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Posted by Jpchris (North Hollywood, Ca, Usa) on 11/30/2011

Hi Ted,

I've been reading the EC site and I'm confused. I've read that some people use the FGHP in their coffee. Starbucks? 7-11? Home brewed? I take my H202 in 8oz of distilled water and then I drink a couple of cups of coffee. Is this OK? Or, am I negating the effects of the H202?

Some people say they mix the H202 in "juice. " That's pretty nebulous as there's tons of "juices". Is apple juice (frozen mixed with distilled water) OK, or is there one you'd recommend?

I've been at 25 drops twice a day (I can't do the third dose because of my schedule and meds) for 14 days now and I find that my stomach gets really queazy with the afternoon dose. Will adding 14 teaspoon of Baking Soda help? Or will it negate the effects of H202?

Thank you, Ted

Posted by Hirize (Nashville, Tennessee, Usa) on 11/29/2011
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HELP... I need a quick answer on this... Is it safe to use a 3% HP mixture in cool mist vaporizer? I have used this mixture for about a month at night but the cough and feeling of fullness in my lungs is not improving and may be some worse. I have stopped using it altogether but need to know if I may have done more damage than good. Any information would be appreciated along with any advice if I need to do anything further. Thanks...Cam

Replied by Jo
Campinas, Brazil

3% straight is too much. I dilute mine down to 0.5% at most with saline solution, and do it twice a day when needed. It takes a day or two for your lungs to start expelling all sorts of nasty things!

Replied by Coregon

I have used 3% peroxide in cool mist humidifiers many times for colds, allergies, upper respiratory issues. I put one bottle 16 oz I think in humidifier, then fill the rest with preferably distilled water..but tap is ok if that's all you have. I put a towel under humidifier and cover nearby carpet with sheet or towel..just by table where humidifier is..just in case --peroxide can sometimes cause light bleaching effects on carpet. I realize your post is 5 years old but thought this might help someone else.

Posted by Yow_whaz_up (Chinatown, Singapore) on 11/14/2011

I am reading about the effects of hydrogen peroxide on tumors, cancer and heart diseases as I type this post. It is called The Oxygen Prescription: The Miracle of Oxidative Therapies by Nathaniel Altman found at Google Books.

There are many interesting texts of investigative studies and experiments by actual experts like doctors. The extra oxygen indeed help circulation and the heart as well as killing germs and tumors.

Please do read it.

Posted by Char Kueh Tiaw (Ang Mo Kio, Singapore) on 11/09/2011

I searched high and low for hydrogen peroxide to use for detox.

The only one found is Wellmex Hydrogen Peroxide Solution B. P. 60ml, made in Thailand, distributed by Wellmex Sdn Bhd from Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysia.

It is in a small brown bottle with a yellow label sticker, containing 6% w/v of Hydrogen Peroxide equivalent to 20 volumes of available oxygen. It says for first aid, dressing wounds, gargle and something called catarrh.

I don't dare to use it. I don't know how to use it. I am not sure if it is safe to put in water to drink too. Anyone has use this product before? Do you know how to use it for detox? Is it safe? Ted, what do you have to say? It is made in Thailand.

Replied by Imcinnamon
Orlando, Fl

http://www.purehealthsystems.com/hydrogen-peroxide.html for purchasing 35% food grade peroxide.

This website has excellent info regarding using peroxide for detoxing: http://healingtools.tripod.com/H2O2.html

Per Dr. Jonathan V. Wright's site at http://www.meditationexpert.com/health-relaxation/h_prevent_sars_and_respiratory_ills.htm

Posted by Patrice (Nashua , Nh/usa) on 11/07/2011

I would like to know from Mr. Munro after inhaling the 3% HP, do we rinse our mouth out after. Thank you.

Posted by Jeffng (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) on 11/06/2011


I had an angioplasty done about 2 years ago. Can I consume H2O2 and if can what dosage do you think is safe?

Thanks, Jeffng

Posted by Bodulica (Barrie, Canada) on 10/27/2011

For everybody using (or wanting to use ) Hydrogen Peroxide internally, find out everything about it (don't use the one from your drugstore shelf). For example: there are foods that are absolutely not allowed within the 3 hours window while ingesting Peroxide!

Good luck!

Posted by Douglas (Richmond, Va) on 10/24/2011

I have a very basic question on the internal use of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.

Since H2O2 supplies extra oxygen molecure to the cells, is it possible that it might cause oxidative damage to the internal organs?
Does it in anyway increase free radicals in the body?

Is it safer to take some anti-oxidants also when doing the H2O2 therapy (a few hours later)? Some universal anti-oxidant such as R-ALA might help, perhaps?
I want to start drinking H2O2 but am a little concerned about the possible oxidation/free radicals issue. I do not have any health issues but want to start taking H2O2 for extra energy and as a preventative measure.

Thanks in advance.

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Usa
2111 posts

Douglas, the human body has a number of enzymes that do nothing but protect cells from oxidative damage. If you had a congenital disorder where you could not produce sufficient enzymes (superoxide dismutase being of great importance), you would be in trouble. This is why it is recommended to start with 2 drop dose and slowly work your way up. To boost your natural defense enzymes, consume raw sprouts as they are loaded.

Replied by P
Middle, Fl

Here is a link that I found doing a google search. it is interesting, I too am curious and researching so the day I finally buy it; I know what to do.


Plus go to the remedy section on this page and read up on it too!

Replied by Douglas
Richmond, Va

P from Middle, Thanks for the link.

Replied by Douglas
Richmond, Va


Thanks for the reply. Does it mean that if you start off with high dosage of H2O2, it could damage the enzymes and be counter productive? 2 drops of 35% three times a day and increase by a drop everyday, correct?

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Usa
2111 posts

Douglas, extra oxygen won't "damage" enzymes, it could only reduce their number. To be safe, you could start w/ 2 drops "once" daily. Don't be fearful, H2O2 use appears to be quite safe for everyone. Most modern human illnesses seem to stem from "lack" of Oxygen. Dr. Mcabe's book Flood Your Body With Oxygen is devoted to the use of Ozone as well as H2O2. His journalist style could have used more pragmatic approaches, but it is an informative read. There are other books devoted to oxygen theropies. For health maintenace use antioxident supplements like selenium, vit-C & E, then include small dose H2O2 for daily use. If you don't have any major illness like cancer, you don't need to go large H2O2 daily.

Posted by Deborah (Los Angeles, Ca) on 10/23/2011

I'm a student and "on the go" a lot. I like to have a bottle of clean water with me. Is it safe for me to put my water with the peroxide in it in my stainless steel canteen, or will it react to the metal? Should I bring my water along in glass or plastic instead?

Posted by Dan (Uniontown, Ohio, Usa) on 10/23/2011

Hi Ted, wondering if stopping my H2O2 has any side effects. Because I have this fluid in my elbow that won't go away. Been to a doctor have done physical theropy not any help. My doctor said that my job and my age (49) I just have to deal with it. I can't believe I have to accept this condition (bursitis) which I think might have come from stopping my useage of H2O2.

I was at 10 drops 2 times a day -- had to stop couldn't tapper off. Do you think H2O2 may be my problem? if so how do I correct this?

Posted by Angel (Dubai, Uae) on 09/14/2011

I read a lot of testimonies on EC and found it quite amazing how everyone is getting cured with the use of h2o2. I would like to start it but have a few questions-

1.Where can I buy distilled water as I stay in Dubai?

2.If I start the inhalation method do I have to drink only distilled water or tap water is fine.

3.If I want to put in my ears what % of h2o2 is good and is it ok if it has stabilizers in it and do I have to dilute it?

Replied by Lily
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Hi Angel, tap water if fine to drink. In the ears you use the 3% H202 about 1-2 drops. You can use the stabilized, that is ok. It will fizz and then stop. Lily.

Posted by Bj (Porirua, Wellington, New Zealand) on 08/26/2011

Oxidative Therapies With Hydrogen Peroxide Treatments

According to The Doctor's Medical Library at: http://www.medical-library.net/sites/framer.html?/sites/_iv_hydrogen_peroxide_therapy.html,

hydrogen peroxide also has been found to dissolve cholesterol and calcium deposits associated with atherosclerosis. Therefore, it can be used to treat vascular disorders which may result in lessening or disappearance of angina, leg pain and dizziness. It also can help reverse some of the damage left over by a stroke, if treatment is instituted early enough. Oxidative therapies are valuable, preventative, arresting disease processes, but not necessarily curative.

Hydrogen peroxide treatments can be intravenous or oral. Hydrogen peroxide's chemical formula is H2O2. It contains one more atom of oxygen that does water (H20). In the body the hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen. Because the human body produces some of its own hydrogen peroxide, and hydrogen peroxide is also found in water and fresh food of plant origin, hydrogen peroxide is a part of the food chain. Treating the body with hydrogen peroxide is viewed as a natural treatment with a nutrient.

If you take it orally, you may dilute ten drops of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in an eight ounce cup of water, two or three times each day, on an empty stomach (at least three hours after you had something to eat).

If you want to benefit from the hydrogen peroxide it must not be allowed to react with food. Even if small food remnants are present, potentially dangerous free radical oxidation products of H2O2 enter the circulation. For this reason intravenous hydrogen peroxide treatment are

Replied by Bj
Porirua, Wellington, New Zealand

Does anyone know if this comment above is of real concern?????

"If you want to benefit from the hydrogen peroxide it must not be allowed to react with food. Even if small food remnants are present, potentially dangerous free radical oxidation products of H2O2 enter the circulation".

I am very keen to start H202 therapy, given many ailments, but am also nervous about long term damage.

Thanks for a great site.

Replied by Schleimkatze
Berlin, Germany

I have exactly the same concerns, Nd questions about h2o2. Are 3 hours after food intake long enough? And is it good, of harmful to take vit-c? and after which time? many thanks for answering...

Posted by Westsound (Vancouver, Bc, Canada) on 08/14/2011

Some good info on how to take H2O2 safely and effectively. For eg. 2 hours before and 1 hour after taking H2O2 you should avoid certain food or supplements, or you may end up damaging your stomach, even with the proper dilution.

ZERO Vitamin C (even in multi-vitamins), ZERO iron supplements, ZERO fats, dilute heavily with water and always take on an empty stomach.

Posted by Chadwick (Cebu, Philippines) on 08/12/2011

I bought a 500ml of a 10 volumes H2O2. How do you make it 3%?

Pls email me with the reply? thanks

Posted by Karen (Edmonton, Alberta) on 08/07/2011

1. Have fillings(not sure what kind) and a permanent retainer on the top and bottom - Can I still take h2o2 or will it cause reactions with my fillings and retainer?
2. Is h2o2 best taken with baking soda or apple cider vinegar?
3. I am also taking honey and cinnamon a couple times a day. Anyone know if there are complications with this and the h2o2?