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One Cup Coffee in the Morning Helping Essential Tremor

15 minutes ago
Posted by Josh (Grass Valley, CA) on 06/30/2022
4 out of 5 stars

I have essential tremor and my mother had it. I found that one cup of coffee in the am helped. I will need more time to see if any other factors are involved.

 Re: Receding Gums and Faulty Tooth

18 minutes ago
Posted by HisJewel (New York) on 06/30/2022

Greetings Kolade Of Lagos

Be encouraged.

As a senior woman over seventy, I want to hold on to my remaining teeth. When I was in my late twenties, a dentist once told me it is better to hold on to your teeth than to have them pulled.

So how do I get my gums teeth and gums back into acceptable operating condition. I did some you-tube-n, but what really gave me a fast track leap was the advice of a woman I met on the Amtrak.

She was a woman in her mid-eighties. She came from a family of doctors as she told me her story. She herself had been an educator. Since she had a few years on me I decided to ask her if she Knew about loose teeth and gum disease. She shared with me how her dentist had said he would have to do a root canal on a tooth. She asked him to just pull it and give her a replacement tooth. He did not want to pull it. Instead, he gave her another appointment to come back. She said, she started using what she described as the Purple Listerine. When she came back, the dentist said the infection did not show on the xray this time. He asked what she did, and told her to keep doing it.

What I was dealing with:

A loose tooth,

Infection behind that tooth,

Receding gums,

And two teeth with missing fillings.

About a month before my trip, I had already bought dental cement from Amazon and filled in two long time missing fillings. They had not bothered me for years, during those years I brushed my teeth with baking soda, rinsed mouth with iodine water. Then came the senior challenges.

I was helped by many articles and videos.

Here is an article:

Here are 2 videos

What I used to help gums and teeth:

I bought a powdered Probiotic which I dropped it on the tip of my tongue and massaged my gums with.

I take: Cod Liver Oil for A and D, I also take vitamins E and K

I take COQ 10, I started with 100mg once a day. Now I take 200mg twice a day morning and noon, extra benefit from COQ10 I got my strength for walking back, this is a first since the 2019 energy stealer and then Covid 19 years following.

I take Goldenseal ¼ teaspoon powder about 5 days a week. I drop it on the tip of my tongue and sweep it around my gums.

And… as the woman on the train suggested, I rinse my mouth with purple Listerine.

I do not have a special order. Some days I skip some things. But I still have great results.

When my upper tooth had a gumball, I tried the garlic, but what brought it down was baking soda lightly rubbed on the area.

My teeth and gums are much better, but I still have one tooth that is still in the healing process, but it is so much better.

So, read a few articles and try re-mineralizing your teeth, it just may surprise your dentist.

Jesus is Lord,


Lemon Water for Afternoon Energy

20 minutes ago
Posted by Mama to Many (TN) on 06/30/2022
5 out of 5 stars

In the afternoons I have been making myself a 24-ounce tumblerful of lemon water. At first it was just because I need to drink more water and lemon is good for you. But I started noticing that when the afternoon energy slump hit, the lemon water seemed to really pick me up, even better than a cup of coffee. I thought, "Surely it is my imagination, " but the results have been consistent enough that I am convinced that it true.

Here is the "recipe;" I use a plastic juicer thing to squeeze all of the juice out of one lemon into my 24-ounce tumbler. I add as much ice as I want and water. Sometimes I add some stevia and/or a sprig of fresh mint. (The stevia makes it into a lemonade! )

In the winter, I may use this recipe but add hot water instead of ice and cold water. Perhaps I will include a tea bag and make it a lemon-y herbal tea. (Because I love hot drinks in the winter and shy away from cold ones.)

I hope it helps you, too!

~Mama to Many~

  Re: Question About Grape Seed Extract (Art's New Article)

7 hours ago
Posted by Art (California) on 06/30/2022

Hi Chris,

They are not the same or equivalent. GSE possesses some of the most beneficial components of the grape vine while the oil is more like other vegetable oils and happens to have vitamin E in it. As oils go, virgin olive oil would be considered to have more healthy components than grape seed oil. Grape seed oil would not have the same positive health effects as GSE.


  Re: Baking Soda and Molasses for Bone Cancer

8 hours ago
Posted by Teresa (Biggers, Arkansas) on 06/30/2022

Can you use this with Joe Tippens protocol? My sister-in-law has endometrial cancer and in her pelvic bone.

  Muscle Mass Remedies Needed

8 hours ago
Posted by Sam (Adelaide, Australia ) on 06/30/2022

As anyone has success in building muscle mass in an elderly dog? My dog is really frail and back legs are collapsing as there is no muscle tone.

It all went downhill almost a year ago when he decided to eat a whole heap of gravel and was rushed to the emergency vet. After numerous enemas, tube down throat and multiply xrays he lived but it ruined him inside and out. He went from jumping in my car and going on long walks to can not do either. Legs collapse out from him. Sad to watch.

I have been getting him Bowen therapy and was going to do acupuncture, however that is way too expensive for me.

Any help, please

Eucalyptus Oil for Chiggers

8 hours ago
Posted by Sarah (Oklahoma ) on 06/30/2022
5 out of 5 stars


Eucalyptus oil worked for me.

 Re: Receding Gums and Faulty Tooth

9 hours ago
Posted by Beth (London) on 06/30/2022

There's no cure for receding gums. A gum transplant is possible, though expensive. Preserve what gum you have by seeing a dental hygienist twice yearly, who can remove plaque and go deep into any gum pockets if necessary. Once all plaque and tartar are removed, be rigorous about oral hygiene, using a water flosser twice daily and an electric toothbrush, as well as interdental brushes. If you have no access to a water flosser, use dental tape. Oil pulling may also help, but you need the plaque removed first. Obviously fix your diet too, if that's bad.

Any bleeding or bright pink gums mean gum disease and you need to fix that fast, not least as gum disease is linked to inflammation and Alzheimers. Gum disease is the chief cause of gum shrinkage. However, some people do just have the bad luck of connective tissue problems, which can also lead to receding gums with no disease present; and age causes some shrinkage too.

Re the tooth, if the nerve is exposed, the only way is to kill it - probably by means of a root canal. This may save the tooth for a few years. Alternatively, have the tooth removed. This is the cheapest solution but will gradually cause other teeth to lean over and will also lead to jaw bone loss, unless you have an implant. Sorry this sounds negative but it is as it is.

Can you have a good discussion with your dentist? Dentists should have your best interests at heart though of course they earn more for more expensive treatments.

If you can afford it, and depending where the other missing teeth are, it may be possible to have one implant with several false teeth attached. On the bright side, there was far less Alzheimers when most of the elderly had no teeth, and so little gum disease, but the more teeth you lose, the more jaw bone you lose too.

 Re: Receding Gums and Faulty Tooth

9 hours ago
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe) on 06/30/2022

Kolade, people have written wonderful things about oil pulling being useful in saving teeth. Read up on it.

Question About Grape Seed Extract (Art's New Article)

9 hours ago
Posted by Chris (Adelaide) on 06/30/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Is there a difference between grape seed extract and grape seed oil?

Chris, Adelaide Australia

Sarracenia Purpurea for Any Type of Pox

1 day ago
Posted by Caity (Utah) on 06/29/2022
5 out of 5 stars

For any type of pox (or herpes - smallpox, shingles, cold sores, etc), use Sarracenia Purpurea (also known as Purple Pitcher Plant). There are numerous studies that conclusively say it cures all types of pox! You can get homeopathic tinctures from many sources with a quick Google search.

  Re: B12 for Neuropathy

1 day ago
Posted by Elise (Houston, Texas) on 06/29/2022

I wonder what kind of B12 you're on? If you're on cyanocobalamin you might need to switch to methylcobalamin. Some people's bodies don't know what to do with cyanocobalamin. Pure Encapsulations has a daily vitamin with methylcobalamin and also B12 that is Adenosyl/Hydroxy cobalamin. These have helped me. Maybe they will help you.

Ivermectin for Monkeypox

1 day ago
Posted by jean (Emo Ontario) on 06/29/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Has anyone used Ivermectin against Monkeypox - it is an antiviral -I would try it myself unless I had something better.

Evening Primrose Oil and Breast Cancer

1 day ago
Posted by Jerry (Miramar, Florida) on 06/29/2022

Is it helpful to take evening primrose oil, even though there's a breast cancer mass?


1 day ago
Posted by Adrienne (Idaho) on 06/29/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Hello Everyone!

Just want to bring up hydration in this discussion. I do notice more difficulty concentrating than usual in the morning, some mornings more so than others. But, water always helps! This morning was noticeably worse even though I did get 7 or 8 hours of solid sleep. I am suspicious of the dark chocolate I broke down and ate not that long before bed. I gotta cut that out. Maybe eating carbs, especially sugar, isn't a great idea in those last hours before bed, especially for seniors which I am. I'm thinking it could lead to low sugar in the morning because of overly conscientious insulin doing its job in the night.

I recommend 4 cups as soon as you can get it down. I keep a quart milk bottle with a metal straw on the counter all day so it's easy to get a swig or two and also it helps keep track. My goal for the day is the recommended 8 cups. You know all us animals need water. We don't last long without it. But, what I have observed is that insects also die without water, something I never gave a thought to when I was young. That's why we find them in our sinks. They seem to know the sink and water go together. Or, we find them floating in the dog's water or other fluids we leave sitting around. What I do is get a bit of water on a piece of paper towel and then get the bug on it. Typically they will put out that straw many of them have and start sucking it up, sometimes instantly. :-)

  Re: Borax Helping Herniated Disc, Arthritis

1 day ago
Posted by RB (Somewhere in Europe) on 06/29/2022

Rick, How ya doing?

Thanks for posting. Congrats on your success! I've always thought that there is a better way. Please share some of the details of your success!

> She didn't want to sip the soap solution of borax so I got her the 6mm pills from AMAZON.

A) Do those pills contain Boron, or Borax?

B) Those 6 mm pills supply how many mg (milligrams) of Boron (or Borax), per pill?

C) How many 6 mm pills, per day?

D) Taken with food, or in between meals?

E) If, in the unlikely event, those 6 mm pills are actually capsules, as opposed to pills, then what is their size? 0,00, or 000?

I have no arthritis, but I'm hoping this will help somebody!

Receding Gums and Faulty Tooth

1 day ago
Posted by Kolade (Lagos) on 06/29/2022

Receding gum and a faulty tooth

I have removed a total of 5 teeth and I honestly do not desire to lose more. However, I have receding gums and my teeth are weaker as a result.

Several months ago, I began feeling pain on a tooth and my dentist asked whether to denervate or remove the tooth because a nerve was exposed: I asked for more time to decide. Two days ago, I started feeling intense pain. I used paracetamol to ease the pain but it's really bad now as I have had headaches consistently. I had a filling on the said tooth which is now either out of place or exposed somehow, so I don't think it can be filled again.

Can I still save the tooth and others? Should I just take it off....

I need help, please. Kolade

  Looking for Remedies on Horner's Syndrome in Dogs

1 day ago
Posted by Rachel (Waxhaw NC) on 06/28/2022

We suspect our pup has this and would like to hear other stories!

  Re: Borax Solution for Osteoarthritis

1 day ago
Posted by Renee (Boston) on 06/29/2022

I don't heat mine to dissolve it because I'm putting mine in coffee. I only put it in cold water one time and I believe it dissolved ok. It was such a tiny amount and I had lemon in it so it was hard to see in a colored plastic pool cup. I heated it to dissolve it in large amounts to use topical but have since stopped using it topically because I didn't see any added benefits after 2 or 3 weeks of use. I may try it again at some point. I also did a bath with it and baking soda, my skin dried to a crisp. I may have overdone it though, 3 nights in a row! It cleaned my bathtub jets though!

Salt and Gum Health

1 day ago
Posted by Lynn (Maryland) on 06/29/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Brushing teeth with salt helps tremendously with some bleeding gum issues.


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