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  Re: Eliminated Chicken Cured Dog's Allergy Problems

Mon, 22 Jan 18 18:54:08 -0800
Posted by Boc (Upstate, Ny) on 01/22/2018

My dog had that smell combined with itching and it was a yeast infection. I gave her baths with tar shampoo for humans and rinsed her before she was finished with white vinegar. Also, added plain yogurt to her non-grain diet. Research earth clinic animal yeast infection for more details.

  Re: Borax and Peroxide Treatment

Mon, 22 Jan 18 18:47:43 -0800
Posted by Shannon (Wi) on 01/22/2018

Will the borax treatment beharmful when they lick it off their fur?

  Re: Apoquel

Sun, 21 Jan 18 21:57:24 -0800
Posted by Marilyn (New Haven, Ct) on 01/21/2018

Hi Pauline, my 50+ pound mutt is on low dose Apoquel for the past two months. I cut a tablet into 4 pieces and use 1/4 morning and night. He seems to do well on the lower dose but I have heard that apoquel stops working after a time. However, it's done wonders in helping his skin issues. No more yeast smell or scratching.

Because I have read up on side effects on dog's immune systems when I started him on this, I give him 1 turkey tail (medicinal mushroom) capsule with every meal. Perhaps that will help build your dog's immune system. I was giving him a comprehensive mushroom support formula but it's very pricey. I think turkey tail is excellent and less expensive. These medicinal mushrooms seem very safe for dogs, no side effects... Good luck with your pooch. Sending prayers.

  Re: Apoquel

Sun, 21 Jan 18 17:41:19 -0800
Posted by Pauline (Texas) on 01/21/2018

My Westie had lost all his fur a year ago, so I found a vet that would prescribe Apoquel (I knew the possible side effects, but it was that or permanent sleep). 16mg daily because his condition was chronic, according to the vet. A little over a year later, the Apoquel became ineffective, his eyes, face, ears, loaded with the yeast. Changed vets, new meds, his eyes are clear, fur growing back on his face, however as a result of the Apoquel, his immune system became compromised, so I am now going through all sorts of treatments trying to battle this infection. I have him on Acidophilus, Caprylic acid, antibiotics, anti-yeast medication, in an effort to restore his immune system. A long process, doesnt work overnight. I will now try the apple cider vinegar treatment and start bathing him in a tree oil based shampoo twice weekly. I will also start washing his feet everytime he goes out. I need to get him in fighting condition when the heat and humidity of summer hits this region around May, or I will lose him.

 Re: Hair Loss in Cat After Being Spade

Sat, 20 Jan 18 10:51:49 -0800
Posted by April (Summerdale, Alabama) on 01/20/2018

Hi, I've had lots of kittys spayed and neutered and I notice after they shave a female for spay surgery it takes a long time for that fur to grow back, more so than anywhere else on the body, they can look necked and weird for many months after. Just make sure she's eating right and acting right, check her for fleas if she is losing hair on her back, make sure she isn't stressed because stress can cause a kitty to start losing hair. I don't know about mange in cats but I would put some spot flea treatment on her, you'd be surprised at the trouble a flea can cause.

  Re: Seeking Remedies for Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome

Sat, 20 Jan 18 09:53:06 -0800
Posted by April (Summerdale, Alabama) on 01/20/2018

Yes I have seen it on YouTube also (stumplords) video is exactly the way my cat is behaving. My vet doesn't understand me when I'm describing Teagan's symptoms. We have spent over $ 700. dollars at the vet this month already because Teagan has a 2 in gash in her tail. The vet wants to dock her tail and I don't think that's the answer. My cat eats Hills food, the fleas are under control, she has no tape worm. My cat does not act like this every day, about once a week she sees her tail as the enemy, biting, hissing, growling, circling around unsettled, fast breathing, panting, skin rippling. It freaks me out when she freaks out. I feel like some medication might help but I've been offered no other solutions from my vet other than to cut her tail off. No allergy testing, blood testing, nerological testing so that we can come up with a solution that doesn't end up mutilating my cat.No mention of Feline Hyperesthesia.I don't feel like my vet cares. So what would happen if the vet cut her tail off?We didn't solve the mental problem, would she start attacking her foot, then what, cut off her foot? No, no, no!

If anyone out there has a cat with this kind of problem and has any advice please let me know. BTW Teagan isn't an aggressive kitty, she has never bitten me or acted like she was going to. She was feral when I got her as a 3lb kitten, she is an inside only cat, if she were to get outside I would probably never catch her again. She still has some feral ways, its very hard to give her medicine, she will let me love on her all day long though, she asks me for loving. Petting down her back to the tip of her tail doesn't bring on a tail fit. I have 3 other indoor cats and mostly everyone gets along, Teagan is top cat though and she is the youngest, my house is quiet, no kids, everything is usually the same, no major changes. They have toys, cat trees and windows to look out.We live in the country so there are lots of birds at the feeders to see.

Teagan has been in my big hospital crate (kitty play pen) with a cone on sinse the 9th of Jan. today is the 20th. Cant let her out because if I need to get to her she wont let me, also if she opens her stitches up again it will look like a murder occurred in my house. When she first hurt her tail there was blood everywhere, all up the walls, on the ceiling, all over the floor from one end of the house to the other, we made a midnight emergency trip to the vet.

I am a stay at home cat mom so I'm with them all day, the first thing I do in the morning is check on everybody and make sure everythings ok. To have Teagan act stressed like this stresses me out too, Ive cried and I have no answers.

  Re: Milk Thistle and Seizures in Dog

Thu, 18 Jan 18 10:31:05 -0800
Posted by Leslie (Indianapolis, In) on 01/18/2018

I have a question about Milk Thistle, my dog has been on Pheno and potassium bromide for many years. He went 3 years without a seizure on this combo meds, but he gained a lot of weight and just didn't want to run and play anymore. He is 6 year old Maltese, any way we tried winging him off the Pheno and switching to Keppra; however he started having cluster seizures then so we went back to the Pheno and Potassium bromide and he is now seizure free again since middle of November. He takes 48.6 mg pheno twice a day and 300 mg once a day potassium bromide.

He doesn't have any issues YET with his liver should I still consider giving him Milk Thistle?

Hair Loss in Cat After Being Spade

Wed, 17 Jan 18 19:39:46 -0800
Posted by Sue (Waterloo, Illinois) on 01/17/2018

My cat was spade and where she was shaved hair never grew back and now most of the hair on her belly is gone and she is losing the hair on her back now. Is this mange? She was fine until she was spade.

  Re: Comfrey for Paralysis in Dog

Wed, 17 Jan 18 17:15:12 -0800
Posted by Maddy (Big Island, Hawaii) on 01/17/2018

how did you prepare the comfrey? Just the leaves? As a salve? Thanks so much!

  Re: Hydrogen Peroxide for Wounds

Wed, 17 Jan 18 10:42:53 -0800
Posted by Jane (Statesboro, Ga) on 01/16/2018

I was told by a my vet that peroxide hinders the healing process. It was the first thing I did for a bite my dog had from a fight on Christmas Eve. Could not get help until the day after Christmas therefore infection had set in. She is okay now.

Remedies to Help Canine Pneumonia?

Tue, 16 Jan 18 17:43:21 -0800
Posted by Lyonheart (Missouri) on 01/16/2018

Canine pneumonia:

My Beagle is on amoxicillin, 4 days now showing signs of improvement. He was diagnosed with heart murmor last year.

What can I do to relieve his lung inflammation? A lady herbalist suggested white willow.

What Remedy Can Prevent Tartar on Cat's Teeth?

Tue, 16 Jan 18 17:24:03 -0800
Posted by Maggie (Norfolk, Uk) on 01/16/2018

Hi, can you possibly advise on an 11 year old rescue cat please? She lives in doors, has colitis and kidney disease also because of specialised diet has problems with Tartar to the extent it affects her gums. The vet is about to remove the tartar and an infected tooth. Can you possible advise something that could be used to prevent the tartar, preferable added to food, without affecting her other health issues please.

Many thanks, Maggie

  Re: Dog With Allergies and Hip Issues

Tue, 16 Jan 18 09:40:13 -0800
Posted by Heather (Wisconsin ) on 01/16/2018

Where do you get your evening primrose oil? Have you been giving orally? Just got test results back on our GSD, and he's allergic to pollen, grasses, trees, dust mites...Trying to find a more natural (and affordable) aid than the injections.

 Re: Advice Needed for Treating Cat with Cancer with Turmeric

Tue, 16 Jan 18 09:37:14 -0800
Posted by Maggie (Idaho) on 01/15/2018

I too have a cat, 10 1/2 years old, that has squamous cell carcinoma under her tongue. She was diagnosed the beginning of July 2017 and if you were to look at her and how she behaves, you'd never know anything was wrong with her. I found the growth when I noticed that she wasn't eating and took her to the vet. She's always been a small, thin cat so I really didn't notice she was thinner than normal. I started her on essiac tea right away, 1 teaspoon 3 times daily for a month and that didn't seem to do anything. After that I gave her molasses with baking soda 2 times a day for 2 weeks. I also had her on Cell Forte, AHCC, lactoferrin, and shark cartilage. I had to open the capsules and mix them with the liquid from some canned cat food. I only gave her 1/2 capsule of each at a time and not all of them at once. Each time she ended up getting 6cc. total liquid/powder.

I haven't tried the turmeric with her even though I have used it on my other pets. I'm pretty sure she would not like it and I would have to force her to take it, which I won't do. Don't know what one thing helped her or if it was all of them but just a couple of weeks after starting her on everything, she gained weight and was her old self again. I've changed what I give her and for now, I give her essiac for 2 weeks, then molasses/baking soda the next 2 weeks. She gets AHCC, Cell Forte, shark cartilage, pau d arco, lactoferrin, reduced glutathione and have started her on serrapeptase. I don't give them all at once. I used to just open the capsules and give her 1/2 of the powder but sometimes she'd get more of one and less of another. I ordered some tiny measuring spoons that work great. When giving her pau d arco and reduced glutathione, 1/2 capsule would be too much for her so I empty the capsules in an empty vitamin bottle (puritan prides bottles with flip top work great) and then use the tiny measuring spoons. I tried giving her artemisinin but that is so very, very bitter that even I wouldn't be able to handle it. I always taste any supplement that I have to give out of the capsule so I'll know if my pets will be able to handle it. I tasted artemisinin and knew she wouldn't take it, even mixed in with food.

The ones that I give together now are AHCC, shark cartilage, pau d arco, lactoferrin and reduced glutathione along with the liquid from the cat food and it all amounts to 6cc. and she loves it. She really doesn't care for the essiac or molasses/baking soda but she lets me give it to her. She's still as active as ever and eating good but she still has the growth. I've changed what and when I give them to her several times, trying to find what works. She doesn't like me looking in her mouth so I don't, I just try to look when I give her the supplements. I won't give her anything that I have to force on her because I don't want to make what time she has left miserable.

Good Luck with your cat. If you find something that does work to get rid of the tumor, please post it.

  Re: Aural Hematoma in Dog

Mon, 15 Jan 18 09:47:41 -0800
Posted by Michele (Pa) on 01/15/2018

Could I ask what particular brand of Arnica Montana you would suggest and what the dosing is? TYIA!

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for UTI in Cat

Sun, 14 Jan 18 16:03:30 -0800
Posted by Tracy (Geneva, Fl) on 01/14/2018
0 out of 5 stars

I buried my 1 year 8 month old beautiful cat today from listening to these posts. If there is signs of blockage, the Apple Cider Vinegar will not dissolve crystals fast enough. 1st sign of blockage get them to a vet to drain the bladder. Our cat showed first signs Friday, and this morning he passed. Acv as preventative steady diet, yes! But will not unblock anything in the short time you have to react

Turmeric for Allergies in Dog

Sun, 14 Jan 18 11:07:24 -0800
Posted by Southern Belle (California) on 01/14/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I now have a chorky a chihuahua + yorkie, she has horrible allergies airborne she will bit, nip, scratch till she looks like she has mainge! She came into my life to make me as happy to have a lil` girly girl again she was right around 8 weeks, I noticed she had this tiny little bump no bigger than the tip of ball point pen. months later I noticed it had grown and split into 2 bumps still small I got nerveous and had her checked out while I was in Georgia and she said it was a cysts and could be removed but was small that it may go away or grow but was nothing dangerous, we'd watch it and if it got worse or painful she'd remove it. well what seemed like overnight [and was a couple months later] it not only grew but ruptured! Omg I didn't see it go from an eraser size to a bump split wide open oMg, I cried, cleaned it up and poor baby she looked at mommy with sad eyes, they said that was good to release and put her on antibiotics I kept it clean and researched!!

I found Turmeric I purchased my from Health xxx site vitamins etc, ... it was purest form and I sprinkled it in her food and WoW never had one again 4 years later she had a small one and after a few couple and a half years i didn't think she should be on it for life so I quit giving it to her and a couple months ago she had a small one. So I'm going back to Tumeric, guess my point was that it's healing properties are for cysts, tumors, cancer, and more! I just noticed that her ear seemed darker and bumpier than her other one and she's never been one to allow her ears to be manipulated to see inside, she's all black lol and disapears in a shadow, lol. there seems to be a tint of what I can't be sure of but either from her scratching or there is something irritated I pray thats the only reason is irratation! But Tumeric is extremely dooable price I paid ...4 years ago was around $8 and some change, was on sale but a larger pouch size of a bag of salad croutons. research the amount you'd need for your pet and sprinkle it in their food, she never seemed to not like it.

Good Luck. I hope my story tho long but hopefully helpful! Tc & gb!

 ACV Safe for Kitten With Breathing Issues? If So, How Much?

Sat, 13 Jan 18 09:23:34 -0800
Posted by Lisa (Virginia) on 01/13/2018

I have had the same issue with one of the stray kitten. chronic breathing prob due to congestion, has blood in nasal discharge sometimes. none of this has worked-colloidal silver, lysine, homeopathy nosode (seems to make to slightly better). He has never been free of this congestion. Yet he is so playful, eats well and is very high energy, constantly playing. I am at my wits end as to what else I can do for him..please let me know if your kitten is better and what did you to heal him?

  Re: Olive Oil for Matted Fur

Fri, 12 Jan 18 20:13:37 -0800
Posted by Marianne (Nashville) on 01/12/2018

I just tried the olive oil on my Maine Coon cat that is so matted and full of static! The clumps aren't out yet but he allowed me to brush him more than usual. It must help with the pulling on his skin. Now to try to figure out how to get it on his butt area... wish me luck!

  Re: Need Help for Dog W/ Yeast Infection

Fri, 12 Jan 18 10:37:59 -0800
Posted by Kevin (Nc) on 01/11/2018

Be careful with this one. Vinegar and H2O2 combined makes peracetic acid. (Very strong acid)