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Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Warning

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Posted by Scott (Denver, Co) on 08/24/2013


A few months ago, after much research and hesitation on my part, I decided to begin hydrogen peroxide treatment. I began with inhaling 3% food grade H2O2, as it seemed the least likely to induce any harm. And indeed, I noticed that I was able to breathe more deeply, and had more energy, particularly when ascending stairs or doing cardiovascular exercise. I increased the dose, and saw more pronounced results. (On the negative side, I noticed that my tongue began getting a thick brown coating, which concerned me... but apparently not enough.)

Because I had seen such positive results, I decided to begin ingesting diluted 35% hydrogen peroxide, starting with one drop in a cup of distilled water, 3 times a day. I increased the dose by one drop each time (i.e., 2 drops 3 times a day on the second day, and so forth.)

On the second day, I felt great. But as the days proceeded and I increased the dose, I became more irritable. I simultaneously felt more tired, yet my body felt as though it could not handle the energy I seemed to have. By the sixth day, I was dragging horribly.

Not five minutes after I had my second dose of 6 drops diluted in about 6 oz of distilled water that day, I suffered a grand mal seizure... The eighth one I've ever had, and the first one in eight years. It was very traumatic for me (and my partner, who witnessed it for the first time ever). I am now not driving for 3 months, and my medication has been increased as a precaution.

I spoke with my homeopath about it. Every epileptic patient she has worked with suffered at least one more seizure as a healing crisis before they were healed. (Naturally, we are addressing this. ) My parents believe it is due to the fact that I have gained about 60 pounds since I began this medication. I believe that this seizure was because of the hydrogen peroxide, mainly because stress and exhaustion tend to precede my seizures, and there was too much correlation for the incident to be a coincidence. Still, I honestly believe that all three scenarios are possible, and my hope is that this was indeed a healing crisis.

In retrospect, I should have listened to my body, and kept the dose at a minimum until I felt well enough to increase it. Still, I write this post as a strong warning for anyone who has suffered seizures in the past that they may have another seizure if they take hydrogen peroxide internally. I had great hope for hydrogen peroxide therapy, but despite what many people have said, this is not an entirely safe therapy, and it must be approached with a great deal of caution. If nothing else, I strongly recommend that anyone who takes hydrogen peroxide internally should listen to their body; if you feel worse, at least stay on the same dose until you feel better. Don't hesitate to decrease a dose or discontinue this therapy altogether if you don't feel so good.

Replied by Johnboy
(Arkansas, US)

Let my comments be a side-effect caution: I began the ramp up treatment of 3 drops of 35% peroxide and adding a drop a day doing this only one time a day. I got up 13 drops, stayed on it a few days, and decided to go back down a drop a day. When I got down to a low dose, I started having sudden anxiety attacks and depression which I thought were due to losing my office due to sickness and not being able to work and my wife working now all the time to make up the difference and a separation anxiety from that. For two weeks it has been a problem and it hit me hardest last night. I had bad anxiety, but realized also that I had lightheadedness. I thought that perhaps I was hyperventilating so I breathed in a plastic bag (could not find paper) for several minutes and then again, and the overwhelming anxiety lifted completely. I was surprised that worked so well that I would recommend it to any sudden anxiety that appears to see if it would help despite not recognizing it as hyperventilation.

Replied by Mark Garner
(Currently Davao City, Philippines)

Food grade Hydrogen Peroxide is 100% safe, if used correctly. A person may have "healing crises." This certainly is not the peroxide's fault. It may be that we did not administer is correctly or had a healing crisis.

I am currently doing research to see if H2O2 will help youths who suffer from Epilepsy. So if anyone has information that it has helped them, please inform me. Thanks

Replied by Sharon K
(Pittsburgh, Pa)

My son has epilepsy. Would be interested in updates about your research.

Replied by Sharon Anita
(Las Vegas, Nv)

Are you still doing your study on H202 and seizures. We just started using is Dec. 27, 2017 on a daily basis. We, is my son, husband and myself. Please let me know. thanks, Sharon

Replied by Whisperingsage
(Northern Ca)
45 posts

Have you tried the keto diet? It has been pretty successful with a lot of epileptics. There are a LOT of great recipes now, it's a very different way to cook, but I needed to go on this for health reasons, and sure enough things are starting to clear up. for their flours they use coconut and almond. But most of their recipes are high fat and moderate protein. This is what the brain needs.

Food Grade Peroxide and Pregnancy

Posted by Conscious Cafe (Red Winds Reservation) on 11/17/2013

Can you take food grade hydrogen peroxide while pregnant, even as early as 5 weeks?

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)

Dear Concious Cafe,

Personally, I am not sure I would use Hydrogen Peroxide internally during pregnancy. I have used many natural remedies during pregnancy and generally find them to be very safe and supportive of pregnancy. Usually they are much safer for mom and baby than medical alternatives. However, there are herbs and natural remedies that are contra-indicated during pregnancy. I just don't know about hydrogen peroxide, so I would feel safest not using it.

Is there a specific condition you are trying to treat? Perhaps there is something that is known to be safe that you could use instead.

~Mama to Many~

Food Grade Peroxide and Supplements

Posted by Chris (Las Vegas) on 01/08/2014

Hi. I am really confused as to when I should be taking supplements with 35% FG H202. I have read that it is good to take L-Lysine, Olive Leaf Extract, and Copper, which is said to increase the effectiveness of the oxygen in the body up to 3000 times, with it. But I have also read it is not safe to take copper with this from various websites. There is conflicting information. Thank you!

Replied by Whisperingsage
(N Ca)
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Ted says it will oxidize supplements, so best to take on empty stomach and let it soak in for an hour.

Food Grade Peroxide Tips

Posted by Michael_deeduck (Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada) on 01/17/2013

It may be that many people are forgetting to take hydrogen peroxide on an EMPTY STOMACH. You must take your dilute hydrogen peroxide (drops in water regimen) at least 1 hour BEFORE meals or 3 or more hours AFTER meals. Otherwise the peroxide will react chemically with the food to produce unwanted substances than can cause nausea.

It is also recommended to use a high strength, multi-strain probiotic (as high as 14 strains) at the rate stated on the bottle. Also hydrogen peroxide apparently reacts with iron in the blood and so reduces its oxygen carrying ability. So long term users of H2O2 would do well to eat foods higher in iron, such as spinach, swiss chard, dark raisons, black currents, etc. , to avoid becoming anemic.

Persons who want to stay healthy longer in life should learn proper FOOD COMBINING. AND, eat smaller meals. Here are some approximate food digestion times:

Sugars, fruit and melons......... 2 to 3 hours

Green vegetables & starchy foods... 4. 5 to 5 hours

Beans, peas, soy products, milk, cream, meats, fish eggs, fats and oils............. Up to 12 hours!

Clearly it would be better while treating one's self with hydrogen peroxide to go on a vegetarian diet. Most people could not wait 12 hours between meals plus another hour following the 8oz glass of water with H2O2 drops in it. I hope this helps those people who have been getting sick following the taking of peroxide drops. And it may also hold true for the other methods of infusing the body with peroxide.

I am almost totally vegetarian and I'm up to 17 drops in 8oz of water 3 times a day. I have not thus far become nauseous. And, I had stomach/gut issues before I started. I believe I was/am carbohydrate and gluten intolerant.

My groin/bladder-area pain and irritation is feeling smooth. Fibromyalgia is reduced enough so I can sleep thru the night. I have more restful sleep with more pleasant dreams. When I wake up I am ready to get with it. I am 76 years old. I plan to keep hydrogen peroxide in my health arsenal for the rest of my days.

I believe that everyone who uses hydrogen peroxide intelligently, carefully and precisely can benefit from using it. But do your research first. Follow only sound, carefully written, trusted advice. Increase dosages slowly and hold at a level or go back a bit for a few days before increasing again if you experience nausea. Always play it safe. Don't trust to luck or magic. Get it right the first time; avoid mistakes and disappointment.

I like to remember what some naturopath wrote many years ago: "disease cannot live in a well oxygenated body"! Caring doctors are still saying the same thing today.

The best of health to you, Michael

Replied by Jewel
(Pennsylvania, Usa)


Thanks for such an informative, intelligent posting. The voice of wisdom prevails. I want to feel the way you do upon waking up in the morning, and I've got a little ways to go before hitting 76! Thanks for sharing.

Food Grade Peroxide: 3% vs 35%

Posted by Dee (Sprinfield, Ma) on 12/06/2013

December 6, 2013; I've been busy since cleaning up my internal body from what I think is candida; anyway, because of prior kidney problems I opted for borax bath instead of ingesting, but studied and read literally hundreds (278 to be exact) of pages thoroughly on borax, ACV, Bill's protocol, Ted's expert advice, etc., and came across a lot of discussion on food grade hydrogen peroxide. Could someone clarify for me what is the difference between 3% and 35% food grade? I purchased from my local health food store what I thought was 35% because I saw the 3, but the store was closing so grabbed it off the shelf quickly. When I got home it was 3% and a warning from FDA not to ingest. I didn't read any posts really explaining the difference between 3 and 35%. I believe the one I purchased from E........O.....(i also read we're not supposed to use brand names) does not have any stabilizers in it as Ted spoke of, so why can't I use the 3% instead of what I read on amazon.com (as well as a few on earthclinic) about the extreme dangers of 35% Food Grade? I want to continue to thank everyone, especially Deirdre the founder of this site, Ted and Bill and the posters who have helped me take responsibility for my health. I have been extremely ill from the borax baths and am now recovered, but talk about die-off! The itching in vaginal area is still gone and have also lost 8 pounds which up till now has been difficult being over 60. Thanks to anyone who can answer my question. Also I do have a histroy of kidney problems and extreme throat closing allergies to iodine so any help with Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide will be greatly appreciated. God Bless all of you wounded healers at earth clinic!

Food Poisoning

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Posted by Deshawn (Chicago, IL) on 11/25/2007

Hydrogen Peroxide 3% works wonders for me. I used one cap size of HP (the cap on the hp bottle) and one cap of bottle spring water. I simply tossed the hp/water solution in my mouth and swallowed it. I did this three times a day for one day only. I had eaten some food that had badly upset my stomach (my stomach kept making rumbling noises)and it was cramping up so badly. the same day I immediately swallowed 1 cap full of hp and one cap full of spring water (hold the cap of hp in your mouth then chase it down with the capful of spring water). That same night I sleep like a baby and I felt so good in the morning. I hope that you have the same experience because food poisoning is never a good thing but quick relief is a miracle. I took this mixture immediately after my stomach started cramping.

Foot Care

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Posted by Indian in the machine (Saskatoon, Canada) on 11/13/2007

I regularly use hydrogen peroxide footbaths.....1/2 oz in 1/2gallon of hot water with a dash of seasalt.....my feet look and feel great. Last week after several baths, I walked over 120 city blocks in one day, and my feet weren't tired! Stay in the Light, Dieter

Fountain of Youth

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Posted by Rhonda (San Antonio, TX) on 03/11/2007

Many years ago I met a man whom I mistook for a high school boy, he was actually in his 40's. He told me about a 6% hydrogen peroxide solution he made by mixing food grade hydrogen peroxide with aloe very gel. He told me how to mix it (I don't remember now) and to rub it onto the entire body (except face) 20 or 30 min before shower, daily. I did this for a while and noticed many improvements in my appearance as well as energy levels, however I got busy with life and forgot after a while. Now I'm told by the local health food store where I once bought it that they no longer sell the food grade hydrogen peroxide because it is illegal now? Is this true or is there still places this food grade peroxide can be purchased?

Replied by Janice
(Seminole, Florida)

Do you remember if he diluted the 35% hydrogen peroxide with aloe vera gel to make the 6% solution?

Replied by Janice
(Seminole, Florida)

I researched dilutions of hydrogen peroxide and this is what I came up with to make a 6% solution. Mix 5 1/2 ounces of aloe vera gel to 1 ounce of 35% H2O2. This is the solution I mixed up from your recipe. Really liked the results. Thank-you

Fountain of Youth
Posted by Ragweed (Somewhere, USA) on 02/04/2007

I mix 3% topical hydrogen peroxide with salt and a little bubble bath as a wetting agent and apply it to my skin. This has been incredible! With the added salt it is absorbed into the body, but does not burn the skin at all. It seems like the salt should make it burn more, but it helps the body absorb it and does not burn the skin. Even if it gets into a cut with the salt and wetting agent it does not hurt anywhere near as much as straight hydrogen peroxide. I first started using it to treat a facial condition, but I was so impressed with the results that I began using it on larger areas of my body. Now about once a month I mix about a half pint of this solution and sponge bath my entire body with it. I have been doing this for about two years with no adverse results, and my body seems to have a more youthful appearance. I believe it kills a wide range of organisms that reside within the body, yet does not harm the body's own cell tissue. I know it sounds wacky, but I believe that anyone who tries this treatment will be amazed by the results.


Posted by Bohdan (Collingwood, Ontario) on 10/14/2012

I have been using 35% food grade H2O2 on and off for several years. Cleaning my body and environment quite effectively. My question is on the consumption. I drink 8 - 10 drops in distilled water most mornings.

( I believe in small breaks and remaining aware of my intuitive sense as to when and how often)

Its wonderful and I've experienced only positive results. My only desire is to find a more enjoyable way to consume this stuff? Some don't mind the taste/sensation at all, but I really cant stand it!! I recall reading years ago something about grapefruit juice?? I would love to learn of alternatives.

One other question is on the scheduling. As I understand it, one should should avoid food and drink 3 hours before and 1 hour after. I have an extremely fast metabolism and really cannot handle a 4 hour break. The morning is easy as 3 hours is done while sleeping, but the rest of the day is without such a large window and I would really like to up the number of intakes per day on occasion. Is all that time necessary? Does my fast metabolic rate mean I don't have to wait as long? Do certain foods mix with the process better?

My gratitude to anyone with answers and to all who make this clinic possible.


Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

Bohdan, as for an additive beverage I use "watered down" (half n half) room temp coffee. The H2O2 taste is still present but not near as bad as w/ only water. As for timing, just take halfway between meals, and I have never experienced any side effects less than an hr before meal.

Posted by Cleoppa (Cleburne, Tx) on 05/31/2011

So, I've read that hydrogen peroxide should be taken no sooner than three hours after eating and one hour before eating.

I'm curious how closely people follow this advice and if they've noticed a difference in when they take it in relation to when they eat their food? I'm trying to take HP three times a day, but it is rather difficult. I'm hardly pigging out all day, but I'm not really planning my day around hydrogen peroxide consumption, either.

General Feedback

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Posted by Mymindisnotme (Spain) on 07/12/2014

I'm taking H2O2 Peroxide 35% Food Grade, 25 drops in juice for 12 days, going into 13. Where I live there is no distilled water.

My problem is that I struggle to keep it in my stomach for the last 5 days, my body...? or my stomach doesn't want it and I spend all day agonising as I think of it and my stomach turns.

I started taking it due to a debilitating allergy that kept me congested 24/7, itchy sticky eyes, constant sneezing, perhaps sinus problem...? Doctors prescriptions didn't work, and they put it all down to hay fever. Since taking the Hydrogen Peroxide, I have noted a slow but definitive improvement, my eyes are not itchy but somehow still irritated, hardly any sneezing, less congested than before.

What can I do? I don't want to stop but this is weighing on me all day long and I feel I can't continue. Any advise will be greatly appreciated.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

Mymindisnotme: Yes, your body has had too much H2O2. Reduce that dose every day until your down to 2 drops which would be sufficient for purification purposes.

Allergies are very often a case of leaky gut or dirty colon. Toxins get into the bloodstream thru the gut/colon and the immune system goes burzerk. This condition can be dangerous if one is taking any pharmaceutical drugs as they to enter the bloodstream un-metabolized. I have had this happen several times and my bad symptom is kidney pain and infection. Speaking of Kidney, you need to take Kidney/Urinary Track cleaning herbs which are recommended here on E.C.

Also search the "Ailments" section at the top of page for healing remedies for your digestive system.

You may also need to begin an anti-inflammatory diet plus supplements as inflammation triggers allergies. Bad food sensitivities can also trigger allergies. Note any foods that may be triggering reactions.

Let us know how you are doing.

Replied by Mymindisnotme

Thank you Timh, I appreciate your reply. I couldn't get to the internet, I was working away. Since I wrote the above post, I stopped taking the H2O2, and plan instead to inhale it. Up to now, I still have flashbacks of the H2O2 taste and my stomach turns. The sneezing stopped, the congestion is barely there, however, since yesterday, I have an itching in my body (including my private parts like if I'm coming down with cistitis), tolerable but I'm aware of it. Also some spots on my chest and face, a couple on my back and arms. I don't have problem with my digestion or my stomach. I'd like to know why your suggestion to take Kidney/Urinary Tract herbs? I'll search for the cleaning herbs here and also what is an anti-inflamatory diet to follow your advise. Thanks again Timh, much appreciated.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

Mymindisnotme: To keep the blood clean, one needs to take kidney urinary cleanse periodically, as well as colon cleans, gallbladder cleans, and a parasite cleanse --each of these is suggested once yearly to prevent disease. Optimizing antioxidant nutrition is also very important in staying healthy. All this keeps the immune system in top shape.

Turmeric, Quercetin, Pinnapple, and Cold Water Fish like Salmon, Mackeral, and Sardines (Oil) are all very good anti-inflammatory. Bee Pollen starting in very small amounts then working up to 1 or 2 spoons daily is a very beneficial "superfood".

Glad to help, and hope to hear good news from you soon.

Replied by Mymindisnotme

Thanks again Timh. My itching is gone and I'm feeling a 100% better, but I'm aware I need to cleanse my lifestyle, I have purchased supplements and I will start slowly.

I was away (again) in China and I'm wondering if this website is censored, it was not possible to access it while in Shanghai. Shame as I enjoy reading it so much.

Best regards and thank you so much for taking the time to reply to so many of us. Blessings!!!

Replied by Sooki
(Howell, MI)

You are most likely experiencing a herx reaction. Nausea and bloodshot tired feeling eyes are some of the symptoms I get myself from the die-off of bad toxins. Google it for more info.

Replied by Linda
(Southern Maine, US)

....further to Sooki's suspected Herx reaction....I ingested just one drop of 35% food grade in 5 to 6 ounces of water - once daily, for about 10 days. I've not used distilled water and after 5 days, or so, noticed a couple of dry skin spots on my face. Not unusual as I've suffered from skin issues most of my life and, honestly, I thought it was due to a hair conditioner I had used that week. Within the next 5 days, I developed a severe rash on my face, neck & ears - my inner elbow had three spots that looked like pimples and now looks almost like poison ivy, just not as itchy....also my shins and feet are broken out. My thinking got quite cloudy and I felt flu-ish. Am I VERY toxic and this is my body's way of cleansing? Or should I not ingest it every day? I didn't think I was drinking too much H2O2....any opinions? I'm 56, female and decided to try this treatment for overall health - I can say that after just a day or two of drinking the H2O2 I felt better, and have continued to feel better, with regard to certain muscle discomforts going away and my breathing got better (I'm a smoker). This outbreak of itchy, dry and burning skin is really horrible!

Replied by Linda
(Southern Maine, US)

Not so sure about what I've read....some suggestions appear to be 35% by the drop; some suggestions appear to be that the 35% should be reduced, then the dilution is used by the drop. Once I get to the other side of this mess I'm in, described above, I may try a drop of the diluted in my water but will not be using the full 35% in my water. phew, what a lesson I've learned!

Replied by Lopside
(San Diego, CA)

It is important to use distilled water as HP can react unfavourably with elements in regular tap water.

Replied by Monica
(Palmdale, California)

Do you know that your supposed to drink it on a empty stomach? Absolutely Nothing to eat or drink 3 hours prior to drinking it & You must wait 1 hour after drinking it until you can eat. I drink mine with milk I found that combination works best with the stomach.

Replied by Booji

I am new to the h202 drops. I have purchased 17% h202 and have been adding the between 7-10 drops to my glass of distilled water, 2-3 times daily. Yet, I don't hear anyone using 17% on here. Can someone help me figure out how many drops is sufficient, Using the 17%? I do feel more alert and energized but no idea what else to expect. Thank you much.

Replied by Max L.
6 posts

Hi. HP at 17% if doubled is 34% so to get a similar dose to what would be if you had 35%, take two times the drops. Anyone feel free to check my work.

General Feedback
Posted by Jessica (Leicestershire) on 03/03/2014

Hi I'd like to know if you are able to drink alcohol whilst on the hydrogen peroxide therapy? Thank you.

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

Jessica: I am not familiar w/ any contraindication or interaction of alcohol & H2O2. H2O2 basically increases oxygenation of tissues that are not otherwise affected by normal cellular respiration. Alcohol, consumed in large quantities, actually decreases oxygen levels and increases acidosis (among other things) causing headache & hangover.

If you are a regular drinker, it would prove beneficial to take 50mg Zinc and 500mg Niacinamide daily so to help your body detoxify the alcohol.

Replied by Chad H

Zinc supplements have there place no doubt but people need to understand zinc displaces copper. Copper is needed to keep organs and veins flexible. i.e. Zinc could cause heart attacks if not balanced in use. Had to share!

Be informed, Be Healthy, Be One with Nature.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

From a natural perspective, I view Zinc as the big brother and Copper as little sister. Zinc & Copper in sufficient amounts like 50-100 mg Zinc taken with 3 mg Copper (what I take daily) is no danger of displacement. Do note that one of the body's indigenous enzymes Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) is produced mainly from Zinc/Copper or Manganese.

For most folks, a daily amount would be like 25-50 mg Zinc w/ 1.5 mg Copper, and do not take with fiber foods and do add 100 mg Vit-B-6 aka Pyridoxine for best utilization.

But yes, Copper is important in the elasticity of Arteries.

Replied by S

@Timh: Suddenly I understand why Copper supplements are illegal in Australia (where politicians and lawmakers aren't too bright), yet zinc supplements can be bought off the shelf.

The soil is so depleted of nutritional value, that people are dropping like flies with all sorts of long term illnesses as they age (which means more profits for drug companies).

This is all big pharma's doing - and I see a day approaching where they will be held accountable, with no way for them to wriggle out of it.

Replied by KT

Dear S,

Wondered if BSM (Blackstrap Molasses) is available in Australia. I think one or two TBSP a day would provide a good balance of minerals.

I try to listen to news a lot. I don't recall hearing about so many in Australia being so ill. It's truly sad.

Just a thought...

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

S: Unfortunately the political financial overloards have the power to make minerals "illegal" in many countries of the world. Of course there are ways of skirting around, like purchasing mineral supplements from farmers supply or pet supply stores. Dr. Joel Wallach spent most of his life proving that nutrition prevents and cures many diseases in pets, livestock, and people.

First in order is disease prevention by taking the Multivitamin/Mineral supplement daily, so as to not need therapeutic doses of individual minerals later on when disease kicks in. There are also many Major & Trace Mineral "Ionic" or "Colloidal" products for maximum benefit.

As for Copper, you can revert back to using Copper Cookware with some benefit.

Replied by KT

Dear Timh, I didn't think pet supplements (or food) were prepared under conditions fit for human consumption. Wouldn't that be risky?

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Kt,

I think that is a logical question.

I have used DMSO from the farm store on myself. Robert Henry had a good point that it if it is good enough for million dollar horses (or something akin to that) it is good enough for people.

I knew a veterinarian many years ago with chronic Lyme disease. She ended up treating herself successfully with vet grade anti-biotics. She was comfortable with the quality.

I know I have seen on this site certain things to buy from an aquarium shop for medicinal use.

I am sure there are plenty of things I would not use from a pet or farm store on myself, but there are some things I have been comfortable with, particularly on the advice of people whose opinions I trust.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by KT

Thank you Mama,

That is good to know.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

In my history and case-in-point, I experienced profound relief from acidosis by taking an Epsom Salt Footbath, which led to eventually buying a 20lb bag of Micronised Major & Trace Minerals for livestock at the farm supply store so to build up my mineral levels.

General Feedback
Posted by Rick (Long Beach,ca.) on 01/06/2014

Hi, After Taking H2O2 35% Diluted, can you do Exercises ?

General Feedback
Posted by Shon (Memphis, Tn) on 08/28/2013

I would like to know if you can use h202 therapy if you currently smoke?