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Natural Remedies for COPD

DMSO, Colloidal Silver

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Posted by Lori621 (Bedford, Indiana) on 07/31/2013

Better (much)

I had both knees replaced last Dec., I'm 60. Afterward I was dianosed with copd and my dr put me on a prescription inhaler. Within two days I got far worse taking it and could barely breath.

The dr wanted me to use an inhaler with steroid that cost almost three hundred dollars. I don't have insurance and didn't have the money. I was desperate. I had dsmo that I used for my knee pain and felt I had nothing to lose. First I changed my diet. I went off all bread, processed foods, dairy, rice, pasta and oats.. I felt much better within 24 hrs. I started drinking black coffee with two drops of essential oil of peppermint three times a day and put one dropper, my dropper holds about half does not fill up all the way, half dsmo and half distilled water followed by same amount 27mmp colloidal silver. Within a few days I was totally off the inhaler and within 10 days I'm doing house work. I can tell I still don't get air in my lungs like I should.

My guess is I'm gettng 40 to 50 percent what I should be getting... When I saw the dr I was only getting 20 percent. I was a smoker for 20 yrs and after quitting I never did feel like my lungs healed. From what I've read, tar builds up and cannot break down and leave the body... It just stays in the lungs and at some point in your life if there is too much or your heath gets bad... It can go into copd. I assume I will get better and better if I keep my new eating habits and continue to use the dmso. I forgot to say I do the dmso and c. Silver three times a day unless I feel I need to do it more often....

At some point when I feel I can do it and breath.. If that make sense..

I'm planning on nebulizing the dmso and c. Silver. My hope is to get all the tar out and heal my lungs. My email address is- ls.s20009(at) the first letter is a small case L. If anyone would want to ask questions.

I'm thrilled and felt my life was over. No one knows what it's like to not be able to breath.. It's terrifying. Now I have knew knees and I can breath~ I'm one happy camper and give God all the credit and glory. I prayed for help and he gave it. I cannot tell you how many times he has answered desperate prayer for it has been too many to recall them all. God is so good.

Replied by Bruno

So, you are ingesting the dmso drops? Not inhaling them (yet) or absorbing thru the skin? How many drops per dose of each and how many times per day? Thanks.

Replied by Cheree
(Charleston, Sc)

Plz advise me on what type of dsmo to purchase for my nebulizer and how to use it. Depressed and desperate. I have been shut in for 2 years. I cannot walk and breathe at the same time. Plz help.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Go on line and google "Dr Jacobs DMSO"... This is the Dr Jacobs who was featured on 60 Minutes. That's a good one to google too: "Dr Jacobs DMSO 60 Minutes" and you'll find a wonderful three part feature on DMSO. Dr Jacobs has a company that sells the DMSO which is suitable for animal use. This type of DMSO to be distinguished from industrial use DMSO which is not suited for animal use.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

As far as usage of DMSO in a nebuliser, you'd want to dilute significantly... 5 parts purified water... Distilled... To 1 part DMSO. I've read widely that you should not use Hydrogen Peroxide with DMSO while using in a nebuliser. Posts on Earth Clinic discuss this. Please read them. I regularly use a nebuliser with Colloidal Silver but have not used it with DMSO in a nebuliser. And I regularly use DMSO when I want it to act as a carrier. Also DMSO can be used as described on the Jacobs/60 Minutes/Youtube site.

Also "Ted" who regularly writes on Earth Clinic discussed DMSO relative to use to disolve "tar" in the lungs... But it is his THEORY. Please read him yourself... I don't want to speak for him.

If you do use DMSO in a nebuliser... Only use it once... A few light breaths... And see if there is any problem. Wait for a while... Even hours to make SURE the DMSO isn't causing a new problem. After all, if the lungs starts letting loose the tar (if that's what you're after) then doesn't it make sense to do this VERY gradually?

And one last thing: Do you know that DMSO will penetrate directly into what ever you apply it to? So why wouldn't the DMSO work if just applied (diluted) onto the chest... Letting it go into the lungs via the skin? (Diluted... Or it will sting the skin. ) Just a thought.

Replied by Leanna

I use dmso 50% gel ( it contains aloe vera) on chest at night. no idea if it is working, but staying with it. Yes, it stings the skin slightly - mostly makes the skin itchy. Certainly can be diluted with more aloe vera to avoid the itch.


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Posted by William (Otter Lake, Mi) on 02/27/2012

I am 68 yrs old and suffer from COPD. I have smoked since the age of 16. I recently heard about H2O2 Inhalation and while Googling found Earth Clinic. Here I came apon Bill Monroe and decided to try it. When I first started, last Sept. 2011, I could not walk to the mail box (about 50yds) without weezing. Now I get there and back to the house. But I still wanted more. I recently read about DMSO and MSM. They sound like answers to my prayers. I ordered them today from my vitamin supplier and will start using as soon as they arrive. I will be taking 1000mg MSM 3X a day and inhaling MDSO. As many have asked where to get DMSO I thought I would let you know what I found. I went on line to Amazon looking for books about it and when I typed in DMSO a whole list of DMSO items came up, from creams to liquids. Much cheaper that what I had just paid at another location. I will try to let everyone know how they work for me.


4/22/2012 Update:

I have been using DMSO (50%) and MSM 1000mgX3 since 3/3/12 with no ill side effects. I also use a H2O2 inhaler. I definately can breath better. I can now make 2 trips to the mail box without stopping to catch my breath. Also for the past week I have noticed that I am sleeping all night and resting better. I no longer need to take an afternoon nap. I use both inhalers 4 to 5 times daily with 2 deep breaths and 4 pumps each breath. When I reorder my DMSO it will be 99.9%. I did have one short spell of not feeling well and I cut back on the amount of DMSO I was using. I believe that I may have been overloading my liver and kidneys. No problem now.

Replied by Chris
(Atlanta, Ga)

Reply to William: You are not taking anywhere near enough MSM. I take 10 grams at least twice a day. This is 10,000 milligrams twice a day. At least. You need to get some powder. It is bitter, but just pour one mouthful in a glass and mix the msm in it.

Replied by Megg
(North Vernon, Indiana, Usa)

Hi William.. How are you taking your DMSO? If you are nebulizing it how much do you use? I only weigh 83 lbs. So I have to be very careful how much of anything I use. VEry small baby steps here lol I too have sever COPD. Doc sent me home to die a yr ago and I'm still alive. I have had people tell me about DMSO.. Colidal SIlver and H202 And I am going to try all 2 as soon as I get all the information I need like dosages... anyone help me here? thanks ...megg

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, SC)

Hello Megg, I use 10 drops of DMSO to 30 drops of colloidal silver. The silver kills the infection and the DMSO dissolves the tar.

Replied by Rosebud

I have been getting the 99.9 dmso from the farm store. This is my first use of this kind. I watered it down and used it on my ankle and the skin literally peeled off for days and it itched. Since then I have been afraid to use it. What do you think?

DMSO, MSM, Colloidal Silver

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Posted by Kay (Ky) on 05/14/2017

I was diagnosed with copd in 2012. I am 56 and have smoked since I was 16. I now take advair, a rescue inhaler, nebulized albuterol and am on continuous 2L of oxygen 24/7. Its been a long time since I've had a good breath. I discovered this site about 3 or 4 months ago and decided to try the dmso, msm and colloidal silver.

First I put 1/2 teaspoon of dmso mixed with 1/2 teaspoon of distilled water in the nebulizer and just held it in front of my face. This is some strong stuff. I don't think I put the mouthpiece directly in my mouth but I did pull some in my lungs via my mouth. I survived that.

Next I nebulized 1/2 teaspoonful of colloidal silver. This went smooth. About 2 or 3 hours later I started trying to clear my throat. I hacked around for a few minutes and just a small amount of yellow looking junk came up. I then took a dose of advair and I think some of it actually got to my lungs because before I don't think the advair was making it pass the back of my tongue. I did this like 2 days ago. I did Not do any yesterday or today. Today I just did the silver only.

I pulled the oxygen hose off for about 4 or 5 hours. I did get up and went slowly to the bathroom but while getting out of breath a little bit I did not get breathless. Tomorrow I will do the dmso again. I will pull a little more in my lungs. I will do the silver again. same dosages, and I also will put 1 teaspoonful of msm in a bottle of drinking water to drink.

For the last 2 days I have also been taking 1 morning probiotic capsule daily, 2 turmeric capsules daily, 1 vitamin c daily, 2 500mg Coq 10 tablets. This is the best I have felt in at least 3 or 4 years that I remember. It has been almost a year since I've left my home. I have a great husband. I have an even greater God who has led me on this path, because before I started healing myself physically, I made sure I was healed spiritually. I would recommend any spiritual healing before the physical.

I love you all. Take care. Breathe good.

Eliminate Mold

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Posted by Nicole (Chicago, IL) on 03/30/2008

I wanted to say that if people have extremely chronic respiratory or nervous conditions, they ought to find out if they are living or working in a moldy building. Nothing cures that but getting out or fixing the problem in the house!

Replied by Terry
(Plano, Tx)

Mold (even black mold) is easily gotten rid of by making a spray from MMS (miracle mineral solution) and spraying it on the mold. The mold will die within 1 hour. It's great.

Grapefruit Tea

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Posted by BevilNC (NC) on 10/30/2021

This cured mine and my husband's cousin who had COPD:

So here is the recipe for “OMG I Can't Breath”:

  • Take the peel and as much of the thick white pith as you can get off of two Grapefruits (preferably Organic if not rinse them well underwater prior to peeling)
  • Place your peels and pith in a small pot that has a good fitting unvented lid.
  • Cover with just enough distilled water to cover the peelings. (You will need to push them down to get this measurement because they will float as you add the water). Use ONLY distilled water. The fluoride and other toxic chemicals in tap water will concentrate when boiled and you do not want to ingest that crud!
  • Put the lid on the pot and put on med-high heat just until it starts to boil, then reduce it to a low simmer.
  • Let it simmer for 2 full hours. ***DO NOT TAKE THE LID OFF A SINGLE TIME DURING THE TWO HOURS! It helps to have a pot with a glass lid so you are certain when it reaches a boil and need to turn it down. The lid acts as a distilling device getting the concentrated liquids back into your pot.
  • After 2 hours remove it from the heat and let it cool to close to room temperature. Now you can remove the lid.
  • Strain the liquid into a glass jar that has a lid for storing it in the refrigerator.
  • Take 1 Table Spoon (15 mls) every 2 hours until symptoms subside.

My pulse ox was 95% when I took my first dose and within 45 minutes it was an easy 98% and I literally felt like I was breathing for the first time in weeks. Within 15 minutes of taking it you begin to cough up a lot of stuff and your lungs clear quickly.

By the way, NEVER EVER EVER swallow anything you cough up at any time in life…always get a tissue or go outside and spit. Your lungs push out things that do not belong there and you do not need to introduce that bacteria into your digestive tract to cause more trouble in your body.

Replied by Peter

Would it be easier to use an Instant Pot pressure cooker and set it for one hour to make this remedy?



I do not have an instapot so I am not familiar with their action. Basically what is happening is the water is converting to steam then changing back to condensation on the glass lid and dripping back into the pot. This concentrates the Quinine that is found in the grapefruit peel and pith...thus distilling it back into the liquid. Hopefully that description will help you sort out if your instapot would have the same effect.

This remedy helps with many breathing issues, copd, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia etc. Also the pith of a grapefruit is a natural antihistamine so it also alleviates allergies, you can actually just eat some of the pith for seasonal allergies issues.

I peel grapefruits and freeze the peels in a zip lock bag so I have them ready any time the need arises.

Replied by Lisa

I cook my grapefruit peels and pith in a crock pot for several hours with the lid on tight. I also add some lemon. After cooling I fill up ice trays with the liquid and put in the freezer. After freezing I put the cubes in a bag for storage in the freezer.

When I was a child my mother used to quarter cut and cook the whole grapefruit on the stove with enough water to cover the grapefruit. After about 30mins of simmering on the stove she would pour the liquid into a mug and add a shot of bourbon liquor and make us drink it down while still very hot she would then cover us up real tight and put us to bed, next day who ever drank it would be well. I still use this method from time to time but it is great to have some cubes stored away and use them anytime some one feels like something maybe coming on.


I use the whole grapefruit too. I also chop all the fruit before simmering for 3 hours.

Replied by Freda

Can you tell me what stage of COPD you were in, please? I am stage 4 and wondering if this remedy will help me. Thanks 💜


Freda, I can not tell you what stage I was in since I have not been frequenting Doctors for many years now. My husband's family member however was pretty advanced as he is to the point of having a disability application in.


If your husband's relative is to the point of disability, I assume the OMG remedy is not working for him??

Replied by Marcia

Actually very good for covid as well - the quinine works like a hydroxychloroquine substitute (the "quin" at the end refers to the quinine). I have added organic lemon pulp to the grapefruit - and the recipe I followed indicated you should not lift the lid for a few hours after the boiling process. I think the suggestion to freeze in cubes is excellent as you can just thaw out a small amount that way. My grandma called this grapefruit bitters and it's a tried and true remedy for all kinds of cold and flu symptoms.

Replied by Carla M

Copd covers many types of lung disease. My father has copd but in his case, it's a nice way of saying he has emphysema from heavy smoking for 45 years. I find it hard to believe drinking grapefruit tea is going to cure him.

What are your thoughts?

(Los Angeles, Calif)

I believe people are fond in falling into a wormhole in their own perception when seeking help from naturopathic or home remedies. There is no One Cures All in any medication including the modern western medicines. The cause of any illness or disorder is multifaceted, not to mention the patient-factor that varies from one body to another.

The key is keep trying. It took me over two years, more than 10 brands and makes of ointments and supplements to help my Psoriasis. I did find one which is very effective keeping my Psoriasis in remission. NOT a cure.

Seeking an assurance before brewing a tea from a fruit to CURE a serious illness like COPD? If it works like a charm, one would see many doctors waiting in line to collect their unemployment benefits.

It won't hurt to be cautious to question what one is using, but not to believe what you see or hear will definitely work. Because it also depends on the titration, frequencies and amount consumped, etc. You can add some dried orange peels too, if they are available. In TCM, they all help to clear the lungs' dampness and expel the excessive mucous.

Why not give it a try? It is only a fruit tea. May be it can help your father.

(Whittier, ca)

@ GTcharlie, hello, could you share what is working for psoriasis please.

(Cabarlah, Qld.)

I had psoraisis from a toddler to 35 years of age. I tried every natural treatment, supplement, etc. but only when I followed the advice of a naturopath about healing leaky gut, microbiome, etc. did the psoraisis disappear.

Replied by Marie-Louise
(Z?rich - Switzerland)


I have another recipie for colds, which I saw on TV in Austria from a TCM Doctor two years ago. Peel from two bio Mandarines, 2 pears, or one big one, 2 figs. You can also use dried fruits (I asked it directly). I let the peels from the Mandarines dry and store it in a glas bottle. Put all the ingredients in 1 Lt pot and let it simmer for 30 minutes. Drink it hot. Feeds milz and stomach, takes out the dampness of the lungs. The upper body is nourished. Children love it, because it is natural sweet. They showed a little boy, who was more in hospital than at home with Ashma. He plays today football and is very happy drinking this mixture, if he gets problems with his lungs.

Take care in these times.

Replied by Helen

My husband has COPD and heart disease, some of his meds say to not eat grapefruit. Does anyone know if he can drink this tea?

Replied by Kathleen

Hi -

Did you mean to say this is a 'cure' for COPD, or rather something to help with the symptoms? COPD stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. It is progressive, and includes things like chronic Bronchitis, and Emphysema, which involves damage to the lungs. It may or may not be due to smoking. It is diagnosed with an extensive Pulmonary Lung Function Test, as well as other diagnostic tools, like CT scans, blood tests, etc. If this tea is a 'cure', it would be truly a miracle. None has been found, to date. I can imagine this grapefruit tea may help with some symptoms of a flare up, and I will give it a try!



Many "incurable" illnesses have in fact been cured many times over by holistic practitioners with readily available substances. You don't have this information being tossed around in mass media because the Medical/Pharmaceutical industry work hard to discredit these Doctors and create fear so people will not listen to them.

My personal journey started years ago when by accident I ran across the Borax/Arthritis cure information online while looking for relief for calcified discs that had me almost disabled. I took a gamble and gave it a shot and within two weeks discs in my spine that were calcified to the point of me not having normal spinal movement broke free. I was shouting the information from the roof tops. I have never been so happy or amazed in my life. Years of pain and thousands of dollars spent seeking relief and with 20 mule team borax, some sea salt and removing fluoride from my water. I didn't just get relief but the injury was completely healed.

My back and my LIFE were forever changed by that experience. I became an avid student of Holistic medicine and no one in my household has seen a Doctor in many years now. Along this journey I have had my eyesight improve from lugols iodine usage, HS cured from DMSO, am now completely free of my heart throwing PVCs thanks to mega dosing Magnesium ( an issue I suffered with for over 15 years), no longer suffer from insomnia due to good old IP6 Inositol, passed multiple kidney stones in less than 24 hours with lemon juice and olive oil.

That's just a few of the cures I have experienced that no Doctor or Prescription drug was ever able to just eradicate. There is a cure for every illness. The human body has the ability to heal and cure itself built in. If you remove the things that are hindering it and provide it with the tools (substances) it needs it will cure itself. What does vary from person to person is what cofactors they are deficient in that are needed for the biological processes and what levels of toxins they may have that are inhibiting the process.

As for the Grapefruit, I can only tell you my experience but with a little research, you will find plentiful testimony to the grapefruit tonic working. The peel contains Quinine. I personally also keep a supply of cinchona bark on hand in case the need ever arises for stronger doses of Quinine in my family.

In many European Countries COPD has been successfully treated with Vitamin A. The dosage is 25,000 IU once a day for 2 months. As for permanent damage to the lungs...the body can regenerate any damaged tissue with in the body. Our miraculous creation includes stem cells that the body can use to form any type of tissue needed. Our toxic environment and toxic dietary habits hinder our natural ability to heal ourselves...but we can actively change that in our lives. I do hope you try the Grapefruit and I hope you receive immense relief from it as well. As you scroll through posts here on earth clinic take note of the Doctors you see mentioned and start researching them. There have been so many great Doctors who dedicated their lives to actually curing people lost in a sea of modern Doctors who are owned by the pharmacy reps.


Hi Bevil,

May I ask what brand of IP6 Inositol you take? I too have suffered from insomnia my whole life. I would be so grateful.

Thank you,



Hi BenvilNC - I agree, there are many things that alternative treatments can be very useful with. Over the past 3 plus years, I have searched, done deep dives into research (including the vitamin A claim), and experimented with many alternatives that proposed to cure COPD. I will continue to do so. I am very happy about your success with your back. I have not experienced such a cure for COPD. I have experienced help and some relief with alternate treatments, but not a cure - yet. I am merely stating that there is a difference between cure and treatment for symptom relief. Thank you for sharing the grapefruit recipe. I am going to buy the grapefruit tomorrow!

Michael D
(North Carolina)

Insomnia? Sounds like a magnesium deficiency. Do twice the recommended daily allowance, and you should see the results quickly. If diarrhea occurs, back it off to a normal daily dose for your weight.


Hi BevilNC, do you have personal experience with the Vitamin A approach? From my research this seems to have some promising outcomes, but there is some downsides to Vitamin A overdosing..


Hi Gina, don't know if you are still around hon, as your question was asked in 2021. You asked which IP6 Inositol was good for sleep? I am very familiar with IP6 GOLD! BUT NEVER HEARD OF IP6 INOSITOL? IP6 GOLD WAS MADE BY DR. SHAMSHUDDIN who created it for Cancer. If you take IP6 Gold he states if you take 2 am 2 pm, it should stop you from getting cancer, so taking it before you get it? Then 4 x 4 capsules if you have cancer mild, etc. but if you have cancer 8 capsules am 8 capsules pm! Someone said this was cheap? I am sad to say I don't agree there. That is, if you had terminal cancer, okay if you can afford it though! You get 240 capsules and I paid about £70 plus for 1 tub. Good if you only need say 4 a day but at 16 capsules a day I think its under 3 weeks treatment? Hence my saying it is expensive, if you don't have a lot of cash that is, but well worth it if it saves ones life! I believe in this man! I wrote to him once trying to save my friends hubby, who sadly died the day I sent an email to her. But I bought it but still unused, now you was talking about IP6 Inositol? I dont think it exists with that title? I could be wrong but I think IP6 Gold is the one for cancer, and plain INOSITOL is the one you might need for insomnia? Not that I knew it was for that? I have always known inositol to be brilliant for severe agoraphobia? Like panic attacks but you still need to take a large amount of capsules! But for insomnia not too sure, you certainly wouldnt need a lot and just inositol is quite cheap, not anywhere near the price of IP6 Gold. Take a look at just the word inositiol? Or just type into google "Is inositol good for insomnia?" And you should get your answer, hope this is of help if you still around. Of course there might be an IP6 Inositol, if there is I have never seen it, just IP6 GOLD or inositol by itself. Best wishes Rosina Lock from London UK


BEVILE N C, ORH here, I'm good.... but you may be better. Have done all the protocols you say but have not found a natural solution for my CHF. I would appreciate your ideas on this subject. ====ORH====


I have been fortunate to not deal with CHF personally however there is someone else with some amazing results to share. Are you familiar with Janet Thome's blog?



Nature's Way. I have also tried Zazzee brand but I don't think it worked as well.


BevilNC,,,,,, ORH here and the guy in this article could be me. He did some stuff and got better so maybe I will also. Thank you. ===ORH===


ORH, I certainly hope the information helps. I found it interesting that his CHF seemed to be linked to an undiagnosed hypothyroid issue and that was the key to resolving it. Apparently, his thyroid blood tests appeared in the "normal" range...but as we know a lot of these lab tests are not worth the paper they are printed on. Magnesium is a great example...because your body will pull magnesium from organs to regulate blood levels the blood tests never show a deficiency even when a severe one exists. The Nature-Throid web site has a search engine to find Doctors near you that prescribe it.


BEVIL NC,,,, ORH here and I take Armour Thyroid. which is what you are calling natural. When the stuff hit the sand, I stopped lots of things that I should be doing ...i.e. ACV, baking soda and iodine. I was also eating 4 Brazil nuts a day for Selenium. In years past I also took HCl for my stomach. You right, folks take Tums for indigestion when they should be taking HCl. Currently on a sleep kick and and now wearing the clip on blue light protection glasses that I got from Amazon for $39. Went to the manufacture's site and they wanted $99 for the same glasses. Blue light arouses you and red light calms you down. Take a cup of warm goats milk and a spoon of honey and get on my PEMF mat with the insomnia program, which lasts 24 minutes. I am also trying to follow my Circadian Rhythm and do this at 8:30 pm. I wake at 1 or 2 am, take a magnesium capsule and go to bed. Sleep is where you heal. Drove to Ga today to get both knees shot with Ozone. Right knee shot, but a prolozone shot ever few years avoids an artificial knee. Ozone will regenerate cartilage. Medical folks lie. Left knee is telling me it needs the same. Currency will be worthless soon and so I am blowing it now, when it worth something. Got our garden and PM in Brinks in Utah. Got my 2006 VW Jetta diesel out of storage and a 300 gallon tank of diesel for this 50 mpg vehicle. Gasoline going to $10//gal soon. If frugal, then I can motor for two years when fuel is not available. Bevil, I learned more in the Boy Scouts about survival and preparedness than I learned getting a ChE degree from Ga Tech. My yarns have a point if folks pay attention. ====ORH====

Replied by Daphne


I'd like to ask a question. Can Pomello fruit skin be substituted for grapefruit when making the medication to help bronchitis?


Daphne, it is my understanding that all citrus fruit has some level of Quinine in it but grapefruit pith has the highest. The quinine is part of what gives grapefruit its bitterness. I believe pomellos are sweeter so it may have less in it.

Replied by Madelyn

Hi Frances,

I would love to hear more about what you did to heal the gut microbiome, leaky gut, etc.

Replied by Freda

Thanks for the post on Copd. I was just wondering what stage you and your husband were at when you were cured of Copd. Did you get diagnosed by a doctor? I have severe Copd and have never heard of a cure for it. There are many things to help it but no cure!

Replied by Learner

I am curious, too. On a whim, have you tried omitting tomatoes and other nightshades from your diet? They can be inflammatory, and cause dandruff and scalp issues in some people.

Best wishes.

Homemade Vapor Rub

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Posted by Teena (Aus) on 07/12/2017 233 posts

Homemade Vicks helping lung congestion & capacity

Just thought I'd post our results on using homemade Vicks on family member's lung congestion and capacity. Inspired from this site when my kids were sick and I was using the petroleum Vicks, I made some using Olive oil, cocoa butter (to thicken), and essentials oils eucalyptus, peppermint, clove, lemon, spearmint and nutmeg. It helped the children then had my in laws come to stay. Mother in law has been told she has one and a half lungs only due to illness. To walk from bed to bathroom she would be out of breath. Also on the plane over they had to give her oxygen.

To my Vicks Brew I added several drops of pre diluted oregano oil and we applied this front and back of her lungs at night. Also in the cool mist vaporiser I fill with water ( it only takes about 350 mls) I add 7 drops lemon eo, 10 drops peppermint eo and about 16 drops eucalyptus eo. She says she can feel the warmth penetrating her chest.

Well after a week she is coughing less and yesterday she went shopping and did not have to stop frequently. I am also instructing her to eat garlic clove twice a day and to her tea turmeric or ginger or clove or cinnamon or cayenne. Actually when I make it I use all of this combination. I know if she were to inhale h202 she would be healed much faster but I need to give something she can emulate back home. I am now preparing a jar of my concoction she can take back with her. Hope this helps someone else who wants to ease into natural remedies.

Homeopathic Remedy

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Posted by Nan (Minneapolis, Mn) on 10/16/2011

It is said that Kali Bich homeopathic can quickly cure COPD.... I was having difficulty breathing and noticed a lot of thick post nasal drip.... COPD is a filling of the lungs with mucus.... I took Kali Bich and it worked quickly.... Worth trying and homeopathics are cheap and easy. I actually think mucus may be caused by parasites/worms so might want to deworm as well....

Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Glen (Stettler, Alberta, Canada) on 05/17/2017

Specialist said I had c, p, o, d, could not stop coughing or get any sleep / lungs were full of dust / was on a puffer and pills. I went on h202, 1 drop in water or juice in morning, 1 more in afternoon and added one drop each day up to 25 drops twice a day / I'm 85 yrs old do not have c, p.o, d. any more.

I mix I ounce of h 202 / food grade 35 % hyd, peroxide with 11 ounces of water /distilled/. Also use q tip put some in each ear some up each nostril. I have not had flu or even a cold in 5 years.

Replied by Michael Long

Glen, can you please let us know how you are doing now? Thanks.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Klaserie (UK) on 06/01/2016

To Start with, the UK has put a ban on 35% Food Grade H2O2, with a two year prison sentence if you are found in possession.You can only purchase the 35% FGH2O2 with a government license.

On visiting South Africa, I freely bought it and the distilled water to take the dosage as laid down in Bill's book. I managed to get as far as 22 drops in 12 fl.ozs (UK) of distilled water. That was on day 14 of the schedule. I had to quit as I kept throwing up, later I found out why, it is very hard to know when your stomach is completely empty, because at this high dose, the stomach must be completely empty. However not to be put off completely, I reduced the 35% down to 3% with distilled water 11 to 1 total 12, 11 being distilled water and 1 the 3%.

I am using an altrasonic nebulizer ( Beurer IH 40 ). The best thing I ever bought, it is almost silent, so it can be used at night without disturbing your partner. My oxygen transfer reading had dropped from 98 to 95 in less than 6 months, before I started the inhaling treatment. I am pleased to say that my readings have improved back to 98/99. I started the treatment with 10 minutes 3 times a day, for 10 days, then I increased the time to 15 minutes 3 times day, for 10 days, I am now on 15 minutes 4 times a day.

I have informed my doctor and COPD nurse of my actions, they were both astonished when I presented the benefits of FG H2O2.They had no answer to my actions. I told them I had stopped taking my inhalers, I don't need them. I will continue until August 2016, then I will have a comparison check up of January 2016. I have read most of the comments here on this site. I sleep up to 10 hours without any problem, and get up at 6 am twice a week to go fishing, I can still lug my fishing gear around, although I do get out of breathe, however my recovery time is getting better by the week.

Replied by Artemis
(New York City)

Oh my god....I cannot believe that the UK has FG H202 designated as a criminal offense resulting in JAIL?? What is happening to this world folks!! This is deplorable to say the very, very least!! I am so disgusted at the constant attempts to control everyone's lives - especially since the wonderful internet has opened our eyes to so much, thank god!! I love FGH202 - have been very ill and must just get myself to use it regularly as part of my daily routine. Love you Earth Clinic - you are a GIFT to society at large for all the invaluable information found on this FANTASTIC site. Blessings of the Universe to you all.

Replied by Geoffrey Terry

I did know that 35% FG H2O2 was not available in the U K without a license, or other documentation, But a jail term, how backward thinking is that! I have been using the H2O2 therapy for twelve months now for COPD, with wonderful results. A few months back I signed up on a British lung forum where many people suffered from COPD. I related my experiences with H2O2 Therapy, The negative responces some bordering on the hostile, almost branding me a crank and a liar convinced me that the British have quite a long way to go before they see the light! I never returned to that site.

Replied by Geoff
(Delaide, Australia)

Hi Klaserie.

Good to read that you had no problem finding FGH2O2 in South Africa. I am in Australia but will be locating to India, and will stay there for some time.

I have been doing H2O2 therapy (oral) for COPD for one year now, with very good results and want to continue. Unfortunately I have had no luck finding FGH2O2 on any website in India. I have contacted a couple of companies in South Africa who can ship FGH2O2 to India, but the only problem is that the minimum order they will supply is 1,000 liter's. which is huge!

So my question is if you know any suppliers in S.A who I could contact, with the view of being able to purchase a reasonable quantity, in perhaps a few liter's.

All the best Klaserie


Replied by Waltz

Hi Geoff,

3% FG Hydrogen Peroxide is available in India through Please see this Amazon India link. I have used the product and is of good quality.

Hope this helps.

Replied by Geoffrey Terry
(Adelaide, Australia)

Hi Waltz.

Thank you so much for your reply. Just checked out the Amazon sight and it looks really promising. Recently when I was in India I traveled to Coimbatore in T.N as I was assured by a company there that they had the FGH2O2 available, although when I arrived there, they messed around on the phone trying to find it from elsewhere, which didn't happen, returning to Australia I received some in about two days, but will be returning to India when I finish up here, so was worried about supply, but now looks as though as is well..(Pun intended) Thank you Waltz

Cheers Geoff.

Replied by Pamela

Hi, I picked up some H202 3/% the brand is Gold Cross here in Australia. I am using the spray method but it seems to burn the back of my throat and I can't feel any difference. Any advice?

Replied by Geoffrey Terry

Hi Pamela. Sorry to hear that you have run into problems with using H202. I suspect though, that you could be using the wrong kind of Peroxide. You mentioned that you purchased 3% peroxide called Gold Cross which sounds like a chemist/pharmacy bought product to me which is the wrong king.

The pharmacy bought product will contain what is called stabilizers, added chemicals! These you do not need. The Peroxide that you should be using is 35% food grade with no stabilizers and this you will dilute down to 3% and then you can inhale or drink in this form. Do not use in the 35% form, always dilute. In Australia there are many sites online that you can buy the 35% food grade H202, so search out one of these and when you receive your bottle keep it in the freezer to retain the potency. This should not burn your throat, a bleach type taste is normal, and you certainly will notice changes in your condition. So keep the gold cross for other purposes. All the best.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)


1. Dilute it. Even a lot.

2. Breathe in deeply.

3. Good results come with time.

4. Use other methods, like putting a squirt into a humidifier at night. Or a nebulizer.

Replied by Georgios

I do not believe that you threw out your inhalers by just using the peroxide solution. I did it for years without results.


There has been no real proof that Hydrogen peroxide works for COPD.

Geoffrey T.
(Adelaide, South Australia)

Hi Freda, I do not know just how much proof you require, or how much research you have done, or if you have even used H202. Frankly, though I do not really much care because there will always be people such as yourself who want PROOF!, proof for this, proof for that. You most likely spend all your time searching for proof rather getting down and applying any methods to really help yourself.

For those of us, and there are many who have used and use H202 therapy for our Copd Emphysema, this therapy is a godsend, I myself have used both the drinking method and the inhalation method for some years now and the change in my condition is very apparent not only to myself but to all my friends and family and I am grateful that I possessed the open mind to go searching for ways to improve my condition. I did not go on a close minded journey looking for proof! Thus wasting time which I didn't have to waste, I became a doer, I saw what others were doing and achieving success and I wanted that, if you want proof there are so many people out there who can give you that, But when it all comes down to it Freda why should anyone try and convince you, or anyone of anything. Waste of time in my book because there will always be those just like yourself who require evidence, proof of everything, but in the meantime everything just gets worse. There is no proof that you will even wake up tomorrow morning. For me, I have a better chance of that happening with my H202 daily regimen than not. So bottom line Freda, keep on with your search for "Proof" we are all here, and we are the proof!

(Adelaide, South Australia)

Georgios. Quite hard to believe that you used H202 for years!! And ended up with no results. You also failed to mention which condition you are suffering from, or for that matter why you would continue to use something "for years" whilst getting no results does not sound plausible to me at all Georgios. You were probably just using the chemist bought 3% h202 full of contaminants ie: (stabilisers) which is the wrong kind. The only peroxide to use is 35% Food Grade H2O2 which contains no stabilisers and diluted down properly to the 3% level. Sorry to say though as you are in the UK you will not be able to buy 35% food grade H202 as it is a banned substance in your country (go figure that one out! ) in its misguided wisdom the UK government requires those wishing to purchase 35% food grade H202 to obtain a licence to do so. The UK can be so draconian and backward in a lot of areas. You can purchase it in Europe they have much more forward thinking governments that do not infringe on peoples rights so much. So bottom line, if you are able to procure the food grade H202 then get the proper protocol, follow it properly and try again and like the rest of us experience good results.

(New Mexico)

I would think all of the testimonials would be the proof. That is what I look for, not what the governments say is scientific proof. That is why I am on this site rather than a government site.

Replied by Tim
(Georgia (Rep. of))
21 posts

Exactly. Perixide you buy does not mean it helps you, There are different peroxides in different countries. So az one gorgeous name have different meanings in different places, for example, slavic countries from Slo& Cro to Ukr&Ru. World become global and we will consider when give a name to a child

Replied by John Donahue

Where can I buy Bills book. Thank You

EC: Candida: Killing So Sweetly by Bill Thompson - check Amazon

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Pat (Erin) Dooley (Pensacola, Florida) on 05/29/2016


I have sung the praises of hydrogen peroxide for years. It literally cured me of COPD. Everything good you read about it is true.

However, this one little matter: I began to have a black tongue and have had it now for some years. I wrote in here at the time I was helped with the COPD that I did seem have a black tongue and no answer for it, but I said "if that's all I have to pay for the cure, fine by me." But all these years later, I got the answer. It's the peroxide. It affects some people that way. So I'm back to what I said years ago - "If my only problem is black tongue, but cured otherwise....fine by me."

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Anne D. (Kenya) on 08/10/2015

My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 COPD in December 2014. He started on H2O2 that Christmas and is still going. He stopped the peroxide in the following March and after a rerun of hip surgery caught a cold which resulted in atttacks of both viral and bacterial pneumonia in five weeks. We thought he wouldn't make it. He went back on the peroxide and at 80 is still able to run his little business repairing antiques and other furniture (He has workers to do the actual repairs but supervises everything).

He is on about 12 drops twice a day diluted according to the protocol and also nebulizes 3ml 3% twice a day and has a humidfier with an even more dilute solution running all night. He is on an oxygenator at night but can manage if there is a power cut.

I think it is the peroxide that has kept him alive and well enough to still enjoy life and feel useful.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Steve (Ks, US) on 01/29/2015

For my COPD, I put about twenty drops of 35% HP with my cpap water and it works great.

Also, my doctor told me to take 3 capsules of cayenne pepper plus apple cider vinegar. I have seen improvements.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Davegto (Michigan, US) on 11/17/2014

I've used food grade h2o2 for copd and had some success- need to get more and try again-it is almost elusive to obtain!!

One compound pharmacy had to ask the boss if they could sell it as... they use h2o2 to make a lot of medicine! I got some from them-expensive-then contacted a BIG wholesale chemical company that gave me a pint or 2 for free as they sell it in 55 gallon drums-not too drastic for so much!

It does oxygenate and many diseases cannot live in an oxygen rich environment.

It may have some side effects that are not that nice- so watch out and I'd say (altho I am NOT a physician at all), use in moderation and probably not needed long term-continually. Experiment a little- see how you feel, I wager it will help in the right dose and over X amount of time depending on your condition

Good Luck!

On another note - if you do have any further knowledge of h2o2 effects on hemochromatosis PLEASE email me asap

Dave: gnomad56 (at) gmail [dot] com

Replied by Tom

Why do you say H2O2 is "elusive" to obtain? Go to Amazon, you'll find all you want.

EC: It was elusive to obtain in 2014, when that post was written.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Faye (Nc) on 05/28/2014

For my COPD, I use food grade Peroxide. It is 35% so it must be diluted. 1 drop of peroxide to 11 drops of water gives you about a 3% solution. Also, use purified water. I'm using 3 drops peroxide with 33 drops water in a nebulizer. I'm much better than I was. It's not a cure but it sure helps.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Richard (Ca - California) on 03/23/2014

I have been using 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide for my copd and it has all but gone completely. I put 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide in a 8 oz glass of water and drink it three times a day adding one drop daily until reaching 25 drops and then staying on 25 drops for 5 days and then working back one drops less each day until I reach 3 drops daily for one week. and then check your status.

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