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 Re: Natural Remedies Needed for Dermatitis in Dog's Paw

Sun, 21 Feb 21 17:13:04 -0800
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 02/21/2021

Spray the dog's paw with colloidal silver 10ppm several times daily for a week if it's caused by a infection like bacterial or fungal.

Dog With Stage 2 Heart Murmur

Sun, 21 Feb 21 09:26:17 -0800
Posted by Julie (CAN) on 02/21/2021

Hi there,

Please can you help me? I've just lost my girl poodle and her brother has been diagnosed with stage 2 heart murmur no need for drugs I want something so it doesn't get worse and possibly improve GE also has spondylitis and spondylitus please can you recommend something that will help heal him he's also grieving his sister. I'm heartbroken she had heart failure but later nearly 15 months after diagnosis she was on bettering fortekor and frusiminde. I live in nz do you deliver please

Many thanks

Natural Remedies Needed for Dermatitis in Dog's Paw

Sun, 21 Feb 21 09:23:58 -0800
Posted by Willie (London ) on 02/21/2021

What can I do to cure dermatitis in my dogs paw, any help greatly appreciated.

Warm Bath for Anal Gland Issues in Cats

Fri, 19 Feb 21 08:49:02 -0800
Posted by Anna (PA) on 02/19/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Hi. I am using these remedies. Also Vets Best hairball treats are great for AG issues in my cat. Bulks up her stool and has slippery elm to sooth the tract. But I also found if she is having issues, I sit her in a warm bath for while and then pat around her butt area and the water softens the AG liguid and I see it come out in the bath water. So the bath works well for serious blockage.

  Apple Cider Vinegar, Activated Charcoal for Parvo Vaccine Side Effects

Tue, 16 Feb 21 08:24:07 -0800
Posted by Lynn (FL) on 02/16/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Lost my pup from a a parvo vaccine he was fine and playful before the shot then got full blown parvo wish I had known about this before now. I had to give a new pup the vaccine and same scenario... got symptoms after the vaccine. I came across this site gave him this formula and he is doing ok

Fipronil Causing Seizures

Mon, 15 Feb 21 18:44:38 -0800
Posted by Skozrt (Los Angeles ) on 02/15/2021
0 out of 5 stars

Generic Frontline (Fipronil) for small dogs, 1/2 vial on 8 lb chihuahua causing daily seizures.

  Re: Essiac Tea Osteosarcoma Treatment Cure

Sun, 07 Feb 21 09:15:12 -0800
Posted by Julie (RSM, CA) on 02/06/2021

Can you use Capsules instead of the tea? Which one works better?

  Re: Castor Oil Seems to Be Helping Shrink Dog's Tumor

Fri, 05 Feb 21 18:43:36 -0800
Posted by Flower's Mom (Pueblo of Acoma, NM) on 02/05/2021

Hi Connie,

I used colloidal silver to treat a cancerous growth on my dog Flower's leg. I gave it to her both orally and topically as often as she would let me. It took several days, possibly even a few weeks (I can't remember) but the silver shrank the tumor until finally it was just attached by a small piece of tissue and fell off. I will tell you that it got worse before it got better, turning different colors and even developed some tentacle-like growths out of the top. I wrote about it on another post but I can't find where it is. Perhaps the moderators for Earth Clinic can help with that. In any case, I wish you and your baby well. I hope that is helpful.

  Re: Dog With Heart Murmur

Thu, 04 Feb 21 16:52:42 -0800
Posted by Maggie (Idaho) on 02/04/2021

I found a very small astaxanthin softgel that was about 4mg that was easy to hide in some canned dog food and my dog took it without any problem.

I buy the D-ribose in powder form and it's easy to give mixed in with the food. It's sweet so my dog doesn't mind it.

 Hydrogen Peroxide Use for Cats

Tue, 02 Feb 21 18:04:44 -0800
Posted by Tracee (Idaho) on 02/01/2021

Please tell me how to nebuliz hydrogen peroxide for my cat with asthma. Thank you.

  Re: Dog With Skin Allergies

Tue, 02 Feb 21 18:01:43 -0800
Posted by MissM (New York) on 02/02/2021

Try PetMD benzoyl peroxide shampoo, they also have an anti fungal one. And it's way cheaper than vet stuff.

My Westin has terrible yeast and skin allergies.

Do what the humans here do, I did with my dog. Get a spray bottle, distilled water mix one part apple cider vinegar vinegar the 3 part distilled water. Spray on affected skin. Yes it smells like vinegar and first then goes away.

It does work!

Keep up a a dash of apple cider vinegar in food or water, and yogurt. It's a process.

These dogs are sensitive regarding food and skin issues. What other foods has he been on that you think might be suspect to cause the itchies?

Have you washes the bedding and dried on high heat? Maybe mites! Try the shampoos and spray above. Be consistent.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Dog's Bladder Infection

Tue, 02 Feb 21 17:57:46 -0800
Posted by Chanel (Buford, Ga ) on 02/02/2021

Music to a desperate fur mama's ears. My old baby girl (12/13yrs old she's a rescue) has been peeing pretty bloody for about two days now. Took her to a second opinion vet today and she had a good blood report, but her urine test wasn't so good. Bacteria and blood in the urine(obviously). We are going back Thursday morning for a sonogram to see if what the vet is seeing in her bladder is a clot or crystals.

She did send me two prescriptions and an anti inflammatory, but I would love to try adding the ACV to her water in addition.

Yalls thoughts?

  Re: Dog With Skin Allergies

Tue, 02 Feb 21 11:07:32 -0800
Posted by Deirdre (Earth Clinic) on 02/02/2021

Hi Debbie,

One of my dogs had the most severe skin issues for 5 years. He's now 15. At one point in 2019 and 2020, he lost most of his fur in the front after having an allergy shot (Apoquel) and the fur did not grow back for months!

What finally fixed his skin allergy issue 100% was putting him on a freeze dried raw food diet. He is now the fluffiest boy in town and no longer itches AT ALL.

He was miserable for a long time before I figured out it was all caused by food, even grain-free expensive formulas. I tried many different brands, trust me.

Because he gets IBS from the freeze dried raw, I have been adding a bit of kibble each meal to prevent that. Works well.

If you have a big dog, this diet is extremely expensive unless you make raw food yourself. I did that for years (went to Costco and got ground beef, made up their meals with additional ingredients and supplements and then froze them) until both dogs started getting stomach issues as they got older from the defrosted raw food. Shortly thereafter, one of them started having these horrendous skin issues when I went back to kibble.

They both absolutely thrive on the freeze dried raw formulas. Make sure to rehydrate with lots of hot water. You then have to let the food sit for a while to cool down.

Please let us know if you try this diet!

  Re: Dog With Skin Allergies

Tue, 02 Feb 21 10:50:36 -0800
Posted by Debbie J (NC) on 02/02/2021

I have a male Scotty, 8 yrs old - who for the last three years has had skin, yeast, eye infections - he has been to the Vet numerous time - alot of freaking money - with NO real fix - just pills & expensive shampoos!!!!

I've changed his dry food to a salmon w/ ancient grains - he was doing fine until these past holidays when my husband decided to give him a Prime Rib bone - I know, I know!!! Now my little guy is paying for it, chewing & biting himself - so my question is - how long do I keep giving the ACV & yogurt - before trying something else?

He started on Saturday!!! Please if anyone knows something - please tell me - I'm at my wits end, I want my little protector back with his beautiful black fur & his feisty demeanor!!!!

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar in Goat Milk for Bladder Infection in Dog

Sun, 31 Jan 21 20:55:37 -0800
Posted by Monica (Anmore, Canada) on 01/31/2021

So sorry for your loss. Hope her passing wasn't from a vaccine. My little poodle girl went downhill after a shot & got auto-immune disease Adissons disease). She's passed away now & I still mourn her death, 6 months ago. I will never ever vaccinate again. Ingredients like formaldehyde in them will surely cause damage or death, resulting in huge business for the vets & Big Pharma who wrote their textbooks & funds their training. Shameful. Same with shots for people. It's a wonder we are all still alive.

  Re: Chlorpheniramine Maleate for Itchy Skin

Thu, 28 Jan 21 11:54:22 -0800
Posted by Aspen-Spitfire (AL ) on 01/28/2021

@Mimsy56 can you tell me if this still works for you and your dog? I have the exact same situation with my GSD and would love to know how it's been going for you after so many years. Apoquel is not the solution I want for her. It does work but I don't want the side effects. Can you tell me how it's going?

  Re: Dog With Heart Murmur

Wed, 27 Jan 21 19:20:14 -0800
Posted by lisa (minneapolis) on 01/27/2021

How do you give your dog a supplement like Astaxanthin & d-ribose. Do you wrap it in a pill pocket? I take cayenne pepper liquid under my tongue when my heart drives me crazy and persists and it does work. Do you give a cayenne pepper in a capsule and how much do you give a 10 lb dog? I tried habenero and no can do!! LOL

Diatomaceous Earth for Fleas

Mon, 25 Jan 21 19:36:11 -0800
Posted by Tony C. (Calif) on 01/25/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I used to mix the Diatomaceous earth in my kennel to get rid of the fleas. I would buy large bags of the earth. It worked good, never saw a flea.

  Re: Blackstrap Molasses for Dog With Arthritis

Sat, 23 Jan 21 11:18:16 -0800
Posted by Ann (Gatineau) on 01/22/2021

Can you tell me which product you got, is it a oil, or, can I find this on amazone

  Re: Help for Pet Rabbits

Mon, 18 Jan 21 11:35:15 -0800
Posted by Audra (Beaverton, OR) on 01/18/2021

Giving 3 ml of Baby Gasx (liquid Simethicone) will also really help make it easier on them to break up the gas bubbles if you are lucky and catch this early on, but don't wait too long. If bunnys bloated tummy doesn't feel softer and they don't perk up and start eating and pooping they probably need the fluids, pain and gut motility drugs. They usually hide their problem so long that but he time it's noticeable you need vet help. You can styringe some water or the gasx and try to see if their tongue and mouth look normal pink. If they are looking pale with almost a blue tint you should get to a vet asap. They are dehydrated and need subq fluid and immediate help! The sooner they get treatment the quicker they recover.

I've been part of rabbit rescue and fostering for over 15 years and unfortunately have been through quite a bit of this. Some bunnies seem more prone to it. Especially ones that aren't very good hay eaters.