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Hydrogen Peroxide as a Natural Remedy: Benefits and Precautions


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Posted by Kathyw (Seattle, Washington, Us) on 09/02/2010

I started the FG h202 as part of a cancer protocol a few days ago. I am up to 5 drops but WOW, I think I can't go beyond that because it is causing me too much gastric upset. I have tried adding sea salt (as per Teds suggestion in the cancer section) but to no avail. As this is an excellent oxygen donor, can anyone suggest how to eliminate these symptoms? Thanks in advance.

Replied by Elizabeth
(Nashville, Tn)

Have you thought about using the H202 in a nebulizer to bypass the stomach upset? You would still get the benefits of higher oxygenation but without having to ingest it. I've used it in this manner and found it to be quite effective. I would dilute it with distilled water to about 1% to start with. Hope this helps.

Replied by Aranma2
(Mpls, Mn)

Hi, my name is Randy from MN. Go to http://www.CoasttoCoastAM.com and follow the links to Dr Caldwell. He was on the radio a couple of weeks ago and spoke of this topic. He stressed using food grade h202 as sparingly as possible. But, and it's an important but, only use with DISTILLED water. It won't work any other way. Filtered and tap water still have too many impurities all h202 will do is clean the water in these types of water. Distilled is the way to go.

Replied by Meg
(Lexington, Ky)

Hi I am on 14 drops of the hydrogen peroxide therapy.... That DR David G Williams outlines in his article The many benefits of hydrogen peroxide. As far a side effects go, I was fine(exept for some constipation) until I got up to 11 drops, than I became so nausious that I wanted to just throw up immediately. However, I did like it said and kept going with the therapy protocol (this nausea is part of the healing crisis from toxins trying to leave your body faster than your body allows). I realized that the quicker I drank it the more intense it made my stomach, so now I only sip the distilled water with HP and finish my glass within 10 to 20 min.

Also I came to the conclusion that as it was cleansing the toxins and heavy metals from my body, it also removes some much needed minerals, this may also just be from drinking distilled water. So I now take some extra trace minerals either 3 hrs before I take Hydrogen peroxide(HP), or 1 hr after (same as time frame for eating food). Also when im not taking HP, I switch to spring water or SMARTwater an hr after taking the dosage. Also I take Vitamin E and Acidophilus to restore the good nutrients needed for my body (still either 3 hrs before dosage or 1 hr after). Doing this also relieved constipation as well. I still get nausious from time to time, as dosage increases and toxins cleanse, but it is much easier on my stomach for the most part. ( I have always had a week stomach though). Its different for everyone... My husband is doing the therapy as well and has no side effects. Well I hope this helps someone...

Replied by Best
(Tunbridge Wells, England)

Hi Elizabeth, I was wondering if you or anyone knows, if I can take 1% HP in distilled water in my hand held, cold mist nebulizer. It is one of these travel nebulizers from Phillips (model called Innospire Go). My consideration is that when I look into the snout of the little machine - where the mist exits - I can see a metal membrane (looks like a little round metal plate). I love my nebulizer, but have only used colloidal silver in saline solution so far. Would like to step up to HP though. I have done ear rinses with 3% HP and like this stuff very much.

Please could you advise me on this matter? Do I need another nebulizer?

Replied by Angie
(Eldorado, ca.)

Hi, it is important in using peroxide that u do it on an empty stomach & also with distilled water only! It can react with certain minerals, chemicals, additives in food, even the chemicals in Tap water!

So take it 1st thing in morn b4 any food or drink! After drinking it in distilled water, wait approx. 1min. Throat should tingle a bit, after 1 min, drink a whole glass of distilled & wait for approx 10 to 15 mins b4 eating or drinking anything! After that, there shouldn't b too much discomfort okay🙂🙃

Posted by Jerry (Kennewick, Wa) on 09/02/2010

I was diagnosed with stage IV Lymphoma 11/2/09 I'm 47 yrs old. The dr, cut me open and took my lower organs out in hope to cut out a 6. 5x5.6 mass. I woke up from the surgery and he stood over my bed and told my sorry can't help you, your to full of cancer and I would have to remove your intestines, bowls ECT. So I then started taking Chemo five bags every three weeks. Never again! The cancer shrunk to a 3.5cm x 2. 4cm. THE Dr said the chemo didn't remove the cancer any more then this. So I learned about H202, also high doses of coral calcium and vitamin D.

In May this year they said I still had 10% in my bone. Started this regimen and had blood test weekly my white blood cells went from 1.7 to 2.7 the first week, by week four all of my blood work was normal. August 11th they did a PET scan no signs of cancer in my bone or the body. White blood cells 9-1-2010 6.3. The range is 4-11. Since I have taken the H202, I have not had a cold or any sickness.

20 drops in water 2 times a day.

Replied by Rose
(Tulsa, Ok.)

How did you do this, my husband has lymphoma, we don't know what stage. Chemo really did a job on him, they still won't give anymore chemo now. Would like to try this... Rose

Replied by Linda
(Bradenton, Florida)

I just wanted to know how you are doing? I pray your doing well. I guess you are drinking food grade peroxide-did you start out low how many drops? Please mail me back thank you hugs linda

Replied by Rebecca
(Yankton , Sd)

My best friends husband has appendoceal cancer that has spread throughout is abdomen. He is soooo sick. Currently he cannot take anything by mouth because of the blockages. He is at the ctc in tulsa, OK. They are treating him with chemo, lazer surgery's, etc. They are very good to him, but as most of us know, chemo only cures 2% of all cancer. I was wondering if there might be a good way to help him with this without taking it orally, realizing that the ctc is probably not going to give it IV?

Replied by Tena
(Champaign, Illinois)

How are you doing now? Are you still using the H202? And if you are still using it are you at the same dosage? Hope you are doing well.

Replied by Jane
(Banyuls Sur Mer, France)

You may want to try inhalation: fill a clean spray bottle with 3 % solution of food-grade hydogen peroxide (be sure always to dilute with distilled water), pump into the mouth 5 to 10 times while inhaling the mist into the lungs. Under normal circumstances use 2 x in the morning and 2 x at night. But if one is sick you can augment the number of times per day ie: every 2 / 4 or 6 hours. The amount of hydrogen peroxide "ingested" will not be as high as it would be if taken orally but it should help. Good luck!

Replied by Helpyourself
(Houston, Tx)

Interested in an update from Jerry in Kennewick, Wa. on his use of H202 after 11/2009 and 9/2010 to the present time of 1/2012. Did not see a date on recent post.

Replied by Brandie
(Oceanside Ca)

So 20 drops of hydrogen peroxide in 8 ounces water a day and that's it... my son's father was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer hepatitis C and cirrhosis of the liver. Do you know if this will help it? he was diagnosed by the doctor at stage 4 then did two months of chemo the pill and was discontinued his last labs he did were not good and the doctor basically said that it spread to his lungs and there was nothing more he could do and let him go with no pain meds. So is it safe to treat him with all of this involved.

Replied by Carol K.

How much water with H2O2?

Replied by Whisperingsage
(N Ca)
45 posts

There are lots of protocols mentioned so everyone seems to be able to modify it to their own. Just make sure you take it on an empty stomach and let it soak in for an hour before taking any food or supplements. I take 3% H2O2 from Walmart, colorless so no stabilizers, 3 drops to 16 ounces of water- I am using distilled now, but one of the commenters said it can be normal water as long as no chlorine. Mine is from my well.

You can also take 1 teaspoon of baking soda in 16 ounces of water, also on empty stomach. Ted said you can put both together in water. I may try that, But it doesn't hurt to drink more water. It's just a pill going so long without eating.

BUT I would encourage you to take optimal doses of the 90 essential nutrients. Learn about these free on Youtube, Dead Doctors Don't Lie, and Somebody Needs to Go to Jail, and Dead Athletes Don't Lie and Black Gene Lies, Also books (get used) Epigenetics; Rare Earths, Forbidden Cures; Immortality. These all cover the 10 centenarian cultures that have the dumb luck to live on soils or have glacial melt that contain 60-72 trace minerals. He covers each mineral and research so far on them. (most promote growth and development in animals and plants). He also is the selenium research doctor and always recommends 600 mcg of selenium to most people and also believes everybody needs to supplement calcium, but the right ones are calcium citrate and calcium hydroxyapatite (bone meal purified), we can absorb 25% of those, whereas the others we only absorb 14 mg out of every gram taken. So most of the calcium we nurses hand out when passing meds are not any good, and nurses are uneducated about this. But get the 90 essential nutrients, they don't have to be Youngevity but there are many good companies now putting out good complete multiples.

Posted by Debbie (Desoto, Mo) on 03/26/2010

I am battling breast cancer and just started the hydrogen peroxide 3% therapy last night. I am just curious on how long it takes to get through the side effects? My stomach was not feeling very well today, vomiting. I have plenty of energy but worried bc tomorrow, when I increase the dosage, am I going to be in worse shape. I know I need to continue but I am scared that the side effects are going to be unbearable. If anyone can tell me how they felt when they first started the therapy then I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much.

Replied by Amy
(Toronto, Ontario)

Debbie - make sure you have an empty tummy when you take h202, and then wait 1 and 1/2 hrs before eating. Get some raw ginger and cut a small sliver and stick it in your check - that will help with the nausea. It's okay to go slower, try going up every other day.

Check out Hulda Clarks cancer cures - her methods of curing cancer are amazing - but h202 is also very good and apparently very quick. Just hang in there girl, you can do it! How much are you taking?


Replied by Debbie
(Desoto, Mo)

Amy, Thank you so much for your answers. I am still only taking 1 oz per day, can't stomach anymore than that, unfortunately. It is slowly getting easier now that I am on day 5 but I know that I definitely need to increase. I will definitely check out the other web address you gave me. I refuse to do any radiation or chemotherapy so natural is the only option for me. I really, really appreciate your feedback and any other information you may have for me. We currently do apple cider vinegar, MonaVie and eat organic and mainly vegetarian (we, I mean my husband and two daughters 6 & 17 yrs old). Thanks again and hope to hear any other information you my have that will help. Happy Easter!

Replied by Dani
(Fresno, Ca)

Debbie, you say you are taking 1 oz of 3%? I hope it is diluted food grade. Don't know if you researched back posts about drug store brands have bad stuff and 3% is way too much for ingestion also. I started with 3 drops of 35% Food Grade H2O2 in 6oz water and worked up to 12 drops when it started upsetting my stomach, then backed off a bit and only worked up to 15 drops.

Also for any cancers, especially breast, make sure your vit D3 levels are adequate. Mine are only at 50 ng/ml, but you need around 80 ng/ml for cancer treatment. I also have breast thermography to keep track of changes.

Good luck.

Replied by Alfred
(Bangkok, Thailand)

A miracle place near Sandiego, Ca that clears Cancer thru diet. It usually takes them 3 weeks. to do it.
They grow wheat grass and you juice it.. they suggest you drink 3 oz of wheat grass juice.. twice a day.. then you take wheat grass enema twice a day. Woman also douche in addition to the enema..They also drink Rejuvalac all day. The food they eat is all raw fresh organic which they grow there. their website..www.optimumhealth.org 800-993-4325 nice country setting. years ago was a motel.. they also have lecturers and exercise. Not expensive for what they give you.. peacful and quiet..

Stay well.. you are what you eat

Replied by Zagyzebra
(Jacksonville, Oregon)

Debbie -- I understand your decision not to pursue chemo or radiation. I, too, made the same decision 13 years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

However, I strongly recommend you look into IPT (insulin potentiated treatment). It is intravenously delivered insulin, followed by miniscule amounts of chemo. The insulin opens up the cancer cells, and then, boom, in comes the big gun chemo. This treatment works -- really well, and it doesn't sacrifice one's immune system in the process. If it doesn't completely get rid of the cancer cells, this treatment will reduce your cancer load so that your body can take over and do the rest of the work. Then, it is up to you to detoxify, eliminate sugar, yeast-causing foods, grains, etc.

I've been through the whole drill with breast cancer, and I'm advising you to be careful about pursuing alternative treatments because the tumor may continue to grow. This happened to me, regardless of what I tried. By the time I finally found IPT, my tumor had grown from the size of a raisin to the size of an orange.

I'm fine now, nine years since starting the IPT treatment, and am pursuing mercury/parasite/candida elimination to really clean my system up and enable it to fight off any residual cancer.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Debbie,

How are you doing? How is it all going for you? Somehow I missed your posts. You sound very committed to your decision to go the alternative route. If so, then really go for it! There are other healing centers available as well- Hippocrates Health Clinic located in Florida and run by Dr. Brian Clement and his wife which was originally started by Ann Wigmore and also The Tree of Life which belongs to Dr. Gabriel Cousens and is in Arizona. Both of them do amazing work and have turned around thousands of people's health- many with "incurable" cancer. You might consider one of these places but if it isn't possible, you can certainly listen to both of them on youtube and get unbelievable amounts of valuable information on their protocols that you can then apply. Green juicing, raw foods, sprouts- all sorts, sea veggies, colonics and enemas with wheatgrass will detoxify the body and help bring the body back to balance and then healing. Amazing stories and very inspiring which I'm sure you can use during this time. Stay inspired and see your true, whole self shining through. I wish you the very best and may God speed you to health. May Light surround you, Lisa

Replied by Corpoverde
(Malate, Manila, Philippines)

The reason I'm about to try to ingest 0.006% H2O2 solution in distilled water is to try it first on myself and eventually recomend it to my younger brother (aged 48) who is now suffering from an advanced stage of a brain stem glioblastoma (worst kind of brain cancer) and an uncle who has a stage IV liver cancer. My love for them urges me to try alternative treatments knowing that the medical treatments (chemotherapy and radiation) they are undergoing now tend to accelerate their death rather than preserving their life. If by chance any of you out there have had any successes in treating brain and liver cancer through H2O2 treatment, I'd like to know more about it. I'd consider your inputs as God-sent and as answer to my hourly prayer for my kins' survival. It is sad to watch helplessly how this Big C decimates your family.

Replied by Mexme
(Miami, Florida)

Corpoverde from Malate, Manila, Philippines:

My aunt suffers from the same type of cancer and we have been giving her apricot seeds (laetril) along with transfer factor plus. They removed the tumor 1 year ago and has not come back. Hope this helps...

Replied by Yannick
(Montreal, Quebec)

Debbie, make sure that you have no food in your stomach when taking H202, I made the mistake a few times of taking this even worst after eating carbs. Carbs remove oxygen from your body, and H202 will have a reaction, I was very sick vomited a lot too.

Try to take it at least 1 hour before eating and at least 2-3 hours after eating

Replied by Shelby
(Strongsville, Oh)

I do not have cancer that I know of, but I have started the 35% FGHP, just two drops in a glass of water once a day. I'm hearing of the people that are having a hard time with 10-15 drops, I would say just start with one or two. It's powerful stuff.

Replied by Mary
(Oudtshoorn, Sa)

My husband has prostate cancer and is using HP Foodgrade. He is currently taking 25 drops and feels a bit nauseous after taking it but he is determined to continue. I will post the results when he has his next PSA test.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Mary, sounds like too much to me.

I read somewhere that h2o2 does not get diluted. So a lesser amount will still have the same potency. Maybe on a lesser area, I don't know. But I do know that side effects warrant a smaller dosage.

Replied by Mary
(Oudtshoorn, SA)


HP does get diluted. We started with 3 drops and gradually increased to 25 drops in a glass of water. My brother (65) who is one of the healthiest people that I know, has been taking HP for years. He takes a teaspoon full in a beer mug of water every morning. He has no side-effects and is of the opinion that 25 drops is too little. 1 teaspoon is equal to 99 drops.

Replied by Chuck

I have found that it is better to take it on empty stomach. I take 10 drops in water before bedtime. Then 10 drops in water when I first wake up. Give yourself an hour before you have breakfast.

Don't drink the HP water after you eat. Give it 2-3 hours before you drink it. I give myself 3 hours. I never feel sick using this technique.

Posted by Gary (Oakland, Tennessee) on 10/08/2009

hydrogen peroxide, cancer, and quackwatch

I have used hydrogen peroxide for many things; in particular a very ugly growth on my head that two doctors and one nurse said would kill me if not removed. I used hydrogen peroxide mixed with colloidal silver for 4 months and it has been gone now for 7 years. Previously, I had a growth removed by surgery twice in the identical location, but I think this time it will not return.

Though there are different types of cancer, I believe that generally speaking most cancers do not do well if in an adequate environment of oxygen. I believe also that many diseases, especially cancers, develop when for some reason the body

Replied by Stan
(Perth, Western Australia)

I have a question to you all, this morning in the Australian News they came up with a new technique Laser beam in to a pancreatic cancer to activate a drug to starve it of oxygen. Everybody else says cancer or virus can not survive in oxygen enviroment what can we believe???

Replied by Diva4health
(Calgary, Calgary, Ab Canada)

I do believe that it is true. Cancer is not a mystery. It is toxicity. First, we have to do the emotional work as we know that is related. Then, detoxify the body and provide it with what it needs. The oxygen is absolutely needed as a way of helping the cells.

Replied by Becky
(Springer, Oklahoma)

Your pH levels should be as close to 7 as possible. You can get pH strips at a health food store to test. Also, cancer loves sugar!!! The more oxygen you can get through your body, the better off you are.

Replied by Al
(Horn Lake, Ms)

Hi Beckie I have taking hydogen peroxide orally. I am now up to 25 drops x3 per day but cannot control my PH. I go to 5.8 to 6.0 on the acidity scale. I have tried PH booster but cannot get near 7.0. Can you help

Replied by Stan
(Perth, Western Australia)

Al, try the Baking soda with H202 1/4 Teaspoon

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

The hydrogen peroxide(HP) therapy is a very useful therapy to kill viruses, bacteria, cancer and fungus for sure. But HP's primary method for this is by providing and delivering a more oxygenated environment for the cells in your body, it does not increase the alkaline state of your body.

To use effective methods of alkalizing your body, see this link, concerning Ted's alkalizing remedies, for full descriptions of the remedies:


I've successfully used all of Ted's alkalizing remedies for my intestinal candida. These remedies were my prime method I used to attack and get rid of my intestinal candida. I'm completely free of candida now and its made quite a difference in my life, I have so much more energy these days. And I still regularly take these remedies even now.

You can also safely use HP therapy together with these alkalizing remedies, since they don't interfere but actually will work to enhance each other.

By taking bicarbonates internally, this will not only alkalize your body, but bicarbonates are necessary in cell respiration, for the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen between your cells and the blood. And since HP increases the delivery of oxygen to your cells, this exchange is bound to become more efficient, thus increasing your energy even more.

Replied by Samantha
(Lahaina, Hi)

RESPONSE TO: 02/16/2010: Al from Horn Lake, Ms- A great way to get your pH to raise and be more alkaline is to drink alkaline water made from an electrolysis process through a machine. I personally own a Kangen SD501 system and I am not affiliated with the company or selling them. There are other machines out there as my machine is probably 3x more expensive than the other company's, but after much research, I went with that machine and am very satisfied. The water is hooked in through a hose connected to the kitchen sink spout, the water goes thru a filter and then thru the 7 plates which uses a charge to separate the ions (H and OH-) and the water then flows out of the machine thru 2 spouts which they call acidic (H ) and alkaline (OH-) and you drink the alkaline water and can collect the acidic water for other uses. You can specify the pH level you want to come out of the machine. It's definitely a cool thing to look into and there is most likely a user in your area because it's so popular now and they will usually give you samples for at least a month of use to try before you buy kinda thing! Happy Hunting!

Replied by Libra1636
(Lake Worth, Florida)

I tried the Kangen water, but it did not help me at all. When I purchased the Vita-lizer Plus, which was a lot less money than the other machine, I noticed a difference right away. My oxygen level went up right away. It is even on Ed McCabe's web page who wrote the book on Oxygen Therapy.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

How do you test your oxygen levels??

Posted by Monsterhippy (Dallas, Tx/USA) on 01/02/2009

My wife was in the hospital before thanksgiving and they supposedly found a 3cm mass on the head her pancreas. But since we do not have medical coverage and they also would have determined this a pre-existing since she has Hepc also. We have put her on the H2O2 therapy about 5 days now and it seems her color is coming back and she is able to do things without getting sick and throwing up. Also the pain in her gut is gone and and she is starting to eat quite well now. She also has less depression and a better since of well being.

If this truly is healing her like we believe the pharmacutical companies and doctors should be ashamed of what they are putting people through in the name of cash revenue.

These are Gods miracle healers.

God bless you all at earthclinic.

Replied by Missie
(Centreville, VA)

go to the following sites for more info: www.hps-online.com/hoxy.htm


They go over the different dilutions, etc. Very good info.

Replied by Lisa
(Dixon, Il)

We have been reading the testimonials about the peroxide and healing cancer, I have cervical cancer and would like to know if anyone knows where to find the 0% peroxide and how much they used mixed with how much water and how long they did it. Anyone with information would be greatly appreciated. I keep hearing stories about someone who knows someone who did it but can't find anyone to talk to that did it themselves to find out how much, when, where, etc.... Thanks for any answers I can get, Lisa

Replied by Courtney
(Oregon, USA)

If you buy FG H2o2 online there is usually information posted about how to dose it. But I am mainly writing a reply because at the current age of 27, I have tested up to grade 2 in cervical cancerous lesions. I have been back and forth, had biopsies and numerous paps. I know that when I am diligent about my supplements, I always test healthy. Specifically, the supplements that make the most difference are:

DIM, folate(not folic acid), iodine, topical progesterone and some sort of liver support supplement (I take NOW's version)

Have your hormones tested, if they are out of whack you need to balance them.

I hear that when it comes to female issues the cause is often hormones. It was for me.. I had my blood tested back in Jan and my estrogen levels were 597(wayyy to high for a 28 yearold with out children) and my progesterone was waaay too low.

After several months of supplementation I retested and had another pap. Pap is normal and all my hormones are balancing.

(Big Rapids)

Start Turmeric...........It is fantastic...also use a lot of pepper with it to increase absorption up to 20 times....

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

C: This is a good protocol your using as noted with positive results, except one thing needs fine tuning. Methylation is very important and simply taking folate isn't near good enough. For best methylation take 1000mcg B-12 w/ 500 mcg Folic Acid or Folate + 500mg TMG, or 200-400mg Sam-e.

Posted by Carol (La Verne, CA) on 05/08/2008


I've been a fan of Earth Clinic's remedies for a long time. Had success with oil pulling, leaching out fluoride, ACV with baking soda, but one remedy I have to warn against is the oxygen therapy for cancer. I have breast cancer and tried the HBOT (oxygen tank). It was $6,000 for 40 sessions. At the end of these sessions my tumor grew from a large grape size to a large grapefruit size. In addition I tried soaking in Hydrogen Peroxide and taking Bill's spray. This irritated the tumor and sprouted another tumor in my lymph node area under my arm. Later from a doctor I found out that that a lot of cancer patients using external remedied applied cause the tumors to grow out of the skin and cause other more serious problems. So I just want to warn those of you with cancer to be weary.

Replied by Danette
(Olive Branch, MS)

Has anyone head about apricot seed (a natural cure for cancer)? You should do research on it.Very informative stuff and it really truely works.

Replied by Simona
(Irvine, CA)

Carol, For help w/Cancer look into red grape cleansing & detoxing. See the book "the Grape Cure", by Johanna Brandt. www.thegrapecure.com

Also read about cayenne pepper and its powerful effects in healing/reversing cancer. Take 40,000 H.U.(capsule) 3x/p/day to start, and best after a meal or with apple juice, do not take on empty stomach, it will be uncomfortable. Best success & blessings to you. S.

Replied by Becky
(Springer, Oklahoma)

mentioning different therapies....has anyone read or heard of essiac?? it's an herbal blend handed down by Ojibwa medicine woman in Canada many years ago.

EC: Yes, we have a remedies page for it! https://www.earthclinic.com/remedies/essiac-tea.html

Replied by Emme
(Miami, Fl)

Hi All~thanx for your advice and stories. I'm on day 3 of the HP 35% food grade therapy (with colloidal silver) 3 x a day and am so excited. I am suffering from Eppstein Barr and intestinal and bladder issues. I am hoping this will do the trick and will keep you all posted. I too am taking 1TBSP of ACV with 1TBSP of olive leaf extract seperately 3 times a day. The olive leaf makes the ACV much more manageable to swollow. Warm Regards

Replied by Branda
(Detroit, Mi)

I need help with the H2O2 protocol. I believe I'm OK with the doseage but am not sure about taking my thyroid medication and the type of food to eat and not to get. Anyone have suggestions on the best procedure when taking H2O2. Also, can I take vitamins? And do I need enzymes? Thanks.

Replied by Johnna
(Frederick, Maryland)

My Reply to: 01/28/2013: Branda from Detroit, Mi:

"I need help with the H2O2 protocol.... Anyone have suggestions on the best procedure when taking H2O2. Also, can I take vitamins? And do I need enzymes?

I have taken 35% H202 for 20 years, in addition to IV every month for 17 years. I have Systemic Candidiasis and would be dead without it! Also, I have been unable to digest my food for 17 years, because I no longer make hydrochloric acid or digestive enzymes. I tried everything on the market and have found what products really work. Malnutrition has perminantly damaged my body, so my research and study of nutrition has also caused me to investigate vitamin supplements. I have wasted thousands of dollars on products that made me worse, so I would be happy to share with you what I have learned and help you avoid unnecessary expense and delay. You may email me at ihsai [at]hughes [dot] net. I look forward to meeting you.

Replied by Vicki

Laetrile Is actually vitamin B17 And the apricot pit Is what laetrile is B-17 is extremely good for cheers. My ex-husband had cancer, was given 6 months to live Laetrile which is B-17 Is what he got from Mexico. It was not available here. He took that Nutrients 8 healthy foods Vitamins Many prayers

Went back to the doctor they tested his blood They said whatever you're doing keep doing it because there is no cancer in your blood The doctors were amazed when he told them what he did It's been 45 years and he's still alive and healthy.

Posted by Tom J. (USA) on 03/05/2008

Greetings, I have been doing research on Oxygen Therapy and sure enough your site was the first to come up.

In an article you state "To quote from the article: "The idea behind ingesting hydrogen peroxide stems from a now-discredited theory that cancer and AIDS thrive on a lack of oxygen in the body." ....

Upon further investigation I have found studies that discredit the claim that cancer thrives on a lack of oxygen on the body. I reference you to Aisenberg, A. Energy Pathways of Hepatoma No. 5123. Nature 191 pages 1314-1315. 1961.

I would also like to reference you to http://www.quackwatch.org/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/Cancer/oxygen.html

I have checked a number of these sources and have found them to be valid. I do not intend to argue the claims of the effectiveness of H2O2 used by some of your subscribers, as it clearly has worked for them. Rather I wish to argue the means by which it is effective. H2O2 is rapidly degraded by normal elements in the body, superoxide dismutase for instance. Any amount of H2O2 taken into the body is quite negligable, and furthermore has no appreciable affect of O2 concentrations in the blood. Tom

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, TN)
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Hello Tom, After reading your response I decided that you have a good handle on researching, but a good researcher researches both sides of the issue. Have you researched the yea side as well as the nay side, or have you dared try any of them yourself?

I have, and I'll share some of it with you. After reading about oral and IV hydrogen peroxide therapy several years ago and the results obtained, I tried the oral route. Yuck! & my stomach rebelled. Not wanting to go the IV route, I quit it. After reading about Bill's inhalation route and realizing that if he was still around to write about it, (my thanks to you Bill) it wasn't likely to kill me outright), I tried it. Again, thanks to you, Bill, no untoward effects, and it did loosen up and thin the glue (mucus) in my head and chest so I could get it out. Now that I have found it to be safe and somewhat effective, I won't hesitate to recommend it to anyone else, nor will I hesitate to continue using it. How I wish I had known about this a few years back when I caught pertussis (whooping cough) and my favorite cough syrup (half ACV/half honey)wasn't as effective as it usually was. I must have drank 3 pints of it- can't say that it wasn't working since I am still here to tell you about it- but there was several times times that I came very close to dialing 911 and hoping they got here in time.

I remember when my now grown son developed a simple ring worm in the right temporal area which wosened with use of an ointment that had worked in the past. I took him to the family doctor, told him what I used that just worsened it - passing that one up he tried several others with the same results, over next 3-4 weeks, then referring us to 2 of Nashville's prominent prominent dermatologists.

By the time we got to the derrmatologists, his ringworm had developed into a kerion (much bigger and with some hair missing, and pus pockets through out the affected area. After both of them looking at it, one of them said "a cat ringworm or I'll take down my shingle". Several weeks later, still going to the dermatologists, and still worsening with their treatment, I received a culture report from the state health dept. that said "no pathogenic fungi". You just don't know how close I came to putting a hammer in my purse for the next scheduled appt. and telling him I was going to help him take down his shingle!

Upon returning home, my lovely neighbor who watched the other 3 children while we made another expensive trip to the dermatologists, looked at his kerion and said, "the old folks just rubbed ring worms with green walnuts. (meaning the green hulls on black walnuts). Although it was late fall, we managed to find about 3 walnuts with green hulls. Immediately after they came in the door, I sliced a little bit off one walnut and rubbed the open area all over that kerion, repeating it a second time before putting him to bed. I could see a big improvement the next morning. On his next derm appt. a couple of days later, the dermatologists looked and said "well, its finally looking better" to which I replied "yes, green walnuts work real well, don't they?" Looking surprised, he remarked ("yes, but they burn real bad". Angry by now because he apparently knew this and hadn't bothered to tell me about an effective treatment, I said exactly what I thought - "Hellfire man, haven't you ever noticed the tears rolling down this child's face when you were poking around in those pus pockets with needles. He didn't do that while I was applying the green walnut". We weren't told to make another appointment. I long since forgave him for not telling me, becaused I now realize that the strongest union in the country (American Medical Assn.) goes after any MD found recommending something they have no control over. Neither will the pharmaceutical companies tell you about anything they can't patent. It's job security! You have to go to places like Earth Clinic or lovely neighbors to glean such useful information.

Several years later, this same neighbor told me I should take take poke berries for severe joint pain. I then asked her if she was trying to kill me because I had always been told that they were poison. She replied that they never hurt her aunt who had been taking them for years, still getting about in her 80's. When she didn't back down after I reminded her that if anything happened to me she had to finish raising my children, I decided to try them. Very effective and no side effects at all. Very remarkable, as you know, if you have been keeping up with the class action lawsuits to get damages for the strokes, heart attacks, etc. from the makers of Viox! Everybody I have told about this and tried it has had the same improvement without unwanted side effects.

I will warn you that if you decide to try it, swallow them whole - they don't do your taste buds any favors! If you want to research this, a good place to start is the federal government's data base on plants- don't use poke sallet for the common name - type in pokeweed. You find some amazing things are contained in these so-called weeds that God and Mother Nature grows wild for us to pick and take for free. You might also be surprised at the people who have been and still researching this lowly weed and what they have found. The pharmaceutical companies can keep their preparations that they have isolated from the plant extracts and developed a synthetic version that they can patent & make a fortune on - thanks to pokeberries, I am still able to get out and gather my own pokeberries, keeping the failsafe ingredients, that prevent the unwanted side effects that the synthetic versions cause! I am thankful for the results and I don't care whether it may come partly from the placebo effect or whether its all from the chemicals in the plants or HP. It works, and I never argue with success! Nor do I argue with the creator of that plant, for he/she is smarter than any one scientist or any group of scientist.

Have fun researching those plants, Tom. I did and still do!

Replied by Trish
(Kansas City, MO)

In response to Tom...not to sound as if I'm attacking you but you reference 'quackwatch.com' as grounds to try and 'disprove' the marvels of H2O2 therapy. Quackwatch was created by and is operated by a MEDICAL DOCTOR, someone who obviously doesn't want patients turning to homeopathic and alternative treatments to cure what ails them. If everyone in the U.S. and Western Europe started practing what people in the East have done for centuries, there would be a lot of physicians out of a job. They are trained in diagnosing and prescription-writing, not curing an illness with nutrition or any other natural remedy...and they run the risk of losing their licenses to practice medicine if they do give such advice. If everyone who has cancer in this country ran out and started buying peroxide to kill off the growth just think what would be at jeopardy....TRILLIONS of dollars for the pharmacies and governement. No wonder there 'studies' attempting to disprove such theories. Also, you cannot always believe every study that has been 'published' and in plain sight for all the public to see. Many studies have been 'fixed' or do not give accurate findings. For instance, if an FDA scientist has financial ties with someone (and most do) or could reap the benefites of a 'bonus' just from saying a new drug is now okay to place on the market, he/she is very inclinced to pass a drug as being safe even if it hasn't been tested long enough or even shows having problems. This senario is sadly true and there are scientists who have spoken out against drugs being passed too swiftly for sale. But you will never read those interviews and if you do, you did some serious research and dirt-digging like I have (or you know 'insiders'). So just because we have 'studies' that discredit the theory of H2O2 having an effect on cancer groth by flooding the body with oxygen doesn't mean that the therapy doesn't work. Even if this particular study had valid findings, please compare one study to millions of people all over the world who use peroxide therapy and the success stories they have. The FDA tries everything in it's power to discredit natural remedies by stating none of them have been tested in an FDA-approved laboratory. So what?! If people on the other side of the world have been doing something for 2,000+ years to cure a common cold and it has worked, I would safely conclude there's some truth to the remedy. I have been using H2O2 therapy for quite a while now and have enjoyed many of it's benefits. I may not be fighting cancer (not knowingly anyhow), but I never have to rely on coffee of other substances to get going in the morning, especially if I didn't get enough sleep. Several drops of peroxide in my first few glasses of water in the morning really wake me up and help me become alert. The inhalation method has helped me break up moucus in my chest from an old cold. Since started the therapy I haven't caught a single cold or bout of flu. The only time I have gotten a cold was from a week of VERY little sleep due to an extremely stressful situation that had occured a while back. Other than that cold, I haven't been sick once. I was around 8 or 9 people almost everyday at work this winter who were constantly sick a flu that kept going around and I was the ONLY person who never got sick. Using it in a steam bath has made my skin glow and look very youthful. I could go on and on, but I'm just trying to get across a simple point. There are many people who have a lot to lose as Americans educate themselves more on the miracles of natural remedies and using things that God has provided us with naturally to cure disease. Drugs do NOT cure diseases! They only cover up the symptoms. I don't care what the FDA states, and I don't care about their threats. They want us to stay sick so we keep running back to buy drugs and fatten up the wallets of Big Pharma, medical doctor, and the FDA. It's a vicious cycle that needs to be broken, and people need to educate themselves and learn the truth about our healthcare system.

Replied by Terry
(Saint Louis, USA)

This is in response to Trish in Kansas City who makes reference to the "Quackwatch" site. This site was created by a Stephen Barrett who IS NOT a licensed MD or a licensed anything! In 2007 he lost a couple of lawsuits that he initiated against Ted Koren, DC. During the proceedings the truth about Barrett came out. He failed his board exams and was denied licensure as an MD. His training was in the psych field. Do a google search on him. He is the Quack!

Replied by Hawk
(West Palm Beach, Florida)

Tom J., The link you listed is from Quackwatch. That site would not be biased in anyway towards any remedy that is not allopathic in nature, now would it? Tom, please this is the wrong place to try and infiltrate with FDA and Big Pharma biased negativity, which BTW, quackwatch is a part of.

Replied by Dark Shadows Follow Me
(Formerly West Palm Beach, Fl)

I am right on with your sentiments Hawk! Bartlett is the quack who needs to be watched. I ordered some of the 35% fghp online but then I saw the warnings about it so it has been sitting in my cabinet. I am reconsidering giving it a try. BTW what is the best water to take it with and also any hesitation about taking it while taking other supplements (obviously wait 2 hours and empty stomach, etc. Btw is this the same Hawk that was the housemanager for the veterans home? I did some community service there several years ago. If it is you hope your doing well and bless you for the job you are doing for the vets and my apologies if I was a bit of a slacker who didn't follow through back in those days. I have my act together these days and I have stayed out of trouble since! I even went back to school and am working on a graduate degree. Lesson learned..

Replied by Mikejames
(Huntington Beach, Ca, Usa)

Don't bring that blasphemy here. Quackwatch is the scam.





Posted by Tara (Los Angeles, California) on 05/31/2007

I just called my uncle to tell him about hydrogen peroxide (who has throat cancer, though it's in remission), and, I got all excited about it--that I had read here that it had cured some people's cancers, etc, and he just laughed, then said, "Tara--that's why my cancer is in remission."

He said he had stumbled upon this treatment accidently, when 20 years he swallowed some hydrogen peroxide (not on purpose) while brushing his teeth one day.

Then he said--"it just made me feel better, so I continued to do it".

Since then, he's been drinking one 16oz glass of water with a little hydrogen peroxide every day for the last 20 years. He said even though he still has a tumor, it hasn't changed since he started this treatment, and like he said, he's still alive. (The doctors are "baffled", because they think he should have died a long time ago.) [I wish we could hold some kind of conference to exchange these stories--you don't know me, and I don't know you, but if you knew me, you'd know, that I was only writing this because it's the truth, and I'm writing it in the hopes it might keep someone else's loved one alive after a diagnosis of cancer for 20 years too. It's so crazy to think about it (because it counters everything we've grown to believe), that I still have a hard time things like this myself, but after reading about this therapy, then talking my uncle--a lot more lives could be saved if we dropped the propaganda and started having open discussions about human health, irrelevant of money and power--]

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Replied by David A
(Colton, Ca)

Wow! I hope he wasn't taking Over the counter 3% HP.... If you are drinking it.. You must drink FOOD GRADE HPonly... & it must be diluted in cup of glass of water distilled or filtered... LOL ;)

Replied by Steven

RE: "a lot more lives could be saved if we dropped the propaganda and started having open discussions about human health, irrelevant of money and power"

The propaganda will never be dropped as long as authorized psychopathic medicine (see https://www.rolf-hefti.com/covid-19-coronavirus.html), which is almost all about "money and power, " is the dominant official mainstream brand of medicine.

And since there's a lack of willingness in most people to examine and face and fight the daily propaganda of psychopathic medicine nothing much will ever change on this plight. History over the last 150+ years proves the validity of this statement.

Posted by John (Birmingham, AL) on 03/03/2007

NOTE: I don't know what the laws are and I don't want to get sued. Use my information at your own risk. I'm just trying to help in any way I can, because NO ONE should have to go through what I went through - numbing devastation and fear. If this helps you, PLEASE spread the word!

3 skin cancer growths on my face cured in a WEEK of applying Hydrogen Peroxide on them - HOW YOU APPLY could mean the difference between EFFECTIVE, or NOT (read further for detailed explanation). (NOTE: I use a lot of repetition, to make sure you understand exactly what I'm referring to.)

I would definitely recommend trying this before you try bloodroot.

THANK GOD!! WOW! I'm still shocked it worked and it took only a WEEK!!! How is this possible that people don't know about this and a truth so simple is not known by everyone is beyond me.

My story and how I used Hydrogen Peroxide 3% to cure my skin cancers: Over the period of two years two cancerous growths appeared on my face (nose); one of them was growing very slow the other one faster. Then in less then a year another one appeared on my face as well - on the side of my nose very close to my eye. That one was growing at an alarming rate. All those growths hurt with unusual intensity when touched and had tiny veins but they were not moles. They were kind of the color of my skin except more red and at times really red. I applied just about every fruit on them I could think of with what seemed no effect. I was getting worried and felt helpless. I begged God to help me and I searched a lot. I found this great site and read that there have been reports that Hydrogen Peroxide cured melanoma. I was going to try the eggplant and white vinegar remedy, but was worried about the fumes from the vinegar being so close to my eye. So I decided to try the Hydrogen Peroxide first. At first it didn't seem to have any effect at all. I was getting so worried by that point because the spot close to my eye was growing even faster and by then it was about 5 millimeters in diameter and just few months ago it was a tiny spot. In my helplessness.


I took a cotton swab and soaked it in Hydrogen Peroxide and kept rubbing the cancerous growth with the Hydrogen Peroxide soaked cotton swab until the growth was soaked in the Hydrogen Peroxide and was white. It stung badly, but I didn't care, I just wanted these things gone. I was so desperate, my eyes watered every time I looked at the spots on my face. After the soaking of the growths I applied cotton soaked in Hydrogen Peroxide on them. NOTE: when soaking the skin with Hydrogen Peroxide make sure you don't do it to the healthy skin, because even though it is more resistant to getting white and soaked with the Hydrogen Peroxide, it will also get white after a while. If healthy tissue gets white like that, let it air out until it regains its normal color. So do the soaking to the unhealthy tissue only or as close as you can get. After soaking and making it white apply soaked in Hydrogen Peroxide cotton ball on the growth and when the cotton gets dry, wet it with more Hydrogen Peroxide. How it worked was: the soaked cancerous growth after a while formed as crust much like what happens with a normal sore. The strangest thing is I see no scars it flattened it out like it was never there..IN A WEEK!!! Even the fast growing one!! I'M STILL IN SHOCK. I tried SO many things. THANK GOD. THANK GOD!!!

Replied by John

In my previous email to you, I forgot to mention:

1. I stopped drinking tap water and started drinking purified water when I was doing my Hydrogen Peroxide therapy.

2. I tried applying the Raspberry Skin Cream well known to cure skin cancer to the cancerous growths on my face for weeks, but it didn't work for me - I noticed no difference. I have heard the Raspberry Skin Cream worked well for many people after about two weeks.

3. Also I forgot to mention when I started my Hydrogen Peroxide I also started using air purifier that is running 24/7 in my bedroom.

Melanoma Cures
Mole Cures

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Replied by Christine
(Shoreline, Wa)

John, I realize this is nearly 7 yrs after your post, but I do have a question if you're still out there: did you use 3% HP or 35% food grade HP, or both?

Replied by Maureen
(Etobicoke, Ontario)

Hi Christine, in case John does not see your question, he says in the beginning of his post that he used 3% hydrogen peroxide.

Replied by Mark
(Walden, Ny)

Sir, very happy for you. What strength H2O2 did you use? Food grade or standard drug store type? Thanx and continued good health!

Posted by Cindy (Austin, TX) on 01/15/2007

My friend who cured his cancer (huge 2 grapefruit tumor in stomach) used food grade h202 in a bath (2 cups per bath) and soaking in it (not eyes) for 20 minutes to infuse vessels with oxygen. this combined with ozone water 2x's a day, diet and exercise and he has eliminated cancer. Do you know of any other people using Hydrogen peroxide (food grade) this way?


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Posted by Ben (Gold Coast, Qld Australia) on 02/17/2011


I have been struggling with various health issues for a decade now. My white blood cell count has been high for that entire period. Western medicine has failed me completely - the doctors/specialist have no idea whats causing my troubles.

I believe it is a candida problem.

I am desperate so I tried first the H2O2 inhalation method for a few months - amazing results. Much better quality of sleep. Increased energy. Faster reflexes. Happy mood.

I did develop a rather painfull cough during this treatment but I believe thats simply a moron problem. (I still smoke)

Next I moved on the H2O2 internal use therapy. This has been an extremely hard road. I took me almost 3 months to get up to 25 drops. I had to take it slowly due to side effects. (nothing too bad though - I was able to work the entire period)

Once I hit 25 drops 3 times a day all hell broke loose.

I should point out at this point my taking the dose 3 times a day became patchy, sometimes I could only make myself do it twice a day.

First off I got an extremely nasty rash all over my neck (both sides) and one side of my face. These rashes had pimple like heads that would break and become infected. At one point for about 3 days I couldn't even turn my neck - it was that swallen. I ended up treating this with DermAid (a hydrocortisone 0. 5% cream) It was almost 2 weeks before I could shave again. (and even then it was not a good experience)

Once the rash was under control I managed to get the dose back up to 25 drops x 3 times a day. At this point during the treatment whenever I took at dose I would go to sleep within about 45mins for 2-3 hours. The rash issue was ongoing but never severe. My toilet experience was all over the place. I developed a severe brain fog. I had both kidney and liver pain. (some days unable to stable upright) I could no longer continue the treatment and work. Life being what it is I had to take breaks from the treatment whenever any mission critical work came up that I could not put off. I did power on with the treatment. (by this point I had decided I would continue with treatment no matter what - like I said I am desperate for a fix)

I have been able to take an entire week off work now and manged to dose myself properly (25drops x 3 times a day) for 5 days. By the 5th day I feared for my life. (it is day 7 of this period now)

I developed flu like symptoms. I grew a pimple like sore on my face which has burst and has been pumping out crazy amounts of puss. (on my chin) When it was at it's peak it felt like I needed root canels on half my teeth! The swelling was substantial. I started developing a boil on my butt.

Any cut no matter how small gets massively infected. I somehow nicked myself while sleeping one night. (an extremely small scratch - maybe 2mm) That turned into my finger swelling right up within a few hours. Funnily enough I treat these infections with 3% h2o2 - works a charm. (I have had several now) Both my nostrals grew zits inside them which have become infected. trust me when I tell you - this drives you nuts especially with the flu like symptoms.

Being the sucker for punishment that I am I decided to go see my GP and tell him what I was doing to see what his opinion was. What a waste of time. I was told western medicine does not believe it any form of detox and that all my problems are psychosomatic. He then proceeded to give me a depression test which actually showed I am quite positive person these days. (I was not before I alkalised my body but thats another story)

I believe the cause of my suffering is candida toxins/poisons flooding my system as they die.

I remain confident that h2o2 will change my life - regardless of the extreme side effects I have suffered.

The purpose behind this post is 2 things -

1> I want to do my bit in making sure that people out there considering h2o2 treatment realise how rough it can be. *** please note I have not described all side effects just the worst in my experience.

2> I am hoping someone who has completed the h2o2 internal therapy with similar problems might consider contacting me and telling me its been worth it for them

If anyone has any questions, ideas, thoughts (good or bad) please feel free to message me. Due to size of post concerns I have left quite a bit out of this.

I will post again once I have finished the therapy.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

should you take less, even if it might take longer to heal?

Replied by George
(Melbourne, Australia)

Ben, I was on H2o2, 35% food grade for 4 months and I stopped it. I was taking 3-4 drops in the morning only as my lifestyle did not allow me to take drops during the day.

I started off well but in the 4 month, I became very ill. It started with a runny nose, congestion and then this cough. I was virtually coughing ever minute, phlegm production, wheezing, etc. The dr told me my lungs are congested and he could hear crackles. I was bed ridden for 2 weeks. It has taken me 8 weeks and the coughing has just stopped now, I still produce a bit of phlegm but my voice is now hoarse.

I stopped the H2O2 as soon as I became sick. I was worried the hydrogen caused me to become sick. This could have been part of the detoxing process but I had to stop taking H2O2 as I would get worse by taking it.

I am starting to get better but definitely not 100% yet.

Through my research I have now started taking Herb Robert which help with providing more oxygen in the body.

Replied by Joslyn
(Salt Lake City, Ut)

For the last year I have been trying to talk myself into the Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy. I have it in my freezer, and every time I open it to get out various things one needs from a freezer... There it is. I would very much like an update on your condition! Did you continue with it? If so, how are you doing now?! Thank you!

Replied by Berdene
(Olive Branch, Ms)

Google The many Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide by Dr. David G Williams. This has been a life saver - litterally, such great advice and knowledge from this man. You can only better yourself from peroxide usage, do not be afraid!

Replied by George
(Melbourne, Australia)

Joslyn, I am still not 100 per cent.... I have been to a qualified GP but practices eastern medicine and he seems to think the HP killed off all of the good bacteria in my stomach and lowered my immune system thus why I became sick...... I definitely have not been this sick for at last 15 years..... My personnel view is if you take HP make sure you take a probiotic, don't take it for a long period of time and take some form of antioxidant.... I will never use this stuff again.... P. S... I have a friend of mine who has been on HP for over 12 months and he swears it is the best thing... No side effects or anything...... Maybe my immune system could not cope with the cleansing process..... I really don't know.......

Replied by Anne
(Southport, Queensland, Australia)

George from Melbourne, your story and Ben's are interesting. I just want to tell you that Kefir is a much better probiotic than anything you can buy in the stores. It is a type of yogurt with much more live enzymes. The starter can be purchased on ebay for about $10 shipped. It is miraculous stuff that makes you feel great and gives lots of energy. It seems to me that one aspect that many people ignore when taking h2o2 and large amounts of iodine, is that these substances kill off bacteria and probably all the good bacteria too. Without intestinal flora to break down food you can feel very unwell. I only started taking kefir a week ago along with large doses of iodine (at different times of the day of course) and I noticed the difference very soon after. I had been taking very expensive probiotics before that. I am now starting the h202 treatment, gone up to 16 drops of food grade 35% in three days and so far no negative reactions.

Replied by Stephanie
(Phoenix, Az)

I have discovered I have horrible systemic Candida, I recently found an excellent homeopathic doctor who suggested IV Ozone therapy. It took literally 15 minutes totally painless, no side effects and after two treatments I believe its about all cured. I have one more treatment and feel like a miracle has been performed. It systemically kills all microorganisims that includes all bacteria and yeast. So it takes care of multiple issues. Anyone trying FGHP should look into it.

Replied by Ds
(Us, Usa)

To Joslyn, I had to chuckle when reading your post, because it sounded like me. I was so proud when I finally got the nerve to purchase the 35% HP (lucky I found some locally), stuck it in the freezer, and like you left it there for quite a while, lol. Kept trying to get up the nerve to at least dilute it. I think it was in there about 6 months, and then just recently I made up a 3% batch of it, put a nice label on it and that's as far as I've gotten so far, lol. I have had the nerve to try the borax in a liter of water, but only drink a small glass of it here and there. Never a whole liter in a day--I want to start doing at least that though. I would like to know if even just one drop of the hydrogren peroxide in the liter of borax water would be of benefit. If so, I think I could bring myself to at least start there. I want to thank Ben and others for sharing their experiences, that is so helpful. I'd also like to share that I use a spoonful of sauerkraut before any meal or snack--I'm not sure what it does, but it really seems to help.

Replied by Jovitas Liberis

I would like to hear, how it going on you with h202 remedy,? I have candida too I am so desperate so I tried to starve C.bacteria, I am on diet for now at over at least 2years yes I feel way more better but I still have problems with digestion, skin problems. I started to to drink 3 drops/day 35% H2O2 food grade with glass of water. I feel a bit energy but also some strange pain in my abdomal so according you, H2o2 helps to kill Candida? Should I comtinue my H2o2 therapy? That's my dilema

Replied by Whisperingsage
(N Ca)
45 posts

The difficulty is a herximer reaction. AKA detox. I usually power through those, but you can reduce your dose to make it more tolerable. There's always the chance that that therapy is not for you, we are all different, but that is up to you to decide.

Posted by Randy (Jersey City, Nj) on 09/13/2010

I am interested in using oral H202 dosing to treat my long-standing candida issue. I see that one must generally take each dose on an empty stomach (4 hours after, 1 hour before eating). For a 3x daily dosing schedule, that adds up to 15 hours with little time to eat. Is it Ok to do these dosages all in the morning after waking, one hour apart? Thank you!

Posted by Randy (Jersey City, Nj) on 09/13/2010

I am interested in using oral H202 dosing to treat my long-standing candida issue. I see that one must generally take each dose on an empty stomach (4 hours after, 1 hour before eating). For a 3x daily dosing schedule, that adds up to 15 hours with little time to eat. Is it Ok to do these dosages all in the morning after waking, one hour apart? Thank you!

Posted by Melodye (Casa Grande, Arizona) on 02/11/2008

I was ill for 2 years with severe candida throughout my entire body. Nothing worked to take away the pain from infected ovaries, kidneys, urinary tract, bowel etc... as I was given copious amounts of antibiotics to supposedly cure me - I just got sicker. Some elderly lady in a health food store told me to do a total elimination diet. I subsisted on short grain brown rice and steamed vegetables with distilled water for 2 months coupled with food grade hydrogen peroxide in specific amounts and intervals. On the third month I was finally pain-free the candida completely gone! It was a miracle and 15 years later I'm as normal as can be and am able to eat and drink whatever I want. I still take the H202 and aloe vera juice or Cider Vinegar in the mornings and am very aware of what I eat and drink. Being sick teaches you a lot of lessons. It also told me about the power of prayer and positive thinking.

Replied by Sophie
(Melbourne, Victoria Australia)

Hello, I am interested in the person who cured her candida with H2O2. i would like to know exact measurements as i also have candida. Many thanks.

Replied by Guibert
(Leuven, Belgium)

I read a lot about curing candidiasis. Cures are often so complicated that one becomes ill by reading them. How about H2O2 ? How to use it, what to eat - not to eat - during the cure ?

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Guibert, Google Donna Gates or go to The Body Ecology Diet on facebook and there is a whole system in place that tells you exactly what to do when and what to eat/not eat all set up for you! It's really quite amazing and well thought out with lots of recipes and ideas to help with cleaning the body but very much with candida in mind as well. Hope this helps you, Lisa

Replied by Tina
(Utrecht, Netherlands)

Why is everyone feeling so good while taking the hydrogen peroxide and am I feeling so awful? I started taking it about 5 weeks ago, 1 drop 3 x a day, 1 hour before and 3 hours after meals. I use 35 % food grade in distilled water. And I went to 20 drops 3x a day and I couldn't take it any longer, felt so terribly sick, I went to 2 x 20 drops and have been there for a few weeks now. I am amazed at these people that have more energy, I still feel terrible. I hate the taste of the stuff and after taking it, I get a high heart rate and my stomach protests to the point where I just do not have to vomit. This lasts about half an hour. Is this my body detoxifying or what is this? I have been on the 20 drops for a while now, as I read that if you feel bad, you should stay at that dosage until you feel better. So I am waiting. . . I started the hydrogen peroxide cure because I have a dermoid cyst that will have to be removed by surgery on Aug. 31 and hoped that this would cure it. If it wouldn't cure it, I would at least be detoxed and in better shape for the surgery. I must say that I react really sensitive to everything- homeopathic medicines work within minutes for me. Could that have something to do with it? My biggest worry is that I feel my heart rate going up to 100 per minute. Is this normal and does anyone know why this is? Would it be harmful to my heart? I would not be able to ask my doctor, he will tell me that all this natural stuff is a big LIE and will not support me with this. He scheduled surgery for me. Should I taper off? I do make sure that I drink enough distilled water 2-3 liters with a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar included. Any advice is very welcome because right now all I can think about is just quitting the hydrogen peroxide cure and going back to 0!


I believe you are only supposed to use 3%. 35% is way too strong. Dilute your peroxide to 3%.

Good luck

Replied by Sharon
(Park City, Utah)

Hi Tina,

I'm just starting the H2O2 therapy, I'm now at 11 drops 3x a day. I'm trying to cure my rheumatoid arthritis. My affected areas are more inflamed and swollen that they were before going on this therapy. I'm hoping that things will kick in soon. Can you tell me what you eventually did? Did you stop your therapy or continue, did you have your surgery?

I hope you were able to resolve your issues.

Take care,

Replied by Samantha
(San Diego, Ca, Usa)

Tina from Utrecht, Netherlands
Tina what concerns me is that you say you are using 35% food grade but you never mention that you diluted it to down to 3%. I sincerely HOPE you diluted it. If you read correctly - you take the 35% food grade and dilute it DOWN to 3% and THEN use a few drops. NOT A FEW DROPS AT 35%. That is terrifying and I hope you just typed it wrong.

Replied by Jim
(South Carolina, Usa)

Hydrogen Peroxide (that's the 35% foodgrade)... I do NOT dilute down to 3% and then use the drops of it that way. I consume the full strength 35% drops in water or juice or whatever. Diluting the 35% down to 3% is not what was told me on this site. I am using an eyedropper and dripping the 35% right into the liquid and then consuming it. Because when you drip it into the water or juice it becomes diluted by adding it that way. You, of course do not drink it full strength at the 35% strength.. It must be placed in at least 3-5 ounces of liquid first.. I bet if you did consume it full strength that you certainly won't do it again (picture Old Faithful erupting at Yellowstone Park). It might harm you in some way so don't do this. I have had no reactions whatsoever to using the 35% as I have just mentioned. However, neither are you supposed to create a 3% solution out of 35% and then use it as this will simply be way, way too weak.

Replied by Samdi230
(Brantford , Ontario Canada)

To Tina from Utrecht
I read your post I was wondering did you use 35% FG h2o2 full strink? if yes that is your problem it must be dilut it when it come to h2o2 less is better- go for 3% no more sam

Replied by Chw777
(Atlanta, GA)

No, no, no. You do not dilute the 35% down to 3%. You dilute the 35% by putting drops into 6 ounces of water. THe 3% is only for the spray method that Bill Munroe does.

Canker Sores

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Posted by C (Jacksonville, FL) on 09/15/2006

my daughter 8 had a ugly mouth ulcer, looks like a cold sore but between her gum and cheek, was a slit it her mouth and white. I had her use 3% peroxide full strength 2 times a day, in the meantime her toothache stopped and the ugly mouth ulcer is gone. I'm looking to buy the food grade h202 to keep in the freezer, after diluting some in a other container too. H202 has soo many benefits.

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