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  Re: Remedies for Cat Mange

Sun, 20 Aug 17 17:15:11 -0700
Posted by Vally (Fountain Hills, Az) on 08/20/2017

in addition to tea tree oil, oil of oregano is extremely toxic to cats (my friend found out the hard way, thankfully the cat survived) Is great in treating warts on dogs - just one drop does the trick - but do not put even one drop on a cat, will burn a hole into their skin and make them sick systemically.

  Re: Ted's Mange Treatment - Need Help

Sun, 20 Aug 17 17:02:54 -0700
Posted by Patricia (Ga) on 08/20/2017

Ted's Mange Cure

I have read and re-read and am still confused about the amt of water in this recipe. I got the 3 heaping tbspns of Borax. I have diluted the 3% peroxide to 1%. (1qt peroxide and 2 qts water to make 1%). I got that. But I am confused about how much water aside from the water to dilute the peroxide is added? My almost hairless dog needs this so bad but I want to make sure I am mixing the appropriate amounts of water. Hope someone can clarify this for me. Thanks and thank you for posting Ted's cure!! Praying it will relieve my pups misery.

Castor Oil Safe for Pet Rat's Tumor?

Sun, 20 Aug 17 08:21:23 -0700
Posted by Fallon (Gainesville) on 08/19/2017

Is it safe to use the castor oil method on my rats tumor? If so, does it need to be diluted with another oil to make it less irritating?

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects in Older Cat

Sat, 19 Aug 17 08:45:34 -0700
Posted by Darleen (Buffalo, Ny) on 08/18/2017
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My cat is 17 years old. He was in perfect health until he got a rabies vaccine. 45 days later he started having seizures. I would like to know if they is anything that could help repair damage from this vaccine and if anything can cure the seizures.

  Re: Ear Mite Remedies

Fri, 18 Aug 17 13:30:42 -0700
Posted by Sarah (Raleigh Nc) on 08/17/2017

My dogs have mites on back of ears..the inside is clean I used a ear mite liquid from Wal-Mart..the back of ears are crusted n they r irritated.nothing is working . what can I do...also I have scabies. Help us plz

  Re: Bufo Toads

Fri, 18 Aug 17 13:29:40 -0700
Posted by Jeanie (W. Palm Beach, Fl) on 08/18/2017

I moved to W. Palm Beach a couple months ago and learned this week of the dangers of the Cane toad on pets. She said one danger beside the toxin is using the waterhose to wash out the toxin, as the water can be forced into the lungs as well as poison and can also harm or kill them. So everyone please be careful!!

  Re: Essiac Tea for Pets

Fri, 18 Aug 17 11:21:15 -0700
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 08/18/2017


Is this a tea? For a cat it would be a teaspoon of tea each day.

If it is a tincture it would be much less.

If it is a powder, 1/4 teaspoon.

  Re: Test for Mycoplasma Haemofelis for Chronic UTI in Cats

Fri, 18 Aug 17 11:17:00 -0700
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 08/18/2017

Thank you for sharing this information. A link for more info:

  Re: Diatomaceous Earth for Fleas

Fri, 18 Aug 17 11:03:11 -0700
Posted by Adrienne (Usa) on 08/17/2017

Don't use DE on anything you plan to vacuum. It is highly abrasive and my Vac motor was shot after a month.

DE is good but best used outside (in dry weather) or in barns, stall, on farm animals, etc. I used it inside my fabric furniture never to escape, as well as in cracks where I would not vacuum. Slow but does work.

We are using Cedarcide right now; only a trial size, but one shot dropped a big fly in mid flight. dropped like a rock. I have high hopes for them to help with the fleas. The eggs seem to have tapered off and I also use EVO Apple Cider Vinegar, along with cheap white vinegar, on fabric but not wood.

Wondering About Coconut Oil and Turmeric for Fat Deposit in Dog

Thu, 17 Aug 17 18:49:32 -0700
Posted by Maggie (Idaho) on 08/17/2017

My 20# dog has a fat deposit the size of an egg by his stomach. I've read some of the threads and people are giving turmeric and coconut oil as a cure for fat deposits. I try to keep my dog on a low fat diet which is what I've read to do when a dog has a fat deposit. I would like to try coconut oil but I'm afraid it may make the fat deposit bigger since he'd be eating so much fat. Has anyone tried coconut oil and had the fat deposit get bigger? Does anyone know why coconut oil works even though it's a fat?

Test for Mycoplasma Haemofelis for Chronic UTI in Cats

Thu, 17 Aug 17 18:47:44 -0700
Posted by Deb (Miami) on 08/17/2017
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Are any of you familiar with Mycoplasma Haemofelis? Constant UTI could be a result that you cat has this. And although the cider helps it does not cure. It is a simple blood test smear. Google it and read about it. My cat has it. There are different levels and some can be cured. Other can have it their whole life. The only proper med is Doxicilina 50mg once a day for 3 to 4 weeks. Many Vets will not even think to test for this, but it is a worldwide problem.

  Re: Essential Oils for Fleas

Thu, 17 Aug 17 18:45:52 -0700
Posted by Linda (North Bend, Oregon) on 08/17/2017

Those don't work tried all that - Bathed them put pennyroyal on the collars and still fleas. The best way I have found is a good flea comb and a once a week bath.

  Re: Homeopathy for Kennel Cough

Thu, 17 Aug 17 15:49:40 -0700
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 08/17/2017

Hey Vee,

You tip 4-6 of the white pills into an envelope, and then crush the pills into a powder and then tip the powder into your dog's mouth and hold shut for a few moments to allow the powder to dissolve. Do not touch with your fingers.

  Re: Homeopathy for Kennel Cough

Thu, 17 Aug 17 11:28:36 -0700
Posted by Vee B. (Az) on 08/16/2017

Can you give me recommended dosage of Drosera for an 8lb dog? I have 30c pellets. I've looked online and can't seem to find a dosage guide for a small dog.


  Re: Essiac Tea for Pets

Thu, 17 Aug 17 09:20:05 -0700
Posted by Laura D. (Michigan) on 08/17/2017

My cat has carcenoma how much Essica tea. I have a bottle but no instructions for pets on label. Please help.


  Re: Chronic Kidney Failure

Thu, 17 Aug 17 09:04:02 -0700
Posted by Sheernirvana (Illinois) on 08/17/2017

In my research (and experience), renal failure is not a painful way for them to pass on. Any body (human or otherwise) that is shutting down generally has this natural reaction... it does not mean they are in pain. I've had to put one of my cats down and it's a horrible memory that I questioned time and again. Obviously, I'd never neglect my cat - mine is going on 16 and was diagnosed last year with end-stage renal failure. I changed his food, saw he wasn't eating much of the stuff prescribed by the vet and then used by instincts and switched him off that until I found something he enjoys and can keep down (in his case, Nutro Chicken and Shrimp pate was the ONLY one). I stopped adding the powder the vet told me to sprinkle on top, because my cat didn't like it. I'm lucky in that he's always been a huge lover of water... as they age they can forget to eat and / or drink as much so I remind him. Vets don't always have all the answers and sometimes 'Mommy knows best'.

  Re: Puppy With Mange

Thu, 17 Aug 17 08:15:01 -0700
Posted by Juliana (Middle East) on 08/17/2017

I agree with the last post; the shell shards do not melt nor change shape when wet....think of shells in the sea. Otherwise, how could one possibly ingest the Food Grade DE and have it do any good whatsoever inside the body where most everything is wet, especially traveling through the digestive tract? No, DE is mechanical/physical and it also purportedly has a type of electron charge that attracts the bad buggers internally, but leaves the friendly microbiome alone. Do not ingest if it is not known/labeled as Food Grade. And advised not to ingest within 2-4 hours of taking an Rx or supplement, just to be on the safe side.

  Re: Multiple Remedies Not Curing Dog With Systemic Yeast, Staph and Bacteria

Wed, 16 Aug 17 09:06:40 -0700
Posted by Bob (Naperville) on 08/16/2017

Try Zymox. No antibiotics. Also Ox-E drops kill yeast infections.

  Re: ACV Saved Cats From Upper Respiratory Infections Post FIV

Wed, 16 Aug 17 08:39:17 -0700
Posted by Vikki (Ennis, Tx.) on 08/15/2017

How much do you give them, and how often..

Apple Cider Vinegar as Flea and Tick Repellent

Wed, 16 Aug 17 08:37:44 -0700
Posted by Garry (Mtn Home, Ar) on 08/15/2017
5 out of 5 stars

This is for my 10 mo. old Pit Bull. She was covered in little bumps and almost looked like a rash and scratched herself furless. None of the vet trips did anything for her and I was told she was allergic to flea bites. I was advised (by a friend) to use ACV, 50/50 also, but to also substitute boiled lemon water for the mix. I sliced up a lemon and brought it to a boil and then let it sit and steep overnight. I then used it to cut the ACV 50/50. I've since seen the same recipe online, along with the suggestion to add a drop or two of either cedar or lavender oil as repellent. I have used the mix and can say that it indeed kills fleas and ticks here in the woods. It has definitely also gotten rid of the scratching fits, as well as the fleas and ticks I find are dead or dying. She looks a lot better with fur.