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  Re: How to Store DMSO

Mon, 27 Feb 17 12:26:56 -0800
Posted by Albert Venter (Us) on 02/27/2017

HDPE 2 is a suitable plastic

  Re: Magnesium for Constipation in the Elderly

Mon, 27 Feb 17 12:26:36 -0800
Posted by Wanda (Philadelphia, Pa) on 02/27/2017

What type of magnesium?

Apple Cider Vinegar and Other Remedies for BCC

Mon, 27 Feb 17 11:31:01 -0800
Posted by Michael (Spokane, Washington) on 02/27/2017

Your lies about BCC need to come down. You're misleading people. You should be sued. The only truth listed is that ACV is rich in nutrients. You cannot under any circumstances treat BCC with the listed suggestions. Your claim of raising ph is ludicrous. Do yourself a favor, google alkaline diet myth, read the scientific journals and evidence. As someone who has fought BCC for ten years I can tell you there are about twenty other bad suggestions out there. Might want to stop being one of the outlets that propagates this lie.

Black Tea Bag for Tooth Abscess

Mon, 27 Feb 17 11:25:05 -0800
Posted by Channy 34 (Pa) on 02/26/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Had a really big abscess, and HAD to go to the ER because I was in so much pain and so swollen I looked like a bullfrog. Anyway, they put me on strong I.v. antibiotics and painkillers immediately and sent me up to get an x-ray done. Doctor looked at them and said that thing is like the size of a golf ball, but it's more a job for a dentist than us. Then she whispered to put a black tea bag on it when I got home....

Got home, dampened down a black tea bag, and put it around my tooth for about 20 mins. Got mad that it wasn't working (lol, ) and took it out. 5 minutes later my mouth erupted in abscess liquid disgustingness! It was the worst thing I've ever tasted, and I was spitting that stuff out for, it seems like, forever, but holy cow does it work.

  Re: DMSO Combinations

Mon, 27 Feb 17 11:04:31 -0800
Posted by Albert V. (South Africa) on 02/27/2017

Due to DMSO dilating your blood vessels and reducing blood platelet stickiness I am sure it should reduce blood pressure.

  Re: Turmeric Helps Folliculitis But Causes Intense Stomach Pain

Mon, 27 Feb 17 11:03:30 -0800
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 02/27/2017

Tom, take less over a longer time.

Foot Massager Helping Edema

Mon, 27 Feb 17 11:03:04 -0800
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 02/26/2017
5 out of 5 stars


HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN,,,,,,,,, as all know I fell and crushed my T 12 three years ago and have had edema since. Took diuretic pills, PT, lymph massage, etc. with little improvement.

Was told about the MED Foot Massager, bought it and again had little help until I did some study. The leg lymph system is fed from both sides of the T 12 vertebrae and I suspected the location of my leg lymph restriction. So about a week ago I began putting my feet on the machine and then sitting on the machine while on a bench. My feet, ankles and legs began to go down so I did the regimen morning and night . Now they are close to normal.

Guess by sitting on the massager my restriction is relieved and the lymph fluid can go on it's merry way.

As all know the lymph system is the sewer system for your cell waste. Without that waste being removed, you will absolutely not feel well. Also, physical movement or exercise is the only way it gets to move. Hopefully this massager has helped my problem and may give your some ideas if you have edema.


  Re: Hydrogen Peroxide in the News Again

Mon, 27 Feb 17 10:51:55 -0800
Posted by Ltsally (Australia) on 02/27/2017

Did they drink 35% undiluted?

Salt for Muscle Cramps

Mon, 27 Feb 17 10:50:45 -0800
Posted by Cindy (Bay Minette, Al) on 02/26/2017
5 out of 5 stars

My dad suffered for years from horrible leg cramps at night. He was waiting at an appointment one day and started talking to the man next to him. Some how they hit the subject of muscle cramps. He told my dad to keep a shaker of salt on his night table. When he was struck with a cramp, to pour a few grains in his hand and lick it. He tried it and it works. You get an immediate release of the cramp. I have used this through the years and it has never failed me, not once.

  Re: Sun Gazing

Mon, 27 Feb 17 10:28:31 -0800
Posted by Jann (Or) on 02/26/2017

If an eye doctor started telling people the truth, that the sun does not damage your eyes but rather strengthens them then he would soon be out of business.

Turmeric with Black Pepper Helps Interstitial Cystitis

Mon, 27 Feb 17 10:28:11 -0800
Posted by Heather W (Grand Rapids, Michigan) on 02/26/2017
4 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis several years ago. I'm on my 3rd prescription bladder medication which I am now immune to. I've also tried OTC AZO Bladder but I couldn't tell any difference. I've done a lot of research on IC and I'll admit that knowing there's no cure causes instant anxiety for me. I don't wish this on anyone. I just finished some Turmeric Tea. I boiled 8 oz water then added 1 teaspoon Apple Cider Vinegar, 1/8 teaspoon ground Turmeric, one pinch of ground black pepper, 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger, and 1 tablespoon of raw honey. I leave the spoon in my cup to stir constantly while drinking as the ingredients will settle. Every time I drink Turmeric Tea, I sleep like a baby!!! I encourage everyone to try this as it's not just for IC!!!!

  Re: Recommended Video on Statins

Mon, 27 Feb 17 10:26:30 -0800
Posted by Iowama (On Vacation In Hi) on 02/26/2017

ORH, I could hug your neck right now. Last spring, we paid for a Mayo Clinic Executive Physical for my husband. It was a very impressive few days of doctor visits. However, when his bloodwork showed that he was now healthier than most men his age, instead of praising the dietary changes that had occured through a Paleo diet, the Cardiologist gave stirring counsel as to why it would make no sense for a man his age to stop taking his statin and that we must immediately switch to a Mediterranean diet. The Nutritionist also took her turn politely correcting my ignorance. Luckily, Mr Iowa was not convinced to change the diet and I do believe that if he will watch Dr Mercola's interview with this scientist, he will be willing to leave the statin behind. Best wishes and many heartfelt thanks for this information.

  Re: Hydrogen Peroxide Helped Chikungunya Virus, But Side Effects?

Mon, 27 Feb 17 10:25:44 -0800
Posted by Harry (Los Angeles) on 02/26/2017

I know it's been a long time since your post, and I hope you've already eliminated your PCOS, but it sounds like an iodine deficiency to me. Here's what I would recommend to a loved one with the symptoms you describe:

(1) Watch the Dr. Flechas video on YouTube:

(2) Study the subject -- including people's experiences on and reviews for Lugol's iodine on Amazon. It's a complex topic, but one that merits however much time it takes to become knowledgeable about it.

(3) If and when you're ready to try it, study the iodine protocol so you get the important accompanying nutrients -- especially organic selenium, magnesium, zinc, and niacin.

(4) Work up to a dose of at least 50 mg. of iodine per day (5 days a week) subject to how severe your healing reaction is. (You can take more days off if you need to do so.)

(5) Be ready for the healing reaction symptoms and don't be scared off by them.

 Re: Natural Remedies for Anal Sphincter Muscle Cramp

Mon, 27 Feb 17 10:25:11 -0800
Posted by Bess (Queensland, Australia ) on 02/26/2017

Thank you, Jay. I will try that product if I can get it online or in Australia. Anything is worth a try. Thank you for your help.

Swabbing Coconut Oil in the Nose Helps Chronic Sinusitis

Mon, 27 Feb 17 10:18:02 -0800
Posted by Perry (Nj) on 02/26/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Extra virgin coconut oil swab of the nasal passage relieved my sinus pressure pain as well. I had a constant sinus pressure pain for weeks in the wintertime. I tried saline sprays, antihistimines, allergy eye drops, hydrogen peroxide in the ears. Two swabs of my nasal passages and over 90% of the pain is gone. I think a neti pot rinse with salt and coconut oil would get any deeper residual allergens out. THANK YOU!!

  Re: Turmeric Helps Folliculitis But Causes Intense Stomach Pain

Mon, 27 Feb 17 10:15:33 -0800
Posted by Tom (London, Uk) on 02/26/2017
4 out of 5 stars


Hi, I've suffered for 30 years and folliculitis is very depressing as you say. Used turmeric and yes it has helped but it hurts my stomach intensely. I still take it because folliculitis is no joke but I need to get the stomach pain under control. Can you give any advise?
Thanks, Tom

  Re: Coconut Water Helps Arrhythmia

Mon, 27 Feb 17 10:13:18 -0800
Posted by Pat (Pa) on 02/26/2017

Thanks! I will try the coconut water. I, too worked in hospitals all my life and have a hard time taking drugs.I take metropolol only as needed as I also feel every beat and know when I'm in it! Taking the drugs they prescribed did not prevent me from having Afib and made me feel awful as I have low/normal blood pressure so I will only take them "as needed". I tried everything they told me to no avail! And I refuse to feel lousy all day to make them happy! I take Taurine and alot of other supplements that make me feel good! Resveratrol, VitC, VitE, probiotic, Hawthorn, Garlic and fish oil (also keep my blood thin) I am 64 and they want me to take blood thinner but don't want to. I am going to start taking "Nattokinase (also a thinner) with the others.Hoping coconut water helps!

Seeking Help for Son With Mild Ventriculomegaly

Sun, 26 Feb 17 09:39:10 -0800
Posted by Portia (Ghana) on 02/25/2017

My 14 yr old son has been diagnosed with mild ventriculomegaly and I want to know how he can be helped naturally.

 Re: Lewy Body Dementia

Sun, 26 Feb 17 09:35:27 -0800
Posted by John (Boston) on 02/26/2017

Try melatonin for the sleep issues. Start with a low dose like 1 mg and see if that helps. If not, work it up.

  Apple Cider Vinegar for Food Poisoning

Sun, 26 Feb 17 09:33:20 -0800
Posted by Marc C. (Schofield, Hawaii) on 02/26/2017

Ensure your food is cooked.

So there I was made some AHI Tuna first time and had it marinating for two days in the fridge or it in the grill for 2 1/2 minutes on each side and then after I ate some of it not even an hour later it hit me like brick. I started looking online for symptoms and found this site still going through the motions, instead of 2-3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar I took it like Will Smith did on Hitched saying come on work already.