#1 Folk Remedies from Around the World to Heal and Nourish the Body

Ask around like we did and sure enough you begin to acquire a valuable database of folk remedies. Everyone we asked had a home remedy or two; a grandmother's remedy to cure gout (apple cider vinegar), a sister's Ayurvedic remedy to stop diarrhea within minutes (turmeric), an old Mexican cure for a nagging cough (garlic). Thrilled to have this treasure chest of recipes to cure acute and chronic conditions, we started to post these remedies on Earth Clinic back in 1999. Not long after that, our readers started responding with their own family remedies. If you don't see what you're looking for in this Home Remedies section, please check out our extensive Ailments section.


5 Essential Supplements5-HTP


AcidophilusAcid Reflux in ChildrenActivated CharcoalActivated Charcoal for BOAcupressureAcupressure for the FaceAdenoids, EnlargedALAAlfalfaAlkalizing RemediesAloe VeraAlopeciaAlpha Lipoic AcidAniseAnt Deterrent RemediesAntibiotic ResistanceAnxiety, Essential Oils Aphrodisiac RemediesApple Cider VinegarApple Cider Vinegar and Baking SodaApple Cider Vinegar BathsApple Cider Vinegar CapsulesApple Cider Vinegar for Weight LossApple Cider Vinegar: HomemadeApple Cider Vinegar RecipesApple Cider Vinegar Side EffectsApple Cider Vinegar, The MotherApple Cider Vinegar TonicApple Cider Vinegar: Where to BuyApplesArtemisininAstaxanthinAsthmaAyurvedic Herbal Remedies


B12Bach Flower RemediesBacterial ConjunctivitisBaking SodaBaking Soda, Aluminum Content?Baking Soda and Borax RemedyBanana PeelsBananasBasilBath BombsBaths, DetoxifyingB-ComplexBeans, PintoBeauty Secret of the WeekBedwettingBeetsBentonite ClayBeta-AlanineBetaine HCLBHTBill Munro Inhalation MethodBitter MelonBlack Bean BrothBlack PepperBlack Seed Oil Blackstrap MolassesBlackstrap Molasses BrandsBlackstrap Molasses: BuyBlack TeaBlood-Flow Restriction TrainingBloodrootBlueberriesBlue Glass Sunlight TherapyBody, Mind and SpiritBody ScrubsBorage OilBoraxBorax & Baking Soda ComboBorax SafetyBorax, Topical ApplicationBorax, Where to BuyBoronBoswelliaBrain DevelopmentBrain FoodsBreathing MethodsBromelainBuckwheatBudwig DietBug Repellent RecipesBurdock Root


CabbageCabbage WrapCacaoCacao NibsCalciumCalendulaCamphorCannabisCapsicumCastor OilCayenne PepperChamomileChanca PiedraChemical Free Body CareChia SeedsChicken PoxChildhood ImpetigoChlorophyllCholineChromiumCilantroCinnamonCinnamon and HoneyClovesCoconut MilkCoconut OilCoconut WaterCoffeeColdsCold Shower TherapyColicColloidal GoldColloidal Gold and the BrainColloidal Gold - ArthritisColloidal SilverColloidal Silver Turn You BlueColloidal Vs Ionic SilverColon CleansingComfreyCommunity LoveConjunctivitisConquer Your Demons!ConstipationCorianderCoughsCradle CapCraniosacral TherapyCSCumin OilCuraderm BEC5


D3DamianaDandelionsDangers of Essential OilsDental HealthDermatitisDesiccated LiverDetox BathsDHEADHEA, 7-KetoDiaper RashDiatomaceous EarthDiindolylmethaneDilute Hydrogen PeroxideDistilled WaterDistilled WaterDIY Ginger OilDIY Hair GelDIY Homemade FacialsDIY Laundry SoapDIY ToothpasteDMSODreaming RemediesDry Brushing


Ear Infections in ChildrenEarly PubertyEC'S Best RemediesEC's Fountain of YouthEczemaEDTA Chelation TherapyElderberryElectrolyte Drink RecipeEmu OilEnemas and ColonicsEnergy Drink AlternativesEnlarged AdenoidsEnuresisEnzyme TherapyEpsom SaltEssential OilsEssential Oils, DangersEssential Oils for AnxietyEssiac TeaEuphoria RemediesEV-D68 VirusEvening Primrose Oil


FastingFavorite Health TipsFeng ShuiFenugreekFermented FoodFever - ChildrenFlax SeedFluid in the Middle EarFlu Remedies for ChildrenFoaming Hand Soap RecipesFolk Remedies, Czech RepublicFolk Remedies, EcuadorFolk Remedies from IndiaFolk Remedies, GlobalFolk Remedies, JapanFolk Remedies, Latin AmericaFolk Remedies, MexicoFolk Remedies, New ZealandFolk Remedies, USAFood Combining for HealthFood Grade Hydrogen PeroxideFountain of Youth FormulaFountain of Youth RemediesFrankincenseFrench Maritime Pine BarkFriar's BalsamFulvic AcidFussy Baby


GABAGallixaGarcinia CambogiaGarlicGarlic OilGet Rid of AntsGinger Oil, DIYGinger RootGlowing Skin RemediesGlutathioneGoat MilkGoji BerriesGolden MilkGolden PasteGoldensealGotu KolaGrandma's Folk RemediesGrapefruit Seed ExtractGrape Seed ExtractGreen TeaGuaifenesinGua ShaGut Cleanses


Hair Gel, DIYHair Growth RemediesHair, Homemade DyesHair, Homemade ShampooHair LossHair, Natural ConditionersHand Sanitizer RecipesHawthornHealing BathsHealing MusicHealth and Wellness TipsHealth Video ReviewsHealthy Diet ProgramsHealthy RecipesHealthy SmoothiesHealthy SnacksHerbal TeaHerb PhotosHerb RobertHomeopathic RemediesHome Remedies for WrinklesHoneyHoneycombHow to Be Unattractive to BugsHow to Brew Herbal TeaHyaluronic AcidHydrogen PeroxideHydrogen Peroxide, DiluteHydrogen Peroxide (FG): BuyingHydrogen Peroxide, Food GradeHydrogen Peroxide Foot BathHydrogen Peroxide InhalationHyssop

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Impetigo in ChildrenIncline Bed TherapyInfrared SaunaInositolInsect Repellent RecipesInversion Board TherapyIodineIodine - Bill ThompsonIonic Foot DetoxificationIonic Silver


JewelweedJuicingJuniper Berry


KaatsuKapal Bhati Pranayam YogaKefirKitchen RemediesKitchereeKombucha Tea


Laughter RemediesLaundry Soap, DIYLavenderL-CarnitineLDNLecithinLeeksLemon BalmLemonsL-GlutamineLight TherapyLow Dose NaltrexoneL-TheanineLugol's IodineLugol's Iodine, Most PopularLugol's Iodine TreatmentLuteolinLymph Nodes, SwollenLysine


Maca RootMacromineralsMagnesiumMagnesium OilMagnesium SulfateMagnet TherapyManganeseMarigold FlowersMedicinal Herb PhotosMedicinal MushroomsMelatoninMelatonin for COVID-19Melatonin, Increase NaturallyMethylene BlueMiddle Ear, FluidMilk of MagnesiaMilk ThistleMimosaMineralsMini Beet ProtocolMintMMSMoisturizersMolassesMolybdenumMoringa OleiferaMotherwortMovement Arts that HealMSMMSM Side EffectsMulleinMusic Healing


NACN-AcetylcysteineNano SilverNappingNattoNattokinaseNatural AntibioticsNatural Body CareNatural Body CleansesNatural Cleaning ProductsNatural MoisturizersNatural SweetenersNeem OilNeural TherapyNewborn Cord CareNiacin (B3)Nigella SativaNoni Juice


OatmealOil PullingOil Pulling: Best OilOil Pulling for Dental HealthOily Skin RemediesOlive Leaf ExtractOmega 3OnionsOpiate AlternativesOral Detoxification RemediesOreganoOregano OilOrganic FoodsOrganic Gardening TipsOrganic Home TipsOzone Therapy


P5PPapayaParaffin TherapyParsleyPeppermintPeriwinklePhenethylamin (PEA)Photo TherapyPictures of HerbsPink EyePinto BeansPiperinePlantain LeafPokeberriesPokeweedPotassiumPotassium Iodide (SSKI)PQQPrayers That HealProbioticsProbiotics for Weight LossProsperity RemediesPsylliumPumpkinPurslanePycnogenolPyrroloquinoline Quinone


Rapid Borax MethodRaw CacaoRaw Cacao NibsRaw DairyRaw Food DietsReader Recommended Book ListsReboundingRed Light TherapyRejuvelacRemedy CombinationsRemedy Side EffectsRespiratory VirusesRhodiolaRibwort PlantainRife MachineRLTRoach and Pest InfestationsRolling Thunder PrayerRooibos TeaRose Petals


Safety of Borax for CleaningScrapingSea SaltSeleniumSerrapeptaseSesame SeedsSinus InfectionsSlippery ElmSlow BreathingSodium BicarbonateSodium Bicarbonate & Borax RemedySodium ThiosulfateSouth African Famous OintmentSoySpirit of CamphorSpirulinaSport Nutrition RemediesSports RecoverySports Recovery RemediesStem Cell TherapyStinging NettlesStrawberries Stress, Essential OilsSunflowersSunflower SeedsSun Gazing Superfood, CacaoSuperfoods, MacaSupplementsSupplements the Elderly NeedSurvival RemediesSwedish BittersSwollen Lymph Nodes


Tea Side EffectsTea Tree OilTed's Alkalizing FormulasTed's RemediesTeethingTENS Unit TherapyThe Barefoot RemedyThe Best ListThe WaffTincture of BenzoinTomatoTomato TeaToothpaste, All Natural RecipesTrace MineralsTraditional Chinese MedicineTrametes VersicolorTranscendental MeditationTransdermal Magnesium TherapyTravel RemediesTurkey Tail MushroomTurmericTurmeric PasteTurmeric TeaTurpentine


UK, Ireland RemediesUmbilical Cord InfectionUmeboshiUnderweight ChildrenUrine TherapyUrine TherapyUV Light Therapy


Vinagre de Sidra de ManzanaVinegar PillsVinpocetineViral ConjunctivitisVitamin AVitamin B-6Vitamin CVitamin CVitamin DVitamin D ToxicityVitamin E


WaffWaterWellness TipsWhat is the Mother in Apple Cider Vinegar?Wheat/Gluten-Free DietsWheatgrassWhere to Buy BoraxWhite VinegarWinter RemediesWitch HazelWormwood


Yakeow and Sabah Snake GrassYarrowYogi Tea


Zam-BukZapperZincZinc Oxide