Diatomaceous Earth: From Insect Control to Detox

| Modified on Apr 04, 2023
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Diatomaceous Earth Benefits.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a unique, versatile, and natural product derived from the fossilized remains of diatoms, a type of marine algae. These diatoms leave behind exoskeletons composed of silica, which gives DE its remarkable properties. While DE might seem similar to sand at first glance, its health benefits, applications, and overall usefulness far surpass those of ordinary sand. As a substance with a diverse range of uses, from natural insect control to detoxification and improving overall health, DE has become an increasingly popular choice for those seeking natural alternatives for various purposes.

In this article, we will delve into the numerous applications and health benefits of Diatomaceous Earth, exploring its use as a natural insecticide for both external and internal parasites, as well as its detoxifying properties when ingested. We will also discuss the importance of silica, a key component of DE, and its role in promoting various aspects of human health. Additionally, we will provide guidance on using food-grade DE safely, and recommend a reputable brand for those interested in incorporating this remarkable substance into their daily lives.

Insect Control

One of the most well-known uses for DE is as a natural insecticide. DE works by dehydrating insects and their larvae, making it a popular choice for environmentally friendly pest control. Many pet owners use DE as a safe and effective flea treatment for their pets, and it can also help control mites. Additionally, DE can be ingested to help eliminate internal parasites.

Health Benefits

Diatomaceous Earth is believed to detoxify a wide range of harmful substances, including:

  • Heavy metals
  • Bacteria
  • Parasites
  • Protozoa
  • Fungi
  • Viruses
  • Endotoxins
  • Pesticides
  • Medication residues
  • E. Coli

How DE Works

When ingested, DE starts working immediately. It travels through the stomach and colon, absorbing toxins such as bacteria, fungi, parasites, protozoa, endotoxins, pesticides, and heavy metals.

Silica Content in DE

Diatomaceous Earth contains silica, which offers several health benefits when consumed. The body absorbs a small amount of silica each time DE is ingested. One of the advantages of silica is its ability to help remove bad fats and reduce cholesterol levels by 40-50 points. Silica can also contribute to reducing high blood pressure.

Additional Health Benefits of Silica 

Silica is also said to help with:

  • High blood pressure
  • Painful joints
  • High cholesterol
  • Itchy skin
  • Rashes
  • Boils
  • Acne
  • Calluses
  • Warts
  • Eczema
  • Burns
  • Frostbite
  • Skin lesions
  • Bed sores
  • Hair loss
  • Brittle nails
  • Age spots
  • Low energy
  • Coughs
  • Kidney stones
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Vertigo
  • Tinnitus
  • Headaches
  • Alzheimer's


It is important to purchase only food-grade Diatomaceous Earth, as the type of DE sold for use in pools is unsafe for health applications and can be toxic when inhaled.

Where to Buy

 Nature's Wisdom is a reputable brand of food-grade DE that has existed for some time. Many people have used this product for years. Here's a link to the product on Amazon:

Nature's Wisdom Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth 5 lb.


Diatomaceous Earth is a natural and versatile product with numerous applications and health benefits. From insect control to detoxification and improved overall health, DE has proven to be a valuable addition to many people's lives. Always use food-grade DE for health purposes and consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen.


Read on for feedback from Earth Clinic readers who have used Diatomaceous Earth to treat various ailments and improve their overall health.


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Caution: Food Grade

Posted by Ben (Sacramento, Ca) on 12/02/2011

I sell DE for a living and can tell you that in it's dry form it is EXTREMELY hazardous long term as it is chemically inert and you can not eliminate it from your body if you inhale it. It is perfectly safe when wet and can not poison you in any way unless you (or your pet) swallow massive amounts which will bind together in the presence of muriatic acid, also known as stomach acid and create a very strong "mud."

Replied by Joshua, Nd

I would like to see your references for the assertion that "you can not eliminate it from your body if you inhale it." Mucus membranes line the entire respiratory tract, as well as cilia. Also, hydrochloric acid is in the stomach, not muriatic acid. Please learn your biochemistry, anatomy, and physiology before making such assertions. Also, I do not sell any DE, and have no financial associations with such sale.

Bo Jangles
(Texas, US)

Muriatic Acid is dilute Hydrochloric Acid.


LOL, you're the one who needed to be educated with your own biochemistry haha. muriatic is hydrochloric acid, it is the same thing. But guess your being funny.... and that was a good laugh :)

Replied by Kayte

I brush my teeth with it and coconut oil. I use the same concoction as deorderant.

I mix it in water and drink it. Ive had a friend cure stomach cancer by drinking it.

Ben, How in its dry form is it toxic? But in wet form isnt?

Its exoskeletons of diatoms that lived million of years ago which sustained life....for millions of years. It was once present in the soil, but now is depleated. God has a design that included Diatomaceous Earth.

I believe you are talking about the heated and chemically treated for swimming pool, D.E.

NOT the food grade. Why call it FOOD if harmful?

Also, the body will rid the excess through the urinary tract. And anything breathed in thats not oxygen, can irritate the lungs.

There are only 4 deposit sites that they take Food Grade DE from. So that shows something.

It is drying so try not to get in eyes or inhale it.

But it isnt toxic. It is 89 % silica with 14 trace minerals we need.

Replied by Sj
1 out of 5 stars

How much did your friend use for curing stomach cancer? I have someone in the family going through treatments for it and would like more info. I've just recently started using myself (not this particular brand) and am feeling the benefits after just a few days! Thanks

Replied by Sheila

If you use food grade, I've read that this is not harmful to inhale - though obviously take precautions and don't breathe it in deliberately!

Replied by Katzie

I think this guy means he sells "Pool Grade" D.E. and that is indeed poisonous to the body. Food Grade is called "food" for a reason. This stuff is amazing! Don't be scared. Don't be held up by Brand either - just make sure it's Food Grade. It will work. I am still discovering the wonders of D.E. Happy Healing, everybody!

Replied by DREAMER

Dude, you're wrong, must be food-grade diatomaceous earth, works great!.

Caution: Food Grade
Posted by IVORY COAST (CYBER CITY, CALIFORNIA) on 07/05/2009

Do you realize that diatomacious earth is glass? the algae in the ocean make this glass as part of their body. they die and people collect this diatomaceous earth from the bottom of the ocean. it has a cutting action -- just like glass. thus you could cut a hole in the eardrum with this or your intestines. i would not drink this nor put it in the ear.

Replied by Deborah
(Prattville, Al)

D.E. is NOT GLASS! Diatoms are actually made up of mostly calcium and other minerals and are the food grade is safe for humans and animals internally as well as externally.

Replied by Diane
(Ca, US)

I don't think cutting is a problem with diatomaceous earth; if you feel it with your hands it is very smooth.

Silica, which is what DM is mostly, (it is not glass, though a large percentage of glass and don't forget 3000 degrees) is not good to inhale, silicosis is a problem with working with clay also which has a lot of silica so best to take care when working with the dry, like using for insect control, even mixing with water.

It does cut insects bodies and parasites. Silica is important to the body.

Food grade has been used in food and animal foods for a long time, so I don't think there is a worry.

Replied by Celeste
(Tennessee, US)
1 out of 5 stars

Why do people post things as facts when it is just their uneducated opinion??? You could not be more wrong in your statement. DE is NOT glass.

Accidental Diatomaceous Earth Inhalation

1 User Review

Posted by Breanna (Sedalia,mo) on 03/07/2014
0 out of 5 stars

Hello! We were told to use diatomaceous earth in our house to rid it of fleas. I took precautions by wearing a mask when I put it all over our house, which is 4000 sq ft. I left it there for 3-4 days. During that time my 2 year old was running and playing all over the house and moved around all of the particles in the air. Well after that she started coughing and 7 months later she has been diagnosed with asthma. She was fine before this exposure. My concern is that she got this from inhaling all of that in our house. She is too young to have tests to check her lungs and her function but my concern is that she could have serious lung problems and have read that this can lead to tuberculous, cancer, and death. Do you know how serious this is? How many cases has there been. What can I do to help her! ? Thanks

Replied by Taram7

From what I know, its not harmful if its small amounts and given time to clear out of the lungs... its the silica particles... but my question would be was it the Organic Food Grade DE or the hardware store kind? The first thing I would do is visit the place you bought it and write down all the ingredients. If they are not listed then you can contact the manufacturer- for stabilizers or anti-caking agents, etc. But asthma is inflammation- so anti-inflammatory herbs and foods would help and avoiding inflammatory foods. A quick internet search can pull these up for you. There are plenty of natural treatments for asthma. I am not a doctor, but my daughter had sports induced asthma for a while and it can flare up as side-effects of other things. But it its been 7 months at least and it was organic food grade DE and just minimal from breathing- I have always heard the lungs will clear it out with a good immune system and no side-effects.

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2072 posts

Taram7: The asthma reaction is the lungs inability to properly remove the silica, which ends in an inflammatory response.

To hasten the removal of this particulate, use purified water in either a vaporizer or nebulizer. Three herbs which will help the lungs are Marshmallow Root, Slippery Elm, and Mullein. You may find an herbal lung formula at the health food store w/ these three as well as others. Read label for directions.

As these remedies begin clearing the lungs, there may be some silica build up in the colon, so sprinkle Milled Flax Seed in the child's food to final eliminate the silica. Speaking of Flax, you will need to increase the dietary Omega 3 Fatty Acids w/ cold water fish like Salmon, Mackerel, or Sardines. These greatly reduce inflammation and promote healing.

When you seem to have succeeded in this endeavor, you may consider giving one cap of Raw Lung Glandular so as to heal any possible lung damage.

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)

Dear Breanna,

Well, I am so sorry your daughter was left with asthma from the DE and also sorry you have gotten such dire predictions about her future health. I won't at all minimize the asthma issue (we have dealt with this in two of our children) however, the human body can generally deal with a lot of assaults to it and still live on well for a long time. (Not that we should assault it on purpose, but it is inevitable in this world, no matter how careful we are.) My father is in his 80's. He has some health issues and has asthma, likely caused by decades of smoking and some dangerous chemical exposure to his lungs as a young person. Yet he has led a long and very productive life.

Is your daughter needing medication to keep her asthma under control? Is this hindering her play of her sleep?

Tim's advice about herbs and pure water in a vaporizer or nebulizer are great.

Heritage Essential Oils makes a blend called, "Lung Healing" that we found very helpful for our daughter. We used it for months in an essential oil nebulizer while she slept for months and it kept her from wheezing or coughing.

Please keep us posted!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Sandee

Hi Timh ...I used diatamaceous earth (food grade) to get rid of carpenter bees. I used a pest pistol to get it into the openings. The dust did fly everywhere and I was not wearing a mask. Fast fwd several months later and a chest CT scan shows nodules (benign in nature...possibly from old pneumonia which I never had or breathing in some solvent) and slight swelling of lymph nodes. I feel it is safe to assume this was caused by my inhaling the diatomaceous earth as I have an autoimmune condition which keeps my immune system at a less than optimal level. I am going to try your suggestions and have a few questions if you don't mind. I have a nebulizer and will begin treatments with purified water...how often do you recommend. Of these 3 Marshmallow Root, Slippery Elm, and Mullein...which do you think would be best for my situation?

Replied by Timh
2072 posts

Sandee: It's always safe to start low and go slow, so one treatment on day 1 and if no bad side effects two treatments per day. You can use all three herbs together for best results. The nebulize water plus herbs should help significantly but true healing will take some time. Other treatment options would be an herbal expectorant like Lobelia or Licorice. The herb Hawthorn Berry has an antioxidant affinity for the lungs which should encourage the removal of anything foreign. After several weeks of treatment and you feel "cleaned out" you can consider the herbs Horstail, Gotu Kola, and Comfrey for removing scar tissue and encourage regrowth. Two other nutrients which will help is Glucosamine and Calcium-AEP. Looking forward to your results.

Replied by Sandee

Thank you so much Timh...I will go today to get the water and herbs. I am so happy and blessed to have figured the possible cause and to "stumble" upon this thread (no coincidences is my belief:)

Would it be ok to do nebulizer treatments along with using a vaporizer at night? Also if I use a vaporizer will my partner be ok ...want to make sure there will be no ill effects for him.

Thanks so much....you have shed much light on this issue for me and others too I am sure.

Replied by Timh
2072 posts

Sandee: I suppose you will use something like "Vicks" mentholyptus in the vaporizer and if so the same principle applies --start low and go slow; gradually increase the mentholyptus or eucalyptus. I forgot to mention these herbs but they are helpful. Back in the day, the steamrooms at the fitness centers I attended had the Eucalyptus available or allowable to mix w/ the steam and oh my what a cleansing & invigorating experience. Unfortunately nowadays most places have too many complainers of the "bad odor" and so goes the Eucalyptus. The advantage of the steamroom experience would be rapid cleansing as well as removal as per the sweating.

The only bad side effects I can imagine in your case would maybe be some heart pain or digestive discomfort as the lungs are clearing the toxins back into the bloodstream. Headache or dizziness would indicate a good deal of bad stuff, so it all comes down to what kinda levels of free radicals you have in your lungs. The marshmallow and Slippery Elm will help lubricate & protect the Kidneys as well as lungs so that would greatly reduce the stress loads on the Kidneys, although if there is any sign of infection some Cranberry will take care of it.

Am very glad to help and only hope to hear some good news from you soon.

Replied by John
(Lakewood, Co)

Thanks all for the info, a couple notes:

Try just not breathing it (any of it) ok?


I hear fire ants do NOT like this stuff (we are not blessed with them here)

A small quantity in an electrical box (which they are not good for I hear) makes it to a fire ant an unfriendly place.

As stuff in your electrical boxes goes, this is pretty safe.


Replied by Neal & Lorene
(Montgomery Tx)

I was told when using DE for carpets/house to "wear a mask" due to the dust when applying. This makes good sense. I don't know about effects on Asthma victims, but would be cautious and be out of the house while someone else does the job. It settles really fast. You might want to dust excess off furniture if ppl are going to be running, raising the dust to inflict into lungs. (?) I would suspect that it is not that harmful. Read the bag! Follow directions. Asthma can be from many things, but mostly from a poorly functioning immune system.

Accidental Inhalation of DE

1 User Review
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Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 09/24/2018 235 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I just wanted to share on the 'hazards' of breathing in food grade Diatomaceous Earth, while making capsules of the stuff recently I was tamping down to fill more and trapped dry DE burst out of capsule machine going into my face, hair, eyes, nose, mouth, and as I gasped in nervousness, my lungs. Apart from a mild stress from reading too many warnings, I had no ill effects, I did not wipe my eyes, nose or mouth, as at first I froze, not knowing what I should do. I did think well any bacteria in my nose will die. I will still take care with DE, but will absolutely not freak out about accidentally breathing it in.


3 User Reviews
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Posted by Arveca (Kansas) on 03/09/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Try the D.E. as a face scrub. Works better that way for acne. Also start with small dose for internal use 1/2 to 1 teaspoon..work your way up to a tablespoon. Anything can be overdone.

Posted by Dianek (Macon Ga) on 03/16/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I had acne problems and I read that by using Diatomaceous Earth as a facial mask mixing water with then rub for 30 secs let dry for 2 mins then rinse. It's a great exfoliator and it helped cleared up my acne. I do this every other day. My pores have gotten smaller and easier to clean. I also use rosehip oil after. Hope it works for you. Give it a month. Let me know.

Posted by Natcat86 (Gaithersburg, Maryland, Usa) on 08/16/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I had really bad acne all over my face and neck with the random appearance on my chest, back, or shoulders constantly for 14 years (starting at puberty), and as time went on it only got worse (so it wasn't caused by changes in hormones as I was led to believe).

I stumbled upon some information on Diatomaceous Earth (DE) and became intrigued because of its many proported benefits (I recommend looking it up). It is relatively unknown, and only sold for pest control and consumption by animals, (but you can buy food grade DE online) but since it is used to mechanically kill bugs in grain silos and just about every person who has ever eaten grain which was stored in a silo has eaten DE, I figured it would be safe and I would try it.

DE is the fossilized shells of a type of algae called Diatoms. Their shells are extremely hard and very sharp (but yet not dangerous to your cells) and they mechanically scrub the walls of your intestines, scraping away any build-up. Some DE passes through the intestinal walls and into the bloodstream and while it is there it scrapes plaque buildup away from the walls of veins and arteries. It basicly acts like a plumber in your body.

I found that most cases of acne are caused by toxins entering the blood stream through the digestive system (some degree of leaky gut), not by a problem with the skin itself. It is your body attempting to expel the toxins from your blood.

When you expel the toxins which originate in your digestive tract through the digestive system, they don't have the opportunity to make it into your blood stream and thus cause acne by pushing through your skin.

So... I began adding 1tsp DE to water every day for a week, then increased it to 1 tbsp gradually after that and drank it daily for 2 months. I noticed a difference my skin within a day.

By the time 2 months was up I no longer had acne. I had to stop consuming it for a little while after that because I slightly threw my body off balance (my skin became a little dry). After a month off, I started consuming it again in moderation and have been ever since.

I have been able to consistently keep the acne away as long as I continue to consume it at least a couple of times a week. I highly recomend it because it is very effective and it gets to the root of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms. I now have had only a few pimples (instead of many hundreds) within the last 9 months, and I know that in time I will get them to go away completely.

Replied by Rae
(Oregon, US)

Thank you for the testimonial! I don't and won't use harsh chemicals to treat my acne and lately it hasn't seemed to go away! I've used DE for a few years on my pets and had no idea that it had such powerful internal scrubbing effects! So excited to start consuming DE today! Thank you!!!

Aluminum Content in DE

1 User Review
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Posted by Anonymosaurus Rex (USA) on 08/28/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is one of the richest sources of silica around, at ~80%. In comparison, Horsetail has ~4% (often touted as the highest source), and bamboo stalk has ~28%.

Silica is important for bones, hair, teeth, nails, ligaments and especially the skin. Silica is best absorbed with acid (stomach acid works quite nicely) as silicon dioxide must first convert to orthosilicic acid before it can be utilised by the body. Silica will convert to orthosilicic acid when in contact with water.

If you are making your own toothpaste, face cream, toner, nail treatment or moisturiser you should consider adding a small amount of DE as it will be very beneficial and is absorbed by your skin.

To supplement your daily intake of silica, here is a method on adding DE to water that I got from - http://www.mountainmistbotanicals.com/info/Silica_Diatomaceous Earth vs Horsetail Grass.htm (I am not afilliated with this site whatsoever, but this article is a really, really good read. If you are interested in Silica, DE or Horsetail I strongly recommend it.)

"...add a spoon full of food grade DE to a gallon of water and allow the DE to settle to the bottom. This may take a few days initially. Pour the water you intend to drink from the top of the container, but be careful not to disturb the DE on the bottom of the container. Refill the container with water and allow it to settle out again. Keep repeating this process. A spoon full of DE should last several years if it is not poured off in the water."

This method of adding DE will work especially well if you have a water urn/dispenser that has a spigot (tap) slight above the bottom - you can put a touch of DE in the bottom and it should supplement your water without any problems.

- Diatomaceous Earth must be food grade if you are considering using it for yourself, as many other posts have mentioned.

- DE contains ~2-4% aluminium oxide, so if you are avoiding all aluminium then do not consume this as a supplement. It should be known that orthosilicic acid reduced aluminium uptake in digestion as well as increasing the excretion of aluminium through urine. The DE water method above uses a very small amount of silica over a long period that it will minimize your ingestion of aluminium.

- Vegans/vegetarians generally should find DE acceptable, as it consists of phytoplankton (algae) but it is important to be aware of this just in case.


1 User Review
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Posted by Kimberly (Oregon) on 12/06/2014
5 out of 5 stars

We have used DE for over a year now for many different ailments on both our pets and our selves with positive response. My 76 year old mother takes it twice a day she has severe arthritis in her knees since taking this she now is up to walking a mile a day. I was so happy to find DE.

Bad Breath

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Posted by Jenny (Winchester, England) on 08/04/2011
5 out of 5 stars

For bad breath, I take a level desertspoon of diatamaceous earth once per day in a drink, works a treat

Beautiful Skin

2 User Reviews
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Posted by Annie Mae (East Coast, New England) on 08/21/2011
5 out of 5 stars


I use a tablespoon of DE in simple water, not juice... Just pure liquid to get it down.

The next day I felt only mildly different, not negatively.

But looking in the mirror I said ok, no makeup today. My eyes were stunningly 'nice', I usually put a touch of liner, and usually darken my brows. Small touches. So I left it at just using moisturizer, and went out. A woman and I were chatting and eventually she said "you're so beautiful'. I tell you this because I had not heard this in decades, and it was day 1, following use of DE. The down side for me is that on the 2nd, 3rd day I am a bit constipated....

Replied by Vreed27
(Seattle, Wa)
5 out of 5 stars

Yes, you need to take in more water as DE can act like a diuretic.

Candida and Parasites

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Posted by Tikiwish (Rancho Cucamonga, Ca) on 07/19/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Thanks for the info, I just started taking it, for two days now, for an bacterial infection. I felt really bad last at first, but then I started feeling a lot better than I hadfor a long time, today I had more energy too. I'm going to do the same thing, take it for a year and hope it gets rid of this infection. I bought a large box online, it's not expensive. And I used it for ants today, which worked great. I'll post more about my progress.

Candida and Parasites
Posted by Rad_city (Brea, Ca) on 02/11/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I have never written on a forum or posted about my health but feel compelled to do so about Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) because I feel it will help a lot of people. (in particular, people with distended bellies, fungal overgrowth, clogged sinuses, mild allergies, food allergies, bad digestion, bad skin, low energy)

I have suffered from asthma all my life. Since a little child. And i've had a slightly distended belly (I am tall, thin, and not an ounce of fat on me! ) since I was a child. I had strep throat a lot as a kid and would take antibiotics (I now think I probably was allergic to some food, or had parasites, and antibiotics just slowly eroded my gut)

I smoked and drank casually in my 20s, and by my 27th birthday I had sinus infections a couple times a year, but then, things got worse. Tonsils were getting infected, horrible sore throats, fungus on nails, and gradual weight loss. I took more broad-spectrum antibitoics and got a yeast infection. Had to stop.

I developed a weird rash on both legs (on the shins) of tiny red dots. Tried using topical anti-fungal cream. Then turned to tea tree oil, fasted (which encouraged some die-off symptoms), pro-biotics, and then found colloidal silver (which also helped to kill off something in my body, but not totally).

I was coughing up white balls of phglem, bad digestion & constipation/diarrhea. Also have had horrible and chronic localized lower back pain on the right side, to the point where I haven't been able to walk, or bend over. I tried acupuncture, chiropractors, and tons of herbal supplements. I have tried mixing DMSO in a nebulizer and inhaling that, I've taked food-grade H2O2 in water (and inhaled). (If you choose to try these treatments please do a significant amount of research. They are safe but, like most effective treatments, can be harmful if you're not mindful)

I believe all of the above treatments are components of a well-rounded wholistic health system. I have learned so much in trying all of them, and now have an arsenal of alternative health options for the future. Many of them I learned about on THIS SITE! BUT, if you are suffering from a candidia overgrowth and/or parasites, then I believe D.E. is the first offense to clear you out so other things can help to make you healthy.

I began taking two giant spoonfuls of D.E. In water twice a day. Within hours I felt a headache. Within days I had full blown flu symptons. Achey body. Feverish. Sinuses in absolute pain. SOMETHING WAS/IS DYING OFF. What's really interesting is that I went through many of the symptoms of my past battles in reverse. I felt my tonsils get inflamed, and sore, for a couple days, then that subsided as the back of my throat was sore, then it moved down into my vocal chords (which as been a source of pain in the past as well), then into my lungs (where I've had horrible bouts of gurgly, phlegm filled coughing-having to use an inhaler many times a night).

I woke up on the 4th day with my tounge COVERED in white. It scraped right off with a toothbrush. I applied the D.E. as a paste to my face, shoulders, legs, and let it dry to white. And it has cleared my legs of the red-dot rash. It is making my pores on my face smaller. It seems to be very powerful in drawing toxins out of the skin. I'm on day 9 and still feel a bit loopy. My distended belly is going down. My gums, which once had dark rings where they met my teeth, now are healing. I've had back pains, then nothing (possible I had some overgrowth in my joints, or taking up residence in my lower back?), i'm having a strange pain in my knee that I think will go away.

I plan on taking D.E. for a year. I think I have a long way to go to help my body find balance. But D.E. seems like an incredible gift. I have been expelling phlegm out of sinuses and lungs for past 3 days. Thick gunk. It is incredible.


So, I will say to you who are searching for good health: Don't give up! Trust your intuition. Keep moving and experimenting. You can't hurt yourself by trying alternative health methods any more than a Dr. Can hurt you by prescribing harsh synthetic drugs that you might be harming you. Most people don't need antibiotics. They are good for extreme conditions. But most symptoms are caused by bad diet (i am now mostly vegan - has also helped clear my lungs, skin, etc. Highly recommended!) and lifestyle. I do believe that we live in a toxic world, full of pollution, but I believe nothing is more harmful to our bodies than the american diet and lifestyle (processed sugar, processed grains, alcohol, caffeine, etc).

I don't believe people are supposed to have mild allergies, stuffy sinuses, low energy, bad skin, etc. These are all signs from your body that something is wrong internally. You have to treat the internal for the external to be healthy!

If anyone has questions please feel free to email or reply. I love reading testimonials from real people because I feel like you can determine what might be effective for you by reading other people's voices. Every body is different, and what might work for some (like D.E.) might not work for you. But DON'T GIVE UP! Keep going! It is a journey. You can find good health. Keep stripping away the layers of your habbits and patterns and examine every part of your life.

Be Well! Paul

Replied by Yehsams

For Rad_city from Brea, Ca

I am also a user of DE, and any other item I can use instead of going to the Dr for every little thing. Had some pretty miraculous things happen. AND, had some scary thing happen. Went for a long time working on a painful lower back, right side. Finally caved and had a Colonoscopy. Now the scary, I now have about 1/3 less larger colon on the right side. ALL my pain was in the lower right back. Cancer stage was 3a. What I want you to know is that your symptoms are identical. My suggestion, get a colonsocopy to make certain your good to go before you continue with anything else. With all the GMO in american food, no matter how well we why try, we are not immune to cancer. Now I am on my way to recovery, doing well. AND right back to my good old natural remedies. Have a good life! Yehsams

Replied by Lindsey
(San Francisco, Ca)

Hi Paul,

I was working in a pharmacy when I found out about how abundant pinworms were. I had never heard of them before. After reading about them, I was certain I had come in to contact with them due to all the time I'd spent near infested patients. I took one dose of pinx to ease my mind. Four days later I had severe diahrrea and got a "cold." I thought this was because I was traveling. Two weeks later, when I was in bed, I was certain I felt a pinch and spotted a worm on my toilet paper. I took the second dose of pinx and three days later started DE, 1 tablespoon in the morning. After a few days I got extremely exhausted. Then a day later I got a headache. The next day I started feeling sick again. It's been 8 days and for the past three I have had a sore throat and extreme congestion (worse than ever). I will wake up vomitting phlegm. I'm aware of the herx reaction. But what worries me is that I've felt sore of detached and out of it the past week as well. It seems as though my vision is a little blurry but I'm not sure if this is because I'm having a hard time concentrating. It doesn't seem like this would be part of the detox reaction and that it may be a toxicity to the DE, or worse the worms have travelled north (big symptoms of brain prasites). I was wondering if you had any of those symptoms? And how long your "detox" symptoms lasted. I want to clean my body but obviously do no harm in the process.

Replied by Myway

Food grade diatomaceous earth has to be started slowly....1 tsp in water on an empty stomach and over two weeks, increase to 1 tablespoon in water 2x a day. You have to drink lots of water or you may have a constipation effect. A headache or ringing in the ear indicates that you need to lessen the dose.

I take 2 teaspoons a day as a supplement but I did find out - it has to be started slowly.

MyWay :D

Replied by Jordan

I am not a medical professional, this is my personal experience. I had severe herxeimer reactions after beginning the candida diet and taking antifungals, and my reaction as candida and parasites died off was similar to yours. If you are taking DE to kill parasites, I imagine that you would have the same die off reactions. My die off was so bad that I didn't think I would be able to go to work. My doctor recommended coffee enemas to help get rid of those symptoms and they helped tremendously.

Replied by Sandra
(North Central Washington)
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, Paul (Rad_city (Brea, Ca):

I am an 84 yo female. Many years ago, I was given a bag of FG DE by a friend in Utah. I started using it. I don't remember any problems and didn't notice any benefits. Sometime back then (about 6-7 years ago I had a heart attack and now have a stent. While reading your story, I remember one of the nurses (in a surprise filled voice) saying over and over, "Look at her skin, look at her skin. It's very young."

Well... I just realized something. After quite a few years of not taking DE, I began noticing that the skin on my lower right calf, my skin had become sort of cellophane. I have figured that was because my right leg has for some years now been somewhat numb. So, holy cow, I just realized that that skin now feels soft and supple for a few days since I started using DE about 2 weeks ago!!! When I quit taking it I was still putting about 1/4 tsp in my Chihuahua's food every day. She died this past summer at the age of almost 17. This was right after her vet gave her a big dose of antibiotics. Most of her life she had no health problems at all. I was just about to discontinue the use of DE. Now, I am convinced to continue it until I get the heck otta-here, if you get my drift. I usually put it in my morning coffee. I am now considering My EmergenCy in place of the coffee. Thank you Paul you have done me a great eye opener, and I hope many others will get your message also.

Replied by Orabelle
(Pittsburgh, PA)

Any current information on DE available? I'm very interested to know how things are going.

Chronic Digestive Issues

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Posted by Stuart (UK) on 03/13/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I tried food-grade DE in the hope that it would deal with a chronic (30 yr) bowel complaint, for which the doctor had no remedy. It worked straight away.

Now I use just a couple of teaspoons a week mixed well in foods like hummus or mashed potato. It is practically tasteless and makes no difference to these foods. Sometimes I drink a spoonful shaken well in a little water.

I think it may be harmful if used dry or inhaled - so just don't do that!

DE and Amalgams

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Posted by Baise (New York) on 02/10/2021

Can I use DE while having 6 amalgam fillings?

I know some people have commented on this but I realize that it's just people's opinions based on what they think is right. I've read every single post on DE on this site, but I haven't come across anyone who explicitly said they have amalgam fillings, they have used DE and have improved their health. So if there's anyone out there who has these toxic fillings and has also successfully used DE please can you respond to this post?

Please no posts telling me I need to get rid of these fillings. I know that better than anyone else and there's nothing more I want to do, but it's not cheap, especially since I need to go to someone who specializes in the removal of them and I can't afford it right now, but hopefully I will in a couple of years. I can't find anything on the internet on this topic and would appreciate any help. Thank you very much.

Replied by Bill
(Barton, NY)

DE will not help you remediate amalgams from off gassing. Amalgam fillings continuously off gas 24/7. There is only one way to eliminate this as you are aware of. My advice would be to not chew gum, do not drink hot liquids, do not drink acidic liquids. Just the process of chewing encourages off gassing. With that said, you do need to eat and chew your food. If removal of the fillings is not possible just taking DE internally would help soak up some of the oxidation coming off them. Also, psyllium hulls or bentonite clay taken daily would offer some help in elimination. Just remember, as long as you have those fillings they are off gassing with every breath you take. I had my amalgams removed 18 years ago. It is expensive. Fortunately my dentist did my in quadrants so I would do one quadrant and then another a month or two later. Helped financially.

Replied by Elle
(Florida by way of the Bronx)

Hi, I know you wrote this in 2021 but since it looks like no one else answered I decided to. I also have fillings from when I was a kid. I swear I never needed them. There was a lot of malpractice back in the day. Was told I needed the fillings and glasses as was told to almost every kid in my neighborhood and our parents trusted the doctors and never asked questions.

I was scouring around for information and found a few on the reviews on Amazon and blogs. One woman said that she uses it with 4 mercury fillings and she uses it as normal. Drinks it every day. Then I read one that said because they have fillings they use a straw to drink it.

I've done it both ways. Started just drinking it as quickly as possible in about 6 ounces of water. Now I use a straw. I'm still not at 1 tablespoon though. I'm going slowly. Just got to 1 1/2 teaspoons.

I wasn't drinking enough water throughout the day and was very dehydrated and had constipation as well. My large cup of coffee daily also contributed.

Used liquid IV a few times and slowly sipped on water throughout the day and it's gotten better. Also started on blackstrap molasses recently and that cured the constipation immediately lol. I'm anemic and am taking the BM and just ordered desiccated liver to help that.

Have you been on the DE since you posted your question? Is it going well?