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Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy: Benefits and Side Effects

| Modified on Oct 12, 2021
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Hydrogen Peroxide Uses

Hydrogen peroxide (H202) is a potent natural remedy that treats a number of health ailments. H202 therapy has many benefits; it eliminates infection, reduces pain, detoxes the body and serves a variety of purposes inside and outside the home. It is no wonder that peroxide is considered a “wonder product!”

What Is Hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide, or H202 as it is scientifically known, comes in a variety of forms. Depending on the concentration of the mixture, the liquid is considered for household use, food grade, or electrical uses. In whatever form, though, hydrogen peroxide is nothing more than oxygen and water combined in a unique ratio to form a germicidal liquid.

More specifically, hydrogen is a liquid comprised of two hydrogen atoms and two oxygen atoms, an arrangement that makes the substance highly reactive. Being so reactive, hydrogen peroxide functions as an oxidizing treatment, which is one reason it can be used in so many different ways.

Why Is H2O2 Such an Effective Remedy?

You can consider hydrogen peroxide one of the best household remedies available, second probably only to apple cider vinegar. Because it is made of just two natural elements, it safely and effectively treats health concerns. Much like ozone, H2O2 actually treats diseases and invasive organisms by oxidation.

When hydrogen peroxide is applied or taken as a remedy, it reacts with organic material and the substance breaks down into its elemental form – separate water and oxygen. This added oxygen in the system creates an environment in which most diseases cannot thrive or even live. This process of oxidation serves a fundamental purpose in restoring wellness and relieving illness.

How Can I Use Peroxide?

As an alternative treatment option, H2O2 serves as a disinfectant that sanitizes through oxidation as well, making it the world’s safest sanitizer. It also fights infection, eliminates toxins, cures bacteria and viruses, and neutralizes germs. With all of these properties, it can be utilized to treat a wide array of common illnesses. Some of the most common ways it is used is in treating sinus infections, cleansing wounds, eliminating parasites, reducing toothaches, detoxing the body, and treating cancer.

1. Sinus Infections

Used as a sinus infection treatment, hydrogen peroxide functions to eliminate the underlying infection. It clears the nasal passages and kills any existing germs to prevent further progression of the condition.

2. Wounds

One of the most common uses of H2O2 is as a wound sanitizer. When applied to a wound, the product reacts with the organic matter in the lesion and oxidizes to kill any germs and prevent infection.

3. Parasites

As in the other treatment forms, when taken internally, hydrogen peroxide adds oxygen to the body’s internal environment. This oxidized environment is one in which parasites cannot exist, so they are naturally eliminated from the body.

4. Toothaches

Hydrogen peroxide also serves as a mild anti-inflammatory, so it relieves pain associated with toothaches and other common conditions. It also treats eradicates any germs or infection that are causing the ache.

5. Detox

Eliminating any toxins in the body is an important step to overall wellness. Hydrogen peroxide can be used as a detoxification agent to eliminate several different forms of toxins.

6. Cancer

Cancer is one of the newest applications that has been discovered for hydrogen peroxide. In this case, it oxidizes the unhealthy cells to eliminate the cancer without harming the good healthy cells.

Hydrogen peroxide can be utilized in a number of ways. While external application is the most common form of treatment with hydrogen peroxide, the product can actually be used internally when in a diluted form. The best form of treatment for internal use is inhalation therapy.

If you are looking for other ways to use H2O2, keep reading below for hundreds of posts from Earth Clinic readers who have used H202 therapy to cure numerous conditions.

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Checking for Stabilizers in H2O2

Posted by Ted (Bangkok) 383 posts

There is a simple way to see if Hydrogen Peroxide contains stabilizers: Pour 1/2 cap of hydrogen peroxide in a glass of water. If the color has yellow (or other off colors), it has a stabilizer. It is best to set it out in the sun where it is easier to see. If the hydrogen peroxide (H202) remains colorless when mixed in a glass of water, it usually does not have a stabilizer.

Almost all H2O2 sold in drug stores will have stabilizers, actually to discourage people to use them internally. So you can use this as a way to compare them. Basically, hydrogen peroxide poured into a clean glass and left out in a sun covered by a dish should not have air bubbles. If it does, there are metal contaminants. If you are asking for trouble, a drop of ammonia solution in H2O2 mixed in water will cause a rapid air bubble generation. It is more unstable if it has stabilizers. You can try the experiment and compare the results.

The test for this is not perfect one, but the key is the color, even when you add just a small amount of water in direct sunlight. Also, a good quality H2O2 doesn't get small bubbles during storage.

By the way, an easy way to test the quality of your drinking water is to add 10% of 3% H2O2 to 90% Water and perform the test by noticing air bubbles. If there are a lot of air bubbles for the next 6 hours, then the water has either too much organic residues OR heavy metals. During the test please keep in places AWAY from children. After the test immediately discard the contents into the sink. Ted"

09/14/2007: Ron from Temiskaming Shores, Canada writes: "Great site. I wanted to put my 2 cents in about Hydrogen Pyroxide (HP). I went to Wal-Mart to purchase some HP and when I got it home I noticed that my bottle of HP had the skull and cross bones on the front of it. Yikes!! The lable reads "POISON" because this particular brand contains stablizers. The previous brand that I bought did not have stablizers in it and did not have the skull and cross bones symbol on the front. I dont't think I want to try to ingest the poison type of HP. I think readers should be made aware that there is a difference and to be careful when buying HP, to make sure they find one without stablizers."

09/17/2007: Ted from Bangkok replies, "Remedies require food grade H2O2 except in instances of external use. H2O2 can't be labelled poison if it is for external use (as in antiseptics) since other contact poisons go directly through the skin killing you. Stabilizers can't do this. Most labeling no longer uses the skull and bones, at least not on H2O2, since hydrogen peroxide more often causes skin burns only if used in high concentration and are classified as caustic solutions. Even hydrochloric acid might also be considered a poison, but our stomach produce plenty of it. I don't think labels are consistent in classifying it"

Click here to see what our readers have to report.

Replied by Gypsy
(Golden, Co)
5 out of 5 stars

This is true. My family has used H202 this way since I was a child. It was recommended by our family docter. It works like a charm, definately one of the first remedies I run to if my ears are popping and my tonsils are swelling. It is handy to have a fluffy handtowel that you can lay on then after the bubbeling subsides. It will itch and tickle like crazy. You can dump it out by placing your towel on the ear then tilting your head towards your shoulder. This is the best part. Then I clean the ear gently with a q tip or a soft cloth. Repeat the process on the other side. Also this is 3% regular H202 I am talking about, right off the shelf.

Long live Earth Clinic. This is the best site ever! Thank you to all the people who make it so.

Replied by Trev

I am really glad you put the percentage of HP to use as I have noticed too much on these sites that people do not put exactly was % they are using, which is bloody dangerous not too.

Colds and Flu

1 User Review
5 star (1) 

Posted by Earth Clinic (USA)

We heard about this practice years ago. It is reportedly a common practice in India and Germany... During flu season, fill the cap of a bottle of hydrogen peroxide with the liquid, lay down on your side, and pour it into one ear. After a few seconds, the liquid will bubble. Lay with the peroxide fizzing for 5 or 10 minutes, then shake the peroxide out. Repeat on the other ear. This remedy is supposed to cures colds that are already in progress - causing the symptoms to begin to clear up within a few hours. Note: If the virus has been in your blood for some time, this will not work!

Cold and Flu Reader Feedback

Earth Clinic Report

Posted by Earth Clinic (USA) on 11/21/2006

True enough, if a $.79 home remedy jeopardizes the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical and medical industries, there will be an effort to squash it as either dangerous, ineffective, or both. Since July (when we started to receive anti-H202 emails), more articles are appearing on the internet and in magazines about the dangers and ineffectiveness of drinking hydrogen peroxide as reported by the FDA. The latest article we just read came from Consumer Reports, December 2006, page 53. They devote an entire column to the dangers of hydrogen peroxide. The title: "Safety Alert: Hydrogen Peroxide Isn't For Drinking". The article references several websites promoting H202 as a cure for cancer. No doubt the author came to this page too!

To quote from the article: "The idea behind ingesting hydrogen peroxide stems from a now-discredited theory that cancer and AIDS thrive on a lack of oxygen in the body."

Ummmm, discredited by what studies? Show us!

According to the FDA, when taken orally H202 might cause gastrointestinal irritation or ulcers. Hey, so does ibuprofen, which also causes acid reflux in people. We seriously doubt there are many people foolish enough to swallow large quantities of peroxide and suffer these purported side effects. (The standard dosage for food grade peroxide is 3-4 drops per 8 oz of distilled water.) If there are indeed people suffering side effects from these minute dosages, we'd like to see the reports.

4/1/2007: Below is one case sent to us today by Anonymous from New York City, NY. Here is the link to this abstract.

1: J Emerg Med. 2006 May;30(4):403-6. Hemorrhagic gastritis and gas emboli after ingesting 3% hydrogen peroxide.
Moon JM, Chun BJ, Min YI.

Department of Emergency Medicine, Chonnam National University Hwasun Hospital and Chonnam Medical School, Gwangju, South Korea.

It is well known that ingestion of low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide is usually nontoxic; this does not produce gas embolism and is only a mild irritant to the gastrointestinal tract. We report the case of a 25-year-old woman who ingested one mouthful of 3% hydrogen peroxide and presented to the Emergency Department with persistent vomiting and epigastric pain. The radiographic evaluation found portal venous gas emboli. In addition, upper gastrointestinal endoscopy performed 2 h after ingestion revealed diffuse hemorrhagic gastritis. She showed a decrease of hemoglobin concentration and a positive test result for occult blood in stool. She was observed for 14 days and discharged. Follow-up endoscopy showed erythematous gastritis. This case illustrates that a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide can cause portal venous gas embolism and severe gastrointestinal injuries even if only a small amount is ingested."


4/2/2007: Ted from Bangkok writes, "No one uses 1% concentration for internal purposes either. So 3% is way beyond that.

In the alternative health field, the maximum is actually 0.5% concentration. Actually and optimum H2O2 concentration was first determined in 1950s by Dr. Reginald Holman by implanting Walker 256 adenocarcinoma tumours. The drinking water for the rat used H2O2 optimum concentration needed to kill the tumors were about 0.45 percent.

Tumours completely disappeared in 15 to 60 days in rats. Of course a better way is to add 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in the glass of 0.45% concentration of H2O2. This can be extended to treatment of almost any kinds of conditions, from virus, bacteria, microbial infections, pneumonia, tuberculosis, flu, etc. My own experience of using just baking soda (also increases the body's oxygen) and ascorbate vitamin C about three weeks for a small tumor to go into remission.

A more effective I think in the future of peroxide therapy is to add baking soda to the 0.45% concentration to normal drinking water since baking soda is alkaline and increases oxygen, while the peroxide furthers this natural increase. Ted

Replied by Sarah Grace
(Leonia, NJ)

And who, drinks a whole mouthful of the stuff??

Replied by Boubou
(Southwest Harbor, Maine)

I am a reed instrument musician and keep a glass of regular drug store around to keep mouthpieces and reeds healthy. I have found the habit completely avoids mouth ulceration and cold sores which wind players often suffer from and which used to be the bain of my life.

My wife drank a glass of this by mistake. - she doesn't waste drinking water. There were no detectable effects whatsoever.

Replied by Eludz
(Saskatoon, Sk)

you people should be able to tell when a story is a hoax or not by now.. 'according to the FDA' ?? are you kidding me.. ?? you are posting things on this site where the majority of users would not believe a word the FDA says, not to mention when it's about something that is a complete threat to their goals.

obviously everyone on here has been talking about FOOD GRADE PEROXIDE, not 3% pharmaceutical stuff.. so why you are sitting here responding to someone that said show us the studies to do with debunking the FACT that cancer and AIDS thrive in low oxygen bodies more so than high oxygen bodies..


the fda is a government entity, its all about money, our gov. has been hiding things from us for many years. Common sense your body already has water and oxygen in it. so hear is something to think about, no one can make money on.

H.P. they would rather treat than cure anyways, money is in treatment.

there are many God given remedies out here, you just have to do your research

I do 4 drops (3%food grade) in 8oz. of water when I feel bad and it picks me right up. the medical field is way over rated alot of guess work.or grey area as a doc would say.

Bob. S.

It`s also the dilution of the 35%, Nobody in their right mind would drink a cap or glass full of undiluted 35% HP.

Nobody in their right mind would use the amount`s recommended by some publications I have read either then you will wing up in the RE. This works for me, including sleep, it knocks you out right away.

I take a 1/2 gallon jug, make a mix of lemon juice & real stevia extract then just add a cap or two of the 35% HP put it in the refrigerator & take a swig or a shot glass full as needed, don`t drive or go out, you will start to fall asleep shortly there after.

I do notice that I do get diarrhea for a day or two and may not be for 2-3 days after I use it, whats going on with this I don`t know just that it happens. I also noticed that Sodium Bicarbonate helps with Diarrhea if you occasionally get it, so including it might be a good idea for more then one reason.


Hi! When you feel something coming in… you do 4 drops peroxide in water …. how many times a day??-and can you do it preventively?

Replied by Baynurse

Maybe she used chlorinated water instead of distilled. Chloride and peroxide are no Bueno! it causes a bad reaction, like bleach n ammonia!

Replied by Magnolia16

There is a report from the Washington Post of the danger of swallowing the 35% hydrogen peroxide. They say it quickly releases a bubble of oxygen that can find its way into the blood vessels and block blood flow to the heart, brain, and lungs. It has been responsible for 294 emergencies from 2001-2011 including 5 deaths, 15 people being permanently disabled and 41 people suffering blockages from the gas bubble released in their systems. When an embolism does occur, the only treatment is to put the person in a hyperbaric chamber (like they do for divers) but that does not always work. It was published just a couple of days ago and is in the Virginian-Pilot today (2/5/17).

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

GASP MAGNOLIA!! Whoever would swallow 35% h2o2??? OF COURSE it has to be suitably diluted!!!

Replied by KT

Oh my, Magnolia 16,

I would like to hear MtM's opinion about this! Instead of taking so many drops, three times a day of peroxide, as I swish a cap full diluted with a cap full of water sometimes I swallow a small amount. I didn't think it would be any worse than swallowing the bubbles in Perrier.

The peroxide I get is 3%. I noticed yesterday my stool was a bit foamy. I had also increased my cancer killing cocktail. I would hope it's "bubbling" any cancer cells out of my GI tract if any are there!

Please advise...


Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Kt,

Here is my 2 cents on the hydrogen peroxide issue.

The article in the Washington Post has this title, “A swig of hydrogen peroxide – promoted by alternative health devotees – can kill you." From there, the article references a study by Benjamin Hatten. Here is the study for anyone interested:


The problem is that the article seems to imply that taking hydrogen peroxide for health reasons has caused deaths.

The data for the study, obtained from the National Poison Data System, appears to only be studying the effects of ingesting concentrations of hydrogen peroxide of 10% or greater. (“After elimination of low peroxide concentration ingestions, 294 cases of symptomatic high concentration peroxide ingestion were available for analysis.")

I am not aware of anyone in the alternative health field that has ever recommended taking a solution of 10% concentration of hydrogen peroxide internally for a health benefit. As far as I have heard or read, any alternative health suggestion for hydrogen peroxide ingestion is in very, very diluted, less than 1%.

From the data, it appears that all of the ingestions of larger concentrations of hydrogen peroxide were accidental. I think anyone who intentionally ingested a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide would be intending to cause self-harm.

Perhaps in the alternative health world, people who use 35% hydrogen peroxide internally need to clarify that it is ALWAYS diluted very much.

I had some 35% hydrogen peroxide in my house for a while, but I eventually got rid of it (gave it to a scientist friend) because I didn't think it was safe since I have children in my house. And, even adults have accidents with 35% peroxide, in the diluting process or by forgetting to dilute it. I use the 3% hydrogen peroxide for my needs, though I have not used it internally.

According to the National Capital Poison Control Center, http://www.poison.org/articles/2012-jun/hydrogen-peroxide

“Swallowing small amounts of household (3%) hydrogen peroxide usually is not dangerous."

Anyway, the article goes back and forth between talking about the dangers of ingesting hydrogen peroxide and talking about people who use it internally for health benefits. But they seem to be comparing apples to oranges each time. The article does not seem to have a single example of a person who took a very diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide for health and dying or having serious complications from it.

Regarding the foam in the stool – I do not know what would cause that.

And, my hat is off to Mmsg, who managed to say all of this much more succinctly. J

~Mama to Many~

Replied by KT

Dear MtM,

Thank you for the informative links...great information!! <3 :-)

Replied by Ltsally

Did they drink 35% undiluted?

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U GOOD FOLKS,,,,,, suggest you read this referenced site as it is the start of a war on the use of Hydrogen Peroxide. Dilute.... is a cup of tea, but not the 50% we used as a bleach in the paper industry. I had to handle it and always wore protective goggles and clothes. One drop in your eye and you are blind. The 35% is also dangerous if not handled properly. That said, people on EC use it all the time and yep, we have some nerds that flub up, but not many.

This article is about some nerds flubbing up, but the medical field and media are making big deal and will try to control it as they now do in England. They do not want the public knowledgeable about self medicating. Reading the comments will inform you better than the article itself.


Life gets more interesting every day. ======ORH=====

Replied by Mary Lee
(Coaldale, Colorado)

I used 35% food grade peroxide for about 7 months. You start out with a few drops with your distilled water ( a must ) and you build up to a certain amount over weeks. I am going to be 70 in September and I came off of all my "precriptions" and I feel better than I have felt in 30 years.

Replied by Mahatma Muhjesbude

Straight 35% food grade h202 that you can only get delivered by UPS because it's considered a hazardous oxidizer as in 'rocket fuel' so the post office won't handle it... could kill you if you tried to drink a glass full of it. And would certainly put you in the hospital for a while with a burned throat and who knows what else internal organs?

If you buy a bottle of 35% food grade (the least tainted with other chemical additives made for different industrial uses) if you take a drop right out of the bottle and drop it on the top of your skin on your hand, it will turn white and begin to 'burn' the skin into a blister and then a wound, which will heal cleanly at least.

I believe there are some topical applications, for some kinds of warts or skin diseases/cancers where full 35% concentration is used... but NOT for ingestion.

You take a couple drops of the 35% right out of the bottle and into your glass of purified drinking water, stir it up and that should be a daily o2 bloodstream oxygen maintainer if you use the finger oxygen/pulse meter. Then for sicknesses, you work it up adding a drop a day until you reach about 25 drops which you stay on for a few days and then reverse the sequence cutting back slowly.

By then you should be feeling (they have a clinical name for this) a little tired and maybe flu-like for a few days which will be the dead illness bacteria cells/virus toxins being eliminated and flushed from your system.

Replied by James
(Florence, Or)

MMS is a better disinfectant than chlorine.

Replied by Angela
(Yachats, Or)

I have done some intense research on this. I'm also well researched over the course of a decade of many natural remedies. I do not for one second trust "the big boys" who run the Western medical establishment. Last year we were all told to stop eating avocados because it would cause heart disease.. Hilarious. Basically, anything that could and does work as preventative care, is discouraged because if every one were to become more healthy, they would stop going to the ER and developing disease. Slowly but surely, I have turned my own inherited issues around completely. The main thing is a heart weakness.

Moving on: I am 100% that the cases reported from people dying or going to the ER from ingesting hydrogen peroxide was because of mis-interpreting the advice they read, and mis-interpreting directions. FIRST OF ALL, it must be 35% food-grade and NOT over the counter due to the stabilizers, heavy metals, and other nasty industrial additives. That stuff is made in in industrial factories. It doesn't undergo the intense purification process that Food grade does in a lab. SECOND of all, when people look at recipes, they can get 3% to 35% confused. Some recipes call for 1-2 tablespoons (or ounces) of the PRE-deluted 3% that you've made from your 35% food grade - NOT the 35% itself. While other recipes DO call for straight 35%, such as larger recipes for your hot tub, your bath tub, or laundry. This can confuse people if they don't pay attention to detail. PAY attention to detail, and ONLY look at recipes you find through official websites like Garden of Eden. There are all kinds of recipes floating around the internet, and sometimes people can mis-write the recipe they are sharing, confusing the reader as to if they should be using 1-2 ounces of the pre-diluted 3%, or the straight 35%... Now, that said, when it comes to ingesting it... IT is ONLY 1-3 drops for a glass of water with a glass dropper. That's IT people! You have to gradually increase slowly, you can't just start taking tons of Oxygen not expect to have consequences.

Moving on, I tried this PROPERLY unlike those who landed themselves in the ER. I used 1-2 drops to start in a glass of water.. Within 24 hours, I cannot tell you how many improvements I had in my cognitive function, my clarity of mind, my energy, and my over all health. Instead of doing it twice a day, I have chosen to just do it once a day. No need to over do a good thing. 1-2 drops of 35% in a glass of water is more powerful than you would think. I feel like I could run 100 mile marathon, and my mental clarity is through the roof. I am 100% convinced of the effectiveness of this. The only health challenge I'm facing is a heart weakness that I inherited from my mom. I'm 33, and sometimes it aches. I have more breathing capacity now than ever before, and I've only been doing this for two days! I will continue to play it safe and only use 1-2 drops. Next week, I may increase that dosage to 3-4. Due to my tiny body weight (110 pounds and 5'6 in height), I don't see the need to gradually increase beyond that. The effects I'm feeling are incredible enough. I have read people gradually move up to 15-20 drops.. Its difficult to imagine doing that when I already feel like super woman on 1-2 drops!

All I can say is DO NOT jump into using 35% food grade until you FULLY understand the educational material available to you. And DO NOT make mistakes when diluting! If directions are properly followed, you will be okay. Its human error that caused these medical emergencies.


Replied by Robrt Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U ANGELA,,,,,,,,, please look up Bill Munro on this site concerning Hydrogen Peroxide. He is the God Father....... way before our time. At 82, I finally discovered that history did not begin when I was born.


Replied by Sandy

Only a silly person would do that. I doubt the story is true.


Replied by 2Q&Learn
(Southern California)
36 posts

What I took away from the article is basically that it is very easy to mistake the 35% bottle for the 3% bottle, so they should be stored in totally different places to avoid anyone making that mistake!

Replied by Yannick
(Montreal, Quebec Canada)
1 out of 5 stars

I tested this because I been having chronic pains for the last 10 years, I had also read that it was amazing for anemia suffers, immune system boosting and since I live in Canada the winter time is filled with long periods of sickness and cold and flu.

I was anemic last year my numbers where at 134 I had all the effects, my medical doctor gave me palafer that fixed everything in 6 months I was back in regular values 150. So last summer I decided to lose weight I then started some intermittent fasting with H202 chart drops per day.

I mixed my H202 in distilled water and took it first thing in the morning. The first few days were not that bad, but when I got into higher dosage 8 and up I started to get a really upset stomach, pains, and even threw up a few times.

I went back to the doctor office in September for my yearly check up and blood test and found out that my anemia had crashed back to 139.

I changed the way I took H202 using the spray technic, I came down with a cold 3 weeks ago and decided to use it, stomach pain was intense, I also put some in my nose like suggested and it started to bleed.

I started doing lots of research on H202, being anemic and a man is simply not normal, I have been tested for cancer, HIV and everything came back negative.

Doing further reseach I found out that H202 destroys red blood cells and can lead to anemia, it causes corosion in the body, and destroy the intestinal flore.

I never experienced any of the so called benefits of H202 apart from getting sick when taking it. I did not get any hay fever allergy relief, no energy, no fat loss. For me this product is more of a snake oil pitch.

Most medical studies say you can die from it, well unless you ingest huge amount of it and not diluted you might, but I still do believe that there is danger using this.

Replied by Infowarrior
(Windsor, Ontario Canada)

Yannick, I'm sorry to hear about the health problems you are going through. Are you sure the H2O2 caused your problems? I know that a document I have says that if you have disease or candida issues, you will feel sick to your stomach at first because the bad bacteria in your body is being taken care of but the illness feeling should pass. This is the God's honest truth. My mother had surgery and had to be on oxygen right after. She was on oxygen for 4 years and was tested by doctors. They couldn't figure out why her oxygen levels were so low (even more so when walking with her walker) or how to fix it. I took a water bottle with 8 ounces of distilled water and put 1 drop of h2o2 in it. Then next 8 oz bottle got 2 until I got to the 10th bottle that had 10 drops. A year ago (at Christmas) she came home for a visit from the nursing home and she was on oxygen. They tested her when she got back to the nursing home and said she didn't need oxygen. We had them check her levels when walking and it was fine. She's been fine ever since. I had asked many times while taking it, if her stomach felt fine and she said yes. I had tried it before I gave it to her and had no problems. Now, I'll look into h2o2 destroying red blood cells but I'll tell you that this past summer, I gave her 10 oz of water with 22 drops in and she had no side effects.

I honestly don't know how adding an extra oxygen molecule to your body (water is h2o) could cause you harm. Isn't it important that we make sure our body is not oxygen starved? I really feel that you may have had some type of underlying issue but I'm not a doctor so I don't know. I would talk to a holistic expert that really knows their stuff on this. I'm just a guy who does tons of research on alternative health. I hope you get better.


He should never have increased dosage, 1-2 drops is all.

He should be ingesting once a day diluted with distilled water 3% food grade h2o2.

He never mentions the strength either.

He also does'nt mention if it was regular or food grade h2o2.

Why in the heck would he take it again if it caused abdominal pain, let alone spray it in his nose..honestly not to be mean ..but come on man..

Replied by Maria
(London, Uk)

I would recommend to take enormous amounts of a wide spectrum of probiotics daily when taking something that kills off bacteria in the gut.

A low gut flora, or an imbalanced gut flora can cause pretty much any health problem you can imagine. I just finished reading a book about it, written by a professor in Immunology at University of Michigan Department of Immunology (top 10). It's called The Probiotic Revolution. Author Dr. Huggnagel. It makes you never want to take antibiotics ever again, unless it's a matter of life and death.

Since hydrogen peroxide kills off your gut flora, it could cause horrific problems, especially if you had a vulnerable gut flora to begin with.

Always take probiotics 2 hours after taking something that kills your intestinal good bacteria.

Replied by Swhit
(Los Angeles, Ca)

To Yannick, This site http://drinkh2o2.com/ has very good info about H202 and will explain what is going on.

Replied by Mr_obvious
(Charlotte, Nc)

H2O2 offers an extra molecule of oxygen to fight off bad bacteria that grows best in low oxygen environments. The good bacteria tends to do well in higher oxygen environments so, used in proper dosage, I would think the H2O2 would be beneficial to the digestive tract. Regarding the previously discussed nausea: defective cells being killed off by H2O2 and removed from the body can cause a feeling of nausea.

Replied by Kate
(Raleigh, Nc)
6 posts

Yannick: Were you using 35% Food Grade H2O2 in your water? I'm 5' 2 1/2" and weigh 113 pounds. I'm taking 35% Food Grade H2O2 in an 8oz glass of water three times a day. Today, I reached 18 drops of 35% Food Grade H2O2 in a glass of water. I got pretty queasy for about 45 minutes after my first glass this morning. It was really uncomfortable, but after 45 minutes, I felt perfectly fine. The second glass I had today didn't make me feel quite so queasy although it was still uncomfortable. Again, though, I felt perfectly fine after 45 minutes. So, I wonder what kind of H2O2 you're using. Please let us know.

(British Columbia)

Hi Kate...when you take it 3 times a day, is it on an empty stomach? I am going to put a few drops into the water bowl for my dog, Zeus. He has lumps throughout his body. I've been treating him with Stem Cell supplements with some success, but want to try the food grade H2O2 in his water (well water). I am going to start taking it as well as my body hurts from arthritis. Any suggestions from you or anyone please?


(Red Bluff, California)

One thing to be aware of is that H2O2 chelates (dissolves) metals so you will want to be sure that your dog's water bowl is not made of metal.

Replied by Marti
(Hillsdale, Mi)

I agree one needs to be very careful when handeling 35% FGHP, but when it is diluted at 5 drops per 8 oz of water it is no longer 35%. I even got some of the 35% on my skin and rubbed it with aloe vera gel straight from the leaf and within a few mins the burn was gone and the white effect was gone.

Replied by Airzone
(Hernando, Mississippi)

I have been to Doctors fore years with no good results. Hydrogen Peroxide food grade is strong anything can kill you if too much is used even FDA Drugs not to mention the side effects! Sure doctors don't want to lose Money, Myself I am not afraid to try things that does truly works when tring somthing you first have to take Baby steps to see what fits good luck to all and good health. I put full strength on my shins and add a little soap it at first it burned a little, now I can get it on my fingers it does not bother me any more guess I am immune to 35% H/P. Have Faith!


My ND told me it is fine for me take food grade 3%hydrogen peroxide, and I can work my way to more drops. Start with one. For those of you who are concerned with safety, or are uncertain if it has stabilizers, then seriously consider other oxygen like cell food, liquid oxygen, or oxy blast, do your research. I would go with similar product that is specifically made for humans.

Replied by Lillyjah
(Petworth, West Sussex)

Food gradeable hydrodgen peroxide is 35%. For input into our bodies the recommended dose is 3%. It is brilliant for cleaning ears, just 3 drops usually does the job if you suffer from any nose complaints ie: rhinitis, or scabbing up of the nose, rub a little 3% around the inside of your nose.... Brilliant, gets rid of it for awhile of coarse it comes back, but that's the nature of the beast, so repeat with the 3 drops... Brilliant if you have a cold coming on as well, ears and nose.... Brilliant as a, mouth wash as well, I also had a hard little lump come up on my face.... Brown in colour the size of a pin head, it dissapeared after 4 days of putting a little 3% hydrogen peroxide drops on it.... Brilliant. Hope this helps and yes if you take it internally, you must take either lactobillius acidofillus of pro biotics, as high as what you can get them.... you can take up to 10 of these at one time as well.

Replied by Lorik
(Martinsville, In)
5 out of 5 stars

I love using FGHP for various reasons but absolutely cannot tolerate the taste. Throwing it back up happens frequently. So, I have started putting the FGHP in empty veggie caps!

Problem solved. Anyone else tried this?

Replied by Marie
(South Carolina)

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide kills harmful bacteria in your gut, not healthy bacteria. It's great that you're taking probiotics. Please do your research more thoroughly before posting. I would also advise taking conventional medicine studies with a grain of salt as they are tweaked to fit their agenda.

Replied by Larry
(Fairfax, Va)

Food grade hydrogen peroxide is available at 3% concentration; it is certainly much safer to handle than the 35% version. Some health food stores carry it, including Whole Foods - DS

Replied by Andrew
(Santa Clara, Ca)

H2O2 Doesn't "kill of bad bacteria". It creats an inhospitable environment. This is an important distinction because you aren't killing off the bacteria in the stomach. Supplementing with probiotics (sporogenes) will add good bacteria into the stomach. Wanted to make that distinction clear, as it was confusing to me at first.

Replied by Sanjay
(London Uk)
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Hi Andrew,

I have diluted 12% HP down to 3% using distilled water and am about to start the program for my dad who is 86yrs old and has Pulmonary Fibrosis. Can you please let me know how the takes these drops, straight in the mouth or with water/ juice and how much of it.

Many thanks, Sanjay

Replied by Bev

According to a book I have on hydrogen peroxide, food grade hydrogen peroxide is indeed just oxygen. it should be diluted with distilled water, I have seen first hand the benefits.

Replied by Alexandra

To add to the knowledge, Lactic bacteria can live and reproduce healthily with or without oxygen - and they are the main ones in our guts - therefore the Hydrogen peroxide should not harm them.

If you want to know more about fermentation and the bacteria, have a read at this, about sourkrout-making - as some schools say they should be sealed and others say they don't need to be.


Because of that, I would definitely trust that taking 3 drops of 12% food-grade HP in an 8 ounce glass of water to be totally safe to my gut flora. We will see, it is coming in a few days... Very interesting conversation though.

Replied by Rosabell

i have been taking the h202 35% food grade. I have lost weight and among other things happen to me for the positive. I am very happy about using the 35% g2o2 food grade. may be you used something that wasn't that pure.

Replied by Whisperingsage
(Northeastern California)
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Too much, just too much. The dose I am familiar with is 3 drops to 16 ounces of water. I don't think I will push for any higher than that. I can taste it a little, am trying to heal a stubborn duodenal ulcer. Have you been tested for an ulcer? Are you one the 90 essential nutrients? look up Dead Doctors Don't Lie and Somebody Needs to Go To Jail on you tube, with Joel Wallach. Everyone still needs the mighty 90. And there are a lot of companies, finally, that are getting with it and providing some good liquid multiples. I like Source of Life Gold, but there is a Plexus craze now, which is along the same lines. Good formula, not as good as the source of life Gold, in my reading of the label, but it's a good one. As Ted recommends, take it on empty stomach and wait 50 minutes before taking any food or nutrients- the peroxides will oxidize your nutrients and you don't want that. But again, try no more than 3 drops per large glass of water and if that still isn't working, maybe H2O2 isn't what you need. Try maybe 1 teaspoon of baking soda in 16 ounces of water on empty stomach.

Replied by Glyn

Can you show me the data and the testing done that shows hydrogen peroxide kills beneficial bacteria?


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Posted by Susan (USA)

04/18/2006: John from Sault Ste Marie, MI writes, "I'd be very wary of recommending that anyone use 35% hydrogen peroxide unless they've had HAZMAT training or the equivalent. At that concentration H2O2 is extremely corrosive and causes severe burns; in other words, it's a very hazardous chemical that even professional chemists (and I am one) must handle using appropriate safety equipment (rubber gloves, safety goggles, protective lab coat). I know this from experience because I was badly burned by 35% H2O2 while carrying out chemistry research. It's irresponsible to imply that this stuff is harmless and to recommend it to people who have no experience handling hazardous materials."

04/10/2009: David from Tampa, FL writes, "I have used food grade H2O for years and if you do spill it on yourself just rinse with water for a few minutes - it will turn your skin white and it is temporary and there is no prolonged damage. Yes, you do have to be careful but not afraid."

Please be very careful when transporting food grade hydrogen peroxide after the bottle has been opened. Make sure you keep the bottle upright. Once the seal has been removed upon opening, these caps can leak. Food grade will cause the skin to burn and turn white. Yes, we learned the hard way! Luckily, skin will return to normal after 30 minutes or less if you rinse off the peroxide quickly. By the way, the same whitening of skin effect happens when you dip your fingertips in drugstore 3% H202 for a minute or more. It too goes away within 30 minutes...

12% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Posted by Angie (Southaven, Ms) on 01/01/2014

I have been reading a lot about 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide (HP) being taken internally. After reading the proper protocol my concern is keeping to the "empty stomach" schedule. Either 1 hour before or 3 hours after you eat. We could manage the 1st dose in the morning on an empty stomach, but the 2nd and 3rd throughout the day would be tough on an "empty stomach" for we eat several small healthy meals and snacks per day.

After going to a local healthfood store yesterday I found out they were sold out of the 35% food grade HP. They said they can't keep it in. But they showed me a 12% food grade and said many were using it.

On the back of the bottle, it showed how to properly take it (proper dosage, using distilled water, etc) but it said nothing about being on an empty stomach. In fact, it said to drink the 32oz daily mixed dosage of distilled water with 1/4 tsp HP (increasing HP dosage each week) and to drink 4 oz every hour. In doing this, there is no way to be on an empty stomach. You can also take 8 oz four times a day, drinking the full 32oz per day).

So my question is, is it not as much of an issue of being on an empty stomach if it's the 12% food grade vs. the 35%? The 12% would be more "doable for us but I want to make sure it's not as much of an issue if you're not on an empty stomach.

And......... do you feel you can still reap the health benefits of oxygenizing your body with the 12% as the 35% food grade, it would just lake longer due to it being not as potent?

There's a lot of literature out there about HP therapy but there are some areas that need a bit more clarity.

We truly want to start HP therapy but we want to do it safely and also as conveniently as we can. We have to realistic about being able to stick to the schedule.

Thank you for any help you can give us.

Replied by Salud Casera

You should do it on an empty stomach. Your body works hard to raise the pH of the stomach to promote food digestions and consuming the h2o2 while having food on your stomach would be counterproductive.

I am sorry I can't give you anymore details right now but I drank 35% grade on a very small amount of water for quite a long time and there is no doubt in my mind that you need to do it on an empty stomach, plus it is clearly described that way on the book I read about it.

Replied by Suan

Don't you mean lower the pH of your stomach? The body secretes stomach acids to digest the food and this would lower the pH.

Replied by Max L.
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I agree about the empty stomach, it seems as though it has more potency when I'm fasting and take a dose.

Replied by Robert L
(South Carolina)

Hello Angie.

Clarification on why take H2O2 on an empty stomach. The reasoning is H2O2 will foam when it comes in contact with a variety of substances and microorganisms some of which are likely to be found in the food you eat. So if you take it soon after or before eating it is likely to foam up in your stomach, making you feel queasy or nauseas. If you dilute it enough you can avoid that issue from that angle.

The difference between 12% and 35% is just the ratio of H2O2 and water. Add twice as much water to a 36% solution and you will have a 12% solution. Also if your formula is 2 drops of 35% to 8 oz of distilled water then 6 drops of 12% to 8 oz of distilled water should give you just about the same solution.

Also be careful double check your actions as some of the posts here leave out an important fact. If you are taking advice here double check your actions against some other post or resource. Hope this is helpful.

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I suggest the book one minute cure, I am on day 5 7 drops 3x a day with 35% the book will explain everything in conjunction with h2o2 n the body n how everything works I find that morning at 3:30 am 1 hr before I rise for the day then at 8 am before I take my morning break at 9:30am then at 3:30 on my drive home from work work great for me you just have to make time for the right time

Replied by Anon

The discomfort of the foaming is likely not the issue. As I understand the food will prevent the h2o2 from reaching it's target and being effective.

Consider taking oxygenated magnesium colon cleanser, which delivers oxygen to the digestive tract.

3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Posted by Cygnusx1 (New York) on 01/04/2014

Hi, first time poster, longtime lurker/fan of this site. I purchased a 3% solution of food grade H2O2 from my local health food store with the intention of starting a regimen. My question stems from some nervousness I've been having from reading posts on here.

I suffer from chronic shingles and my intention with the regimen is to limit the outbreaks as well as improve my overall health. I'm up in the air as to how I want to use the H2O2. Should I inhale, bathe, drink, or all of the above?

I am also concerned about any interactions that may happen when combined with drinking ACV and taking probiotic pills. I know it's a very vague/general question, but any info will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Replied by Alexander

I know I am responding to a very old post, but I had to add what helped me and my shingles problem. My shingles outbreaks were continously, in the same place. As soon as one outbreak would heal, another would break out.

Then I started taking Vitamin C to bowel tolerance and have never had another shingles outbreak in years. Not to mention my overall health has also improved.

It's worth a try.


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Posted by Philiplamb (Warri, Delta State, Nigeria) on 09/03/2011

pls can I use the hydrogen peroxide found in drug stores for acne. thank you earth clinic for the wonderful info.

Replied by Psilas
(London, Uk)

For acne, boils, eczema, psoriasis etc what you REALLY want is Dead Sea Salt. This stuff is for the skin what hydrogen peroxide is for the blood.

Make sure its 'real' dead sea salt though. There are tons of fake sellers around, especially on ebay.

Ask for a free small sample from the company you are going to purchase from before buying large amounts. Dead sea salt is 'NOT' like normal sea salt and does not taste like it either. It tastes slightly chemical and you wouldn't want it on your food that's for sure. Its kinda like speed or amphetamines to the taste but definitely not salt like.

Use it regularly and dead sea salt can work wonders for the skin.

Replied by Shsummers
(Baltimore, Md-maryland)
5 out of 5 stars

I had pretty persistent acne growing up; as I got older, it mostly went away, but I could never seem to get rid of it on my back. I've recently been investigating H2O2 therapies for a different ailment, which has proven very helpful.

One of the problems regarding treating the back, is that it is naturally difficult to reach much of it. I decided I'd try spraying 3% pharmacy H2O2 on my back after showering. I've been using food grade for internal use, but as this is an external application, there's no problem using the more commonly available kind.

I found that the spray nozzle for a liquid wrinkle remover fit the fairly small opening to a regular bottle of H2O2, and that it sprayed a very fine mist, which is perfect for this application. I noticed an improvement almost immediately... It didn't take very long to clear up most of the back. However, it took about 3 months to finally clear up a persistent area located in the middle of my upper back. The treatment can be drying, which didn't bother me, but if it is bothersome to you, I'd expect that you could apply the spray every other day instead.

Anyway, it's a real relief to have cleared up my back for the first time in over 30 years, and I feel quite certain that it will continue to be successful. I hope this will help someone as much as it has helped me.

Replied by Nwachukwu
(Michigan, US)

Hey Philiplamb from Warri, Delta State, Nigeria... Yes you can use the store bought hydrogen peroxide. Have an Awesome Day!

Posted by Danielle (Chicago, IL) on 07/19/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Acne Remedies: I tried hydrogen peroxide with the assumption that it was an antiseptic that would aid in killing bacteria, infection, etc. (essentially what pimples are when inflamed). It definitely works. As others recommended, soak a cotton ball and hold for several min. For spot treatment and to avoid overdrying & light eyebrows, I use a q-tip. I will do this 2-3x's a day. If you have already squeezed or picked, the peroxide will often cause drying, flaking, or scabbing on that pimple so I recommend using baby oil on that spot (overnight). For day, I recommend Eucerin since it heals very dry skin and is non-irritating. I never realized how much dirt is still on your face, even after you thought you washed it well. Witch Hazel is a great toner, after washing. This will remove all excess dirt without overdrying.

Replied by Peniasi
(Apia, Samoa)

Well what are exactly the steps for pimples using this hydrogen peroxide? I have tons of pimples on my face and it's making me ugly and still looking for a cure please...

Replied by James
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

An effective way to get rid of Acne is to use plain white vinegar!

My daughter had had some problems with Acne for some years until I found a little advertised secret on the net about the uses for vinegar.

I thought it seemed harmless enough and recommended that she try it.

You have to be careful not to get it in your eyes but otherwise it works like wonders! You use it as it is not diluted! Remember this is Vinegar not H202. I have also used H202 food grade for years but for different applications and I have found it to be very useful for the majoity of the applications recomended. To get rid of any burns on your hands you can use vitamin C in the powdered form and mix with water just enough water to disolve and give coverage to the burned area! What you will see is the burning feeling will stop within a few short minutes and the white color will disappear! As we all know H202 is an Oxidizer. And Vitamin C is a powerful Anti-oxident the one will quickly neutralize the other! Try it it works!

Replied by Bernie
(Chicago, Il)

I have used Apple Cider Vinegar on my acne and it drys it right up. It is also very good for cold sores on the lips. If it stinks when you put it on use a little water in it.

I then follow it up by using neem soap and lotion. I only use the neem soap and lotion during the day. The neem lotion does have a slight smell but it evaporates in about half hour and works very well.

Replied by Whisperingsage
(Northeastern California)
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Get on you tube and look for Dead Doctors Don't Lie and Somebody Needs to go to Jail, and then others, I have become an addict to Joel Wallach- Dead Athletes Don't Lie and Black Gene Lies, He has other videos but most of them are hawking his formulas- he has a lot of good books too, Immortality, Rare Earths, Forbidden Cures, Epigenetics,, the bottom line is we all need 90 essential nutrients, there are some vitamin companies coming up with their own formulas now, thank goodness, he started this lecture in the early 90's and you see how long it has taken to catch on? The Plexus craze is part of that. I found one I like, Source of Life Gold. But there are many others, shop around. The liquid is easier to take. Other things we may need extra of, ; selenium, Wallach has particular expertise in the research of selenium and he often recommends 600 mcg a day. I believe many people are plagued with deficiencies and suffer many maladies from it. Zinc could be a thing about the pimples- you'll need that but it must be balanced with copper- like copper 2-4 mg, and zinc 50 mg. Iodine deficiency could also cause rough skin as well as vitamin A deficiency. Start with a complete multiple with optimal doses though. Centrum is crap (mostly talcum powder)as are most of the long well known multiples that only have 1 or 2 mg of the B vitamins. You need at least 25 mg of the B's. Look at the Source of Life Gold label and that will give you a better idea. You can find it online.

Posted by Ella (Alberta, Canada) on 09/14/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I tried the hydrogen peroxide remedy for acne and it has been simply amazing! I was in the bath one evening and I had a bad flare up on my right cheek of probably about 5 or 6 pimples that I had popped, got out some hydrogen peroxide (I use stronger percent than 3 though) and poured a bit on to a piece of tissue paper and held it to my cheek for roughly 10 minutes. Yes it stung! But it went away quickly. The stuff literally flattened all those inflamed pimples I had which felt super smooth, I was SO relieved! I thought, hey..I'm going to try this every day! I rub the solution on my face about 3 times per day. My face is so clear now with no pimples!! I have a history of red marks left over from 10 years of acne and the HP has lightened them significantly and it's only been about a week since I've been doing it! Since it bleaches hair I thought well hey, it would probably have some effect in fading red marks too, makes sense right? If I get a breakout, I hold a soaked cotton ball to the area for a few minutes, then later on the redness is gone and the pimple is flat. I LOVE this stuff and I think all acne sufferers should try it. Works so fast!!!

Replied by Ankita
(Edison, Nj)

This question is for Ella from Alberta, Canada..... Ella you said you use stronger dose of HP then 3% can you tell us how much you use and if it is food grade HP?

Replied by Dumas
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)

Hi. Just a quick note to recommend lysine for acne. I'm 50 years old and when I was a teenager with acne, a friend recommended lysine to me (found in any vitamin section) and it worked wonders for me. 2 or 3 500mg tablets a day during flare ups is usually all it takes. Good luck!

Adding Hydrogen Peroxide to Humidifier

Posted by James (Havelock, Nc) on 07/23/2013

3% food grade peroxide (H2O2): how many drops to add to an air concentrator humidifier bottle as an antibacterial. Half full w/ distilled water (approx 8 ounces)?

Replied by Whisperingsage
(Northeastern Ca)
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I would do 1 drop. And see how it makes you feel.


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Posted by Joanvirginia (Chantilly, Va) on 11/04/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I read somewhere that hydrogen peroxide helps seasonal allergies. When my ears get plugged or my nose gets stuffy in the change of seasons, I put a drop of H2O2 in a glass of water, three times a day. I increase it by a drop until I'm taking 3 drops 3 times a day. It's amazing and prevents me from needing OTC decongestants.

Replied by Carol A


It would REALLY help if you listed the percentage of h2o2 you use. 3%? 35%? The percentages are of utmost importance when using hydrogen peroxide.



Posted by Abe (Los Angeles, California) on 05/20/2014

just want to comment that for those suffering from hemorrhoids. eat ten raw almonds a day. hemorrhoids will be a thing of the past. no need to suffer.

Antibiotics and H2O2

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Posted by Tricia (Ireland) on 08/11/2009

I had to go to Doc today. Managed to lance myself with a rusty pipe that I backed my leg into. Minor surgery removed most of it but now I need to take a antibio ( a strong one at that). My question is - I had just started hydrogen peroxide therapy. I'm still only at 8 drops per glass X 3 per day and it is working for tonsil mucous reduction. Too early to say it is a cure. Anyway what effect, if any, will the antibiotics and peroxide have on each other and can I continue with peroxide therapy? Antibiotics are clarithromycin 500 X 2 per day. Thanks for all the informmation that you and the readers provide.

Replied by Brianna
(Dublin, Ireland)

please can you ask tricia from ireland where she purchased hydrogen proxide in ireland? i live in dublin and i cant get it any where except the one for dying your hair which is 6 percent thank you

Replied by Tricia
85 posts

To Briana from Dublin, sorry for the delay in my reply. I have only just seen your question. That is all you can get here in Ireland unless you know somebody in the food trade who can supply you with 35% food grade. I have been using distilled water to dilute it and as per Teds instruction check for stabilisers. The particular brand that I use also makes the borax that I buy and I checked with them that they don't add anything.e.g alum etc to the borax. Their products are all 100% from the information that I have gathered. EC doesn't allow us to mention brand names but if you leave your e-mail I will tell you which brand I use. I still hope to find larger quantities as I am running to the chemist every week between using it in the baths and the drops is water.I dislike buying on the internet because of previous problems.

EC: Hi Tricia, no problem to send in the brand name for locating the product in Ireland. We actually started a section on the borax page for people trying to locate borax outside the USA.


What brand is it please the borax and where from?

Replied by Eduardo
(Lima, Perú)

Hi Tricia ... I live in Perú, South America ... and would like to get the trade mark of Hydrogen peroxide you have tried, as long as I am worried tu use the right product .... Please I would really appreciate your help. Thanks!

Replied by Tricia
85 posts

Sorry to all. I only just saw ec comment on brand name. Thanks Eduardo. Threre is no brand name on the bottles, it just says "Pharmacy brand" at he top but it is made by a company called Ricesteele, Tallaght, Dublin 24, Ireland. They make both the HP and borax that I use. I think they have a parent company elsewhere (USA probably). When It comes to tonsil mucous it didn't work. There was a reduction but by no means a cure. I am trying oil of oregano at the moment and again I can get to a watery reduction but not a cure. My next attempt is to sniff HP into the sinus and spray the throat/tonsils. Hope this helps.

Replied by Ger
(Dublin, Ireland)

Hi Tricia

Can you tell me the name and address of the chemist where you buy your 35% HP foodgrade and what exactly you ask for. Also do you know where I can buy distilled water. I have contacted numerous pharmacies in Ireland and cannot locate either product.

Replied by Tricia
85 posts

Hello Ger, I never managed to locate 35% HP. All Chemists sell HP but only at the 3% or 6%- the latter being the more common, so usually I get them to order it at 3% for me. It is a commonly used antiseptic for hearing aids and cleaning so should be readily available at all chemists. Check around this website for Ted's reccommendation on checking for stabilisers in HP before ingestion.

Distlled water is another matter. Hard to believe but this seems to have gone off the market here. I tried a number of places and couldn't get it. I settled for sterilised water which I was able to buy in the chemists for about 3 Euro. That was the closest I could get.

Replied by Brianna
(Dublin, Ireland)

hi tricia from ireland if you look up the yellow pages you will find a few places that sell hydrogen proxide in dublin one place is in jfk industerial estate bluebell i forget the name of the company the name of the hydrogen proxide is merick and its made in germany the place in bluebell sells it in one litre bottles but i dont know if it sells to the public i asked my doctor about doing the proxide therapy because of my emphysema and she said i had nothing to lose so i told the chemist i needed it for cleaning my veg and my house becaue of infections i keep getting i also had my doctor to back me up altough i didn.t need her the chemist ordered it for me but you can try some of the places in the yellow pages they can only say no then try your local chemist

Replied by Tricia
85 posts

Hi Brianna - I wondered how you were doing as you hadn't posted in a while so I'm glad to know you're ok. Thanks for the tip. Did you get it in small quantities i.e 500 mls as oppsed to 5 litre drums. Storage would be a problem for me. Also did you, by any chance, come across distilled water in your travels?

Replied by Brianna
(Dublin, Ireland)

hi tricia, i got it in 1 litre bottle it cost 30euro

Replied by Sudheer
(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)

You can buy 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide from bobbyshealthyshop.com. They sell 500ml for GBP.15.20 and 1000ml for GBP.25.50 plus courier charges. They have even shipped this to me at India. I got delivery within 10 days of my order. For Ireland you will get this much faster

Replied by Johnny
(Dublin, Ireland)

h202 is great! be careful with distilled water though.....some studies show that it leaches the minerals from your system...and leaves you depleted..

Replied by Richard
(Visaginas, Utena, Lithuania)

To Tricia In Ireland. I have had a tonsil mucous condition left over from a flu bout 9 weeks ago. I started a H2O2 program and don't know how to get rid of the throat condition without affecting the effectiveness of the H2O2. Salt water or .2% chlorohexidine gargles don't work. What did you do? Anybody have ideas?

Replied by Tricia
85 posts

Hi Richard, At this stage it is almost a case of "what haven't I done?". I stopped the oral ingestion of HP at that time because I had no choice but to take the antibiotics at the time and since no one answered the question I had posed, I decided not to take any chances. I started to inhale the HP instead and felt - though not a cure - that this helped clear the mucous that was slipping from the tonsils into the lungs and causing me to cough. When I restarted ingestion there was no further great improvement so I switched to Teds remedy for a low lying infection which included Zinc, vit c, lysine and HP in water. No success so I tried oil of oregano with no success either.
I should note that with most of these remedies I will initially feel that it is working then within 24/48 hrs return to normal.
Previous to these things I have tried tumeric, cayenne pepper, oil pulling, iodine painting and magnesium. I continue to ingest acv,bread soda and borax which I had taken for other things and none of the above have given me any relief from the constant mucous forming at the back of my throat.

Like you, this started with a bad cold. Although I have had a specialist put in a camera through the sinus and tonsils and says there is nothing amiss, I am beginning to feel as though there is some sort of structural damage. I have this about 3/4 years now.

I don't think any of the above will affect the effect of HP except for acv which when the two are combined change the type of acid. So these two require a time window.

If you find anything that helps on this I would be grateful if you would let me know.

Replied by Lita209
(Sanford, Fl, Usa)

Tricia: Have you tried sea salt? I haven't had your problem but I have read that sea salt works really great to get rid of mucous. I hope this helps!

Replied by Penny
(Dallas, Texas)

You have to gargle with the 3% hydrogen perixode at least 3 or more times a day and that will take care of a sore throat and muccus. It worked for me.

Replied by Tricia
85 posts

Thanks for the suggestions Lita and Penny, I did try both and no luck.

Replied by Fiona
(Warren, Michigan, Usa)

Hi Tricia, have you tried Colloidal silver? fantastic stuff it is a natural antibiotic, one drop in each nostral a couple times a day and be sure to do it before bed, it has a very slite taste to it, almost like water. you can also take a few drops in the back of your throat.the strength should be at least 40ppm's

Take care.

Replied by Zahid
(Karachi, Pakistan)

I had read elsewhere on your excellent site (in the alcoholism section), that H2O2 can be used to cure alcoholism. Judging by the feedback on H2O2, I am skeptical to suggest it to a friend. Could anyone elaborate on this? Thanks. Zahid

EC: Zahid is referring to Ted's post here: https://www.earthclinic.com/cures/alcoholism.html#HP

Replied by Cath
(London, Uk)

Plenty of food grade h202 on ebay - also if trying to reduce mucous if you haven't already done so cut out cow dairy, I had a chronic problem and it's cleared since I switched to goat milk. Also cured my psoriasis!

Replied by Samanth
(Atlanta, Georgia, Usa)

Hi Trish... Have you tried Apple Cider Vinegar? It cuts mucous....fast!

Replied by Cheldena
(Mankato, Minnesota)

Hi Tricia, I was reading about your mucous and throat issues. I was told allergies can cause a person to have mucous drainage and especially when you sleep and once you wake up in the morning you can have a sore throat from the drainage. So I treated my allergies naturally and no longer have the drainage. Of course you also need to remove things from your home etc to get rid of the cause and not just treat the symptoms. Something that had also helped me temporarilly was using a Neti Pot with uniodized salt water. Or you can snort in one nostril at a time Goldenseal powder in small amounts to treat upper resp. infections and sinus infections. I use Elderberry especially for this. Hope these thoughts help some. Also as a side note: re Hydrogen Peroxide. Please whom ever reads this please make sure it is the Food Grade HP not something from the pharmacy that you use internally! A good safe source of food grade hydrogen peroxide is through Dr Hulda Clark's store. Do a search you will find it.

Replied by D Smith
(Los Angeles, Ca)

Hi Tricia, If all those didn't work, it could be the acv. ACV and other acids can cause irritation of the throat passages when taken at too high of a dose (Especially when using other products that clear mucous since the mucous helps protect these membranes from this damage.)

For the moment, I would suggest to possibly stop taking ACV and any other acidic products (lemon/grapefruit may be ok at low concentrations if necessary) and replace it with a spoonful of natural raw honey daily when you wakeup to help sooth and repair the throat. You may also want to cut down on your dosage of some of the products that you are taking to reduce mucous unless you are still having cold or flu type symptoms. Because of the possible damage, a little mucous is more helpful than hurtful at this point.

That said, ACV is not bad in itself as this can happen even from drinking a high concentration of lemon juice. Sometimes we just need to take baby steps when we start something new and in your case it may have been the combination of acidic products with a significant reduction in mucous.

Replied by Ken
(Ardrossan, Uk)

Hi Briana from dublin, did you have any success with h2o2 with your emphysema? Ken

Replied by Mike
(La., US)
1 out of 5 stars

This article is inhumanly stupid. Does NO ONE here understand that oxidation doesn't refer to oxygen? It refers to an atom's / molecule's tendency to donate electrons to make bonds.

When it says that peroxide is oxidative, that means that it is reactive, aka it goes into your body and reacts with whatever is near it. It doesn't specifically target cancer or parasites or germs or anything else that is implied in this article. It works like free radicals and participates in reactions that shouldn't happen in a biological system.

in short, don't ingest hydrogen peroxide since it causes cancer


Hi, yes, h202 is a strong oxidant, but if you have read William Campbell's book reviewing over 6000 scientific studies, you would have known this:

(1) Our human cells have lots of catalase, and this enzyme decomposes h202 right away when the chemical enters the body, releasing oxygen and water.

(2) Also, the h202 stimulates the enzymatic system in the body to produce many more times oxygen than that released by the intake of h202 alone.

(3) Read more brother on the scientific studies behind h202 in the body, and do not just use logic and frighten the masses with your chemistry knowledge of h202 being a powerful corrosive oxidant.

(4) But you are right in your logic for some animals though. Some domestic animals have low catalase in their bodies and will die quickly if they drink even a bit of 3 percent h202.

Read the book and find out which animals. Do your homework.


Replied by Idot13

Cider vinegar and breadsoda for mucous and sinus three teaspoonfuls of vinegar and a quarter teaspoonful of breadsoda.

Replied by BJ

This may be a helpful publication for some here. Just came out I believe. I read about it on Dr. Mercola's site. It's free, written by a cardiologist, and appears to be full of useful well-referenced information. https://rvr.medfoxpub.com/

Apple Cider Vinegar and H2O2

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Posted by Franz (Bangkok, Thailand) on 08/04/2009

HI I have a question and hope some one can answer me . I put in my drinking water some Apple Cider Vinegar and wonder if I can add as well Hydogen Peroxide as it is difficult for me to take it 3 times a day As well how many drops would be 1 CL ? I appreciate any feedback on this Frank

Replied by Bill
(Los Angeles, California)
5 out of 5 stars

Frank, I have been using FGHP (35%) for many years with Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. I am 56 yrs old now and have only great things to say about it, Thanks to God. I started using it at age 30. I had severe joint and back pain at the time. After three months, starting with 3 drops 2 to 3 times daily (FGHP) and 1 Capful of the Cider Vinegar, working up to 25 drops of FGHP 2 to 3 times daily, I've had astronomical results. The results were verified by my then girlfriend who was also useing the same program. (1) No more heavy or bad breath, (2) No body odor, (3) You will only need approximately 4 to 5 hours of sleep per day and when you awaken you will be wide awake, not sluggish or groggy. After you reach the 25 drop level you can then taper off. Find the instructions on line. Oh, people think I'm no more than 30-35yrs old! Enjoy.

EC: FGHP - Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Replied by Kay
(In The Valley, Ca)


Are you taking the ACV and the FGHP at the same time (mixing them together)? The instructions for the FGHP protocol say 3 hours after food or 1 hour before food. Thanks.

Replied by Kay
(In The Valley, Ca)

Bill, do you take the ACV and the FGHP at the same time? Most of the instructions for HP say to take it one hour before or three hours after any other food. It would make things much easier if they could be combined, but I'm afraid to try it. I'd love to know if anyone else has combined them. ANYONE? Thanks

Replied by Joanofarc83
(Morton, Il)

I combine Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda, & 5 drops of fgH202. I also add Lugol's solution (6drops). This is all added with 4 oz of filtered water. I have had no ill effects.

Replied by Shenora
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

I have started using the food grade H202 Hydro peroxide 35% and I am feeling quite nervous. I started out with 1 drop from dropper in my ACV water with my honey with 16oz water(spring water). So I will be using this same measurment 3x today. I will add 2 drops tomorrow 3x during the day. I will decrease the honey and ACV if this is fine.Can anyone let me know if I am doing the correct thing here? Thank-you so much for your time here and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Replied by Lee
(New York, New York)

Shenora - I am also very curious about the food grade h202, but have not ordered it because I am not clear about how to dilute it. Best of luck - keep us posted.

Replied by Andi
(Scottsdale, Az)

I Have just started taking the 35% undiluted H2O2 in 5 ozs. of distilled water or juice. I started with 2 drops, due to uncertainty, but no problems, am only up to 4 drops 3xs day. Have not noticed nervousness but do have increased energy throughout the day. The dosing schedules that I have found (I recv'd a pamplet from my health food store when buying the Food Grade H2O2) state a dosing schedule for 35% undiluted H2O2. As for other uses, besides internal, I have found on the internet on various sites. I am planning on trying the ACV along with the H2O2 after just learning about it on EC. Am desperately hoping that between the 2 that I will finaly get long awaited relief for chronic sinus issues, that after anti-biotics, anti-fungals, steriods and ENT and NMD visits over the past 3 months have not relieved a bit, but have cleaned my bank account.

Replied by Windy
(Kitty Ville, Ca)

I started on the food grade HP too, by the time I got to 6 drops 3 times a day I started having tummy issues so I cut back, I will tell you I felt amazing till then. I got mine from a place out of Flordia, and got a blue dropper bottle too for easy usage, you need to BE VERY VERY CAREFUL with the 35% food grade can cause blindness if you get it in the eye, well so can bleach, just use caution, also need to get distilled water for sure. I think that was my problem I used Brita filter water, I then switched to taking it with milk the book said it was ok. I will be trying it again soon.. food grade HP fills your cells with oxygen like Vitamin C does from what I read.. so reseach it and try it!! GOOD LUCK

Replied by Noel
(Perth, Australia)

Hi Andi. I noticed you started using undiluted 35% eight days ago for sinus relief. Has it made any changes yet?


Replied by Matt
(Brisbane, Qld, Australia)

Hi Noel,

i have not used HP with ACV but I use HP regularly as a nasal/sinus flush. it's brilliant. I add 4 mls of 35% food grade HP to 500ml distilled water and snort it into each nostril every morning. Then I gargle. It's an instant shot of alertness and clarity alnd clears my sinuses. Just like an early morning surf. the recipe above is less than 0.50% in strength. i find anything stronger burns my nasal passage. I've seen some posts recommend 3% but it is way too strong for me.

I also take H2o2 internally and use it baths.

Replied by Earnestine
(Oak Park, Mi U S)

Where can I find the instructions on how to use apple cider vinegar and H202 as Bill from Los Angeles did for pain?

Replied by Teresa
(Springfield, Ohio)

Where is the recipe for this for pain? Teresa

Replied by Bill
(Los Angeles, Ca)

Hey Kay in the valley. I've always mixed FGHP with Apple cider vinegar. You must however, be careful in Handling the FGHP, so that you don't Burn yourself. I just had a checkup at the doctor last week. My cholesterol was under 140, bp was 113/60, heart rate 53 bpm and my psa was down two points. This combination is working for me, thanks to Yeshua!

Replied by Tena
(Champaign, Illinois)


Can you tell me how much of the FGHP and ACV you use, and how many times a day you use it? Also I would like to know how long you have been doing this. Thank you.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines)

Hi Tena...I've been using ACV plus baking soda and lemon/lime plus BS for over 4 years now on a regular basis. I use the lemon/lime remedy more often because it alkalizes better and seems to balance more internal parameters than the ACV remedy which is good for extra energy because of the malates created which are used in the Kreb's Cycle of cell respiration.

I also use just 1/4 to 1/2 tspn of Baking Soda on its own in a half glass of water if I need to top up on bicarbonates to alkalize my blood and intestines and I also use this remedy occasionally as an antacid -- always taken a half an hour after meals.

When I had Candida, I used mainly the lemon plus baking soda remedy -- 1/2 tspn plus a whole lemon in a half glass of water, three times a day. I did this to keep my blood and intestinal pH alkaline to help get rid of the candida. But now cured of candida, I take a maintenance dose of just 1/4 tspn twice a day about 3 times a week or whenever I feel I need it.

I also take HP internally. But I don't need to take this very often because there's nothing wrong with me..LOL. But I do take it, 6-10 drops 3% HP in a full glass of water for extra energy or a boost. I've been doing this for about a year now.

Replied by Arnu
(San Diego, California)

Ted posted an answer to this question, it took me 4 hours to find it and I think it should be placed here for those who are wondering about hydrogen peroxide to the ACV and baking soda solution.

and if Ted could take a look at this section and clarify it some more for the people that would be great. he said taking baking soda with HYDROGEN PEROXIDE is fine, NOT combining Apple Cider Vinegar, with baking soda and HYDROGEN PEROXIDE (do not take it all together at the same time).

02/08/2007: Fran from Houston, TX writes: "Can I add few drops of good grade hydrogen peroxide to the ACV and baking soda solution, twice a day? Thanks"

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "No. Hydrogen peroxide will neutralize the vitamin C and other organic compounds in the apple cider vinegar. It is best taken for hydrogen peroxide with water alone, or at least 6 hours apart.

The reason is simple, hydrogen peroxide is an oxidant, while apple cider vinegar and baking soda is an antioxidant.

You can however, mix drops of hydrogen peroxide with baking soda in a drinking water. It creates a more alkaline form of peroxides which can also detoxify the body of accumulated poisons built up in the liver.

Replied by Emilie
(Quezon City, Philippines)

I have breast cancer and am presently taking 9 oz. Of Essiac Tea daily. I was diagnosed 5 yrs. ago and this has kept my cancer from spreading. However, I have a tumor the size of a golfball just under my right nipple. It is hard, sometimes painful and itchy and there is a continuous bloody secretion. I plan to try the H2O2 protocol together with Vitalzym (enzymes) and magnesium as I read in the CancerTutor. I want to know if I can use Alkaline Ionized Water instead of Distilled Water when I take the drops of H2O2. Can I also combine this with 1/4 tsp. of baking soda? Also, what can I apply on the tumor to help it shrink and dry up? Would be extremely grateful for any advice. Emilie

Replied by Eddie
(Port Erin, Isle Of Man (u.k.))

I've been suffering from various ailments for years. Heart trouble, arthritis, diabetes, terrible knee problems. Full of drugs from my doctor, but nothing working. I've tried just about every "remedy" known to mankind, but they've all failed. I recently found out about Hydrogen Peroxide, and started taking it mixed in Distilled Water. Unfortunately, as I took stronger doses, I started to get nauseous, so I had to stop taking it. I've just been looking at this site, and came across a message from Bill (1/12/2009), who recommends taking HP mixed in Apple Cider Vinegar. I'll start taking it immediately, and I'll report back as soon as possible. Here's hoping this one works.

Replied by Tonib
(Billings, Mt)

Hello Eddie from Port Erin... If you become nauseous from increasing the H202, all you need to do is cut the quantity back. It is best to continue taking it, just cut back the amount.

Replied by Eddie
(Port Erin, Isle Of Man (uk))

I've tried Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide diluted in Apple Cider Vinegar, but find the ACV makes me too nauseous, so I've had to cut right back on it. I'm still searching for a way to take FGHP that will not make me sick. Does anyone know if it would be OK to take HP diluted in Aloe Vera?


To make it taste better you can take HP with pure grape juice as it has no vitamin c to react with..

Replied by Asa
(Portland, Oregon, Us)

This is for Emillie from the phillipines and everyone else. I have heard that hemp oil from cannabis plants can be used topically and internally to cure a number of ailments including cancer. "Run from the cure a Rick Simpson story" is a documentary by Rick Simpson who claims to have cured his own skin cancer as well as a number of cancers and disorders with hemp oil. I came across it doing research for my fathers leukemia... Very interesting stuff. I encourage anyone to do there own research on this one, knowledge is power. Good luck and many blessings!

Replied by Sergey

Earthclinic: could we have a "Movie" section in EC where people can recommend documentary movies on alternative treatment views for things like AIDS, Diabetes, Cancer, etc? I can already think of several, most available for free online. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a movie is worth a billion! This would set off a revolution and help empower people on their decisions. These documentaries are the best way to be introduced to views not being told to patients by the medical establishment, and are often the starting point on a lot of further research by patients.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

That is a good idea..... Or DVD's.... There are a few on Amazon I would like to buy, about cancer for example but they can often only be viewed in the US and unfortunately our DVD player only plays European ones. Sometimes they don't exist as books but if they are online then us in Europe can watch as well!

EC: Hi Francisca and Sergey,

We will soon be launching a newly revamped book review section and can include documentary movie reviews there as well!

Replied by Andy S
(Ellicottville, Ny Usa)

To Eddie for Port Erin, According to This article by Dr. David G. Williams "The Many Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide" http://educateyourself.org/cancer/benefitsofhydrogenperozide17jul03.shtml
Taking HP with Aloe is fine.

Replied by Daisy
(Jacksonville, Florida, U.s.a)
9 posts

In reply to Francisca from Michelbach-le-bas, France, who wrote that she can't watch certain DVDs on her European DVD player:

Please don't let region encoding stop you. Usually a DVD player can be reset to Region 0 (that is, region-free) if you have the right code from the manufacturer, and though the manufacturers try to keep them secret, these codes are commonly available online. Once your DVD player is reset to Region 0, you can play DVDs from any region. Setting it is very much like programming a VCR, you only do it once, and then never worry about it again for the life of that DVD player. To do this, first determine the exact make and model number of your DVD player by looking at the sticker on the player and writing it down, Google "dvd region hack" for that make and model, and then follow the instructions exactly. I've done it for every DVD player I've owned in the last ten years and never had a problem finding the code or getting it to work, though on one I had to try two different codes before I found the one that worked.

You can also buy region-free DVD players pretty much anywhere, and the only difference between these and regular DVD players is that they have already been set to Region 0 at the factory. But then you get charged double and triple the price for what you can do yourself for free if you have the codes. It is not illegal to reset your DVD player in this manner, at least not in the U. S. -- you're not bypassing any copy protection or breaking any copyrights, just changing a setting that is already in your DVD player. I have no idea about the laws of France, so if you're concerned about this then check it out before you do it. You may also void the warranty of your DVD player, but since I can buy a new player for $40 I never worried with it.

Unfortunately, with big pharma in the U. S. (and other countries) trying desperately to restrict the flow of information regarding non-patentable and common (unrestrictable) remedies, as well as the entertainment industry's constant lockdown on recording technologies, it seems inevitable that we're going to run into roadblocks in getting the information we want. But of all the craziness out there, DVD region restriction may be the least problematic. Google the codes and give it a try. Anyway, good luck. :)

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Hi Daisy, I have been on a trip so I couldn't answer you. Many thanks for the information! I always worry when I buy a DVD on Amazon whether I have the right one and of course, some you can't buy for our region which is quite annoying! I will keep your information and look into it soon or better.... I will ask my husband to look into it! Our DVD player doesn't have a warranty anymore and anyway, I doubt they would look into it, as I doubt the French government would so no worries there! But you are right... DVD player problems are the least of our problems anyway, no matter how stupid and disrupting they are!

Replied by Lily
(Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

Hi Francisca, changing the DVD player from your Zone to All Zones voids the warranty anyhow so nobody would ever know. I don't think it is illegal I just think the zones are there just to annoy us and keep us frustrated!!!! Cheers Lily.

Replied by Martin
(Banbridge, Ireland)

To the woman Emilie from the philippines who has breast cancer and doesn't want to get destroyed by the medical industry, try black salve to help draw the growth out of your breast. I heard a lot of good things about it for all types of cancer... black salve comes from the plant called bloodroot... It's just a pity I hadn't discovered this about black salve before my mother was told she had breast cancer! May I add that she had her first mammogram 8 months prior to being told she had breast cancer and that after that first mammogram she was cleared, so that just copper fastened my belief that they are giving us cancer in as many ways as they can... To all those medical doctors who support these methods hang your heads in shame!!!!!

Replied by Abraham
(Tulsa, Oklahoma)

What I do is combine dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), peroxide, baking soda, and apple cider with water in a bowl in large amounts ( each one liter). dont drink it because it BOILS literally lets off steam and is hot as F.

It KILLS acne and restores your skin color to what it was before your skin was sunburned. After only a couple uses your scars go away permanently. Wait till it cools down though.

Replied by Ustabearepug
(Tulsa, Ok)

First thing you want to do is buy you some PH strips which measure the acidity in your body, you want it drk blue which is alkaline, the more yellow means you are acidic, not good, ACV is acidic so I wonder why it is said to be good for us as we want our body alkaline, soda is highly alkaline, english walnuts are most alkaline, beer is acidic so I like no more than two Miller lights in the evening which is acidic. I add 1/2 teaspooon of baking soda to my can of beer hoping to neutralize the beer's acidity. When I drink a glass of water I add 1/2 teaspoon of soda and also add 4 drops of 35% food grade h202. Have been advised by the maker of my h202 to use 1 drop of h202 to every oz of distilled water or can use filtered water. I'm 83, I bike, walk, play golf twice weekly, mow and weed eat two acres, have a garden but global warming is taking its toll on the garden, 102 and no rain in sight, I have never had a problem with what I do, even with this heat I have energy and if anyone that is reading this is concerned with my dosage I would like some feedback, oh and I never have a tummy ache as some have experienced, I have a testimony you must read, will do later.

Replied by Mike
(New York, Ny)

I purchased FGHP and immediately began using it with the incorrect dosage. Like an idiot, I mistook a drop to mean one whole dropper. You can see where this is going. I did three whole droppers the first day and the physiological effects were perceptible that evening. My throat felt scratchy beneath the Adam's apple and I suffered from nausea. I repeated the incorrect dosage for a few more days until it was pointed out to me that a whole dropper is not a drop. A Eureka moment ensued. I ramped down to 3 drops, not droppers, and although the candida in my stomach was decimated (which was partly my initial intent taking FGHP) I experienced a general discomfort and have since ceased taking the product, figuring I would give the body some time to recover.

Now, almost a month later, my body quivers and anxiety has stricken my mind. There are times when my brain lapses momentarily. I suspect this is a result of the overdose and could use some clarification or confirmation and certainly some guidance. It was my mistake and no one's fault but my own (I was never good with details). Granted, there were extenuating circumstances which I can attribute to my recent anxiety (Hurricane Sandy's aftermath), however, I have not read anywhere what the consequences of taking too much FGHP are. I appreciate your help.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
2084 posts

Mike: Oxygen can be toxic as it could produce dangerous free radicals, and this can happen only in a body deficient in reduction enzymes like Superoxide Dismutase, Catalse. The dose you took is the maximum advised oral dose that is supposed to be reached gradually (as you noted as a mistake). H2O2 is also administered I.V. by some holistic doctors and therapist, so there is a good safety record here. This episode doesn't seem disastrous but there does seem to be a need for response. Eat Wheat Sprouts or take as supplement for a few days, and also do some relaxation therapy and you should be just fine.

Replied by Helpyourself
(Houston, Texas)

Hey, Mike - I think you're fine. Take a break, resume later in small doses. My son got a big dose once and refused to take it again. I have since got him to use it ( FGHP) and he's fine with it. I just make the dose now. Good Luck!

Replied by Legna
(Secret Location)

TO Bill from Los Angeles, California, Hi, I have some questions:

1) when do you drink your ACV-FGHP in relation to meals/supplements, basically how much time you leave between your dose of ACV-FGHP and food/supplements? ---he general guideline is: 1- 2 hours before any food/supplement(especially vitamin C and iron) OR 3 hours after any food/supplement(esp. vitamin C and iron)?

2) how much is ''1 capfull of ACV'' in mililiters or oz's?

3) in how much water you mix the ACV and FGHP?

4) for how many days/weeks/months you stayed at 25 drops FGHP, 2- 3 times per day?

5) did you increase your ACV dose and the amount of water while increasing your FGHP drops?

6) usually how many times per day you took your ACV-FGHP dose? 2 or 3 times per day?(i ask this because my daily program allows me to take it twice only, somehow I need to make space during the day to take a 3rd dose if its neccesary a 3rd dose)

7) how are you these days? any updates?

8) do you take any other supplements, if yes which brand do you use? what does your diet look like?

9) which brand of FGHP do you use?

10) how can I contact you? facebook, email?


Replied by Grannyjo

To Emilie from Quezon City, Philippines. Hello Emilie, I'm sorry to hear about the cancer, I hope you are better. God healed my daughter of breast cancer over 16 years ago after taking Essiac, surgery, minimal chemo, and prayer. Sometimes all the doctors can do and all we can do is not enough, but we can Pray and trust God to heal us, and if we ask sincerely in Jesus name, I believe He will do it.

One of the best ways I know to prevent and fight cancer (and other diseases) is to keep your blood PH alkaline, instead of acidic. Disease hardly grows in alkaline blood.

I used baking soda (in water) for this until I learned that baking soda contains aluminum. We don't need heavy metals in our body, so I stopped the soda & started drinking Apple cider vinegar, (or fresh lemon juice, which are both alkaline) in water instead.

I suggest using at least 2 or 3 fresh lemons daily, (or equivalent ACV), squeezed in water with maybe a little stevia (absolutely no sugar, as cancer feeds on sugar)

About Hydrogen peroxide, I have used the 35% food grade (Diluted) HP in the nebulizer for colds etc. and on infected wounds with success but I have not taken it internally, however I believe I cured a skin cancer with Hydrogen peroxide.

For about 5 years A coal black spot had grown on my hand, to about the size of my thumbnail. I began to worry and prayed. I believe God told me it was cancer and that I should put undiluted 35% hydrogen peroxide on it. I did, very carefully keeping the HP on the growth. A bit got of the skin around the growth & turned white, but no problem. The white color soon went away.

The black growth puffed up like a water blister, which I left untouched for a couple days until the blister went down. I then applied the hydrogen peroxide a second time. and let the blister go down again, at which time I noticed the edges of the black growth had begun to curl up something like the edges of a crispy fried egg.

I very carefully started gently pulling the edges of the growth loose, prepared to stop if I saw any bleeding. There was no bleeding. I pulled every bit the growth off easily with no pain or bleeding, leaving only brand new baby pink skin beneath. My normal skin color soon returned. That was at least 5 or 6 years ago and the growth has never returned. GrannyJo.

Replied by Grannyjo

To Fxgirl,

In answer to your question, could you use mineral water instead of distilled water.

I would opt for the distilled water just to be on the safe side.

I am not a chemist or scientist, but I know borax, baking soda and bentonite clay are Ionic, meaning they carry negative (electrical) charged atoms so small they can easily travel into your blood stream, through the walls of your stomach.

Whereas Apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, (and probably Hydrogen Peroxide) have positively electrical charged atoms.

If you combine a negative and positively charged substances together they try to neutralize each other.

Like a magnet, the negative ions (or atoms) draw the positive atoms. If you mix vinegar and baking soda together you get a chemical reaction, (the bubbling action), and when the bubbling stops, the chemical structure has changed. An acid and a base cancel each other out.

We don't really know what minerals or possibly metals may be in the mineral water or how they may react with what we are adding to it; Borax, HP or ACV.

I don't know if this has helped any but Maybe someone out there will clarify it better. - GrannyJo.

Replied by Donna
(Lehighton, Pa)

When using baking soda -Bobs Red Hill- it is all natural - contains no aluminum


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Posted by Sean (Boise, Id) on 11/24/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, I've been drinking H202 for about 5 months. I am a 42 yr old male in good health except I've injured my low back over the years and several other minor injuries. I had been taking cyclobenzaprene regularly over the past 2 years(mainly for muscle spasms)and medical dose Naproxen regularly, prescribed by my VA Dr. (the VA loves to give out pain pills and are not focused on cures. Whatever costs less. I'm very thankful though that I have this medical resource. )

A friend of mine wrote an ebook on how his father-in-law beat COPD & emphysema in six weeks with h202. This was over 20 years ago and he is still alive also he continued to smoke. This is who I learned of H202 from. I put 15 drops of 35% in 6 oz of apple cider and drink. I first did the drop treatment for six weeks but only once a day. I don't do it daily even and Wow-I don't have to take the pills anymore. The achiness and early arthritic soreness in my body that I've felt for a number of years is Gone. No more muscle spasms either. Hallelujah

Replied by Chris F.
(Tucson, Az)

Sean, could you please provide a link to the e-book? Any extra resources would be very helpful.

Replied by Ender
(Robertsdale , Al)

Distilled water is poisonous. Use filtered water instead. You only need water without Cl.


Distilled water is the best water you can drink. You've been taken for a Tennessee boat ride:


Replied by Jay
(Toronto, Ont, Canada)

To Ender from Robertsdale , Al. Why would you say that distilled water is poisonous? This is false. I have been drinking about 3 liters of distilled water per day for the last 18 years(since 1992). Filtering water only removes SOME of the contaminants but steam distilling water removes a lot more. Distilled water is said to leach out some minerals but who does't want unhealthy things leached out of their bodies as long as they regularly add back in the healthy life-promoting minerals and trace elements with good nutrition and supplementation. Jay

Replied by Rob
(Manhattan, Ny)

Jay, what kind of distiller would you recommend? or do you use? I trust Dr. Weil's view that distilled water is fine.. (what he drinks) and that we get most of our minerals from
The foods we eat. Also, one can always add minerals to the distilled water if they are concerned.

Replied by Fxgirl
(Miami, Florida)

What about using mineral water instead of distilled water to dilute stabilizer- free 3% hydrogen peroxide?

Replied by D377mc
(Valetta, Malta)

Hi everyone,

Distilled water is just that, distilled water. I buy mine from the garage next door, in the 5 liter format. They use it for batteries. It's distilled water. Don't get too hung up worrying about the water issue. I've used distilled water with no problems whatsoever.

You could even use the water from a dehumidifier if you wanted.

D. (Malta)

Replied by Catherine
(Wellington, New Zealand)

If you use mineral water with H2o2 you must be certain it contains no iron, apparently they don't mix too well and abdominal pain can result.

Replied by D
(Us, Usa)

I just read a post where Ted said not to use HP with ACV, that it will negate some of the good effects of the ACV. He said it should be taken 6 hours apart. It was on the "Remedy Combinations" page.

Replied by Cosmo
(Boston, Ma, Usa)

To : Valetta, Malta - you stated: "You could even use the water from a dehumidifier if you wanted."

That is very dangerous. Water from a dehumidifier is condensate which is different than distillate. Water from a dehumidifier has been condensed out of the air and with it any airborne particles, bacteria, molds, and or viruses. Distilled water has been boiled in a closed system (no dust or air born particles) and then cooled to be condensed. So while the physics is the same, the outcome is quite different.

Never drink water from a dehumidifier.

Just my 2 cents -

Ciao! Cosmo

Replied by Tom
(Auckland, New Zealand)

That's awesome Sean! I love it when people can cure themselves with such simple measures. I am struggling a little bit with arthritis at the moment and am getting a lot of muscle spasms. From what I've read so far I'm thinking it is a lack of magnesium that causes the spasms. Although I'm not so sure now. Was ACV and H202 the only treatment you took?

I'm going to start on this h202 today and will report back what I find.

Replied by Scott H
(Riverside Ca)

While distilled water is not poisonous, it is unstable compared to water that has a broad spectrum of minerals in solution. In the absence of any minerals water tends to be much more aggressive, especially to satisfy its need for hardness (primarily calcium and magnesium). If you are on a steady diet of distilled water, you increase your chances of developing a calcium deficiency because water will keep seeking calcium until it reaches 100 - 250 ppm. If you are taking calcium supplements along with distilled water, plan on absorbing none of that calcium until the water you are drinking has been stabilized at that level of calcium.

Replied by Richard

Distilled water is not poisonous. If that was the only water you consumed, it could leach minerals from you body but drinking a few glasses of distilled water everyday is not going to harm anybody. Lets get serious here. Let's not promote rumors created by those who are clueless.

Replied by Whisperingsage
(N Ca)
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Ender, Then I could use well water?

Replied by M.

To Sean.....just to verify....15 drops of hydrogen peroxide 35% in 6 oz. apple CIDER?