Natural Remedies for COPD


Posted by Maureen (Iowa) on 07/06/2017
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I was diagnosed with COPD in the summer of 2013 having suffered with constant coughing both day and night for about 6 months prior. I was unable to lie down in bed to sleep and had to sit upright propped-up with pillows so that I could at least get a little relief. Even so I was lucky if I could get more than a couple of hours sleep a night.

Having been issued with a Spiriva powder inhaler and a Ventolin Evohaler, after attending a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme at my local hospital and being given advice on how best to manage the condition I had to get on with the rest of my life as best as I could.

Despite taking the prescribed medications as directed they gave me little relief and each day became more of a struggle to combat the illness.

Then at the beginning of December 2015, with my condition rapidly deteriorating, I began to search the Web in earnest to try and find some answers to my problems.

To cut a long story short something steered me in the direction of purchasing a home dehumidifier with a built in charcoal filter and ioniser.

Living in the UK, as I do, we can get very high levels of moisture in our homes due to the excessive amounts of rain that we get.

This can basically fill the lungs with water from the atmosphere and I was coughing up excessive amounts of watery phlegm on an hourly basis.

The humidity level inside your home should be in the range of 40 – 65 (on a scale of 100) and, having purchased a cheap humidity gauge, I found that the levels in my home were reading a massive 85.

So I went online and purchased a dehumidifier which could remove about 10-12 litres of water a day from the air in your home.

It arrived about a week before Christmas and when I set it running it was giving a reading around 85 and, running it for just 12 hours a day, it was removing 2-3 litres of water from the atmosphere on a daily basis and the humidity level reading was gradually getting lower.

After 4 weeks of use the humidity level is now down to between 45 & 50 and the level of water that it is removing is getting less and less everyday.

My home was not showing any signs of having these high levels (such as mould on walls & ceilings, windows running with damp etc.) but I still had very high levels just the same.

My condition has improved in leaps and bounds over those 4 – 5 weeks and I now find that I am no longer coughing day and night, in fact I hardly cough at all now, and I no longer need to use the Ventolin Evohaler.

I am able to sleep at night now and my mental health, (I was getting very depressed and may I also say verging on suicidal?), is also starting to improve as my health gets better.

So the question is did I have or not have COPD? I don't really know, but I do know that my health has started to improve now (although I feel that some damage has been caused to my lungs because of all the years of coughing) and I am looking forward to a healthier life.

The doctors didn't seem to be able to help me – the answer to my problems was the dehumidifier and, although it might not be the answer for everyone, it could possibly be the answer for you too.

So, in conclusion, I offer this advice to those suffering with this dreadful condition.

(1) - Go online and get a humidity gauge.

(2) – Use it throughout the home for a week and see what readings you're getting.

(3) – If you find that you are getting high readings get yourself a dehumidifier.


Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Maureen,

This is wonderful! I am so happy you have found this solution.

It makes me think about people who move to desert areas to improve their health. Perhaps a similar cure, but you didn't have to move. Just use a dehumidifier. I will be tucking this possible simple solution away for future.

Thank you.

~Mama to Many~

Dietary Changes

Posted by Rick (Boscawen, NH) on 06/22/2009
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Spices and COPD, Chronic Bronchitis:

A year ago, I was diagnosed with chronic Bronchitis - COPD, so severe that my ears turned blue from lack of Oxygen. My blood pressure was very high, too. The DOT immediately yanked my Health card for driving truck. When I went to the Dr. my Oxy saturation level was 81. He put me on an inhalor and I had to use a Nebulizer several times a day. Nothing really changed. I could breathe a little better, but was still able to walk only for short distances.

I love to cook, and tried to think of the healthiest people that I know. I started cooking with spices from China, India, and other Asian areas. I use curry powders (in various heat ranges), Turmeric, Cayenne, Garlic, Ginger, Paprika, Mustard, Wasabi, and others. I use one or more of these ingredients in every meal, and most snacks, that I cook.

About two months ago I had a physical, blood work, and EKG in preparation for surgery. My lungs no longer "wheeze" (I do have a bad day once in a while...but not DAILY); my blood pressure was normal; my Oxy sat level is 95 to 97 percent; (both) Cholesterols were at healthy levels, and, except for my COPD, I am as healthy as can be! The best result of eating all that good, spicy-hot, healthy food is that I can walk at least a half a mile without "running out of breath."

I have NEVER posted to any Website but feel that people should be aware of the benefits of spices and herbs. I have now found a local store that sells 1 pound packages of spices, instead of paying $4 to $7 in grocery stores for those little bottles. The savings are phenomenal. This is the best site that I have found that re-enforces my belief in hot foods. Thank you EARTH CLINIC.


Posted by Renee (Wa) on 11/08/2016
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Hi, I've had COPD for years and these last months have been buggers.I've been fighting with pneumonia alot. After the hospitals and doctors, I decided to try naturally heal myself with vitamin supplements and minerals, acv, h2o2, etc..Well 4 days ago, after reading everything I could on DMSO, I decided to try drinking it. I took 1/4 capful with 1,000 mg MSM and orange juice. Within seconds of taking it, I could BREATHE! Then came the sinuses, they opened right up.I also felt it going thru my body. Where they removed my lung, I felt a twinge of pain. Just a twinge. Then in other areas I felt it.

Anyhoo, I've been taking it about every12 hours (as it starts wearing off) and I've worked up to a capful. My breathing has never been better. I don't need my inhalers so much and haven't had much wheezing. I've had some though I am so thankful for this sight starting me on naturally treating my body, without all the poisons. I never would have found the dmso for my COPD. My pulse ox is 98 and holding!

Replied by Marion
Prattville, Alabama

Can you post what brand of DMSO you bought?

Replied by Fancier

Renne how is the treatment going for you?

Replied by Leanna

Interested in hearing theories on this. Ted maintains that Dmso has the potential to dissolve tar in the lungs. Recent studies with lab rats have found that using a retin A substance injected into the rats allowed them to regenerate new alveoli and cured them of induced emphysema. Since we know that dmso penetrates the skin directly, what might be the potential of mixing 2% retin A (tretinoin) into a 50% dmso gel and using this transdermally on the chest. Any thoughts on this?

Replied by Renee
5 out of 5 stars

I'm doing well. Sorry I haven't been on here to reply.

I've had alot of trials and errors. Mainly I've found that the drs almost killed me with all the meds.

I don't take dmso on a daily basis, but I still use about 1 capful a day when I'm sick, along with msm. I also take the Apple Cider Vinegar with baking soda, coconut oil mixed with cayenne, black pepper, turmeric, honey. 3 tbsp of coconut oil and honey and 1tsp of turmeric and cayenne and pinch of pepper. 2 tbsp of blackstrap molasses also daily. I am going shopping, had a garden and keep my grandson a couple nights a week. Thank you earth clinic! You all have saved my life!

Replied by Freda

Hi Renee,

Just checking in to see how you are doing with your copd. I have severe COPD and need help.

Thank you.

Posted by William (Deerfield Beach, Florida) on 07/23/2013

I've read some of the comments about treating COPD with the hydrogen peroxide and DMSO. I have a nebulizer that I occasionally use with albuterol. I also use Spiriva, Advair and prednasone... My symptoms are worsening every week... What do you recommend as far as treatment with DMSO, and what rate of dilution in the nebulizer? What frequency and volume? My PCP is familiar with DMSO and recommends I try the treatment. Thank you, William

Replied by Brian


I too am keen to take DMSO by Nebulizer along with colloidal silver but cant find information I can understand. Everybody speaks in jargon or chemical initials I dont understand. Can anybody inform me in plain English please.

Posted by Jane (Glasgow, Uk) on 04/07/2013

I have Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis & COPD. I want to try and clear my COPD, but I don't have a Nebuliser. Can I put DMSO in a bowl of warm/boiling water, cover my head with a towel and breathe in the steam? Thank you in advance for any replies.

Replied by Michael
Meredith, US

You can get a $10 air brush from harbor freight, put this on any air source ( tank, etc, ), and it will be a great nebulizer.

Posted by Granny On The Go (Waco, Tx) on 12/30/2012
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I have used the DMSO in Colloidal Silver in my nebuliizer. I put in a teaspoon or 2 of Colloidal Silver and then add a few drops of DMSO. It is always my last resort. haha I breathe it in and if I don't cough enough I add more DMSO.

I know when I have enough DMSO as it will will make me cough up sputum that I hadn't been able to get up before. I only have Asthma. But, I read about the use of DMSO for COPD in Chile probably 20 years ago.

They claimed a cure for it that time, and, I've not read anything different since. I wish our medical community was more open minded about "what works" than just what the big pharmaceuticals companies want them to push. They don't want us getting well with anything they can't patent and make billions from.

Just be careful that your husband doesn't do too much, too soon. It's always best to start small with anything and work your way up. Good Luck!

Replied by Linda
Deming, Nm, Usa

Thank you for that info, makes me more confidant to try. I just don't want to do anything dangerous or that will cause him even more distress. I too am so disappointed in our medical system, seems the more prescriptions (that don't help) is the only thing they know to do. I have the DMSO, will find the colloidal silver and see how it helps, THANKS again!

Replied by Jimmy
Pontotoc, Mississippi

I have had Copd for eight years and I have been taking all the pharms and I'm getting worse everyday. Just found this web sight and I am tring out the hydro peroxide in my nebulizer for five days now and I feel like I have more energy, but I'm having a harder time breathing. I am now going to order some DSMO and try that to. I have nothing to loose because these drugs that I've been taking has done more damage than good I imagine.

Replied by Nita

Jimmy, How is your health now? Are you still using the HP and have you started the DMSO? If so what is your regimen and any health benefits you noticed? I wish you well.

Replied by Chris
6 posts

Jimmy, I also would like to know how you are doing now?

Posted by Megg (North Vernon, Indiana, Usa) on 09/12/2012

I have a question.. A stupid one at that. I weigh 83 lbs and have severe COPD. I was reading up on DMSO and MSM. Im not sure about the MSM but read enough on the DMSO. The question is this, I have a regular nebulizer that I use for my nebulizing of albuterol is THIS what I use to put the DMSO in and inhale it the same way I do my albuterol? thanks for any help :) Megg

Replied by Andrea C
Cardiff, Wales

yes x use your regular nebulizer. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love andrea c xxxxxxxxxxx

Replied by Michelle

Is anyone doing dsmo right now for Copd?

Replied by Danny

I just read that if your doing albuturol or any of the other pharm drugs to NOT just start using CS, HP or DMSO. You should research more first. I use CS and HP in a nasal sprayer and inhale the mist. I'm just researching about the DMSO in my lungs. The Nasal sprayer works good for me. I'm a smoker and it helps me breath easier. I used DMSO and CS mixed half and half, when I had all my teeth pull, rubbed it on my cheeks the first few days, and it took out all the swelling and pain, and then applied it directly to the teeth sockets. Everything closed up in a week. Dentist couldn't believe it.

DMSO, Colloidal Silver

Posted by Patti (Texas) on 01/18/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I am 62 years old and have had asthma since I was 3 years old. For the past 15 years or so I have had multiple bouts of pneumonia and bronchitis. One bout of pneumonia lasted for 5 months and the bronchitis usually lasts for 2 to 3 months. Recently I was diagnosed with COPD, never smoked, never experienced second hand smoke. I have been using albuterol inhalers for 45 years or so. Started inhaled steroids 30 years ago. Was put on nebulizer steroids to use with my usual does of nebulizer albuterol and Advair 500/50.

In researching my options, I found the idea of using DMSO and Colloidal Silver in a nebulizer. I mix 7 cc of Colloidal Silver, 3 cc DMSO, 3 cc distilled water. This mix lasts me for 6 treatments, plus a little. I do three or four treatments a day with 2 cc of my mixed solution. When I started the Silver/DMSO treatments I stopped ALL of my asthma COPD meds. I have used my inhaler once. I have been doing this new regimen for 4 days. The phlegm is slowly coming up. I feel better than I have in months. I have an appt. with my GP next week. I hope he hears better lung sounds. My next apt with my Pulmonologist is next month. I will try to repost as time goes on.

Replied by Patti

I have been using DMSO and colloidal silver for two or three weeks now. There have been several days that I had to use an albuterol inhaler once a day due to wheezing but that is so much better than using a nebulizer 4-5a day wit albuterol! So....I am using DMSO and colloidal silver twice a day in my nebulizer. I mix 3cc of DMSO, 7CC COLLOIDOL SIVER AND 3cc. Purified water. I put 2cc of this mix in the nebulizer twice day as previously stated. I cough up yellow stuff many times a day, which I believe is residue from previous lung infections. I now have hope for a better quality of life for many years. I am stronger than I was a week before starting this treatment. I am also going to be starting MSM soon for asthma and allergies And various aches and pains.

Replied by Patti

I am shocked! It has been 4 days since I did a "breathing treatment" In 40 years, I have never gone 4 days without some kind of asthma treatment. In the last 6 months, I was doing prescription nebulizer treatments 3 or 4 times a day...until I found this information about DMSO and Colloidal Silver. I used both of this for several weeks without using any prescription medicine, BIG improvement! Then I decided to go one step further and added 1 tsp of coconut oil which I take 3 or 4 times a day. After a week of the added coconut oil, I quit using the nebulizer treatments with DMSO and Colloidal Silver. Yesterday I started wheezing, wheezed for 5 minutes and then coughed up some nice thin mucus and the wheezing stopped. The coconut oil has radically thinned my chest mucus which I cough up easily and frequently. Y'all I am so happy! This is a new life for this old lady. I am planning to take some big steps in the near future. 3 months ago I thought I would be dead in 2 years or less. Thanks for great information!!

Edmonton, Ab

Patti.... how are you using the coconut oil? You said you use a tsp a day? I assume you ingest it?? You're not nebulizing it right?

Replied by Mark

Hi Patti,

I'm thinking of trying this. I'm curious how you've been doing? I see this post is 2 years old. I hope all is well and you get this message.


Replied by K

Patti, Are you still doing well? If so then good for you!

Replied by Chris
Dighton, Ma

Don't forget to take magnesium tablets. They ease Asthma.

Get the good magnesium----Chelated Magnesium.

2 a day after a meal. Almost all diseases are better with a person taking Magnesium. I was an asthamatic, I was lucky it was the kind that goes away when a person gets to be 14 years old. You might want to take a calcium Magnesium combo.

Replied by Roberta

It is now December 2017, how are you doing now. Are you still using the collidial silver and dmso?

Replied by Gabbysue

I was wondering how you are doing 4 years later. I am interested to see if your treatments are still working.

Replied by Rosina L.

Hi Moonshamarie of Edmonton, I'm replying to your queries that you asked Patti, however, her message is about 4 years old now, and yours is so up to date hence my replying. Your question to Patti was did she take 1 teaspoon a day? And did she ingest it? She said she took the coconut oil 3 - 4 times PER DAY! And I am certain she ate it from the spoon? Because she stopped the Colloidal Silver and the DMSO and then carried on with Coconut oil! I am positive she ate it from the spoon.

I hope this is of help to you and also Mark who mentioned Patti if he is still around somewhere.

Rosina from London x

Posted by Lori621 (Bedford, Indiana) on 07/31/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Better (much)

I had both knees replaced last Dec., I'm 60. Afterward I was dianosed with copd and my dr put me on a prescription inhaler. Within two days I got far worse taking it and could barely breath. The dr wanted me to use an inhaler with steroid that cost almost three hundred dollars. I don't have insurance and didn't have the money. I was desperate. I had dsmo that I used for my knee pain and felt I had nothing to lose. First I changed my diet. I went off all bread, processed foods, dairy, rice, pasta and oats.. I felt much better within 24 hrs. I started drinking black coffee with two drops of essential oil of peppermint three times a day and put one dropper, my dropper holds about half does not fill up all the way, half dsmo and half distilled water followed by same amount 27mmp colloidal silver. Within a few days I was totally off the inhaler and within 10 days I'm doing house work. I can tell I still don't get air in my lungs like I should. My guess is I'm gettng 40 to 50 percent what I should be getting... When I saw the dr I was only getting 20 percent. I was a smoker for 20 yrs and after quitting I never did feel like my lungs healed. From what I've read, tar builds up and cannot break down and leave the body... It just stays in the lungs and at some point in your life if there is too much or your heath gets bad... It can go into copd. I assume I will get better and better if I keep my new eating habits and continue to use the dmso. I forgot to say I do the dmso and c. Silver three times a day unless I feel I need to do it more often.... At some point when I feel I can do it and breath.. If that make sense.. I'm planning on nebulizing the dmso and c. Silver. My hope is to get all the tar out and heal my lungs. My email address is- ls.s20009(at) the first letter is a small case L. If anyone would want to ask questions. I'm thrilled and felt my life was over. No one knows what it's like to not be able to breath.. It's terrifying. Now I have knew knees and I can breath~ I'm one happy camper and give God all the credit and glory. I prayed for help and he gave it. I cannot tell you how many times he has answered desperate prayer for it has been too many to recall them all. God is so good.

Replied by Bruno

So, you are ingesting the dmso drops? Not inhaling them (yet) or absorbing thru the skin? How many drops per dose of each and how many times per day? Thanks.

Replied by Robin
Columbiaville, Mi

Lori, my mom has end stage emphysema and we received the results of her breathing test today. Doc said her diffusion is 9% and told us that she only had 9% of her lungs left. Fev1 is 18%. My mom looks fantastic and only needs O2 when doing laundry, etc. I asked the doc how that was possible looking and feeling the way she is and he said she was a living miracle. I kept pressing and he finally agreed that she doesn't have the "clinical symptons". She has been taking all natural supplements for years.

We found out she had it in May when the ER doc and the hospital almost killed her. Long story.

Anyway I really contribute her progess from the chiroprater we have been seeing for years. When she came home from the hospital I took her to see him and he immediately added Cataplex E2. He said it will flood her body with oxygen and open her capillaries and veins to receive it better. She is up to 3 pills 3 times a day. They have done wonders for her breathing and O2 levels.

This site has been a blessing since I found it. I will post any news that helps my mom.

I did get the Pulmonary doc to write a perscription for the NAC liqued to put in her inhaler after he was ready to tell us to leave when I started to talk about natural alternatives. When she gets that filled I will tell you how that is working for her.

Replied by Cheree
Charleston, Sc

Plz advise me on what type of dsmo to purchase for my nebulizer and how to use it. Depressed and desperate. I have been shut in for 2 years. I cannot walk and breathe at the same time. Plz help.

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Go on line and google "Dr Jacobs DMSO"... This is the Dr Jacobs who was featured on 60 Minutes. That's a good one to google too: "Dr Jacobs DMSO 60 Minutes" and you'll find a wonderful three part feature on DMSO. Dr Jacobs has a company that sells the DMSO which is suitable for animal use. This type of DMSO to be distinguished from industrial use DMSO which is not suited for animal use.

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

As far as usage of DMSO in a nebuliser, you'd want to dilute significantly... 5 parts purified water... Distilled... To 1 part DMSO. I've read widely that you should not use Hydrogen Peroxide with DMSO while using in a nebuliser. Posts on Earth Clinic discuss this. Please read them. I regularly use a nebuliser with Colloidal Silver but have not used it with DMSO in a nebuliser. And I regularly use DMSO when I want it to act as a carrier. Also DMSO can be used as described on the Jacobs/60 Minutes/Youtube site.

Also "Ted" who regularly writes on Earth Clinic discussed DMSO relative to use to disolve "tar" in the lungs... But it is his THEORY. Please read him yourself... I don't want to speak for him.

If you do use DMSO in a nebuliser... Only use it once... A few light breaths... And see if there is any problem. Wait for a while... Even hours to make SURE the DMSO isn't causing a new problem. After all, if the lungs starts letting loose the tar (if that's what you're after) then doesn't it make sense to do this VERY gradually?

And one last thing: Do you know that DMSO will penetrate directly into what ever you apply it to? So why wouldn't the DMSO work if just applied (diluted) onto the chest... Letting it go into the lungs via the skin? (Diluted... Or it will sting the skin. ) Just a thought.

Replied by Leanna

I use dmso 50% gel ( it contains aloe vera) on chest at night. no idea if it is working, but staying with it. Yes, it stings the skin slightly - mostly makes the skin itchy. Certainly can be diluted with more aloe vera to avoid the itch.


Posted by William (Otter Lake, Mi) on 02/27/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I am 68 yrs old and suffer from COPD. I have smoked since the age of 16. I recently heard about H2O2 Inhalation and while Googling found Earth Clinic. Here I came apon Bill Monroe and decided to try it. When I first started, last Sept. 2011, I could not walk to the mail box (about 50yds) without weezing. Now I get there and back to the house. But I still wanted more. I recently read about DMSO and MSM. They sound like answers to my prayers. I ordered them today from my vitamin supplier and will start using as soon as they arrive. I will be taking 1000mg MSM 3X a day and inhaling MDSO. As many have asked where to get DMSO I thought I would let you know what I found. I went on line to Amazon looking for books about it and when I typed in DMSO a whole list of DMSO items came up, from creams to liquids. Much cheaper that what I had just paid at another location. I will try to let everyone know how they work for me.


4/22/2012 Update:

I have been using DMSO (50%) and MSM 1000mgX3 since 3/3/12 with no ill side effects. I also use a H2O2 inhaler. I definately can breath better. I can now make 2 trips to the mail box without stopping to catch my breath. Also for the past week I have noticed that I am sleeping all night and resting better. I no longer need to take an afternoon nap. I use both inhalers 4 to 5 times daily with 2 deep breaths and 4 pumps each breath. When I reorder my DMSO it will be 99.9%. I did have one short spell of not feeling well and I cut back on the amount of DMSO I was using. I believe that I may have been overloading my liver and kidneys. No problem now.

Replied by Chris
Atlanta, Ga

Reply to William: You are not taking anywhere near enough MSM. I take 10 grams at least twice a day. This is 10,000 milligrams twice a day. At least. You need to get some powder. It is bitter, but just pour one mouthful in a glass and mix the msm in it.

Replied by Megg
North Vernon, Indiana, Usa

Hi William.. How are you taking your DMSO? If you are nebulizing it how much do you use? I only weigh 83 lbs. So I have to be very careful how much of anything I use. VEry small baby steps here lol I too have sever COPD. Doc sent me home to die a yr ago and I'm still alive. I have had people tell me about DMSO.. Colidal SIlver and H202 And I am going to try all 2 as soon as I get all the information I need like dosages... anyone help me here? thanks ...megg

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, SC

Hello Megg, I use 10 drops of DMSO to 30 drops of colloidal silver. The silver kills the infection and the DMSO dissolves the tar.

Replied by Rosebud

I have been getting the 99.9 dmso from the farm store. This is my first use of this kind. I watered it down and used it on my ankle and the skin literally peeled off for days and it itched. Since then I have been afraid to use it. What do you think?

Replied by Denise
New Jersey

I am looking to find out how much water did you put in the nebulizer with DSMO and Collidor silver product.

Posted by Bill (Lemolia, MO) on 06/22/2009
2 out of 5 stars


Hello Ted and EarthClinic -- Here are some results from Ted's COPD remedy (DMSO and MSM). These tests and results are not very scientific, but we did follow most of Ted's suggestions. TWO middle-aged males --Former Long Term Smokers-- tried the following:

1.) Drank ONE TABLEspoon of (powdered) MSM in 8 oz glass of water. (This stuff tastes TERRIBLE! May try mixing with juice next time.) 30 minutes later, we each inhaled FIFTY (50) deep breaths of 30% DMSO to 70% water. Neither of us noticed any immediate results.

2.) 5 Hours later, we each inhaled ONE HUNDRED (100) deep breaths from the nebulizer, with the same dilution ratio -- Neither of us noticed any immediate results.

3.) DAY TWO: We each inhaled ONE HUNDRED FIFTY (150) deep breaths from the nebulizer, only at 70% DMSO to 30% water. (NOTE: This may be over the ratio that Ted recommends) Still no results were evident. We were hoping for more noticeable/immediate results, but I believe we just didn't stay with it long enough.

4.) We each tried 70% DMSO to 30% water in an ATOMIZER (Nasal type --Afrin bottle-- DO NOT INHALE THROUGH THE NOSE IF YOU TRY THIS--MOUTH ONLY!!) Each took a VERY DEEP BREATH while getting 5-6 pumps out of the ATOMIZER. (THIS ALSO TASTED UNBELIEVABLY BAD!). Still, no obvious results.

We are suspending our experiments until we decide which approach to continue. I WILL POST ANY ADDITIONAL RESULTS, OR COMMENTS RECEIVED FROM TED. Thanks to EARTHCLINIC AND TED !!

I will email this to Ted and hope he can add some additional comments or suggestions. My questions to Ted, his availability allowing are:

1.) Should we continue with 150 deep inhales of 70% DMSO per day?
2.) If so, about how many days of treatment until we would expect some results?
3.) What are your thoughts on the 70% DMSO/30% water via ATOMIZER?
4.) Are the MSM AND NIACIN (500 MG/DAY, NON TIME RELEASE) crucial to success?
5.) Any other comments or suggestions?

Replied by Bill
Lemolia, MO


A DMSO may dissolve the tar if the congestion is caused by a tar. If the lungs were damaged physically of non tar in nature, the DMSO won't work. A curcumin taken a couple of times a day or a curcumin mixture with DMSO appears more suitable. A 70% DMSO may hurt the throat or lungs as concentration maybe too high for some people.

1.) Should we continue with 150 deep inhales of 70% DMSO per day?

Most improvement appears that some DMSO was taken internally and some DMSO nebulizers were used but the improvement is a gradual one. A clogged capillaries or a damaged one can be due to tar, calcium or tissue damage. A tissue damage then some healing is needed with a curcumin supplements.

2.) If so, about how many days of treatment until we would expect some results?

It takes at least a month. A short term two or three days would get any results. It's done gradually.

3.) What are your thoughts on the 70% DMSO/30% water via ATOMIZER?

Some people don't like the 70% DMSO as it stings their nose and throat. While its result maybe faster, it maybe irritating.

4.) Are the MSM AND NIACIN (500 MG/DAY, NON TIME RELEASE) crucial to success?

I don't like Niacin use because of the flush, but I do like the addition of MSM and DMSO. A niacin use may help some breathing but never time release. An aspirin taken 30 minutes before a niacin used will stop the flush and may help the capillary circulation into the lungs to be return to some extent by clearing some blocked circulation. But this doesn't resolve the calcification that may occur also.

5.) Any other comments or suggestions?

A damage lung tissue requires healing, and this is where curcumin comes in, taken internally or perhaps what I am looking into is the possibility of adding only a small amount of curcumin as a nebulizer. That's just the current possibilities I am looking into. If it take years for COPD to happen getting results in a matter of days is not possible. An objective measure appears to be a blood oxygen test but after a month's of use. Not all COPD are due to tar, but can also be tissue damage in the lungs, and hence the curcumin. A capillaries may be clogged not from the tar, but also fats and calcium has to be considered also.


Posted by David (Atmore, Alabama) on 06/18/2009
4 out of 5 stars

Question: I am now breathing dmso and taking msm orally for about 2 weeks,which seems to be helping but I am still producing mucus when or can I stop the mucus so I can clear my airways? I excerise everyday and it helps I have come from 110lbs. to 155 and from a oxygen mask to walking 3 miles up and down hills in 1yr. which medicial science says is not possible, but I want be satisfied until I cure copd.

pleas advise Ted,I will go to any length


Replied by Bina
Lindenhurst, New York, Usa

what is the product called dsmo or msm? my husband suffers from copd and he was prescribed with seretide and spiriva, it is helping him just a little, so if you can please let us know what these products are and where we can obtain them, we would greatly appreciate it.

the seretide is seretide 500 and the spiriva is 2.5 micrograms.
he takes both of them two (2) shots per day.

We would greatly appreciate if you can answer us as soon as possible, as he is still getting a lot of shortness of breath, irritation in the nose and throat and when he sleeps, he has the tremors.

thank you very much in anticipation.


Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

DMSO is "dimethyl sulfoxide" I believe is the spelling, derived from the wood milling process and is a sulfur related product. It is a penetrant and solvent. It could be used as a paint thinner!! MSM is a cousin to DMSO. Hundreds and hundreds of studies have been conducted using DMSO and a whole chapter in Pearson and Shaw's second volume to their "Life Extension" book was devoted to the wonders of DMSO. (Called "Life Extension Companion. ") It is also the liquid used to transport transplant organs. Ted (in above posts) is using the nebulizer of DMSO to disolve (the solvent feature) the tar build up in the lungs. Add colloidal silver to the nebulizer along with the DMSO to kill any infection. I have a couple of posts on this subject talking about colloidal silver. It is not the only virucide but I have found it to be amazingly effective IF you have a good quality CS, and if you take it consistently.

DMSO, MSM, Colloidal Silver

Posted by Kay (Ky) on 05/14/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with copd in 2012. I am 56 and have smoked since I was 16. I now take advair, a rescue inhaler, nebulized albuterol and am on continuous 2L of oxygen 24/7. Its been a long time since I've had a good breath. I discovered this site about 3 or 4 months ago and decided to try the dmso, msm and colloidal silver.

First I put 1/2 teaspoon of dmso mixed with 1/2 teaspoon of distilled water in the nebulizer and just held it in front of my face. This is some strong stuff. I don't think I put the mouthpiece directly in my mouth but I did pull some in my lungs via my mouth. I survived that.

Next I nebulized 1/2 teaspoonful of colloidal silver. This went smooth. About 2 or 3 hours later I started trying to clear my throat. I hacked around for a few minutes and just a small amount of yellow looking junk came up. I then took a dose of advair and I think some of it actually got to my lungs because before I don't think the advair was making it pass the back of my tongue. I did this like 2 days ago. I did Not do any yesterday or today. Today I just did the silver only.

I pulled the oxygen hose off for about 4 or 5 hours. I did get up and went slowly to the bathroom but while getting out of breath a little bit I did not get breathless. Tomorrow I will do the dmso again. I will pull a little more in my lungs. I will do the silver again. same dosages, and I also will put 1 teaspoonful of msm in a bottle of drinking water to drink.

For the last 2 days I have also been taking 1 morning probiotic capsule daily, 2 turmeric capsules daily, 1 vitamin c daily, 2 500mg Coq 10 tablets. This is the best I have felt in at least 3 or 4 years that I remember. It has been almost a year since I've left my home. I have a great husband. I have an even greater God who has led me on this path, because before I started healing myself physically, I made sure I was healed spiritually. I would recommend any spiritual healing before the physical.

I love you all. Take care. Breathe good.

Replied by Joann
Buckeye, Arizona

Hi Kay, just saying hello. I just found this place and am trying to learn more. Diagnosed with late stage COPD emphysema in early 2007. I have used DMSO as a benefit for pain but never for the COPD. Am using Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B1. Just started nebulizing with Magnesium oil that has MSM included. It is beating me up. When I first do it am so weak I must go to sleep with my oxygen for a couple of hours. Since I started using the nebulizer I have only been able to sleep 2 hours at a time. I had been taking Magnesium L-Threonate capsules for low magnesium level. This has given me more strength and energy and a better outlook. Also stopped my arthritis, sciaticia and restless legs.

Still have a lot of reading to do to get upto par on MSM, Collodial Silver and DMSO use in the nebulizer. Have tried many things in last 10 years hoping to improve my life. Am on oxygen 24/7 and using a battery operated wheelchair because I was house bound for over 2 years and didn't appreciate that. Have a life in my mini van so I can actually drive to doctors, hair salon, bank and some times I can got shopping.

Just wanted to say hello and see how you are since your post in May.

Replied by Joann
Buckeye, Az

I have a wheelchair Lift in my car (not a life).

Eliminate Mold

Posted by Nicole (Chicago, IL) on 03/30/2008
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I wanted to say that if people have extremely chronic respiratory or nervous conditions, they ought to find out if they are living or working in a moldy building. Nothing cures that but getting out or fixing the problem in the house!

Replied by Terry
Plano, Tx

Mold (even black mold) is easily gotten rid of by making a spray from MMS (miracle mineral solution) and spraying it on the mold. The mold will die within 1 hour. It's great.

Homemade Vapor Rub

Posted by Teena (Aus) on 07/12/2017 192 posts
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Homemade Vicks helping lung congestion & capacity

Just thought I'd post our results on using homemade Vicks on family member's lung congestion and capacity. Inspired from this site when my kids were sick and I was using the petroleum Vicks, I made some using Olive oil, cocoa butter (to thicken), and essentials oils eucalyptus, peppermint, clove, lemon, spearmint and nutmeg. It helped the children then had my in laws come to stay. Mother in law has been told she has one and a half lungs only due to illness. To walk from bed to bathroom she would be out of breath. Also on the plane over they had to give her oxygen.

To my Vicks Brew I added several drops of pre diluted oregano oil and we applied this front and back of her lungs at night. Also in the cool mist vaporiser I fill with water ( it only takes about 350 mls) I add 7 drops lemon eo, 10 drops peppermint eo and about 16 drops eucalyptus eo. She says she can feel the warmth penetrating her chest.

Well after a week she is coughing less and yesterday she went shopping and did not have to stop frequently. I am also instructing her to eat garlic clove twice a day and to her tea turmeric or ginger or clove or cinnamon or cayenne. Actually when I make it I use all of this combination. I know if she were to inhale h202 she would be healed much faster but I need to give something she can emulate back home. I am now preparing a jar of my concoction she can take back with her. Hope this helps someone else who wants to ease into natural remedies.