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Natural Remedies for COPD

| Modified on Mar 17, 2024
COPD Triggers
Posted by wendy (CA) on 03/17/2024

I have found when exposed to heating anything on a stove without oil or water: my COPD/Asthma is triggered

Posted by Art (California) on 01/20/2024 2159 posts

COPD And A Potential Homeopathic Remedy For Frequent Upper Respiratory Tract Infections (URTIs)

Previously I have posted about the effective use of a readily available homeopathic remedy for colds and flu called Oscillococcinum. Based on the following two studies, it appears that Oscillococcinum may also be useful for people with COPD who have frequent URTIs as discussed here :

Here is an important quote from the study :

' The use of Oscillococcinum in patients with COPD led to a significant decrease in incidence and a delay in the appearance of URTI symptoms during the influenza-exposure period. The results of this study confirm the impact of this homeopathic medication on URTIs in patients with COPD. '

Here is a link to the second study which also showed positive effect from the use of Oscillococcinum in people with COPD in terms of URTIs :

Here are some of the study highlights:

1. 50% less URTIs in patients who used the homeopathic remedy(OG) vs the control group (CG)

2. Mean duration of symptoms per URTI episode were significantly less in OG vs CG

3. Greater decrease of consumption of corticosteroid for exacerbation in OG vs CG

4. Significant reduction of exacerbations in patients with the exacerbator phenotype

So, while Oscillococcinum has shown significant benefit for use against flu and colds, these two studies also show benefit for reducing frequency exacerbation in people with COPD as regards URTIs.


Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Kathleen (New Mexico) on 10/03/2023

I would think all of the testimonials would be the proof. That is what I look for, not what the governments say is scientific proof. That is why I am on this site rather than a government site.

Grapefruit Tea
Posted by ROSINA (LONDON UK) on 10/02/2023

Hi Gina, don't know if you are still around hon, as your question was asked in 2021. You asked which IP6 Inositol was good for sleep? I am very familiar with IP6 GOLD! BUT NEVER HEARD OF IP6 INOSITOL? IP6 GOLD WAS MADE BY DR. SHAMSHUDDIN who created it for Cancer. If you take IP6 Gold he states if you take 2 am 2 pm, it should stop you from getting cancer, so taking it before you get it? Then 4 x 4 capsules if you have cancer mild, etc. but if you have cancer 8 capsules am 8 capsules pm! Someone said this was cheap? I am sad to say I don't agree there. That is, if you had terminal cancer, okay if you can afford it though! You get 240 capsules and I paid about £70 plus for 1 tub. Good if you only need say 4 a day but at 16 capsules a day I think its under 3 weeks treatment? Hence my saying it is expensive, if you don't have a lot of cash that is, but well worth it if it saves ones life! I believe in this man! I wrote to him once trying to save my friends hubby, who sadly died the day I sent an email to her. But I bought it but still unused, now you was talking about IP6 Inositol? I dont think it exists with that title? I could be wrong but I think IP6 Gold is the one for cancer, and plain INOSITOL is the one you might need for insomnia? Not that I knew it was for that? I have always known inositol to be brilliant for severe agoraphobia? Like panic attacks but you still need to take a large amount of capsules! But for insomnia not too sure, you certainly wouldnt need a lot and just inositol is quite cheap, not anywhere near the price of IP6 Gold. Take a look at just the word inositiol? Or just type into google "Is inositol good for insomnia?" And you should get your answer, hope this is of help if you still around. Of course there might be an IP6 Inositol, if there is I have never seen it, just IP6 GOLD or inositol by itself. Best wishes Rosina Lock from London UK

Apple Cider Vinegar, Dietary Changes
Posted by wendauggie (costa mesa USA) on 07/14/2023


I have asthma/COPD, after many years of suffering with no end in sight(not to mention the $ on medical appointments, prescriptions and ER visits), I read previous posts promising ACV (RAW/UNFILTERED ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR INCLUDING THE MOTHER) and change of diet (no processed food/no dairy products)as a cure.

I started by taking 2 tsp twice a day, and completely changing my diet. I have not felt the need to taken any prescriptions since, except when I challenge my diet and eat so little as 2 oreo cookies or even 3 bites of ice cream. And instead of my rescue inhaler I take 2 Tbs *my shots.

*my shots

2 TBS acv

2 cloves fresh garlic

2 lg pieces fresh ginger

2 lemons

2 Tbs local raw honey (or best MANUKA HONEY)

Grapefruit Tea
Posted by Learner (EarthSchool) on 03/26/2023

I am curious, too. On a whim, have you tried omitting tomatoes and other nightshades from your diet? They can be inflammatory, and cause dandruff and scalp issues in some people.

Best wishes.

Grapefruit Tea
Posted by Freda (Canada ) on 03/25/2023

Thanks for the post on Copd. I was just wondering what stage you and your husband were at when you were cured of Copd. Did you get diagnosed by a doctor? I have severe Copd and have never heard of a cure for it. There are many things to help it but no cure!

Grapefruit Tea
Posted by Susan (Portugal) on 03/24/2023

Hi BevilNC, do you have personal experience with the Vitamin A approach? From my research this seems to have some promising outcomes, but there is some downsides to Vitamin A overdosing..

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 02/25/2023

It's called Silver Complete Plus, Ionic Colloidal Silver 10 PPM Plus 1.5% Food Grade H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide).

HealthQuest website:

They are located in Salmon Arm, BC, Canada

Colloidal Silver
Posted by JudyS (USA) on 02/24/2023

What is the name of the Colloidal silver+hydrogen peroxide specifically made for use with a nebulizer?

I'm not having any success finding a product like that.

Thanks for you help!

Buteyko Breathing Method
Posted by Freda (Canada) on 01/18/2023

Hi Yolanda. Just checking in to see how you are doing. I have severe Copd and will be trying the breathing technique you have talked about 😊. I will also use Bills munroe H202. Technique. How long did you start these techniques before you notice a difference in your Copd?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Manfred (Pernitz Austria) on 11/23/2022

Hi! My question, how many mg of apple cider vinegar do the capsules contain? Thanks in advance!

EC: Sorry, that post being quoted is from 2014 and the person is unlikely to reply.

DMSO, Colloidal Silver
Posted by Jessi (Fredericton, NB, Canada) on 11/16/2022

Hello! We are interested in learning more about nebulizing DMSO and Vitamin C. Can anyone recommend any resources or models to use? I am concerned that DMSO would dissolve any plastic components… Any help would be appreciated. Cheers!

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method
Posted by Jo (Clearwater Fl) on 11/15/2022

After getting Prevar 13, I had green putty like mucus in my nose, which came out in chunks. 7 months later I got RSV with pneumonia. Now on oxygen. Simbicort and, Spriva and nebulizer.

N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC)
Posted by Freda (British Columbia) on 10/29/2022

What stage of Copd are you at?

N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC)
Posted by Joel (WI) on 10/27/2022

How many MG's are your pills of NAC?

N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC)
Posted by Bart (Thailand) on 10/27/2022

Hi Kimmi, may I ask where you source the NAC from? We used to be used to get it here but now it's off the market . Appreciate your info

N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC)
Posted by Kimmi (Alabama) on 10/12/2022

I have COPD, I take two NAC every evening before I go to bed and I have had no problems with breathing, and I was able to stop taking "Primatene tablets " the next day and broncade (since I have no insurance that's my only option I had) but now I don't have to take that anymore!! 👍

Yerba Sante
Posted by Dano (Idaho) on 09/29/2022

A big thumbs up for Yerba Santa. I use one teaspoon of the dried herb as a tea, but also occasionally smoke a small amount if my lungs really need it. The bronchial dilation is quite long lasting, much longer than many other herbs I tried. Thanks for your suggestion, Lisa. Yerba Santa is now my go-to herb for my breathing issues, although I still use Mullein and a couple of others. But nothing beats the results I get from Yerba Santa.

Barometric Pressure and COPD
Posted by David (IN - Indiana) on 09/06/2022

I have the same issue. I have ben using oils in a diffuser - helps somewhat.

Grapefruit Tea
Posted by Michael D (North Carolina) on 07/09/2022

Insomnia? Sounds like a magnesium deficiency. Do twice the recommended daily allowance, and you should see the results quickly. If diarrhea occurs, back it off to a normal daily dose for your weight.

Buteyko Breathing Method
Posted by Maria (New Jersey ) on 06/26/2022

Hi Yolanda,

That is amazing so happy for you. I'm going to look into this thank you so much.

Thieves Essential Oil
Posted by Dari (Canada) on 04/09/2022

Hi Melany. Just curious if you are still doing ok with COPD?

how did you inhale the thieves oil? Nebulizer?

Grapefruit Tea
Posted by Madelyn (Idaho) on 01/26/2022

Hi Frances,

I would love to hear more about what you did to heal the gut microbiome, leaky gut, etc.

Grapefruit Tea

Grapefruit Tea
Posted by Frances (Cabarlah, Qld.) on 01/25/2022

I had psoraisis from a toddler to 35 years of age. I tried every natural treatment, supplement, etc. but only when I followed the advice of a naturopath about healing leaky gut, microbiome, etc. did the psoraisis disappear.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE , TN) on 01/19/2022

DANNY, ORH here, and several of my friends have done this. It works, but if you were a smoker then you will cough up black stuff and will have to go slow. I do not have lung problems, but 3% is too strong for me, thus I do 1 1/2 %. Again, go slow, and only as fast as your lungs will allow. It took awhile to get in this shape and will take awhile to recover.

====ORH ====

Hydrogen peroxide Inhalation Method
Posted by Danny (Queensland) on 01/18/2022

I have COPD and I want to start using hydrogen peroxide in my nebuliser. I have purchased 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide and I was wondering how much should I put in my nebuliser and how often should I use it.

Barometric Pressure and COPD
Posted by Cid (Tucson) on 12/07/2021

My wife & I retired to the high desert 30 minutes from Tucson 3 years ago instead of Texas hill country. The main reason we did this is because of the humidity difference. I can even tell a difference from Ca and it wasn't as brutal as Texas or even the midwest or east coast.

Grapefruit Tea
Posted by Diana (Whittier, ca) on 12/05/2021

@ GTcharlie, hello, could you share what is working for psoriasis please.

Grapefruit Tea
Posted by BevilNC (NC) on 11/29/2021

Daphne, it is my understanding that all citrus fruit has some level of Quinine in it but grapefruit pith has the highest. The quinine is part of what gives grapefruit its bitterness. I believe pomellos are sweeter so it may have less in it.

Grapefruit Tea
Posted by Daphne (Turkey) on 11/28/2021


I'd like to ask a question. Can Pomello fruit skin be substituted for grapefruit when making the medication to help bronchitis?

Grapefruit Tea
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 11/17/2021

BEVIL NC,,,, ORH here and I take Armour Thyroid. which is what you are calling natural. When the stuff hit the sand, I stopped lots of things that I should be doing ...i.e. ACV, baking soda and iodine. I was also eating 4 Brazil nuts a day for Selenium. In years past I also took HCl for my stomach. You right, folks take Tums for indigestion when they should be taking HCl. Currently on a sleep kick and and now wearing the clip on blue light protection glasses that I got from Amazon for $39. Went to the manufacture's site and they wanted $99 for the same glasses. Blue light arouses you and red light calms you down. Take a cup of warm goats milk and a spoon of honey and get on my PEMF mat with the insomnia program, which lasts 24 minutes. I am also trying to follow my Circadian Rhythm and do this at 8:30 pm. I wake at 1 or 2 am, take a magnesium capsule and go to bed. Sleep is where you heal. Drove to Ga today to get both knees shot with Ozone. Right knee shot, but a prolozone shot ever few years avoids an artificial knee. Ozone will regenerate cartilage. Medical folks lie. Left knee is telling me it needs the same. Currency will be worthless soon and so I am blowing it now, when it worth something. Got our garden and PM in Brinks in Utah. Got my 2006 VW Jetta diesel out of storage and a 300 gallon tank of diesel for this 50 mpg vehicle. Gasoline going to $10//gal soon. If frugal, then I can motor for two years when fuel is not available. Bevil, I learned more in the Boy Scouts about survival and preparedness than I learned getting a ChE degree from Ga Tech. My yarns have a point if folks pay attention. ====ORH====

Grapefruit Tea
Posted by Kathleen (Mississippi) on 11/17/2021

Hi BenvilNC - I agree, there are many things that alternative treatments can be very useful with. Over the past 3 plus years, I have searched, done deep dives into research (including the vitamin A claim), and experimented with many alternatives that proposed to cure COPD. I will continue to do so. I am very happy about your success with your back. I have not experienced such a cure for COPD. I have experienced help and some relief with alternate treatments, but not a cure - yet. I am merely stating that there is a difference between cure and treatment for symptom relief. Thank you for sharing the grapefruit recipe. I am going to buy the grapefruit tomorrow!

Grapefruit Tea
Posted by BevilNC (NC) on 11/16/2021

ORH, I certainly hope the information helps. I found it interesting that his CHF seemed to be linked to an undiagnosed hypothyroid issue and that was the key to resolving it. Apparently, his thyroid blood tests appeared in the "normal" range...but as we know a lot of these lab tests are not worth the paper they are printed on. Magnesium is a great example...because your body will pull magnesium from organs to regulate blood levels the blood tests never show a deficiency even when a severe one exists. The Nature-Throid web site has a search engine to find Doctors near you that prescribe it.

Grapefruit Tea
Posted by Freda (Canada) on 11/16/2021

If your husband's relative is to the point of disability, I assume the OMG remedy is not working for him??

Grapefruit Tea
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE , TN) on 11/15/2021

BevilNC,,,,,, ORH here and the guy in this article could be me. He did some stuff and got better so maybe I will also. Thank you. ===ORH===

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by John Donahue (Louisiana) on 11/15/2021

Where can I buy Bills book. Thank You

EC: Candida: Killing So Sweetly by Bill Thompson - check Amazon

Grapefruit Tea
Posted by BevilNC (NC) on 11/14/2021

I have been fortunate to not deal with CHF personally however there is someone else with some amazing results to share. Are you familiar with Janet Thome's blog?

Grapefruit Tea
Posted by BevilNC (NC) on 11/14/2021


Nature's Way. I have also tried Zazzee brand but I don't think it worked as well.

Grapefruit Tea
Posted by Gina (Idaho ) on 11/13/2021

Hi Bevil,

May I ask what brand of IP6 Inositol you take? I too have suffered from insomnia my whole life. I would be so grateful.

Thank you,


Grapefruit Tea
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 11/13/2021

BEVILE N C, ORH here, I'm good.... but you may be better. Have done all the protocols you say but have not found a natural solution for my CHF. I would appreciate your ideas on this subject. ====ORH====

Grapefruit Tea
Posted by BevilNC (NC) on 11/13/2021


Many "incurable" illnesses have in fact been cured many times over by holistic practitioners with readily available substances. You don't have this information being tossed around in mass media because the Medical/Pharmaceutical industry work hard to discredit these Doctors and create fear so people will not listen to them.

My personal journey started years ago when by accident I ran across the Borax/Arthritis cure information online while looking for relief for calcified discs that had me almost disabled. I took a gamble and gave it a shot and within two weeks discs in my spine that were calcified to the point of me not having normal spinal movement broke free. I was shouting the information from the roof tops. I have never been so happy or amazed in my life. Years of pain and thousands of dollars spent seeking relief and with 20 mule team borax, some sea salt and removing fluoride from my water. I didn't just get relief but the injury was completely healed.

My back and my LIFE were forever changed by that experience. I became an avid student of Holistic medicine and no one in my household has seen a Doctor in many years now. Along this journey I have had my eyesight improve from lugols iodine usage, HS cured from DMSO, am now completely free of my heart throwing PVCs thanks to mega dosing Magnesium ( an issue I suffered with for over 15 years), no longer suffer from insomnia due to good old IP6 Inositol, passed multiple kidney stones in less than 24 hours with lemon juice and olive oil.

That's just a few of the cures I have experienced that no Doctor or Prescription drug was ever able to just eradicate. There is a cure for every illness. The human body has the ability to heal and cure itself built in. If you remove the things that are hindering it and provide it with the tools (substances) it needs it will cure itself. What does vary from person to person is what cofactors they are deficient in that are needed for the biological processes and what levels of toxins they may have that are inhibiting the process.

As for the Grapefruit, I can only tell you my experience but with a little research, you will find plentiful testimony to the grapefruit tonic working. The peel contains Quinine. I personally also keep a supply of cinchona bark on hand in case the need ever arises for stronger doses of Quinine in my family.

In many European Countries COPD has been successfully treated with Vitamin A. The dosage is 25,000 IU once a day for 2 months. As for permanent damage to the lungs...the body can regenerate any damaged tissue with in the body. Our miraculous creation includes stem cells that the body can use to form any type of tissue needed. Our toxic environment and toxic dietary habits hinder our natural ability to heal ourselves...but we can actively change that in our lives. I do hope you try the Grapefruit and I hope you receive immense relief from it as well. As you scroll through posts here on earth clinic take note of the Doctors you see mentioned and start researching them. There have been so many great Doctors who dedicated their lives to actually curing people lost in a sea of modern Doctors who are owned by the pharmacy reps.

Grapefruit Tea
Posted by BevilNC (NC) on 11/13/2021

Freda, I can not tell you what stage I was in since I have not been frequenting Doctors for many years now. My husband's family member however was pretty advanced as he is to the point of having a disability application in.

Grapefruit Tea
Posted by GTcharlie (Los Angeles, Calif) on 11/12/2021

I believe people are fond in falling into a wormhole in their own perception when seeking help from naturopathic or home remedies. There is no One Cures All in any medication including the modern western medicines. The cause of any illness or disorder is multifaceted, not to mention the patient-factor that varies from one body to another.

The key is keep trying. It took me over two years, more than 10 brands and makes of ointments and supplements to help my Psoriasis. I did find one which is very effective keeping my Psoriasis in remission. NOT a cure.

Seeking an assurance before brewing a tea from a fruit to CURE a serious illness like COPD? If it works like a charm, one would see many doctors waiting in line to collect their unemployment benefits.

It won't hurt to be cautious to question what one is using, but not to believe what you see or hear will definitely work. Because it also depends on the titration, frequencies and amount consumped, etc. You can add some dried orange peels too, if they are available. In TCM, they all help to clear the lungs' dampness and expel the excessive mucous.

Why not give it a try? It is only a fruit tea. May be it can help your father.

Grapefruit Tea
Posted by Kathleen (Mississippi) on 11/12/2021

Hi -

Did you mean to say this is a 'cure' for COPD, or rather something to help with the symptoms? COPD stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. It is progressive, and includes things like chronic Bronchitis, and Emphysema, which involves damage to the lungs. It may or may not be due to smoking. It is diagnosed with an extensive Pulmonary Lung Function Test, as well as other diagnostic tools, like CT scans, blood tests, etc. If this tea is a 'cure', it would be truly a miracle. None has been found, to date. I can imagine this grapefruit tea may help with some symptoms of a flare up, and I will give it a try!

Grapefruit Tea
Posted by Helen (canada) on 11/12/2021

My husband has COPD and heart disease, some of his meds say to not eat grapefruit. Does anyone know if he can drink this tea?

Grapefruit Tea
Posted by Marie-Louise (Z?rich - Switzerland) on 11/12/2021


I have another recipie for colds, which I saw on TV in Austria from a TCM Doctor two years ago. Peel from two bio Mandarines, 2 pears, or one big one, 2 figs. You can also use dried fruits (I asked it directly). I let the peels from the Mandarines dry and store it in a glas bottle. Put all the ingredients in 1 Lt pot and let it simmer for 30 minutes. Drink it hot. Feeds milz and stomach, takes out the dampness of the lungs. The upper body is nourished. Children love it, because it is natural sweet. They showed a little boy, who was more in hospital than at home with Ashma. He plays today football and is very happy drinking this mixture, if he gets problems with his lungs.

Take care in these times.

Grapefruit Tea
Posted by Carla M (California) on 11/11/2021

Copd covers many types of lung disease. My father has copd but in his case, it's a nice way of saying he has emphysema from heavy smoking for 45 years. I find it hard to believe drinking grapefruit tea is going to cure him.

What are your thoughts?

Grapefruit Tea
Posted by Sharon (MO) on 11/11/2021

I use the whole grapefruit too. I also chop all the fruit before simmering for 3 hours.

Grapefruit Tea
Posted by Marcia (California) on 11/11/2021

Actually very good for covid as well - the quinine works like a hydroxychloroquine substitute (the "quin" at the end refers to the quinine). I have added organic lemon pulp to the grapefruit - and the recipe I followed indicated you should not lift the lid for a few hours after the boiling process. I think the suggestion to freeze in cubes is excellent as you can just thaw out a small amount that way. My grandma called this grapefruit bitters and it's a tried and true remedy for all kinds of cold and flu symptoms.

Grapefruit Tea
Posted by Freda (Canada) on 11/11/2021

Can you tell me what stage of COPD you were in, please? I am stage 4 and wondering if this remedy will help me. Thanks 💜

Grapefruit Tea
Posted by Lisa (NC) on 11/11/2021

I cook my grapefruit peels and pith in a crock pot for several hours with the lid on tight. I also add some lemon. After cooling I fill up ice trays with the liquid and put in the freezer. After freezing I put the cubes in a bag for storage in the freezer.

When I was a child my mother used to quarter cut and cook the whole grapefruit on the stove with enough water to cover the grapefruit. After about 30mins of simmering on the stove she would pour the liquid into a mug and add a shot of bourbon liquor and make us drink it down while still very hot she would then cover us up real tight and put us to bed, next day who ever drank it would be well. I still use this method from time to time but it is great to have some cubes stored away and use them anytime some one feels like something maybe coming on.

Grapefruit Tea
Posted by BevilNC (NC) on 11/01/2021


I do not have an instapot so I am not familiar with their action. Basically what is happening is the water is converting to steam then changing back to condensation on the glass lid and dripping back into the pot. This concentrates the Quinine that is found in the grapefruit peel and pith...thus distilling it back into the liquid. Hopefully that description will help you sort out if your instapot would have the same effect.

This remedy helps with many breathing issues, copd, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia etc. Also the pith of a grapefruit is a natural antihistamine so it also alleviates allergies, you can actually just eat some of the pith for seasonal allergies issues.

I peel grapefruits and freeze the peels in a zip lock bag so I have them ready any time the need arises.

Grapefruit Tea
Posted by Peter (Chicago) on 10/31/2021

Would it be easier to use an Instant Pot pressure cooker and set it for one hour to make this remedy?

Grapefruit Tea
Posted by BevilNC (NC) on 10/30/2021

This cured mine and my husband's cousin who had COPD:

So here is the recipe for “OMG I Can't Breath”:

  • Take the peel and as much of the thick white pith as you can get off of two Grapefruits (preferably Organic if not rinse them well underwater prior to peeling)
  • Place your peels and pith in a small pot that has a good fitting unvented lid.
  • Cover with just enough distilled water to cover the peelings. (You will need to push them down to get this measurement because they will float as you add the water). Use ONLY distilled water. The fluoride and other toxic chemicals in tap water will concentrate when boiled and you do not want to ingest that crud!
  • Put the lid on the pot and put on med-high heat just until it starts to boil, then reduce it to a low simmer.
  • Let it simmer for 2 full hours. ***DO NOT TAKE THE LID OFF A SINGLE TIME DURING THE TWO HOURS! It helps to have a pot with a glass lid so you are certain when it reaches a boil and need to turn it down. The lid acts as a distilling device getting the concentrated liquids back into your pot.
  • After 2 hours remove it from the heat and let it cool to close to room temperature. Now you can remove the lid.
  • Strain the liquid into a glass jar that has a lid for storing it in the refrigerator.
  • Take 1 Table Spoon (15 mls) every 2 hours until symptoms subside.

My pulse ox was 95% when I took my first dose and within 45 minutes it was an easy 98% and I literally felt like I was breathing for the first time in weeks. Within 15 minutes of taking it you begin to cough up a lot of stuff and your lungs clear quickly.

By the way, NEVER EVER EVER swallow anything you cough up at any time in life…always get a tissue or go outside and spit. Your lungs push out things that do not belong there and you do not need to introduce that bacteria into your digestive tract to cause more trouble in your body.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jacobus (SE Asia) on 10/07/2021

Thank you so much, John, for the very thoughtful, detailed description of your successful actions. So much attention to detail.

That's very helpful.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method
Posted by Eve (Australia ) on 10/04/2021

Just wondering what the doctor at the hospital said?

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method
Posted by Tiffiany (Wasilla ) on 08/20/2021

Dilute it down- 35% will burn your lungs, your nose, or any tissue it touches.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method
Posted by MissM (New York) on 06/26/2021

I used it during long haul Covid recovery. I purchased a nasal salt spray from Walmart, emptied saline solution, cleaned the bottle with water and alcohol, then added FOOD a grade 3 percent into the bottle. MUST BE 3 percent!!!!

Then you spray into the back of the throat with an inhale. Helped me.

Slight taste, just rinse mouth with water or have a drink of sorts.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method
Posted by Evelyn (Pennsylvania) on 06/25/2021

My husband has about 50% lung capacity due to complications after a bone marrow transplant. Somehow his lungs were damaged. He has such trouble breathing, especially in the summer. Did you dilute the Hydrogen peroxide to spray into your mouth, Paterin, (or anyone else) and then hold your breathe or was this with a nebulizer?

Thank you so much!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Royce W (Center, Texas) on 06/23/2021

If you are having chemical sensitivity, you are most likely deficient in magnesium, zinc, selenium. and molybdenum. It is best to take these in angstrom form - liquid ionic minerals. I went to an oriental medicine doctor. I took these minerals twice per day, 20 minutes apart. I took magnesium and molybdenum every day. I alternated selenium and zinc. For 2 weeks I took Mg, Selenium, Moly, then Mg, Moly, and zinc. It cleared up all chemical sensitivity. It took a year. I also took Jergon Sacha and a liver cleanse to clear out a viral infection that was causing the drain on minerals. I hope this helps.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method
Posted by Freda (Canada) on 06/21/2021

How is your COPD?

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 06/20/2021

DAVID, ORH here, and I too spoke with Bill Munro many years ago. I had e mailed him and he called me. What a delightful gentleman. I moved from his hydrogen peroxide delivery system to a nebulizer a few years ago. Thought I was pretty savvy, but this video sent me to school about increasing the effectiveness with Vit C. This is one of the most informative sessions I have ever watched in my long life. I was aware that most women's breast cancer is due to the toxins in their teeth and gums, but did not realize that this is also a root cause of heart problems. This doctor advocates using a dental pick containing hydrogen peroxide as a cheap and natural way to address these problems. Here's the article.

Me, I'm going to jump on this with both feet. Not hearsay, but two doctors discussing how to help avoid heart disease and cancer. ==ORH==

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method
Posted by David (QLD) on 06/19/2021

You are doing it the right way, that's why! ..

I actually spoke over the phone twice to Bill. He is or was very deaf but we had a very informative chat together.

I follow his procedure if and when I need it. and it always gets the results I'm after, I always have a spray gun around with 3% HP in it, to use in my mouth, in my lungs, or on my skin.So hopefully you are still ok ..Take care

Buteyko Breathing Method
Posted by Yolanda (California) on 05/20/2021

I would like to talk about Buteyko Breathing.

I was diagnosed with moderate COPD and told to use an inhaler, I refused the inhaler and tried to look for more information on how I could handle this naturally. In the mean time I did the peroxide inhaler according to Bill and oregano oil when I started coughing and knew that a bacterial infection was coming. Both of these were effective somewhat but my oxygen level kept going down. My husband died during this time and because I have agoraphobia my anxiety kicked in really bad. I really thought this was it.

I ordered an oxygen concentrator and was trying to figure out how to hook it up to my sleep apnea machine that I started trying to find out how to get rid of my excess co2 that everyone online said I have too much of.

Instead of finding what I was looking for, I found a site that said we had too little co2. That definitely got my attention. What I discovered was the Buteyko Breathing method. You will have to look up the site online and read for yourself how to do this. They have people who will help but they charge, so that was out, I'm cheap. But I found enough information online to get started.

The most important thing was keeping your mouth closed at all times. You only open it to talk and eat and yawn. The first time I did this I was really in a panic and especially with COPD but I kept it up. Just a small exercise for you that don't want to go to the internet and look up. Keeping your mouth closed take a small breath in and then a small breath out and then hold your breath for the count of 5, pause and do it all over again for about 10 min to start 3 times a day.

There is more to it but the improvement is apparent in about 24 hours. The nice thing is it is free!!!! You really need to research it on line or go to amazon and get a book on Buteyko Breathing. I started this whole routine in 2019. I have never used my oxygen concentrator. I have no more COPD and I walk one and a half to 2 miles a day. This is not just for COPD but for anxiety asthma and a host of other things. We are all over breathing and building up co2 that should be in our blood but is trapped in our lungs. I hope this has been a help to someone and and maybe will get you to thinking in a different direction. We are on a holistic site because maybe we're not sure if the pharmaceutical, doctors, science has it right!!! Or maybe we have tried it all and to no avail.

Free!!!! Oxygen is FREE!!

The best to you, Yolanda

Check Indoor Air Quality
Posted by Meredith K. (US) on 05/07/2021

From everything I have read and researched, ozone is bad for the copd...hepa with a good rating is the best...I am interested in your using ozone, can you tell me about more please..

Thieves Essential Oil
Posted by Melany (Salmon Arm, B.C.) on 05/06/2021

I suddenly developed COPD symptoms after an episode with a mycotoxin that caused Pellagra. I used homeopathic remedies from a Dr. to heal this issue but wound up developing a breathing issue. After reading the symptoms for COPD I looked up remedies for this on and found an essential oil blend remedy being sold there that looked viable for my ailment.

When I read the ingredients, I realized I had a similar product in the house called thieves oil. I immediately started inhaling the vapors up my nostrils and mouth hourly. In under 24 hours, I could take a full breath of air easily and went for a walk up a short hill. I was beyond better. I continued on this regime for a few more days before declaring myself healed and relaxed into normal life. This is a very inexpensive cure for a very aggravating affliction.

I have also used Red Beet Crystals to oxygenate my body when I need energy and endurance.

Hope this helps people heal quickly and get beyond this illness. You can cure yourself of COPD! I did.

Buteyko Breathing Method
Posted by Yolanda (Sacramento) on 02/12/2021

I would like to tell you about Buteyko breathing method that has virtually eliminated my COPD. I am 82 and was diagnosed over 7 years ago with this. I refused all inhalers and tried other methods for my copd, like inhaling peroxide which helped some but not nearly enough.

I bought a very expensive oxygen concentrator for breathing but while I was trying to figure out how to use it I started searching the internet for help. I came across this Buteyko breathing site and started using all the information I could find on there. It has been two years since I have been doing this and I have never used the oxygen machine. It is in the back of my closet and my kids will have to do something with it. I very rarely have congestion have never been hospitalized and walk a 1mile or more a day. This will eliminate asthma, constipation and a hundred other things. The Best

Colloidal Silver, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Freda (Canada) on 02/08/2021

Hi Art. Sorry to be a bug but was wondering I when the post will posted. Thanks.

Colloidal Silver, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Art (California) on 02/06/2021 2159 posts

Hi Freda,

That post looks likely to be up sometime between today and tomorrow so keep an eye out for it.


Colloidal Silver, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Freda (Canada) on 02/06/2021

Hi Art.

I definitely would like to know what you will share about Copd. I have severe Copd and need help. Thanks.

Colloidal Silver, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Art (California) on 02/03/2021 2159 posts

Hi Lorie,

Oral colloidal silver (AgNPs) are not likely to get any useful amount of AgNPs into the lungs. The only way I have managed to have an impact on the lungs with AgNPs is via inhalation of AgNPs using a cold process small room vaporizer/humidifier. A nebulizer will work, but it is slower because of smaller delivery volume than the cold process vaporizer/humidifier.

A word of caution though, you cannot use the hydrogen peroxide (HP) at the same time as AgNPs because the HP will destroy real colloidal silver in seconds.

For myself, if I was going to try and use both, I might experiment on myself by alternating a week of HP inhalation and a week of AgNPs. If I was going to do this everyday to myself, I would limit my AgNP dose to twice a day for the first week and then once a day after the first week. After the second week I might switch to one application every other day.

If after a month or so I determined improvement when using one substance over the other, I might consider switching to the better substance only, but that's just how I look at it.

I will soon be writing a post about COPD which will offer another supplement worth considering. Keep an eye out for that!

You should always check with your doctor or professional health care provider to make sure that such use of HP and AgNPs is safe for you.


Colloidal Silver, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Lorie (Nipawin, Canada) on 02/02/2021

Any suggestion for C.O.P D? I've been drinking Colloidal Silver for a year. And nebulizing FG H202. I still get shortness of breath.
Anything I could add, or try?

Thanks, Lorie

Buteyko Breathing Method
Posted by Yolanda (Sacramento, CA) on 07/19/2019

I have copd for about 7 years diagnosed. I have never taken any inhalers or medication for it. I only took Bill Monroe's hydrogen peroxide by spraying in throat, but things were not getting better even though Bill peroxide helped. I started experiencing high anxiety and shortness of breath, I even went so far as to buy a very expensive oxygen concentrator. I read how my co2 was the problem and causing my shortness of breath. So I went to Google and tried to find out how to reduce my co2, Boy did I get a shock when I found out that co2 is a good thing and not bad!!! What? The problem was the co2 was being trapped in the lungs and not able to get into the blood where it was needed. I was told we are all overbreathing or hyperventilating. The doctor who found all of this out and was the discover was Doctor Buteyko. If you look up Buteyko breathing and do a search you will find all the information you need. By the way, I have never used my $2,500 dollar oxygen machine. My bronchitis is gone I am walking 1 mile with very little discomfort I am sleeping better at night and anxiety is at a minimal.

For those of you who won't look this up I will give you a very simple exercise to do at least 2 time a day or whenever you think of it. The more you do the better you feel. Keep your mouth closed at all times!!! The feel of smothering with leave, sneeze through your nose and cough through your nose. You can yawn through your mouth. Take a small breath in and a small breath out and then hold for 5 SECONDS.

The best to you all, Yolanda

Buteyko Breathing Method
Posted by Yolanda (California) on 05/06/2019

I have copd and a while back I talked about what I was doing for it. One was Bill Munro's hydrogen peroxide inhalation method since then I have come about a new revelation and have to share it. It is the Buteyko method of breathing.

I know there is a lot of information out there on breathing but this is definitely different. I have refused all inhalers since I was diagnosed about 5 years ago but in the last year I have gotten really bad. I started having a hard time breathing and then I started having extreme anxiety issues and after doing research I found that the build of co2 was a factor. I then tried to find out how to get rid of co2 in the body. Much to my surprise I found out from the Buteyko site that we actually had too much oxygen and it couldn't be utilized because it couldn't mingle with the co2 and enter the bloodstream! It talked about a simple breathing exercise that would actually cure asthma and help with copd. It seems like the biggest problem we have is overbreathing. My oxygen level was always around 93 then sometimes would drop to 90. I ordered a $2,300 dollar oxygen concentrator with a prescription I got from the doctor. I have never used it and that has been 3 months ago.

The biggest but not the most important thing about Buteyko breathing is just shutting your mouth all the time even when coughing and sneezing. I have sleep apnea and I take my mouth shut at night and put on my full face mask. I am now walking a good mile a day without shortness of breath and my oxygen level is alway at 94. The nice thing is it's free. All I bought was a book on Amazon I won't give you the name because I don't want you to think I'm selling books.

Look up Buteyko breathing on line there is enough free stuff to change your breathing. The Best

Barometric Pressure and COPD
Posted by yfandles (Catskill Mts, NY, USA) on 05/26/2020

Thank you Jon K. from EC's Facebook Page.

Barometric Pressure and COPD
Posted by Jon K. (EC's Facebook Page) on 05/25/2020

MULLEIN LEAF AS TEA is an excellent tool for copd.

Barometric Pressure and COPD
Posted by yfandles (Catskill Mts, NY, USA) on 05/26/2020

Linda: EC has a wonderful and very long page of helpful information about Hydrogen Peroxide and videos. Go to the Remedies page then hydrogen peroxide. I am sympathetic about your humidity issues and hope we can both find some answers and relief.

Barometric Pressure and COPD
Posted by Linda H. (EC's Facebook Page) on 05/25/2020

I was never diagnosed with COPD but ever since I was a child I couldn't go into steam rooms without almost passing out. Hot showers will do that to if the bathroom isnt well ventilated. Humidity weather wise is a no go also. I can't function and have a hard time breathing. Lower elevation or below sea level causes issues also. I hope the Hydrogen peroxide mixture helps you have a better quality of life. I'd like to try it but I know nothing about it and would have to find someone to teach me how to do it.

Barometric Pressure and COPD
Posted by yfandles (Catskill Mts, NY, USA) on 05/25/2020

I've been reading EC for a couple of months. Love this site. I have COPD. Supposedly in final stage. But, I'm pretty stubborn. Was already doing common sense things (diet, vitamins, etc.) when I found EC. Now I've added Hydrogen Peroxide (HP aka H2O2) and Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) with Baking Soda (BS). Am doing much better with these additions. Here's my big question: Does anyone else have issues with humidity and air pressure? I can have a pretty good day, then when the sun goes down and the humidity rises, my breathing becomes labored. Same when a rain or snow storm is coming. My breathing is acting like a barometer. All ideas welcome! Just like all of you out there in EC Land, I thank God several times a day for this site.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Borax, Mullein Tea
Posted by Rose (CA) on 12/11/2020

Have to mention this tho... The 1-star reviews of his book on Amazon are pretty brutal. I'm in the habit of reading those first cuz sometimes you can get the real truth about a product. Some of them are nonsense, but some are not. You'll have to decide for yourself.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Borax, Mullein Tea
Posted by Rose (CA) on 12/11/2020

After reading a bit more on that website I had found as well as this earth clinic website. I think I also need to use the nebulizer with the H202 and also use it in the diffuser. It has to get into the lungs and bronchials to kill the bugs.

When I first began trying to combat this ailment, I thought maybe I had CHF... so I had done some research and found 4 supplements to help with CHF. On the COPD website listed in my first comment, I found there are specific supplements that will help for COPD... He mentions them also in his book. But, I have to say the ones I am using that help with CHF also help with COPD. All I'm saying is, don't skip the supplements that are mentioned. There are also breathing exercises that can be done. So, when you combine everything, its a full protocol that can help.

Another thing, I wanted to know is if COPD could be reversed. The guy who wrote the book says it can and he did heal his mom's COPD which also included emphysema. I sure hope it can cuz it is a debilitating ailment.

This is the website with the essential oil/homeopathic remedy I found specifically for COPD. Its a bit pricey... and comes from the UK. I'm still waiting for it. Instructions on how to use it are included.

Just saw this one today for emphysema. I have not purchased this... but I might later if I feel it necessary. First wanna see how the COPD remedy will work.

If you are a smoker... you've got to quit smoking. The video listed in my first post explains why and how it can lead to COPD.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Borax, Mullein Tea
Posted by Rose (CA) on 12/09/2020

I started the Organic ACV - a tablespoon at night. It helped only a little. Purchased some mullein tea and made that... It was helpful combined with Breathe Easy Yogi tea gave it a better flavor and it did help.

Then began using a nebulizer with H202... that was difficult. Burned my throat, caused a paroxism of coughing but in about 2 days the phlem was less. Wheezing was reduced and I was breathing a little easier and not heaving every time I tried to do something.

A friend told me his wife used a diffuser with essential oils and H202... so I purchased that and began using that instead of the nebulizer... which was easier to cope with and I can let it run all day if I am near the diffuser. The one I got came with 10 essential oils... Then I purchased an essential oil specifically for COPD... that hasn't arrived yet. Also got one called Respiratory Rescue from Garden Essence. That is also working. Airways are clearer, I can move about without feeling so winded and exhausted. Wheezing is nearly gone. 2 capfuls of H202 in the diffuser with 10 drops of the essential oil. But I have a ways to go yet.

Then I wondered if COPD could be reversed and also what caused it. I was a smoker in my 20's... but I'm now 73. Could it be that I am experiencing this from a bad habit I had some 50 years ago? I wondered and so did some research. You will be surprised at what I found.

Here is a video... this explains why a person can be suffering from COPD even though they quit smoking many years ago.

In case that video is taken down... here is a link to a blog. Website offers info on conventional and alternative treatment along with a focus group. This person also wrote a book which is the 3rd edition.

The book:

I'm new to Earth Clinic... but I am so grateful for the suggestions that are offered here. The H202 was the first good solution but the journey toward recover is not over yet. I hope this new info will help others.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method
Posted by Christopher (Atlanta) on 12/03/2020

Bill Munro used plain old hydrogen peroxide with the preservatives etc. If you can find it without them, all the better.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method
Posted by Jon (South Carolina) on 12/01/2020

I've been reading and hearing that 3% is safe. I'm sure you now know from experience and found out by now from other posts that 35% is much too strong. I hope you are well or better and it would be nice to hear an update if you recieve this message! 🙂

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Tom (USA) on 11/21/2020

Why do you say H2O2 is "elusive" to obtain? Go to Amazon, you'll find all you want.

EC: It was elusive to obtain in 2014, when that post was written.

Posted by Freda (Canada) on 06/11/2020

Hi Renee,

Just checking in to see how you are doing with your copd. I have severe COPD and need help.

Thank you.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method
Posted by Freda (Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada) on 12/30/2018

You can use a Neubilizer to inhale the 3% food grade hydrogen Peroxide. I also have started neubilizing Colloidal Silver. I also drink lots slots. I have bad Copd and at this point I am willing to try anything. I have just started the neubilizing and have to keep at it. I was told to neubilize the colloidal silver at least 3-4 tildes a day . I just have a difficult time sitting so have to force myself to do the neubilizing.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method
Posted by Freda (Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada) on 12/30/2018

Hi. I inhaled 3% food grade hydrogen Peroxide in my nebuilzer.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method
Posted by Carolyn (Missouri) on 12/27/2018

Thanks all for your replies. I was diagnosed with COPD about 3 yrs ago. I quit smoking then and have avoided any type of chemical or being around anyone smoking ever since. I haven't been sick at all in those 3 yrs, either. The only problem I had was coughing and after I stopped smoking, so did the coughing. The Dr didn't run any tests, she only mentioned I had that, I suppose for one of her money making schemes to keep me coming back. Anywho, it was one day out of the clear blue sky, I got to the top of the stairs and I thought I was suffocating, never had that happen before. It's been that way since. It started getting worse and I started H202. In the last week or so, I have been extremely sick at my stomach and ACV was one of my guesses. I didn't drink it one day and the pain came back full blast. I got back on it, but only 1 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar and 1/4 tsp bs 3xday. Last night I think the H202 got a little deeper. About 30 minutes later, I coughed up some phlegm, (white and yellow) I felt and slept better, but this morning back to like before. Now, if I take a deep breath through my mouth, it's painful to my throat and makes me have a dry cough. It's like you feel when you go out and smoke 2 packs of cigs in about 4 hours lol.

I had to move from one house because of mold several years ago, arthritis got better for a while but in the last year it's made me almost immobile. Dr won't do anything, says take tylenol, blah blah blah. I have a neighbor to check around for any mold. After Janet mentioned that, I remembered what I had learned before and that's what I'll look into first. Thanks again. I'm still open for more advice and/or opinions.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method
Posted by Janet (In) on 12/27/2018


I am thinking you have mold. Mold illness.

Arthritis and breathing issues, worsening of symptoms. I would consider that mold at least contributes to the issues.

The easiest way to check is Petrie dishes. They are opened near, pipes drains or windows. Then allowed to grow. You can have them analyzed or check online there are pictures to compare the results to. Or you can have a mold test done professionally with a meter. This takes some research. You want experienced and a reputable company.

In the short term. You might experiment with Ted's mold remedy from page 6 under mold heading. It is my go to page for any mold issues.

I use h2o2 remedy for virus or colds it works. For mold issues it is limited.

Teds borax remedies are helpful to make the borax saturated solution. Bath soaks.

Things that help with stairs. Teds ammonia spray.

Co q10

Topical magnesium oil on chest and back

A eucalyptus rub. 2 drops of essential oil in a small container of lotion. Mixed well. Applied to chest.

Deirdre's video for colloidal silver in cold mist vaporizer.

1000 mg of beta glucan reduced in water, 3x a day

3 or 7 mushroom blend.

Minerals deplete, or seem to when you encounter mold. It is nearly instantly. The worst, selenium yeast (selenium), sodium molybdate (molybdenum). once those two are low then recovery becomes 2x as hard.

These are my observations, with using Ted's remedies as a solve. I think many of us are diagnosed without any thought to cause.


Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method
Posted by Gertjr (Madison) on 12/27/2018

Carolyn, my DH has copd & has been on oxygen for some time now. When he inhales the H2O2 from the mist bottle it makes his shortness of breath worse. He takes blackstrap molasses daily along with vit D3 & C and also uses NAC. He always feels better after taking these (we get powders that he can put in water or juice, so easy to take). This is a progressive disease, but careful management can help you live longer and avoid complications.

Do what you must to manage this. Have you looked into pulmonary rehab? It's covered by most insurance and they teach you various exercises to keep you strong, ways to perform various activities to minimize shortness of breath, a lot about various medications and strategies for taking them, when to call the dr and when to deal with it yourself.

A good support system is really important. Try to have someone with you for all appointments, it takes 2 sets of ears to hear and remember. Good Luck.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method
Posted by Carolyn (Missouri) on 12/26/2018

I am in the early stages of COPD, but never extremely short of breath, until one day, I went upstairs and was out of breath. At first, I thought it was from being idle from arthritis, but instead of getting any better from numerous trips up the stairs, it's actually gotten worse. I had started Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda for the pain (and it helps) but the SOB still as bad. I started inhaling Peroxide a couple of weeks ago and I can't tell any difference at all. When out of breath, if I try to take a deep breath, it causes me to cough and now I'm getting sick at my stomach when I do that. I am wondering if I am inhaling wrong or am I so bad it's only going to take longer than I had hoped. I have thought about low iron, I have had all my life and I ordered some Blackstrap Molasses. There isn't a decent health food store near me, I don't have access to much except thru the internet. Does anyone know anything else I need to do and with what?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Wayne A (Louisiana) on 11/20/2018

Dealing (and living) with COPD

First, let me clarify. I was a smoker for many years and was diagnosed with emphysema. I am stubborn when it comes to NOT accepting that I cannot fix what is broken, especially my body. After reading the article on Bill Munro and hydrogen peroxide inhalation, I decided I would try it. If it worked fore him, should work for me, right?

Well, I experienced some relief but not what I expected. I went though a period of less stress on breathing. It felt as tho the method was working.

Then after a month or so, I had a terrible infection to the point I thought it was the end. I quickly went for my albuterol because I know after the treatments my lungs open up. Then, after much site hopping looking for suggestions, I learned about L-Glutathione. I suggest you google it and read all you can because its one of the most important proteins in your body (cells). I made several appointments with a holistic Dr. but was never able to keep the appointments because of the distance from me and work schedules.

Anyway, I was able to find it on the net, ordered, and nebulize with one tea-spoon of distilled water per capsule L-Glutathione.

Miraculously, this treatment seemed to giving me the relief I was looking for. Then, I after 1 month, my lungs became infected again (exsaperations, I believe its called.) Anyway, I was fine then became sick again. So, what caused the infections?

I came to learn SUGAR (which is one of my weaknesses )is an infectant. I eat chocolate chip cookies like there's no tomorrow, bad habits are hard to stop. So, I made up my mind, no more sugar.. I must add I walk bout 5 miles a day vigorously. It helps tremendously. I also have a work out program which I use to fit my schedule. I need to do this to keep my mind off cigs. It helps as I haven't touched one in years .If you smoke, Stop. It's that simple, which is not simple, I might add. But I had to convince myself I would die way too soon if I didn't. Now, my next huge hurdle is Sugar....cross your fingers. Thanks for may help you.

Blowing Balloons
Posted by Rick (Cookeville, Tn) on 08/10/2018

The only book by Edgar Cayce with a close title to the one mentioned is The Edgar Cayce Handbook for health Through Drugless Therapy is there possibly another title? I found nothing about the balloons?

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Alexandria (Fort Wayne, Indiana) on 08/08/2018

if you are feeling like a heavy rock is on your chest and difficulty just breathing you might be having a reaction to one of the ingredients in your inhaler. I had that same reaction to anoro elipta and also breo and I had to stop using them as they made me feel like I was suffocating.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Tim (Georgia (Rep. of)) on 06/25/2018 21 posts

Exactly. Perixide you buy does not mean it helps you, There are different peroxides in different countries. So az one gorgeous name have different meanings in different places, for example, slavic countries from Slo& Cro to Ukr&Ru. World become global and we will consider when give a name to a child

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Geoffrey (Adelaide, South Australia) on 06/23/2018

Georgios. Quite hard to believe that you used H202 for years!! And ended up with no results. You also failed to mention which condition you are suffering from, or for that matter why you would continue to use something "for years" whilst getting no results does not sound plausible to me at all Georgios. You were probably just using the chemist bought 3% h202 full of contaminants ie: (stabilisers) which is the wrong kind. The only peroxide to use is 35% Food Grade H2O2 which contains no stabilisers and diluted down properly to the 3% level. Sorry to say though as you are in the UK you will not be able to buy 35% food grade H202 as it is a banned substance in your country (go figure that one out! ) in its misguided wisdom the UK government requires those wishing to purchase 35% food grade H202 to obtain a licence to do so. The UK can be so draconian and backward in a lot of areas. You can purchase it in Europe they have much more forward thinking governments that do not infringe on peoples rights so much. So bottom line, if you are able to procure the food grade H202 then get the proper protocol, follow it properly and try again and like the rest of us experience good results.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Geoffrey T. (Adelaide, South Australia) on 06/23/2018

Hi Freda, I do not know just how much proof you require, or how much research you have done, or if you have even used H202. Frankly, though I do not really much care because there will always be people such as yourself who want PROOF!, proof for this, proof for that. You most likely spend all your time searching for proof rather getting down and applying any methods to really help yourself.

For those of us, and there are many who have used and use H202 therapy for our Copd Emphysema, this therapy is a godsend, I myself have used both the drinking method and the inhalation method for some years now and the change in my condition is very apparent not only to myself but to all my friends and family and I am grateful that I possessed the open mind to go searching for ways to improve my condition. I did not go on a close minded journey looking for proof! Thus wasting time which I didn't have to waste, I became a doer, I saw what others were doing and achieving success and I wanted that, if you want proof there are so many people out there who can give you that, But when it all comes down to it Freda why should anyone try and convince you, or anyone of anything. Waste of time in my book because there will always be those just like yourself who require evidence, proof of everything, but in the meantime everything just gets worse. There is no proof that you will even wake up tomorrow morning. For me, I have a better chance of that happening with my H202 daily regimen than not. So bottom line Freda, keep on with your search for "Proof" we are all here, and we are the proof!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Freda (Canada) on 06/22/2018

There has been no real proof that Hydrogen peroxide works for COPD.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Georgios (London) on 06/18/2018

I do not believe that you threw out your inhalers by just using the peroxide solution. I did it for years without results.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Carmen (Qld) on 05/11/2018

I am suffering from COPD and CKD.

I have been taking Apple Cider Vinegar, but have not noticed any relief as yet, but I am taking the bottle of Cider Vinegar and Yes with the mother in it. I am wondering if Coconut Oil would be helpful also.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Borax, Mullein Tea
Posted by Christopher (Great Oakley, Northamptonshire. England.) on 05/11/2018 3 posts

Mullein tea for asthma and COPD:

On a daily basis I take OACV [organic apple cider vinegar] with a pinch of cayenne pepper and the juice of 1 whole lemon.

In addition to this I recently added 1.5 Ltr bottle of Volvic water with a half teaspoon of borax. The reason I chose Volvic water is because it seems to be the only water with 32mg silica per Ltr (it states it on the bottle). I can't find any other water containing silica.

In addition to this I make 1 Ltr of Mullein tea in my cafeteria, which has a fine filter needed to separate floaters in the tea, which I sweeten with raw honey.

Since adding these recent additions to my daily intake of health remedies I have stopped using Ventolin and DuoResp Spiromax inhalers because I no longer wheeze and cough up daily dollops of phlegm. Also and perhaps more importantly, my BPH problems have noticeably decreased. I no longer need to urgently find a toilet when I feel like a pee and I now sleep all night without getting up to pee several times during the night.

I have purposely waited for a month before coming on here to tell you in case it was a fluke, but I don't think it is because I feel so well and everything works as it should (and I mean everything).

The Mullein tea I buy online and I use 2 tablespoons full (heaped) per litre. I drink a mug of it after my OACV mix and drink the rest during the day. I make the brew in the evening and leave it for use the next morning so it has infused all night.

I use a gym and swimming pool 3 times a week and I am 78 years old this year.



Blowing Balloons
Posted by Ken (Usa) on 05/02/2018

Yeah, if you have $120 to throw away! Balloons are a little bit cheaper.

Plantain Leaf
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 04/23/2018

Dear Jenny,

Thank you for sharing this! I love plantain but have never tried it for lung issues.

I admire your perseverance. Often when someone says, "It didn't work for me" they only tried it for a short time. Here it took nearly a month of faithful use for it to help you.

I will definitely tuck this away for future use!

~Mama to Many~