Top Natural Treatments for Heart Disease (Cardiovascular Disease)

| Modified on Jul 23, 2023
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Heart Disease Remedies.

Heart disease is a fearful diagnosis. Everyone knows you need your heart to be working to live. And you need it working well to live well. Ideally, home remedies are used to prevent heart disease, but even if you already have a problem with your heart, natural remedies can often improve your heart health significantly.

Natural remedies that are reported by Earth Clinic readers to help heart disease include apple cider vinegar, a variety of herbs, supplements and dietary changes.

What is Heart Disease?

Heart disease is an umbrella term for a number of different problems related to the heart and the blood vessels. It is also called Cardiovascular Disease, or CVD.

Heart disease can be a silent health problem, until it become severe, or it can cause a range of chronic or acute symptoms. These conditions include heart attacks, strokes, build up in the arteries, irregular heart rates, and high blood pressure.

Natural Remedies for Heart Disease

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is commonly taken in water on a regular basis. This tonic has valuable nutrients in it and helps to alkalize the body.


There are a number of herbs which are used to strengthen the heart and prevent disease. These herbs can be taken as supplements or you can include them regularly in your diet.


Dried and powdered cayenne pepper is considered by herbalists to be a heart tonic. Its high content of vitamin A, C and Zinc may contribute to its heart benefit. It is a stimulant herb and removes congestion from the circulatory system. It is a natural blood regulator.

Research has even found that capsician, the main component of cayenne, when used topically, significantly reduced cardiac cell death during a heart attack!1


Like cayenne, ginger is a stimulant herb. It has blood purifying properties and is common in heart tonics, especially in combination with cayenne pepper since it tends to tone down the shock to the stomach that cayenne can cause. Ginger is an herb used to reduce cholesterol.


Garlic has blood thinning properties. It also is used for high cholesterol, blood clots, and arteriosclerosis.


The berries of the hawthorn plant are dried and powdered. This heart tonic is used by herbalists to treat high or low blood pressure, arrhythmia, heart palpitations, and congestive heart failure.


Motherwort is an herb that is especially useful for women who have heart irregularities during menopause. It can relieve a racing heart and palpitations. Possibly it helps with these issues because of its calming effect on the system.

The 5 Mix

The Five Mix is a home made tonic to be taken daily to prevent or heal heart problems. It combines herbs, vinegar, citrus and honey in a special recipe. Find out how to make this tonic on this page!

Vitamins and Supplements


CoQ10 is a coenzyme that is in every cell of your body. It is an antioxidant and helps your body to repair cells. CoQ10 deficiency has been linked to heart problems.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps the circulatory system by thinning the blood. It is best to use the natural form of vitamin E, d alpha tocopherol.


Magnesium is needed by your body for many functions, including keeping your heart rate regular. Its relaxing effect on the body is important as well.

Nattokinase and Serrapeptase

The enzymes nattokinase and serrapeptase are used to clear congestion in the heart and blood vessels by breaking down non-living tissue. These enzymes are commonly used for blood clots, cholesterol and high blood pressure. Either or both enzymes can be used. Some supplements contain both.

Lifestyle Changes


A poor diet can certainly be a factor in heart disease. If your diet is lacking in nutrients, your will starve your heart of necessary vitamins and minerals that are critical for its function. Additionally, certain chemicals, like MSG, can aggravate heart problems.

Focus on eating a variety of whole foods. Avoid processed foods and fast foods.

Drink plenty of water or herbal tea. Limit coffee, tea and soda. In fact, some with heart issues, will find that even a small amount of coffee aggravates their heart problem.

Some foods are particularly helpful to the cardiovascular system.

Blackstrap molasses is highly concentrated source of vitamins and minerals, many of which are helpful to your heart, including magnesium.

Old fashioned oatmeal is an easy and delicious way to start your day. Oatmeal is highly nutritious and has been found to reduce cholesterol when eaten on a regular basis. Add a bit of coconut oil and blackstrap molasses for extra nutrition and energy.


Your body repairs itself when you sleep. If you are shortchanging your body of sleep and rest, you are shortchanging it the opportunity to heal itself. Short periods of inadequate rest will happen to everyone at some point, but if you do not get enough sleep on a regular basis, you need to rearrange your life to get the benefit to your body.

Stress Reduction

Everyone knows that stress is bad for your heart. Many stressors that enter your life are out of your control. But if there are stressors you can reduce, do so. Your heart will thank you. You should also find ways to relax to counterbalance the stress in your life. Find a hobby you enjoy and allow yourself to enjoy it a few times a week, or ideally, on a daily basis.


If you do not have the habit of regular exercise, it is never too late to start. You don’t have to start with marathons and the gym. A simple walk is a good place to begin. Exercise moves your blood, increases your energy, improves your sleep and reduces stress.

Linus Pauling’s Heart Disease Therapy

Linus Pauling, winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1954, established a protocol to prevent heart disease. He believed, as many others do, that heart disease is caused by inadequate vitamin C in the body.

  • 2-4 grams Lysine
  • 2-4 grams Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbate)

For those who already have heart disease, the amounts are increased by 50%.

  • 6 grams Lysine
  • 6 grams Vitamin C

Because your body uses vitamin C and Lysine quickly, it is best to take these supplements several times a day. If you take them four times a day you will end up taking

  • .5 – 1 gram each of Lysine and Vitamin C for heart disease prevention (four times daily) or
  • 1.5 grams each of Lysine and Vitamin C for those with heart disease (four times daily).

Taking these supplements several times daily will also reduce the risk of side effects. (The primary side effect of concern is that of diarrhea from a large dose of vitamin C.)

Concluding Thoughts

The jury is still out as to the exact cause of heart disease.

Sometimes it is surprising to see someone who seems to break all the health rules with a strong heart and long life. Other times, a young person in seemingly excellent health will have a significant heart problem. No one can say for sure whether the biggest factor affecting your heart is nutrition, stress, genetics, your lifestyle or something else entirely. You will hear plenty of theories.

But whether you are seeking to prevent heart disease or improve your current heart health, the remedies below are ones our readers have shared because they worked for them!.

We hope that you will let us know what your try and how it works for you!

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ACV, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon

14 User Reviews
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Posted by Hjr (Florida) on 01/15/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Question - why are we cooking the fresh garlic juice, lemon juice, ginger, apple cider down to 8 oz. Personally doesn't make any sense, I believe it would be more powerful with the juice extracted and taking 8 tablespoons of the original mixture. When you boil/simmer you are destroying all the natural vitamins, vitamin C and flavonoids are gone. All enzymes are destroyed, the sulphur and the allicin in the garlic? Ginger? Apple cider vinegar?

By juicing we have separated the nutrients out from the pulp excellent! The only thing we are possibly doing in the concentration in concentrating the minerals. If you think we are making a 4 -1 concentration I believe we are wrong, 4-1 concentration means that exact nutritional profile would be the same as the 4 in the1. This I can guarantee is not happening, so many of these nutrients are going to get destroyed by the heat, that's a FACT.

Herbal Companies make extract of ginger, garlic, etc, by first soaking the herb in alcohol or water for a period of time, and then pressing the ingredients out of the herb, some use over 1 million pounds of pressure to make the concentrate. NO HEATING! STORY - Man gets married see his wife cutting the ends off of the pot roast, he asks his wife, why are you cutting the ends off the pot roast? She says with a strong voice, that's the way my mother did it ask her. So the next time the family is together at the holidays he asks his new mother in law why do you cut off the ends of the pot roast? Mother in law say snaps, I don't know ask my mother, so he goes over to the grandmother and tells the story to the grandmother and she laughs and says, the reason I cut off the ends of the pot roast is because I didn't have a pan big enough to cook it in. I think the ingredients will help clean up the arteries and blood pressure, I believe it would be better formula without cooking and consuming 8 tablespoons of the extracted juice. Linus Pauling had Dr Rath spend 15 years researching why people get heart disease, and his answer was Heart Disease is really scurvy of the heart! Vitamin C deficiency, you body can not make 1 drop of vitamin C, we no longer have in our body's the enzyme to make vitamin C, the animal kingdom doesn't get heart disease/strokes because they can make their own vitamin C, a 65 lb goat can make 10,000 mg of vitamin C a day, put that goat under stress and he can make over 100,000 mg. Yo and I can't make a drop. Sharks don't get cancer, sharks product over 400,000 mg of vitamin C, in fact if you did a tissue sample of a shark you can't tell the age from a young shark or an old shark, Incrediable! Cooking the Lemon juice has destroyed the vitamin C. What is left I don't have the time/money to have the concentrate analyzed.

QUESTION IS WHAT AM I missing in the cooking of these ingredients???????

Replied by Crissy

Doesn't boiling it kill off a lot of good nutrients?

ACV, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon
Posted by Tom (Usa) on 08/31/2015
5 out of 5 stars

ACV, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon recipe

Severe heart pain that would not go away the whole day. Drank a third of a glass of this juice right away and 3 tablespoons thrice a day after that( the juice was lying around for a year that a thoughtful brother had ordered for me mainly because he knew I had no insurance and had high blood pressure! ) and the pain gradually disappeared in three-four days. Would like to mention that I felt a warm burning but not uncomfortable feeling in the region of the heart while taking this wonderful concoction and pressure dropped from 170/90 to 130/85.

This works!

After a crisis, a tablespoon or two as a preventive would be prudent along with healthy portion controlled eating, 20 minutes of brisk walking(walking ups your master molecule -glutathione! ) and regular visits to a good holistic cardiologist.

Replied by Timh
2073 posts

B: As for the enzymes, it is important to take them without any acidosis issues in the gut or body and on an empty stomach preferably 30-60 min prior to meal. A 6 month course should clear out any scar tissue in the arteries.

As for the herbs, Hawthorn berries and Cayenne should be added to your list as they are very important for heart, lungs, and arteries.

You may also consider a vascular cleanse with the herbs White Oak bark, Horse Chestnut, Butcher's Broom.

Replied by Bon
(Pierson, Fl)
30 posts

Thanks for your response. I have been taking the enzymes on an empty stomach. as I said I have been taking them for close to a year. Should I discontinue taking them? And I have been reading up on the lemon, garlic cure. Is there any reason why I should not try this?

Replied by Timh
2073 posts

As for the enzymes, a minimum dose could be taken daily for the entire lifespan, but for disease states one would need to take "therapeutic doses" until recovery.

Yes, do the herbal circulatory cleanses as suggested. For a strong heart, take Magnesium Carnitine, and CoQ10.

Replied by D Morrow

Papajirao, in India, and everywhere, people use arjuna bark for heart problems, high blood pressure, overweight and so on. Please do an internet search. I just learned about this herb yesterday, and I am researching for my own heart problems. It looks amazing, and the arjuna supplements are made in India from the bark of a tree that grows there. When I searched Google with "arjuna powder or extracts?" I saw that indiamart sells it.

ACV, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon
Posted by Sumeet (Mumbai) on 04/18/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I am using this ACV, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon remedy from past 6 months. Initially I tried to make it at home. it became greenish. After researching I found that it has reacted with metal vessels and I can get metal toxity if I consume. It could damage my kidney or liver. Then I found I can get this formula ready made available by Dr. Patkar's. This is very helpful and I am feeling very good now. No breathlessness. No chest pain. doctor told me to hold my by-pass as my health is improving.

ACV, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon
Posted by Tin Ko (Newbury Park, Ca) on 02/15/2015
5 out of 5 stars

My friend was diagnosed as important arteries blocked 50%. Doctors appointed him to insert a stent for the next week. He told the doctor that his horoscope was not good that time frame and dragged another weeks. But the doctor gave him 12 days appointment. Mean time he tried the ACV, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon recipe with 1 table spoon in the morning and one in the afternoon. On the day of operation, the doctors found out that the arteries were only 10% blocked and told him no need to insert the stent. Amazing home remedy.

Replied by Sheri
5 out of 5 stars

My diastolic blood pressure has been high after I got out of the hospital from an infection. I used ACV, garlic, lemon, vitamin e and I started exercising. However, I noticed my diet has something to do with it too. If I eat a lot of fat, over 30 grams and processed sugary stuff it will get worse. So last weeks diastolic was as high as 101 and today it was 116/89!!!! I still have tachycardia of 108 but I'm taking cayenne pepper for it.

Some folks have healed their crimped arteries after a year of going low fat and plant based .

ACV, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon
Posted by Madhan Vasanth (Chennai) on 01/19/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Believe me, I have been using this ACV, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon mixture for a month now, I have seen a remarkable change, FYI, I was diagnosed with CAD on 3 arteries with 98 % blockage, I am feeling fit and healthy, but I am not stressing myself with Exercises right now, I might start in a month or so, I am just 32 - Thank god for this mixture.

Replied by Praveen
(United Kingdom)

Hi Madhan - After taking the mix, did you manage to check to what extent the blocks has cleared?

ACV, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon
Posted by Azam (Los Angeles, Ca) on 05/24/2014
5 out of 5 stars

The recipe for ACV, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon For Blocked Arteries is as follows:

  • One cup of garlic juice
  • one cup of ginger juice
  • one cup of apple side vinegar ( with mother in it ) un posturized
  • one cup of lemon juice
  • 3 cups of un pastuerized raw honey

Mix all juices and honey

Drink one tablespoon empty stomach in morning. Drink for one week and the give a gap

Replied by Suzie
(Ca, US)

The recipes I read said to reduce all liquid by 1/3 on stove then add to honey.

Replied by Pradeep

I am sugar patient & I just go through bypass surgery on Oct.2014 & after that last Feb.2015 I had again chest pain then Dr. suggest me for angioplasty in my two blocked arteries & I follow the Dr. advice kindly suggest me further treatment if I take this without HONEY (ginger, garlic.lemon juices & apple side vinegar) so it is benefitable for me or not.

Replied by Glen
(Buffalo, NY)

Dear Pradeep, I believe this remedy will be equally effective without the honey.

Replied by Baldev
(Mumbai, India)
190 posts

Hi Pradeep,

Honey is mixed only to make it palatable otherwise it may be rather difficult for one to take. What I would suggest you is that make it without the honey and then if it tastes offensive then you can add minimum honey as per your requirement and then take it. That much honey is not going to act adversely.

Good Luck, Baldev

ACV, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon
Posted by Karmau (Toronto, Canada) on 01/23/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I have been suffering from angina and shortness of breadth for more than three years. Upon advice from my cardiologist, I went for an angiogram three months ago and found 7 of my arteries were blocked, 2 at 90%, the rest were between 40 and 80%. A stent was immediately inserted on the artery with 90% blockage, and I was asked to go back for another angioplasty in two weeks time. I hesitated as I dislike the invasive operation and I wanted to have a more conservative approach to my heart problems.

My son suggested I should try the concoction of garlic, ginger, lemon and apple cider vinegar juice.

I did try for about 6 weeks and then one day I suddenly found myself have a very uncomfortable chest pain, and I was very much alarmed because of my heart history. I asked to be sent to the Emergency at Sunny Brook, a reputable research hospital, right away. In view of my recent record the doctor on duty scheduled me to have angioplasty the following morning, and immediately gave me a series of tests. The next morning, the cardiologist in charge studied results of my tests and could not found anything wrong with my heart but he could not take my case lightly in view of the record of blockages.

He then decided to give me further tests, including the Echo Stress Test. And again everything was found to be in excellent health and I was discharged in the evening. The cardiologist believed my chest pain was due to indigestion. I have no proof that my blockages were cleared since the doctor saw there was no need to give me an angiogram.

But I do believe it is the concoction that brings me back my heart health. I strongly suggest that anyone with a heart problem should try this remarkable concoction.

Replied by Jagatheesan
(Tamilnadu, India)

I am a diabetic patient. Can I use the acv, ginger, garlic, lemon and honey mixture? Will honey affect my diabetes? Is it safe to use it? If so can I use acv plain or acv with mother? Please reply. Jagatheesan

Replied by Baldev
(Maharashtra, India)
190 posts

Hi Jagatheesan,

Honey is mixed to make it palatable, otherwise it will be quite strong and you may not like it. So, if you are diabetic use less of honey as per your taste. You have to take one cup of each, lemon juice, ginger juice, garlic juice, and apple cider vinegar and boil it on low heat till it remains to three cups and then let it cool. Once it is cool then you can mix one cup or even less if you feel like of honey in to it. Keep this mixture in the fridge and take a tea spoon of it two to three times a day. It will help you, this works like a heart tonic.

Good Luck

Baldev (09322887066)

Replied by Saki


You can find L-arginine based Health Drink in your local Health food store. It will work slowly without any bad effects. Start taking small quantity, then increase every week. Also take CoQ10, Omega-3 as well.

Replied by Maricris
(Bataan, Philippines)

Hi, I want to know if ACV, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon, is advisable for patients with Kidney stones ?

Replied by Cj

I would say yes this would work for kidney stones. Lemon and ACV are listed as remedies for stones. The other stuff like ginger certainly wouldn't hurt!

Replied by Desmond

Will there be any difference if maple syrup be used instead of honey? Blessings to all.

Replied by Hiten
(Mumbai, India)

We have prepared the ACV, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon mixture at our residence. We have not boiled it (as suggested by site). I have started taking 2 spoon with water on empty stomach.

Is it ok? or should I take it without water??? PLEASE REPLY.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Hiten,

I always take water with things like this and have good results.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Khalid
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Karmau!

My father had exact same case like yours.

He had artery blockages and was suggested a surgery. For few weeks he had the concoction you had, and he was alright.

After he was alright, he started getting pain in his chest again. I noticed he gets pain within 1-2 hours after eating in weddings. Food in many weddings in India has high contents of fat (oils) and spices. Otherwise, he is alright.

Hope you are feeling better.


ACV, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon
Posted by Sneha Mehta (India) on 12/25/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Natural cure for heart disease, heart blockage and heart pain. The mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar with herbs like Garlic, Ginger, Lemon and Honey cures blocked arteries in just a month.

Garlic : Lower's harmful cholesterol, guard against heart disease

Raw Honey : Contains 5,000 live enzymes, a full range of vitamins, 22 amino acids and 27 minerals.

Ginger : Contains eighteen amino acids, including the ten classified as essential and that must therefore be obtained from food.

Lemon : It is rich in vitamins, calcium and potassium

Apple Cider Vinegar: Contains trace minerals and alkalizes the body.

ACV, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon
Posted by Saudi Mike (Saudi) on 08/12/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Hello guys! I had a heart attack 1.5 years ago and started using this ACV, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon tonic so a few tips from me:

1. REMEMBER! This is not a medicine (and is possibly just snake oil I.E., A fraud! ). Do NOT stop taking your prescribed medicines (such as aspirin etc).

Desparate people like ourselves search the internet to a solution for our cardio woes and all you find are quack remedies and stories for gullible people from charlatans, cranks and pyramidiots!

2. There are natural items that will reduce cardio problems (such as garlic and ginger) which make me continue with this solution but do not expect a miracle cure! Overnight, 2 week, 2 month blockage clearance? Hah! Better make a sacrifice to the faerie folk!

3. If you have blocked or semi blocked arteries you will probably have them for life now but you can reduce the blockage (very very slowly!) over time if you follow a very strict regime. This means major lifestyle changes. Your present situation is as a result of genetics and bad practices earlier in your life.

4. I have a stent and 50% blocked arteries - this solution has not affected me so I am guessing it is fairly safe to use (in the small recommended doses people describe I.E., 1 or 2 spoons max.)

5. It always turns blue-green for me the moment I start cooking / simmering and reducing the volume down. I think this is normal.

6. To prevent it stinking the fridge out after it is prepared (I don't even refrigerate it, it just sits on my counter ready to use) put it in an airtight container doh! I store it in one of those glass bottles with a ceramic cork on top and a rubber seal at the base of the cork.

The best advice I have seen so far to really reduce a coronary blockage (and medically proven) is the 'Spectrum' system of Dr Dean Ornish M.D. He has treated Bill Clinton and others with advanced arteriosclerosis but his system is a quite radical change.

The major points of the system are to stop smoking (if you do), exercise regularly (40 mins a day of brisk walking 3-5 times a week is sufficient to make you fit!), eat healthily (essentially cutting ALL fats and oils down to the barest minimums for us serious cases - that means cooking without oil, cutting out all dairy, nuts, oily things like avocado and chocolate, seeds etc, reducing caffeine and alcohol intake and finally to put a little more love in your life by adopting a pet or changing your attitude towards family and friends.

I also took up Transcendental meditation (TM) as that was recommeded to reduce my stress, anxiety and aggression. It works! If you believe in a god or gods, then prayer may also be useful in this respect.

You can buy Dr Dean Ornish books (he also has a website) and I recommend if you only buy one, you get "The Spectrum".

Another useful book I came across was "Reverse Heart Disease Now" by Sinatra and Roberts (again both bonafide M. D. S). This book offers similar advice to Ornish with a recommendation to to use mineral and vitamin supplements to alleviate cardio problems.


I hope you find this advice useful! I started my changes after my heart attack and I lost loads of weight! I dropped 3 trouser sizes and I'm gonna keep going unti; I am the size of my late teens / early twenties! It's easy to lose weight if someone tells you that you will die if you don't, lol!

It is too early to see if my blockages are reduced. I will keep you posted if I do get the tests done.

By the way, I have a friend (Indian) who has a blood sugar problem and he keeps it under control by taking great care of his diet also. He avoids or drastically minimises sweet foods like fruits and also white rice (which makes his blood sugar spike dramatically).

Cheers, Mike

Replied by Prioris
(Fl, Usa)

In reply to Saudi Mike. It's really very simple. Heart disease is about one thing - cleaning your arteries. Heart disease issue has been filled with so much disinformation. Blood pressure, cholesterol levels, salt intake are irrelevant. Prescription medications are damaging. The natural way to clean your arteries is using FIBROLYTIC ENZYMES. China has done thousands of studies on them. They prevent heart attack and strokes. There are no side effects and the body will use what it needs and no more. No need for so many other alternative remedies either. Better to take a more direct approach. No doctor visits and little expense. Better to let the body heal itself.

For people who have been through the medical system with stents (one of the many unnecessary operations they foist on people) and other crap, it is much harder to advise them since I don't know the implications of all that other medical intervention crap. Medical doctors scare patients away from alternatives.

Replied by Eliana

Saudi Mike, your tonic was green and blue because you are using a metal bowl to cook and you need use glass or ceramic ones to boil the solution to have a good tonic, lthe acidity of the tonic will corrosivo the metal...and it is not good, don't drink it if change color....

ACV, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon
Posted by Davinder (Hayes, Middlesex, UK) on 07/14/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, i am taking this mix for last 11 week, feeling 20-25% benefit in regard my problem, my main symptoms are breathlessness while walking or doing some work etc.

Stopped aspirin 10 weeks back.

Please advise me how long I have to take ACV, garlic, ginger, lemon and honey.

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

I'd suggest keeping it up for a year, but if you want to stop the breathlesness start taking cayenne. It works straight away by dilating small blood vessels and increasing the oxygen. It will increase the effect of the other treatment as well.

Replied by Davinder
(Hayes, Middlesex, UK)

Hello Gavin, starting from tomorrow cayenne pepper 1 teaspoon a day, is it ok?

Secondly will this interact with ACV, Garlic, ginger lemon and honey?

thanks, best regards, Davinder

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

Yes i'd say that would be adequate, if you make it into a paste with butter or oil on bread or something similar, it makes it more palatable, some people like the heat, so its up to you. It increases the effect of other treatments as well by opening up the small capillaries.

Apple Cider Vinegar

4 User Reviews
5 star (4) 

Posted by Sanjay (Pune, India ) on 01/20/2015
5 out of 5 stars

ACV dissolves calcium which comes into its direct contact, after one consumes the concoction it goes into circulatory system and bones do not come into contact of ACV ., but be sure to rinse mouth thoroughly as there are chances of teeth with no enamal protection will be affected by ACV .

Sanjay, Pune, India .

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sgarsena (Ontario) on 07/31/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I follow a practice called Reams Biological Theory of Ionization. In that practice it states that you should only take ACV if you have an alkaline PH. ACV will move your PH from alkaline towards acid. In RBTI one of the measurements is to measure the salt levels in the urine. This shows whether the body is retaining salt or eliminating it properly. Often high reading levels of salt in the urine can be an indicator of heart problems. Also there is a measurement of undigested and digested proteins in the urine. High levels of this measurement indicates stress on the heart. This practice shows you how to tailor your diet and supplements to achieve a healing range.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by January Jefferson (Canada) on 02/08/2014
5 out of 5 stars

In 2002 I researched arteriosclerosis and found one five year study which used Apple Cider Vinegar in some juice as an arterial plaque remover for heart patients.The success rate was over 90% and not one subject had a stroke or heart attack during the entire study. I believe the daily dose was 1 tablespoon in the morning before breakfast. I wonder, can Apple Cider Vinegart also clear amyloid plaque from the brain?

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

To January Jefferson,

On use of ACV for amyloid plaque condition; you ask if ACV might rid the brain of the amyloid...I'd think so but would take a long time since the ACV has to get past the Blood-Brain barrier. Just give it time. Very good chance for success.

Replied by Mike62

January: Amyloid plaque is a protein Apple Cider Vinegar does not remove. Removing insoluble plaque from the brain does not improve cognition because the soluble plaque is the most dangerous. I am going to give you a very potent remedy. Put 3g freeze dried wild Alaskan blueberry powder, this has 6x the potency as organic, $86 1 lb., this neutralizes the soluble plaque, 3g yucca powder, this has resveratrol and analogues, 5g fresh whole root turmeric, this removes the insoluble plaque, grind up in the blender first, and 3g fresh harvest high potency maca, this stimulates the hypothalamus, into 1 cup water kefir, home brewed for 1 day, and brew for 1 more day, fermenting increases nutrient activity, then drink with 5g coconut oil. Eating cooked conventionally grown food caused the condition so change to 85% raw organic produce and 15% raw grass fed animal products to function optimally. The super foods for the brain are raw cocoa powder, marine phyto plankton, Hawaiian spirulina, non denatured whey isolate, and desiccated liver. Take 1ml skate liver oil 3x/day.

Replied by Sojournor
(Sojouring America)

I like the idea. The studies I have done in Paul Talalay's work from John Hopkins on broccoli Sprouts and turmeric, however would be more attuned to the clearing of Beta amyloid plaque from the brain.. As I remember it is the ingredient called Sulphorphane or Isothiocyante (sic) that detoxifies carcinogenic material in the body by activating Phase II enzymes in the liver which sets off a cascade of antioxidant pathways and activates genes for three days (3) after ingestion.


Please give more information! What is the recommendation on lowering plaque from brain?

Replied by Sana

Which apple cider vinegar did you use. Pls reply.

Replied by Muhammad
(Toronto, Canada)

Your knowledge is very limited. If kidneys are normal k remains in balance. Many diuretics are k sparing.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Angela (Maple Falls, Wa, US) on 01/02/2010

Hi ~ My mom is 69 years old and suffers from diabetes and heart disease . She has spent much time in the hospital , and has six stents in her heart . She ( like me) does not like Bio-medicine , and as such refuses to take it as prescribed . Would ACV help her , and if so will it react with heart medications ( if she takes them )? Thanks so much for your time !

Replied by Gail
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

Hi Angela, I wouldn't be using acv on my mum as it contains potassum which cannot be taken with most blood pressure meds as it will elevate her blood pressure, I would be trying teds lemon juice & bi-carb mix. I would also look at her ph levels, although I presume these could be all right as she probably is taking warfrin or some similar blood thinner which seems to balance the bodys accidity, good luck

Replied by Darlene

Your mother might want to look into chelation therapy, where they clean the heavy metals out of your veins. It has shown great results for people with heart disease and has also shown some benefits for diabetics. It is unfortunately, not covered by medical and usually costs between $3000-$4000USD. Practitioners are listed on-line to find one near you. I also can recommend a book to read on it, but not sure if I can mention it here. If you are interested in the therapy you can email me at Openheavensgate(at)hotmail(dot)com.

Replied by V Qiong
(Kampong Cham, Cambodia)

Oral chelation cost little and should be just as effective. Put in under the tongue 3 times a day may well work faster than IV once a week.

Doing it everyday with a break on weekends while supplementing with multi minerals after 1 hour each time. If you tires less after a week of oral chelation when climbing steps, it usually means that it works.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sanjay (Doha, Qatar) on 07/04/2009

I would like to use apple cider vinegar as medicine for cleaning of heart blockages

Replied by Stephen
(Doha, Qatar)

I have had a heart attack and have found a trusted natural medicine that includes Apple Cider Vinegar that I am taking, I think you may wish to try it.

1 cup apple cider vinegar
1 cup garlic juice
1 cup ginger juice
1 cup lemon juice

Boil (simmer) until 3 cups volume is left, add 3 cups of natural honey, stir until mixed.
once cool take one spoon full every day.

this is an old Chinese medicine that modern day has looked into more deeply and found that it has worked on patients with blockages, and has removed the blockages. I have just started it and will have myself check out after one year of taking it.

Hope this is of interest to you.


Replied by Mohmud
(Doha, State Of Qatar)

Sanjay, My name is mohamud from somalia, I live in qatar now. I think I can help you from heart blockage by using natural herbs which is used by our native people. This herbs should be filled in an empty capsules to go directly with the blood cerculation. The blood pressure will be low not more then 120/70 and during the presence of the remedy in the blood stream it opens any blockage in the blood arteries in any where in the body, with out any side effects. This has been practised by our people.

Replied by Chief Ayo
(Middletown, Delaware)

What is the name of the herb?

Replied by Carolyn
(Hobbs, Nm)

Mohmud, what is the name of the herbs to put in the capsules for heart blockage? Many of us would love to know this remedy. Thanks, Carolyn

Replied by M.rocha
(Houston, Texas)

Mohamud, I would like to know what herbs you use in your country for Heart Disease. You fill capsules with what Herb? Thank you in advance.

Replied by Saundra
(Cleveland, Oh)

I do not know the name of the herb mentioned in the original post but I would like to share my experience. My 48 year old husband had a massive heart attack on 7/6/10. His right coronary artery was 100% blocked. He was life flighted to the hospital and had to be shocked as his heart stopped a total of 7 times. He received a stent, suffered a groin bleed when the balloon was removed, and was finally released from the hospital 10 days later with a prescription for Plavix, Metoprolol, Simvastatin, and Nitro Glycerine tablets. He was also instructed to take asprin daily. One week after release, he collasped on the floor after having what he thought was a bowel movement of all blood, and told me to call 911; he was hemorraging from his rectum. We later learned that this was a side effect from the Plavix. Luckily, he had not begun taking the asprin. He was in intensive care for 2 weeks and received a total of 10 units of blood. After myriad tests (2 endoscopys, 3 colonoscopys, 1 red blood cell tag, and another one that I can't recall), they still could not find (or stop) the source of the bleeding. On more than one occassion, his blood pressure dropped to 77/44; I was literally watching my husband bleed to death!

I came home and went online. What I found was that cayenne pepper stops internal bleeding, regulates blood pressure, and cleans/unclogs arteries, and increases circulation. I also found that ginger root powder stops clots from forming. I forgot to mention that in the midst of everything else, he formed a blood clot in the femoral artery that required a filter (they had trouble stopping the bleeding when the balloon was removed, and as a result he suffered a groin bleed that caused his scrotum to swell to small cabbage size), and had an allergic reaction to one of the statin drugs (Lysinopril)they gave him. He and I agreed that he would receive blood, but no more medication.

I made him a tea of the following and took it to him in a thermos. Within 24 hours, THE BLEEDING STOPPED! He was released from the hospital on 8/6/10 and is doing fine. His first follow up appointment showed that his red blood count had improved and his LDL cholesterol levels are within normal range. He is still not taking any beta blockers, blood thinners, asprin, or ANYTHING other than this tea that I made up:(2) 450 mg capsules Cayenne Pepper; (1) capsule 550 mg Ginger Root; (2) Tbs ACV; (2) Tbs Honey; 6 oz. Hot water. One cup morning and night.

Hope this helps someone. I am so grateful for having the Love of My Life still here with me! Thank you EC for such a wonderful forum and wealth of information.

Replied by Bess
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

What a wonderful story Saundra. I'm so happy everything worked out for you and your husband - thankfully you were vigilant and took action when you did. I think we will be trying your concoction as a preventative measure (strokes and heart disease run in our family). Thanks for the great information!

Replied by Fox

I am suffering from ldl and now drs again want me go again on statins, 3 times I cannot not walk after them. Please let me know of the herb in qatar and how to get it or is there a place in doha for chelation therapy.

Replied by Sandy
(Lancs, Uk)

For heart disease look at the Vitamin C foundation website. I have successfully unblocked an artery within 3 weeks of using their protocol.

Replied by Abdul
(United Kingdom)

I have read your story and really touched, I do hope your husband is in good health. I know it's been long time you put your story, but recently believed to suffered a heart attack. I was admitted to hospital and was looking for natural remedies to help me back on my feet,

Can I ask how thing progresses once your husband left the hospital?

Thanks, Abdul