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  Re: Animal Care

Mon, 10 Dec 18 10:12:31 -0800
Posted by Ron (Ny) on 12/10/2018

I agree that many cat kibbles cause issues! There are a few brands I am OK with but I always read the label before making a purchase - so many filler are hidden in the mix!

Check out these sites for diets you can make at home:

  Can Daily Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Prevent Cystitis?

Sun, 09 Dec 18 17:10:37 -0800
Posted by Carol (Centerton, Ar) on 12/09/2018

My cat just got over her first uti/crystals. To prevent another occurrance, I started adding 1/2 tsp. of the vinegar mixed with about 2 T. of spring water to her wet food every morning. She only eats wet food, 1/2 can morning and 1/2 can evening.

My question is: Will this daily preventative dosage do enough/any good? I mix in the extra water because she rarely drinks any from her water bowl. Does it matter if that 1/2 tsp. of the vinegar is more diluted?

I am gone from home for work 3 days per week, and my daughter “doesn't want to deal with” mixing in the vinegar. So will getting it 4 days in a row each week (when I am home) be enough for my cat?

Should I make any dosage tweaks in general? I would appreciate advice asap. Thank you all!

 Re: Question About Using Ted's Mange Cure on Black Fur

Wed, 05 Dec 18 13:20:00 -0800
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 12/05/2018

Hey Anne,

YES it will bleach the coat- anything with peroxide will bleach the coat. You might consider a vinegar rinse alone, or making a rinse out of borax alone, but do NOT mix the borax and the vinegar as it makes a very strong solution of peracetic acid that may be too harsh for your dog's skin.

  Re: Need Tips on Getting Appetite to Increase in Dog With Cancer

Wed, 05 Dec 18 13:19:44 -0800
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 12/05/2018

Hey Shirley,

You might consider CBD oil.

  Re: Borax Safe for Cats?

Wed, 05 Dec 18 13:19:31 -0800
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 12/05/2018

Hey Tisha,

Borax is a type of salt. You can bathe your cat in it if you so wish. I use it all the time for bathing my dogs and they splash and my cats have walked through it without harm. I do use Ted's Borax protocol for dogs now and then and so my cats drink the same spiked water as the dogs and myself. If for some reason your cat were to ingest a goodly amount it might get loose stools; licking off the feet here or there should not do that.

  Re: Cat Food Brand Comparisons

Mon, 03 Dec 18 15:43:03 -0800
Posted by Malgo (Bristol) on 12/03/2018

I feed my cat mix of raw meat, baby food, cooked fish, I give her some spirulina and flaxseed oil tablets as well. I started rubbing my cats gums with coconut oil and I am also trying to spray her mouth with colloidal silver to her dismay as I just came back from vets routine check up and found out she has a tartar build up on her teeth and gingivitis. Vet suggested a good clean up, hopefully I will be left with some monies for christmas, lol

  Re: Borax Safe for Cats?

Mon, 03 Dec 18 10:10:24 -0800
Posted by Tisha R (Canada) on 12/02/2018

HI I see someone asked if safe for cats but no reply; I use it as a cleaner and would really like to know if they walk on it or lick it they will not die!! Please respond..appreciate thank you

Apple Cider Vinegar for Conjunctivitis in German Shepherd Puppy

Mon, 03 Dec 18 10:08:10 -0800
Posted by Suzanne (Lawrenceville, Ga) on 12/03/2018
5 out of 5 stars

My 5month old gsd mix woke up Saturday with nasty eye gook and red in one eye, had it all day. Started the Apple Cider Vinegar diluted with water, put it on cotton balls and rubbed on both his eyes and on the back of his neck. Sunday he was already getting better by this morning his eye is back to normal. Worked great!

Question About Using Ted's Mange Cure on Black Fur

Mon, 03 Dec 18 10:06:18 -0800
Posted by Anne (Australia) on 12/03/2018

Hi, Just starting Teds Mange Remedy today for itching dog. Can you please tell me if it is ok to use on black dog (Peroxide?). Show dog don't want to lighten colour. Awaiting your reply thank you. Anne

 Re: Is Borax Safe for Cats?

Mon, 03 Dec 18 10:04:06 -0800
Posted by Tisha R (Canada) on 12/02/2018

HI, everywhere on here I read that borax will kill your cat...please make me understand as if I use it as a cleaning product and or they lick it or walk on it then lick..I am super stressed now, so much confliction on this topic...thank you

Will CoQ10 Help Cat With Congestive Heart Failure?

Sat, 01 Dec 18 12:46:29 -0800
Posted by Andrija (Nis, Serbia) on 11/30/2018

My cat has congestive heart failure. Vet gave him medication for heart and lasix. Is there anybody who has some possitive experiences with some natural treatments for heart failure in cats? I found on net that I should feed him with sardines. Does anyone gave to his pet suplement CoQ10? I read that it is good for heart function. Any other suplement? All advices are welcome. Sorry on bad English.

  Re: Probiotics for Plasmacytic Pododermatitis

Sat, 01 Dec 18 12:44:17 -0800
Posted by Stephanie (South Carolina) on 11/30/2018

How long did it take for the probiotics to work?

  Re: Metronidozole Side Effects

Mon, 26 Nov 18 18:03:36 -0800
Posted by Elouise (Brisbane) on 11/26/2018

My 8 yo mini schnauzer was recently a day patient at the local ‘holistic' vet having IV fluids as she was stage 3 CKD and also had an ultrasound to confirm if any other organ damage. Following the ultrasound at 3pm she was given IV Metronidozole (without neither my consent or any diagnostic test to confirm bacterial infection) “in case she has an infection”.

At 4.15 the vet called me to say that my bubba had to be monitored for BP and fluids overnight by a specialist emergency vet and to pick her up straight away.

I didn't know about the IV antibiotic until I picked her up, it was only when I later read the invoice that I saw Metronidazole and when I looked it up was horrified to read that it is contraindicated in renal deficiency as it is high in sodium, causes hypertension and acute kidney injury which leads to azotemia. The invoice also had an amount for another item I was unfamiliar with - cystocentisis ( needle into bladder to extract urine). I was not informed of this either or had given consent for any treatment other than fluids and the ultrasound.

Things went from bad to worse at the emergency vet, my bubba was there for 3 days and when I finally found out the exact drugs she was being pumped with I brought her home. She died in my arms at home on 07/10/18 from severe toxic and fluid overload that caused pulmonary edema, brain hemorrhage and heart failure.

After extensive research into every drug she was given I have determined that the vet punctured her bladder during the cystocentisis so gave her IV metronidazole “in case of infection” without consideration of kidneys but it caused BP to significantly elevate and and acute kidney failure hence the urgency for “overnight monitoring of BP and fluids by specialist”.

The toxic side effects from Metronidazole in renal deficiency caused severe headaches, nausea, dizziness, confusion, gastric pain and lack of appetite. The emergency vet did not take this into consideration and did not do any diagnostics prior to pumping IV PPI's (esomeprazole & omeprazole) and giving her other highly potent nephrotoxic drugs to stimulate appetite/anti nausea (Mirtazapine - anti depressant used in humans for major depressive disorder & Ondansetron - used for chemo related symptoms in humans).
She didn't stand a chance 😭

Need Tips on Getting Appetite to Increase in Dog With Cancer

Mon, 26 Nov 18 10:29:28 -0800
Posted by Shirley (Penniac, Nb Canada) on 11/25/2018

I would like to try some of these remedies for my 13 year old dog who is exhibiting signs of cancer. The big problem right now is getting her to eat. We have offered her many options which she will eat for a while then refuse. Her latest favourite is hot dogs (I know.....not the healthiest). I would like to use the Budwig Diet so any suggestions as to how I can pique her appetite would be much appreciated.


  Re: Manuka Honey, Vitamin C for Pyometra

Sun, 25 Nov 18 21:13:42 -0800
Posted by Crystal (Baltimore Md) on 11/23/2018

Tonya, the name of the vet clinic in Richmond VA is Helping Hands Vet. I'm looking into it to since my dog has open Pyometra.

  Re: Dosage Question about Colloidal Silver for Cats

Mon, 19 Nov 18 19:32:23 -0800
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 11/19/2018

Dear Barbara,

I think the amount you wish to use and adding it to broth both sound fine. We have used large amounts of colloidal silver for our pets with only good results. I hope you find the same for yours!

~Mama to Many~

  Dosage Question about Colloidal Silver for Cats

Mon, 19 Nov 18 07:11:17 -0800
Posted by Barbara (Chicago) on 11/18/2018

Hi, my cat has Kidney failure and recently he has high white cells counts and my vet thinks he ha Kidney infection. He prescribed antibiotic for it but I am afraid to use it because the kidneys are so week. I am giving him herbal formula for Kidney infection and colloidal silver as a natural antibiotic. I have sovereign colloidal silver, the company says I can give him 2 dropersfull 5 times a day. Is is a safe dosage? Will it damage my cats Kidney more?is it OK to use with other supplements like herbal formulas? I am putting it in bone broth so he likes it . is It ok?

  Re: Yorkie and Rabies Shot

Thu, 15 Nov 18 20:01:08 -0800
Posted by Janet (In) on 11/15/2018

He most likely has some heavy metals and a virus. The rabies shot replicates the symptoms.
I would give him a tiny pinch of cilantro, 2x a week to gently remove the metals. A smidge of non gmo lecithin. That will help his liver.
An antiviral remedy we gave our dogs was l lysine. Open a capsule of 500mg and give 1/4 of the powder in a ball of liver sausage. 4x a day, for 3 days

  Re: Magnesium Citrate for Extreme Constipation

Wed, 14 Nov 18 21:25:35 -0800
Posted by Colleen (Missouri) on 11/14/2018

Hi, how do you mix it up and how can I make it liquid food from hard dog food?

  Re: ACV for Bladder Stones

Wed, 14 Nov 18 09:12:56 -0800
Posted by Joanie (Westchester Ny) on 11/14/2018

My cat Domino seems to be genetically predisposed to urinary crystals - his brother not. Dietary changes and 6k (which I'm still paying off) spent on the transgender operation seemed to save him (BTW my neighbor spent 10k on same op) but now crystals are back and all resources exhausted. I am definitely going to start both cats on ACV (1 part ACV to 3 filtered water) mixed into their food and also given directly to the ailing one. The brothers have been on non-gluten and no dry food diets for several years so this is a last ditch effort to save my tuxedo. Oftentimes nature's remedy is the best remedy. Also taking same dosage they are as we're all in this together. Will keep you posted...