Amazing Health Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth


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Posted by Michael (nw) (Oregon) on 11/20/2015
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I started DE about 3 weeks ago. The first 2 weeks I felt fine, no side-effects, no apparent die-off, felt actually a bit better in ways. But into the 3rd week, I started becoming Dehydrated, constipated, gut aches, etc... I took one day off, drank a ton of water, started up again, two days later my bowels are doing fine, but now I have major gut tightness, not really bloated as much as just feeling VERY tight. After this afternoon's dose I felt ill/maliase, etc...

Can it take a couple of weeks to start having die-off symptoms? I've been doing other detox treatments, and probably don't have as much heavy metals and toxic to clean out as some people do which is why maybe I didn't have an initial reaction, but I do have a parasite, and possibly SIBO which I'm hoping DE will take care of.

I usually take 1tsp 2x per day. Cheers.

Posted by Danimom (Georgia ) on 09/18/2013
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I to have many health issues. Now my children also suffer health issues we started taking 1/2 teaspoon of D. E. A day mixed in water and already we are feeling better there acne cleared up my son who has always been large has drooped 2 pant sizes because the inflammation is coming off I have gone down 1 my oldest son who has terrible allergies has not had to use his inhaler even once since we started and no ill side affects..... My mom tried it a while ago and stopped because she to got sick but she was using a lot at once and now that she sees that we are good after 3weeks she has decided to try again but at the 1/2 teaspoon dose we increased to a teaspoon after 2weeks and will go up another 1/2 teaspoon next week but my Dr. Said no more the the 1 1/2 teaspoon s dose and every fife week stop for 2then start again at the 1/2 teaspoon dose so please reply with how your doing thanks Dani

Posted by Smokeypokey (Ironwood, Michigan) on 06/13/2013

Hi. I just started taking DE about 2 weeks ago maybe. not sure exactly...

my integrative doctor suggested it. I suffer from food allergies that keep my body from absorbing nutrients and my hormones are being thrown out of balance. I have acne, which is my main consern right now. Also my hair sheds more than usual. Mood swings. Delayed periods. migraines.

So ive had my acne and other symptoms somewhat under control for about 5 months. I started breaking out and having the mood swings again before I started the DE. Well my break outs are getting worse and I feel terrible right now. More migraines. When will I start seing clearer skin? im out of town and trying to enjoy myself but I feel miserable and gross. My head hurts. I just dont feel right. I do get migraines from the weather changes and it is spring and thats the worst time for me with the migrianes. But if anyone can give me some advice or encouraging words that wud be great!!! Im so tired of this acne problem. I had it under control for a while and was looking forward to summer and enjoying my nice skin, but now im just sad and dont wana do anything...

Replied by Lottie
Cornwall, St Austell, Uk

Try to cut down on gluten, gluten stops the absorption of nurtrients and vitamins from your food.

Replied by Te
Charlotte, Nc

For the headaches and mood swings I use PMS Tea by Traditional Medicinals or some Organic Dandelion Root tea. I havent gotten the hair loss under control yet. Please let me know if you find something that helps. GB

Replied by Claudette
Exeter, Missouri

I am sorry for your present health issues. What you eat and rest is essential to healing. Depending on the severity of your condition, you will usuall feel worse before feeling better due to the detox effect. It is good to go to bed each night before 10 p. M. Your immune system starts to clean out and build up you body at 10 p.m. at nights. If your body is not given the chance to clean out and rebuild during sleep you will not get well no matter what you take or do. Water is very essential in flushing out the toxins and exercise a must. Here are the eight laws of health--water, fresh air, sunshine, good nutrition, rest, exercise, abstemiousness(keep away from harmful foods and habits) trust in divine power (prayer) and temperence in all things.

Replied by Saraaa
Paradise, Narnia

Thanks. I've been off gluten for over a year and I cut way back on dairy and eat very little grains. Doesn't seem to be helping all that much. I was doing a lot better for about 4 months or so, periods were starting to get more regular and skin cleared and my hair wasnt falling as much. I was happier and less stressed out. But for some reason it all fell apart. I knew I wasnt being super strict on my diet but I wasnt eating gluten still. I just dont know. Im hoping im going through a detox, but from what ive read others have had much faster results with DE than I seem to be having. I'm late on my period right now and symptoms are worsening. Hair falling a lot, face is breaking out terribly! And I'm emotionally insane feeling. Not literally insane. But very emotional and stressed out feeling.

I research a lot and can only find the good things DE does for skin. Why would it not be helping me? I just don't know why I deserve this. I never had acne growning up. It started when I was 25 and now I'm 30 and it's making me more and more depressed. I don't want to see people or go out anymore. I hate putting makeup on my greasy zit covered face. It just makes it feel even more gross and I dont think I'm fooling anyone with it anyway.

I hate this. I thought I had figured it out and was getting better and now im dealing with it all over again.

Replied by Dakina
L.A., California

To Saraaa from Paradise, Narnia on 6/24/13 -- My heart goes out to you. I felt that way when starting my health journey many years ago. For some reason, many people get introduced to the holistic path through detox. Having tried every experiment out there for various issues over the years, I came to understand that the so-called "healing crisis" isn't necessary or even good for you. From what you describe, I would like to suggest you skip over all this and go straight to an acupuncturist for your issues. Now, everyone says "oh acupuncture is great" – as if it were some generic thing you can just go down the street and there it is. But the reality is, you need to find someone really good or you won't get the amazing results promised with Chinese medicine. Specifically, you need to find someone really, really good – someone who has done it for a looooong time (like 30 years) and has true mastery of the art. And you do that by looking them up online and looking at their bios or their background. If they just graduated a couple years ago, say no thanks. They should be working with a mentor at that stage. If they are directly from China and have practiced for a long time, that is a really good scenario.

On rare occasions, I have had American-born acupuncturists who were excellent, but they had also been in practice for a loooooong time, were on the board of the acupuncture college, etc. So find someone who has mastered their craft and get better NOW. There is absolutely no reason you should be suffering this way. Also, sodas with caffeine can cause acne, so if you're drinking soda, STOP. As for detox, it is a good idea once in a while, but some reason people can get really carried away with it and it all sounds really good – you'll just go through it to the other side kind of thing, and you'll be great on that other side. But the body isn't a garbage can that you can just purge out all the icky stuff. Be aware that detoxing can harm organs and systems in the body (very hard on the spleen especially) – people will tell you it's just "die off" or just "detox" or "healing crisis". Your body doesn't need that. You are having real symptoms and you need to know what is going on and get relief. Chinese herbs and acupuncture address the unique patterns in your body, the imbalances that are causing these symptoms. And the knowledge is 5,000 years old and backed up far more than any other medicine available. When you're having lots of painful and extreme things going on with your body, that is NOT the time to do experiments (such as detox). Hope this helps. There is no reason you should be suffering like this!

Replied by Om
Hope Bc, Canada

Dakina from LA Calif. What a wonderful reply. I agree totally with it. Ayurveda too, thousands of years old agrees, that crisis should not be allowed in healing. It has to be gentle and knowledgeable. My own experience with TCM is very positive except I could not the herbals. Diet plays a major role. All the best. Om

Replied by Karen

Like Lottie said... Cutting back on gluten. I once ran into a lady at the produce store and she began to tell me her transformation story. She was so sick and the doctor suggested she test for gluten intolerance. He then put her on a gluten free diet. She said immediately she began to come back to life. It took the better part of 3 months until most of her symptoms subsided.

Allergies are the culprit in a lot of case studies that I read up on. Once you can eliminate the allergies then you can allow for the body to heal on its own. If you don't then it would be like putting watered down Draino into your pipes. It does some of the job, but not enough to unclog the pipes. Same with our health.

I also am going to a doctor who also uses natural methods. She tests all her patients to see if they have inflammation markers in their blood work. If inflammation is present.. You are open for a whole lot of diseases. Once you get this under control... healing is quicker.

Replied by Leticia

Dear Smokeypokey from Ironwood, Michigan-

Your symptoms sound alot like PCOS and therefore may not be alleviated by Diatomaceous Earth. You may want to look up the remedies for PCOS on this site.

What I found to help me personally was to go on a strict Paleo diet. You can also go on an organic vegetarian diet. There are lots of natural supplements that you can take. Exercise and detox also helps. Good luck and I hope you feel better!

Replied by Mary
Tomball, Tx

Going on 6 months now GMO free only eat whole foods that are organic, my itching skin went away, I lost 25 lbs I feel 20 years younger, all the pesticides in our food is making us sick. I had back aches all the time with these 2 cyst in my lower back, back pain is gone and the cyst is way smaller, started on Diatomaceous Earth to see if it would help and so far I see that it is making my real thick and ugly toenails shrink back to normal. You need to get off white sugar and white flour they are fulled with pesticides only eat sugar cane sugar which is found mostly in organic foods. 80% of the food in the grocery store is poison to our body, but look for the Non gmo list on the internet and start getting your health back.

Replied by Grace

Do you drink milk or eat any dairy products? I once read that dairy products can cause acne so I started paying attention to my body whenever I ate cheese, ice cream or milk. Sure enough, my face breaks out any time I eat any dairy products. I've switched to soy milk and all is well.

Replied by Prioris
Fl, Usa

The only soy that is healthy for you is fermented soy. Make sure milk is a brand which is fermented.

Replied by Dianek
Macon Ga

I had acne problems and I read that by using Diatomaceous Earth as a facial mask mixing water with then rub for 30 secs let dry for 2 mins then rinse. It's a great exfoliator and it helped cleared up my acne. I do this every other day. My pores have gotten smaller and easier to clean. I also use rosehip oil after. Hope it works for you. Give it a month. Let me know.

Replied by Donna
Escatawpa, Ms

To Saraaa from Paradise, Narnia on 6/24/13

Based on your symptoms, try going wheat free, (gluten free), and research fully Lugol's iodine, (5 to 7 percent solution). I took 3 drops a day for 9 months and then went to 2 drops maintenance dosage. Try it to see if it won't clear up your skin and cysts, and stop your hair from falling out. Good luck to you.


Replied by Nicole
Fayetteville, Ar Usa

Hi! Don't know if you will ever get this, but the following have really helped my skin -

Beef gelatin
Diatomaceous Earth (Its full of silica, and a great detox)
Magnesium oil, magnesium citrate supplements, epsom salt bath (I've heard some people get migraines from a magnesium deficiancy)
High quality fish oil supplement
Or eat lots of fish

Hope this helps! - Nicole

Replied by Tony
Missouri, US

I am amazed of all the greater change in my life now on week 4. Make sure you drink water try to lesson sweets and you will feel like a new person.

Replied by Michelle

I had really bad acne for a while, it was very patterned, my chin, jaw line, and under cheeks. I stopped drinking milk and started using a cleanser with alpha hydroxy acid. My acne is all gone!

Replied by Susan

Hello, I'm sorry to hear your out their feeling so low I hear you ....but I have raised a - many children....and I am going to let you in on a little secret and that is .....quite the junk food ...denie it all you want ..pop sugar french fries - or at least cut down to very little junk food going to kill you internal and external ...if you quit the bad the DE can start to do its job.....With DE you will go through a detox part of it out your system ... so it will get worse before it gets better ...and don't tell me you're not eating junk ..hahah your in that age group ...just be honest with your self ....okay their is another factor if your on certain medication or any sort of liver malfunction can attribute to the acne if the last two are not the issue... it would than have to do with junk food or..milk has been noted as a cause of acne to especial if you have ADHA too...also what are you cleaning your face with ....wash your hands faithfully and don't touch your face as it will irritate the acne ..well unless your cleaning it out and use an astringent to close the pours ..and don't mix chemicals like acne pads and astringents that would hurt you bad you use a steroid for medication on your face really is simplistic

If it's not caused by a medical issue.

All the best sweety and don't give up

Replied by Mal
Fort Lauderdale, Fl

Do a face mask and add Diatomaceou earth to it!!!

Replied by Rachel

Hi smokeypokey. I've never used this site but am trying to respond to your post. I have also been taking DE for about 2 weeks and am feeling tried and breaking out and experiencing headaches and dizziness. I want to know if this is just part of the detox and if you're still taking it. Does it get better? Thanks! Rachel

Replied by Rose
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I just started diatamaceous earth food grade 2 days ago and I'm experiencing slight headaches, muscle soreness in my shoulders, a little nausea, weak, had heart palpitations earlier.. I'm taking an antibiotic augmenting and cranberry supplement pills and probiotics so maybe diatamaceous earth causing me to feel kinda like under the weather head hurts, feel like it's starting to get stuffy ..I don't really know for sure..Anybody on here have those effects when they first started on it? If so how long did they last..

Replied by Steve

Those side effects are fairly normal to have when detoxing with DE. Drink lots of water and perhaps take 2-3 days off to give your body a chance to clear out all the toxins and dead pathogens.

Replied by Renay

For the headaches and hair loss try pure black seed oil. You can get it on Amazon.

Replied by Anne

You may have copper overload? Try reading: why am I always so tired by Ann Gittleman. High copper can do all those things you spoke about.

Replied by Elly

Reading about all your problems I can see what I went through the past 7 years. My health just kept declining and begin getting life threatening health problems, when the source of my problem become apparent. I have Candida overgrowth that even my Dr ignored as significant when I mentioned it. I went on a Candida diet 6 weeks ago and started DE, Candigest and Colostrum 2 weeks ago. This week I finally started to feel better, had more energy, brain fog lifted, headaches finally gone too and my period is stabilizing among many other things. My advice is to you is get yourself tested for Candida or read upon it and start your own journey, because truthfully you can't loose by trying. Hope you will get better soon, kind regards...

Replied by Vc

Sounds like parasites. Billions of people all over the world are infected. There are many natural herbs and treatments. Some people take borax. 1/8 teaspoon in 1 litre of water. You should use very little. Search the benefits of borax. and get the testimonies. Countless people say it works. It is an old product and some people have been taking it for decades. They urge you not to take too much. Or you can try a combination of many herbs. I hope you choose a winning regiment. Just remember to drink lots of water. You must get the dead parasite bodies out of your body. Many people use coffee enema's. Organic coffee only. Checkout Gerson therapy. Many people swear by it. Be blessed.

Replied by Liz
Kitchener, Ontario

I think you are very wise!! I totally agree with what you write!!

Replied by Carol

Hi, as for your acne problem; STOP dairy, especially Milk and Ice Cream, and limit chocolate intake. My grandson had acne bad until I took him off those items; he's clear now. Although, when he eats the above items within a few days he breaks out! 🤔 I hope this helps you. Carol from Michigan

Posted by Veronica (St Louis, Missouri, Usa) on 02/03/2012

Hi, thank you for your diatomaceous earth information. I wondered if after the post you noticed further health benefits. I am thinking of starting DE as you have and am a bit frightened of it.

Thank you,


Replied by Ivonne
Ca, US
5 out of 5 stars

3rd day on DE and so excited! 1st day had headaches, stomach made odd noises....yesterday felt a bit under the weather, light headache, and hot I involuntarily woke up with immense energy a whole hour and a half early! And my face and skin looks oddly youthful. I have not gone to the bathroom but nervous what I might find when I do. :P I'm doing this because I believe I have parasites. Been suffering with leaky gut, ADD, and immune problems. Already feel the difference! Thank you!

Posted by Dede (London, Ont., Canada) on 09/02/2011
5 out of 5 stars

In response to the Detox with DE, I can personally say that after 2 weeks on DE I feel great, it has detoxed me and is working on my energy level as well as some other ailments I suffer with. I found the first few days I was going to the bathroom more frequently.... But that only lasted a short time.... this product is amazing, I use it everywhere, for insects, in my garden, and around my home....

Posted by Annie Mae (East Coast, New England) on 08/21/2011

Hello. I use a tablespoon of DE in simple water, not juice... Just pure liquid to get it down. The next day I felt only mildly different, not negatively. But looking in the mirror I said ok, no makeup today. My eyes were stunningly 'nice', I usually put a touch of liner, and usually darken my brows. Small touches. So I left it at just using moisturizer, and went out. A woman and I were chatting and eventually she said "you're so beautiful'. I tell you this because I had not heard this in decades, and it was day 1, following use of DE. The down side for me is that on the 2nd, 3rd day I am a bit constipated....

Replied by Vreed27
Seattle, Wa

Yes you need to take in more water as DE can act like a diuretic.

Posted by Ebru (Indianapolis, In, Usa) on 06/24/2011

First of all, i'd like to thank everyone who has contributed to this wonderful site. My question is about the human consumption of food grade diatomaceous earth. I've been reading some very impressive feedback on its use, however I am sceptical. Has anyone tried it for detox or any other reasons? Thank you.

Replied by Madeleine
Pawtucket R.i.
5 out of 5 stars

Doc has told me that I have gastroesophageal reflux disease. I was taking omeprazole 40 mg a day and even that at times didn't help at times no more bad heartburn. Well it's been for 32 weeks with diatomaceous earth ~ I have now made this a big part of my life ~ I eat it, bathe in it, I give it to my birds, dust it on there cages ~ Love it ~

Replied by Julia
London, UK

Hello, may I ask you please how you drink DE to calm heartburn please? Thank you very much


Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn

HI U TONI, , , , , , , , , , , , , you have done this site a service by telling them that this is a mined product and all DE is food grade. I buy mine through the farm co-op in 50 #bags and use it for the family and to kill insects in my garden.

We add this to our smoothies and it is a no brainer.


Diatomaceous Earth  

Posted by Chihuahua (Alabama, US) on 05/08/2014

We use Food Grade diatomaceous Earth for a myriad problems. It kills all worms including hook and tapeworm. One teaspoon in food for cats and small dog ( under 25lb) add more according to weight.

Dusting the kills fleas and ticks and all other insects even termites. Must be kept dry to kill the insects. Add to feed , such as horse feed, keeps all weevils away.

Spread in more flies. Take it yourself in a glass of water.

Diatomaceous Earth & Silver (Amalgam) Fillings  

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Posted by Autumn (Louisville, Ky) on 06/07/2014

I read a post on here about someone saying do NOT use DE internally if you have Silver Fillings. I cannot seem to find any info on the internet and I am on my 2nd day of taking DE. Does anyone who has silver (amalgam) fillings use this? Or does anyone have any links or info to share about if this is safe or not? Thank you for your help. I am trying to use this to make myself better and do not want to hurt myself in the process. Thanks again!!

Replied by Tonya
Brooklyn, Ny

Hello, I have silver fillings and I noticed 2 months into taking DE my teeth have become very sensitive. I am not sure if the Diatomaceous Earth is breaking down the silver. I went to the dentist and I also have a cavity under 2 of my fillings. I don't know if it's the DE or just something that was going happen.

Replied by Rose
5 out of 5 stars

I had read somewhere that you need to remove mercury fillings before detoxing. The reason they stated was that the mercury was being taken from your teeth and distributed it into different parts of you body. This could be dangerous cuz it can be redistributed to sensitive areas in your brain and can cause more problems.

Replied by Lynn

I don't think I would take it internally if it's going to mess up your teeth.

Replied by Joe
Oceanside, Ca By Way Of Bklyn
5 out of 5 stars

Yea, the solution is not to stop the DE but OMG, REMOVE the mercury from your teeth. For God's sake, look up the effects of these heavy metals in our bodies. We weren't made to have this crap in us. Go to a holistic dentist and let them remove that crap and install materials that our bodies can handle. Normally, big pharma, with their doctors and dentists are all schooled with the same mentality and that is to temporary find a solution to "fix the patient" with the least cost to them as possible. Have you not noticed that they are now putting wood in our food because it's fiber? Really, fiber? It's on record that it saves companies money and same with now putting ammonia in our meat to stop E. Coli which it does not. We need to wake up, research, and rid our bodies of these chemicals and start spending our money smart. Purchasing power is the way to fight back. Instead of constantly investing your money to Walmart because of saving a few books, spend a little more money to support hard working honest people and sacrifice some of your other life's luxuries to compensate for it. Maybe cut the cable bill and increase your grocery bill from crap to organic??? Peace and love and when you wake up... spread the word... and love: it's the Brooklyn way!!!

Replied by Tea
New Zealand

You can absorb transdermally through baths or use dmso and avoid the teeth altogether!

Replied by James

That's only if you are using a chelator, e.g., dmsa/dmps or ala. DE is not a chelator as such

Diatomaceous Earth Side Effects  

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Posted by Autumn (Louisville, Ky) on 06/13/2014
0 out of 5 stars

I am on my 9th day of taking Food Grade DE. I worked up from 1 tsp daily to now, 1 Tbs daily. At first I was constipated but now that, that has passed, I am running to the bathroom all day (since last night) and my stomach is making some VERY loud noises, which is not normal for me. I am just wondering if this could be caused from the 'die off' somehow. I have slowed down going to the bathroom tonight but the noises that my stomach is making are constant. Is this normal? It's not scary or anything just weird. Thanks for any help!!

Replied by Ashley
Florida, US

My reply is probably too late, but you started off with way too much DE way too early.

You should've started at 1/4 tsp for a week, then worked your way up to 1/2 tsp for two weeks. After those two weeks, you can take 1 tsp daily. Try that for two weeks before going to 2 tsp daily.

Posted by Granny (Ruidoso, New Mexico) on 01/06/2013

Does Diatomaceous Earth kill beneficial bacteria, OR NOT? If not, WHY NOT? If so, what can be done about it? I would think taking probiotics with it would be a waste of money if it kills them, too.

Replied by Sandy
5 out of 5 stars

I wondered, too, how DE could target bad bacteria, but not the good. Then I ran across the following article:

Diatomaceous Earth will not absorb beneficial bacteria simply due to the fact that DE has a negative charge and bad bacteria has a positive charge. DE will attract and absorb the bad bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc without harming anything good or beneficial.

I have been taking DE for 1 month, now! I love it! Overall, I didn't expect much, because I'm pretty healthy - I'm 70 years old and do not take any medications! So I was surprised to find that I had some aches and pains that were cured by the second day!

I started with 1 tsp. Since I was doing fine with it, I increased my dosage by 1 tsp. every 3-4 days. I was up to 1 TBSP within 10 days. About the 10th day and for several days afterwards, I felt like I was coming down with the flu. (I'm guessing it was a yeast die-off reaction. I would now recommend only increasing it by 1/2 tsp. every week, even if you're doing well with it.) I had flu-like symptoms, head cold, and I slept almost all day for several days.

It's hard to describe but amazingly, even during the time I had the "flu, " I still had a feeling of well-being! The aches and pains I'd had before were gone. And after I got past the "flu, " I've had more energy than I've had in years!

Just don't forget to drink lots of water while you're taking it.

Posted by Cat (Tauranga, New Zealand) on 09/30/2012
0 out of 5 stars

Has anyone else noticed their bowel motions change to the point of not wanting to go for a few days at a time upon first taking DE? Along with this no bowel motion comes of course, a bloated stomach which is very uncomfortable. I still eat good food and naturally drink lots of water because of the DE but does this stuff clog up your system as well as benefit you in other ways? I'm sure it'll come right but how do I kick start myself again? Anyway, I have noticed my notoriously weak fingernails take off in the last few days but then again, we're into spring now and heading for summer so it may just be the winter respite is over and like all things, they are blooming again! *Food grade DE of course*

Replied by Wayseeker
Modesto, Ca/ USA

I'm going to assume the DE is for "cutting up" the Morgellons beastie things, that that's why you're using it. And for that, it does seem to have some effect. I used it for quite a long time, and the magnetic charge of it does seem to help also. However, the only way it didn't seem to cause me problems was on a small bowl of cereal and milk, stirred in, or in a cup of hot herb tea, where it just looks like creamer! I have guinea pigged myself alot however, in search of relief from many health disasters, and have come out the other side from many, many things. Don't go overboard with DE. One small tablespoon in tea 1x per day is more than plenty. Dr. Hulda Clark says not to use it at all. Hope that helps. --T.


Posted by Sue (Usa) on 04/16/2015

I have started taking diatomaceous earth, at 1/4 tsp. now daily. What is the safest amount to work up to daily? Can it be used long term and should anything else be taken with it or at other times during the day? Thanks in advance for your help!

Replied by Ashley
Florida, US

I've just started taking it and I read up extensively on how much to take and what to take with it.

First and foremost. Water. Lots of water. That is probably more of a given. The other two things I take with my DE are a multivitamin and a pro-biotic. Since DE is removing things from your gut, you want to regulate it with a pro-biotic. I've also heard to take Omega 3 with it, but I haven't purchased any to start with it.

Hope that helps some.


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Posted by Six (Phoenix, Arizona) on 04/20/2010
4 out of 5 stars

Thank you so much for this website! After searching the web for a cure to my decades-long battle with self-diagnosed eczema, I have found that diatomaceous earth has shown great promise! For years I've suffered from diagnosed dertmitis nervosa. My skin would errupt in red spots that would itch almost nonstop, bleed, scab over, spread a bit and continue this pattern. The cycle would usually end with another trip to yet another dermatologist for stronger and stronger steroid medications (usually topical creams, but too often oral meds also).

Eventually the rash would turn from red to brown and begin to dry up leaving a very dark brown large area of discoloration. This would take months to clear up with the help of retin-a creams.

After searthing Earth Clinic's site for more natural cures, I found several entries noting 100% pure diatomaceousearth to cure fungal infections. I had about 2.5 pound of this stuff on hand and decided to try it. Well, the reviews suggested ingesting it. I'd done that in the past when dealing with other issues. This time I was trying Borax and baking soda as suggested by Ted and didn't want to mix it up too much. So, I tried applying the earth topically, straight from the bag. It's a fine powder just like talc. It immediately soothed the itch, and after a few hours the redness had decres by 50%. The eczema rash on my face has dissappeared!! My facial acne is history. The eczema is still on my neck but it is undercontrol and when I am diligent and apply it several times daily, it will go away. The dark blotches remain, and this is where I got into trouble last week, I began applying the retin-a much too soon and irritated my skin and the redness itch and rash returned. I'm back on the mend using the earth and will wait about one month after healed again before using the retin-a.

I hope this helps.

Replied by Karen
Melbourne, Australia

I know it's an old post. So I hope you get this. I struggled with excema for 20 years. And then discovered liquid aloe vera. Drinking about 45ml on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and 6 months later it is gone! You need to continue with it as our comes back of you stop, but I have been rash and itch free for 15 years now. I don't even have a little bit any more. Hope this helps.


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Posted by Laura (Asheville, Nc) on 09/14/2011
4 out of 5 stars

I have fibromyalgia and have been taking Diatomaceouls Earth for almost 2 weeks. It is definitly doing something positive for me. First I noticed a huge change in my foot problem that has plagued me for 4 years. I have woke up stiff, but that is different too. I don't know how to describe it except that the stiffness is not to the bone and all encompasing as before. I am so hopeful that I may continue to improve. If it is possible different factors contribute to Fibro for different people, I guess different results could be experienced from individuals also. My experience would lead me to suggest, try it and see how your body responds if you suffer any joint or fibro pain. Good luck to you all!

Replied by Karen
Toronto, On

My feeling is that people with REAL fybromyalgia (70% of "sufferers" are misdiagnosed) THAT'S A LOT!! If they take it long enough WILL see the results! You need to take at least 4 tablespoons a day for 6 or more months to see what your hoping for...(little to NO pain) Healing takes time. I have had fybromyalgia (tested 18/18 for trigger points) for almost 20 years! In horrible pain and terrible chronic fatigue with many food allergies that went with it - like the nightshades and sugar. I began the DE 1/2 year ago. Started at 2tbs a day and upped it a few weeks later to 4-8 tbs a day. I now have such little pain anywhere in my body that I have to concentrate to see if I can feel anything! AND along with that the food allergies dissappeared as well as the chronic fatigue. I can even eat nightshade vegetables...and anyone with real fybro knows how painful the sligtest amount of one of those are.

If you've been told you have fibro but your doctor has not done the 18 point pressure test....then he doesn't know what he's talking about. You could very well be suffereing from something else and not getting the proper treatment. People ALL the time are being told they have fybro when the doctor just can't figure out why they have pain. A pain in your hip is not fybro, you have to have at least 11 different spots to have mild fybro. The reason I mention this is b/c people try to cure themselves of fybro who don't really have it - then tell others it doesn't work! IT DOES WORK. Drink it only with water on empty tummy - do it right and be patient. It CAN work for you too! =D

Replied by Prioris

The 18 point test for fms is very very subjective. The doctor presses some point and then asks how the patient how they feel. how does the patient objectively judge the pain. of the patient does answer, how does the doctor judge the answer. different doctors may pressure the points with different amount of pressure also. if one answers only to 9 points, does that mean it is less painful than 18 points. this test needs to be retired into the dust bin at some point.

fms is a very murky disease with not any symptom that really stands out. there is a spectrum of severity where many fms people can easily be diagnosed with lyme or cfs or gws or ms or lupus ot other things. they have most of the unknown muscular skeleton problems under this label. even lyme tests can a murky area.

what is it about fms that really stands it apart from other chronic diseases in terms of symptoms. I would be really hard put to point out a truly distinquishing symptom. like many chronic diseases, it is in a syndrome category.

the whole area is a mess. trying to untangle this entire area can be difficult. this makes research on it very difficult since fms may end up being multiple diseases. this may even invalidate many studies on fms especially prevalence.

they have made an effort to water down the diagnosis procedure for cfs to mix non cfs people with cfs people so studies can be subverted to whatever they like.

i'd get the ciguatoxin test to rule out me/cfids/cfs because it is objective.

your right, many people are walking around with wrong diagnosis.

Replied by Prioris

... "Estimates are that 60% to 70% of us with FMS have symptoms very similar to costochondritis. No one is exactly sure whether it is true costochondritis or why it occurs with FMS, especially since FMS doesn't cause inflammation."


Notice the contradiction in FMS definition says FMS does not cause inflammation while costochondritis which most people with fms is ignored. Costochodritis inflammation was the most painful part of the fms condition. The sleep disorder is caused by the physical pain.

Tiredness or difficulty exercising is not distinguishing. Stiff muscles - what does that mean. People can get stiff muscles by just being inactive.

They have fms - "classified as mild cognitive disorders". many fms labeled people would not agree with the word "mild".

One person talking about fms may be world's apart from someone else who has fms. I think the fms label needs to be broken down further. I think infections (inflammation) vs non-infection groups may need to be separated especially symptom wise along with cognitive aspect.