyes

Mon, 22 May 17 10:19:30 -0700
Posted by Ana (New York) on 05/21/2017

I think you are on to something there, as I stopped caffeine drinks and sugar along with increasing of fresh fruits and veggies and less grains my eyes feel better. I was told by doing that we change our bodies ph.

  Re: Fish Oil for Atrial Fib Attacks

Mon, 22 May 17 10:10:32 -0700
Posted by Mark (Michigan) on 05/22/2017

What type of fish oil do you use?

  Re: Where to Find Apple Cider Vinegar in Saudi Arabia?

Mon, 22 May 17 10:09:50 -0700
Posted by Shahzad (Riyadh) on 05/22/2017

where we can buy Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar?

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Arthritis

Mon, 22 May 17 10:08:54 -0700
Posted by Samaira (Allahabad, Uttarpradesh) on 05/22/2017

Ma'am can u plz tell me how to use it in case of rheumatoid arthritis, and after how many days ACV will show its effects. Ma'am plz reply

  Re: Clove Oil Doesn't Help Sensitive Tooth After Crown

Mon, 22 May 17 10:05:00 -0700
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 05/22/2017

Gertie, for such a situation, swishing any of these three items have helped: h2o2, celtic salt, or baking soda.

  Re: Fish Oil for Dry Eyes

Mon, 22 May 17 10:02:10 -0700
Posted by Ana (New York) on 05/21/2017

Glad you found help, I would try to ascertain why those lenses did that especially if you still use the lenses. Otherwise the problem is probably still there and one would have to wonder how long before something different pops up? I suggest this from experience and would not want to wish that on anyone. Godd luck with it all.