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Castor Oil Pack Treatment for COPD

| Modified on May 24, 2024
Castor Oil for Cysts
Learn how Earth Clinic readers use castor oil packs to successfully treat COPD.

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Posted by Kat (Denver, Co) on 03/20/2016

I heard an amazing testimony about COPD castor oil pack/compress.

A man with advanced COPD went to the emergency room and was told there was nothing they could do for him and that he didn't have long to live with his condition. He then went to my natural practitioner who instructed him to do castor oil compresses for a few days. He did them over his chest/lungs for four days, 4/5 hours per day. After the fourth day he coughed, hacked up a bunch of black plugs that he said looked like worms. Ewww. Alarmed, he went back to the emergency room. After tests the doctor said you don't have COPD. He asked if he could go hiking. The doc said you can do whatever you want to. I heard him tell this testimony to my natural practitioner and profusely thank her for saving his life. I wanted to share this info with others.

Replied by Margarira

Hello, my mom have COPD, help me, I do not understand 4/5 Hrs per day, I have put castor oil in Lungs and chest 4 or 5 times per day? Ingested?

I hope you can respond me!

EC: Hi Margarira,

No, do not ingest castor oil.  Please see this page to learn how to make a castor oil pack to apply to the skin.

Replied by Kathy

I really wished that man would post how he went about it and what kind of castor oil he used. I'm willing and a lot of other people I know are willing to try anything. Dr's. are a waste of time. They only want your money.

Replied by Jackdaw
(Plano Tx)

You should use cold pressed castor oil on the packs.

Replied by Mark

I'm sure if he just said "Castor Oil" that is was a pure 100% castor oil that you can get at any health store. Not nessesary to read between the lines. Go look up how to do a castor oil compress online. I've seen that you put plastic down, put strips of cloth soaked in castor oil all over your chest and lungs area, plastic on top of that, then a heating pad on top. 4 to 5 hours a day on your back. Look it up for details.

Replied by Mahomed Khan
(South Africa, Durban)

How do you make a castor oil compress for the treatment of COPD.


Mahomed Khan

mini mike

Castor Oil packs are basically white flannel cloth saturated in castor oil. When I use them for back and muscle aches, I put a plastic garbage bag on my bed, then a heating pad, then another sheet of plastic to protect the heating pad from getting soaked with the oil. Then I lay on the oil soaked flannel. If I'm putting on top of my body, like chest area, I put a plastic barrier under my body, then the oil pack on my skin/chest with a plastic protective barrier on the oil pack. Next I put a towel on the plastic barrier and on the towel, my heating pad. The heating pad warms the oil and it migrates into your body. Make sure your oil is cold pressed and not processed with heat during manufacture. it's on the labels. I keep the pack on for 1-2 hours for my body aches. And if it's new to you. I'd try an hour and stop and journal your results each time to take a treatment. Write down duration, and results which may not be apparent for hours to a day later.


Edgar Cayce (The Sleeping Prophet 1877-1945) gave recipes for making castor oil packs using castor oil, flannel, plastic covering and a heating pad. Google Edgar Cayce and castor oil and the recipe will come up. My goddaughter is an herbalist and made castor oil packs for my neuropathy using paper towels cut to just slightly larger than my feet and plastic bags cut slightly larger than the paper towels. She laid the plastic down, then the paper towel, and finally spread the COLD PRESS castor over it like spreading a peanut butter sandwich. Laid it under my feet and put socks on. OMG it's only been 2 days but the tingling has substantially subsided. I'm going to make a castor oil compress for my left lung (asthmatic/COPD).

Replied by Freda

what is the best castor to use?

Replied by Carrie Whitt

Hello, I'm really curious if anyone has had these same or similar results. I just started caster oil packing for my lungs and liver any feed back would be appreciated. I also have COPD .. Thank you