Heart Health Tonic: The Miracle 5-Ingredient Recipe

| Modified on Apr 25, 2024
Five Mix for Heart Disease

The Heart Health Tonic, a blend of five natural ingredients, is gaining popularity for its effectiveness in addressing heart-related conditions. This tonic is not only used for treatment but also as a preventive measure against heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

The Heart Health Tonic Recipe

  1. 1 cup organic apple cider vinegar
  2. 1 cup ginger juice
  3. 1 cup garlic juice
  4. 1 cup freshly squeezed lime or lemon juice
  5. 3 cups of raw honey

Always opt for the highest quality, preferably organic ingredients. To extract ginger and garlic juice, a juicer is ideal, but you can also blend and strain them using cheesecloth or a coffee filter.

Ensure equal proportions of each ingredient, using the same cup for measurement.

In a glass or ceramic pot, combine ginger juice, garlic juice, lime or lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar. Simmer for 30 minutes on medium heat, reducing it to ¾ of the initial volume if necessary. Then, stir in 3 cups of honey.

Cool the tonic and store it in the refrigerator for up to two months.


Consume 1 tablespoon each morning on an empty stomach. A second dose can be taken in the evening if desired. Discontinue use if you experience any adverse effects.

Diabetics should monitor their blood sugar levels to ensure the honey does not negatively impact them.

While this tonic has helped many with blood pressure, cholesterol, and circulatory blockages, it's important to consult a health professional if you have a serious medical condition or are on medication.

Why is the Heart Health Tonic Effective?

Each component of this tonic has unique healing properties:

  • Lime/Lemon and Apple Cider Vinegar: These ingredients detoxify and alkalize the body while providing essential nutrients.
  • Garlic: Known for its antibacterial properties, garlic is a natural blood thinner and is used to prevent heart attacks and high blood pressure.
  • Ginger: Ginger helps regulate blood pressure and cholesterol and also possesses blood-thinning properties.
  • Honey: Enhances the tonic's taste, acts as a preservative, and offers multiple health benefits.


The Heart Health Tonic is a holistic approach to managing and preventing heart-related health issues. Its natural ingredients work synergistically to offer a range of benefits. As with any home remedy, individual results may vary, and it's crucial to consider medical advice for serious health conditions. Have you tried this tonic for heart health? Share your experiences and join the conversation below about this natural, heart-healthy solution.

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Posted by Trynhealthy (USA ) on 03/01/2024

Edited 3/01/24 at 1:36 pm
Hello, everyone!

I need some ideas from everyone.

I'm in a situation of has no access of refrigerator or a juicer . Is there any way I can make this 5 ingredient tonic without them in small quantities? I'm a taxi driver and constantly driving . Yesterday, I just walked towards to the store and I felt dizzy and my calves are in pains just by waking 300 ft!! I felt this isn't a good sign at all and decided to make this tonic but because I'm constantly driving away from my place basically has no access of refrigerator or the juicer. I was thinking if I can make this in a very small portion that would be wonderful.

Replied by Rhonda
(Auburn, Maine)

You should have your potassium and magnesium levels checked via blood test.

5-Ingredient Heart Tonic
Posted by Nika (Netherlands) on 08/12/2022

Change in hearing quality after beginning with 5Mix and Cayenne against High Blood Pressure (HBP) and Bradycardia

Hello, EarthClinic. It's years long that I enjoy God sent help from the incredible community, doing from time to time my part. It's first time that I request for help, as it's first time I feel helpless.

My husband ( 67 y/o) has developed HBP in the last 2 months, combined with low heart beat rate (55-57), which manifests at night only. He also has sort of heart burn and hard breath at night and I can't watch him suffering so much. Cayenne helps to some extent to neutralise the problem but to fight of the HBP and Bradicardia I've chosen the wonderful 5 MIX.

After 1 day of taking both 5 mix and cayenne he said he has problem with hearing, by the end of the day the problem nearly subsided, but next day, after taking next portion of 5 MIX he developed sort of double sound syndrome ( like when they change the voice of whistleblower during interview, when he doesn't want to be recognised).

Should he stop with the 5 Mix or is it a detox effect and we should persist? Has anybody had that sort of experience or similar? I just need advice of a rational mind, since it's first time the problem doesn't have simple and quick solution. Thank You and God Bless you all.

5-Ingredient Heart Tonic
Posted by Bradleync (Lawndale, Nc) on 12/04/2018

I recently had a visit to the ER by the friendly EMS workers. Turns out I had a AFib attack and almost passed out. Lots of talk from the doctors about shocking me back into rhythm, nuclear stress tests, echo cardiograms, and whatever else they could add to the bill. I felt like a bag of money everyone wanted a piece of. Well, I didn't feel like being injected with radioactive dye, or being anesthetized and shocked! Who knows the short and long term effects of that. So, I started doing research. This lead me to the 5 mix and primarily this site as it has the most detailed recipe.

Today I went to Walmart and purchased a juicer for $49, and the ingredients to make a batch. I overbought as I have lots left over. The garlic juiced amazingly well, as did the ginger root. I juiced the whole lemon, peel and all. My 10 year old daughter helped break up the cloves of garlic. BTW, about 9 normal sized bulbs made 2/3 cup of garlic juice. I did not cook the mixture, added the honey directly to the juice, and flipped the bottle around for a couple of minutes to mix.

I know we're supposed to take it in the morning but I had to taste it. First thoughts.... Wow, this stuff really burns, like 151 going down... lol. The honey makes it cling to your throat so you feel it from your tongue to your belly. Kind of a head rush too. I wanted to chase it with some water but didn't, and after a few minutes it wasn't so bad. The taste isn't really bad, but the ginger really kicks. The aftertaste of the garlic lingers for quite a while though. I will see how I do tomorrow and perhaps follow up if I can but I will give this a try. Sure beats being put through the medical wringer if it can be avoided.

Replied by Bradleync
(Lawndale, Nc)

Second day of morning dose. The burn is not so bad once the juice is cooled in the fridge. Initial slight stomach cramps after ingestion are lessened from yesterday. I still have to sit down to take it as it causes some discomfort for about 1-2 minutes after. I can tell this is powerful stuff.

Yesterday I seemed to have a bit more energy throughout the day. I will post again next week.

Replied by Bradleync
(Lawndale, Nc)

Ok, it's been over a week and I can say the discomfort from the mix is mostly gone. Now it's just the taste lols. I've been taking 1 tablespoon in the morning and when I get home from work. When I first started on this the discomfort felt like it was from my heart reacting but it may have been heartburn from the mix. Anyway, I don't have to sit down to take this anymore. I haven't had a chance to do some treadmill work however I will try that soon. It would be interesting to see if that nauseous feeling continues a few hours after exercise.

Replied by Pamela

I almost do this recipe. I do the turmeric, lemon blended, garlic blended, honey, ACV, pinch Black pepper. Mix together, sometimes I add ginger for an upset tummy. 1 tbsp. morning with a full glass of water. I also add of essential oil frankincense, n myrrh to the mixture.

5-Ingredient Heart Tonic
Posted by Anonymous (USA) on 03/05/2018

I make the mix for my husband with a little variation. The ginger goes through the juicer and the 1 cup of juice is combined with 1 cup of garlic cloves in a high power blender. The 1 cup apple cider vinegar is warmed on the stove just enough to blend in 2 cups of raw honey. Then the 1 cup of fresh lemon juice is added, along with the ginger and garlic. It is poured into two empty glass vinegar bottles and kept in the fridge. He takes 3 or 4 Tablespoons once or twice a day. It has worked amazingly well, so I would say you do not need to cook it. He bought a tiny measuring cup that measures Tablespoon increments. 4 Tablespoons is a quarter cup if I remember right.

His skin has improved considerably. His face is much slimmer. His waist is slimmer. And I used to be able to feel his heart pounding when I put my hand under his left rib cage, now it feels nearly normal and the arrhythmia is almost undetectable. He snores much quieter and doesn't stop breathing as much as he used to.

He had very high blood pressure, 240/90 or some such about a year ago. He said it was down to 180/something a few months ago. He has been using the remedy on and off with some variation for 10 months.

Thank you EarthClinic and thank you to the people who posted the remedy!

5-Ingredient Heart Tonic
Posted by Hjr (Florida) on 01/15/2017

Question - why are we cooking the fresh garlic juice, lemon juice, ginger, apple cider down to 8 oz. Personally doesn't make any sense, I believe it would be more powerful with the juice extracted and taking 8 tablespoons of the original mixture. When you boil/simmer you are destroying all the natural vitamins, vitamin C and flavonoids are gone. All enzymes are destroyed, the sulphur and the allicin in the garlic? Ginger? Apple cider vinegar?

By juicing we have separated the nutrients out from the pulp excellent! The only thing we are possibly doing in the concentration in concentrating the minerals. If you think we are making a 4 -1 concentration I believe we are wrong, 4-1 concentration means that exact nutritional profile would be the same as the 4 in the1. This I can guarantee is not happening, so many of these nutrients are going to get destroyed by the heat, that's a FACT.

Herbal Companies make extract of ginger, garlic, etc, by first soaking the herb in alcohol or water for a period of time, and then pressing the ingredients out of the herb, some use over 1 million pounds of pressure to make the concentrate. NO HEATING! STORY - Man gets married see his wife cutting the ends off of the pot roast, he asks his wife, why are you cutting the ends off the pot roast? She says with a strong voice, that's the way my mother did it ask her. So the next time the family is together at the holidays he asks his new mother in law why do you cut off the ends of the pot roast? Mother in law say snaps, I don't know ask my mother, so he goes over to the grandmother and tells the story to the grandmother and she laughs and says, the reason I cut off the ends of the pot roast is because I didn't have a pan big enough to cook it in. I think the ingredients will help clean up the arteries and blood pressure, I believe it would be better formula without cooking and consuming 8 tablespoons of the extracted juice. Linus Pauling had Dr Rath spend 15 years researching why people get heart disease, and his answer was Heart Disease is really scurvy of the heart! Vitamin C deficiency, you body can not make 1 drop of vitamin C, we no longer have in our body's the enzyme to make vitamin C, the animal kingdom doesn't get heart disease/strokes because they can make their own vitamin C, a 65 lb goat can make 10,000 mg of vitamin C a day, put that goat under stress and he can make over 100,000 mg. Yo and I can't make a drop. Sharks don't get cancer, sharks product over 400,000 mg of vitamin C, in fact if you did a tissue sample of a shark you can't tell the age from a young shark or an old shark, Incrediable! Cooking the Lemon juice has destroyed the vitamin C. What is left I don't have the time/money to have the concentrate analyzed.

QUESTION IS WHAT AM I missing in the cooking of these ingredients???????

Replied by Crissy

Doesn't boiling it kill off a lot of good nutrients?

5-Ingredient Heart Tonic
Posted by Debb S (Ga) on 09/26/2015 5 posts

I went for my 3 month a1c (blood glucose) test. Three months ago I was at 8.9 now 6.8. My blood count was 260 in april. Now 124. Doing this all natural. With Apple Cider Vinegar, cinnamon, olive leaf, and a tea from the bush plant from costa rica. I did use the concotion of the Apple Cider Vinegar ginger, garlic, and lemon. My blood pressure was perfect, she said. I also changed my eating drastically - got rid of all white foods out my diet. So this natural stuff does work. I was brought up on it so I am solded. Go ahead try it!

5-Ingredient Heart Tonic
Posted by Tom (Usa) on 08/31/2015

ACV, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon recipe

Severe heart pain that would not go away the whole day. Drank a third of a glass of this juice right away and 3 tablespoons thrice a day after that( the juice was lying around for a year that a thoughtful brother had ordered for me mainly because he knew I had no insurance and had high blood pressure! ) and the pain gradually disappeared in three-four days. Would like to mention that I felt a warm burning but not uncomfortable feeling in the region of the heart while taking this wonderful concoction and pressure dropped from 170/90 to 130/85.

This works!

After a crisis, a tablespoon or two as a preventive would be prudent along with healthy portion controlled eating, 20 minutes of brisk walking(walking ups your master molecule -glutathione! ) and regular visits to a good holistic cardiologist.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

B: As for the enzymes, it is important to take them without any acidosis issues in the gut or body and on an empty stomach preferably 30-60 min prior to meal. A 6 month course should clear out any scar tissue in the arteries.

As for the herbs, Hawthorn berries and Cayenne should be added to your list as they are very important for heart, lungs, and arteries.

You may also consider a vascular cleanse with the herbs White Oak bark, Horse Chestnut, Butcher's Broom.

Replied by Bon
(Pierson, Fl)
30 posts

Thanks for your response. I have been taking the enzymes on an empty stomach. as I said I have been taking them for close to a year. Should I discontinue taking them? And I have been reading up on the lemon, garlic cure. Is there any reason why I should not try this?

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

As for the enzymes, a minimum dose could be taken daily for the entire lifespan, but for disease states one would need to take "therapeutic doses" until recovery.

Yes, do the herbal circulatory cleanses as suggested. For a strong heart, take Magnesium Carnitine, and CoQ10.

Replied by D Morrow

Papajirao, in India, and everywhere, people use arjuna bark for heart problems, high blood pressure, overweight and so on. Please do an internet search. I just learned about this herb yesterday, and I am researching for my own heart problems. It looks amazing, and the arjuna supplements are made in India from the bark of a tree that grows there. When I searched Google with "arjuna powder or extracts?" I saw that indiamart sells it.

5-Ingredient Heart Tonic
Posted by Amit (India) on 08/18/2015

ACV, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon, Honey:

The combination of all five ingredients is super effective if made properly and followed diligently.

I make this combination for family friends suffering from high cholesterol problems.

To make approx two liters of medicine....

  • Grind 500/600 grams of Ginger
  • 500/600 grams of Garlic, use a little water if required to make a fine paste.
  • 1 kilogram Lemon to make fresh lemon juice.
  • 600 ml of ACV (Apple cider vinegar)
  • and atleast 1 kilogram of raw honey.

Mix all four contents except honey in a utensil with a thick bottom and put on high flame for 5 minutes but keep stirring continuously without stopping. then lower the flame to a little less than medium and stir for 15 minutes. Finally increase the flame to high again and stir for 5 minutes continuously and then remove the utensil from the flame and let the mixture cool down.

Once the mixture is cool add all the honey and mix well. Store it in a pet bottle and keep it in the fridge.

Before you start this dose, get a cholesterol test done for future reference.

Dosage and Method

Every morning between 5 am to 7 am absolutely empty stomach...not even water

3 teaspoons of the mixture...you can go back to sleep if you need to.

First 3-4 days you may feel uneasy or maybe have a bad stomach...but don't worry.

After the first 7 days, start going for brisk walk for 20 minutes or a treadmill jog for 10 minutes at 25 KMPH. Follow this schedule for next 23 days, then get a cholesterol test done once again and check. The last person I gave this medicine...Bad cholesterol dropped from 254 to 172 in 35 days.

My best wishes to you all.

Replied by Chris
4 posts

I wonder if this mixture would kinda replace CoQ10?

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

This mixture is a good "cleaner" for accumulated toxins & waste that collect in the arteries. CoQ10 may help prevent the clogging but would do little for clearing. CoQ10 is a primary energy source for much of the cells in the body and particularly fuel the heart muscle. CoQ10 works best in combination w/ Selenium and Full Spectrum Vit-E. CoQ10 is not well absorbed taken orally so the best is Liposomal CoQ10 or CoQ10 conjugated w/ Glutathione.

Replied by Gracie

All of the ingredients for the 5 Mix make sense to me for heart health - except I do not understand why it must be heated? Wouldn't heat destroy many of the healthy nutrients? What if the ingredients were combined then refrigerated? I look forward to a better understanding of the process - thanks!

Replied by JMartha

I've heard it explained in other recipes that are meant to keep more than a couple of days, that the enzymes present in fresh vegetables are prone to "digest" themselves in storage--so there may be color loss, flavor degradation, further nutrient loss--especially problematic where particular fragile nutrients are the whole point. It's why blanching--just to the point of brightening the color--actually makes all the difference in freezing and preserving.

Also, some bacteria present may become a real problem if given any time to get rolling in storage. The brief heating also makes certain nutrients more bioavailable.

5-Ingredient Heart Tonic
Posted by Maria (Victoria) on 08/02/2015

I combined ACV, honey, lemon juice, and ginger in a glass of hot rain water and drank it in the morning before I consumed anything else. By the end of Day 1 I began to experience heart irregularities. Thinking it was anxiety I again took a glass of the mixture on Day 2. All day long my heart beat irregularly every 3,5, or 8 beats. Incredibly annoying. I stopped drinking the mixture and on Day 3, except for a few skipped beats, everything was back to normal. Day 4, haven't taken the mixture (of course) and waiting to see if I can go through the day without even one "hiccup"...

5-Ingredient Heart Tonic
Posted by Sumeet (Mumbai) on 04/18/2015

I am using this ACV, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon remedy from past 6 months. Initially I tried to make it at home. it became greenish. After researching I found that it has reacted with metal vessels and I can get metal toxity if I consume. It could damage my kidney or liver. Then I found I can get this formula ready made available by Dr. Patkar's. This is very helpful and I am feeling very good now. No breathlessness. No chest pain. doctor told me to hold my by-pass as my health is improving.

5-Ingredient Heart Tonic
Posted by Tin Ko (Newbury Park, Ca) on 02/15/2015

My friend was diagnosed as important arteries blocked 50%. Doctors appointed him to insert a stent for the next week. He told the doctor that his horoscope was not good that time frame and dragged another weeks. But the doctor gave him 12 days appointment. Mean time he tried the ACV, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon recipe with 1 table spoon in the morning and one in the afternoon. On the day of operation, the doctors found out that the arteries were only 10% blocked and told him no need to insert the stent. Amazing home remedy.

Replied by Sheri

My diastolic blood pressure has been high after I got out of the hospital from an infection. I used ACV, garlic, lemon, vitamin e and I started exercising. However, I noticed my diet has something to do with it too. If I eat a lot of fat, over 30 grams and processed sugary stuff it will get worse. So last weeks diastolic was as high as 101 and today it was 116/89!!!! I still have tachycardia of 108 but I'm taking cayenne pepper for it.

Some folks have healed their crimped arteries after a year of going low fat and plant based .

5-Ingredient Heart Tonic
Posted by Madhan Vasanth (Chennai) on 01/19/2015

Believe me, I have been using this ACV, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon mixture for a month now, I have seen a remarkable change, FYI, I was diagnosed with CAD on 3 arteries with 98 % blockage, I am feeling fit and healthy, but I am not stressing myself with Exercises right now, I might start in a month or so, I am just 32 - Thank god for this mixture.

Replied by Praveen
(United Kingdom)

Hi Madhan - After taking the mix, did you manage to check to what extent the blocks has cleared?

5-Ingredient Heart Tonic
Posted by Anna (Philadelphia, Usa) on 12/03/2014

My husband started 5 mix on Oct.10 when his cardiologist told him he has calcified heart valves.

He progressively grew WORSE (he developed serious shortness of breath, even when only sitting or lying and today he decided to go to hospital emergency room after he almost stopped breathing few times at night

Why? I don't think 5 mix caused it but it could be very long and severe Herxheimer reaction , (he is a chemist and has mercury fillings...).

I feel bad about pushing natural remedies at him... For me they always work but I have faith in them and his belief is very weak.

Replied by Deirdre
(Atlanta, Ga)

Hi Anna,

I am so sorry to hear about your husband. I read your posts today about how your husband has been taking the 5 Mix Remedy for Heart Disease Prevention: ginger, garlic, lime, honey and apple cider vinegar and is now getting his heart checked out in the ER.

I had similar symptoms as your husband from taking frequent doses of apple cider vinegar. I too ended up in the ER getting my heart checked on two occasions about 5 years ago. Nothing was wrong, but it took me months to figure out it was apple cider vinegar causing severe anxiety attacks, heart palpitations and shortness of breath. It got quite scary. So if this were me, I would stop drinking apple cider vinegar immediately.

I believe the ACV can rapidly deplete magnesium and potassium.

I still drink ACV and baking soda a few times a week (it's one of my favorite remedies on EC), but supplement it with magnesium and potassium once a day and always within a few hours of drinking ACV.

Hope this helps. Please let us know how he is doing. Deirdre

5-Ingredient Heart Tonic
Posted by Azam (Los Angeles, Ca) on 05/24/2014

The recipe for ACV, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon For Blocked Arteries is as follows:

  • One cup of garlic juice
  • one cup of ginger juice
  • one cup of apple side vinegar ( with mother in it ) un posturized
  • one cup of lemon juice
  • 3 cups of un pastuerized raw honey

Mix all juices and honey

Drink one tablespoon empty stomach in morning. Drink for one week and the give a gap

Replied by Suzie
(Ca, US)

The recipes I read said to reduce all liquid by 1/3 on stove then add to honey.

Replied by Pradeep

I am sugar patient & I just go through bypass surgery on Oct.2014 & after that last Feb.2015 I had again chest pain then Dr. suggest me for angioplasty in my two blocked arteries & I follow the Dr. advice kindly suggest me further treatment if I take this without HONEY (ginger, garlic.lemon juices & apple side vinegar) so it is benefitable for me or not.

Replied by Glen
(Buffalo, NY)

Dear Pradeep, I believe this remedy will be equally effective without the honey.

Replied by Baldev
(Mumbai, India)
185 posts

Hi Pradeep,

Honey is mixed only to make it palatable otherwise it may be rather difficult for one to take. What I would suggest you is that make it without the honey and then if it tastes offensive then you can add minimum honey as per your requirement and then take it. That much honey is not going to act adversely.

Good Luck, Baldev

5-Ingredient Heart Tonic
Posted by Fantastic (India) on 04/23/2014

I had a mild heart attack in 2007. Refused to take an angiogram as I recovered very quickly. For some people the dye used is toxic....it kills. No way to test this out in advance. Anyway I had to take several pills supposedly all my life. I felt terrible with the medicines and scaled them down over time and in 4 months stopped them all. I continued with garlic and honey and cinnamon powder and honey ( 1 + 1 tsp ) three times a day for a year. I recovered completely. I couldn't climb the stairs earlier . After one year I could run up the stairs and not pant or feel uncomfortable......and I was 55 years old! I had also reduced my weight ...to 78Kg from the 91Kg that I was earlier.

Now I'm 62 and still don't take any pills. I am healthier than many 40 year old's. I can walk a couple of hours a day ( at one stretch) and not get exhausted. I've been taking the 5 mix ( ginger, garlic, lime, honey, ACV) since I was 56. Two months at a stretch. Then a break of a month then another 2 months of 5 mix etc.

Yesterday another friend who started taking it just under two months ago told me his test results. He almost had a major heart attack with over 80 % multiple blocks as shown in his angiogram. He refused to have a stent or have any other invasive solution. He started taking the 5 mix three times a day. His latest angiogram showed less than 50% blocks. His earlier EF ( Ejection factor : shows how well the heart is pumping) was 40% which is not good at all. Now it is 50%! 55% and above is considered to be an average ( and safe) level . He'll get there soon. He is already back at the factory where he is working normally! There are many more I can tell you, but to all those who are scoffing at this 5 mix please continue to do so. For the others who want to get better , start on it immediately. You'll never regret it! I don't take a single pill since 2008 and neither does my friend who recovered recently!

It's better that all of you over 40 start on this 5 mix to clean out your arteries as good blood flow leads to good oxygen distribution and will keep illnesses at bay. Don't wait for a problem to surface! Please note that the angiogram shows wider arteries after several months! That's because the artery walls regain their elasticity and become ( naturally ) wider than constricted older arteries.

You can also wait for 100 to 200 years after they publish research reports that this method works. Otherwise believe in the knowledge of those who lived long before us and the results that today's users report. It is after all your life. You can do what you want with it! 5mix yourself and enjoy the rest of your life like you haven't been able to do recently!

Cheers to the Good Lord from where all the ingredients came! Use them!

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