Natural Remedies to Detox Heavy Metals

| Modified on Jun 10, 2024
Heavy Metal Detox Natural Remedies

With an ever increasing understanding of the world, individuals are realizing the effect that the variety of foods they eat and items they encounter have on their bodies. One such realization has involved the increased awareness of everyday toxins in the environment. While heavy metals including zinc, copper, chromium, iron and manganese are essential in small amounts for effective bodily functioning, these elements are toxic when they accumulate in the soft tissues of the body. As such, heavy metal poisoning is a toxic issue that arises when heavy metals overpopulate in the body. This accumulation causes poisoning and may have serious and even fatal effects.

The exact symptoms of heavy metal poisoning vary depending on the type of metal present in the body. Nonetheless, common symptoms include muscle and joint pain, headache, memory loss, gastrointestinal issues, vision problems, chronic fatigue and mental confusion. In general, heavy metal poisoning can have adverse effects on several of the body’s systems including the nervous system, gastrointestinal system, cardiovascular system and reproductive system.

The root cause of heavy metal poisoning is the buildup of heavy metals in the body, specifically the soft tissues. Heavy metals that are responsible for heavy metal toxicity include cadmium, antimony, chromium, mercury, lead and arsenic. Individuals frequently encounter these metals via the environment, water supply and residential applications.

Heavy Metal Detox and Natural Treatments

The best way to avoid further issues with heavy metal poisoning is by completing a detox. Typically, once the exact types of metals present in the body have been identified, a treatment regimen is prescribed that involves nutrient recommendations and chelation therapy. Many individuals, however, experience advice heavy metal detox side effects until the process has been completed. These side effects include gas, bloating, gastrointestinal issues, nausea, dizziness and headaches.

Many natural options can be used to support and complete a heavy metal detox and avoid extensive heavy metal detox side effects. Adzuki beans or bentonite clay can be consumed to cleanse the body. Likewise, cinnamon and turmeric support toxin removal as do apple cider vinegar and borax.

Continue reading below for treatment protocols, measurements and feedback from Earth Clinic readers.

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Adzuki Beans

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Posted by Adam (Tucson, Arizona) on 12/11/2007

Adzuki Beans for Heavy Metal detox:

Recently I was in a natural foods grocery store looking at remedies for the basic candida a lot of Americans seem to live with. I had recently learned that candida was a sort of mechanism by your body to absorb heavy metals, so get rid of the metals, get rid of the candida. A man from Brazil was working in the homeopathic suggestion and we started talking about candida, heavy metals as a sort of cause, and he gave me his suggestions he had learned for detoxing heavy metals.

The first was bentonite clay, which he said was very effective at removing heavy metals and other non-nutritional substances from your body. When I asked about food I could eat, he of course said Cilantro. He also recommended Adzuki beans, saying they also chelate hevy metals. So I decided to buy some and try them. He said to was the beans and soak them overnight, and save the water you soak them in for cooking as they contain part of the 'medicine'.

Upon trying them, I noticed a strongly effective sensation of detox much like when I consume a good amount of cilantro, and the best part is they are VERY delicious. My wife also tried them and agrees. Apparently, depending on your toxcicity levels, they can either be intense or mild. They also had a lot of cleansing effects on my kidneys. I am going to continue incorporating them into my diet little by little. I find they are very tasty with some turmeric and cinnamon, or even plain with some sea salt. It seems they can be substituted for most kinds of beans in a wide variety of recipes.

I hope this helps you all on your quest to more ideal health!

Replied by Tygerlily
(Murray, Ut)

Fresh Cilantro, internally taken Bentonite clay and Chlorella are all very good heavy metal detox agents.

Replied by Toniwah
(Northern Va)

Thank you so much for this information I have been suffering with Gadolinium poisoning for 2 years now since Dec 4 2013 and this is the best help I have found. I haven't tried it yet but I defiantly will. I'm so grateful for this help. Thank you

Replied by Rita

I'd like to know what other people tried for MRI gadolinium toxicity. I had an MRI with contrast agent 4 weeks ago and feel poorly I.e. dizziness, lethargy, brain fog, racing heart, headaches heat sensation, low bl sugar level and more. I'm desperate to try what other people have done to get some wellbeing back. Thanks.


Posted by Zeina (Abu Dhabi, Uae) on 08/10/2009

Hi TED, bless you for the help you are providing on this wonderful site!

We constantly hear about dairy product and white flour how it harm our health and I am kind of convienced about it but the problem is our middle eastern diet is full of cheese and yogurt and kefir and all dairy product also rice and so.. I can stop this all for some specific period of time for cleansing but can not cut it off for ever :(

Can you let me understand why it's harmful? is it the matter of alkalisation or fungus or what? Could you please tell us what to do to NOT feel guilty toward our body and health? is there any supplement we can take to minimize the bad effect of dairy product and white flour? Is camel milk or ship milk are also bad as cow products? My naturopath even doesn't recommend soya milk, he do agree just for rice milk :(

Also can you advise us how to do detox in general and for heavy metal specificially?

Thanking you support and care in advance

Replied by Val
(Ontario, Canada)


Cow's milk isn't necessarily bad for you nor their by products. What is bad is the processing of it. Pasteurization is only for the processing and packaging as milk can sour easily in heat so they heat to protect the milk while packaging. It is full of many bacterias after processing bc it is being pushed through much machinery therefore the milk must be cleaned when we get it home. So when your stomach gets upset when having milk it is the bacteria. Milk has it's own sugar = Lactose. Bacteria feeds off sugar. So, if you are being disturbed by milk try cleaning it first to not confuse yourself that you are lactose intolerant. Many ppl believe they are and they aren't, they just haven't cleaned their milk. If you do have an intolerance for milk try the pills for lactose intolerance, they work well. Then they eat cheese no problem, no you aren't lactose intolerant then, but you must clean your milk.

Cow's milk is not the easiest to digest and if this is a problem goat's milk is just the ticket bc it's enzymes are much closer to the human gut that's why in olden days when babies could not take mother's milk they put them on goat's milk. Old ways are good so don't give up tradition or your gut cultures because they will keep your immune system strong. Rice milk is ok if you have suffered ill health and are reducing stress on your system but I only believe they are a "go to" for a time. After all rice is a carb whereas milk is a calcium/protein milk that is good for the sugar stabilization, satiation, and supplies needed calcium to the bones and teeth. Milk can cause congestion/phlegm but then maybe you need to back off eating too many dairy products as this is a basis for disease such as psoriasis > bacterial infection and a lowered immune system. Everything in good measure. Milk is valuable but don't overdue the ice cream (fat & sugar). Remember, your body will tell you when it is out of balance so if you don't have problems with milk don't change what ain't broke.

So, now, let's make our good cultures at home then, they are much better too and not at all bitter like store bought. The reason for that is the culture has been over used and best to keep your culture original they say. I buy my kefir milk for "starter" every month that is keeping it original. If I used the starter from each batch ongoing it will become bitter, you see. I have a metal pot and pan that fits together, a double boiler where a water bath is in the bottom pan and milk on top with. They have a ceramic coating, buy this type as it is the safest for the health. Usual sizing holds about 1 complete liter. Heat milk until there is a skin forming then remove from heat by taking the milk pan off the water bath completely. let stand and cool until just a warm temp on the skin is felt = tepid. Remove the skin off the top.

This is the time to make the yogurt and/or the kefir. In a well washed glass container like big jar measuring correctly for the amount of milk you've cleaned, add the milk. Dollop in a good 1/2 cup of yogurt and stir ever so gently, wrap in towels to keep that "just warm" milk to multiply the good bacteria. Leave in a warm but not hot area as that will kill the culture, in the kitchen undisturbed for about 4 hours. Check the consistency every hour. When thick enough store in fridge. I make my own fresh cheese too by putting a good whack of yogurt in a coffee filter or cheesecloth lined metal mesh strainer over a bowl in the fridge. Add plastic on top. Add some weight to it as it strains off the "culture water." Don't throw that out, it won't be bitter so put it in a smoothy or drink it, as it has the same benefits only without the milk solids. I leave it for a couple of days in the fridge regularly emptying the culture water out of the catch bowl as I don't want my cheese sitting in the culture water. I increase more weight to it, then I twist it or push down on it to remove any moisture when I'm done, roll it into a ball in plastic wrap...and voila, cheese for your pasta, crackers etc. Very gratifying to take it through the stages and all of it supporting good health. Enjoy! Val

Replied by Samantha

Middle Eastern dairy products like kefir and feta have gone through a fermenting process and are very good for your digestion as are all pure fats. It is only when sugars, starches are added or beneficial bacteria are boiled away that adverse reactions start to appear. Also cow feed in the USA is typically toxic and the cows are subsequently overly medicated. Cultural suicide. We could learn a lot from old world Meditteranean food cultivation.

Posted by Ameen (Linden, New Jersey) on 08/10/2009

Responding to Zeina from Abu Dhabi, UAE:

As Salaamu Aleikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh Zeina,

How are You. To quickly comment about your article; there are numerous sources for health information and these are a few I will put more later Muslim Doctor; Doctor (kosher). look on put in the search box any subject and get an answer---put bob beck and get help for any virus, however i can not guarantee a cure, but every little bit helps.

Alkalizing Remedies, Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation

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Posted by Ruben (, Argentina) on 09/05/2010


I've been suffering of chronique fatigue, muscle sores, joint pain and tinnitus for the last 8 years. As many of you I couldn't find any answers from doctors other than "it's psychosomatic". After many research I think my condition is related to heavy metal poissoning and fungus. I've been using for the last weeks Ted's alcalinization remedies as lemon baking soda and baking soda potassium citrate and I started feeling much better but not cured. I'm taking also cilantro and chlorella to chelate the heavy metals. Four days ago I began using Bill's HP inhalation technic and almost instantly made me feel better and energized. The problem is that every time I pump the hp I feel a burning sensation in my throat and afterwards I have a flu-like sore throat. I'm using 35% food grade HP diluted to 3% with distilled water. Has anyone have the same experience? Any ideas?

Thank You all!

Replied by Grannykeeperpdx
(Portland, Or)

I have the same problem. I tried drinking the diluted 35% and got a sore throat after every dose. Now, I am inhaling it and the same thing. I know from his You Tube video that you are supposed to exhale before you take your inhaling dose, but I choke on that every time. Before I watched the video I was just aiming for the back of the throat and had no problems until today. I have known other people that have gotten further along in the drinking HP and had no burning sensation. I don't really know what to think. If it continues, I will have to stop as it is too painful. I followed the directions very carefully when mixing: 1 part 35% to 11 parts distilled water.

Can anyone tell me what they think it might be? Thanks for your help. If Ted has any ideas, I would like to know. Thank you all.

Replied by Maria
(Gippsland, Australia)

Hi Grannykeeperpdx, If you are inhaling the 3% that you made then personally I think that is strong. I would be using it diluted to about 1%. It may be best to stop till everything settles down and try again at a lower dose, plus take some extra anti-oxidants when using H2O2.

Replied by Ruth
(West Viriginia, US)

Try drinking something immediately after inhaling the peroxide (such as honely/lemon water). That is the only way I can inhale it without too much burning. Even so, I can't inhale too much without my throat hurting.

Replied by Susan

I have a cup of water at the ready. Inhale H2O2 and grab the water. I get a mouthful and swallow in several small amounts to wash the back of the throat/get the H2O2 off the skin of the back of the throat.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

If this O2 method causes sore throat, it is very likely because of Zinc/Vit-A deficiency. If basic antioxidants like vitamins & minerals antioxidants are lacking in the diet and the tissues, it's also likely that most all other naturaly occurring antioxidants are deficient. This is evident in the pro-oxidant properties of H2O2, as extreme and causing a caustic reaction.

I would immediately discontinue the H2O2, and begin boosting antioxidants thru supplementation and diet. The process of adequate antioxidant status could take several months or over a yr.

2 organic eggs daily will make immediate positive changes to Vit-A deficiency. Raw Pumkin Seeds is the best natural Zinc source, and Brazil Nuts is the single best source of Selenium ---for starters.

Amalgam Fillings

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Posted by Andrew (Charlottetown, Pei, Canada) on 12/15/2011

I'm having mercury fillings removed in a week by my dentist. I have two fillings. I'm not sure what his procedure is but isn't it better to have them out even if he doesn't use the best procedure than to leave them in? And not sure about all the things to take to remove metal toxins, but shouldn't one feel better from just having them removed???


Replied by Bibi
(Nashville, Tn)

This is the first time I've seen your posting. I'm hoping it isn't too late, but regardless, please read the following link. From what I understand from various websites, there IS a difference in what kind of dentist you use. Regular dentists and "mercury" dentists are supposedly not safe. The recommendation I've heard is for a biological dentist. Of course, I have four or five cracked mercury fillings and cannot afford to get them sealed, much less removed. I'm suffering symptoms of MS, but a muscle biopsy has ruled out muscle diseases and metabolic disorders. Please read:

Replied by Wayseer
(Motown, Ca/ Usa)

The more I read about amalgam fillings and mercury poisoning, the more desperate I become. Everyone seems to be absolutely convinced that regardless of your healthy lifestyle and abundance of natural remedies out there, unless you safely remove the fillings from your mouth you will inevitably suffer some horrible illness down the road (the list seems to be also never ending... ). However, there are many of us who cannot afford to remove their fillings at the moment due to a variety of circumstances- financial reasons, serious health issues, life situations, etc. (And yes, I did see all of your recommendations for affordable dental work and helpful networks. )

So my question is, is there anyone who can offer advice, however small, for reducing the effects of mercury poisoning while one still has amalgam fillings? Clearly, any chelation is out of the question, which rules out all the cilantro, ALA and what not suggestions. I suppose detox won't hurt but it won't prevent the mercury deposits from building up. Anyone, please? Thank you in advance.

(Auckland, NZ)

A naturopath I spoke to told me that cilantro can be used where there are metal parts in the body, but should be used in combination with bentonite clay, for the clay will help to draw out the heavy metals 'loosened' by the cilantro.

Replied by Wayseer
(Motown, Ca/ Usa)

Sweetie, this is the beauty of Vit C: it simply renders mercury non-toxic. It still remains in the body. --T.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

No need to get all worked up. Many healthy people have amalgam fillings till a ripe old age. I would focus on maintaining health and not getting too many new cavities!

Replied by Helen
(New York, Ny)

@ Wayseer: Thank you so much, this is very encouraging. I read here on EC that selenium does something similar, although it could do damage if overdosed. Thanks again.

@Mmsg: Thanks for bringing me back to earth (pun intended). I think I tend to get carried away with worries sometimes :) Cheers.

Replied by Joy
(London, Uk)


No, no, no. Do NOT have them removed without proper protection. I had two replaced at the dental hospital without correct procedures, thinking they were better out than in, and in short order was very ill with viral pneumonia, which took 11 weeks to recover from. Another infection followed immediately, and I'm up to 9 now with virtually no break in less than a year. My chest has not yet recovered from the first infection.

Replied by Andrea
(Ventnor, Nj)

Regarding Amalgams... As someone that has suffered with Heavy Metal Poisoning for several years, I believe that the use of amalgams should be banned for everyone. I have seen an holistic dentist that takes all the precautions and had all of my many amalgams removed. I have worked very hard for the years since to pull the metals from my body. Clay baths, foot baths, heavy metal oils, cilantro, etc... It will take many, many more years to cleanse the body. It took me many years to absorb the metals so it's only rational that it will take many years to get rid of metals trapped in the body. I wish you all good luck in your journey.

Check out this site: It will lead you to people that can help in your area. Best Wishes!

Replied by Hotlava

To Joy from London: using NAC (n-acetyl cysteine) can help you completely recover from any lung infection, by breaking up bacterial biofilms and boosting your own endogenous detox process (increase glutathione). make sure to take it with zinc, selenium, and vit C, (best food sources: grassfed beef, brazil nuts, lactofermented sauerkraut or lemon or lime juice) which will also support GENTLY getting residual mercury out of your system..

Try not to do any active mercury detoxes until you have at least 3 straight months of feeling fantastic. Otherwise, you could damage your kidneys (ever been to a dialysis clinic?) and worsen your immune system (more chronic infections). Best to put in nutrients that support normal detox processes and to trust your innate cell wisdom to do what it can! Also, avoid cilantro (corriander leaf)- it will mobilize mercury and if your body detox systems are already overwhelmed, it will just cause more damage.. brain fog and feeling 'hit by a truck' is typical with mercury toxic people after eating cilantro.

After many years of repoisoning myself trying to detox mercury (will not bore you with the details, but I've done almost everything under the sun), I personally have had health success taking very small doses of ca-na edta suppositories (about 250 mg), along with mineral supplementation. But that is not supposed to be for mercury detox, but rather lead and cadmium. perhaps it helps the mercury symptoms by reducing overall toxic metal body burden, easing the ability for the cells to detox in general.

Best of luck! Mercury is a beast to get out!

Replied by Maria

My husband just tried intravenous chelation therapy and has had extreme fatigue for a week since the chelation. He can barely work. I've been giving him electrolytes and other supplements but nothing seems to be making a difference. He also aches from head to toe now. Can you (or someone) tell me the dosages I should be giving him to replace the important minerals etc? And what other tips can you provide to help him feel better soon? Thanks!


I have used Andrew Cutler protocol for chelation, it is very safe. Look up the group on Facebook. They don't recommend drips and its so hard on your body. ALA pulsed throughout the body has done wonders for me.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Borax

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Posted by JS (Asheville, NC) on 05/31/2008

I have been trying to get rid of a fungal infection on my feet that I have had for years. Athlete's foot and now, in the past, 2 years, severely cracked heels (a sign of fungus, I have read). The over-the-counter creams that I have used do work, but they don't work permanently: the infection just moves around and later returns.

After reading up on the many of the remedies on Earth Clinic, I decided to make up my own recipe for a foot bath. So for the past 4 days, I have done the following:
3 heaping tablespoons of borax (20 mule team) dissolved in hot water, then added to a large tupperware storage container (cheap and perfect size for 2 feet).
Add 1 cup of apple cider vinegar.
Add enough hot water to cover my the bottoms of my feet and ankles.
I soak my feet for 10-15 minutes every morning.

I can't tell you at this point if it will cure the fungal infection. What I can tell you is that after 9 minutes, I get a very powerful taste in my mouth. It is the same taste I get when I am taking supplements to detox from heavy metals. What's weird is that it happens every day at the 9 minute mark. (Coincidentally, oil pulling causes my sinuses to open at the 9 minute mark too). I think that this foot soak may be a powerful way to detox from heavy metals, particularly fluoride. I hope other people will give it a try and give me their opinions. I will report back with more results in a week or two.

Replied by Lou
(Tyler, Tx)

Try to find some castile shower soap or the body wash. It is coconut and antifungal. Really works on that tough foot fungus!

Replied by Jayne

Tea tree oil is very good for fungal infections, particularly for feet. You can use organic extra virgin olive oil to stop the feet getting dry. Put the tea tree oil on toe nails and between the toes first, then rub the olive oil in afterwards

Replied by Sharon
(Los Angeles)

Thank you. I am seeking a natural remedy for metal absorption caused by an injection of a solution during an mri test to increase color enhancement.

Replied by Denise

Try charcoal tablets or cilantro.

Replied by Teena
(Melbourne, Australia)
233 posts

Edta is a chelation agent recommended previously by Ted, also chlorella. Easier obtainable options are coriander/cilantro and parsley added heavy handed into your daily salad.

Borax Remedy, Iodine Painting

Posted by Tm (Brisbane, Australia) on 05/09/2011

I am 3 weeks into my Borax remedy 4 days on 3 days off, I also last week used iodine painting on my foot and became very ill, so I must be detoxing some heavy metals out of my body. I have a question though, has anyone else experienced swelling in their legs and feet? It happens as soon as I start back on the borax. Thanks

Chelation Therapy

Posted by Savvy (Austin, Tx) on 04/30/2013

I would like to see a category for people's comments re having done intravenous chelation therapy for heavy metals.

Replied by k t
(Beaumont, California)

Just to let you know that I have had two heavy metal IV flushes so far. My lead, aluminum, tin, nickel, mercury, arsenic and a few other metals levels, most were high levels. From what I understand this is the ONLY treatment that will permanently remove all the metals. I look forward to getting them all done. You do get nauseated the next morning and there are other side effects because your body is trying to release the metals...such as, headaches, gastro issues, dizziness, sickly feeling, weakness, etc., and maybe more after you have more done, but I have been sick with excruciating pain and chronic fatigue for over 25 years and just recently found out how much heavy metal was in my body a couple months ago. I am hoping this will help my health to return.


1 User Review

Posted by May (On) on 06/03/2017

Chlorella and heavy metals. I bought some Chlorella to detox from heavy metals - I used one month's supply and as I was about to start my second container - my feet developed bleeding sores and they felt like they were on fire. This lasted for 6 months and drove me to the edge of suicide. The problem was that I have 2 broken ankles which have implanted metal plates and screws - apparently the Chlorella attached itself to the metal and my body tried to get rid of it by doing it through the open sores on my skin on my feet. The supplier took this product off the market after having it tested by many scientists. My feet are still shedding skin after 3 years.

Replied by Sophia

OMG, that sounds really painful. I hope you are taking it easy and researching everything. Feel better.

Replied by Naturalwoman57

Cilantro Heavy Metal Detox with Chlorella :

My husband & I have both had spinal fusion surgeries & have titanium in our backs. It is safe to take Cilantro with Chlorella?

Chlorella, Cilantro

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Posted by Margaret (Indianapolis, In, Usa) on 11/09/2011

Hello, I have been using a cilantro with chlorella formula as a heavy metal detox. I have been experiencing sore muscles and joint pains. Does this mean I should stop my detox or is this a good sign?

Thank you,


Replied by Jay
(Toronto, Ont, Canada)

Chlorella Cilantro Detox(from

Dosage: start with 1 gram (=4 tabl) 3-4 times/day. This is the standard maintainance dosage for grown ups for the 6-24 months of active detox. During the more active phase of the detox (every 2-4 weeks for 1 week), whenever cilantro is given, the dose can be increased to 3 grams 3-4 times per day (1 week on, 2-4 weeks back down to the maintainance dosage). Take 30 minutes before the main meals and at bedtime. This way chlorella is exactly in that portion of the small intestine where the bile squirts into the gut at the beginning of the meal, carrying with it toxic metals and other toxic waste. These are bound by the chlorella cell wall and carried out via the digestive tract. When amalgam fillings are removed, the higher dose should be given for 2 days before and 2-5 days after the procedure (the more fillings are removed, the longer the higher dose should be given). No cilantro should be given around the time of dental work. During this time we do not want to moblize deeply stored metals in addition to the expected new exposure. If you take Vitamin C during your detox program, take it as far away from Chlorella as possible (best after meals).

Side effects: most side effects reflect the toxic effect of the mobilized metals which are shuttled through the organism. This problem is instantly avoided by significantly increasing the chlorella dosage, not by reducing it, which would worsen the problem (small chlorella doses mobilize more metals then are bound in the gut, large chlorella doses bind more toxins then are mobilized). Some people have problems digesting the cell membrane of chlorella. The enzyme cellulase resolves this problem. Cellulase is available in many health food stores in digestive enzyme products. Taking chlorella together with food also helps in some cases, even though it is less effective that way. C. vulgaris has a thinner cell wall and is better tolerated by people with digestive problems.

Replied by Jen
(Bozeman, Mt, Us)

Thank you Jay, for the wonderful advice. I am getting amalgam fillings removed next week and I tried chlorella and spirolina a while back and had a bad reaction. I was taking very low doses though so now I understand what I can try to possibly counteract the reaction. It was nothing life threatening but just bothersome. I got a weird orange peel like texture to my skin. It took a few weeks of taking both of them before I realized it was the algea. I don't know which one or if it was both but I think I will try just chlorella with the enzymes you suggested and hope for the best. Thanks again!

Chlorella, Spirulina

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Posted by Tlphil2 (Lorton, Va, Us) on 08/12/2011

Chlorella is one of the best ways to naturally and safely remove heavy metals from your body. Spirulina will remove all the other toxins and acid buildup. These are simple, one-celled plants... ALGAE.

These are two super-foods. They are the most nutrient-dense food on the planet. They are a WHOLE FOOD - like eating a banana or spinach.

They used chlorella to remove radiation from people after Hiroshima and the latest nuclear incident in Japan... Fukashima.

You can't overdose on it... and it doesn't have any side effects (except initial detox response).

These are the MOST researched foods in history! They have so many healthful benefits, to include having ALL the nutrition you need to sustain a healthy life with nothing more than these algaes and water (ionized, alkaline water! ). I recommend you start using it today! It can reverse cancer, eliminate tumors, and MANY, MANY other positive effects. Don't mess around with potentially harmful, chemicals and supplements.... Just start taking ALGAE! ALSO - read Mike Adams, Health Ranger's report on Chlorella and Spirulina.


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Posted by Marilyn (Wisconsin) on 07/19/2018

I tried Earth Clinic's recipe from Facebook for detoxing heavy metals - fresh organic raspberries and a handful of cilantro with 1 cup of water in the blender over the weekend and was surprised how good it tasted all things considered. 20 minutes after drinking it I felt a pain in the top of my head and then had a mild headache the rest of the day.

Now, I take activated charcoal frequently and NEVER have any side effects except the ocassional diarrhea. Same with parasite formulas. So I am very sure the cilantro IS pulling heavy metals, god knows what, out of me!

Continuing this regime every 3-4 days because I found it too intense to do every day. Will be curious to hear if others are having side effects when they take cilantro for heavy metal clearing. Please report!!

P.S. Suggest you drink this alongside lunch or dinner and NOT on an empty stomach.

Replied by PayItForward
50 posts

Activated charcoal (bedtime preferably) with a glass of water.

Cilantro is great support! It's called the 'Poor Man's Chelation' for good reason. Add that to food or smoothies as often as you like. I've even made pesto out of it which is quite delicious if you like cilantro.

Dr. Yoshiaki Omura discovered a unique and easy way to remove heavy metals like mercury, lead, and aluminum. He and his colleagues were using antibiotics and antiviral compounds to treat infections, but were having little long-term success. Patients' symptoms would disappear only to recur within a few months. Further investigation, Dr. Omura found that these patients had localized deposits of mercury, lead, aluminum, or a combination, and the infectious bacterial and viral agents continued to grow and multiply in these areas. Apparently, in the presence of these heavy metals, the antibiotics and antiviral compounds LOST their ability to function.

While Dr. Omura was testing the urine of one patient, he discovered that mercury levels in the urine increased significantly after the patient consumed Vietnamese soup, which contains cilantro. Through further testing, Dr. Omura found that consumption of Cilantro accelerated the excretion of lead and aluminum deposits from the body. When he had his patients regularly consume fresh cilantro or cilantro juice, and then use antibiotics or natural antivirals such as the EPA and DHA in fish oil, the infections were permanently cleared.

Dr. Omura performed another study in which three amalgam fillings were removed from an individual using all the precautions available to prevent the absorption of mercury from the amalgam. Even with strong air and water suctioning, water rinses, and a rubber dental dam, significant amounts of mercury were later found in the individual's lungs, kidneys, endocrine organs, liver, and heart. There had been no mercury in these tissues prior to the amalgam removal. Using only cilantro, Dr. Omura was able to clear the mercury deposits in just three weeks.

It's an excellent method for detoxifying and removing heavy metals and other neurotoxins. Suggested consumption: At least 1/4 cup of tightly-packed fresh cilantro stems and leaves per day during a detox. It's easy to disperse this amount into daily meals (I'd put it on grass-fed butter on sourdough toast and loved it).

Since cilantro may release more heavy metals than the body can efficiently remove, and to prevent any metals from being deposited in the colon, it is recommended to use a form of Calcium Bentonite Clay called Pascalite. While using the cilantro for a detox period of two to three weeks, take 1 teaspoons of Pascalite mixed with water three times a day between meals. If you're feeling OK at this dosage you gradually can bump up to 2 teaspoons.... Good health to you!


Clay Baths

Posted by Clare (Stephenville, Nl) on 02/18/2013

Good morning, I want to do clay baths to pull heavy metals from my skin. Last check, I had fifteen heavy metals. I have been doing castor oil packs but it takes so long and so I would like to do clay. However, the clays are about 16% aluminum and what with the chem trails and aluminum poisoning, and mercury pulling more aluminum in, well, I would like to find a clay that is aluminum free. Does anyone know if such a clay exists. Please and thank you. Clare

Replied by Cheryl
(Highland Park, NJ)
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Have you ever tried Aztec Secret? It is calcium bentonite clay and I am posting an article on using it in the bath right now. Good luck.

Copper Toxicity Remedies

Posted by Robyn (Melbourne) on 10/21/2013

I have been following this site for some years now. I have addisons disease, thyroid, parathyroid, thymus, liver are not working. I have tried nearly everything suggested on this site but it seems difficult to help your glands if you are still toxic. I've tried everything on here for that too and have had success (taken 6 yrs) to reduce lead & cadmium but no reduction with the copper or calcium. I am almost still as allergic as ever, still homeless because of it, suffering is intense. My posture is still skew which gives me extra pain but difficult to do anything about that when I'm so full of this other stuff. & who knows how much pesticide & other stuff. I can't see any more options. Anyone successfully removed copper who has dysfunctional adrenal glands?

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
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@Robyn: The immediate remedy to reduce Copper is to supplement Molybdenum, is it not; and Zinc will bind to Copper to form Zinc-Copper Superoxidedismutase (SOD).

Have you tried Fulvic/Humic Acid? I seem to be in about the same league of toxicity as yourself and like yourself find no lasting cure, but after taking a hot bath w/ added concentrated Fulvic/Humic Acid, it was obviously way more beneficial than past clay or major/minor mineral baths.

I am also benefiting from Lipospheric Vit-C and Lipospheric Reduced Glutathione.

Detoxing from Gadolinium

Posted by Melisa (Texas) on 10/16/2013

I have been exposed to Gadolinium from a MRI.. Have retained a large amount. I know some do IV chelation for this. Has anyone had any experience on this site in regards to this?

Replied by Timh
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@Melisa: I saw an ihealthtube video on this some time back; sorry don't have a link but maybe it won't be hard to find nowadays.

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