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  Re: How to Protect Older Dogs From Injuries

13 hours ago
Posted by Or (Florida) on 01/18/2022

What was the raw food called? Raw can initiate GI issues if you start too soon. Introduce gradually and he'll be ok, like over a week, 1/2 tsp at a time. My ex is a great holistic vet who does nationwide phone consults, based in Fla, and he and I have 30 years of experience with raw food. The best thing for animals!!

D-Ribose Cured Dog With Heart Murmur in 3 Weeks

4 days ago
Posted by Steve (FL) on 01/15/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Gave D-Ribose to my 5 pound yorkie baby girl, heart murmur gone in 3 weeks, confirmed by 2 Vets

Pseudomonas in Cat's Sinuses - Natural Remedies Needed

6 days ago
Posted by Miss Kitty's Mom (Williamsburg Virginia) on 01/13/2022

Pseudomonas in my cat's sinus - looking for a natural cure - anitibiotics are not working

I have a sweet small cat that had an ear polyp removed surgically. After that was done, she developed a bloody nose and congestion with mucous/blood. All the vets at the hospital said she must have a tumor or something because nothing was helping - including all sorts of antibiotics.

So after almost 8 months of trying many natural treatments, including colloidal silver, ACV, homeopathic remedies, I had endoscopic surgery to remove what the specialist thought, as I thought was another polyp.

After she went through the endoscope - they flushed her sinuses and found no polyp, no tumor but an area was inflamed. After getting back the lab results from a biopsy, we found she has pseudomonas. The specialist has her on a particular antibiotic called marbofloxacin. She has been on this treatment for nearly 3 weeks now and is no better!

I've studied this nasty pseudomonas during this time, and it is resistant to antibiotics, so it stirs up the bacteria and can make it worse! So, now I am trying to discover if anyone in the naturopathic world has an answer for this resistant bacteria.

I found one doctor in New Zealand who says that Grapefruit Seed extract and a full spectrum product he uses to kill Candidas will bring the pseudomonas under control. She has a bloody nose all the time, sometimes he seems to be getting better and then it flairs its ugly head.

She is on a home prepared diet that is from another holistic Doctor named Dr Pitcairn, who has many home prepared meals recipes for both dogs and cats with afflictions and non afflictions. She has been on the allergy diet for a long time and she looks beautiful - all the vets say the same. She has no other issue but the pseudomonas infection (which probably came from infected instruments at the vet hospital).

Are there any other cures anyone has found for their dogs or cats with this horrible stubborn affliction? I am determined to find a cure for this. Also the Dr from New Zealand, Dr Eric Bakker claims his remedy works. Also getting the gut in order with probiotics -

I share these things, but have yet to use them to see if there is improvements or cures. Anyone else found these remedies working?

  Re: Boric Acid

6 days ago
Posted by Mark (FL) on 01/12/2022

Don't forget it's a detergent first and foremost. I also use when forging steel to forge weld metal together at over 2000°

 Re: Seeking Help for Young Dog With Canine Lymphoma

10 days ago
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 01/09/2022

Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil for cancer/tumors. A lady in England cured her dog cancer.

If it were my dog, I would also add turmeric powder to the dog's food. About 1/4 teaspoon every meal.

Why it works.

Sea buckthorn oil is a useful and highly prized oil typically used in skin care. It can be applied directly to the skin or included within skin care preparations. This oil contains essential fatty acids, carotenes, tocopherols and phytosterols. It is a concentrated oil, and we suggest to use sparingly.

Vitamins, Nutrients & Phytonutrients
Used in Chinese medicine over 1000 years ago, Sea Buckthorn oil is rich in vitamins and minerals. The fruit contains an exceptional concentration of natural anti-aging Vitamin C, which is 12 times higher than that of an orange! Sea Buckthorn fruit is becoming as popular as pomegranate and acai berry because of its very impressive nutritional profile. It contains over 190 nutrients and phytonutrients, and high amounts of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein, making it a powerful Superfood.

Essential Fatty Acids
The unique high fatty acid content of Sea Buckthorn oil and the wealth of nutrients it contains make it one of the most health-promoting herbal oils today. When applied on the skin, Sea Buckthorn oil does not leave an oily residue as virtually all ingredients are properly absorbed and quickly assimilated into the skin.

Four Powerful Antioxidants

  • Contains more vitamin E (d-alpha-Tocopherol) than any other plant-based oil known at this time

  • Beta-carotene: .5,000 IU/100g

  • Essential fatty acids: Omega-3 (30%), Omega-6 (40%), and Omega-9 (19%)

  • Contains 11 out of 14 trace minerals and flavonoids

Vitamins and Minerals

  • Vitamin A – helps maintain healthy teeth and bones (found in the berries)

  • Vitamin B12 – helps with energy production and red blood cell formation (berries)

  • Vitamin C – promotes wound healing, healthy teeth and gums (berries)

  • Vitamin E– helps form red blood cells (berries)

  • Vitamin K – crucial for blood clotting to stop bleeding (berries)

  • Lycopene – an antioxidant that protects DNA and proteins

  • Potassium – needed for fluid balance and muscle function

  • Calcium – promotes healthy bones, teeth, and keeps blood pressure constant

  • Magnesium – needed for making proteins and immune system health

  • Iron – needed to carry oxygen around the body

  • Phosphorus – maintains body pH


  • Hippophaeosides (1-3) – (found in the leaves)

  • Hippophins (found in the seeds)

  • Catechin (leaves)

  • Epicatechin (leaves)

  • Gallocatechin (leaves)

  • Epigallocatechin (leaves)


In mice, sea buckthorn berry extract blocked the growth of tumors in the stomachs and skin of mice. It promoted the activity of anticancer proteins that limit abnormal cell growth and promote cell death [51].

Sea buckthorn juice slowed tumor growth in mice organs and extended their lifespans from an average of 195 days to 270 days [52].

Sea buckthorn juice reduced the number of genetic abnormalities caused by the chemotherapeutic drug cisplatin in both mice sperm and bone marrow cells [53].

  Re: Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome

10 days ago
Posted by Rita (FL) on 01/09/2022

My cat has this and it's exactly the same attacks tail, flings blood…I have had her on gabapentin but it still happens.

I am investigating CBD and some herbal methods! Good luck it is so freaky. I hate it! She gets scared hurts he self and hides. She has a calm household.

I understand and am with you. If I find something worthwhile I will share it here!

 Re: Seeking Help for Young Dog With Canine Lymphoma

11 days ago
Posted by Art (California) on 01/08/2022


The oral CS will kill pathogens in the blood and can work against the cancer, so it may not be a good idea to cut it out. CS has a very good safety profile even at high dosage levels significantly higher than you are giving your dog, which is actually a very small amount if you are starting with 20 ppm CS.


 Re: Seeking Help for Young Dog With Canine Lymphoma

11 days ago
Posted by Deirdre (Connecticut) on 01/08/2022

Hi Dustie,

Please let us know how your dog is doing today. I hope better.

My dog did completely lose his appetite on the benadryl/tagamet protocol for a few days but recovered it once I stopped. DMSO seems to give him a very good appetite.

If it's properly made colloidal silver (i.e., pale yellow for 20 ppm colloidal silver and not clear colored ionic silver), not sure you need to cut down on it in the drinking bowl. I give my dog 1 -2 tablespoons of 20 ppm CS mixed in each meal (2x day) and it's been very helpful. I have been doing that for years now and no issues. Probably has prolonged his life. He's a rescue so I don't know his exact age, but around 16 according to the vet. Golden retriever mix, 55 pounds.

  Re: Tumor on Chest of Dog

11 days ago
Posted by Ashley (USA) on 01/07/2022


you said you give your dog bicarbonate, honey and raw honey internally as well as topically on the wound?

Thank you!!

  Re: Zymox and Cat's Claw Bark Cured Balance and Ear Issues in Cat

11 days ago
Posted by Lis (Richmond, va) on 01/08/2022

Hello, my cat has similar discharges but his nose also his breathing is louder because of the blockage. Suspect a polyp. How is cats claw tincture tinctures have alcohol? Do you do something to take out the alcohol? 4th round of vet prescribed antibiotics, the problem goes away and comes back worse after antibiotics wear off.

He eats well, no balance issues yet but has lost some weight..

  Re: Baking Soda and Maple Syrup Treatment for Dog

11 days ago
Posted by Art (California) on 01/07/2022


There are a few maple syrups made with xylitol, be sure yours is not one of those, as xylitol can kill dogs and at a minimum make them very sick.

In any case, it does not sound like a protocol you should follow.

You can use colloidal silver in the drinking water and apply topically with DMSO as Deirdre has described. Dogs can tolerate DMSO orally in very small amounts, but there are no studies or guidelines for that use.


 Re: Seeking Help for Young Dog With Canine Lymphoma

11 days ago
Posted by Dustie (Boise, Idaho) on 01/07/2022

Since my boxer is 85lbs I gave her a 1/2 tsp of the mixture, and for 2 days I have been using the DMSO & CS 50/50, prior to receiving the DMSO I had started her on the Chaga mushroom and turmeric, with Gold Wellbeing for immune support for dogs with cancer, and 3oz of CS in her water dish as she has a 5qt dish., plus cbd oil.. maybe it's too much, or maybe it's too late, if she makes it through the night I will stick with just the CS & DMSO topical treatment and cut down on the CS oz in her water dish.

Thanks for your help!


 Re: Dog With Enlarged Heart

12 days ago
Posted by Linda (Florida) on 01/07/2022

My Pom Harry has an enlarged Heart from an abscess that had gone undetected. Did this help you little pom and should I try it?


 Re: Seeking Help for Young Dog With Canine Lymphoma

12 days ago
Posted by Deirdre (Connecticut) on 01/07/2022

Hi Dustie, no this never happened on any of the protocols I tried. I never tried baking soda and maple syrup on my dogs though. They both got diarrhea once or twice, but never threw up or had dry heaves, even on the harsh tagamet/benadryl protocol.

How much did you give of each?

I would absolutely not give him anymore until he recovers and then a lot less or try another protocol. Might be too harsh. Someone else might have input about what's going on with your dog.

For DMSO, I've had great results using either apple cider vinegar or 20 ppm colloidal silver.

So sorry.

  Re: Baking Soda and Maple Syrup Treatment for Dog

12 days ago
Posted by Dustie Mulvany (Idaho) on 01/07/2022
0 out of 5 stars

I just gave my dog first dosage last night and a few hours later she started getting sick, and today a to throw up, especially after drinking allot of water, I can't get her to eat anything today as well... Did your dog have any reaction to their first dose?

 Re: Seeking Help for Young Dog With Canine Lymphoma

12 days ago
Posted by Dustie (Boise, Idaho) on 01/07/2022

Hi Deirdre,

I finally received the DMSO and pure baking soda, last night I gave my dog the baking soda & maple syrup mixture, after a couple hours she started throwing up, and is not wanting to eat this morning and is still throwing more like dry heaves, did you experience this with your dog at first?

MMS for Dog's Bladder Stones

13 days ago
Posted by Connie (ND) on 01/05/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Bladder Stones in Dogs:

I used MMS 3 drops half glass distilled water, used a syringe 2 to3 time per day, 3rd day my german shepherd was better, she was eating meat from a restaurant my daughter would bring home, Her ph levels were over 7, she is lots better.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar Treatment Helping Mange

13 days ago
Posted by Christy (Michigan) on 01/05/2022

So do you pour the vinegar or spray it? My dogs are battling this now and making me sad seeing them like this.

EC: If it's mange, please see our borax and peroxide cure for mange. It is the most effective, without any side effects.

  Re: Ear Mites in Cats

14 days ago
Posted by Gudrun (Surrey, BC) on 01/04/2022

I'm glad I'm not the only one with the experience of infection from ear mites returning once Clavomox was finished, and worse, both my kittens kept coming down with colds but I was able to treat that promptly with Elderberry syrup mixed in their food before the cold developed further. I've just tried apple cider vinegar with water today and it seems to help, we'll see how it goes! I think I'm done with the expensive vets and turning to natural remedies!

 Re: Seeking Help for Young Dog With Canine Lymphoma

15 days ago
Posted by Deirdre (CT) on 01/03/2022

Hi Dustie, I really don't know but since time is of the essence, you need to immediately start testing various protocols to see which one works. Art might have a better idea.

You could check out the Tagamet/Benadryl protocol on Facebook and see if it helped any dogs with T Cell Lymphoma. It was too rough on my dog so I stopped. Please let us know how it goes.


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