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  Re: Multiple Remedies. for Gingivitis or Sore, Swollen, Red Gums

Fri, 26 Feb 21 19:10:16 -0800
Posted by Lilli (Wa) on 02/26/2021

Thanks for adding massage to the list. Right after I posted, I thought "I should add massage"...but thought it was already too long...LOL If your gums are painful, do this very lightly. It increases the blood circulation. Or massage through your cheek, not directly on the gums.

Beta Blocker Side Effects

Fri, 26 Feb 21 18:20:43 -0800
Posted by Ncylucu (Rochester, MN) on 02/26/2021
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Taking a beta blocker for a fib has caused low metabolism and alot of weight gain. What can I take to raise metabolism. Can't seem to loose weight.

 Re: Can a Weak Bladder Be Restored?

Fri, 26 Feb 21 18:19:22 -0800
Posted by Art (California) on 02/26/2021

Hi Don,

You did not go into any detail as to why your urologist feels your bladder is no longer working properly, so it is hard to know the cause without those details. You did not give any details on what problems you are experiencing either, so again it is hard to make suggestions.

If the issue is age related, the following article may be of interest to you and may be something you can discuss with your doctor to see if it would apply to your particular bladder situation.


  Re: Melatonin Dosage for CVD

Fri, 26 Feb 21 18:18:48 -0800
Posted by Art (California) on 02/26/2021

Hi Tina,

You give your weight as 90 lbs.

So first you need to convert your 90 lbs to kilograms.

So as you can see, 90 lbs converts to 40.8233 kilograms. So 40kg is your approximate weight, so 40 kg requires approximately 40 mg of melatonin per day to reach Dr. Neel's protocol level to fight Covid-19.

As to the next day tiredness, I had that too once I switched to high-dose melatonin, but over time that faded away. The majority of the tiredness was gone in two to three weeks, but still, a bit remained and that is all gone now as my body adjusted to the increased melatonin levels over a period of about 2 months. Now I have no daytime tiredness at all at nearly 5 months into HDM.

I can't say it will be the same for everyone and there will always be people who simply can not tolerate melatonin, but I was highly motivated to make it work so I could afford myself all of the potential health benefits that melatonin may offer. There are many more potential health benefits that melatonin can offer, well beyond the many health benefits I have written about on EC. So I am quite interested in those health benefits.

I can't speak for others, but the less I have to see doctors, the better!


  Re: Tom's Multi-Cure Protocol

Fri, 26 Feb 21 18:17:43 -0800
Posted by Rebecca (GA) on 02/26/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you thank you thank you sooo much for your time and effort in preparing this for us ... I have c/p your info in a document so that I can refer back to it ... thank you again!


Can a Weak Bladder Be Restored?

Fri, 26 Feb 21 14:37:10 -0800
Posted by Don (Trenton, NJ) on 02/26/2021

I was told by my Urologist that bladder is no longer working properly and I will need a catheter for the rest of my life? Can you restore a bladder back to some normal functioning?

  Re: Ear Issues in Cats

Fri, 26 Feb 21 14:35:59 -0800
Posted by Melissa (Maine) on 02/26/2021

Hello, I came across this site looking for help with my oldest cat Chloe. She has a chronic yeast infection in both ears. I've tried the 4 types of zymox. The latest most expensive type seemed to have helped but evidently it's come back.

Now she's sneezing like crazy and she scratches so much her left ear bleeds. Her crying when she scratches just kills me. I'm disabled and live on $900 a month so going to the vet is not a really viable option. I can't or won't do the Apple Cider Vinegar option..that would sting too much. At this point I think I'm going to have to bring her to get a steroid shot and maybe antibiotics. The zymox plus I'm using does have hydrocortisone in it but..i don't at a loss but if there's any advice or remedy, I would be really grateful. I'm so glad these forums exist. It's always nice to have alternatives to mainstream medicine. Peace. ~Melissa

  Re: Melatonin Dosage for CVD

Fri, 26 Feb 21 14:35:28 -0800
Posted by GertJr (Madison ) on 02/26/2021

I take 50 mg fast dissolve melatonin and 20 mg timed release every single night and still can't sleep. Everyone is different.

  Re: Melatonin Dosage for CVD

Fri, 26 Feb 21 13:21:16 -0800
Posted by Deirdre (CT) on 02/26/2021

Hi Tina,

No, your calculations are incorrect. Your dosage would be around 43 mg.

Here's our dosing calculations page.

P.S. I've done 50mg in a night a number of times, no problem.

Re: Melatonin Dosage for CVD

Fri, 26 Feb 21 13:16:46 -0800
Posted by Tina (US) on 02/26/2021

Hello Art,

Terrific article but….1 kg take 1 mg melatonin. I am 90 pounds and I would need to take 298 mg melatonin? That is nuts! I am sorry if My husband or I take over 10 we are groggy and can not wake easily in the am , and my husband weight 175.

This really makes no sense but all else is terrific. I cannot believe you can take 106 mg and over?!


  Re: Borax for Psoriatic Arthritis

Fri, 26 Feb 21 11:57:17 -0800
Posted by Art (California) on 02/26/2021

I thought that since it has 6 years since I put that post up about borax and psoriatic arthritis (PA), it wouldn't hurt to give an update. I have remained in remission over the past 6 years and I had been in remission for many years prior to that post.

I was in a ton of pain all over as the original post explains and I have remained symptom free for well over 12 years at a cost of less than a penny a day using Borax. No apparent side effects that I have found through the many years of use. I'm still using Borax 4 to 5 days a week and remain pain free from PA.


  Re: Lecithin for Herpes AND Shingles

Fri, 26 Feb 21 07:02:28 -0800
Posted by Stephanie (TX) on 02/26/2021

Lysine cured my husband's shingles.

  Re: Need Helping Choosing Right Lecithin for High Cholesterol

Thu, 25 Feb 21 18:33:28 -0800
Posted by Art (California) on 02/25/2021


Yes, red yeast rice is essentially the same as the statin named Lovastatin or Mevacor. Myself, I wouldn't use it.

My choice would be "Soy Lecithin Granules" because these have worked very effectively for friends. I use Non-GMO Soy Lecithin Granules to good effect.


  Re: Tea Tree Oil for Bartholin Cysts

Thu, 25 Feb 21 18:32:32 -0800
Posted by Aud (Florida) on 02/25/2021

I've just gotten one... I read the comments and unfortunately I see that the previous person hasn't replied... but I am using straight tea-tree oil and put it on a tissue like they described. It burns a bit but isnt terrible. I also saw someone else said they used 100% tea-tree oil they just use some coconut oil afterwards cause the tea-tree oil kinda dries it out down there. Hopefully this helps!

  Re: Borax Contraindications

Thu, 25 Feb 21 18:29:27 -0800
Posted by Ani (UK) on 02/25/2021

Hi Vickie, I recognised all your ailments are exactly as described in a video by "Fit Tube" I just watched about Ayurvedic remedies for thyroid issues, which I suspect I have recently started to experience in the early stages. My eyes are puffy, I get headaches - which is very unusual for me, I'm often overtired, my appetite is poor even when feeling hungry, I'm struggling with my weight - especially around the midriff, always constipated, itchy skin, thinning hair and feeling aches and pains most days. These symptoms gradually started to appear a few months ago. I'm hoping to nip it in the bud before needing any prescription medication.

The Ayurveda approach involves sticking to healthy foods & home cooked meals; regular activity (eg walking, swimming, rebounding) including 3 specific yoga breathing exercises (10-15 mins/daily); drinking water which has been used to soak a teaspoon of crushed coriander seeds overnight, then reduced by half on the stove before straining out the seeds and sipping once it's cooled down a bit. This must be taken first thing in the morning at least 30 minutes before any other food or drink. Finally, massaging the throat and neck with cold pressed walnut oil every evening. I am blessed that I am able to find both the oil and the seeds locally and they are very cheap. Others may need to explore local health food stores or search online via Amazon or eBay etc. Anyone on medication should discuss first with their healthcare provider, assuming they have the good fortune to find one who is sympathetic to natural treatment options.

This protocol must be followed for 3 months, so it's too early for me to report any benefits, but the coriander water most definitely improved my sluggish digestion from day 1.

I'd been taking ACV (organic apple cider vinegar with the "mother") until a few months ago, so I will resume taking 1 teaspoon in a glass of spring water 6 days a week. I find it improves/balances many things including my appetite and helps regulate my weight.

  Re: Multiple Cures Reported With Lecithin

Thu, 25 Feb 21 12:10:59 -0800
Posted by Pacific Coast Lady (USA) on 02/25/2021

Thank you, Tina, for your post. I had just ordered some Lecithin granules and wanted to know if you might share the nutrition info from the bottle with me? I don't know that we can mention brands, but just to know I've ordered a good one would set my mind at ease. I am 68 with several issues, but take to medications, just diet and exercise, and my supplements, B-Complex, D3, Magnesium.

Hope to hear from you and thank you in advance for any help.

PS I do so appreciate you sharing how much you take, and how it worked for you.

  Re: Sunflower Lecithin

Thu, 25 Feb 21 12:10:16 -0800
Posted by Jillybeans (somewhere in the south) on 02/25/2021

I wish I thought it tasted nice too! Kinda nutty but more yuk in flavor imho. I'll try again and if too yuk I'll try egg lethicin powder... If not that...then pills..🤗🤗

  Re: Need Helping Choosing Right Lecithin for High Cholesterol

Thu, 25 Feb 21 12:09:45 -0800
Posted by GertJr (Madison) on 02/25/2021

Art, thanks for the thoughts on statins.

Do you have any information about red rice yeast and it having the same side effects as statins? I've been taking LDL Omega capsules for my cholesterol and it works to bring it down, but I also get the same muscle aches and leg cramping as when I took statins. This formula has the CoQ10 as well, but the leg cramping has me wanting to not take it anymore.

  Re: Need Helping Choosing Right Lecithin for High Cholesterol

Thu, 25 Feb 21 09:23:44 -0800
Posted by Pacific Coast Lady (USA) on 02/24/2021

I am concerned I may not have ordered the right Lecithin. I'm not sure I can mention a brand or put a link, so I'll mention the brand I ordered. I don't want to do anything against the site rules, but I know they check all the posts before they allow them so I'll go ahead. I ordered granules (lecithin) from Life Extension. The ingredients sounded good and reviews, but someone mentioned, back in 2015 post, that there is not GMO Soy, no matter what the label says? Thanks again for any help,

  Re: Borax for Arthritis

Thu, 25 Feb 21 09:03:48 -0800
Posted by SusanK (Spfld MO) on 02/25/2021

Wondering if your results are still successful with daily Borax? Any issues? My natural health person didn't know anything about it.