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Lyme Vaccination Side Effects

Fri, 20 Nov 20 17:27:11 -0800
Posted by Keisha (New Jersey) on 11/20/2020
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I took my 5 month old pup to banfield for final shots they gave him the Lyme disease shot. A couple of days later I noticed he is hardly eating now 4 day after shot he has a limp. I called the vet they say to monitor it and if it gets worse they will do a check. I will not recommend this shot, not at the expense of all these side effected.

  Re: Baking Soda and Maple Syrup Treatment for Lymphoma in Dog?

Tue, 17 Nov 20 08:28:13 -0800
Posted by Joanne Taylor (Seminole Florida) on 11/16/2020

I have a 15# doxy who was just diagnosed with cancer of the spleen..

She is not acting sickly. The vet gave her 4-6 more months to live. How much and how often with the baking soda and maple syrup.

  Re: Colloidal Silver Cured Dog's Cancerous Lump

Mon, 16 Nov 20 13:19:35 -0800
Posted by Flower's Mom (Acoma, NM) on 11/16/2020

Sorry Nicole, for not responding sooner, but I do not have internet at home and due to the COVID restrictions have not been getting out and about. Anyway, to answer your question about dosage, Flower weighs about 70 lbs and I gave her 1 tablespoon 3 to 4 times a day orally and sprayed the lump with silver every chance I could. It took a few weeks before I saw any changes, and the lump got worse before it got better, but do not lose hope. Colloidal silver is very powerful and will help cure a lot of ailments. I am currently using it along with ACV to treat a rash of candida and it is doing wonders. I also have a very good friend whose naturopath prescribed colloidal silver 800 ppm (yes, that is correct, 800 ppm) to treat a bone marrow infection. You just have to keep it up until all signs and symptoms are gone. I hope that is helpful. Flower's Mom

  Re: Asthma in Cats

Sat, 14 Nov 20 18:33:56 -0800
Posted by Peggy (West Covina, CA) on 11/14/2020

Hi.My cat just got diagnosed with asthma.Did your cat improved with the ACV? Did he got worse before getting better with the air purifier?I just bought an Hep A air purifier and he got worse than ever the day I turned on.Any other tips?I am so stressed, and have not been able to start the Flovent since he does not want to deal with it.Thanks I woukd appreciate the information.

Ginger For Itchy Dogs

Tue, 10 Nov 20 06:29:25 -0800
Posted by Karen (Hamilton, Ontario ) on 11/09/2020
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My dog was diagnosed with probable food allergies. He spent two weeks on drugs that made him tired and unhappy. Despite changing his food away from chicken, he began itching again. I gave him a capsule of ginger emptied over his meaty food and he stopped itching immediately. 12 hours later and he is still fine! I hope this is a cure for my little dog.

  Borax on Carpet for Fleas

Fri, 06 Nov 20 18:46:31 -0800
Posted by Jholl (Ky) on 11/06/2020

Sprinkle borax on carpets and sweep it in with a broom. It is dehydrating and kills fleas. Harmless for dogs, even if they lick it some. It is actually good for them in very small quantities. It helps with arthritis. Look it up here and/or look up Walter Last and borax to read more about it.

Fresh Chopped Parsley for Kidney and Urinary Issues in Dogs

Wed, 04 Nov 20 17:48:46 -0800
Posted by Pat (Tempe, Az) on 11/04/2020
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I have used fresh parsley chopped over my dogs food to elleviate any kidney, urinary problems.. a day or so and it should alkaline that system and if they have stones, break them down.

  Re: Colloidal Silver Cured Dog's Cancerous Lump

Sat, 31 Oct 20 14:24:47 -0700
Posted by Nicole (VA) on 10/31/2020

How much were you giving your dog and what is her weight? I've been giving this to my cat and have been seeing some def improvements but it's slow. For months no improvement so I know it's the silver water. Just wondering how much I can up his dose safely…

  Apple Cider Vinegar for Dog Who Chews His Paws

Sat, 31 Oct 20 14:20:16 -0700
Posted by gigi (USA) on 10/31/2020

DC Jarvis book Folk Medicine free .pdf:

  Chaga for Cat With Cancer

Mon, 26 Oct 20 17:38:11 -0700
Posted by Terrill (Salisbury, NC) on 10/26/2020

Did you mix the Chaga mushroom powder or almond seed powder into the fish and how much?

  Borax for Dogs

Tue, 20 Oct 20 04:51:48 -0700
Posted by Kay (Minerva, OH) on 10/19/2020

Is it safe to use Borax on cats?

EC: HI Kay,

Yes, please see the article and feedback on our cat mange page here. Borax and peroxide is the top remedy.

 Re: How to Deal with Dog's Collapsed Trachea

Sat, 17 Oct 20 05:35:34 -0700
Posted by Christina (BC) on 10/16/2020

Collapsed Trachea... small dog breed . 14 years old.. How do ground up eggshells help this cough.. what is it in the shell that is helping and how? Poor little dog has been given up. How can I make him more comfortable? Thank you for any information on this, but please explain why it helps..❤️?

  Ginger and Turmeric for Lepto

Fri, 16 Oct 20 16:15:00 -0700
Posted by Tawanna (New Jersey) on 10/16/2020

Thanks for listening to my story. I am missing my fur baby so much it hurts so bad.I am using frankincense, palo Santo and turmerical essential oil on the rest of my babies and myself to protect us. I am waiting on turmeric and ginger powder to arrive so we can add it on our table food.

We are using blended mushroom powder on their table food to build up their immune system. I will not vaccinate them because it will not prevent leptospirosis and if a vet say it will they are after your money. lf you have small dogs, the vaccines can injure them very badly and l have come across stories about the lepto vaccine injuring pets.

I will keep using what l listed for protection and as an alternative antibiotic.

Ginger and Turmeric for Prevention of Leptospirosis

Fri, 16 Oct 20 14:10:21 -0700
Posted by Tawanna H. (USA) on 10/16/2020
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l lost my fur baby to Leptospirosis.There are many strains of Leptospira bacteria that can cause disease. lt can be spread from animals to people. Infection in people can cause flu-like symptoms and can cause liver or kidney disease.

Antibiotics can reverse the illness if caught in time.

I put turmeric essential oil and frankincense oil on my fur babies every day now two or 3 times a day even though they don't go out and as a precaution.

  Re: Manuka Honey, Vitamin C for Pyometra

Tue, 13 Oct 20 16:13:15 -0700
Posted by Tawanna (New Jersey) on 10/13/2020

Active manuka honey 12+ or higher is an alternative antibiotic and so is grapefruit seed extract, ginger, turmeric etc...

  Alternative for Leptospirosis Prevention

Tue, 13 Oct 20 10:29:30 -0700
Posted by Tawanna (New Jersey) on 10/13/2020

Ginger and turmeric.

  Colloidal Silver Safe for Cats?

Tue, 13 Oct 20 06:19:53 -0700
Posted by Linda (Ok) on 10/13/2020

Can I use colloidal silver on cats? One has a skin rash between eye and ear...reddish and itches her..if not any other suggestions..this really bothers her and I can't seem to clear it up..

Always A Get Second Opinion When Dog In Serious Pain

Mon, 12 Oct 20 14:49:54 -0700
Posted by Connie (Jametown, Nd) on 10/12/2020
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Acer (7 yr lab) sweetest kindest loving companion, started needing help in car, so I took him to are vet, did xrays stated saw nothing on hips or legs, asked if I could view them, she said nope, I shared with her I help Casper (10 yr cocker) in car, get this, she said, he sees ya helpin Casper, so he wants same treatment. No he is independent, I knew she was wrong. 3 weeks no better, he was in pain cryin. I took him back I wanted another xray, no just give him some muscle relaxers.

You guys he was cryin through nite, called back she couldnt see him for 2 weeks. I called another vet that day took him in, they showed me his x-ray, advised me he was in so much pain, his back end and leg was full cancer, the guilty I had for letting him suffer so much pain for so long, trusting are vet. Never ever do that again, I heal them. If I only would have taken him somewhere else.

  Re: Ozone Blood Replacement Therapy Healed Dog

Mon, 12 Oct 20 05:46:25 -0700
Posted by Cristiana (London ) on 10/12/2020

I'm in London also and fighting leukaemia in my daughter cat. Where can I get this therapy for her? Much appreciated

  Re: Pet Cancer Remedies

Mon, 12 Oct 20 05:42:31 -0700
Posted by Cristiana (London) on 10/12/2020

Hi. I'm also in London and have been fighting with my cat for leukaemia. I read about black salve, could you pls tell me more about when I can buy it and dosage? Really appreciate