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  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Ear Infection

Wed, 18 Jan 17 09:54:29 -0800
Posted by Tania (England) on 01/18/2017

Hello, may I have some advice please!!

my dog has had a yeast infection, problems with her ears being smelly, hunky and itchy, together with itchy smelly paws. I have put her on a raw food diet with excellent results. I have administered 50/50 Apple Cider Vinegar and water into her ears and used cotton wool to clean the outside of the canal. At first it cleared up well and the itching reduced massively . Now however when I clean the ear it becomes very red and more itchy after acv/water. I am still cleaning them as she is still itching on a morning and there is still some gunk coming out. Please could you suggest what I should do?

many thanks, Tania

  Re: Treating Cat Mange

Wed, 18 Jan 17 09:53:01 -0800
Posted by Robert (Ohio) on 01/18/2017

How often do you treat the cats and do you leave it on or bath or rinse it off

  Re: Critical Care for Rabbits

Wed, 18 Jan 17 09:47:58 -0800
Posted by Gemma (England) on 01/18/2017

I adopted a young bun off someone who had locked her in a cage outside for days left on her own no food etc, it's been a month now and my dog is fine as long as I keep them separate at feeding times, I'm massively struggling with litter training and I keep her out from 8am till at least 11pm, do u use apple cider vinegar in their water?? I will definitely go on to the site you've mentioned thanks so much for your helpful advice it's very much appreciated, I've got her out and she's got a pink eye with green discharge so going to try lavender oil diluted.

Gem x

  Re: Is ACV Safe to Give Cat While on Medication for UTI?

Wed, 18 Jan 17 09:46:32 -0800
Posted by Paru (Ca) on 01/17/2017

Thanks Evelyn I did continue ACV with medicine....he keeps visiting litter box every 2 min for some time when I give him ACV...He is off medicine now...Just ACV....Hope to see the results soon... Also I give him ACV (standard dosage)using syringe...generally 3-4 syringes(3ml syringe) every 2 to 3hrs...Is there any other way of giving him ACV(he doesn't eat it in food)

  Re: How to Get Dog To Take Apple Cider Vinegar for Incontinence?

Wed, 18 Jan 17 09:46:12 -0800
Posted by Wendy (Columbus, Oh) on 01/18/2017

Mix a teaspoon of organic Apple Cider Vinegar ("ACV") into her food each time you feed her. Use the brand "with the mother" which is the nutrient-rich sediment at the bottom of the bottle. Just shake the bottle before using.

Chlorella for Arthritis

Wed, 18 Jan 17 09:31:27 -0800
Posted by Olga (Illinois) on 01/17/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I have a 12 year old Lhasa Apso and for the past few months she's been experiencing pain in her legs and her behavior has changed all she did was sleep and eat..and then my mom suggested me feed my dog chlorella. On the 3rd day (today) I noticed my dog alive again, she's playful once again and running. Woo hoo! I'm so glad this works, I only been giving her half a tablet but I think I will go up a dose.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Dog With Ear Issues

Tue, 17 Jan 17 17:51:59 -0800
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 01/17/2017

Hello Mia,

If this were my dog I would not hesitate to use the Zymox as it can be applied to a dirty sore ear - no need to clean out the gunk first. This to immediately address your dog's pain.

You mention you switched to grain free only after your vet prescribed the cocktail of meds that worked only temporarily; if the diet was the issue - the underlying cause of the problem - then the meds could only work so far until the diet was switched. You certainly could try the Arcane formula, which is an OTC cocktail of very similar medications that your vet prescribed. I would use the Zymox first if at all possible because it is a thin formula that can drip deep into the ear while the Arcane formula is more of a cream or gel and it takes some time to slowly melt into the ear.

As to the underlying issues - you changed the diet, and that is a good first step in the right direction. Other steps include getting a handle on the systemic yeast that thrived on the old diet. Consider Ted's Borax Protocol for dogs and also alkalizing the drinking water; when mine get gunky allergy ears [and like your dog, seems on only one side - the side that they sleep on! ] I alkalize the water in varying doses of baking soda for 3-4 weeks, and will do course of the borax water in between. This seems to really help knock the yeast down. Keep in mind that if your dog is sensitive to something in the diet or environment that staying on top of this yeasty ear will be an ongoing issue - there may be no permanent cure for it, only keeping any yeast infection at bay with constant cleaning and paying careful attention to diet.

  Re: Canine Megaesophagus

Tue, 17 Jan 17 17:47:46 -0800
Posted by Rebecca (Sc) on 01/17/2017

Would you mind sharing what sort of raw food you include in the smoothie? I'd like to try to transition from the wet food and Ensure diet we are using for Saint onto a more raw/natural diet but I don't know where to start.

  Re: Canine Megaesophagus

Tue, 17 Jan 17 17:43:14 -0800
Posted by Rebecca (Sc) on 01/17/2017

I want to start using slippery elm for my girl Saint. We are in a rough patch with regurge happening after most meals and I feel like I just need to calm her insides down. We used to use a shot of Cerenia when we hit a bad patch, but I'd like to use something less intense and more natural. My question is - Is the tea the best way to use it? She can't handle water - I have to add Thick It to get it to stay down, so a tea probably isn't going to work for Saint. Instead, could I crush/open up a capsule and mix the powder into her food?

  Re: Questions About Ted's Borax and Peroxide Mange Cure

Tue, 17 Jan 17 17:39:39 -0800
Posted by Debbie (Perth, Australia) on 01/17/2017

Hello All,

What a wonderful site this is, and I wished I had found it a lot sooner. I have a question regarding the use of Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide for my 8 year (40kg) female Malamute. Every since I adopted her, she has had a blackish rash under both armpits, sometimes smelly, sometimes not. Vet had said it was pyoderma and that it is almost impossible to get rid of it. We have had years on antibiotics for this. Next is fungus/ringworm through her coat, Vet had said it was a skin infection, again antibiotics did not cure this. Left Laryngeal Paralysis has also been diagnosed, and was told to elevate her food and water bowls, but this seemed to make her cough constantly. Fungal Ear infections for the past 6 years. I am looking at the borax and hydrogen peroxide solution for both of us females and as I understand it the following is the recommended dosage.

1/8 teaspoon to 1 Litre Filtered Water for 1st week

1/16 teaspoon to 1 Litre Filtered Water for 2nd Week

Filtered water (No Borax or Hydrogen Peroxide) for 3rd week

Then start again at Week 1.

I cannot find the dosage amount for the Hydrogen Peroxide 1%, and would appreciate if someone could help.

I am also not sure as to how long to keep at this regime to rid the body of yeast, fungus etc., whether it be 6 months, 12 months or indefinite and would appreciate some more info on this as well.

Thank you EC, I only wish I had found your site sooner, it may have helped me avoid putting my Husky to sleep last week.

Thank you all and keep up the great work!!

Diatomaceous Earth for Mange in Cats

Tue, 17 Jan 17 09:34:19 -0800
Posted by Shanarose (Nmb, Florida) on 01/16/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I care for rescued cats (a reluctant cat lady .... I currently have 14) and some of these have come to me on the verge - suffering from mange and scabies .... since discovering diatomaceous earth some years back for fire ants (i am severely allergic to fire ant bites and DE kills them within hours) I found that if I rub a very small amount of DE (wear surgical gloves) on the mange area a few times a day ... within a few days the mange starts to clear and scabs start to form .... I have a cat who came here looking like he was burnt .... it was a severe case of mange ... within a month his hair had started to come back and today (two years later) he is a fluffy stunner .... all due to diatomaceous earth .... only put it on the target areas of the mange .... don't get it into their eyes ..... rub it on dry like a powder ..... don't get it wet ..... good luck and God bless ...

  Re: Dog's Mange

Tue, 17 Jan 17 09:25:12 -0800
Posted by Sandra (Usa) on 01/16/2017

Do not give ivermectin to your GSD. Research ivermectin before use. The dose they give for mange is two times what they would give for heartworms. Herding dogs can have a severe reaction which does include death. Go with Apple Cider Vinegar accompanied by other treatments like coconut oil.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Dog With Ear Issues

Mon, 16 Jan 17 09:36:06 -0800
Posted by Mia (Ca) on 01/15/2017

My dog, an 11 yr old Akita/Retriever mix, has had a tough year of a recurring ear infection in 1 ear only.

He has had ear infections in the past - but its always in the same ear. This year, the ear has taken a turn for the worse. He was having dark, waxy stuff coming out of his ears and was in pain, so we took him to the vet, but his inner ear was so inflamed she could not even see down it. The vet prescribed a cocktail of anti inflammatory/anti fungal/anti everything medication, including Zymox.

I noticed an improvement while he was on the meds, but after 2 very expensive rounds of these medicines, we are back to a painful ear - especially at night (2am). I don't want to go back to the meds since they obviously didn't treat the underlying condition.

I have switched him to a grain free diet since then, but he needs relief ASAP.

Can I use ACV if his ear is this inflamed and painful? Would the Arcane solution work better in this case? I am willing to try ANYTHING at this point as my dog is in pain and now his hair is starting to fall out in clumps - just brushed out enough hair to fill a grocery bag, poor guy. Does this sound like an underlying yeast issue-turned-infection? I was thinking of trying the Arcane solution topically and putting ACV in his water or food instead of on his ears.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Dog With Skin Allergies

Mon, 16 Jan 17 09:31:08 -0800
Posted by Cindy (Mesa, Az) on 01/15/2017

I was wondering who you went to in Arizona. I am going crazy with skin issues on my shih pigmentation on belly and in arm pits. We have been to the vet numerous times and it is antibiotics for 3 weeks then bathing everyday... heals for a bit and by that I mean 2 or 3 days and comes back. Driving him nuts and me too. Going to start with the vinegar in food tomorrow.

  Re: Essiac Tea for Cancer

Sun, 15 Jan 17 10:04:50 -0800
Posted by Lorraine (Victorville, Ca) on 01/15/2017

Please what exactly do you cook for your dog, my girl was diagnosed with lymphoma 4 days ago and I don't know where to start she does have trouble breathing at night so I really need your help she is 20 lbs what to feed her and what vitamins to give.

  Re: Essiac Tea Seems to Be Helping Cat With Lymphoma

Sun, 15 Jan 17 10:02:19 -0800
Posted by Sam (Sa) on 01/15/2017

Hello, I hope it continues to go well for your kitty. All the best for many healthy years together. X

 Re: What Can I do to Prevent Tumors from Returning on my Dog?

Sun, 15 Jan 17 09:49:17 -0800
Posted by Harry (Los Angeles) on 01/15/2017

P.S. As regards flaxseed oil, for human cancer patients, the Gerson therapy protocol includes two tablespoons of flaxseed oil per day for the first month and then one tablespoon for the balance of the therapy. However, healing legend Charlotte Gerson says it's important to get a mix of high quality oils thereafter to avoid getting, in effect, an overdose of flax oil and becoming allergic to it. She talks about that briefly (from 55:39 to 59:04 of the video below):

To learn more about Gerson therapy, I highly recommend watching some of her videos on YouTube and then getting your hands on one or more of her excellent books through,, or directly from Amazon.

If you're interested, the Gerson organization can probably also hook you up with others who have dealt with their dogs having cancer and/or mast cell cancer tumors.

My favorite Gerson books:

Max Gerson's classic, A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases and the Cure of Cancer by Diet Therapy:

Charlotte Gerson's "complete guide to the theory and practice of the Gerson Therapy", Healing the Gerson Way: Defeating Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases:

 Re: What Can I do to Prevent Tumors from Returning on my Dog?

Sun, 15 Jan 17 09:49:05 -0800
Posted by Harry (Los Angeles) on 01/14/2017

Hi Tara, Kudos to you for being so thoughtful for a four-legged member of your family. Too many of us, myself included, fail to be thoughtful enough about the health of our family, for our two-legged and four-legged members alike. However, looking back, I don't think you'll ever regret any time and effort expended on that front.

As regards your question, unfortunately I don't think it's possible to make sure tumors don't come back. And your question is a simple one that I think calls for a very complex answer. However, here are some things that I think would be likely to reduce the odds of them coming back and improve her prognosis if they do. Incidentally, I think learning about these things will help you better protect yourself and other members of your family, too.

First of all, it's been said by cancer experts I respect that cancer is primarily a disease of the liver. So don't use Front Line or any other chemical(s) on her to control fleas and ticks. Instead, use a garlic and brewer's yeast alternative like one of those available from SpringTime or available on Amazon along with regular inspections when she returns from outside for fleas or ticks.

Second, do many of the same things you might do if it were for another two-legged member of your family including:

(A) Give her enough iodine. This is a relatively complex topic, but a very important one. So please research and educate yourself about it first. A good place to start, I think, is to do a search for Iodine on and read those posts and also to go to the following links:



One of the complications is that iodine supplementation should be accompanied by the supplementation of certain other minerals, including organic selenium, magnesium, and zinc and adjusting the dose given weight and species factors. I also recommend that you try supplementing with it yourself first. I gather that, as a female, there's a 90-95% chance that you're deficient and can dramatically enhance the quality of your own life and reduce your odds of getting cancer by doing so.

(B) Supplement with boron using Borax dissolved in water. Again, I recommend researching it carefully and using it yourself first.

(C) Don't give her water from the tap with its chlorine, fluoride, and other toxins. And speaking of water, I would periodically add a tiny amount of hydrogen peroxide into it. And I would periodically add a tiny bit of Bentonite clay into her food.

(D) Since she's so much closer to the ground, don't make her breathe in the phytoestrogens in pesticides. So se only natural pesticides in the house and the yard.

(E) Foodwise... Feed her organic dog food. Don't add to her toxic load by giving her canned dog food with its BPA's and using glass bowls for her to eat from or store any food that you're going to give her, never plastic. And take a page from the most successful cancer therapies (including Gerson and Budwig) and reduce or eliminate meat and dairy in her diet. Also, as often as possible, include some fresh organic flax oil with her food. (I strongly recommend familiarizing yourself with those therapies and their diets, too.)

(F) Figure out one or more ways for her to get regular exercise that increases her heart rate and helps her get oxygenated.

(G) Since mold so often causes cancer, make sure she's in an environment that has as little mold as possible. Washing the floors periodically with white vinegar and/or Borax will reduce her mold exposure and reduce her exposure to the toxic chlorine and other toxic substances in the vast majority of commercial cleaning products.

(H) Super important: Religiously exclude sugar and corn syrup from her diet. As I recall, there are multiple studies showing something like double the number of metastases in populations with diets including sugar and corn syrup versus populations with diets excluding those items.

(I) Regularly add hydrochloric acid and a digest enzyme (preferably) pork pancreas to her food.

(J) Keep her stress level down and keep giving her lots of love.

That's all I can think of for now. Needless to say, please research and confirm that none of the preceding items are contraindicated for dogs. And you don't have to do all of the preceding items, although I think each of them would reduce the odds of a recurrence. But you asked. And like I said, it's a simple question that I think calls for a very complex answer. In any case, kudos to you again for being so thoughtful.

All the best,


P.S. The developer of Gerson Therapy, Max Gerson, found that every oil except flax oil promoted cancer in cancer patients he was treating (for active cancer).

  Cat With Fibrosarcoma

Sat, 14 Jan 17 17:21:34 -0800
Posted by Petra (Tinjan, Croatia) on 01/14/2017

Cat fibrosarcoma

So, my 15 years old cat had the x-ray and ultrasound and the vet.said some tumor is in her belly. It is 4x2 cm, in the lover belly, and it is palpable. On ultrasound it seems it has one part solid, one liquid like a cyst. The vet said that he thinks it is some kind of sarcoma, started im muscles and then entered abdominal cavity. I didn't want her to go to biopsy and the surgery, which vet also agreed, so I started to investigate what can I give her. By the way, her blood sample is ok, all is good, other than creatinine that is lightly high. She is ok, normally eating(just a little bit smaller portions), drinking, peeing, pooping....behaving like always. So I hope I got the right time to act, but I just need some advice.

I found out this remarkable site and I saw that a lot of you saved your beloved pets with Essiac tea and shark cartilage. On my research I found that people are not so keen to this treatment because it is not proven to work.

Anyway, I ordered them both, and beside that I am giving her some Spirulina, Ganoderma, Hydrogen pills, while I wati the tea to come.

I would like some comments, tips, suggestions, what to do with my 15 years old best friend? I must say that I'm a DMD, and finished acupuncture school, so any suggestions which points to use is great.

Please, write to us, 'cause we are desperate in some help.

Thank you all

  Re: Castor Oil for Tumors

Sat, 14 Jan 17 17:18:00 -0800
Posted by Cj (Arlington Tx) on 01/14/2017

Castor oil beneficial in all types of masses on cats