Nebulizing Colloidal Silver & Hydrogen Peroxide: A How-To Guide

on Oct 24, 2023| Modified on Dec 27, 2023

Colloidal silver and hydrogen peroxide are substances that have been studied for their antimicrobial properties. Some individuals choose to use these solutions in a nebulizer as a form of respiratory support. Here's how to use them correctly:

1. Understand the Substances

Colloidal Silver: Colloidal silver is a liquid suspension of tiny silver particles in water. Advocates believe it can help combat bacterial and viral infections.

Hydrogen Peroxide: It's commonly used as a disinfectant. When used in low concentrations, like the 3% solution available at drugstores, it releases oxygen which can help to loosen mucus and might have antimicrobial properties.

2. Choose the Right Solution

Colloidal Silver: Always opt for a high-quality colloidal silver with a concentration of 10ppm or less for nebulizing. Higher concentrations might lead to an increased risk of side effects.

Hydrogen Peroxide: Only use food-grade hydrogen peroxide at a 3% concentration or less. Some individuals choose to dilute it further with distilled water.

3. Clean and Prep Your Nebulizer

Before adding any solution to your nebulizer, ensure that it's clean and free from any residues. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and prepping your device.

4. Adding the Solution

For Colloidal Silver: Add the desired amount of colloidal silver to the nebulizer chamber. Typically, 1-2 ml is a common starting point. Ensure that the solution covers the mesh or nozzle of the device to ensure effective nebulization.

For Hydrogen Peroxide: If you're starting with a 3% solution, consider diluting it with equal parts distilled water. Add 1-2 ml of the diluted solution to the nebulizer chamber.

5. Nebulizing

Turn on the nebulizer and breathe in the mist calmly and deeply. It is essential not to overdo it. Usually, a session lasts for about 10-15 minutes.

Remain in a comfortable seated position, ensuring that you are relaxed throughout the session.

6. Post-Nebulization Care

After each session, clean your nebulizer thoroughly to ensure no residues are left behind.

Monitor for any adverse reactions or side effects. If you feel unwell after nebulizing or if you develop any unusual symptoms, seek medical attention immediately.

7. Precautions

Avoid using these substances if you have any known allergies to them.

Use these solutions with caution and always in moderation. Overuse might lead to side effects or complications.

Continue reading below for feedback from Earth Clinic readers who have used colloidal silver and peroxide together in a nebulizer for lung conditions and let us know if this remedy combo helped you!

Kills Viruses

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Posted by Ed2010 (Oakville) on 03/19/2020

Hello All. Top 3 virus killers 1. Lugol's Solution 2. Colloidal Silver 3. 3% Hydrogen Peroxide

Preventative Usage - Lugol's Solution - Usage Adults 150 ml water add 4-5 drops. Gargle nicely and swallow it. This will kill any virus in throat. Swallowing will increase the iodine in the body increasing anti-viral activity and immunity. Take 3 days in a row every night. Give a Gap for 3 days and take it again if required. If you are feeling healthy you don't have to do it. May be you can do once a week.Colloidal Silver and 3% Hydrogen Peroxide can be used as in Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation method. Don't use Lugols Iodine Solution and Colloidal Silver together as they react to each other. Peace and Health for all. Thanks

Nebulizing Dosages

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Posted by Lisa (Jacksonville, FL) on 10/24/2023

I know there were some questions a while back about nebulizing peroxide and silver together. Here is what I recently found. No dosages are given, but I do half and half, adding a little saline (9%).

Institute for Progressive Medicine:

Respaid– this is a combination of colloidal silver and hydrogen peroxide, inhaled through a nebulizer, which kills bacterial, viral and fungal organisms to prevent and heal respiratory infections. We use Respaid in combination with albuterol in the nebulizer, to open tight airways, and reduce cough and wheezing. Nebulized glutathione- glutathione is a potent antioxidant and detoxifier. Patients with chronic lung disease, bronchitis and emphysema inhale glutathione regularly to support the respiratory tissues.

Replied by Rob

The Brand name CS/H2O2 1.5% is called Silver Complete Plus, Ionic Colloidal Silver 10 PPM Plus 1.5% Food Grade H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide).

HealthQuest website:

They are located in Salmon Arm, BC, Canada

Colloidal silver combined with H2O2 (food grade hydrogen peroxide) is quickly proving to be an effective combination. This combination can be used in oral and external treatments. Adding H2O2 to a completed batch of colloidal silver ionizes silver particles remaining in the solution. According to Water and Science Technology, a 2000:1 solution of colloidal silver to H2O2 is sufficient to increase the efficacy of colloidal silver by up to 100 times against bacterial infections.

High H2O2 colloidal silver strengths can be used externally with fine results. A 1.5% H2O2 colloidal silver solution can be used as an excellent disinfectant and water treatment method, and can be used as a skin cleanser/conditioner for healthy skin tissues.

Using colloidal silver to augment H2O2 therapy, a 2000:1 colloidal silver to H2O2 solution is created. For external use and for use as a mouthwash, the 1.5% solution need not be diluted. The H2O2/colloidal silver external solution is EXCELLENT to treat ear conditions and infections that use the inner ear as an "incubation chamber".

You can spray the mist into your nose and breathe in sharply. It may BURN slightly, but it will pass in a few moments. I usually do it twice in each nostril, but you can start with one until you get use to it. If your nose is very stuffed, you can use a dropper and drop 4 drops into each nostril (hold head back) and draw in sharply and strongly. You want to pull the liquid through your nose and into the back of your throat. It will clear a stuffed nose within a few seconds. You'll be surprised at how quickly it works. It will burn a little and go to the back of your throat. Use water to gargle. The slight feeling of discomfort will pass within a minute. It's no big deal. Your sinuses will feel better shortly.

Drop 4 or 5 drops into one ear and hold your head on the side so it sits in the ear canal for 2 or 3 minutes and then put a small plug of cotton to hold it while you do the opposite ear, the same way. You can do this whether you're sick or not. Regularly placing this mixture in the ears will PREVENT many bugs from starting such as colds or 'flu'.

This simple combination of hydrogen peroxide and colloidal silver will do WONDERS for you in many ways that will surprise you. Do it every hour if you feel down with something. No reason to just do it once a day. Congested head and eyes, etc. will soon be a thing of the past.

How I use this product. I put I Silver Complete Plus into the medicine cup provided with the desk top nebulizer. Nebulize as you would normally. Do this several treatments throughout the day. It can also be taken by mouth, 1oz Silver Complete Plus to 2oz water.


My husband is 42 and suffers from COPD caused by Sarcoidosis (growth of tiny collections of inflammatory cells) and smoking, he had bacterial pneumonia for 11 months straight in 2010. The doctors gave him every antibiotic imaginable, even Levaquin (which has a black box warning), they use it for treating Anthrax!! Nothing would take it away. I found colloidal silver online that is mixed with Hydro Peroxide and is specifically made for use with a nebulizer. Within three days his pneumonia was GONE.

(Jax, FL)

Thanks, Rob for your informative post. The website is not there, not sure where to find the Silver complete plus, so for now just doing it every hour mixing 50/50.


Hi Rob, it appears Silver Complete Plus is no longer available on the Canadian website. And a Google search didn't show any results for a H2O2 + peroxide mixture either. If you have any other ideas where we could find this or how to make our own, I'd be grateful if you would share.


@ Madelyn

I can't give you the exact formula "proprietary trade secret". However, if you are using a desk top nebulizer. You can load the medicine cup with Colloidal silver 10ppm and then add 5 drops FG H2O2 3%. Nebulize regularly. Be sure to make a fresh batch everyday since H2O2 deteriorates very fast when exposed to sunlight. That's why it is sold in dark brown bottle "sun light proof".

When H2O2 is exposed to UV light, hydrogen peroxide decomposes into H2O and O. The energy from light absorbed by the bonds which are specific to UV frequency and thus leading to decomposition.


Excellent! Love it! Thanks so much! Safe, easy, and very effective.

Is the mixture for the nebulizer the same one you'd also use for the ear drops and nose drops that you mentioned in your first post?


It can be.... Just "Never; Ever" put H2O2 in your eyes! Google search H2O2 in Eye and you will find out why...

I'm saying this because there are some people out there that will read this post and think, "Hey, I think I'll put this in my eyeball for an eye infection" NOT! You can put this mixture and every orifice of the body and I mean that in the literal sense, BUT NOT IN YOUR EYES!

If making a nasal sinus spray, add 1/8 sodium chloride "salt packet" to the spray bottle. It helps clean the nose out. Similar to a Saline nasal sprayer but where there is distilled water added, you are replacing it with Colloidal Silver.

(Jax, FL)


How often do you nebulize in a day? I have read so many different accounts and just looking for an opinion or some research. I have been nebulizing 8 times a day for quite a while, now added Lugols 2 drops, 2%. A little irritation now. Maybe alternate lugols?


Just as a precaution. I wouldn't use Lugol's with Colloidal Silver as they react to each other. Someone already posted this. And I wouldn't add Lugol's with H202. Food grade Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) is not sold in grocery or drug stores in a brown bottle. That is peroxide with stabilizers in it. Please research what u are putting in your body.


I nebulize 3 - 4 times daily which is the standard from most manufacturers I've seen and read. I also put Lugol's 2% into my medicine cup (about 3 drops) along with the Colloidal Silver and H2O2.


  • 5 drops H2O2 3% FG
  • 3 drop Lugol's 2%
  • Top off medicine cup with Colloidal Silver 10ppm

Make a fresh batch every day…

To further explain this – From Dr. David Brownstein

Nebulize Hydrogen Peroxide/Lugols Iodine – Dr. David Brownstein, who has a clinic just outside of Detroit, Michigan, has successfully treated over 200 patients with what has become my favorite intervention for COVID-19 and other upper respiratory infections, namely nebulized hydrogen peroxide.
A peer-reviewed consecutive case series of 107 COVID-19 patients treated with nebulized peroxide and other remedies, including oral vitamins A, C and D, iodine, intravenous hydrogen peroxide and iodine as well as intravenous (IV) vitamin C, along with intramuscular ozone, was published in the July 2020 issue of Science, Public Health Policy, and the Law. All patients survived.

Dr. Brownstein, his claim now that he's up to 220+ patients treated by his protocol without a single death. I mixed the nebulized peroxide with a nebulized iodine in one solution. And that really was a cool addition, for people who were developing lung problems or pneumonia or lung cancer or COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), coughing, and they can't breathe and they're wheezing and things like that, adding a nebulized dilute solution of hydrogen peroxide at 0.04% and one drop of 5% Lugol's solution, which supplies 6.25 milligrams of iodine really helped a lot of people out.

Most patients were instructed to nebulize a dilute solution of 0.04% hydrogen peroxide in normal saline. The solution was mixed for the patient in the office. A sterile 250 cc bag of normal saline was injected with 3 cc of 3% food grade hydrogen per- oxide and 1 cc of magnesium sulfate. The patient was instructed to draw off 3 cc of the dilute solution and nebulize it hourly until symptoms improve. Additionally, the patient was instructed to add in one drop of 5% Lugol's solution to the dilute hydrogen peroxide mixture. As the symptoms improved, the frequency of nebulizing could be reduced by the patient. If symptoms worsened or there was a concern that the patient was suffering from a more severe case, the patient was advised to come to the office and receive intravenous injections of Vitamin C and hydrogen peroxide along with intramuscular injections of ozone.

Nebulizing Lugol's Iodine has shown to be highly effective against Coronavirus. Dr. David Brownstein Author of “Iodine: Why you need it, Why you can't live without it” says, “There's no fungus that's shown to be resistant to iodine. Nebulizing iodine is a powerful therapy to rapidly clear the lungs of infections - Iodine has a stronger /quicker effect than hydrogen peroxide. There's no parasites that have shown to be resistant to iodine. There's no virus that's shown to be resistant to iodine, including Coronavirus.” Dr. Brownstein has been using nebulized iodine in Coronavirus cases with enormous success.

Potassium iodide contained in Lugol's is the potassium salt form of iodide, a naturally occurring substance. Potassium iodide can be used as an expectorant to thin mucus and loosen congestion in your chest and throat.

Potassium iodide is used to thin mucus and loosen congestion in people with chronic breathing problems that can be complicated by thick mucus in the respiratory tract. Potassium iodide is used in people with chronic breathing problems that can be complicated by thick mucus in the respiratory tract, such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, or emphysema.

One patient in Brownstein's practice said nebulizing iodine, “Radically changed the trajectory of what this thing was doing. Four days ago I was looking at death!” Instead, after three nebulized treatments, he was up, dressed, and close to his regular healthy self. Nebulizers come in many forms including a portable hand held nebuliser, a machine which plugs in and has multiple masks. I have suggested that people put iodine into a nebulizer for aerosol treatment for transdermal effect into the lung tissues in the case of lung cancer, emphysema, asthma and tuberculosis.

It seems obvious that iodine would make the ideal first line of defense in influenza prevention and without doubt in the treatment of both swine flu and regular influenza. Iodine, teamed up with these other primary and very necessary substances, offers an exceptionally strong defense and treatment against viral infection.

Educational Videos

Colloidal Silver vs Germs Under the Microscope

Iodine vs Germs Under the Microscope (2%)

(Jax, FL)

Thanks so much, Rob!

Replied by DAWN

So I have 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide I keep refrigerated for freshness and I also have silver wings 500 ppm colloidal silver I keep on hand. Anytime I have been directly exposed or have the slightest feeling I could be getting a cold, I take a dose of ivermectin and I will also take a dose of the colloidal silver and so far I have not got sick, even with my grand baby sticking her sucker in my mouth while she had covid and other colds etc.. My question is my 4 yr old granddaughter is sick with upper respiratory now and was wondering if it would be safe or even beneficial to add some hydrogen peroxide and or colloidal silver to my essential oil diffuser but not use the essential oils. My diffuser holds about 2 cups of water.