Natural Remedies to Detox Heavy Metals

Alkalizing Remedies, Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation
Posted by Ruben (, Argentina) on 09/05/2010
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Better But With Side Effects

I've been suffering of chronique fatigue, muscle sores, joint pain and tinnitus for the last 8 years. As many of you I couldn't find any answers from doctors other than "it's psychosomatic". After many research I think my condition is related to heavy metal poissoning and fungus. I've been using for the last weeks Ted's alcalinization remedies as lemon baking soda and baking soda potassium citrate and I started feeling much better but not cured. I'm taking also cilantro and chlorella to chelate the heavy metals. Four days ago I began using Bill's HP inhalation technic and almost instantly made me feel better and energized. The problem is that every time I pump the hp I feel a burning sensation in my throat and afterwards I have a flu-like sore throat. I'm using 35% food grade HP diluted to 3% with distilled water. Has anyone have the same experience? Any ideas?

Thank You all!