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  Re: Budwig Diet, Essiac, Turmeric, and B17 for Dog with Lymphoma

Fri, 23 Jun 17 09:12:40 -0700
Posted by Tracy (Noblesville, In) on 06/23/2017

How is your Rottie doing? Our pit mix was just diagnosed with lymphoma and we are thinking of doing the budwig.

  Re: Seeking Advice for Anal Glands

Fri, 23 Jun 17 09:09:09 -0700
Posted by Wendy (Columbus, Oh) on 06/23/2017

Start putting a teaspoon of organic Unrefined virgin coconut oil in her food each time you feed her. You don't have to melt it.

  Re: Apple Cider Vinegar for Bladder Stones in Dog

Fri, 23 Jun 17 09:06:52 -0700
Posted by Dee Dee (Greenville ) on 06/22/2017

Is there capsules or the liquid APC?

  Re: Seeking Advice for Anal Glands

Thu, 22 Jun 17 17:25:57 -0700
Posted by Sandy (Cincinnati, Ohio) on 06/22/2017

I would love to know what u recommend for anal glands? I was told to give 100% pure pumpkin, start with 1 Tablespoon and add more if needed. It does nothing! She never scoots, she just constantly licks, and releases them. I've heard lentils help? But they didn't give any info. Like how much, how often. Oh and I've also tried oatmeal help please?! Thx!

  Re: Yeast Infection in Diabetic Dogs

Thu, 22 Jun 17 17:19:20 -0700
Posted by Letitia P. (California) on 06/22/2017

For a dog who is in such bad shape and so miserable, I'd recommend starting with conventional treatment to get some relatively fast relief. That would include oral anti-yeast prescription drugs, ear drops, and bathing in an anti-yeast shampoo like Mal-a-ket every other day and applying a topical spray from the Mal-a-ket line. It would also include good careful tests to identify whether therfe is more than one problem.

I adopted a small dog sight unseen at the vet when some people brought him in to have him euthanized because he was scratching. They were trying to figure out how to prove they owned him when I said, just give him to me. When the vet and I got him out of his crate, his skin was bright red, his ears were full of wax, and he had a terrible yeast infection. (I later discovered he also had too many of the mites that cause mange, which had not shown up in the first skin scrapings - apparently mites don't show up in 40 percent of the skin scrapings even though they are there.)

Two months of "conventional" treatment finally made things look better, but a few months later he was licking his paws, his foot fur looked pinkish, and he was scratching. Sure enough, I found out that red yeast lives in the fur/hair cuticles and also in the toenail beds, so it is very, very hard to get rid of permanently. So I am now back to the conventional baths followed with a rinse with vinegar plus water, have added probiotics (kefir mixed into soft food along with purchased dog probiotics), work Vicks Vapor rub into the nails and paw pads (this stuff totally kills human toenail fungus without damaging the liver, unlike anti-fungal pills, if applied morning and night for a month), and now will be adding olive leaf and EVCO to his diet. It's reported that Listerine applied topically will kill yeast (and reportedly the kind with menthol also soothes itchy skin.)

  Re: Coconut Oil Cleared Cat's Urinary Tract Infection

Thu, 22 Jun 17 17:14:57 -0700
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 06/22/2017


I have seen cold pressed coconut oil even at Walmart. Carrington farms, I believe is the brand. That is what I get from Costco also and really like it.

Cat Saved from Dehydration and Kidney Failure with ACV

Thu, 22 Jun 17 08:59:06 -0700
Posted by Tearosekennedy (Lanarkshire) on 06/21/2017
5 out of 5 stars

My beautiful cat was saved from almost certain death due to the information on this amazing website.

He had a terrible reaction when the vet put him under to extract blood *(he's part feral, do not mess) and wouldn't eat or drink upon his return from the vet. He would just sit there with his head hanging over his water bowl looking very sorry for himself.

Although I several times contacted the out of hours vet and was told to sit and wait, that he would come round, I panicked at about 10pm that evening as I could tell he had become terribly dehydrated and took him to the pet hospital where he was given an IV and rehydrated.

Home again the next day, he still assumed what they call the "meatloaf" position (when they look like a bunched up chicken, not sure why it's called meatloaf) with his poor wee head hanging over his water bowl but not drinking.

The dehydration had given his kidneys a boot in the balls and now he was very sick, I could tell he might not actually live much longer considering his age. I took to Earth Clinic, which deserves awards handed out from God's Angels and found a popular remedy of administering diluted Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (with the 'mother') to my friend to make him start drinking.

Luckily I had some in the cupboard, along with a plastic syringe thing in my kitchen draw. I diluted about 1ml ACV with 2mls of water and snuck up on him with a towel and the syringe, apologising all the time and making calming noises and telling him this would make him better. I was a bit cynical but desperate.

Although gentle, I firmly swaddled him in the large towel up to his chest - those claws are huge - then opened his wee mouth and squirted the liquid *across* his tongue, entering from the *side* of his mouth. I hoped this would prevent choking and thank God it did.

I watched him mournfully for the next 20 minutes until he again sat at his nice fresh waiting water bowl, head hanging down, bunched like a chicken. Not two minutes after this, he put his nose down and began to lap. 20 minutes!

I continued with the administration for the next few days, in all I felt he needed a shot of AVC four times, following which he was drinking of his own accord. Thank you, EarthClinic and all those who come back to say if something has worked or not. My furry friend is alive today because of it.

They should pass this info on at the vets when they suspect a cat is having kidney failure - how many people have lost their furbabies because of the "no advising anything but chemicals" protocol.

Now I'm having to deal with his kidney failure due to his over-anesthetisation but that is another story. It has been nearly a year since the incident and he's doing well.

Kindest regards,

  Re: Aural Hematoma in Dog

Wed, 21 Jun 17 21:46:49 -0700
Posted by Venkatesh (India) on 06/21/2017

We have started Lachesis 30 and Hamamelis 30 at 4 drops thrice a day for few days now. Am able to see improvement (slow) in the ear. It appears to slowly reduce in size. For application on the swelling, we apply Arnica oil, turmeric and aloe vera gel (mixed and diluted) once in 3 to 4 hours.

  Re: Baking Soda and Maple Syrup Treatment for Lymphoma in Dog?

Wed, 21 Jun 17 20:07:59 -0700
Posted by Donna (Fl) on 06/20/2017
5 out of 5 stars

This does work. I did it with my 13yr old papillon who had liver cancer. This stopped the tumor and to the vet's amazement, restored normal enzyme values for his liver.

Slippery Elm, Aloe, Licorice Extract Healed Ulcer

Wed, 21 Jun 17 12:19:51 -0700
Posted by M Haley (Jefferson) on 06/21/2017
5 out of 5 stars

My now 13 year old JackRat was showing signs of lethargy, blackening of the stomach skin, dull coat and weight loss. Her thyroid was basically non-functioning and her liver was on the blink. The Vet said she had a couple of things going on, the non-functioning thyroid which then created an imbalance in her system which then created the liver issue and somewhere along the lines she created a stomach ulcer which was bleeding. Did the usual round of antibiotics, liver support, got her on a thyroid supplement and something else. She recovered but then relasped. I started doing some research and about natural remedies and now a year later, Lucy is doing great. I make a paste out of Slippery Elm, Aloe Vera extract and licorice extract and administer this to her prior to her morning meal. She seldom has any stomach issues (gurgling sounds), has an amazing appetite, her coat is stunning and her belly skin is no longer dark. She acts several years younger. She will remain on the thyroid medication but for all outward indications, the ulcer is healed and everything seems to be functioning normally.

  Re: Coconut Oil Cleared Cat's Urinary Tract Infection

Wed, 21 Jun 17 12:10:30 -0700
Posted by Celia (Wisconsin) on 06/21/2017

Would you please tell me where you found the cold pressed coconut oil and how you gave it to your cat? Thanks!

  Re: Ginger for Vomiting Dog

Wed, 21 Jun 17 09:02:36 -0700
Posted by Carolyn (Tx) on 06/20/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you for this tip! My 6 lb Yorkie was sick and had diarrhea and then vomited. I found your tip but realized that a slice of bread was too much for him, so I pinched off a piece of the bread with honey and ginger on it and had to force feed him. Then I did a second piece. Within 20 minutes he was at ease and slept all night long. The next day he was back to his feisty self.

  Re: Dog's Fatty Tumor is Expelling, What Should I do?

Tue, 20 Jun 17 09:04:28 -0700
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 06/20/2017

Dear Tclack,

Yes, it sounds like what you are doing is working. It seems that often the tumors look worse right before improving.

I would continue with those internal remedies as they will support the body fighting infection. You might also add vitamin C to what you are doing internally. While dogs make their own vitamin C, under times of stress, a supplement is sometimes helpful.

Aloe and castor oil, gently massaged topically on the tumor can support its healing and may help with pain.

If there are actual open wounds, my preference is raw honey, topically. If possible, you could dress the wound and change the dressing a couple of times a day. In other words, honey on the wound, then a couple of layers of gauze, then cohesive tape to hold it on. My large dog is not able to remove cohesive tape, which sticks to itself but not the fur. Honey keeps infection from setting in and also heals.

My biggest concern with this type of tumor is the risk of blood loss if it suddenly drains a lot. While you want whatever is in there to drain, if there seems to be significant blood loss, cayenne pepper can be used to stop bleeding topically. It sounds awful but it stings just briefly then actually can relieve pain and stop bleeding.

Keep us posted on his progress!

~Mama to Many~

  Re: Multiple Remedies Helping French Bulldog With Chronic Yeast Skin Infections

Tue, 20 Jun 17 08:11:12 -0700
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 06/19/2017

Hey Mstee,

Dealing with seasonal or inhalant allergies can be tricky. You might keep a diary to see what allergens are in your area that are blooming to see if you can pin point a trigger; if you find, say, a correlation between the fir trees blooming and a break out you might consider herbal thuja or stinging nettle. You do not say what you feed, but the diet you feed has a direct affect on your dog's immune system. A food allergy can be harder to pin point as many diets contain many different proteins. You might consider alkalizing your dog's drinking water with baking soda, and also rotating it every few weeks with Ted/s Borax protocol for dogs. The treated water will help balance the PH which in turn makes your dog's GI track unattractive to systemic yeast - this in turn helps restore healthy gut flora which aides the immune system. Borax water also helps knock down yeast and staph. You might also consider a single protein source for the food and see if you can rotate from beef protein to chicken protein and so on, to see if you can pin point a food allergy. You might also consider colostrum to help boost the immune system, and turmeric and quercetin and herbal Yucca Intensive [must be taken with food] to combat inflammation. Please let us know how it goes!

  Re: Dog's Fatty Tumor is Expelling, What Should I do?

Tue, 20 Jun 17 08:09:02 -0700
Posted by Wendy (Columbus, Oh) on 06/20/2017

The fact that the tumor is oozing blood means it's starting to get infected, which also explains his fever. I'm not sure what to suggest, but hopefully Mama To Many or others can suggest some things.

Dog's Fatty Tumor is Expelling, What Should I do?

Mon, 19 Jun 17 09:39:46 -0700
Posted by Tclack (Texas) on 06/19/2017

I have a 12yo pitbull with an orange size fatty tumor on his leg. About a month ago I started adding turmeric, blackstrap molasses & coconut oil to his food. About a week ago the growth increased in size to about a grapefruit and is starting to ooze blood from tiny holes to relieve pressure. The skin is very tight and you can see blood pooling. He licks it constantly and his body seems to be running a slight fever. Prior to this vet did not want to remove due to his age.

My question - it seems his body is trying to expel the tumor. Is there anything I can do to help limit his discomfort or to help it expel more quickly to relieve the pressure?

Does anyone else have examples of where it was expelled and what to expect?

  Re: Diatomaceous Earth for Mange

Sun, 18 Jun 17 19:05:14 -0700
Posted by Jeff (La) on 06/18/2017

How do you feed the dimacious earth to your dog to fight mange? Also how much and with what frequency?

Recommended Human Supplement for Mange

Sun, 18 Jun 17 12:19:24 -0700
Posted by Max (Havana, Ar. ) on 06/13/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Finally figured out dog had mange. She is 14-15 yrs old, yorkie about 10 lbs. Teds peroxide, borax remedy, at first made the itching worse but over time it got better, you must persist. After prayer the thought came to me her immune system might be weakened from age and I couldn't afford good food. I remembered using a product to save one of her eyes after vet said it must come out. The product is 4Life Transfer Factor Plus. I had little left over and started giving it to her, within a week the hair began coming back. If I stop giving it she begins scratching again.

Mange is agony for dogs and I will do without something to keep her on transfer factor. I used it at half capsule (human formula) a few times a day until seeing a difference, then once a day. Now I give half a capsule of the human formula every other day. I might add it works great for flu or colds. I don't usually promote things but google it and see the testimonies. It supports the immune system and aids in healing. This is the truth so help me God. God bless you all who are helping the helpless creatures.

  Re: Arnica Oil for Aural Hematomas

Sun, 18 Jun 17 11:58:44 -0700
Posted by Chirasree (India) on 06/18/2017

How much dose plzz help I am facing same problem...its been more than 2 weeks. I tried sulphur 30x merbromine solution still no response..but once I applied arnica oil it seemed to swell up more so I got scared and stopped it plzz hlp...

Multiple Remedies Helping French Bulldog With Chronic Yeast Skin Infections

Sun, 18 Jun 17 11:58:27 -0700
Posted by Mstee (Lakeland Fl) on 06/18/2017
4 out of 5 stars

I have a French Bulldog and I fight yeast infection and hair loss every year. I decided to take him off flea chemicals but having a tough time finding a cure for it. I have been bathing him with baking soda then tree oil shampoo and finally a organic apple cider vinegar rinse. So far it has been been working. I also give him a teaspoon of Diatomaceous Earth every evening in his food. Anyone have any better cures?