Top Natural Treatments for Heart Disease (Cardiovascular Disease)


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Posted by Azhar (Rawalpindi, Pakistan) on 01/08/2011
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I had a heart Attack in 1994 and a portion of my heart was damaged. To repair this damage I took turmeric 1/4 spoon twice a day. After 1 year there was no sign of damage. In India and Pakistan turmeric is still number one therapy for skin, internal bleeding, for sprains and many more. Anyone who has had a heart attack I could use red chillies & turmeric with fresh yogurt.

Vitamin C

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Posted by Pete (Arizona) on 04/18/2021 3 posts
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As I understand it, when you have a large difference between systolic and diastolic, it is an indication of hardening of the arteries.

I do not remember why I started mega doses of vitamin C, but it has corrected a couple of problems. A year ago, my spread between systolic and diastolic was typically 75 with a bp 155/80. I just took it a few minutes ago, and it is 143/84, a spread of 59.

I have not taken any meds of any kind for decades. I am 68 yo. male. I started out aiming for 200 grams of vitamin C per day spread out through each day. Now it seems hard to remember, so I end up with about 30 grams a day.

I take 6 grams at a time and try to do it each hour. I try to quit by 4 pm so I can sleep without so much gas.

Another problem that was helped was blood in the semen. It cured it. Makes sense. Vitamin C helps the body to produce collagen, and collagen strengthens the blood vessels. I use ascorbic acid and make my own capsules. At times I will put a spoonful in a glass of water with some honey. The cheapest vitamin C I have found is from Vitacost. Every once in a while, it goes on sale BOGO half off.

Vitamin C
Posted by Thehandyman1947 (Poland, Ohio) on 12/17/2013
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Heart disease, google 1989 nobel prize in medicine dr linus pauling, heart disease is a very bad vit c deficiency.

Replied by Prioris

Linus Pauling protocol Vitamin C, etc have been obsoleted with fibrolytic enzymes such as nattokinase. Fibrolytic enzymes get at the root cause of heart disease.

Vitamin C, Lysine

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Posted by Louise (Ocean Grove, Australia) on 09/18/2007
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I have had broken capillaries on my face and neck since I was in my teens. Recently I read that broken capillaries anywhere on the body could be a sign of heart disease as they show that smaller capillaries in the body are under stress and possibly blocked with plaque. Since I have a family history of heart disease (mother, grandmother, grandfather and two great aunts) I started taking 6 grams of vitamin c and 3 grams of lysine daily. This is the basic Pauling protocol for the prevention of arteriosclerosis. It has been three weeks since I started taking this and the thread veins on my face and down near my ankles have nearly disappeared. Also my feet are warmer. Both of these supplements can be bought cheaply in bulk powder form, so for anyone who has a family history of heart disease or broken capillaries this may well be worth trying. For the record, I have taken large doses of vitamin c, complete with biovflavanoids and rutin, for years. The vitamin c by itself has never helped. It was only after I added the lysine that they virtually disappeared.

Vitamin D

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Posted by Janet (Indiana) on 04/06/2016
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Heart Health - Damaged Hearts

This article is very good news...My own experience with vitamin D has been great as have my family members. I personally take high dose D3 right now to combat mold illness. Ted has mentioned that 10,000iu is what your body makes in sunlight easily. So therapeutic doses would be higher. Other Drs. Dr. Combria is having great luck reversing Multiple Sclerosis with high dose D. Ted recommends it in IBS and Crohn's. Things to watch would be the other ingredients in the gel cap no safflower oil. I use Now brand or Solgar D3 in coconut oil. I also take 200mcg of selenium and magnesium as glycinate malate, and magnesium oil 5 drops in water am and pm, plus k2 every other day, related to the absorption and utilization of D3. Janet

Vitamin E

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Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, SC) on 05/18/2013
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After my father's heart surgery I got him on 1,000 iu of NATURAL ... not synthetic Vit E a day. He never got a build up and he lived 20 years after his heart surgery. Start with 200 iu of natural Vitamin E (d alpha tocopherol) NOT dl alpha tocopherol... And over a month increase to 400 etc till you are at 600 minimum. Vit E will thin the blood, so if one is on a blood thinner, you'd need to begin cutting back on the thinner as you increase the E. Asprin is a thinner, don't forget.

Vitamins K2 + D3

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Posted by P. Raghavan. (Virudhunagar, TN, India.) on 06/04/2019
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A metabolic disorder occurs when the metabolism fails and causes the body to have either too much or too little of the essential substances needed to stay healthy. Metabolic disorder can be determined from stool testing by identifying list of probiotic strains below normal level and list of bad strains that are above normal levels in the stool.

According to Mayo clinic and Cleveland clinic, metabolic syndrome is defined as a collection of risk factors that increase the chance of developing:

1) Cardiovascular disease,
2) Stroke due to blockage and
3) Diabetes.

There are three important articles available in the net regarding metabolic syndrome:

1) Metabolic Syndrome – Cleveland Clinic.
2) Metabolic syndrome – Symptoms and Causes – Mayo Clinic.
3) About Metabolic Syndrome | American Heart Association.

Any disease associated with metabolic disorder can be cured only by following one or more of the following:

1) Consume probiotics with the required probiotic strains to fix the underlying metabolic disorders in the digestive system.
2) Consume fibre-rich foods (e.g., ground flax seed, cinnamon powder, etc.) so that it will help in the multiplication of probiotic microorganisms (microbes) since fibres are food for good microbes.
3) Reduce the consumption of sugar since sugar is the food for bad microbes in the digestive system.

I had a heart bypass surgery in the year 1980. About 10 years back, I started taking probiotics for my cardiovascular disease to reduce blockage in the arteries.

First I started with an ayurvedic fermented tonic called “ Hridayasanthi”.

Then I started taking probiotic Kefir, probiotic yogurt, etc. After taking probiotics, the rate of increase of blockage in my arteries stands at a low level of about 1.5 % per year. But the blockage never decreased.

About 8 months back, I watched a video by Dr. Breuer titled “Vitamin K2 – What is it? – Does it remove plaque“.

After watching that video, I realised that Vitamin K2 production in my digestive system is low and this is the root cause of my cardiovascular disease. Vitamin K2 guides calcium to its final destinations, bones and teeth. But if the production of Vitamin K2 is very low in the digestive system, calcium will deposit in the wrong areas such as arteries, lungs, kidney, knee, etc.

There are a number of articles available in the net regarding Vitamin K2 and probiotic strain related to Vitamin K2. Two such articles are given below:

1) Long-Chain vitamin K2 production in Lactococcus Lactis.
2) Lactococcus Lactis with high vitamin K2.

According to these articles, lactic acid bacteria Lactococcus Lactis can synthesize Vitamin K2 from the food we eat. Therefore, increasing the count of Lactococcus Lactis bacteria in the digestive system will increase vitamin K2 production in the body.

According to an article titled “Vitamin D and cardiovascular Disease”, vitamin D also plays an important role in treating cardiovascular disease. There is another article available in the net titled “Oral supplementation with probiotic L. Reuteri increases circulating 25-hydroxyvitamin D”. This states that L. Reuteri increases serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D by 25.5 % over 9-week intervention in a human trial.

I was looking for multi-strain probiotic capsule / tablet that has probiotic strains Lactococcous Lactis (for vitamin K2) and L. Reuteri (for vitamin D). I searched the net and found 8 brands that contain the required probiotic strains and are listed below in the alphabetical order:

1) CaptainBiotics Probiotic – 19 probiotic strains.
2) Garden of Life RAW Probiotics for Women – 32 probiotic strains.
3) INNATE Vitality women's Probiotic – 17 probiotic strains.
4) InnovixLabs Multi strain Probiotic – 31 probiotic strains.
5) Nature's Secret Digestive Bliss – 18 probiotic strains.
6) NewRhythm Probiotic – 20 probiotic strains.
7) RAW Probiotics 100 Billion CFU – 34 probiotic strains.
8) Terranics Probiotic – 19 probiotic strains.

I selected one of these brands and took one tablet / capsule per day for about 90 days. I also took regular medication along with this probiotic. I also took 2 teaspoons of ground flax seed at night.

Now, blockage in my arteries are reducing and I feel great. Only regret I have is that I did not know about this treatment earlier. In my opinion, it is a simple and effective treatment for cardiovascular disease.

Best wishes.
P. Raghavan.

Replied by P. Raghavan.
(Virudhunagar, TN, India.)


Vitamin K2 prevents calcium from depositing in the wrong areas such as arteries, lungs, knees, etc.

There are a number of articles available in the net on Vitamin K2 for cardiovascular disease. The following two articles are very important: 1) “Vitamin K2: What is it? Does it remove plaque? “ by Dr. Brewer. 2) “Vitamin K2” by Dr. Mercola. According to articles available in the net, Vitamin K2 is synthesized by probiotic bacteria “Lactococcus Lactis” in our digestive system from the food we eat. If this probiotic strain is reduced in our digestive system because of stress / powerful antibiotic treatment / chemical exposure, etc., Vitamin K2 deficiency will occur. Since Vitamin K2 controls calcium metabolism, Vitamin K2 deficiency will cause calcium to be deposited in the wrong areas such as coronary arteries. This in turn will cause cardiovascular disease. One can take multi-strain probiotic tablet/ capsule containing probiotic strain “ Lactococcus Lactis “ to solve Vitamin K2 deficiency problem semi-permanently . I searched in the net for this tablet for about 45 minutes.

One can do additional searches in the net for other brands. But there are a limited number of brands with this probiotic strain. Then you can choose your brand based on user reviews or other criteria. This probiotic tablet may be taken half an hour before breakfast for about 30 days. If you have cardiovascular disease, it will be a good idea if you talk to your doctor regarding multi-strain probiotic capsules / tablets containing probiotic strain L. Lactis. It is a simple and effective treatment . One can take this probiotics along with regular medicines.

Best wishes. P. Raghavan.


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Posted by Mohan (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) on 11/25/2010
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This is concerning Heart disease and lung problems. There is one non-herbal, non-invasive Yoga technique called " Pranayam". I had a triple bypass 13 years ago and had just started to have lung problems. After practicing this Yoga, I felt the difference next day in Asthma and breathing. Please save your life, Go to youtube-Baba Ramdev, Asthma or Heart disease. Baba Ramdev is teaching to millions on TV each morning in India for free. God Bless. If you have any questions e-mail me.

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