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Need Remedies for COPD in Dog - New Pets Page Created

10 days ago
Posted by Lilly (Bristol, TN) on 03/15/2023

I'm looking for a natural remedy for my dog's COPD. I really don't want her to be on medication from the vet. I'm afraid it will harm her kidneys & liver. Can anybody recommend something? I appreciate any help/suggestions. Thanks a bunch.

EC: Hi Lilly,

Please check out the supplement suggestions in the article at the top of the new pets page we created for you:

  Re: Dogs Are Omnivores

12 days ago
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 03/14/2023

Dogs are carnivores BUT if they're not getting meat and bone, they'll eat just about anything in an attempt to get the nutrients they're not getting or that their body can't manufacture because they're not getting meat and bone because they're basically starving. Most life forms will. But don't feed them rabbit. The only food in rabbit is in the head. People often find decapitated baby rabbits in their yards and think they must have been hit with the lawn mower but if their burrow is raided, the raiders only eat the heads.

Chicken thighs are good and cheap. Skin and all but with only 1/3 of what's fed with the bones - the rest boneless. Too much bone too early will bind them up. They need to go through the "cleanse" stage before they're fed whole chickens, necks or other bony parts.

A raw fed dog will not dig in the garbage or beg at the table for people food. They're getting what they need so there's no need to forage for nutrients.

  Re: Dogs Are Omnivores

13 days ago
Posted by Amy (Orlando, FL) on 03/13/2023

Thanks for the insight that dogs are omnivores. I used to live on a farm with five rescued dogs. They would eat apples that had fallen off the trees. Daintily pick blackberries off the vine in summer. And steal cucumbers from my garden to eat. And they willingly ate carrots as treats. So, I agree.

Ted's Mange Cure - Need Instructions in Spanish

17 days ago
Posted by Anissa (Round rock Texas ) on 03/09/2023
5 out of 5 stars


Can I get the directions for “Ted's Mange Cure” in Spanish? I will be going to Mexico, and I will show some of the rescues how to treat their dogs with mange.

it would be a great help if I could get the directions in Spanish.


thank you very much.

EC: Hi Anissa,

Sorry, we don't have them in Spanish. Please plug the instructions into Google's translate section, and you'll get a reasonably good version. If too lengthy a copy and paste for Google, do it in smaller sections.

  Dog Had Stroke - Update

19 days ago
Posted by Concerned (Georgia) on 03/07/2023

Thank you for Blue. He ate a little Basmatti White Rice yesterday night. No food this morning but I did forcibly put a drop of Arnica on his tongue this morning. My wife said yesterday Blue drank a whole bowl of water and walked slowly. He still reacts when cats are around him. He still barks when someone is at the door. I will try the DMSO. His balance is still no good because he can't shake his body without falling on the hardwood floor. I was giving him Coenzyme vitamins everyday. Thanks John

  Re: Molasses for Dog with Cancerous Tumors

19 days ago
Posted by Gary (Kitchener On) on 03/06/2023

Hi Stephanie

I have got rid of my bladder cancer tumors by rubbing Frankensence Oil on my bladder morning, noon, night. Also, I put 2 drops in a glass of water at the same time as rubbing oil. Just a drop or 2 for the rub. It worked for me. The brand I used was ** Now **.

Good Luck Stephanie.


  Re: Molasses for Dog with Cancerous Tumors

20 days ago
Posted by Stephanie (Australia) on 03/06/2023

Hi how much did u use please and how did u use it

EC: Sorry, Glen's post is from 2006 (or before) and he is unlikely to see it.

  Re: Dog Had Stroke

20 days ago
Posted by DL (NC) on 03/06/2023

So sorry. Look into the DMSO remedy for strokes. You can part the fur on his neck and also apply it to clean paw pads to get it in his system if he's not eating or drinking. Cayenne might be another helpful remedy for strokes but that will be tricky if you can't get it in food. Be very careful if your dog is having problems swallowing.

Here is one review on Earth Clinic for DMSO. The dosage is for people, so you'd have to adjust down for your dog.

Posted by Jeroen van P. (Amsterdam) on 02/10/2021
5 out of 5 stars

For Strokes: DMSO - one tablespoon in 30cc water every 15 minutes for 2 hours, then one every hour for 2 days. Will fix circulation extremely fast.

  Re: Dog Had Stroke

20 days ago
Posted by Concerned (Georgia) on 03/06/2023

My Blue (Dog) just had a Stroke we believe yesterday. He falls when he gets up. He actually did this before so I believe he was having mini-strokes before. I knew his hips in the rear end have arthritis. He won't eat or drink nothing now. I have given him herbs and health food his whole life of 13 years. I will try other herbs on his tongue.

Coconut Oil for Bad Breath in Dogs

22 days ago
Posted by Christine (Missouri) on 03/04/2023
5 out of 5 stars

I read in a post to use Coconut Oil in the dog's water to help with bad breath. Amazing! It worked. And my dog loved the water. I put about 1/8 tsp in her cup of water and changed it everyday. I backed off to every other day (because her poo was coming out faster! ). Her breath is now natural and it is helping her teeth remove tartar naturally (and they were bad). Thank you! I love natural remedies!!

  Re: Borax for Dogs

23 days ago
Posted by Jamie (Sabin, MN ) on 03/01/2023


EC: A boron supplement.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Crystals in Cat

23 days ago
Posted by Tom (France) on 03/02/2023
5 out of 5 stars

Apple Cider Vinegar for Urinary crystals

I give my cat one quarter of an Apple Cider Vinegar pill orally every day to control strovite crystals in his pee…. It really works. ( dosage = 80mg)

  Re: Borax for Dogs

23 days ago
Posted by Jamie (Minnesota) on 03/01/2023

Hello how much borax do you put in the water for your dogs? I have 2 large dog's 1 Rottweiler that's been very ill he has torn ACL right now and I believe has cancer has surgery in 2 weeks for acl and our lab/springer is pretty healthy but am concerned about our water where we live very high levels of manganese and obviously fluoride and we were also told Plastics 😳! So what amount would I put in the water? And would anything help my Rottweiler (Chopper) with his torn ACL? I know it helps with arthritis but does it help with maybe the ACL? Thank you in advance I know this is an old thread hopefully you will see this!

  Re: Cystitis in Cat

24 days ago
Posted by Virginia (NJ) on 03/01/2023

I realize that the post I'm replying to is from 2016! But on doing a search about what blocks the absorption of phosphorus, the answer is Calcium, not magnesium! This information may help with more recent issues. It's just a FYI…I didn't find how much should be given, just that magnesium won't help block or eliminate excess phosphorus.

  CoQ10, Hawthorn Berry for Dog's Heart Murmur

25 days ago
Posted by Jean (Louisville, ky) on 02/28/2023
5 out of 5 stars

I would say yes. I realize this post is somewhat older. I give my almost 17 year old, 22 pound dog, 50 mg ubiquinol daily, plus hawthorn for her heart murmur. Along with other supplements, she has stayed stable for over 3 years. She has never been on pharmaceuticals. She was diagnosed by a vet cardiologist. She did have a bout with heartworm about six years ago.

Goldenseal, Monolaurin, Vitamin C, Lysine for Feline Herpes

26 days ago
Posted by Brad Christian (Cool, CA) on 02/27/2023
5 out of 5 stars

Feline Herpes cure - Vit-C, Lysine, Monolaurin and Goldenseal.

My Persian 2 year old got spayed and the stress called out her herpes. She got cankers (lesions) all over her the front of her tongue and it was too painful to eat. Saliva dripping all down her front. So I got some pain meds from the vet and put her on it to first get rid of the pain. Also got some of the ointment you rub inside her ear to make her hungry. Got some fatty rich food called Recovery from Royal Canin. And I loaded that with - and here it is folks - plant based Vit-C, Lysine, Monolaurin and Goldenseal. What a fracking combo! All can be taken by animals (researched it first) and all smash viruses in different ways. Goldenseal is the bomb for a natural antibiotic, I don't think there's anything better. You sprinkle half a cap in their food, of each one, and feed at least a couple times a day. It's like sending the army in against that herpes.

BOOM, done in 3 days.

 Re: Cat Suddenly Lost Her Meow. What Should I Do?

27 days ago
Posted by Tim (VIC) on 02/27/2023

I am very sorry about the loss of your husband. My deepest sympathies. Did your cat recover her miaow?

Feline Chronic Sinusitis From Mold in Canned Food

27 days ago
Posted by DJ (Oregon) on 02/26/2023

My cat ate canned cat food (made in the USA) last spring that made her very sick. She lost her appetite for days, urinated copious (large) amounts of urine, was so weak she couldn't jump on the bed. I had to put a chair next to the bed, and a small box next to the chair (basically made a ladder).

All in all she was sick for about ten days. I thought she was going into chronic renal failure, and wasn't able to get her to a vet because lots of the vets in this rural area retired due to COVID. Finally, after 10 days, was able to see a vet. She wasn't in renal failure. Some of her labs were abnormal, but not terribly elevated.

I had the State Department of Agriculture do some testing on a can of that food. They didn't order the right tests, the testing could have been more comprehensive. But their testing did show 3 kinds of mold in the food (which had meat and butternut squash in it). Each mold type was within the limits for it's type of mold. But the three together seem to have pushed my kitty over the edge.

She seems to have chronic sinusitis from the mold. Does anyone have ideas on what might help help her? She's also had pink eye in the past few months, and I've used 1/2 apple cider vinegar and 1/2 water on the scruff of her neck with good results. She's an only cat, and lives indoors. Your feedback appreciated!

  Re: Grapefruit Seed Extract for Ear Mites

29 days ago
Posted by Stacey (Summerfield FL) on 02/25/2023

My indoor only cat has somehow gotten ear mites in his left ear with the classic coffee ground look and very crusty by the edge. It also smells.

I have a bottle of Nutribiotic Grapefruit Seed Extract ear drops. Can I put a few drops directly into his ear canal or can I only wipe the inside of his ear flap with the GSE and a cotton ball? Please advise.

How to Administer Curcumin for Cat's Tumor Without Staining?

30 days ago
Posted by Kelly (The Netherlands) on 02/24/2023

How do you administer a curcumin supplement to a cat without staining everything?? Curcuma stains are notorious, you often can't get them out and they don't only stain clothes, but can stain tiles, (faux) leather couch etc.


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