Top Natural Treatments for Heart Disease (Cardiovascular Disease)

EDTA Chelation

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Posted by Sjt (Kanto, Japan) on 03/12/2012
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EDTA chelation pills work. I have a family history of heart disease so now in my early 40`s I started showing signs of about to have a heart attack. I got a pressing feeling on my chest that radiated down my left arm, sometimes it would hurt to the extent I couldn`t walk and my brain got all fuzzy. My family wanted to take me to ER but I didn`t want to go because my dad has seen many of his friends with heart problems get bypass surgery and still die of the heart condition or come out of surgery worse. He told me that the drugs & surgeries are expensive quick fixes that don`t last. So I started doing research and ordered EDTA. While I waited for its delivery I took emergency care.

1) I took cayenne pills and

2) I drank hot peppers, garlic, lemon, and honey in hot water while

3) I did deep breathing techniques and

4) a cardiologist previously showed me if I thought I was about to have a heart attack to lean forward, hold my breath, and give myself a huge bear hug as long as I could.

These 4 things gave me some relief but they did not take away all the pressure and pain. They just eased the symptoms. Next, I took and continue to take hawthorn. This increased my relief but still I was not healed. I was still feeling some pressure and pain but not as much.

Finally my EDTA order arrived and that did the trick. All the pain and pressure left and has not returned. However, after it left I also decided to make major changes in my diet to prevent the condition from returned. So now I don`t eat meat or oils other than coconut or a little olive oil. I eat NO processed or GMO foods. I do eat some eggs. I avoid canned foods and I avoid putting foods in plastic. I also changed my cookware to ceramic and iron--natural cookware. No more teflon coated stuff or aluminum. I have at least one salad a day and I cook my own food so I know what is being used. And I feel GREAT!!

Replied by Dwilliams

Where do you get your edta and what brand is it and what dosage did you take?

EDTA Chelation
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn Usa) on 05/23/2010
5 out of 5 stars


Did my heart cathether Friday and was told my veins are clear.No kidding and after no less than 50 EDTA Chelations. I thought Chelation did not work. I have no plaque, but my Heart guy says I need to get on a statin drug. At 73 and no plaque and eating lard with every meal since I's a red neck Southerner, why would I want to mess up a good thing.

Peoples, yo local doctor is worse than your used car salesman. Now have 4 doctors. 3 know who the Lord is and the heart guy thinks he is God. He did tell me that I have hardening of the arteries. He got the ass when he found out that I was doing Chelation. Now that I have no
plaque, what is he going to say now?

In the Chelation Clinic , I have talked to over 300 folks and none go to a Cardiologist any more. They have all had by -
passes ,stints , etc. and now all just do chelation to keep their vessels open.

Before you do a by-pass, check into EDTA Chelation.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Ten Usa)

HI U BOYS AND GIRLS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Don't have many words of wisdom for you since my latest heart episode. It appears that the Japanese herb to thin my blood is working as my vitals are bettern ever. My Cardiologist was disappointed that my vessels are all open. He still wants me to go on a Statin Drug , which I will not. He still says EDTA Chelation does not work ,but I know better.

Got a wild hair and had the CEDSA procedure the other day. The technician said I was consumed with parasites and most were in my heart. She prescribed a Detox based on the electrical frequency of these buggers. I know that is so from reading Hulda Clark's book. I will do this along with using Clark's electrical Zapper.

Am dropping my Anti-Aging Doctor as she is begining to be consumed by her ego. When you catch Doctors in a lie, then you need to move on. Wish I had some words of wisdom but I still got lots to learn. Thought I would be smart at age 65 , but did not make it. Set new goal at 75 and appears that will not happen either.

If I get out of this health hole , I'll share it with you'uns, which is East Tennessean for you.

=======ROBERT HENRY==========

Replied by Denise
(Finger , Tn)

Mr. Henry, Where did you get your EDTA Chelation done? I'm in W.TN and have been looking to have the CT done? Thank you and glad that you are doing well!

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn Usa)

There is an organization call ACAM which most Chelation doctors belong. Look up that site to find the nearest one to you. I go to Dr Holiday in Athens, Tn. Dr Holliday is a Thoracic Surgeon who got tired of cutting off patients limbs because of poor circulation. He still does surgery, but receives his joy by keeping them healthy. Henry is my middle name which my mother used when she had the ass at me.

Replied by Denise
(Finger, Tn)

Thank you, I have a name and will phone this morning.

Replied by Deb
(Waterloo, Ia)

My mom went to McDonnell (sp)Center in Kansas city, Mo in the 70's for chelation and it worked. She is 82 and no heart blockages.

Replied by Anthony
(Houston, Texas)

I haven't done EDTA chelation. But, I've heard great things about it, including from my dad who is a retired EENT guy in his mid-seventies.

However, there is a doctor out of California I have a lot of respect for, and whose newsletter I received for a number of years. His name is Robert Rowen. I let the newsletter lapse about 1 1/2 years ago, but not before reading about his excitement of an EDTA suppository that someone had come up with. Apparently, it's so very much cheaper than an IV regimen, has a 30-something % absorption rate, and stays in the system for an extended period of time - I beleive it's about 8 hours. Dr. Rowen was recommending it over IV chelation. If anyone wants me to look up the product, please reply and let me know.

Replied by Simon
(Boston, Ma)

Hi there, I was diagnose With C H D 2 years ago, chest pain, not able to walk, shortness of breath, hbp, hi choI and arteries plaques, I was prescribe the standart medication. At the same time I tried EDTA CHELATION for few months, my cholesterol was in the borderline, I changes my diet and took all kind of supplements I also squesed grapefruit every morning with 2-3 fresh clove of garlic together (crushed) for quite few months, but the blockage seem to still be there, I also took the C- therapy (Linus Pauline Therapy) for 3 months. I feel better more energies, no chest pain, able to walk over a mile without short breath but in my last visit the stress echo test and the results of blood work were not encouraging and my Doc want me to have the surgery asap, (I did not tell him I stoped the statin drug).

I must missed something, can you help me? Regards

Replied by Boysha
(Victoria, Bc, Canada)
4 out of 5 stars

If I may contribute to this. I am 55 - I had 2 heart attacks in 1996. I was one of the people who wanted to find alternative treatment and not go under the knife first. I did Chelation Therapy in Toronto - done by Dr. Hui. However, as soon as he introduced Plaquex (intro-venus) I started to feel much, much improvement. You can find facts on Plaquex here:

I also changed my diet because if you keep on doing what you always did, it will not be possible for you to get better for long. I reduced meat to minimum and eat mostly vegetables and fruit. I drink pure water 4L per day. I take Turmeric , Sage, Q10, Vitamin E 1600/day... There is no one treatement that is enough.

I hope this helps.

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

Hi Robert Henry,

Just wondering how you are feeling after the weekend? Since the chelation therapy has pretty much cleaned out your arteries, I imagine it was a heart rhythm or electrical glitch. You did good, my friend, with your choices of self treatment! Hope you are taking it a little easier than usual for a while and eating the just rewards of all your (and your tractor driver's) hard work this summer. Take care.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn)

HI U Rsw, , , , , , , , , , , ,

See my local doctor tomorrow to get a report on the EKG they took Friday. All my blood work is probably the best I've ever had. My CRP is low so I'm eat up with inflammation. I really don't have a clue how to address that. I am taking Beta Glucan to build my immune system in addressing my blood cancer.

I go Thursday to have a stress test done and will let the cardiologist interpret that. He's a big transplanted Texan, and we do the hand jive. I think you are right about this being an electrical problem and I will try to get him to address it with naturals and not rat poison.

An interesting story..... retired guy in one of my chelation groups had an electrical problem and his cardiologist told he could only live if had a pace maker. He whole life revolved around rebuilding old classic cars and this would end that because of the emf's associated with being close to running engines. He came to my chelation doctor, who told him his electrical heart problem was his electrolytes. He straightened that out and the old codger went back to rebuilding old cars. Is life interesting or what?

Thank you for your concern.=====ORH====

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

Hi Robert Henry,

I've been reading that a low CRP means low inflammation, so maybe yours is good! Saw this table on the Life Extension site that may be of interest if you still feel it is high. CRP in men is suggested to be .55 or lower, in women 1 or lower.


Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U Rsw, , , , , , , , , , , , , it appears that I misread and your are right about a low CRP result means low inflammation. I thank you. Maybe I'll live to 92 after all.

There are some researchers that say heart disease correlates with inflammation and not cholesterol.


Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

Hi Robert Henry,

What good news! I follow Dr. Duane Graveline and his legion of doctors who believe inflammation is THE cause of heart disease. Our bodies need cholesterol to function properly, especially our brains and hearts. The FDA recently stated that the cholesterol in the food we eat has little to no effect on our blood cholesterol levels, after practically ruining the egg and beef industries in the past. (although some high cholesterol foods may cause inflammation, like beef because of glycation and acidic issues) Cholesterol is said to be like a fireman at a fire. It repairs and is present in areas of damage done by inflammation and but does not cause it. Statins, by blocking cholesterol, CoQ10, dolichols and other pathways that are essential to our health along the mevalonate pathway, can cause all kinds of problems like CHD, muscle and nerve problems, and dementia in the future for those people who follow doctors orders, while they get about a 1% lower risk of a heart event over many years, and this 1% advantage occurs only in men who have had a previous event.

So you are doing a darn good job managing your inflammation and we all look forward to many more years of benefitting from your advice on health, gardening, and generally using our common sense. You are a gem, and I have a feeling your wife is, too!

EGCG, B Vitamins

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Posted by Connie (Slc, Utah, Usa) on 02/06/2013
5 out of 5 stars

For reduction of amyloid plaques in the heart, consider EGCG, an extract of green tea.

The B vitamins, specifically, B12, B6, and Folate, may also help to stop amyloid plaque build up in general. Extra B12, in a sublingual form, may be more effective than the amounts in a B complex.

Flaxseed Powder

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Posted by P. Raghavan (Virudhunagar, TN, India.) on 11/04/2021
5 out of 5 stars


A metabolic disorder occurs when the metabolism fails and causes the body to have either too much or too little of essential substances needed to stay healthy. According to the two articles available in the net titled "Metabolic syndrome - Cleveland clinic" and "Metabolic syndrome - Systems and causes - Mayo clinic", metabolic syndrome is defined as collection of risk factors that chances of developing

1) cardiovascular disease

2) Stroke due to blockage and

3) Diabetes.

Our digestive system has both probioc (good) microbes and bad microbes. Probiotic microbes use soluble fibers as food and bad microbes use sugar as food. There is a video available in the net, titled "Vitamin K2 - What is it? Does it remove plaque" by Brewer. According to this video, Vitamin K2 guides calcium in the blood to its final destinations, bones, teeth, nails, etc. If the production of Vitamin K2 is very low in the body, calcium in the blood will deposit in the wrong areas such as arteries, lungs, etc. Some strains of probiotic microbes synthesize Vitamin K2 from the food we consume. If the count of these microbes is low, Vitamin K2 production in the digestive system will also be low.

For my blockage problem, I started taking 2 to 3 teaspoons of flaxseed powder per day. Flaxseed powder is a prebiotic food that is rich in soluble fiber, omega 3 and antioxidants. In two to three month period, I saw improvements in my blockage problem. One may take this prebiotic food if they have blockage problem. There is nothing to loose.

Best wishes.

P. Raghavan.

Garlic, Ginger

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Posted by Chalasani Ravi Abu (Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India) on 10/21/2012
5 out of 5 stars

hi, my friends, i am using last two months. i gave to my friends also, they are very happy. i read reviews also, in this connection i want give suggestion for making juice as below.

garlic you can make like paste. that paste u can put in cotton cloth and squeeze, then garlic liquid will come.... do not mixed water....

ginger also same above u have to follow.

honey u can mix after cooling only. do not put honey in the hot anytime... do not forget this.... do not mix water this do not forget.... bye

Replied by Amit
(Gurgaon, Haryana/india)

Hi, My mother has Sugar problem also along with heart blockage, please suggest me either honey with ginger, garlic is good for her.

Replied by Dave
(Seneca, SC)

For heart issues you should be on the following:
- At least 400 IUs of Natural (NOT synthetic) vitamin E (I've been on 1,000 IUs for 30 years)
- 500 mg of CoQ 10
- 500 mg of the herb Hawthorne
- Arginine, up to 5 grams daily. There are powers in this also that can be mixed with water so the solution absorbs better
- 250 mg daily of magnesium citrate
- 50 mg selenium

A writer in one of the posts above mentioned "Left for Dead" and the idea is to use naturals like c pepper and garlic. Those are good but don't leave out the essentials I list above like Vit E. Remember Dick (the writer of "Left for Dead") did die of congestive heart failure.

Garlic, Ginger
Posted by Diana (Houston, Texas) on 05/17/2011

I wanted to try the formula for unclogging your arteries. The recipe calls for 1 cup of raw ACV, 1 cup of lemon juice, 1 cup of giner juice and 1 cup of garlic juice. DO I JUICE THE GARLIC AND THE GINGER TO GET THE 1 CUP OR CAN I PURCHASE THIS? I WENT TO WHOLE FOODS AND COULDN'T FIND IT. And do I simmer it down to 1 cup or 3 cups? There are 2 different versions.

Replied by Alina
(Caledon, On, Canada)

Yes, you have to juice garlic, ginger and lemons by yourself Diana, and you simmer three cups of this mixture till you get one cup. It turns blue colour during simmering but do not be alarmed, this is reaction of garlic mixed with lemon.. The blue goes away once the mixture cools down. The recipe I use calls for three cups of raw honey that need to be added to the simmered and cooled mixture. I use less honey though.

Replied by Lou G
(Elk Grove, California, Usa)

I am confused here. Do I boil Ginger, garlic and lemon juice, one cup each and reduce to one cup from a Gogol of three cups and after cooling add apple cider vinegar?? Or I need to boil Ginger, garlic, lemon and apple cider fisher a Gogol of four cups to one cup?? Also, how long this mixture be stored in refrigerator??? Another question, regarding the apple cider finance, can I just buy this from super market???

Replied by Sandy
(Lancs, Uk)

Go to the Vitamin C Foundation website, I use this protocol and it works

Replied by Dr. Nawal Mal
(Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan)

Dr. Nawal Lohana from Karachi, Pakistan. I am a heart patient and have three valve blocked and heart specialist had given the suggestion of by-pass operation but meanwhile, I am not satisfy to have an operation and I am very worried so I want to use this recepie of ginger, garlic, lemon, honey and if someone had use this recepie so please tell me for how long I have to use it and does it have any side affect?

If anyone who read this please pray for me.

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Hi Nawal

This is from the heart disease page:

12/23/2010: Vic from Los Angeles, California replies: "I have tried this recipe earlier last year after my blood pressure was on the borderline. My sister in law passed the recipe to me and made it myself. A good friend of mine brought me along with her for free heart check somewhere in Los angeles. To check if there are plaques in your arteries. I have been taking that mixture for 3 months before I did the heart check and I wasn't sure if it was effective. I am a meat lover person and ate some veggies and fruits and did a little exercise, and I was with another person who had been a vegetarian for more than ten years.. We both have the procedure done and Lo and behold.. Our score was ZERO, meaning that no plaques whatsoever in our arteries and we both are of the same age range.. Mid forties.. So I guess it really works! "

Good luck

Replied by Dr.nawal Mal
(Karachi, Sindh,pakistan)

Hi Debbie,

Thanks for your reply and I'll take this soon!

Replied by Alex
(Miami, Florida)

Hi there are several products you can take- chelation heart formulas etc... magnsium is a must for anyone with heart problems liquid or gel/oil is best as always with me quality is number 1.

Replied by Tony
(Kumasi, Ghana)

Please I want to know if I can go ahead using only garlic, ginger and lemon to make the preparation since I am not able to get ACV in my country. Any help??

Replied by 3rdborn
(Carlisle Township, Ohio)

Tony, I do not believe that it will work without the apple cider vinegar (ACV) as that is the most important ingredient that clears the arteries. It is very inexpensive, perhaps you can purchase it online.

Replied by Zaheerhusain
(Delhi, Delhi/delhi/india)

If you look Apple Cider Vinegar should be available in some store otherwise it will take only 2-3 months and you can easily make it at home. Just extract fresh juice with the juicer machine from any apple you find sweetest and having higher content of juice, fill up clean glass bottles with this juice, tie up clean white cloth on top and let it remain in a dry dark place for 2-3 months remove the upper scum or filter with clean cotton cloth. This Scum you can keep as starter, which will help the next batch to start quickly other wise there is no need of any starter , the spores are there in the atmosphere Your ACV is ready and is better in a sense that it is unprocessed and the commercial variety you get from the stores is processed and may be little less effective. I don't think you can skip this from the formula of 5 items.



Garlic, Lemon, Ginger, ACV

Posted by Waheed Ud Deen (Islam Abad, Pakistan) on 05/17/2009

Excellent website. I have started a combination of garlic juice.Lemon juice.Ginger juice ,Apple vinegarand lemon juice boiled together to malke it 3/4th and then mix it with the pure honey of equal quantity. This remedy is for opening the closed veins of heart.

Do you agree to it or do you have a better remedy?

Please inform.
Waheed Ud Deen

Replied by Blanche
(Iberia, Louisiana)

I'd have a heck of a time coming up with a cup of garlic juice or ginger juice. How is this done?

Replied by Unknown
(Abu Dhabi, Uae)

You have to buy a juicer to produce easily this garlic and ginger juice.

Gum Disease and Heart Connection

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Posted by Starr (Hawaii) on 01/27/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I recently got an antibiotic resistance test from my new periodontist which consisted of sticking paper tabs under my gums and sending it off to a lab ($125/500 depending on who does it for you). It came back registering a deadly toxin called fusobacterium nucleatum which is found in many post mortem alzheimers patients and cancer patients and those who have died of heart attack.

Get your gums checked immediately.

The problem was compounded by a recent discovery that this and other bacteria are always fed by a viral component. I was treated with anti virals for ten days followed by gum surgery followed by metronidazole since after 10 years of failed antibiotic protocols someone finally decided to test me for anti biotic resistance even though my gum health was in decline for a long long time. My health was better for a while. Went for follow up surgery and flew home on the metronidazole which landed me in the ER because it is contra indicated with high altitudes, messes up liver enzymes. Don't fly while taking Flagyl/Metronidazole.

My naturopath has me looking into the Marshall Plan. Will keep you guys updated.


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Posted by Mike (Montreal, Quebec) on 11/11/2011
5 out of 5 stars

You can look up and find that HAWTHORN is the best remedy that would keep your hearth very healthy. I know because I have always experienced hearth pain on a regularly basis which I found out in the end it was because of to much cholesterol in my system. HAWTHORN supplement can clear pain in a matter of minutes and after several months of taking this supplement I now no longer experience any more hearth pain, I am now very close to 60 years old!

Replied by Sharon

Be sure to use Cratageous Oxyacantha Tincture (Hawthorn Berry) for arteriosclerosis or atherosclerosis.

Juicing Carrots and Greens

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Posted by Jrebecca (Maiden, NC) on 01/10/2010
5 out of 5 stars

After two heart attacks, 3 months apart, my husband and I diligently researched for natural helps to keep arteries clear. He has done a great deal but we feel, after much research and use, that daily either juicing with carrots and one quarter greens of some type or using a top quality green powder drink is vital. There is no doubt in our minds that green food which has not been heated to kill enzymes cleans arteries. Of course he has done and does much more. But if we could only do one thing, it would assuredly be to drink green! It has been 8 years now since those two heart attacks and he is currently on no medications and feels great.


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Posted by Trinitas (Wichita, KS) on 02/05/2015
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I have had elevated blood pressure and minor angina this winter. Began taking l-arginine and it greatly helped. However, I also got a sore throat after a couple of weeks. I, then laid off the arginine and the sore throat went away. I started taking arginine with citrulline and again got a sore throat that bloomed into a full cold. I very much like the benefits of the arginine but the side effects are so far a disaster. I have taken l-lysine for a long time. Thanks to anyone who might be able to help.

Replied by Timh
2073 posts

T: The downside to big doses of Arginine is increased viral activity as well as fuel for mycoplasma infections (for those folks who have M).

This is a good example of how single nutrients have overtly one-sided effects and often fall short of treatment goals.

Standard nutrients for heart health is Hawthorn herb, Magnesium, CoQ10, Carnitine, Ribose or D-Ribose.

For more in-depth and professional help for cardio check out Dr Sinatra books and web videos.

Posted by Denise (Seattle, Wa.) on 04/01/2013

I've got a question for Bill of the Philppines ir anyone knowledgeable in the topic. I am reading "No More Heart Disease" by Dr. Louis Ignarro. He has a protocol for getting your own body to produce more Nitric Oxide (NO) and one of the supplements is L-Arginine which he recommends taking 4-6 grams per day. He says it might cause herpes in a very small percentage of people. I'm wondering if L-Arginine is OK to take as I have hepatitis c. ?? Dr. Ignarro won the Novel prise for this information.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
2073 posts

Denise: Too much Arginine can cause a deficiency in Lysine. Lysine is the most prominent antiviral amino. So if you would like to try the Arginine, you can purchase Arginine/Lysine caps or tabs to remedy the imbalance.

Have you no luck curing the Hep C ??? There are about 3 different protocols here in alternative country for this disease, surely you could get good results between these.

Also other protocols for heart disease which have good results in most cases.

Let us know how your doing.

Replied by Denise
(Seattle, Wa)

HI Timh, I'm a bit confused as Oscar from this site has said that lysine is bad for hep-c. I've taken every protocsl on this site and more and nothing has worked for ny hep-c. I want to try the protocal I previoulsy suggested but wanted to know if L-Arginine is safe. Don't know what to do. Thanks again Timh, blessings

Replied by Paula
(Salt Lake City, Utah)

Note to Bill from the Philippines. I am reading the same book as Denise and would also like to know if L-Arginine is not the supplement to take with Hepatitis c? And would it also apply for Vitamin C

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
2073 posts

Denise: It seems only appropriate to treat the Hep-C first... Until cured, then you could try protocols for Heart and Cardiovascular.

With a longstanding undiagnosed Chronic Active Viral Hep I was excited to have experienced some good results w/ BHT, but then I plateau. I then predosed w/ 2oz Colloidal Silver, wait 30 min, take 500mg BHT, wait 30 min take 4 caps Echinacea, all with a very much more profound effect than BHT alone.

It seems likely that the people who are not getting the positive results from BHT alone have some other immune draining condition.

Posted by Landon (Riverside, Ca) on 04/01/2010
5 out of 5 stars

L-Arginine won the Nobel prize in Medicine in 1998, and was found that it directly causes the body to produce nitric oxide... which causes arteries to relax and widen, melt away plaque, and heal the inner lining of the arteries themselves.

Replied by Aaron M
(Chesterland, Ohio)
5 out of 5 stars

Not only are properly formulated l-arginine supplements associated with better heart health, it has actually been shown now in a human clinical trial to reverse the conditions!!

Lifestyle Changes

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Posted by Kenneth (Germany) on 01/31/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I'd like to share something very important for all suffering from heart related problems, high blood pressure, liver problems, anxiety problems, thyroid under function, over weight problems, breathing problems and etc... Most remedies help relieve or even cure most of these illnesses and problems. First of the all the Lifestyle, foods and drinks must be adjusted or changed to an effective and right combination for that particular individual. I have learn through going through and suffering years long many things which do help reduce symptoms, suffering and also may help in the process towards receiving the cure. Any combination of the right and correct foods, drinks, light exercise/s walking, or swimming, stretching and or etc", sleep & rest, and a renewal of the mind..

P.S. Learning how and what to use along or in the right combination for what you need is very important.... I am more than happy to assist and or encourage anyone to adjusting their lifestyle for optimal health benefits.... If anyone may need any information about what may help their condition/s through various foods/s, herbs and or spices for health benefits write me at kenhump777(at) and I will reply as soon as possible. May God lead and guide, heal, help and strengthen you....

Linus Pauling Therapy

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Posted by Jo (London, England) on 07/05/2011

Hello, I would like to try doing the Linus Pauling protocol using the Vitamin C powder and L-Lysine powder. I want to try this for both blocked heart arteries and also broken capillaries on my face.

However, how do you measure out the correct amounts of powder? Do you use kitchen scales or measuring spoons or something else? Also, do you take the Vitamin C powder and L-Lysine powder separately or do you mix them together? Thank you.

Replied by Jay
(Toronto, Ont, Canada)

To Jo from London, England who writes: "Hello, I would like to try doing the Linus Pauling protocol using the Vitamin C powder and L-Lysine powder. I want to try this for both blocked heart arteries and also broken capillaries on my face.

However, how do you measure out the correct amounts of powder? Do you use kitchen scales or measuring spoons or something else? Also, do you take the Vitamin C powder and L-Lysine powder separately or do you mix them together?"

Jo, there are a couple of ways to do this.

1. Buy pre-made capsules. Some manufacturers make products that already contain the latest nutrient combination for cardiovascular health. You can then follow their dosage recommendations.

2. Buy vitamin C and l-Lycine in powder form. The label on the product will indicate the amount of nutrient per teaspoon or part teaspoon.

Again here you can follow the label instructions.

There are no issues with mixing them and ideally since they work together, you should take them together in proportional amounts throughout the day.

If you google some of Dr. Pauling's research you will find that he discovered that to maximize the effectiveness of the vitamin C you need to split the total dosage throughout the day.

If you want to refer to some of the latest vitamin C information check the following link:

Hope this helps.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Jo, I had the same problem you have measuring the Vitamin C after reading a Linus Pauling book. Using a kitchen scale didn't work for me because even the very sensitive ones aren't accurate enough. I was already giving up hope as the only small scales you find on Amazon are only sold in the USA. Then we went to Switzerland which is here next door and after asking around and finding nothing we found one in a shop in Basel which wasn't even that expensive. I use it in the kitchen now as well to weigh things like yeast for my bread or salt. You might find something like it in London. It weighs a fraction of a gram and I found it in a normal household applyances shop. Good luck...

Replied by Dreamerbob
(Las Vegas, Nv)

I would add proline to the vitamin C and lysine which will help rebuild your blood vessels faster. I use a measuring spoon for measuring all 3 into a glass of water.

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