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  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Mange in Cat

18 hours ago
Posted by karin (indianapolis) on 08/04/2021
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My cat did act like it burned! But it really helped.

Now a couple years later don't know if I can bring myself to use it again... What really helps is raw egg yolk

  Re: Vets and Doctors

23 hours ago
Posted by Paul (California) on 08/04/2021

Unfortunately many doctors are in the business of treating illnesses, not curing them. They want the return customer, that cash cow that keeps on giving. I have experienced both, dedicated physicians and those not so. Blanketly stating someone is too cheap to go to a "real doctor" is saying you miss the point completely! We live in a time when drugs are pushed on us for everything, not a mention about diet or lifestyle changes to cure conditions. We need to go back to the basics of health, you are what you eat so to speak. Doing so puts us on to the road to being healthy without pharmaceutical intervention. This goes for pets as well as people!

 Re: Chronic Resistant UTI Proteus Mirabilis in Dog

2 days ago
Posted by John (CA) on 08/03/2021

Rob's colloidal silver suggestion is a very good place to start. But if biofilms are present they still might be cleared with the silver. They just can be difficult and will definitely take longer. I hope you find a remedy or her.

  Re: Reply to Rob About Turpentine for Large Mass on Dog

2 days ago
Posted by Deirdre (Connecticut) on 08/03/2021

Thank you so much for your reply, Rob! I got the Diamond G turp today and started applying it to the mass where the vet had shaved the area to do a biopsy. Would applying the turpentine with DMSO be better?

I can tell you that the turpentine is causing the muscles around her shoulder blades to twitch A LOT starting about 10 minutes after each application, so something is going on. Will keep you updated. Thanks again!

 Re: Chronic Resistant UTI Proteus Mirabilis in Dog

2 days ago
Posted by Frank McLean (Thunder Bay, ON, CA) on 08/03/2021

I would use MMS1. You can find out more about it here:

You can buy it here:

You can find animal testimonials here:

Mix up equal parts equal parts of Sodium Chlorite and Citric acid add water and deliver it with a syringe. I you learn how to make CDS it's even better.

If you search you can find alternate suppliers.

You can find out more about MMS at earth clinic here:

I hope this helps.


 Re: Chronic Resistant UTI Proteus Mirabilis in Dog

2 days ago
Posted by KS (IL) on 08/03/2021

Have you tried antibiotics first? If not, I would start there. "Veterinarians commonly treat proteus bacterial infections with the antibiotics enrofloxacin and gentamycin. Because these antibiotics can cause stomach upset and are not recommended for dogs with kidney disease VetInfo suggests that homeopathic treatments of berberis vulg, cantharis and staphysagris along with the anti-bacterial drugs Zeniquin and Naxcel can be helpful. Giving your pet extra fluids also helps flush out the bacteria."

 Re: Chronic Resistant UTI Proteus Mirabilis in Dog

2 days ago
Posted by LISA Klare (IL) on 08/03/2021

I have a dog who got chronic bladder infections leading to stones which required surgery twice. Call me crazy, but a pet psychic suggested an over the counter product called D-mannose. I've given 1/2-1 teaspoon a day to my 15 pound dog and she hasn‘t had a single infection since I started giving it to her at least 5 years ago. I buy mine through Amazon. Not sure if it can help infection that's already in place, but you never know.

 Re: Chronic Resistant UTI Proteus Mirabilis in Dog

2 days ago
Posted by Kris (Colorado) on 08/03/2021

I would most definitely give your dog Colloidal Silver 10ppm. I would give in a syringe, the amount appropriate for your dog which goes by the weight of the dog. You can find this info easily online. Giving in the water dish is fine for general immunity, but with the problem your dog has had for such a long time, I would not dilute in water or food. Give directly in mouth by syringe (according to dogs weight) and I would give it 2-3 times a day, please look up treating pets with Colloidal Silver to be better able to determine how long you should give this to your dog. If your dog is taking any other meds, be sure to give Colloidal Silver at least 20 minutes away from those. Colloidal Silver works wonders, and it is very, very safe when used according to directions for people and all pets! I wish you the best with your dog!

 Re: Chronic Resistant UTI Proteus Mirabilis in Dog

2 days ago
Posted by Carolyn (Ontario) on 08/03/2021

"Studies show that D-mannose stops E coli from attaching to the urinary tract. Studies also show that D-mannose can improve UTI symptoms." Change the diet to raw (B.A.R.F.), no grains or additives.

 Re: Chronic Resistant UTI Proteus Mirabilis in Dog

2 days ago
Posted by Tom (California ) on 08/03/2021

You might try D-Mannose. works wonders for Uti's, in humans, should work for the Pup.

3 years is too long for her to suffer.

Also be sure there are no dairy products being fed to her.

 Re: Chronic Resistant UTI Proteus Mirabilis in Dog

2 days ago
Posted by Dano (Idaho) on 08/03/2021

Iodine in its various forms (Lugols, SSKI etc.) has been used in humans to kill off a UTI that was stubborn, but I don't know about its use in dogs. The same goes for the colloidal silver that was already mentioned, and D-mannose will make the bacteria less able to clump together to form colonies. probiotics may also be of some minor help. As I stated, I am not familiar with any of the above suggestions used with canines, so research and consult a vet that is familiar with such therapies. Best of luck to you and your dog. Please keep EC updated on your dog's condition.

  Dog Food Brand Comparisons

2 days ago
Posted by Katie (Fort Wayne, Indiana) on 08/03/2021

Where do you find Blue Mountain? I looked but only see Blue Buffalo.

MMS Healed Razor Burn and Subsequent Infection in Puppy

2 days ago
Posted by Sandra (Michigan ) on 08/03/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Hi my name is Sandra. My dog Louis was groomed at 9 months old and was razor burned. Antibiotics didn't heal him. Got worse. Finally took to different Vet who put him on a compounded Cancer drug. Was systemic. Today Louis is 10 years old. I have been putting MMS in his water bowl for months now. My white little dog with the inflamed skin is now normal. Using small amounts of MMS daily, 2 drops, he has returned to normal. The MMS is a water purifier. It purifies our bodies like it does anyone taking it. It can and does cause die off of parasites, mold, fungus, we injest. Louie did have diarrhea for a short time. Probiotics, yogurt and canned pumpkin helped with that., 360-748-4426, talk to Talor. She is the best and will answer questions. Understand I am not saying Taylor is a doctor or is giving medical advice. Taylor can give suggestions, do as you please with her suggestions. A set of MMS and activator is around $48 and will last a long time. I put it in my water. Been using it going slow now for months. Finally got rid of the bloat around my middle.

Oh, they sell some great books also. Ones the big pharma don't want you to know about! Ask Taylor or look it up on the website.

  Re: Turmeric AND Black Pepper for Tumors on Dog

3 days ago
Posted by Sweet Karma (Idaho) on 08/01/2021

It is important to note that black pepper when used often is not good for cats. I'm not sure about dogs. Great for humans.

 Re: Seeking Natural Remedies for Dog With Chronic Allergies

4 days ago
Posted by Theresa (Virginia ) on 08/01/2021

My dog had terrible allergies until I out him on beef thymus capsules. They have them on Amazon. He weighs 75 lbs. so he takes half the human dose. It makes all the difference in the world.

  Re: Question to Rob About Turpentine for Large Mass on Dog

4 days ago
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 08/01/2021

Yes, Turpentine is safe for all animals that I know of. It's the liquid blood of the pine tree. I remember hearing a story of a hunter in eastern KY and his dog got bitten by a copperhead or rattlesnake to the face. Poor dog head was swollen to the size of a basketball. Some people told him to put the dog down. But, he decided to rub turpentine with a cottonball all over the dog's head. He repeated this several times during the day. The swelling came down and the dog lived into his old years.

If the dog has a large mass, I would also give them turmeric powder in their food. Adjust dosage to weight.

Turpentine and Kerosene are universal healers.

My grandmother was my babysitter til I was 10 years old. Anytime one of us kids got a cut, sting or scrap, she would put kerosene on a nasty rag and wipe the area. It was the only medicine I knew of til I got older. lol

  Re: Questions About Castor Oil for Tumors in Ears of Cat

4 days ago
Posted by Tessa (Okanagan) on 08/01/2021

Hi Sweet Karma –

Here is an Earth Clinic link with lots of options (including hydrogen peroxide) for taking care of pets with tumors:

The link below is from a holistic pet care site. They recommend colloidal silver for cats but, then again, they sell it.

Here's a YouTube video about treating pets with colloidal silver. The comments below the video are enlightening! Lots of success stories.

Treating Dogs and Other Pets with Colloidal Silver

You can buy colloidal silver at a health food store or, if you know someone who has a silver generator, they can give you some to try out.

I hope you find the right answer for your cat's needs.

Take care,


Question to Rob About Turpentine for Large Mass on Dog

4 days ago
Posted by Deirdre (CT) on 08/01/2021

Hi Rob,

Thank you so much for your always interesting and detailed remedies and amazing stories on Earth Clinic!

I just finished reading your suggestion to a reader about pure gum spirits turpentine for a tumor in a cat's ear. Would you also suggest topical turpentine for a large tumor on a dog too? My 15 1/2 year old golden retriever has a mass pushing into her right shoulder blade that the vet thinks may be going into the bone based on xrays. The biopsy results came back inconclusive. I'm doing a few hydrogen peroxide 12% food grade drops in her food twice a day for the past 3 days and there's a significant increase in her energy, but not sure if it's shrinking this mass.

Appreciate any suggestions. Thank you so much!

  Questions About Castor Oil for Tumors in Ears of Cat

4 days ago
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 08/01/2021

Yes, Hydrogen Peroxide can be used to disinfect if the tumor breaks open. Now, if the castor oil does not work, here is a trick I learned working on 2 different cats.

1st Cat: She got bitten by some poisonous insect. We were thinking a spider since she was an outside cat. It bit her on her head behind the ear. Her face literally started melting off. Her owner named her zombie cat. 3 days after her wound, I came over with a bottle of turpentine pure gum spirits from humco and told her to dilute in coconut oil 1:1 and apply to the wound with a Q-tip. The owner did this for 4 days and the poison came out thru the cat's ear. It looked like pink tissue ball about the size of a gumball. It burst open and she cleaned it out with H2O2. The cat is still alive today however I think she has lost hearing in that ear.

2nd Cat: Another outside cat had a knot below the jaw line and was lethargic and not eating. Again, I brought turpentine over and had them diluted 1:1 with coconut oil and apply with Q-tip to the area. The cat completely recovered in 1 ½ days and the knot was gone.

Questions About Castor Oil for Tumors in Ears of Cat

5 days ago
Posted by Sweet Karma (ID) on 07/31/2021

Hello everyone,

My cat has some small (less then 1/2 an inch) benign tumors in his ears which cannot be completely removed surgically because of how many there are and how deep they go. If I am to apply castor oil in his ears and the tumors break open, in what ways can I then disinfect? Do you think I could use hydrogen peroxide for this situation?