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  Re: 3rd Time Asking For Help Regarding a Heart Murmur in Dog

6 days ago
Posted by Phyllis (Florida) on 11/24/2022

I just read that besides giving your dog Coenzyme Q10 that fish oil is also very good for your dog's heart murmur. There is a lot of information on heart murmur if you google it. I hope you find a good natural solution to your dog's problem.

  Re: 3rd Time Asking For Help Regarding a Heart Murmur in Dog

6 days ago
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 11/23/2022

In humans, medications that might be used to treat heart conditions associated with murmurs include:

  1. Blood thinners (anticoagulants). This type of medicine prevents blood clots...

  2. Water pills (diuretics). This medicine removes excess fluid from the body...

  3. Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors...

  4. Beta blockers.

The closest herbal medicine in the plant world would be turmeric spice. If I were you I'd look into that.

  Re: 3rd Time Asking For Help Regarding a Heart Murmur in Dog

6 days ago
Posted by Hollyhock (America ) on 11/23/2022

I'm sorry you're not getting answers. I just looked it up and things like dandelion for the fluid around the heart, hawthorn, cbd oil, fish oil etc are mentioned on dogsnaturallymagazine. Did the vet give your dog any meds? Our golden retriever had heart murmur, congestive heart failure. She was taking enalapril and furosemide. But back then I didn't know about natural supplements. She did well on those meds, but not enough to help her live longer, she was 13. It's great that your dog is not showing symptoms! Ours was lethargic, having difficulty walking, etc.

  Re: Kitten with Sinusitis

7 days ago
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 11/23/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Geranium oil and Pine Needle oil for snotty cats. My cat (well, it's the neighbor's cat but that's another story) has had a sinus infection for 2 years. I tried herbal remedies in it's water bowl off amazon but did not work.

I can't remember where I read it but Geranium oil and Pine needle oil are safe for cats to use.


5 drops Geranium oil

5 drops Pine needle oil

1 teaspoon MCT coconut oil

Apply a few drops with an eyedropper to your cat's nose bridge and the sides of the nose bridge over the sinus plex. She stopped sneezing in a few hours. The next day only a few times so re-apply once daily til they stop sneezing altogether.

  3rd Time Asking For Help Regarding a Heart Murmur in Dog

7 days ago
Posted by Nayibe Guarin (Raleigh, N.C.) on 11/22/2022

This is the third time I am asking for help for my 6 year old English Cocker Spaniel 24 pounds, who was diagnosed with grade 5 heart murmur 5 weeks ago. He already saw a cardiologist and he said that he has MMDV. My dog doesn't have any symptoms and the doctor said he needs to see him back in 6 months.
My question is what can I do for him now? Is there any natural protocol to follow? He eats fresh pet food. Please help me. Thank you

  Symphytum for Dog's Bone Fractures

9 days ago
Posted by Dano (Idaho) on 11/21/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Symphytum 30C contains a homeopathic potency of comfrey, making the amount ingested negligible. It is recommended by vets trained in Homeopathy and is considered safe for short term use.

  Re: Young Dog With Grade 5 Heart Murmur

10 days ago
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe ) on 11/20/2022

Nayibe, what's wrong with a heart murmur? People live with it all their lives.

  Young Dog With Grade 5 Heart Murmur

11 days ago
Posted by Nayibe (Raleigh, N.C.) on 11/18/2022

My 6 year old English cocker spaniel, 25 pounds, was diagnosed with grade 5 heart murmur. He has no more symptoms. Breathing normal, no stomach issues. Very active. He had x-rays done last week and we are waiting for the results today. I have been reading the information on your website. Real good comments from Katie, but they were done a few years ago. Please help me with guidance about what to do, what can I give him to get things better. Is any special diet I have to buy? He doesn't eat dry food. He has been on Pet fresh. food. Thank you

  Re: Potassium Bromide

12 days ago
Posted by Daniel (Shasta ) on 11/17/2022

Please get him off of potassium bromide. It crystallizes the liver and ultimately will be fatal. I used potassium bromide for yrs for my chihuahua with severe seizures, changed him over to CBD 20 to 1 ratio and he had been seizure free for months instead of weekly.

  Re: Incontinence After Rabies Shot

14 days ago
Posted by R (Branson, MO) on 11/15/2022

I know this was years ago but my dog is leaking urine after her rabies shot. Did you find a cure?

  Re: Administering Liquid Remedies to Cats

14 days ago
Posted by Pam E. (SouthWestern California) on 11/15/2022

Regarding giving cats ACV ... I feed 5 cats who accept it without any trouble when I just mix it with the water that I add to their food (usually dry kibble). I use enough water to more than cover the food & they always lick it all up, even when it hasn't had any time for any of it to get absorbed by the kibble, & the kibble has had the same limited time to mix with the water.

 Re: Need Cure for Mammary Gland Tumor in 14 Year Old Dog

15 days ago
Posted by Linda (Colorado ) on 11/14/2022

Hi, I just got me a Colloidal Silver machine from The Silver Edge .com —— You would not believe how many pets were cured from all kinds of stuff .I highly recommend getting on website and looking at all the articles that people with testimonies of all kinds of pets being healed as well as us humans . If you buy the machine it's literally Pennie's on the dollar to make compared to buying it in a healthfood store. I use to buy it online but no more I'm making my own! It's worth every penny you pay to buy a machine! I can't say enough how it's helped me . I haven't been sick with a cold since 2019 when I discovered how great colloidal silver is In getting rid of colds and flu. I used it on an infected tooth and within two days infection was gone. And all the ways you can disinfect with using it as a household cleaner.hope this helps you!!!

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects

16 days ago
Posted by GMH (Morgantown, WV) on 11/14/2022
0 out of 5 stars

If your cat is not an outdoor cat and is never boarded at a kennel, do not get the rabies shots. My experience over the years with many cat owners is that the risk of rabies for indoor cats is much less than the risk of vaccine side effects.

  Re: Borax and Peroxide for Mange

17 days ago
Posted by Ruby (Bristol, Virginia ) on 11/13/2022

Can I give my dog a plain borax bath without the peroxide?

EC: Not for mange. Peroxide is the activating ingredient.

Need Cure for Mammary Gland Tumor in 14 Year Old Dog

17 days ago
Posted by Xenia (Arizona ) on 11/13/2022

Need a cure for cancer dog 14 years old

Hello, my dog chihuahua Bonita (14.5) just had a surgery for the tumor removed . The results suggest a metastatic or malignant mammary carcinoma which is one of the most common types of mammary gland tumors. She is feeling better, and she became very active; her stitches removed. I am very concerned about her treatment.. I ordered salmon oil and Mercola dogs mushrooms complex as supplements, and I think DMSO /Colloquial Silver maybe I will do as a topical treatment.

Also CBD oil helped her a lot during the first week after surgery.

Please help me with any suggestions.

Thank you,

Best, Xenia

CBD, Salmon and Turmeric+ Helping Dog Who Had a Stroke

17 days ago
Posted by Moo (BREWSTER) on 11/13/2022
5 out of 5 stars

My 12 year old dog had a stroke and I have been giving her cbd oil...salmon oil..and turmeric...exercise and love...and she is doing great!

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar Question for Chronic Ear Infection in Pet

20 days ago
Posted by Katzie (Canada) on 11/10/2022

Have you tried Colloidal Silver yet? Please get some and use both drops in the ear and internally by drinking it. Animals instinctively know what is good for them and both my dog and cat drank it regularly. The vet will get less $; I'm disappointed they even recommended that!

  Oat Bran for Hairballs in Cat.. and more!

20 days ago
Posted by Debra (N.C.) on 11/10/2022

Is it oat bran not oatmeal? Do you get it in grocery store? Thanks Debra

 Re: Cat Suddenly Dragging Back Paw

20 days ago
Posted by Katzie (Calgary) on 11/10/2022

You could try some DMSO on it. I used it on my dog's paw/leg and she couldn't walk. I put it on her 3x that day and soon my 12 yr old dog was happily walking again! I hope it works for your cat, too.

  Re: Symptoms of Cat

20 days ago
Posted by Elisa (Florida) on 11/09/2022

Hi, I read your remedy. I am kind in the same situation with Mina. How did you prepared the molasses? What's the molasses vs. water ratio?
Please let me know.
Thanks 🙏


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