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 Re: Paraganglioma Cysts

Fri, 28 Jul 17 11:24:47 -0700
Posted by Helena (Uk) on 07/28/2017

Cats claw is an amazing herb which can reverse DNA defects and slow down the cancer growth by boosting immune system. You can find more information about this herbs properties online. My mum has paraganglioma tumors and we are fighting them together

Good Luck x

  Re: Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Fri, 28 Jul 17 11:24:08 -0700
Posted by Alexandra (Uk) on 07/27/2017

To add to the knowledge, Lactic bacteria can live and reproduce healthily with or without oxygen - and they are the main ones in our guts - therefore the Hydrogen peroxide should not harm them.

If you want to know more about fermentation and the bacteria, have a read at this, about sourkrout-making - as some schools say they should be sealed and others say they don't need to be.

Because of that, I would definitely trust that taking 3 drops of 12% food-grade HP in an 8 ounce glass of water to be totally safe to my gut flora. We will see, it is coming in a few days... Very interesting conversation though.

  Re: Castor Oil For Pterygium

Fri, 28 Jul 17 11:21:11 -0700
Posted by Melissa (Palm Springs ) on 07/28/2017

I'm not sure how to spell it (pinqueclia) but I first got the yellow at 3:00 and 9:00 in my right eye.. then the left one too. 12 years ago. I live in the desert and was told there was nothing to do about it. My diet was poor (the SAD) but not anymore. I eat an anti-inflamatory diet, take omega -3 and have been putting roll on castor oil on my eyelids at night, once in a while for almost a year. I did this for sleep and for eyelash growth. Amazingly, the yellow spots are smaller and much lighter! Not sure 🤔 what really helped but I think it's everything. Clean food, rest, castor oil, spirituality, happiness... good luck out there.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Lipomas (in Hindi)

Fri, 28 Jul 17 11:20:40 -0700
Posted by Vicky (Jaipur) on 07/28/2017

Doston aaj se 14 Sal phle mere hath par keval ek lipoma thi. Mene usko operation se nikalva diya tha. But 6 month bad ek Aur ho gai. Us bat ko aaj 13 saal ho gaye. Aur aaj meri Puri body par 450 se bhi jayada lipoma h.. Mene 1 mahine se diet change ki h. Aur Apple cider vinegar bhi chalu kar diya h. 1 mahine me lipoma soft hui h. Shayd ho skta h Kam bhi ho Jaye. Ab me diet Aur Apple Cider Vinegar continue rkhunga Aur koi bhi result aaya vo aapke samne lekr aaunga with pic....

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for PSA

Fri, 28 Jul 17 11:16:48 -0700
Posted by Nataraj (Bantalore, India) on 07/28/2017

My psa level is 13. How I can bring down using apple cder vinegar and is there any other item I should use it as treatment for postrate problem. I am aged 82 years.

  Re: Rash After Exposure to the Sun

Fri, 28 Jul 17 11:16:08 -0700
Posted by Lou (Tyler, Tx) on 07/28/2017

Try going gluten-free. The gluten could be causing the rash.

  Re: Do Potatoes Constipate You?

Fri, 28 Jul 17 11:15:58 -0700
Posted by Lou (Tyler, Tx) on 07/28/2017

There are numerous YouTube videos about the potato diet!

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Fri, 28 Jul 17 11:15:47 -0700
Posted by Lady J (Colorado) on 07/28/2017
5 out of 5 stars

First if you have the ablation they are pretty easy, office procedure, I had one and it helped.

I also started bleeding terribly again (several years after the ablation). I found ACV and tried it. In 2-3 days all bleeding stopped. I put 3 TBLS in a 32oz. water jug and add a water flavoring I like to mask the taste. I drink it through out the morning and it has stopped the bleeding completely. I have also lost 7 pounds in just a couple of weeks. I generally feel better than I have in almost a year. It is worth a try. No doctor is going to tell you they agree on natural solutions, they want your money. But you know these are things ladies were doing back when there wasn't a wide knowledge of medical information especially for women issues.

  Re: Essiac Tea and Homeopathy for Lichen Sclerosus

Fri, 28 Jul 17 08:50:52 -0700
Posted by Felicia (Mi) on 07/28/2017

Hello, I'm wondering how to use the essiac tea for lichen Sclerosis, I'm reading that people have said they followed the directions, you mean just what the bottle says? Or is there a specific way to take it for lichen Sclerosis? Thanks so much for any help!

  Re: Turpentine Side Effects

Fri, 28 Jul 17 08:50:11 -0700
Posted by Rebecca (Cypress, Ca) on 07/27/2017

Hi! Thank you for your comments Enjera.

I am not feeling homicidal, but it may be because I have chosen to take the 2 sugar cubes with 1 teaspoon Turpentine before I go to bed. When I started the regime in the morning before breakfast it made me very tired with a hang over type headache which prevented me from having a full day. Being self employed I found it not conducive; therefore, I switched my daily consumption time. I too am following Dr. D's protocols as set forth by my naturopath. I purchased the brand suggested through Amazon as well. I am experiencing being very thirsty which I have read is normal. My insatiable desire for sweets has finally stopped. I am on day 4 of a 7 day treatment period following the advice of my naturopath. This morning I woke very hungry. I ate slowly and have continued to consume water throughout my day. I normally drink half my body weight in ounces but since starting the Turpentine protocol, my water consumption has increased. The bloating of my upper stomach has diminished noticeably. I am told by my naturopath that is due to the candida die off.

Today, in the early afternoon, my mind and thinking was so clear and sharp. I felt incredible and it lasted throughout my day. My eye sight has changed. I am seeing better. Has anyone else experienced that?

  Re: Coffee Enemas

Fri, 28 Jul 17 08:48:35 -0700
Posted by I.m. Trying (Nm) on 07/28/2017

Fiona or someone else who might know, are the syringes you use for coffee enemas disposable ( one use)? and where do you buy them? Thanks.

 Re: Seeking Advice for Extreme Anxiety from Parkinson's Disease

Fri, 28 Jul 17 08:47:57 -0700
Posted by Art (California ) on 07/27/2017

Hello M to M,

That is very interesting about the lamb........what type of dose did you use for the lamb and for how long?

Yes, thiamine is a fairly impressive vitamin and Dr. Costantini has used his protocol to treat other diseases with it. He has many published studies on PubMed where he used thiamine to very good effect, but he told me that it is most potent for patients with Parkinson's Disease. He also said that it is generally helpful for diseases that have "severe fatigue" as a major symptom of the disease and helps to ameliorate the fatigue.

Dr. Costantini has also affiliated himself with another research clinic in Italy where a neurologist there is implementing Dr. Costantini's protocol to treat his patients with PD and is enjoying similar results. They are corroborating on patients' results to try and fine tune his protocol and reach more patients with PD.

The research group in California that I mentioned previously was using even higher intramuscular doses in combination with more frequent administration and according to their study that I read, patients were getting similar results to the Italian group, but the results were coming even faster at the higher dose, but I suspect that side effects may have been a limiting factor at the even higher dosing they were using. Dr. Costantini has been using this protocol for quite a few years now as his first PD study is dated August 2013 and I'm sure he was already utilizing his protocol well before that study was ever posted.


  Re: Fresh Comfrey for Injured Chicken

Fri, 28 Jul 17 08:46:42 -0700
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 07/27/2017

Dear Zark,

Thanks for checking!

I am happy to say I can't even tell which hen had the injury. The whole flock of them spend the day running around after bugs. (Hopefully they are eating a lot of ticks! )

~Mama to Many~

 Re: Seeking Advice for Extreme Anxiety from Parkinson's Disease

Fri, 28 Jul 17 08:44:30 -0700
Posted by Mary (Aracadia, Ca) on 07/27/2017

Hello Art! Thank you so much. My brother was diagnosed with PD about 2 years ago. He is 75 years old and also suffers with Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea and high blood pressure. He weighs 136 lbs after weighing 205lbs. He is 5'10 he refuses to take meds for PD supplements and vitamins are just fine for him. He takes alot of vitamins. Thank you hope this helps.



  Re: Turpentine Therapy for Arthritis

Thu, 27 Jul 17 20:17:09 -0700
Posted by Daniel (California ) on 07/27/2017

YOUR PAIN IS CALLED DETOX PAIN /HERXHIEMER EFFECT.. caused by rapid detoxing what to do...this ....>> cut your amount in half ..if the pain persists then do it 1 day 1 day off till the pain stops then increase dosage to every day...if pain comes back reduce dosage again till the detox pain goes away...then n gradually increase dosage you will be ok...if you have to stop the dosage for a few days..I had the same thing then as the detox progressed and removed the toxins the pain decreased till it vanished

  Re: DMSO For 3rd Degree Burns

Thu, 27 Jul 17 20:15:33 -0700
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn.) on 07/27/2017

CRYSTAL,,,,,,,,, yep, DMSO is a miracle compound that I learned of first hand when I worked for CZ back in the 60's. At that time it was made in the CZ Bogalusa, La. paper mill. The Super was a friend of mine and related lots of stories about the employees that worked in that area. None ever had a cold or flu. Also, he related how DMSO cured steam burns to his wrists as you say in your post. Like the Good Book says, He has provided all you need.


  Re: Fresh Comfrey for Injured Chicken

Thu, 27 Jul 17 19:59:49 -0700
Posted by Zark (Emerald City) on 07/27/2017

How did it go? Hope your chicken bounced back :)

Apple Cider Vinegar for Curing of Blepharitis

Thu, 27 Jul 17 19:59:29 -0700
Posted by Dianne (Phoenix, Arizona) on 07/27/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I had gone to my ophthalmologist about 3 weeks ago, with complaints of itchy red eyes. He told me I lived in Phoenix, where the weather was hot and to drink more water. Last night I discovered what was wrong with my eyes (blepharitis), through this EC site. I used ACV mixed with water and a Q Tip, and literally scrubbed my eyelashes with it. It stung a lot, so I think I probably did not use enough water, but I repeated it again this morning, and my eyes feel SO much better. I will continue to do this 3 times a day, until I am healed. Thanks again for providing this wonderful site for those of us who know doctors just "practice" on us, which is why its called "medical practice."

  Re: Lichen Planopilaris

Thu, 27 Jul 17 19:58:37 -0700
Posted by Jenny (Griffith Nsw Australia) on 07/27/2017

Hi Venn

I have recently been diagnosed with Lichen Planpilaris. I note that you are from Australia and have had "Electro Dermo Screening". Like you I would much rather focus on improving my health and outlook rather than a problem. I am very interested in trying to eliminate inflammation from my body. I wonder if you could provide contact details for your homeopath. Your post is very encouraging thank you.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Lipomas - Hindi Translation

Thu, 27 Jul 17 19:58:00 -0700
Posted by Maria Khan (Germany ) on 07/27/2017

Hello friends, There are almost 500 lipomas in my whole body.I have been using ACV for 15 days.If I get any result I will must share with you.

EC: Thank you so much, Maria!