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Hydrogen Peroxide as a Natural Remedy: Benefits and Precautions


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Posted by Ray (Colorado, US) on 08/03/2014

Having lived with an extremely stretched bladder for a number of years I was pleased to find that a very mild solution of hydrogen peroxide caused it to shrink to its original size (2 to 4 drops 30% food grade H2O2 in 16 ounce of water) taken twice a day, once in the morning and again just before bedtime. The results are not permanent requiring continued usage.


Posted by Oxygenman (Jackson, Mi) on 06/28/2012

3yrs ago I had a bleeding problem that I had for over 2yrs and than I finally told my wife. I didnt have health insurance so I did my research found 11 protocols to assist or cure a disease or cancer and decided on 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide and me and my wife did the drip therapy and I have not had a flare up since :) and I have done dmso and msm also along with other therapies using oxygen therapy:)

Blood Thinner

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Posted by Michael (Vancouver, Wa.) on 04/05/2018

Warfarin...Blood Thinner

Using 35% H2O2 at 10 drops in 12 oz of distilled water before eating, first thing in morning has reduced my Warfarin amount for the last 5 weeks. INR levels tested weekly.

Started out 1 drop and increased to 10 over several weeks time.

No nausea or other discomfort, aside from some loose stools, I feel great.

Have held steady at 10 drops for 2 weeks now and thinking about increasing H2O2 until some decrease in effectiveness or discomfort is observed.

Tested at Portland VA hospital and Anti-Coag Nutritionists are aware and said no known contraindications.

First started out with 1 drop and increased every 4-5 days.

Have held steady at 10 drops for a couple of weeks.


Posted by Danielle (Bismarck, Nd) on 11/15/2012

Could someone please tell me if its safe to drink the hydrogen peroxide and distilled water concoction while breast feeding? I heard that the distilled water depletes certain vitamins in your body also. Would love to try this to help with my crohns disease and on-going fistulas

Breathing Issues

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Posted by Patrick (Clearwater, British Columbia) on 06/07/2007

I just started using Food Grade 35% Hydrogen Peroxide in a humidifier at night and my ability to breath improved after just two nights. I want to know if I can use the method of inhaling of 3% during the day while using the humidifier at night. Also, can I use 35% with a few drops in a glass of distilled water at the same time?

Replied by Lynn
(Washington Dc, Unites States)

Hi Patrick, it is my understanding that you should keep your intake at or around 3% if you're taking H2O2 in several ways and losing count of your intake. I guess if you're awesome at math you could use the highest recommended intake and calculate what your highest (combined) dosage should be according to that... Not sure how you would 'count' the humidifier, but I would just count it as having been ingested to be on the safe side... If you go above 10% I've seen neurological damage cited as a side effect. Also, I wanted to add that I've been doing h2O2 for about 2 weeks now (I'm using 12% FGHP diluted). I didn't realize any obvious WOW factors--until I carried my 2 year old up the HUGE hill where I live from the park today! Usually I'll tell my husband to take him and struggle to get to the half-way point (it's a fairly steep incline and a good 12-15 minute walk)... But even though I HAVEN'T (unfortunately) quit smoking, I had NO issues and was like this is WEIRD, as I think I could carry Omar and maybe even a fat kid right up another similar hill (I carried him for the entire walk)... It was absolutely nuts and amazing... I imagine what my body could achieve WITHOUT smoking...

Replied by Yvonne
(Crosslake, Minnesota)

Lynn can you please explain how you are using the h202 for help with resperitory.. I too am a smoker.. Ty Yvonne

Replied by Lynn
(Dc, United States)

So sorry I haven't been on here for awhile! I was drinking food grade h2o2--there are a million sites that will tell you how to go about it... I'll just take the time to write what's written on the back of the bottle here (remember, my % is 12% FGHP, purchased on amazon.com):

*after the dosage, they all are in 32 oz. (ounces) of DISTILLED water, 4 oz. Every hour or 8 oz. 4 times a day (I had chosen 8 ounces 4 x a day because you really MUST drink it on an empty stomach and, well, you can't have an empty stomach all the time! ); all measurements are in Teaspoons (tspn).

1st wk- 1/4; 2nd wk-1/2; 3rd wk- 3/4; 4th wk-1; 5th wk- 1 1/4; 6th wk-1 1/2; 1 teaspoon thereafter (meaning, they consider 1 tspn as a maintenance dose).

I stopped taking h2o2 ahile ago, bc it's a committment. BUT I feel kind of crappy again, so, I'll think I'll start it again soon... The problem is that your stomach has to be empty when you take it (or you'll just throw up), and this amounts to scheduling it, which I found to be a hassel. BUT I miss feeling awesome, so, I'm gonna have another go at it.

cheers and good luck :)

Replied by Johnny

I'm claustrophobic and I've been yawning a lot when I drive my car let's say 30 minutes and distance. And someone told me that if you yawn a lot you are lacking oxygen in your body. So I was thinking I want to give this a try.

Replied by Natalie

Babesia, a nasty co-infection of Lyme, could also be a cause of excessive yawning. It loves to live in the brain.

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Usa)

The fact that it happens in your car is a clue. Maybe your car is leaking fumes into cab and you can't smell them. Could be mold spores in air system. Could be many things...but you have symptom while in your car.

Breathing Issues
Posted by Damion (Grand Rapids, MI) on 02/28/2007


I have been taking the H202 for approximately 2 weeks... I feel my breathing through my nose is much easier. However it seems that I am having drier skin as a result of taking the H202. Does that make since as a side effect?? I am an African American user so it is easier to find see my dry skin. I am actually looking for a Hydrogen Peroxide therapy treatment schedule too if anybody knows of one. Currently I am taking 10 drops of H202 3 times a day and may drop that down to 2. Please let me know!!

Replied by Lynn
(Washington Dc, Unites States)

Hi Damion, about your dry skin... If that's your only side affect, I would really try to stick with it... Maybe this is a detox side effect? I know that when I use virgin coconut oil, my super dry and ITCHY shins (which would most certainly appear ashen if my skin were a darker shade) feel and look way better. I've also used baby eczema lotion with success as well as virgin olive oil... I'm sure they have something great for it here on earth clinic... Try looking under eczema since that covers dryness and itchiness. Hope that helps. Lynn

Replied by Jesse
(Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Usa)

Use tamanu oil.

Replied by Lexies

I don't know what to say, I have Lyme disease and I was looking for cure then found hydrogen peroxide therapy. All can say don't try until you do research, for me it's too late but I tell you what happen. I did course of hydrogen peroxide therapy, to kill Lyme, after 1 month I had green sputum small amount , after one week more and more. I call my doctor and he did CT scan and find that vie had cancer minimal cells in my lungs , spine , throat and lymph node in pericardial mediastinum site. Hydrogen peroxide is Carcinogenic, and iknow that but now it's too late, I found new treatment with MMS I will by next week it is Carcinogenic too, but I have nothing to loose. Before you do anything read side effects, and if it's carcinogenic. Don't be like me aim just an idiot, and I don't know how to tell my parents about my diagnosis. To bad but too late!!!


It is not the peroxide that caused your cancer. I am thinking it was already there and if you continued to use the treatment of food grade peroxide it would have cured the cancer. A dear friend of mine had anal cancer and did treatments of food grade P. for one month and a butt rinse of baking soda and the cancer is gone. I hope you have found a cure. Bloodroot is good too.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Lexies from Ny, When I read a posting such as yours I feel compelled to respond. The compound known as BHT [ butylated hydroxytoluene ] may be helpful in combatting all types of cancer.

A man named Dr. Denham Harman did a lot of research back in the late 1950s and 1960s that showed a very significant average lifespan increase in mice dosed with BHT that were cancer prone mice. This average lifespan increase was between 45% and 50% in the cancer prone mice. Other reseachers using non-cancer prone mice achieved average lifespan increases of between 22% and 31% with the use of BHT.

Dr. Harman chose BHT for well founded reasons. BHT is the most potent free radical and other harmful chemical entities scavenger available. Dr. Harman was hired by the US government to come up with a means of dealing with the harmful effects of nuclear radiation. Cancer is at least one of the most harmful results of nuclear radiation and BHT is the most effective measure he came up with to deal with these harmful effects.

Reading stories like yours breaks my heart. In my opinion, based on the very many studies that have been done: BHT is very likely to be benificial in the treatment of all cancers based on all that research that has been done. As to dosage I would recommend one 350mg capsule of BHT per day with a gulp of water to wash it down.

There is also wheat grass juice therapy. Ann Wigmore cured many patients of cancer with that therapy. A lot of former cancer patients swear by wheat grass juice therapy.

Both BHT and wheat grass juice therapy are based on sound biochemistry principles. I can NOT say the same for this MMS and hydrogen peroxide therapy because both are know to be toxic if taken internally. What can I say ? Do NOT give up. These are the two most promising therapies for cancer I am aware of: The BHT and the wheat grass juice....Oscar

Replied by Ali
(Swansea, Wales, Uk)

Lexies, I am sorry that you have had this problem. You have to realize though that Cancer comes and goes within the body throughout our lives, which is why some people's Cancer goes into spontaneous remission. It is often forming for years before it is found, so the fact that you appeared to develop Cancer after doing the HP treatment is no indication it caused it. Perhaps what it did do, in its detox role, was to make already existing Cancer cells more obvious as your body was trying to deal with them.

As the body detoxes, toxins and unwanted matter are drawn out of the body via the detox pathways. That is why people will often eject lots of mucous from the nasal passages and the lungs, have boils, spots, rashes and zits etc. flare up, feel rough for a while, get (detox) colds and coughs, have diarrhea or loose stools, poor sleep (the body does a lot of healing and detoxing at night when we are resting and not using the energy for other things).

People don't get Cancer overnight. It is due to a cumulative build up of toxins from food that the body can't process properly like processed nutritionally dead sugar and other processed 'food', chemicals, prescription and non-prescription drugs, polluted water and any of the host of toxic chemical toiletries and cleaning substances people use over the years.

Replied by Mark
(Philadelphia, Pa)

Dry skin is to be expected, I beleive under certain circumstances, and shouldn't be discounted as a serious symptom if it can be determined that it's from the H2O2.

Your skin is the organ by which you have a window into the general state of other organs in your body (wrinkling, liver spots, dryness). H2O2 is an oxidant, and WILL work to dry out organic matter/tissue, alive or dead. If you are in doubt of this, take a piece of leather or meat and apply H2O2 to it, in one spot, in the amount that you are consuming every day, and see what happens to it over time. The only thing that prevents this from happening to your argans as fast as it does the leather or meat is your limited repair and anti-oxidant response, both of which have their limits and decrease in effectiveness with age.

In my opinion, you should be using H2O2 for one or both of two reasons:

1. As a temporary "emergency" antibiotic effort to aid your immune system in ridding itself of foreign organisms that will do more damage to your body over-time than will brief diluted H202 usage.

2. To put an adaptive pressure on the body to improve it's natural anti-oxidant output. In this case, I wholly disagree with multiple-time per day H202 dosing, as that will prevent the adaptive response (in preventing the recovery/rest period from the oxidant assault) and will instead lead to a state of constant increased oxidants, in your bloodstream, over baseline. It's analglolous to lifting weights multiple times per day, every day, and never giving your body the rest it needs to actually build muscle. Instead, your constantly tearing it (your muscle or your anti-oxidant defense) down.

I recommend moving to a once per day very low dosage regimen until your skin improves, after taking at least a-week-or-two off from your undoubtedly too-high, too-often dosing. You may see a great improvement starting with a very low, very infrequent dose (no more than once per day - even skip days on occassion and see how that works out - test, test, test.)

If you get good results, you can slowly move up the drop number in your once per day regimen. However, unless you are trying to rid yourself of an accute bacterial, vural, or fungal infection quickly, I cannnot think of a single reason to ever take more than one dose per day. Furthermore, if your infection doesn't wane after a relatively short period of time with more frequent or concentrated dosing (no more than one week, imo), than I would cut back to a low infrequent dose ASAP.

Replied by Odine
(Cape Town, South Africa)

Hi ted, i'm a 23 year old girl from south africa... i've had an virus infection for about two months and from what I can tell it's been 'manifesting' in my stomach and also causing me anxiety, dizziness, fatigue, weakness, diarreah, nausea, constipation... And also this weird stinging feeling in my legs from time to time. My feet also cramps at night and I get less fever now than I used to, and my lips are cracked. My glands are also swollen whenever I feel at my worst. It's really frustrating.

At the moment I'm using most of your remedies and so far I have seen amazing results with ACV curing my dizziness and stomach issues. I recently also started out with ozone therapy which I trust will help me on in getting better. Although, yesterday I bought myself colloidial silver and 35% foodgrade HP and have been taking 3drops with every glass of water 3 times a day and have been taking the collodial silver every now and then. I just want to know if its safe to use ACV, CS and HP all together? Last night I 've had bouts of diarrhea and this morning woke up with a sore throat and burning stomach. I still have upset stomach as i'm sitting here the next day. Is it a relapse of the virus or am I overdoing it? I really want to get better!

Replied by Ed2010
(Oakville, Canada)

Your symptoms sounds like Chickun Gunya, chickungunya virus affects brain as well and causes severe fear and anxiety.

For stomach infection, you can take Bael Fruit Powder. Take 1 tsp Bael Fruit Powder in a Glass of water mix it thoroughly and set aside for half hour. And drink it. Fruit is a very potent anti-viral and anti-parasitic natural medicine.In thailand it is available as Bael Fruit Jam too. If you can't get Bael Fruit Powder, along with ted's recomendation take lots of probiotic foods like

Milk Kefir, Saurkraut, Miso, Yoghurt, Natto, Kimchi, Butter milk. Or at the least, take probiotic supplements. thanks

Replied by Smartattimes

Sorry to hear about your illness.

However, Food grade hydrogen peroxide is not carcinogenic it is used in breads pastries, noodles all over the world. Did you use Food grade hydrogen peroxide? However I like to look at both sides. My MD gave me hydrogen peroxide IV's so he is an specialist and he really knows his chemistry. Then again sometimes we think things are safe then it comes out it is not

  • The Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) had evaluated the safety of hydrogen peroxide in 1that ingestion of small amount of hydrogen peroxide would produce no toxicological effects due to rapid decomposition of the chemical by the enzyme catalase of the intestinal cells.

  • Regarding the carcinogenicity of hydrogen peroxide, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) considered that there was inadequate evidence for carcinogenicity in human.

Replied by Krazykaren

I have been using MMS since 2008. It does amazing things. Just like Hydrogen Peroxide, MMS is created in your immune system in minute amounts. I think the Hydrogen Peroxide was beginning to work for you. That is not what caused the cancer, but can very well cure it.

Replied by Marie

I think you are confused about the definition of carcinogenic. Carcinogenic means cancer causing. Hydrogen peroxide oxygenates the body, thereby killing cancer cells which cannot live in the presence of oxygen. I'm sorry about what happened to you, but it was not caused by food grade hydrogen peroxide.


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Posted by Saroni (Manchester, Kentucky ) on 04/07/2023

I'm trying to find information regarding the H2O2 cancer cure, both inhaled and ingested. I can't find any references and some links are not working. I am desperate to find something that works before it's too late. Would someone help me?

Replied by Madelyn

Posted by Jen (Australia) on 11/02/2022

IS FGHP diluted successful for any cancer or only specific one kind ???

It is reported that FGHP diluted to 3% should kill off cancer.... could it be that this is a maybe but not a guarantee and yes I too have the one minute cure book... Unfortunately the author due the present shut down of opinions the government don't want to hear or disseminate, cannot answer emails. Dr. Brownstein's discussion forum as well! I realize the body needs to alcalise to heal>>>> but there are many "protocols" that give the name of the supplement but NO quantities.... and FGHP has not worked. Back to Hi dose Iodine.. and morning organic lemon water.....+++ I read the suggestion Bill's. with the Inhalation method.... does anyone know if this is suggested for any of the cancers, OR only for say bronchial matters a la Dr Brownstein's success with Nebulising with iodine for his Corona Virus patients...

Posted by George (Utah, US) on 09/30/2014

I'm a retired RN and have been reading many conversations about 35% Hydrogen Peroxide on why it works or doesn't. I wanted to share some thoughts on how it might work against cancer or any fast-dividing cells. When it encounters a cell, HP injects O2 into the cell until the cell can't take any more, ruptures, and the cell dies. If you have a fast dividing cell, like a cancer cell, it will uptake the HP O2 into the cell quicker than a normal cell and deplete HP. Then you would need another dose of HP. Depending on the type of cancer and the amount (billions or trillions) of cancer cells you're dealing with, it could take months of treatment. Again, HP works by injecting O2 into a cell until the cell bursts. I hope this helps.

Posted by Allen Hamid (Usa) on 11/18/2013

Studies proving the reality and effectiveness of H2O2. Chemotherapy and radiation was dissatisfactory; major side effects. How can I use, with all sincerity H2O2 to cure cancer?

Replied by Kristin
(North Carolina, US)

Get these two books IMMEDIATELY from Amazon. (They sell used books). Dr. Leonard Coldwell, , , , "The Only Answer To Cancer", , , , , and Ty Bollinger, "Cancer - Step Outside The Box". They both explain how to use H2O2 35% Food Grade. Or you can Youtube Kevin Trudeau, "The One Minute Cure"! I have (or had cancer) and am determined to survive. This along with Vit B17, Turmeric, the Graviola plant (or soursop), and many other vitamins, along with minerals from a 70-80% raw/organic diet, excluding completely red meats, processed food, fast food, pesticides, hormone-free, etc! I don't believe in luck but I wish you the best with God's Hand!!

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

Kristin: I must note a critical factor when battling Cancer and also in using H2O2; one must first ALKALIZE the body. In severe cases of C I recommend beginning w/ Baking Soda + Epsom Salts hot baths. Without alkalizing one cannot defeat cancer or raise the Oxygen levels necessary to beat cancer.

Lipospheric Vit-C is also one of the top 5 single nutrients effective against cancer. Hemp Oil (CBD) is also in the top 5 as it repairs immune disorders AND directly influences cells defense against DNA mutation.


Hello, I would just like to correct this constant wrong information about hemp oil treating cancer because it confuses people and makes them waste their money. What treats cancer in CANNABIS oil, not hemp oil. These two plants are related, but the active compound in hemp is MUCH lower than in cannabis oil and does not reach therapeutic dosage for cancer treatment.

I want to clarify this because I notice many people going to health food stores spending hundreds of dollars buying hemp oil, thinking it the one you use to treat cancer. It is not, you need cannabis oil.

Hemp oil is a healthy source of omega 3 and 6 in the correct ratio for humans but does not cure cancer.

Rosina Lock
(East End Of London)

Yes, I totally agree with Beatrice, I think she is correct. I have been researching cancer for many years, also severe breathing problems. It is Cannabis Oil which is the one to look out for, not Hemp Oil, which I agree with Beatrice, doesn't cure cancer. Rosina x

Replied by Nick
(Greensboro Nc)

Hi everyone! Here how to use a H2O2:

3 x a day on empty stomach,
10 drops for each glass of water (clean water not tap) 8 oz.
30 min. Prior or 1.5 hour after meal,

Most important regular bowel daily. Also it will cure fungi on your feet, exzema, psoriasis , multiple sclerosis, parkinson e.t.c.

In former Soviet Union doctors at space program studied H2O2 for 30 years. There is a professor Neumivakin, he is 85 years old he is taking H2o2 for 30+ years, I've got more info if u need it. Use only 3% H2O2 from your local store. The secret is a dosage!

Replied by Joyce
(Lansdowne, Pa)

Can one ingest store bought h2o2? I only use that externally.

Posted by Lily (Fairbanks, Alaska) on 01/10/2013

Hi, Just want to know how HP works for cancer?

Replied by Janet
(Kendal, U.k)

You might find your answer on google by going on a link via DMSO-The Magic Bullet. Then go on their home page.

Posted by Lou (Aransas Pass, Tx) on 03/12/2012

I started taking H202 (food grade) November 11th 2011, I was told my throat cancer was fatal, nothing could be done. Today I was told not only the tumor but also the cancer is gone, no sign of it. You nay sayers can do as you wish, don't listen to us lucky people that feel better than we have in years. But if you do use it, follow the instructions, don't use the cheap stuff you get at local stores, use food grade only. Read up on it, my wife bought this and gave me the max dose, heck we were told I had less than a month, how could it hurt?Now with today's news we can start planning trips we thought would never happen.

Replied by Gina

How much were you taking? There is a series of videos on FB from "TheHerbalFlower" that says titrate up to 25 drops 3 times a day for 25 days then 2x a day for 25 for the herpes virus. I have worked up to 15 drops and am doing fine. I take it when I wake up during the night, then again in 3 hours. What was your regime? Thanks!!

Posted by Norb (California) on 03/07/2012

Hi my name is Norbert and I just wanted to tell you all that the last five years I have been battling with prostate problems. Doctors have sent me all the antibiotic known to men kind and I've been taking them for months at a time. But unfortunately it never helped me get rid of all the symptoms. So I've heard about the hydrogen peroxide and its cures, so I search the internet and found a lot of information and products but I didn't know which one to choose. While talking to my friend Jorge, he told me about this product that is just a very pure H2O2, liquid oxygen. He told me that his aunt in Mexico had a purple leg all the way up to her knee from diabetes and that she was going to lose her leg. But she started taking it and she got better, she walks and dances now. She is so happy. I bought it and I started taking it with alkaline water and in a matter of 4 weeks I felt the difference. My symptoms are gone and now I just take it to prevent any kind of illnesses. I feel great and with a lot of energy!

I thought everybody should know about it. Thanks.

Replied by Gargantulakon
(Downingtown, Pa)

Where are the studies and proof that this liquid oxygen product works?

Replied by Rae
(Chicago, Illinois)

So happy you cured your cancer with food grade hydrogen peroxide. Did you ever receive any chemotherapy first or were you diagnosed late stage cancer and then only used hydrogen peroxide? Also, what dose did you take? Thanks in advance for the details.

Replied by Lou
(Aransas Pass, Tx)

Hi. Yes, I went thru chemo and radiation for a horrible 16 weeks, after all of the pain, sickness, losing my hair, etc, I was told the tumor grew and my condition was worse than when I started. But within 2 weeks of starting H202, I was eating for the 1st time in 5 months, now have gained 43 pounds and feel better than I have in almost a year. If you have any health problems, please read up on the H202 food grade, start with the small dose of 5 drops in 6 ounces of distilled water, add 1 drop everyday till you are up to 25 drops. If I can help any other way let me know, Good luck!

Replied by Divinezexytexy
(Mcallen, Tx)

H202 = Hydrogen Peroxide.

Replied by Debby
(Monroe, Ct)

Hi Lou, I am happy to here that you are having success. Where did you get the 35 percent food grade peroxide? Thanks

Replied by Susan
(New York)

Lou, Can you let us know your personal routine taking HP ? How many time a day ? How many drops ? I know we can do research but would like your personal experience. Thanks!

Replied by Lou
(Aransas Pass, Tx)

Hi. I started with the max dose for the first 3 weeks, remember that I was told I had very little time left so I do not advise this for most people as it can make you very sick. But right after that, I took 5 drops in 6 ounces of distilled water 3 times a day. Every day add one more drop. Do not eat anything for 2 hours before you take it or one hour after, it can cause nausea. After 2 months you can cut it down if you want to 1 or 2 times a week, depends on how you feel. I could not find it in my area so I order it from ebay, I ordered the 17 percent, it can be sent it regular mail. Hope I answered your questions, if not email again. I'm feeling better, even my sinus is not as bad as it has been in the last 8 years. Good luck! Lou

Replied by Mississippi Girl
(Brookhaven, Mississippi)

How about Hydrogen Peroxide for high cholesterol..... How many drops and most of all is it safe?

Replied by Andrew
(Ch'town, Pei)

Hi Lou So the H2o2 that u took at maximum dosage for three weeks was not the 35% food grade but 17% was it? Thks

Replied by Lou
(Aransas Pass, Tx)

Im sorry, didnt know I had messages.. But Yes, I started on 17 percent because it will come faster in the mail, we are now on the 35 percent which is what you should use. Ordered from The Garden of Eden. We will stay on 25 drops in 5 ounces of distilled water for a couple of months then go to a maintanence dose of the same amount once a day. With high cholestrol, it the same dosage, it could take up to 3 months if it is serious , , like mine is, but I will be having an exam to test the cholestrol in a few weeks, now that I have the 35 0/0.

(East End Of London, United Kingdom)

Lou, I am so pleased everything has worked out well for you. I have often come on Earth Clinic, and twice, I felt it saved my life with what I thought at the time was the most ridiculous of "therapies" but twice I felt Earth Clinic saved my life! I was desperate and was trying things I had read, and then I remembered Earth Clinic came online at 6am one Friday morning, and I couldn't believe what I tried actually worked. My son, Paul was sick with worry because he thought I was having a heart attack? It was actually an acute attack of possibly Acid Reflux/Hernia? Whatever it was, I rushed to my fridge and swigged a load of pickle juice! It worked! It took the chronic burning out of my chest, admittedly I was very ill for a couple of days, and then I went completely normal, so I am very grateful that people come from all over the world trying to help each other, and I have found no site better than Earth Clinic. I direct everyone to this site, and I will have to join it! So well done babe, I am so glad you are feeling better! Rosina from the East End of London United Kingdom. x

Replied by Dave
(Syracuse, NY)

Thanks for all the info. I have started the therapy ingesting h2o2. I am on day 6 and no real side effects. I did get a slight headache when I started but that has gone and even my wife says I just look better. I am using the 35 percent and will keep a log of the progress. I am taking this to slow the frequentcy of cold sores and a preventative to all other virus/ cancers. The only thing I had issues with was burping even on an empty stomach. I am conscious of that and now it has been better. I definitely have a ton of energy. I used to drink two monsters a day just to get through work. I feel cleansed and have not had caffeine for a month now ( gave it up for lent and continued on).

Replied by Ernestine
(Toronto, Ontario Canada)

Re: h202 for Candida...I would like to clarify the math for using h202 (Food grade 35%) for everyday use.

I realize that we can't use h202 food grade at the 35% because of its toxicity; however, I am curious to know how we arrive at the percentage for everyday use? and is the percentage 2, 3 percent?

Would someone please clarify the math for me?

What an inspiring site you have! Thank you for being! Buffy

Replied by Bugginout
(Akron, Oh)

Hi all, I was going through the many posts regarding food grade hydrogen peroxide H2O2. I found a site called "Educate - Yourself" at


There is additional useful information there some written by a Dr. David G. Williams. It gives the exact instructions, warnings, and dosages, etc. for taking the food grade hydrogen peroxide. Best of luck to everyone and good health!

Replied by Juana
(Boulder, Co.)

i got dignosed with breast canser I had 2 surgerys in one month the doctors say that I don"t have cancer now that they removed it but I am in chemotherapy and will have 6 in total I had alredy 3 chimotherapy but have some other treatment in one year.

Replied by Jw (sand2pearl)
(Orange Curtain, Ca)

Lou, you inspire me! [I have a 27 cm ovarian tumor and want to avoid a hysterectomy] Lou, what was your diet during your H2O2? Did you eliminate/cut down on any one food(s)? THANK YOU!!!

Replied by Dave
(Arlington, Va)

Okay ... I am getting closer to trying H2O2 after reading everyone's comments. But I am still uncertain on how one "takes it." I have read many websites and I am just not sure. Lets say one has lung issues. Should you drop it in water and drink it? I hear it can be dangerous. Also, everyone cautions that you must use the "good stuff." Please recommend a nationwide grocery store chain and specific product hat you have used safely and successfully. Thank and I am happy you have all had success.

Replied by John

How much should/can I drink? Do I dilute it? Should I use 3% grade?

How much should I use in a bath? Which is more effective bath or drinking?

Replied by Elizabeth
(Baton Rouge)

I have stage four cancer started in colon then the liver. They say I have months to live but chemo would prolong my life. I'm just trying to get through colon surgery and an abyss that's infection. I want the proper instructions to take h2o2 Hydrogen peroxide good grade to get rid of cancer! Plz help!

Replied by Tracie

Hi. I did extensive research before starting this therapy and wanted to answer your questions.

Here is a website that give clear instructions for ingesting 35% FGHP. This site should help you. Take it on empty stomach or you could get sick and throw up-because of the oxygen reacting to the food in your stomach. So, at least an hour before you eat or at least 3 hours after you eat.


If you have lung problems, like my aunt did, you can also add a 1% solution to a vaporizer and use it at night next to your bed.

Posted by Sandy (Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada) on 01/29/2012

My 22 year old son was diagnosed with lung cancer just before Christmas 2011. Twenty percent of one lung was affected and spots on the other. He preferred not to go through chemo but is very open to alternative therapies. A friend of his sent him the link to drinking H2O2 and my son asked me to check it out to see if I thought it would be worth a try. After much study on the initial page regarding drinking it, your page came up promptly when I googled food grade hydrogen peroxide. I was encouraged by the testominials from others who had suffered from different cancers and found success by using the H2O2 therapy. So I told my son if he wanted to, we'd try it. Between his initial diagnosis and the time we started the therapy his CT Scans showed that the cancer was growing and that his bloodwork was showing extremely low oxygen levels in his body. Because I didn't know what to expect in the way of side effects for him, I started him out on a very small dosage of only one ounce of 3% f. g. diluted in 8 oz of juice 3 times daily at first, just to see how he would tolerate it. When he didn't suffer from any nausea or vomiting with that amount, we decided to pull out the big guns and start with the dosage schedule for the 35% f. g. therapy. We started out with one small drop 3 times daily in 8 oz of juice or milk at times when he seemed to experience heartburn from it. We are up to 7 drops 3 times daily as I write this update. My son's most recent CT Scan just this past week showed that between the last scan and this one, miraculously, there has been NO GROWTH of the cancer this time and his bloodwork showed that his blood oxygen levels are now THREE TIMES what his recent levels have been! He does have a conventional oncologist who is open to trying whatever her patient wants to try in the way of alternative therapies as long as she doesn't see any harm in them. She was surprised and delighted upon seeing the results of his latest scan and bloodwork. We have also found that his cough has been more productive lately... Along with phlegm he has been coughing up actual solid pieces of what look to be burnt steak. We all think it's better for that horrible stuff to be out than in! My son is encouraged and more hopeful than he's been since his diagnosis. He continues to up his dosage daily, excited to kick the crap outta those cancer cells and get them outta there! Along with ingesting the 35% strength in juice we have also used 3% f. g. in his ears, several times over a couple days span, in order to ward off an oncoming cold last week that would have increased his upper respiratory discomfort for sure. It worked to unplug his ears and lessen the nasal congestion he was experiencing within a few doses. He was having the hardest time breathing at nighttime so we decided to try the dosage for 35% f. g. H2O2 in a cool mist vaporizer, for inhalation at night. We used 2 ounces in approximately one gallon of distilled water... NOT tap water. It must be distilled. He had a much easier time breathing... Right from the first night we plugged it in! So far we are pleased... Still guarded and trying not to get too excited by these successes yet.... But pleased, for sure, with the outcome we've seen. And his doctor was too. For the cancer to have stopped growing in between scans this time and his oxygen levels to be up so much... Without having changed anything else in this equation... We have to assume it is because of the H2O2 therapy. Oh... I might mention that one of the mild side effects he has experienced so far, is that of a rash on his arms. We feel that particular symptom is due to his body eliminating toxins through his skin so we haven't slowed down on the dosage increments because it's been quite bearable for him thus far. We will certainly keep you abreast of any regular updates in regards to his condition. For the best information on ingesting H2O2 make sure you go to http://drinkh2o2.com/#drinking-hydrogen-peroxide This site should clear up any questions you have on dosages and dilutions. Good luck to you all. Please keep posting your stories so we can all be encouraged by seeking support from each other. Thanks EC for the wealth of information on your site.

Replied by Art
(Victoria, Bc Canada)

To Sandy from Thunder Bay.

You may also want to google LDN, which is another alternative treatment for cancer. Just thought you should know as knowledge is power.

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Sandy I hope you read the link below of someone who cured their lung cancer by taking phosphates out of their diet. Everyone should read it, as it would be beneficial for any cancer or illness.

http://www.phosadd.com/support evidence/johnwood.htm

Replied by Bess
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Hi Sandy - Thank you for that excellent link on H2O2. This sounds extremely promising - I wish your son continued success in his treatment! I'm so pleased that you have a doctor who is open-minded enough to accept alternative treatments - very rare indeed.

I have read that doing a gentle "health bounce" on a mini-trampoline (rebounder) assists in getting the lymph moving as it transports and eliminates toxins. From NaturalNews Web site: According to Linda Brooks (www.wholelife.com), "The practice of rebounding against cancer is done using the 'health bounce, ' where the feet are kept on the mat and a gentle bouncing motion is maintained for up to two minutes. A stabilizer bar is available for attachment to the rebounder to add security, safety, and balance when needed by those who are weak or unsteady. If endurance is low, start with less time than two minutes and work up to the optimal two minutes over a period of a few weeks. " If you Google cancer and rebounding, there should be more details. Take care, Bess

Replied by Dan
(Carvel, Alberta, Canada)

This reply is directed to Sandy regarding alternative options for cancer. Sandy! ..... Over the course of a few months I have been researching alternative cancer treatments. One of the treatments that I have read about was developed by Dr. Johanna Budwig. She specialized in oil's. She was a doctor in Germany and unfortunately she passed away at the age of 91. She developed what today is known as the Budwig Protocol. This protocol involves two food sources that are mixed together using an electric hand blender. The two food sources blended together are; Organic Flax Oil and organic cottage cheese (low fat or 1%) cottage cheese or some other similar food store can be used. Blend together 3 table spoons of the flax oil along with 6 table spoons of the cottage cheese. Blend this for about 1 minute so that ALL of the oil is well blended with the cottage cheese. The mixture will appear like creamy whipped cream. If you find that this is too thick to blend you can add a bit of milk to it. This protocol has been TESTED and RESEARCHED by many medical professionals and even though it sounds quite unbelieveable it works. Apparently this mixture creates a new molecule that is delivered to the cancerous cells surrounding them with lots of oxygen. If I was diagnosed with cancer myself I would take this protocol as well as the H202 as they both increase the oxygen level in the blood stream and cancerous cells can not survive in an aerobic (oxygen rich) environment. Read the complete protocol online as there are things that you can add to the mixture that will improve the taste. Make sure that you strive to use organic ingredients. I take this mixture for preventative measures and I add 2 tablespoons of ground up organic brown flax seeds (use a coffee bean grinder) along with a teaspoon of Organic Raw Honey (due to the live enzymes in the honey). You can also add berries of your preference to sort of make a smoothie out of this mixture. My research into alternative cancer treatments has ofter lead me to this protocol. Do not worry about the dairy aspect of the cottage cheese as this gets neutralized by the blending of the flaxseed oil.

Replied by Dan
(Carvel, Alberta, Canada)

Sandy, earlier I had submitted a response to your post. I am new to posting responses to these type of discussions and I noticed that a lot of additional information that I had submitted was removed due to the guideline rules. I have included my personal e-mail address within this post so that if you should wish further information regrading the Budwig Protocol or other information I can supply it to you.

Replied by Sherry
(Vancouver, Washington, Usa)

Bess, you said that you had read that doing a gentle "health bounce" on a mini-trampoline (rebounder) assists in getting the lymph moving as it transports and eliminates toxins. NEVER do this if you have a lymphoma type cancer, especially if it is marginalized (enlarged lymph nodes appear in only a limited area, such as a lung. ) This increases the opportunity for the cancerous lymph cells to multiply very rapidly into other parts of the body and can actually impede the process of chemotherapy. I don't know if alternative healthcare modalities are impacted or not. I am a B-cell lymphoma survivor who chose a modified conventional treatment regimen. I've been cancer free since August 2011.

Replied by Tracie

I am so thrilled to hear your son's success with h2o2 therapy. He can also use it in a bath. It absorbs through the skin at a fast rate. js. Thought he may like to try this.

Posted by Harold (Fleetwood, Pa) on 11/20/2011

Questions: I just started taking HP For my lung cancer an I have a plate in my leg with 12 screws -- will I have a problem with this? I know with a pace maker an others they say I cannot use it. Thank You Harold

Replied by Mairon
(Vancouver, Bc)

I have heard that taking H202 with Mineral Water soothes the upset stomach!!! Seen it on a couple of websites promo'ing H202 for health!

Replied by Cindy
(Sudbury, On Canada)

Hello Sandy, I hope you and your son are doing wonderfully. 2 days ago I started oral HP therapy to rid my body of Rheumatoid Arthritis (14 yrs and counting).

this note is to share info about taking HP with juices. I thought of your son, as you mentioned he's taking the HP with juice. There are certain juices that should be avoided, pls read:

"add the specified number of drops to 8 ounces of purified water (not chlorinated water! ), milk, aloe vera juice or watermelon juice. Avoid mixing with other juices as they may contain compounds, such as beta carotene, which will cause the hydrogen peroxide to release the oxygen before it has a chance to get into your system."

i found the above info here:


you have to scroll down the page to find the paragraph.

much light to you both, Cindy

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