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Multiple Remedies for Anal Itch Haven't Helped

Wed, 01 Jul 20 20:44:06 -0700
Posted by Shelawford (Hampton, Va) on 07/01/2020
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No, not a cure. Asking for help. I have scratched my butt till it bleeds I have tried all the remedies listed here. Nothing works. I hardly eat any sugar, I'm gluten free for the most part. Try to eat organic and a balanced diet.. Please help, it's becoming unbearable!!!!!

  Re: Homeopathy for H. Pylori

Wed, 01 Jul 20 20:42:24 -0700
Posted by Habiba (California ) on 07/01/2020

Ilene, could you tell me how long did you try homeopathy before getting tested for h pylori? Thanks!

 Re: Name of Supplement on EC That Helped Stroke Paralysis?

Wed, 01 Jul 20 20:41:33 -0700
Posted by Art (California) on 07/01/2020


I do not know what that supplement was, but a few common ones to consider after stroke are magnesium in an absorbable form such as magnesium taurate which can target the brain as well as topical magnesium chloride in the form of mag oil (MO) as well as GABA, Acetyl L Carnitine (ALC) and Melatonin. Note: ALC is considered to be more useful for this purpose than L-Carnitine (LC) because ALC can cross the blood brain barrier(BBB) among other things while LC can't. MO can sometimes reduce nerve pain related to stroke in some people. The combination should be better than any one of the above alone. These two forms of magnesium can cross the BBB as can GABA and Melatonin.


 Re: How to Stop Mole in Teenager From Becoming Cancerous?

Wed, 01 Jul 20 18:49:27 -0700
Posted by Art (California) on 07/01/2020


Melatonin is considered by many scientists and researchers to be an inhibitor of cancer metastasis and angiogenesis as well as a promoter of apoptosis of cancer cells in multiple forms of cancer.


Name of Supplement on EC That Helped Stroke Paralysis?

Wed, 01 Jul 20 18:49:13 -0700
Posted by Bob (Parsonsburg, Md) on 07/01/2020


A few months ago, while reading through your site, I was caught by surprise by someone who claimed that he had been paralyzed on one side for seven years, but was able to move the affected arm and leg in a few weeks after taking the product I was researching. Sadly, I cannot remember what that product was. I put "paralyzed" in your search engine and read all the results, but did not find the comment I was looking for. I am just hoping that you may know the one that I read and can help. Thank you.

Bob, Parsonsburg MD

EC: Does anyone recall this post?

Baking Soda for Nose Soreness

Wed, 01 Jul 20 15:50:37 -0700
Posted by Faith (Finger Lakes, NYS) on 07/01/2020
5 out of 5 stars

In the beginning of the Covid virus, I had watched a video on YT where a women said that during the 1918 Pandemic, her mother gave them 1/2 tsp. of baking soda in water and no one in her family got sick. So I did this for two weeks. Prior to this, I had a sore inside my nostril on and off for many years and recently it had spread. I couldn't see it, but I could feel it. I was going to see a doctor about it when Covid started. Interestingly, after the two weeks on water and baking soda, the sore was gone. Completely gone. I was so relieved, I thought for sure I was going to need to have half my nose removed for melanoma. I am sold on baking soda and water. I love Earth Clinic!

Healing Lichen Sclerosis

Wed, 01 Jul 20 15:48:43 -0700
Posted by Aloha Granny (Wailuku Hawaii) on 07/01/2020
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Healing Lichen Sclerosis:

1/2 cup baking soda, 1/2 cup 21 mule team borax in my bath water every other day works for me.

  Re: Borax for Arthritis

Wed, 01 Jul 20 10:23:01 -0700
Posted by Dr Mike (San Diego) on 07/01/2020

I am loving everything I read here. Thank you very much for this great site. Keep up the good work.

  Re: Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

Wed, 01 Jul 20 07:10:08 -0700
Posted by Frances (Cabarlah, Qld., Australia) on 07/01/2020

Dr. Thomas Levy says Yes. The remedy is hydrogen peroxide H202, aerosolized in any standard nebulizer.

  Re: Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation for Lung Issues

Wed, 01 Jul 20 07:09:58 -0700
Posted by Frances (Cabarlah, Qld., Australia) on 07/01/2020

Dr Thomas Levy promotes the use of H202 with a nebuliser/nebulizer. I just bought a $23 nebuliser with a face mask; I could have used the spray bottle! I am at risk for the dreaded virus and hope to survive it.

  Re: Culinary Argan Oil for Muscle Cramps

Wed, 01 Jul 20 07:09:40 -0700
Posted by Anon (Not Canada) on 06/30/2020

How much vitamin E is in the oil?

  Re: Candida Protocol - Setback After Improvement

Wed, 01 Jul 20 06:34:40 -0700
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 06/30/2020

Yes, cortisol the stress hormone feeds it. I fought candida on nystatin with a rotation diet for four years. I don't plan to win but manage it when it gets out of control. It doesn't play fair, and has all kinds of sneaky tricks up it's sleeve. If you do decide to try make sure to use molybdenum.

  Re: Our Preacher Has Pancreatic Cancer

Wed, 01 Jul 20 06:34:20 -0700
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 06/30/2020

I don't feel too smart and it's been a miracle just to get this far in life. I put in some seeds this year and just went to look up what they might look like so I can pull any weeds that try to sneak up on me. I am just catching my breath from being broken in person and trying to pull it together . I have kids that are on the ball. They hold back to keep people from getting discouraged by it. Made me feel a bit like the Yarn Princess trying to raise them. They are good people. Spouse was QA boeing, keeping planes safely flying . He likes things to be done properly. We are opposites in many ways so I am always a surprise to him. I always tell him, how can I explain myself to you if I can't figure myself out? How do you apply borax to plants? I know it kills bugs and adds boron. Do you have comfrey in your garden?

  Re: Black Salve

Wed, 01 Jul 20 06:33:41 -0700
Posted by Rachel (Ca) on 07/01/2020

What is the ratio of the herbal mixture to make this?

 Re: How to Stop Mole in Teenager From Becoming Cancerous?

Wed, 01 Jul 20 06:33:22 -0700
Posted by Mary (Idaho) on 06/30/2020

Hi Sonja,

I also want to add- she should mega dose vitamin D for at least a year. 50,000-100,000 is is safe. Vitamin K and magnesium should also be supplement to provide proper balance for vitamin D. Most are boron deficient, and boron is a mineral that's needed for proper balance and function of calcium, and MUCH more. Borax is a perfect supplement to provide boron. She can add a nice pinch to her water most days. 1-2 times daily.

Another easy supplement to provide much needed antioxidants that are lacking in those with cancer and needed for healing — BETA CAROTENE. Beta Carotene is a powerful antioxidant, and safe to take in very large doses to quench oxidation and inflammation. I've taken 20-30 pills at a time. I love the NOW brand, full spectrum beta carotene capsules best. They are natural source vs. synthetic. Clove essential oil is an ever stronger antioxidant- brush with 1 drop on toothbrush, 1 drop diluted in carrier oil, or try 1 drop in warm water or tea.

 Re: How to Stop Eye Melanoma From Spreading?

Wed, 01 Jul 20 06:30:54 -0700
Posted by Rsw (Oh) on 06/30/2020


Look at the Joe Tippens site - My Cancer Story Rocks - and read the comments to see if anyone has had success with eye cancer by using fenbendazole (Panacur C). I think Transfer Point Beta Glucans is always a good idea with cancer. Best wishes. The people on this site are excellent researchers and are probably looking for possibilities for you right now.

  Re: Magnesium and Borax Sprayed on Veggies

Tue, 30 Jun 20 19:24:34 -0700
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 06/30/2020

I've come across a lot of references to boron deficiency in crops. Very interesting. Borax seems too alkaline for vegetation, to me, but I look forward to reading of your experience with it.

  Candida Protocol - Setback After Improvement

Tue, 30 Jun 20 19:24:21 -0700
Posted by David (France) on 06/30/2020

Candida sucks.

  Re: Magnesium and Borax Sprayed on Veggies

Tue, 30 Jun 20 17:50:14 -0700
Posted by Orh (Ten Mile, Tn) on 06/30/2020

HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN, ORH here, and after 5 hours at the farm, we are eating raw veggies from our garden for supper. At my age, bowels in not too good a shape and raw veggies help. Ask my Tractor Driver if that would work and she did an outstanding job. She had green onions, sliced beets with carrots, banana pepper, cucumbers, sliced yellow squash and zucchini and a z-muffin to finish it all off. Sprayed the garden with a solution of epsom salt and borax and just hope I did not destroy months of work. I have never done this before, but I's a gammer. Lots of folks on the net said it was the thing to do. Now, I got to live up to my anniversary pledge and give her a massage, and a mineral bath that I promised once a week. Lordy, that was a weak moment. Should have just bought a vase of flowers. This is hard work.


  Re: Our Preacher Has Pancreatic Cancer

Tue, 30 Jun 20 17:48:13 -0700