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  Re: Blackstrap Molasses for Fibroids

4 minutes ago
Posted by Mama to Many (TN) on 09/27/2022

Dear Dene,

Typically a dose of Blackstrap Molasses is a Tablespoon. It can be taken right off the spoon or added to any amount of water or to coffee (3/4 cup of either water or coffee is a handy ratio). My kids take it right off the spoon. They know it helps so much that they take it without being told. (They take it for leg cramps.)

I hope it is helpful to you!

~Mama to Many~

  Boron vs Borax

1 hour ago
Posted by Art (California) on 09/27/2022


I have taken both and 3 mg of boron did nothing for my arthritis. Borax is approximately 11.3% boron. My borax dose is roughly 950 mg. So 950 x .113 = 107.35 mg of boron. I take this dose of borax each weekday and take the weekends off. This has kept my arthritis in remission for way over a decade. I tried halving the dose and it helped my arthritis, but did not keep it in remission.

I have taken boron supplements up to around 36 mg and that was not enough to work for me, but I have seen it work in others.


  Re: Gallium Nitrate

2 hours ago
Posted by mactine2k7 (AZ) on 09/27/2022

Updated link from yours about strontium.

  Treating IC

2 hours ago
Posted by Laura (Ontario) on 09/27/2022

What is HGH?

EC: Human Growth Hormone.

  Boron vs Borax

3 hours ago
Posted by Jonnybegood (Australia) on 09/27/2022

Hi, just had a question not sure where I should ask questions sorry if wrong spot.

I take a multi vitamin that has 3mg of Boron in it.


1. Is there any extra benefit to borax over Boron? to me, the extra compounds of borax vs boron are only sodium, hydrogen, oxygen, would that make a difference?

2. if I took borax, would I maybe need to take less like 1 tsp of the 1 liter mix every second day or maybe just not take it all as im getting most of the benefits from the 3mg boron in my multi?

Any thoughts or help would be great.

I'm leaning towards leaving it at my 3mg boron multi as enough, but maybe some has tried both and could notice a difference.


p.s great site.

  Multiple Cures With Bloodroot

3 hours ago
Posted by M in MD (Md) on 09/27/2022

Check out Alpha Omega Labs they have numerous natural products for cancer and many testimonies. Also, they have a phone number you can call and speak to someone. Good luck!

MSM Side Effects Continuing 6 Months After Stopping... Please Help!

3 hours ago
Posted by Ana (Germany) on 09/27/2022
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I have been taking MSM for 2-3 months. From the beginning, I had strong side effects, but I figured it was just the initial worsening of the symptoms. I was very excited, suffered from insomnia, my skin became increasingly dry, I developed severe dryness lines, my body was downright cold, my hands and feet tended to have a bluish/black discolouration.., Feeling dry in the throat.., fears, panic.. Now 6 months after stopping MSM, I am still having side effects and my skin has not fully healed.

I appreciate any feedback or help

  Re: Knuckle Swelling Help Requested

3 hours ago
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 09/27/2022

GertJr… I would try Dit Da Jow. I have used eastmeetswest dit da jow for over 15 years on some nasty bumps and bruises and swelling with great results.. Dit Da Jow Liniment

  Re: Frankincense Oil for Acoustic Neuroma (aka Vestibular Schwannoma)

3 hours ago
Posted by Diane Martinson (MN) on 09/27/2022

I found there are more than one type of frankincense, found 3 different ones. Can you tell me what type you have or at least what brand if you don't know the type?

  Re: Need Help for Friend With Bronchiectasis

3 hours ago
Posted by Marty (DC) on 09/27/2022

I am concerned that this reply is giving unsafe advice. The writer is suggesting that taking 300 to 400 mg of zinc picolinate each day is healthful for the lungs. Even if it is, it can cause other health issues such as anemia and copper deficiency.

Here is just one article on what taking 200 mg/day of zinc can cause --

He is also suggesting using zinc picolinate, one of the more bioavailable forms of zinc that may further contribute to zinc toxicity as the body will absorb more of it than other forms of zinc.

Overall, I think a very high dose of zinc supplementation is a bad idea for people. I personally never go over 100 mg/day.

  Re: Hydrogen Peroxide for Circulation Issues

3 hours ago
Posted by Sharon (MI) on 09/27/2022

Are you still following this protocol? I'm wondering if it's still beneficial to you, any side effects or issues arising? I'd love to hear about your ongoing experience if possible! Thank you!!!

  Multiple Cures With Bloodroot

9 hours ago
Posted by Bridget (USA) on 09/27/2022

I am looking for the protocol for black salve/bloodroot suppositories for a rectal cancer tumor. There was a post from 2011 by Earnest but no elaboration on how he healed himself of cancer using the suppositories.

Avoid EDTA for Ulcerative Colitis

9 hours ago
Posted by Stephanie (Napa ) on 09/27/2022
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Avoid EDTA. It's a dangerous chemical in everyday products such as mayonnaise and canned vegetables and some cosmetics. EDTA binds to your body's minerals and metals like calcium, magnesium, iron and leaches it from your blood and it comes out in your stool. EDTA is absolute poison and will cause immediate reactions if you have IBS or UC. This poison should be illegal, it's destroying everyone's health. Usually listed as Calcium Disodium EDTA.

  Re: Need Help for Friend With Bronchiectasis

9 hours ago
Posted by Tom (Livingston, Tx) on 09/27/2022

I haven't had your particular lung malady, but what cleared my lungs in the summer of 2021 is taking Amazon's Durvet ivermectin horse paste (IHP), apple flavored. With the IHP, I had to intentionally cough up lung mucus for about 10 days I would say, but my lungs were finally clear. The Amazon price per tube has recently gone from about $34 for 3 tubes to around $50 for 3 tubes.

The ivermectin dose in milligrams is .2 times your body weight in kilograms. Take every two weeks or I just took it on the 1st and again on the 16th or 17th of the month. So with a body weight of 210 lbs, the dose for me is 19 mg so I rounded it up to 20 mg since each section of the paste has 5 milligrams of ivermectin in it. So I took 4 sections of the paste for each dose. I took the IHP for 15 months.

During 2021, I had taken Covid every few months, or about 3 times until I started this horse paste which really cleared out the mucus in my lungs for good.

Now I take the 50 mg zinc picolinate (ZP) capsules at 400 mg per day in divided doses during the winter and 300 mg per day in warmer months for allergies and such. So that is 2 capsules or 100 mg every 6 hours in winter. I order ZP capsules from PipingRock when they are on sale.

So I now think ZP is possibly better than ivermectin because taking ZP reversed a sore throat for me several times in the winter of 2021-22. I also tried taking zinc citrate powder at the time, which did nothing, so I immediately switched back to the ZP.

I had become very impressed with quercetin dihydrate in 2016 for protecting my lungs and sinuses.

I had thought that taking quercetin dihydrate powder (QDP) would protect my lungs from Covid, but it didn't. I have known taking QDP to move mucus out of my lungs, so taking QDP is probably advisable. I order QDP from BulkSupplements in the 250 gram bag. Mornings I just take a level quarter measuring teaspoon of the yellow quercetin powder with water, which is about 500 mg.

For decades, what has liquefied lung and sinus mucus for me is 1/2 slightly rounded measuring teaspoon of Dash Table Blend seasoning (DTBS), taken with water. I buy the 6.75 oz bottle at Walmart in the spice aisle. It has expectorant herbs in it. It usually takes 2 or 3 days to start to thin the lung mucus if the body is ready to cough it up, with the sinuses eventually clearing as well.

So I think the IHP, ZP, QDP and DTBS could possibly improve your lungs.

  Re: Carditone for High Blood Pressure

10 hours ago
Posted by Art (California) on 09/27/2022


I have not seen where the diastolic has not been lowered also, at least in the 3 of us that I have been reporting on. I have also not read that in the Amazon reviews. What is your diastolic reading?

I have noticed that for me and for Dave, Carditone had somewhat of a cumulative effect where it has allowed us to reduce our dose, but not for Barbara who has remained at one caplet per night. You already have the bottle so maybe you can continue to the end of the bottle and see if your diastolic starts to decline over time, but that would also depend on how high your diastolic reading is. If it is too high, you may have to go on prescription medications for hypertension or resume them if you were taking them.


  Carditone for High Blood Pressure - Question for Art

11 hours ago
Posted by Cheryl (California) on 09/27/2022

I have been taking Carditone for about a week now (one pill every night) and it's apparent to me that it is working well to lower my systolic, but my diastolic remains high. This decreases the numbers in between, and I've read that it's important that there be about 40 numbers between the two readings. Have you ever heard of it only effecting the systolic number? Thanks in advance for your help! Much appreciated!

  Knuckle Swelling Help Requested

11 hours ago
Posted by GertJr (Madison) on 09/27/2022

I injured my knuckle and needed surgical repair. This was done Aug 15, over a month ago. It is still swollen and I can't bend it as far as it should go. I've been massaging it, icing, using dmso, and stretching it manually trying to get it better but no luck. Any suggestions? And, at what point do I reach out to the dr and ask what's up?

  Re: Sun Gazing

11 hours ago
Posted by elisee (NY) on 09/27/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Darell, I live in manhattan, NY and has been sun gazing foe nearly a month now. I'm doing for 20-25 mins straight once or twice a day, I felt into it accidentally like you. The reason I'm reaching out is like you I fell in while meditating to get over my PTSD. I had acute PTSD and ADHD. I started meditating and walking everyday. I can say that most my symptoms started disappearing the same day. I used to walk around with noise canceling headphones as my hearing so hypersensitive that I have to block any sounds coming in. I can now say that I dont need them on to walk around since. I also became vegan and has stopped drinking alcohol. I came across your post while researching the web for other people like me and I saw your comments from a year ago. It would be great to exchange experiences if you get to this. Best,

  Re: Blackstrap Molasses for Fibroids

11 hours ago
Posted by Dene (Houston Tx) on 09/27/2022

Is it a TABLESPOON or. TEASPOON full of BSM in warm water?

Put in how much warm water? a CUP?

Do you take the BSM on empty stomach or does it matter if before or after eating?

Thanks for sharing your info!

  Re: Apple for Teeth Whitening

11 hours ago
Posted by Rusty (TX) on 09/27/2022

Are green apples ok? bc I prefer green but if it's only in red that's fine.


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