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  Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation Helping MRSA

Wed, 12 Dec 18 19:47:47 -0800
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 12/12/2018

SETH,,,,,,, we do UBI instead of flu shots. This year we got our Integrative doctor to mix our blood with H202 and he was amazed how red our blood turned. Sad that us Rednecks have to teach our doctors. We read and they don't.

Right now I have no clue if my Cardiologist will do my EECP or not. It will be off label and subject him to an FDA audit. He is spooked as all doctors are. I understand, but we are a sick, corrupt nation. It's only about $$$$$$$.


 Re: Urinary Tract Cyst

Wed, 12 Dec 18 19:47:12 -0800
Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 12/12/2018

Did you try the Epsom salts sitz bath? That dose of magnesium should calm the spasms. You can do as many times a day as convenient. Continue with ACV, maybe look into section on baking soda for uti. The herbs mallow, stinging nettle, plantain, tea or capsule, are all beneficial for urinary tract, lastly, iodine protects reproductive regions, lack of iodine will cause cysts, look into how people have gotten rid of cysts by using iodine.

Best to you

 Re: Urinary Tract Cyst

Wed, 12 Dec 18 19:46:39 -0800
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 12/12/2018

Dear Gertjr,

I am so sorry to hear about your trouble!
Turmeric is great for infection, cysts, inflammation AND itching. I take 4 capsules of this 3-4 times a day for acute problems.

Frankincense essential oil is great for cysts and uti's. I massage a couple of drops into the lower abdomen a couple of times a day for such.

And finally, castor oil packs on the lower abdomen overnight are amazing for pain, infection, etc.

I hope one or more of these will work for you quickly. I have used all three together with great success.

~Mama to Many~

  Re: Fresh Aloe Vera for HIV - Update

Wed, 12 Dec 18 19:45:46 -0800
Posted by Jpps (Virginia) on 12/12/2018

We experienced negative results in approximately 30 days.


The following DVM and PhD's presented a paper in Brussels Belgium, in April 1990, Jasbir B. Kohlon, Maurice C. Kemp, Ni Yawei, Robert H. Carpenter, William M. Shannon, and Bill H. McAnalley. Research concluded that Aloe, or a substance extracted from it, is a very effective treatment against HIV-1 and other strains of the virus which causes AIDS. Research confirms that daily ingestion (20 oz. or more) can act as a immunization against the HIV infection. In HIV positive or AIDS patients, Aloe: (1.) keeps infected T-4 cells from reproducing the virus, (2.) either kills free virus in the blood or it stimulates the individual's immune system to kill the virus or both, (3.) it stops the disease AIDS from developing in HIV positive patients and can completely reverse the disease in those with AIDS, and (4.) some patients become Syro-negative. (The virus or antibody to the virus can no longer be found in the blood.)

 Re: Urinary Tract Cyst

Wed, 12 Dec 18 19:44:50 -0800
Posted by Steve (Nv) on 12/12/2018

I had a friend that used iodoral for a couple of months. When she went back to her doctor for the exam the cysts were gone. Google it.

 Re: Seeking Remedies for Hyperventilation Syndrome

Wed, 12 Dec 18 19:44:36 -0800
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 12/12/2018

Tiara, have you tried Bill Munro''s h2o2 inhalation? I do it with diluted drug store h2o2..

  Re: DMSO and Magnesium Oil for Carpal Tunnel

Wed, 12 Dec 18 19:44:08 -0800
Posted by Art (California ) on 12/12/2018

You might try applying just the mag oil to the back of your neck down to between your shoulder blades. That may be additive the the effect of the lower application you are already doing.


 Re: Urinary Tract Cyst

Wed, 12 Dec 18 10:53:09 -0800
Posted by Gertjr (Madison) on 12/11/2018

No responses to my question about my cyst. I made an appt with a urologist, but he can't see me until Dec 26. This thing hurts! It's so uncomfortable to sit down and also to walk. I've been taking Apple Cider Vinegar and cranberry juice, using estrogen cream in the area. It's not at a spot where I can put anything on it or even massage it to see if that would help. It's getting itchy--do you think it will pop on its own? I can start taking oregano oil or silver for the antibacterial properties. It keeps me up at night with spasms. Help me, please!

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide for Basal Cell Carcinoma

Wed, 12 Dec 18 10:51:05 -0800
Posted by Karlin (Canada) on 12/12/2018

It might not be a bad thing to see it grow larger when you start using the topical treatments [peroxide, apple cider vinegar, iodine, and I would add TEA TREE OIL as an option] - these irritate the cancer cells, which is what we want. The ointments might also be irritating the healthy tissues, but they are not being killed like the cancer is.

But yes, it could be cause for concern. Mine got a bit painful, but that is okay in this case. Use your intuition, talk to your skin, ask and await an answer [this is difficult to teach].

Seeking Remedies for Hyperventilation Syndrome

Wed, 12 Dec 18 10:50:28 -0800
Posted by Tiara (London) on 12/11/2018

Please help as I suffer from Hyperventilation Syndrome and have trouble to breath. This could be anxiety related and is ruining my life! I have trouble breathing and catching my breath 24/7.

DMSO and Magnesium Oil for Carpal Tunnel

Wed, 12 Dec 18 10:48:49 -0800
Posted by Denine1 (Philly) on 12/12/2018
4 out of 5 stars

I have had wrist pain off and on for a couple of years, but in the past week, it's been steady and painful enough that I've started taking copious amounts of pain relievers. I haven't been diagnosed with anything because I refuse to go to a doctor who will probably prescribe things I can't take or that are more harmful than the otc pain relievers.

I have tried DMSO and Magnesium oil. It does NOT work after the first time, you have to layer it, meaning massage it in as needed through out the day. Don't just use it on your wrist, my pain starts within the area of the middle and ring fingers, is also felt on the outside of the wrist where the pinky finger is and flows down about an inch and a half past the wrist.

I massage the DMSO and Mag oil all over my hands and fingers and to the shoulders. It didn't work just doing the wrist and hand, and it didn't work just doing it one time. You can also incorporate Castor Oil (mag oil and dmso can be very drying) Unfortunately, Castor Oil alone didn't work for me

For some, this may be time consuming, but if you prefer not to use meds, and bringing the pain down from a 12 to a 3 can help, try this method. I find this more helpful overall than 1000 mg of Ibuprofen two to three times a day.

  Re: Recovery After Heart Attack

Wed, 12 Dec 18 10:46:36 -0800
Posted by Abdul (United Kingdom ) on 12/12/2018

I have read your story and really touched, I do hope your husband is in good health. I know it's been long time you put your story, but recently believed to suffered a heart attack. I was admitted to hospital and was looking for natural remedies to help me back on my feet,

Can I ask how thing progresses once your husband left the hospital?

Thanks, Abdul

  Re: Alcohol Swabs for Nausea

Wed, 12 Dec 18 10:44:44 -0800
Posted by Danamarie (Ca) on 12/12/2018

Taking a sniff of an alcohol pad or cotton is not the same as "huffing" alcohol. Alcohol huffing is soaking a cloth with rubbing alcohol and holding it up to the mouth for a prolonged period of time and continuously inhaling the fumes into the lungs.

Using rubbing alcohol for nausea is taking a sniff from an alcohol soaked pad or cotton ball and smelling it once or twice. There is no contact with the nose or mouth and it's not for any length of time.

  Re: Kidney Stones

Wed, 12 Dec 18 10:43:39 -0800
Posted by Julian (Ma) on 12/11/2018

Interesting. I just went through the painful ordeal 2 days ago. 1 stone passed found it in the urine. Want to find out what can dissolve these stones.

  Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation for Painful Lipomas

Wed, 12 Dec 18 10:41:42 -0800
Posted by Lynette (Laguna Woods, Ca.) on 12/11/2018

Hi Nicola, it's serendipitous that l got dercums in June 2010, a technician doing a Darkfield Microscopy on me said he thoughts that what l had. l would love to talk to you, how your progressing w/this horror we have. Mine also turned into Lipedema. Thanks, Lynette

  Re: Serrapeptase

Wed, 12 Dec 18 10:39:43 -0800
Posted by Pearl (Wyobraska) on 12/11/2018

Interesting that half the reviews on this EC page are from 9/4/18 and 9/5/18. I think we're all accustomed to watching Amazon for that kind of behavior because it suggests fake reviews, but I didn't think it would affect my favorite site, Earth Clinic.

I just ordered my 2nd bottle of Dr's Best 40,000 from Amazon, but I wanted to check the EC comments because both my husband and I got bronchitis really bad while taking it a couple of years ago. We'd never taken it for longer than a week before that. It quite certainly may have been a coincidence since it was January and that was going around, but we both ended up really sick and I got scared of taking it for awhile.

I'm starting to think if it sounds too good to be true it just might not be.

  Re: Guillian Barre After Flu Shot

Wed, 12 Dec 18 10:37:45 -0800
Posted by Steve (Ok) on 12/11/2018

That's one reason I don't take the flu shot!

  Re: Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

Wed, 12 Dec 18 10:37:28 -0800
Posted by Amanda (Il) on 12/11/2018

Could I ask how you take the apple cider vinegar? Do you cook with it? Take a capsule? By the spoonful?

 Re: Need Help, Suffering 15 Years With Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

Wed, 12 Dec 18 10:36:09 -0800
Posted by Amanda (Il) on 12/11/2018

Get the affected area moving. Don't overdo it, but do more than you are doing, but in a gentle manner. It seems counterintuitive to move the affected area if it's painful, but you can do it gently while seated and work your way up slowly. It's important to get the affected nerves to regenerate and get improved blood flow to the muscles and tissues. My foot had so much pain that I was suicidal, not because I wanted to die, but because it felt literally too painful to go on. After 9 months of physical therapy, I still need a wheelchair to grocery shop, but can do more around the house. My pain level can get injury level from walking or from hot temperatures, but not burning anymore. It still honestly sucks (not sure how else to put it) but it's definitely livable now.

  Re: Esophageal Stricture

Wed, 12 Dec 18 10:35:20 -0800
Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 12/11/2018

Hi Michele, you have symptoms of low stomach acid not allowing sphincter from stomach to oesophagus to close, not able to digest food, and ultimately fermenting creating gas and resulting pressure forces the food back up, undigested. Read here

Take betaine capsule one cap a day with meals then 2 caps a day, when you have found your limit you will experience warmth in your stomach and you will know you have your limit and can reduce one cap till it happens again. This will repair the inability of your stomach to produce acid, hence the lessening of the betaine. For some they can only need 2 but there is a poster here who swears great benefits at much higher ( gradual) dose. Purchasing some mallow root to take as tea will soothe and repair the oesophagus lining and heal damage to stomach, and intestines.

Best to you.