Maximize Your Health: Unveiling Diatomaceous Earth Benefits

Tips on Using DE

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Posted by Myway (Wilmington, De) on 12/20/2014

I have been using food grade diatomaceous earth (DE) for quite some time for both myself (supplementation and bug killer) and cats (fleas) but wanted to give everyone a tip on it's use that may make application easier and inexpensive. Purchase a plastic mustard or ketchup bottle from the dollar store (here in US). These bottles are either yellow or red...anyway, they have the small hole at the top. Fill the bottle about 1/4th way with DE.

For Flea Prevention: start at the head of the cat or dog and go to the tail with a line of the DE from the bottle. Rub it in. Do this once a week during flea season. Once a month during off season. DE is not a cure-all in my opinion, it is part of the prevention. Again, you don't want you or your pet breathing this stuff in so, the environment for application should be very calm. Wrestling a cat and trying to apply this stuff would kick up the dust. It is non-toxic but you don't want it in you or your pets lungs. If your cat is a mixed martial arts specialist, try something else. I also use an old rouge brush - dab it on the back of the neck of one cat who comes by occasionally.

For Ants: Try to locate the entry point of your ant infestation and squirt a small amount of DE in the corners of the house where they are coming in. The ants or bugs will die with contact of this stuff. I had ants coming into certain parts of the house...I watched them and figured out where they were coming from. Problem solved. No need for pesticides. Remember, if you apply DE to the outside of the outside, it will have to be reapplied if there is moisture (rain) or very high humidity. It will wash away.

By the way, I am asthmatic - DE has not bothered me at all when used in this manner. If I had carpets, a respiratory compromised person or small children, I personally would not put it on the floors. This is just my opinion.

Good Luck!

Replied by Anon

If you have ants coming into the house, check for a water leak. I did everything under the sun to get rid of ants and couldn't, then found I had a small leak. Fixed it and no more ants.

Replied by Claire
(Westport, Ct)

Thanks for the great tips on diatomaceous earth! I was just thinking - beauty supply stores would carry empty plastic bottles that would work the same as a mustard container.. check the hair coloring section.

Where to Buy

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Posted by Artistwifey (California) on 05/27/2015

Red earth is fine, it has calcium bentonite in it which gives a geisha color. Google calcium bentonite--my research shows its goodstuff. I use diatomaceous earth in AM and the red earth brand later in the day.

Where to Buy
Posted by Tg (Al) on 01/22/2014

Go to your local animal supply store/farm supply company. Look in the area that deals with flies and other bugs---I see it in huge (50 lb) bags for $15 at my local Tractor Supply. The label will say food grade. It is used in grain stocks to keep weevils from developing in feed corn, black oil sunflower, dog/chicken/other kinds of feed. They are very helpful and will gladly show it to you if you ask. This kind of store is everywhere--esp since people are having chickens in the city.

Where to Buy
Posted by Jenny (Il) on 01/21/2014

I use earthworks health food grade

Where to Buy
Posted by Frank (Spartanburg, Sc) on 08/30/2013

I am responding to the person looking for D-Earth in food grade. I found it at "Tractor Supply Store". They were very knowlegeable of this product and assured me that it works great.

Where to Buy
Posted by Lita209 (Sanford, Fl, Usa) on 11/23/2010

I bought my DE at a pets health food store. You may want to try that.

Replied by Tina
(The Ozarks, Arkansas, Usa)

This is where I purchased my "food grade" Diatomaceous Earth.

Where to Buy
Posted by Robin (Huntington, Ny, Usa) on 11/21/2010

Do a search on the internet-it is the only way I could find it. Buy a giant bag, because it stays and it is a fortune for shipping. We got it from a vendor through and Amazon guarantees the authenticity (I think). Anyway, be sure to get FOOD GRADE-it is not the stuff at the pool store. Oh, and people say to put it on floors then vacuum it up in a few days. I had some nightmare trying to get it off of my floors! It broke our vacuum-don't bother. I have been taking it for the parasite problem (mystery) 3x a day in water w/crystal light and I feel much better. My problem, however, is nowhere near done. I am going to try a raw coconut cleanse and using coconut oil (not hydrogenated??) Make sure it is pure and unprocessed. Let me know how you do. Good Luck.

Where to Buy
Posted by Vcanfield (San Antonio, Texas) on 08/03/2010

I live in San Antonio. You can get diatomaceous earth at feed stores. They carry dewormers as well.

Where to Buy
Posted by Labes (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 07/12/2010

I'm still looking for the food grade diatomaceous earth for internal use. I live in Toronto, Ontario. I couldn't find by myself a store that sells it. I will appreciate the help of anybody. Thank you very much.

Replied by Eddee
(Salem, Or)

I bought my DE on EBay. The Shipping was free in the US. I am very excited to have learned about this and will be experimenting with many types of applications.

Replied by Ginette
(Thorold, On, Canada)

There is wholesaler here in Fonthill, ON Canada (outside of Niagara Falls, so it's close to you) that sells it as "fossil flour" info is: or 866-650-1136. Good luck.

Where to Buy
Posted by Dennie59 (Stillwater, Oklahoma) on 10/08/2009

I use diatomaceous earth for many things. You must use FOOD GRADE ONLY. You could make yourself sick using the wrong kind. Go to earth works. They have it. I sell it, or you can go to some horse tack shops that also sell feed, and buy it there. It will worm your animals and you. There are many testimonials out there for this amazing stuff. I use it on dogs, cats, horses, and myself, for many different things.

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