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Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy: Benefits and Side Effects


Posted by Sue (Fairfax, Va Usa) on 11/26/2011

Does anyone know often it is safe to use (drugstore) hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash? How much should it be diluted with water? I've been using it about 75% H2O2 with 25% water, about 5 times a week, but afraid to use it more often in case it erodes the enamel. Thanks for any help.

Replied by Lily
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Hi Sue, you use 3% hydrogen peroxide mixed 1 part hydrogen peroxide and 1 part water. I don't know how often you should use it but I have used it every day for a few days at a time when I have had a sore throat without any side effects. Cheers Lily.

Posted by Sara (Mumbai, India) on 09/09/2010
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Hi Ted I'm using HP 5% to 7% as a mouthwash in my tonsils-have started paining. Is it due to the use of HP? Pls reply- is it ok to use HP of 5% to 7%? I'm in very serious condition.

Replied by Tricia
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I can only get an off the shelf 6% HP here in Ireland. I simply use sterilized water half and HP half. I would think that using neat 5 - 7% would cause oral problems. As a mouth rinse it is probably not necessary to use the sterilized water.

Posted by Lynn (York, PA) on 02/02/2008
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I use over the counter 3% hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash, but have always disliked the aftertaste. I purchased a bottle of peppermint oil from the baking section of my local market, and put one tablespoon in an eight ounce bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Mouth feels very clean (and now minty fresh, too!) Others may like to add their favorite flavors, increasing or decreasing the measurement according to taste. Make sure to GENTLY shake your bottle before opening to keep peppermint oil evenly distributed, and keep your mouthwash in an opaque bottle (I use the same brown bottle purchased at the dollar store). Refrigerate if your bathroom is very warm, and keep bottle out of direct sunlight.

Multiple Cures

Posted by Barbara (Ontario) on 08/16/2018
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Hydrogen Peroxide is an amazing solution for pretty much everything. I've ingested so much of it that I've heard a buzz in my head. I cure my ear infections, sinus infection. My eye sight is sharper than before. Spent lots of time bathing in it submerged my entire body or just soaking my feet while watching tv. I can go on and on. So thumb up for the best med ever.

Replied by Becky
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RE: Hydrogen Peroxide Rocks

you sounds as though you healed from fungal in your head. Please share what you did. I have it systemically been trying to do things but what I really need is someones help.

Replied by Rakaia Lee
New Zealand


How much HP did you use for your feet? Straight 3%?

Posted by G (Sydney, Au) on 06/10/2016
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I love food grade hyrdogen peroxide. Kids and cats can = ringworm, so as soon as a spot appeared, several times a day we applied undiluted 3% hydrogen peroxide directly to the affected area and the ringworm was dead within a day. Continued to apply to the spot once daily after that. A week later, there's no sign ringworm ever existed - not a mark, scar or even discoloration, nothing. It's brilliant.

As for inner ear infections/colds/bugs/flu - we bought a big box of disposable 3ml pipettes. We fill one with food grade, undiluted 3% hydrogen peroxide, squirt it all into the ear, lay on our sides and let it fizz, bubble and tickle away until it stops (20 mins or so) and feel incredibly normal after that while people around us are dropping like flies with whatever's going around.

We also add 2 capfuls of food grade hydrogen peroxide to a humidifier if one of us is feeling a bit congested or wheezy and leave it on while we sleep - sleep like babies and are able to breathe freely.

Hydrogen Peroxide is amazing stuff.

Posted by Lorraine (South Africa) on 07/23/2015

I am diabetic and hypertensive....will it help...or how can I take it to see if will help me...I am on med but my sugar and pressure levels are too high...I am now getting blisters on my body.I am light skinned and it looks bad. I don't eat sweets chocolates biscuits ice-cream or sodas but it's not dropping. One day I drank 3 litr es of water and it dropped so I'm wondering how did water help me..But it was too much but I just wanted too see how water helped.

Posted by Leizel (Bacolor, Pampanga Philippines) on 06/08/2013
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Hi! I'm so gratefull that I've found this site. H2O2 really a big help for me and my kids. My kids always on medicines for coughs and cold, antibiotics and non stop nebulization for their asthma before. I thank God that He let me discover H2O2. Every time my kids have symptoms I just put 3 drops in each ear and drain. It really works now and no more meds. More power to your site and God bless!

Replied by Leizel
Bacolor, Acolor, Pampanga, Philippines

To Mr. Ted I always put H2O2 in my kid's ear everytime they have coughs and cold. But I noticed that there's something white build up inside each ear. Is this just a wax that became white because of H2O2? Is this something to worry? Im worrying if always using h2o2 on ear will affect the brain. Pls. Help! Thanks!

Replied by Coregon

Try adding a bottle of 3% peroxide in cool mist humidifier then fill with water. Clears congestion, many times over night.

Posted by Annie (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) on 06/08/2013
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I am so grateful to have found this 3% food grade H202. I prayed and prayed for healing and suddenly I came across this valuable piece of info. Before going on H202, my pee stunk like it had garlic or iron in it. The toilet was so smelly even I could not stand the smell. Now after a few days taking the H202, there is no smell at al. I used to suffer from horridly painful cramps in my thigh and calf, now they are a thing to the past. I sleep better and have a bit more pain to clear in my legs, hopefully that too will be gone as the days go by. I heard that so long as the Hydrogen Peroxide has no stabilisers, you can pour it into a food grade plastic bottle and freeze it. Then when the waiter in it is frozen, pour the pure liquid, which is 35%, into a smaller containers and keep it frozen. Just take out enough and put that amount into a smaller bottle with a dropper in the fridge. Replenishing it as you use it up. Hope that helps. Careful, this pure form will and can burn your skin on contact. Annie Low

Replied by Michelle

I hope you are diluting the food grade H2O2 with distilled water only! If you mentioned this, my apologies

Replied by Biggy
Kuala Lumpur

Hi Annie, where can u get H202 in K.L?

Posted by Susan (Vermont) on 05/22/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I am 49 yrs old and had painful periods, along with heavy flow and migraines.. All at the same time. Plus, I have asthma. UNTIL NOW. I no longer have ANY OF THESE SYMPTOMS since I started using 35% food grade H202 diluted with distilled water. I use the recommended drop dosages and now I'm up to 20 drops 2x daily and have been using it now for about 3 months. I have never felt better in my life. My asthma is almost completely gone and I have no symptoms related to my periods. I went to the OB/GYN today and she told me I may have a uterine cyst.. Then she asked if I had heavy periods, etc... So I told her 'no' since I no longer have them! I wonder if my cyst shrunk or what, but since I'll never know, I wanted to share my story.. It really changed my life completely. I'm even more awake in the morning and can exercise now without breathing problems. If anyone would like to talk to me personally, please feel free to email me.. I'm very happy to help anyone out there that can benefit from my experience.

Replied by Paulene

Your article on how you stop your painful periods was very interesting. I would like to know how you do it.

Replied by Ali
Apple Valley. Ca Usa

For painful periods if you sit in a tub of warm water with some H2O2 added massage your belly & back for a few minutes let the fluids come out as long as you can or want to, it should give you relief of your pain & your period will be shorter. Warm water as warm as you can handle. Good luck & easy flow!

Replied by Claudia

My son has small bumps all over his back. Also I was wondering what dilution can one drink for overall health benefits. I've been thru chemo twice since 2003.

Replied by Patricia

I've been taking hydrogen peroxide for 4 weeks now, and seem to be so much better. But when I read some posts that say don't take it...that its dangerous... that kinda scares me. I don't know anyone personally that takes it or has ever taken it. When I tell them I ingest it they are like, "that's not good." So are you still taking it?

Replied by Brian
Campbellford, Ontario, Canada

I've recently been diagnosed with COPD after going to no smoking clinic- have quit smoking but am on spiriva inhaler for condition- wondering about hydrogen peroxide treatment for breathing?

Replied by Lucy

Can u tell me which peroxide is the one u used and if u could help me to understand a few things..

Replied by Erick

How many drops food grade did you start out with and for how long before you got up to 20 drops of peroxide?

Replied by T

Hi and thanks for sharing your post. I would like to know if you went back to check the cyst and can you tell me the dosage you started with?

Replied by Marret

Your post dates 2013. Since then, you haven't posted anything. You seemed to be so enthusiastic and ready to share more info and even offered to contact. I wonder if the lady is still alive. If something she was doing caused the loss of her life... :(

EC: No, we didn't have a system set up in 2013 to notify users of posts on their thread... that's more recent. She probably forgot to check back...

Replied by Galia


I read your post and I have excetly the same isue Is your asthma better now? Thanx im looking forward to your coment

Posted by Justin (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) on 03/06/2013
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Hi everyone, Few years back, I was diagnosed with Asthma, Sinus and chronic fatigue, so I was sent to hospital specialists for treatments and was given a lots of medications and pills, but the conditions only improved a little after few months of treatments.

Quite desperate and with God's help, I found Earth Clinic about 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide. After going thru the forums/testimonies, I took a bold step to start with 1 drop together with a glass of filtered water (about 250 ml), taken 2 times per day due to work constrains, gradually increased 1 drop per day. At any time when I feel terrible bad on that particular day, I will maintain my dosage for few days, then continue to increase it when I felt a bit better. After reaching 25 drops, I taper off by taking 25 drops once every other day for 4 days, then 25 drops once every 3rd day for 2 weeks. Then I taper off gradually by 1 drop off per day, until I reached 7 drops as a maintenance level until now. Sometimes I do forget to take it for 1-2 days, but that did not affect as I already walked off the illnesses I mentioned earlier. What I can tell you is that I feel great. Since then I always feel energetic and in excellence health every day, as if I am going to live forever (just a joke). Since then on I never visit any doctors, no do I have any flu/cold or any sickness at all.

I always believe that good things must be shared, so I tried to share with my friends and relatives. You know what! At first they all are skeptical about it and even make a joke on me, saying that I'm trying to be a doctor without a license.

After few weeks, few of my friends tried and are astonished with the results they have had, so words spread, now many of them did tried and most have tremendous results. The sicknesses that they have tried on are : asthma, acne, sinus, chronic fatigue, arthritis, bad breath, teeth-whitening, as a fountain of youth (we call it "young water") etc..

Now, one of my friends are trying it on cancer, once I have the reports from him, I'll write to you.

Since I used it quite often and also supplying to friends and relatives, I keep quite a fairly large stocks. If any one from Malaysia/Singapore who need it may contact me at my email : wmk7398 {at) yahoo [dot] com

Thank you and all the best to everyone.


Replied by Branda
Detroit, Mi

I REALLY want to start taking the hydrogen peroxide but it's not convenient to bring it to work. Is it really necessary to take it three time a day? If twice a day has worked for others as well, please chime in. I would love to hear about more successes. Thanks.

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Branda, if it will help, then even once a day will help! The difference might be in the speed of healing, but to me, "slow and steady" always seems safer.

Replied by Paul
Port Charlotte, Florida

Hi Branda; I take 35% food grade HP everyday, 1 drop per 5 0z of pure water. I have 16oz glass bottles and add 3 drops per bottle. I take 3 to 6 bottles a day and have been doing so for last 2 years. I use this as a prevention from disease. I am very healthy, take no medicines at all and walk min 6 miles to max 9 miles a day. Will be 71 in June. Never get colds, head aches, flu nothing. I suggest you take bottles of pure water with 1 drop per 5oz of water to work if you have a fridge... needs to be kept cold. Drink any time and as much as you want. This dose is very safe. Energy galore too. Hope this helps.

Replied by Tina
Fortuna Ca Us

Hi thank you for info I just tried a bath and I feel better I start my first internalization tomorrow this gives me hope.

Posted by Earl (Middleton, Wi, USA) on 10/13/2012

I have used HP for several medical problems (A very bad back problem; irregular heart beat.. "atrial fibulation; and precancerous prostate.. High Grade Pin.

I used 35% food grade diluted to 3% ( 11 ounces of DISTILLED water with 1 oz. of 35% food grade); get this right. The back problem is COMPLETELY GONE; MY GIRL FRIEND ALSO. I am 69 years old she is 59. I drink about 90 0z of water per day with a 1/4 tsp full of CELTIC SEA SALT for each quart of water, eat lots of green veggies (juicer) and now spray about 50 sprays a day (one inhale while pumping 5 times). I worked up slowly, starting 2 pumps twice a day, same with my girlfriend. I can't tell you the relief we have received.... No back pain at all.

I also had an irregular heart beat ( it is now completely gone); I used food based magnesium as well ( no synthetic supplements). Also had a precnaceerous prostate (high grade pin) my PSA went down from 7.8n to 3.8 4 points in 9 months. The Urologist couldn't believe it.

Lastly, My girl friend has a Bernice Mountain dog who got cancer. He is about 8 yrs old. The vet said he will be dead in 3 months due to the tumor on his leg. 98% percent of these dogs die of cancer. It is now 3 1/2 months later the dog is VERY much alive...... Lots of energy. We sprayed HP 5-6 times a day directly on the tumor( it shrunk and and looks dead). Also we gave him green veggies ( partially cooked) and add it to his food/water (worked up to 8 cap fulls each day; 4 in the morning , 4 in the afternoon with meals and water). I hope this helps many of you. I owe so very much to Bill Munro; he has changed my life. Talked to him on th ephone over a year ago.... Wonderful man.

Replied by Reja
Cedar Park

Hi Earl in Middleton, Wisconsin,

I would LOVE to chat with you as we have similar symptoms in back. I also have some memory issues I thought were candida-related but now thinking otherwise as skin is "better" but not healed. Memory still bad as well as lower back. Cannot run much anymore but also have persistent bursitus (I believe.)

My email is robyn.renee at zoho.com if you so feel inclined. Going to look up your friend Bill Munro. Had some questions about how you take your h202. Thanks for your post! Reja

Posted by Airzone (Hernando, Mississippi, Usa) on 10/01/2012

Food grade Hydrogen peroxide- This sounds off the charts but I had to test a different way to take peroxide. I went to the health food store bought some emty capsules seperated and filled with 8 drops Hydrogen peroxide replaced cap and started to take the pills went from 8 drops to 15, I was prehypertensive in 150 over 85 I am 51 years old. After taking for week my Blood pressure dropped. Been taking for several weeks now my Blood pressure is 117 over 74. This is no lie. I also have arthritis. No more pain- this totaly works for me. At first I was nervous thought it would upset my stomach no problems. But it is wise to use probiotics as well :-)

Replied by Andrew

Can I ask what strength of peroxide drops are you putting in the capsules?

Posted by William (San Jose, Ca, USA) on 03/30/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I am 33 years old, 150 pounds, caucasian, male, healthy, and active.

In January 2012 while researching oxygen and its use within the body for another project, I stumbled upon hydrogen peroxide therapy. I was instantly fascinated and drawn to claim of use of hydrogen peroxide within the body. I found enough evidence through various testimonies and information to support that this therapy was valid and safe. Although I didn't have any real serious medical complaints, the detoxification effect claim was reason enough for me. I began the ingestion treatment protocol outlined by an article by Dr. David G. Williams and the book "The One Minute Cure".

I experience the positive effects such as: more energy, mental clarity, better moods, and the feeling of better health. I also experience what they called "healing crisis" or medically known as Herxheimer Reaction. My symptoms were mild, but definitely noticeable and initially concerning. After a day or two of feeling ill, I began to experience a positive wellbeing and confirmation that hydrogen peroxide therapy was real and valid.

I experimented with going off the treatment and back onto the treatment, while doing so… I remembered (became stricken) seasonal allergies.

I moved to California in 2008 from the Midwest and discovered the joy of seasonal allergies. The past few years without fail have given me symptoms of runny nose, sinus pressure, and a stuffy head. The usual treatment route was over the counter drugs such as Zertec and Claritin-D.

It may have been a coincidence that I stopped the treatment and allergy causing agents had just started (probably). When I got back onto the treatment, allergy symptoms faded to none within a few days.

This effective treatment was a bonus to me as I normally forget about the allergies until they hit me each year (Not used to them). I also use the inhalation method using a spray pump (nasal spray bottle with tolerable solution of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and distilled water) and discovered that it is very effective as well. With about 4-6 pumps and inhale, my symptoms go away in about 20 minutes, and a repeat every 3-4 hours to keep them gone.

Additionaly, I have found (as many others have) that using a 1.5%-3% solution is a great mouthwash. I believe that it has increased my oral health and makes my mouth feel much cleaner and refreshing (better than scope/listerine).

I have created a blog of my experiences.



Replied by Sassyred
Paradise Valley, Az

What is the ingestion treatment protocol? Thank you

Posted by Pippa (Picton, New Zealand) on 09/28/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I use Hydrogen peroxide, 3% foodgrade, in my household in ears, to stop flu like symptoms and it works a treat. My children like the bubbling sound and it often soothes them into a slumber. Empty ear out after 10 minutes or so, or when it stops fizzing.

I spray h2o2 foodgrade 3% in my throat. It gives me energy. It does not interfere with eating time, because I spray little but several times a day.

It is also great as a rinse for cleaning your mouth/ teeth. A very good way to see how healthy your mouth is. Infections are cleared up in a jiffy. Tongue gets cleaned properly. Leave it in your mouth for a while, then spit out. Do not swallow.

I happily suggest this to people with bad breath. It will work in getting rid of bacteria.

Acne. A cotton ball or qtip with H2O2, touch the acne, it will bubble and clean and will dry the acne fast.

Thank you earth clinic for all the info and all the time you put into processing the results. It is awesome!

Posted by Otosan_04 (Diamond Bar, Ca) on 06/04/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Four months ago I went to visit my friend and out of blue he mention about this hydrogen peroxide first I was sceptic and I start checking it online and when I visit him again he gave me small bottle that he pre-mixed from a food grade that he bought online, I went home and still scare to use it... Before I went to bed I took a small part and gargle and inhaling the bubbles and still scare to ingest but the next morning no bad breath and no body ache... Mmm from then I start spraying it to my mouth just every morning and night. I never felt this good and strenght when I was in the 20's I'm 47 now and I feel wonderful , no more stuffy nose in morning and no body ache...... PS before I was to afraid to make love w/ my wife because every time we do it the next day I'm too sore and cannot even move but now the young man is back