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  Re: Ron's Chipped Tooth Remedies for Dogs

41 minutes ago
Posted by Ron (USA) on 07/19/2024

Hi Madelyn. Yes I have edited the remedy to suggest refrigeration. I have also refined the write up tto be more ledgible and some other small changes.. My small batches never lasted long enough to go bad. However, last summer I had a batgch go bad when I had to quit using the central A/C during that time. It is the first time I had any go bad as my home is always climate controlled. Apologies for your lost time. I'm still learning too. Wouldnt make large batches.

As for the oil suggestion, I suggested coconut oil for longer term storage because the oil itself is not going to spoil where as other oils like olive can go rancid. As for the rest of the ingredients, the black walnut main ingredient is likely to have all types of trace organic matter in it.

  Re: Sodium Bicarbonate for Ketoacidosis in Pets

43 minutes ago
Posted by Ron (USA) on 07/19/2024

I am very sorry for the late reply. The baking soda is best given at least an hour before food, or 2 hours after. Use food grade if you can. This is meant as a temporary remedy until the underlying issue is fixed.

Bicarbonate reserves will hit critical mass after they are replenished and the pancreas would no longer need them after a time. Baking soda dosing may go for 6-8 weeks. I would personally add a bit of cider vinegar to the dog's food, like a 1/2 tsp each feeding if possible. diluted in water and soaked into the food. this would prevent over alkalization or accumulation of excess bicarbonates during the experimental phase of trying to calm the ketoacidosis.

Longer term baking soda dosing could lead to stones in kidney / gallbladder.

  Re: Diatomaceous Earth

2 days ago
Posted by Pam E. (SW California) on 07/16/2024

FOOD GRADE D.E. is no more dangerous to breathe than everyday, organic, house & garden dust.

The D.E. that is so dangerous to breathe is HEAT TREATED so that the water soluble mineral (silica) within it becomes crystalised nearly throughout, so has a very large percentage of sharp & dangerous edges throughout it. This of course causes a lot of tissue damage, whether ingested or breathed in... .

However, FOOD GRADE D.E. has extremely small & few sharp edges, so that it doesn't even cause harm to ingest it ... in fact, it has actually been found to improve digestion, as well as health in general, to have it added in acceptable amounts to one's diet ... whether human or animal.... OF COURSE, breathing it is no more a good idea than breathing organic house or garden dust ... dust just isn't good for our lungs. However, it CANNOT do the harm that the Pool-Gade, HEAT-TREATED D.E. is very capable of!

I invite you, & anyone else who wants to understand how safe F.G.D.E. is, to please read this article:

"The difference between Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth and Pool Grade Diatomaceous Earth"

- Amorphous Silica in F.G.D.E. vs Crystalline Silica in Pool/Filter-Grade D.E. - Explained

  Re: Seabuckthorn Oil for Tumors

3 days ago
Posted by Jade (SC) on 07/15/2024

I am so sorry you are dealing with this. My 8 year old staffordshire mix just had a tumor pop up over the last week and a half (that I noticed) and it has grown so much since then. We have a vet appointment on Thurs to see what it is. Praying it is nothing but the more I read, the more I am convinced it probably is.

Did you receive any benefits from using the oil?

  Re: Colloidal Silver

4 days ago
Posted by Katzie (Cancun, Mexico) on 07/15/2024

Even the "blue man" himself admitted to drinking 1 gallon/day for months and months!! But he also said he was never sick during those months either. Ignore the Big Harma shill warning!! But if you were making gazillions of dollars selling petro-based chemicals, for lifelong medical conditions, you might have people posting scare tactics too. Even if it only scares one person off of CS, it could mean hundreds or thousands of dollars for them! And posting here is free, win win, again for them.

 Re: Dog Squamous Cell Carcinoma on Nose

4 days ago
Posted by Bex7 (OR) on 07/14/2024

I don't know, but for me when I get a skin cancer, melanoma, I catch it right away and kill it with chaparral from Herb Pharm. It works every time. It takes about a week and longer if it is in my scalp. A dog may just lick it off his nose. I have been treating a spot on the back of my dog with great success. The spot is almost gone. I just put some on a piece of cotton, take paper tape and tape it over the spot. I add to it underneath the tape a few times a day until gone. When it scabs over, don't touch it. Just wait until the scab falls off. Good luck with your dog.

Dog Squamous Cell Carcinoma on Nose

5 days ago
Posted by Kimberly (Eden Valley, CA) on 07/14/2024

Dog Squamous Cell Carcinoma on nose…

What can I purchase from you addressing the above subject. TR🐶🐶PER a nine yr Golden Retriever was diagnosed with this serious skin cancer… I feel surgery, Chemo, Radiation is not an option for his case. ASAP I need to start him on something that may benefit him and extend his life. Kimberly

  Re: Diatomaceous Earth for Mites on Cat

8 days ago
Posted by Judy (Florida) on 07/11/2024

Bug MD is excellent for bird mites. I had a really bad infestation as I live in the woods. Used Diamatecous earth around the house outside. Finally have them under control. The cats are no longer running around trying to get away from them.

  Re: Colloidal Silver for Pets

8 days ago
Posted by Able (USA) on 07/10/2024

See above what was written about colloidal silver. Absolutely the safest, most effective treatment for both internal paracites and bacteria as well as external injuries, infection, etc. I use it on myself and have for years, plus give it to my very healthy cats. It is the closet thing to a miracle treatment available.

  Re: Colloidal Silver

8 days ago
Posted by Able (USA) on 07/10/2024

Anne above is right over the target. Your warning about colloidal silver is exactly the kind of fear mongering the veterinary pharma folks love, so we keep putting toxic chemicals into our pets at outrageous prices. I have used CS personally for years, and on both my home cats and ferals and it is the closest thing to a miracle treatment I know of. Improves just about every condition imaginable.

Your mention of turning grey or blue would require a cat to drink a gallon of this a day and that probably still wouldn't do it. You apparently much prefer topical chemicals like flea meds that literally burn the hair off and scar the skin it is applied to.

Please get a clue and stop repeating asinine Pharma Lore. You obviously don't know a thing about what you are talking about.

 Cat With Chronic Constipation

12 days ago
Posted by Sherri (Hawaii) on 07/07/2024

Hello Connie,

Our cat had severe constipation, life threatening, and it completely turned around within 3 days doing the following:

For the first 3- 6 days we gave him triple/quadruple doses of Smooth BM Gold (Pet Wellbeing) which is essentially a liquid form of Triphala with bacon flavor. Then, gave him a dose 2x/day for the next couple weeks. We also used Colon Rescue by Animal Essentials at their dosage recommendations.

Fresh aloe vera gel, 1-2 Tablespoons, given via syringe into mouth, 3x/day for fiber and to increase fluid intake. Did this for 2-3 weeks.

Eliminated ALL dry foods and only have him high quality wet foods with no grains or beans (New Zealand meats). We figured out that a new food my husband started to give him, which was dry, caused the problem.

Fresh filtered water daily.

Now, he continues to eat wet foods and has normal bowel movements. We think simply using high doses of the Pet Wellbeing product and eliminating the dry food would have probably worked.

Magnesium for Constipation in Dogs

16 days ago
Posted by Ron (USA) on 07/02/2024

Magnesium for Constipation in Dogs

Add magnesium chloride crystals to drinking water of the pet. Chances are magnesium levels are low if giving city / tap water. R/O water systems remove any that would be in the water. Remineralization stages do not add nearly enough back in. Fortunately, I innerstand that we along with our animals came from an evolution of drinking water in nature, which naturally has a magnesium salt content. Or eating in the wild, natural magnesium oxide content. Magnesium chloride is a great substitute. Ever since I give it to my dog and cat they both have lost their previous issues with ahrd stool or crystals in their kidneys causing pain when they pee.

I always ask my fellow animal lovers if they're aware there is next to no magnesium in public water, and if they're able to use common sense to connect that with thier animals' issues not being able to poop or pee right. They typically are ignorant to this. And even respond with high skepticism or innocent arrogance. It's simple though. Common sense. Anyways.Magnesium can cause loose stools if given too much. But it can also cause loose stools to go regular in animals and humans .

How much to give?

I go by Ted's recommendations. As practicing tjhem for near a decade, they hold true.

Mix up a dropper bottle with half magnesium chloride crystals, and half pure water. the crystals dissolve instantly.

Add 1 drop for every cup of water in your water jugs you keep at home. Thats about 16 drops.

For initial magnesium repalcement though, I add extra to their water bowls or food. Start low and work up.

a 5 lb cat would need only a single drop of magnesium in it's daily water intake. I may give him 2 drops in his water cup for the day. Adding it to his food sometimes causes GI upset if it isnt thoroughly mixed, so adding half a drop would suffice for food.

a 60 lb dog can have up to 3 drops of magnesium per feeding. 6-8 drops total per day.

a 140 lb human could have 10 drops per day minimum. more if theyre deficient.

  Looking for Fly and Tick Remedies for Horses

20 days ago
Posted by Carolyn Brown (Blue Point NY) on 06/27/2024

Do you have home remedies for horses? They suffer from flies, no see EMS, ticks

Hi! Love your site and Thank you all who created it! Horses are outside all day and suffer from different bugs with different symptoms like chafing, dust and lots of Dirt ( from rolling) and would the remedies for cats & dogs work for horses? Thanks again Love your site & recommend it to friends!

EC: Hi Carolyn,

We have a few horse remedies pages (see the pet index pages), and put your post under one such reader feedback garlic remedy for flies.

  Re: Fleas

20 days ago
Posted by Allysa Rapp (Wildomar, California ) on 06/28/2024

Hi Terry, im interested in getting the product for fleas but not sure if I have the correct website. This would really help me with my indoor outdoor cat

  Re: Herbal Tonic That Reverses Arthritis, Joint Issues

22 days ago
Posted by Jackie (Melbourne FL) on 06/26/2024

I see the ratio you used for the herbs but how it a teaspoon or less and how much the mixture applied to the skin or do they drink it internally..ty very much

  Lymphoma Remedies Needed for Dog

24 days ago
Posted by Lady (WV) on 06/25/2024

Just found out that my Rhodesian Ridgeback has lymphoma..any and all suggestions are welcome. He has lost his appetite completely.

 Re: Dog With Swollen, Itchy Paws From Biting

24 days ago
Posted by Bex7 (OR) on 06/25/2024

Change her diet. Try no grains, and a different protein. My dog had skin issues and it was after feeding her chicken. I have not fed her chicken in a long time. Also, I gave her a bath and then poured borax and hydrogen peroxide water over her and her hair stopped falling out, she stopped getting scabby spots on her skin, and her hair is now shiny, all filled in and she doesn't chew her feet. It takes several weeks of doing this, but it worked for us.

Dog With Swollen, Itchy Paws From Biting

24 days ago
Posted by Marty (Florida) on 06/25/2024

My daughter has a Cotton in France, I'm about to go to be with her dog for three months. Luna is 11 years old and for the last few years she has had really bad paw bitting. To the point now that there is no hair and they are swollen. Her ears also have a problem with itching. I want to bring her some natural remedies. I love this site and all of you who contribute to it to benefit all of us. She really doesn't have too much of a skin issue anywhere else that I'm aware of but each year I see her for a few months and each year I try to cure her. I've done acv, baking soda, cocnut oil, but so far I've haven't helped her.

Any suggestions are appreciated

  A Delicate Question About Doggy Reproduction.

26 days ago
Posted by Puppy (Factory) on 06/22/2024

There is an article online that stated foxes may have a single litter of pups which have various fathers.

Cat With Chronic Constipation

26 days ago
Posted by Connie (St.Paul Mn) on 06/22/2024

Any suggestions for my cat with his issues I already stated at length. It isnt megacolon is the best thing my vet concluded. He might have always had constipation as I adopted him at 6 y old. Previous owner have him pumpkin or squash baby food in his wet food. Pumpkin doesn't seem to work any more, I use canned if I do use.


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