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  Re: Borax for Fleas

7 minutes ago
Posted by Van.daniel (Tennessee) on 09/25/2023

Does anyone know how you use borax for fleas?

  Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey for Open Pyometra in Dog

11 hours ago
Posted by Regina (Calif) on 09/25/2023
4 out of 5 stars

Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey for Open Pyometra in Dog

My baby just turn 15yrs today 9/24 she got this horrible infection and like you I don't have money for her surfy so I made this remedy and the infection slows down but then it comes back in small amounts I'm praying it will clear up she has gotten her appetite back so I'm happy for that and is gaining weight because she was so skinny I was begging her to eat I cooked chicken for her bought rotisserie chicken for her what ever she would eat so I feel this regime is working although slowly but working

Is Prednisolone (Glucocorticoid) Safe to Take With Essiac Tea?

4 days ago
Posted by Furby 57 (Emerald, QLD Australia) on 09/21/2023

My cat is on a low dose of Prednisone because he was diagnosed with oral malignant melanoma. Is Prednisolone safe to take with Essiac? From what I understand prednisolone is immunosuppressive so wouldn't that possibly stop Essiac from working.

  Re: Colloidal Silver Cured Puppies of Parvo

4 days ago
Posted by Hollyhock (America ) on 09/21/2023

Walmart carries it, Silver Biotics. You can find it in the health section near the pharmacy. It's around 20.00 for I think 16 ounce bottle.

  Re: Colloidal Silver Cured Puppies of Parvo

5 days ago
Posted by Joshua (Chico CA ) on 09/20/2023

I need colloidal silver like three days ago lost 5 puppies have two help where can I get it and now

EC: Amazon carries quite a few brands of colloidal silver. Check your local health food stores to see if any carry it.

  Re: Vitamin C, Turmeric, Manuka Honey for Pyometra in Dog

6 days ago
Posted by Shel (TX) on 09/19/2023

I feel like when it says 4-5 times the first day is a lot of vitamin c for my dog. Is this what you did? What vitamin c powder did you use?

  Seeking Dosage of CoQ10 for Congestive Heart Failure in 20 Pound Dog

6 days ago
Posted by Art (California) on 09/19/2023


It doesn't seem like the standard 1 mg to 1.6 mg per kilogram of body weight will be sufficient for the task. According to the following study, CoQ10 is very safe in dogs :

Here is a relevant quote from the Beagle study :

' To support phase III testing of Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) in humans, we conducted pharmacokinetic and toxicology studies in beagle dogs. Following single gavage administration of CoQ10 at 600, 1200, 1800 or 2400mg/kg/day no obvious dose response was observed in maximum concentration (Cmax) or area under the concentration versus time curve (AUC) at the three highest dosages. In a repeated dose study of CoQ10 at 600, 1200, 1800 or 2400mg/kg/day for four weeks, CoQ10 reached steady state in plasma by two weeks at all dosages. Cmax and AUC increased with increasing dosage of CoQ10. The highest plasma levels were recorded at 1800mg/kg/day. In a 39-week chronic toxicity study of CoQ10 at 1200, 1800mg/kg/day or placebo, CoQ10 reached steady state in plasma by 13 weeks. Behaviors, blood chemistries and detailed histopathology were normal. No deaths occurred. '

This study suggests that CoQ10 is very safe in dogs even at extraordinarily high dosing levels.


  Seeking Dosage of CoQ10 for Congestive Heart Failure in 20 Pound Dog

6 days ago
Posted by Joann (Illinois) on 09/18/2023

How much CoQ10 for a 20# dog? lipoForm? Recommend an organic brand?

  Re: Giving Serrapeptase to a Cat

9 days ago
Posted by elle (Calgary) on 09/16/2023

How did you give your cat the serrapeptase?

  Re: Lyme Vaccination Side Effects

9 days ago
Posted by Terence (Eastern Nebraska ) on 09/16/2023

I listened to a lady's story about getting Lyme's disease and was horrified. I went to my vet and got the vaccine and told him it was for s big dog. I vaccinated myself and soon the characteristic bullseye developed at the injection site. I think I got Lyme's disease from the vaccine. Worst decision of my life. Leg weakness and pain. I used colloidal silver to back it off but doubt if I cured it. Anxious to see the other posted info.

Small Dog Colloidal Gold Dosage?

11 days ago
Posted by Aryelle (U.K) on 09/14/2023


Can you tell me how many drops of colloidal Gold do I give a 4 kilo dog?

and how many times per day, please?

much gratitude


  Re: Aloe and Oatmeal Shampoo for Walking Dandruff

12 days ago
Posted by Kiki (South Manchester, England) on 09/13/2023

This has literally changed my life!! For the first time in 6 months.. I have thought I had everything from Demodex to Scabies to Bed Bugs. And I know it's this. People has assumed I am mad. And the dogs haven't scratched or itched but I am ordering these 2 products now on Amazon. I have cried myself to sleep itching and even really started to think it was in my head. Doctors and Dermatologists were literally no help and although Ivermectin did somewhat slow it down, it made me feel sick for 4 weeks and eventually they came back. As you will know, and I don't need to explain. The dogs have been flead and washed and the house has been boil washed. I've thrown out numerous soft furnishings desperate to try and stop something I didn't even know I had or dogs had. I literally burst into tears when I read this. I will keep you updated but thank you so so so much Kathy for sharing this. K xx

Dog Had Adverse Reaction to Vaccines - Advice, Please

12 days ago
Posted by Winnie (Boston) on 09/13/2023
0 out of 5 stars

Our 15 month old short hair, Winnie, received a 3 year rabies and 3 year distemper vaccine yesterday at noon. At 3:30 pm she vomited 5 times in 30 min. After that, no vomiting, seemed to return to normal and just rested throughout the night. This AM at 5, gave a little food and she drank water. She vomited a little but seems fine now.

Spoke with vet yesterday who recommended I try to give her only water last night. She did not want it. Had an urgent care appt last night at 9 PM but canceled because she was resting and had not vomited since 3:30 pM. Today I gave her the food and water and she vomited a little but is acting normally.
What is the danger to her? Vomiting is only dangerous after 24-48 hours right? What do you advise?

Many Thanks!

  Re: Wheat Sprouts for Cataracts in Dog

13 days ago
Posted by Kjetil (Norway) on 09/12/2023


Did you try Dr Wheatgrass? Trying to figure this stuff out before it's too late,

  Re: How to Administer ACV in Food or Water for Cats

14 days ago
Posted by Robyn (Mesa az) on 09/10/2023

With all the reading I've done it sounds if you apply a diluted mixture to the back of her neck she can absorb it that way with no problem and then maybe she'll start eating and drinking easier… as per the rattling when she coughs, get a lotion, Kleenex, like puffs, plus what it with olive oil, and put some eucalyptus on it and tie it to a vent or fan with a twisty tie, so that she cannot reach it, —do Not use Vicks or peppermint, they are drying and will produce more mucus in the long run— eucalyptus will clear up her lungs help clear up her nose and help her lungs not produce more mucus….. we use this on dogs with kennel, cough, cats with sinusitis or bronchitis and I'm pigs it works wonders:)

  Re: Diatomaceous Earth for Heartworm

17 days ago
Posted by Neil Dailey (WV) on 09/07/2023

Heartworms and DE

To those who still have no idea what DE aka silica actually does. If only very little opal silica got into the bloodstream how does anyone explain how it grows nails, hair, stronger bones, tendons, cartilage, better skin and produces loads of collagen? While also removing aluminum, mercury, and all other heavy metals. Also removing mold, fungus, candida, bad bacteria, pathogens, chemicals and toxins of every sort. How on earth can it possibly affect your liver, kidneys, heart and all other organs and pull the garbage out of your brain and decalcify the pineal gland? How can it be seen in high amounts in your urine? Can you please explain how it is that silica manages quite well at removing all atherosclerosis from the arteries and removes inflammation if not through the blood? But it's going to leave the parasites alone. Can anyone at all tell us what the heart does? The heart pumps blood. In fact the heart pumps blood to every last cell in your body in under a minute. Can anyone tell me how silica is carried through the blood and heart at remarkable speed and high concentration but yet somehow a heart worm manages to miraculously avoid contact with the blood and opal silica even when it is literally in the absolute worst place it can be for a parasite? If there is one parasite that is most certainly in the absolute danger zone it is in fact the heartworm. By the way heartworms do not remain in the same place and location as they do move around a lot as well. Absolutely no one can tell me that heartworms are safe from death. It is incredulous that anyone who has a working mind and understanding of how the body works could ever claim heartworms are safe from impending doom. The same goes for all parasites in the body. DE also prevents heartworms by wiping out the threat as soon as fleas or other insects drink the blood they begin to die and whatever they pass is killed in the bloodstream as well. By Kareen Vasquez Might be anecdotal, but I helped rehome two dogs in Texas, which is heavy in heartworm cases. The owner couldn't afford heartworm medication, but did give her dogs DE. I was shocked when the dogs tested negative for heartworm. In Texas, an outdoor dog doesn't stand too good a chance in avoiding heartworm. A vet probably wouldn't agree, but I think it'd be an interesting experiment (for someone braver than me). By Johnny T Nguyen Neil Dailey 100% In the holistic dog group, people use DE to treat heartworms all the time with great success.

  Re: Chronic Yeast Infection in Ears of Lab

22 days ago
Posted by SacredCowBBQ (Nevada) on 09/02/2023
5 out of 5 stars

My mini-Aussie came into my life unexpectedly. I asked a friend what she fed her dog. Taste of the Wild. So I started giving him the beef and bison formula. He started scratching and biting at himself like crazy. A pet food store in Colorado recommended taking him off Taste of the Wild and putting him on a salmon-based kibble. Within 4 days his scratching and biting stopped. I now give him half raw beef/ half kibble. When I can afford it- I'll give him all raw meat.

  Re: Help for Cats

27 days ago
Posted by Pam E. (SouthWestern California) on 08/29/2023

I hope you/Donna consulted with a Holistic or Naturopathic Vet about your cat. If there isn't one near you, maybe you could learn enough in an online consultation to be of help.

Researching Catnip & using it myself, I discovered that when *ingested* it RELAXES one's MUSCLES ... (& also induces the body to perspire a little ... a welcome added relief for a hot day or night)! I wonder whether this relaxation of the muscles might help with your cat's twitching for a few hours at a time. Many cats will eat some, & often chill out for awhile afterwards. (It has helped me go to sleep on a hot summer's night many a time! )

  Re: Bach Rescue Remedy for Pets Contains Xylitol

27 days ago
Posted by Pam E. (SouthWestern California) on 08/29/2023

Perhaps some of Dr. Bach's remedies contain xylitol (esp. those for humans) ... HOWEVER .. .

BACH RESCUE REMEDY for *PETS*is to provide pets Non-Drowsy Natural Stress Relief ... & I see *NO* mention of it containing any Xylitol as either an active or inactive ingredient ... Do you ...?

Active Ingredients

Each 5X (HPUS): Rock Rose (Helianthemum nummularium), Clematis (Clematis vitalba), Impatiens (Impatiens glandulifera), Cherry Plum (Prunus cerasifera), Star of Bethlehem (Ornithogalum umbellatum).

Inactive Ingredients

80% glycerin, 20% water.

Multiple Supplements for Young Dog With Advanced Lung Cancer

27 days ago
Posted by Heimdal (Vanderbijlpark) on 08/29/2023
4 out of 5 stars

German Shepherd

He is almost three. Now has aggressive advanced lung cancer. And. Myocarditis. And I am taking him to to the vet today again. Is chewing through a spot in his skin by his hips. Overall since starting supplements and feeding raw only he seems better. Less hunched over struggling to cough out something. Haven't found any blood anymore. He is no longer panting terribly. Only occasionally. His eyes seem less glazed over. His mood better. More energy. I am supplementing very widely, lots of the best and different supplements. Appetite good.

With all the supplements he still eats up absolutely everything. The main issue now is the terrible itching. And the spot he has managed to damage. I am spraying down his coat with ACV, and alternating with colloidal silver. Today I brushed in DME. He has also lost a lot of muscle! I am concerned adding twenty supplements in one meal may interfere with absorption. He is on pancreatic enzymes. And I add DMSO to his meal. I am heavily supplementing sulfur. As long as he has good moments I will keep fighting. He sleeps snuggled on the bed nightly with me. As massive as he is. Such a sweetheart. I live alone. I am struggling to keep positive. My other GSDs coat maybe also affected. Will see what vet says in a few hours.


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