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  Re: Turpentine Therapy for Arthritis

Thu, 27 Jul 17 20:17:09 -0700
Posted by Daniel (California ) on 07/27/2017

YOUR PAIN IS CALLED DETOX PAIN /HERXHIEMER EFFECT.. caused by rapid detoxing what to do...this ....>> cut your amount in half ..if the pain persists then do it 1 day 1 day off till the pain stops then increase dosage to every day...if pain comes back reduce dosage again till the detox pain goes away...then n gradually increase dosage you will be ok...if you have to stop the dosage for a few days..I had the same thing then as the detox progressed and removed the toxins the pain decreased till it vanished

  Re: DMSO For 3rd Degree Burns

Thu, 27 Jul 17 20:15:33 -0700
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn.) on 07/27/2017

CRYSTAL,,,,,,,,, yep, DMSO is a miracle compound that I learned of first hand when I worked for CZ back in the 60's. At that time it was made in the CZ Bogalusa, La. paper mill. The Super was a friend of mine and related lots of stories about the employees that worked in that area. None ever had a cold or flu. Also, he related how DMSO cured steam burns to his wrists as you say in your post. Like the Good Book says, He has provided all you need.


  Re: Fresh Comfrey for Injured Chicken

Thu, 27 Jul 17 19:59:49 -0700
Posted by Zark (Emerald City) on 07/27/2017

How did it go? Hope your chicken bounced back :)

Apple Cider Vinegar for Curing of Blepharitis

Thu, 27 Jul 17 19:59:29 -0700
Posted by Dianne (Phoenix, Arizona) on 07/27/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I had gone to my ophthalmologist about 3 weeks ago, with complaints of itchy red eyes. He told me I lived in Phoenix, where the weather was hot and to drink more water. Last night I discovered what was wrong with my eyes (blepharitis), through this EC site. I used ACV mixed with water and a Q Tip, and literally scrubbed my eyelashes with it. It stung a lot, so I think I probably did not use enough water, but I repeated it again this morning, and my eyes feel SO much better. I will continue to do this 3 times a day, until I am healed. Thanks again for providing this wonderful site for those of us who know doctors just "practice" on us, which is why its called "medical practice."

  Re: Lichen Planopilaris

Thu, 27 Jul 17 19:58:37 -0700
Posted by Jenny (Griffith Nsw Australia) on 07/27/2017

Hi Venn

I have recently been diagnosed with Lichen Planpilaris. I note that you are from Australia and have had "Electro Dermo Screening". Like you I would much rather focus on improving my health and outlook rather than a problem. I am very interested in trying to eliminate inflammation from my body. I wonder if you could provide contact details for your homeopath. Your post is very encouraging thank you.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Lipomas - Hindi Translation

Thu, 27 Jul 17 19:58:00 -0700
Posted by Maria Khan (Germany ) on 07/27/2017

Hello friends, There are almost 500 lipomas in my whole body.I have been using ACV for 15 days.If I get any result I will must share with you.

EC: Thank you so much, Maria!

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Lipomas - Hindi Translation

Thu, 27 Jul 17 19:56:36 -0700
Posted by Tina (Princeton Nj ) on 07/27/2017

Here is the English translation of Alok's request:

Hello friends, I have 500 lipoma all over my entire body. I have started using apple cider vinegar from 15 days. If I get any results I will definitely share with you.

EC: Thank you so much, Tina!

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Lipomas - Hindi Translation

Thu, 27 Jul 17 19:56:08 -0700
Posted by Baldev (Mumbai Maharashtra India) on 07/27/2017

I will translate it in English for every body.

Hello friends, on my whole body I have 500 lipomas. For last fifteen days I have started using apple cider vinegar. If any result comes up, I will surely share with you.


EC: Thank you so much, Baldev!

 Re: Seeking Advice for Extreme Anxiety from Parkinson's Disease

Thu, 27 Jul 17 10:17:27 -0700
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 07/27/2017

Dear Art,

Thank you for taking the time to share this information on treating PD. How wonderful!

I too can be skeptical that something as simple as a vitamin could bring "too good to be true" results, but having seen dramatic results with Thiamin with a sheep, I will share it to encourage.

A few years ago we had a newborn lamb that was very sick. My son brought him in from the field because he was behaving in a very disturbing way. He was arching his back and writhing, perhaps he was having seizures. His spine seemed to be moving in a way that you would not expect to see an animal's spine move. It appeared to be something neurological. We quickly began researching and found that a thiamine deficiency in newborn lambs could could a neurological disorder - polioehcephomalacia that would have these sorts of symptoms.

I actually had some thiamine tablets on hand so we crushed them and added them to water and gave it to him orally with a syringe. His symptoms stopped in less than 30 minutes. It was astonishing.

~Mama to Many~

Blackstrap Molasses for Gray Hair

Thu, 27 Jul 17 08:57:17 -0700
Posted by Sandy (Il) on 07/27/2017
1 out of 5 stars

I tried the plantation brand, Unsulphured Molasses for nearly a year. No results. I read the results of a clinical trial in which those of all ages found re-pigmentation of hair upon taking: 1000mg of Inositol, Paba 700mg, & Pantothenic Acid 500 mg. Take those once a day for 2 months and you will begin to see results. Greys will fall out and you will see the natural pigmentation of your hair back again. You will have to stay on these vitamins to keep the results ongoing. You can say so long to hair dye!!

Hydrogen Peroxide for Bad Breath

Thu, 27 Jul 17 08:53:55 -0700
Posted by Charlie (Texas) on 07/27/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I had stinky breath that nothing would help, I did work in a steel mill and AC work and the smell was coming from my lungs, mold or fungus was what I thought it was. What I did that helped a lot more than just the breath, 3% Hydrogen peroxide diluted by 3:1 by distilled water in a house hold atomizing hand sprayer. I put the sprayer on the finest mist setting and breathed the mist, I didn't swallow any, spitting out what was left in my mouth, I breathed the aspirated diluted peroxide. within a day, no more smell and I breathed better. I'm 68.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Lipoma (Need Hindi Translation, Please)

Thu, 27 Jul 17 08:50:07 -0700
Posted by Alok (Jaipur. Rajasthan) on 07/26/2017

Hello doston. Meri puri body me 500 lipoma hai. Maine 15 din se apple cider vinegar use Karna chalu kiya h. Agr koi bhi result samne aaya to me aapse share jrur krunga.

EC: Can someone please translate the above from Hindi? This is from Google Translate!

Hello dosto Meri puri body me 500 lipoma Mayine 15 days from apple cider vinegar use Karna Chalu ki h. I have no idea how many times I was able to share my birthday.

  Re: Foot Detox Feedback

Thu, 27 Jul 17 08:46:41 -0700
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 07/27/2017

Mary: Folks with lots of toxins stored in their body (after several yrs accumulating) will experience this reaction (to some degree). This means you have a big toxin load to rid and it will take proly up to 30 spas or ore to come clean.

In the meantime, the lower back pain and down the legs is the over-burden placed on your Kidneys. Take either D-Mannose or Cranberry Softgels to rid infection from Kidneys. You may also need to do some mild K cleansing with the herb Chaparral.

Also in the meantime, do Detox Footpads (one on each foot every night until detox is done).

When you do another spa, take Oregano Softgels prior and Bentonite Clay post spa. This should prevent migraine and nausea. Milled Flax Seeds taken with meals will keep Colon clean.

Any antioxidant supplement will help much. Vit-C taken with MSM is recommended for immediate detox. For ongoing support take Broad Spectrum Vit-E + Selenium + Ubiquinol, and 3mg Melatonin before retiring (for a good night's sleep).

Once you feel nearly clean from repeated spas and all the above mentioned, take Dr. Christopher's Red Clover Combination herb (2-4 caps) prior to spa for a deep tissue thorough cleansing.

More. You can also take Mineral Hot Baths to detox/cleans during this process. 1/4 Cup Epsom Salts + 1/4 cup Borax in hot bath for 1 hr 2x per wk.

Your indoor air will need additional purification as will drinking and bathing/showering water.

 Re: Desperately Seeking Help for Mother With Extreme Cachexia

Thu, 27 Jul 17 08:46:24 -0700
Posted by Waltz (India) on 07/27/2017

Hi Sam,

You should immediately give her the following at a minimum:

Vitamin D3 60,000 IU every two days for ten days

Vitamin B complex (B50- thrice a day)

These are higher dosages but considering the severe cachexia are required. These have been recommended by Ted himself.

Hope it works out.

  Re: Knee Replacement Postponed After Starting Borax Protocol

Thu, 27 Jul 17 08:45:58 -0700
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 07/27/2017

ORH, doesn't gelatin regenerate cartilage?

 Re: Natural Remedies to Heal Brain Aneurysm

Thu, 27 Jul 17 08:44:09 -0700
Posted by Mary (Arcadia, Ca) on 07/26/2017

Dear Matilda,

I posted a cure on here about curing a Brain Aneurysm. I suffered one ruptured Brain Aneurysm in 2001 I survived it with no real damage. In 2015 the doctors discovered another 2.2 mm sized aneurysm on the left side of my brain. I took 1 1/2 tablespoons of Colloidal Copper once a day with 15mg of zinc to stop toxicity it worked perfectly for me no more aneurysm! Try it ask your doctor to find out what your copper level is first. Mine was completely low. I hope this helps you please take care. Blessings,


 Re: Seeking Advice for Extreme Anxiety from Parkinson's Disease

Thu, 27 Jul 17 08:43:32 -0700
Posted by Mary (Arcadia, Ca) on 07/26/2017


Thank you so much for the time to write me and let me know what is happening. It's alright with me if you tell me the steps and what to use. I appreciate all the help I can get. Blessings to you,


  Re: Turmeric, Ginger and More for Polymyalgia Rheumatica

Thu, 27 Jul 17 08:42:58 -0700
Posted by Rsw (Oh) on 07/27/2017


My Mother got PMR after taking statin drugs. One doctor on a reputable site says when her patients say they have been diagnosed with PMR, she immediately asks if they ever have/are taking a statin drug. I am happy to hear you are doing well with your protocol.

 Re: Seeking Advice for Extreme Anxiety from Parkinson's Disease

Thu, 27 Jul 17 08:40:36 -0700
Posted by Art (California ) on 07/26/2017

In reply to Mary Martinez (Arcadia, Ca)

Hi Again Mary.

Good news, the doctor (Dr. Costantini) wrote back and said he would be fine with you sending him an email. I mentioned your name and feel free to mention my name when you write him so he will know you are the person that I mentioned to him.

Briefly, his protocol is an add on to standard PD meds. For others who are interested, the vitamin he uses is thiamine/thiamin. Thiamine is also known as vitamin B-1. He uses twice weekly intramuscular injections to obtain very good benefit, but he said that daily very high dose oral supplementation can be very useful also.

Many people believe that taking a high dose of any one of the B vitamins can put the other B vitamins out of balance, but Dr. Costantini said he has not had that problem with any of the patients he has put on his protocol. My friend that is using high dose thiamine said he feels the bulk powder seems slightly more effective than the high dose capsules, but clearly the capsules are more convenient so for him, he tends to use both, but his preference is for the pure bulk powder mixed in Gatorade. I tried both the powder and capsules just so I would know what it was like to take them in such a high dose. I had no problem with either one, but I do not have PD, so I can't personally speak about the effectiveness of the protocol. I would definitely put this vitamin at the top of my list of over 75 potential supplements for PD!

From what I have seen from my friend who has been on this protocol since last November, changes and benefits can come relatively quickly (less than two weeks) or they can take longer and be more gradual. No alcohol can be consumed while on this protocol because alcohol tends to interfere with thiamine and my friend told me that if he does drink alcohol, it will set him back for a few days before he starts feeling close to his normal.

Dr. Costantini, said that in his clinic he uses the injections for almost all of his PD patients. He said he has used the oral supplementing for his patients who do not do well with injections. From the tone of our conversations, it sounds like the injections are more effective than the oral supplement because he tells me that his patients who get the injections stop their diease progression and reverse their motor and non-motor symptoms. I seen videos of some of his PD patients and the apparent results are quite impressive.

I realize that many people will read this and say, "too good to be true" and usually when things sound too good to be true........they are. In this case, I would say, what are you risking if you go ahead and take the oral supplement at the dosages he suggests. I am not going to answer that question for anyone who is interested, but I will say to do your research and specifically look for "the toxicity of vitamin B1/thiamin/thiamine. I did and was quite surprised to find out you will be hard pressed to find toxicity reports for B-1. The dose is based on your weight and clinical condition which Dr. Costantini will determine after reviewing your medical records. Based on his clinical research, the doses he recommends have not caused negative side effects in his patients with the exception of his patient who would throw up after getting her injection.

Mary, if you wouldn't mind and it is okay with your brother, could you tell me a little about him such as weight, height, age and length of disease or elapsed time since diagnosis and main symptoms other than anxiety which is fairly common in PD patients. If it is too personal and you or your brother wouldn't be comfortable doing so, I understand and it is not a problem. Please keep us posted, Mary!

Here is a copy of Dr. Costantini's reply to my email:

Dear Art, Hope this email finds you well. I agree with the publication of the protocol on the forum you mentioned, we will be glad to answer all the questions the patients will ask us by email. You can suggest to the member of the forum to visit the website "", where they could also find the English version of all our work and the interviews of the patients subtitled in English. It's extremely important for us that this treatment is known all over the world, we already have a lot of foreign patients: this way there will be no more people suffering from PD symptoms, with the stop of the disease progression.Thank you for what you're doing and don't hesitate to write if you need help or information.Best regards, Antonio Costantini

Here is Dr. Costantini's email address: [email protected]

Best of improved health to your brother!


 Re: Seeking Advice for Extreme Anxiety from Parkinson's Disease

Wed, 26 Jul 17 21:24:34 -0700
Posted by Mari (California) on 07/26/2017

I find your site very informative. I have an elderly parent that was diagnosed with Parkinson's five years back and things are getting very difficult for her. If you could please share any information you have from the doctor in Italy and also what supplement powder we should buy to help slow down the progression of the disease we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much.