Hyaluronic Acid Benefits: Skin Care and More!

| Modified on May 29, 2022
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Hyaluronic Acid Benefits

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) has become a popular supplement used to treat many ailments.

Hyaluronic acid benefits include use for arthritis, joint pain, osteoarthritis, and damaged tissue. It is also widely used in skin care products for its ability to rejuvenate the skin.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid contains hyaluronan, a substance that occurs naturally in the body. For osteoarthritis, where the joints lack the fluid for sufficient lubrication, Hyaluronic acid injections are made directly into joints for temporary relief from pain.

Hyaluronic acid interacts with molecules that cause inflammation, thus negating their effects. Hyaluronan molecules travel throughout the body, taking nutrients from the food we eat and transporting it to the cells that need them via our extracellular fluid.

How to Use Hyaluronic Acid for Youthful and Hydrated Skin

Watch Earth Clinic's video to learn how to make a DIY serum for incredibly youthful skin and side effects to watch out for if you take the supplement internally.

Check out the reviews below from our readers about the benefits and also side effects of hyaluronic acid!


3 User Reviews
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Posted by Jeanne (Victoria, Bc; Canada) on 10/22/2013

For the most efffective hyaluronic acid, at the most reasonable prices, check out iherb.com and look at the reviews for Hyaluronic acid 100 mg. Just one or two a day has helped hundreds of arthritic people, with no powders to mix. I personally have noticed a huge difference to my severe hip arthritis since adding that to my supplements when glucosamine wasn't enough. I also take the HA from a company which is derived from Collagen type 2, which will surprise you with the added bonus of mosre beautiful skin along with lessening the pain tremendously.

Posted by Art (Tustin, Ca. USA) on 08/30/2012

I would like to comment on my experience with hyaluronic acid (HA). I first tried a common and popular brand of HA to see if it would help with joint comfort of my back as I had previously been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and arthritis. I used their "double strength" version which contains 100mg of HA in each capsule among other things.

These particular capsules contain the following:

Supplement Facts -- Serving Size 1 cap
Amount Per Serving Daily ValueSodium (from Sodium Hyaluronate) Hyaluronic Acid (from Sodium Hyaluronate) L-Proline [Pharmaceutical Grade (USP)]Alpha Lipoic Acid Grape Seed Extract (Vitis vinifera) (Standardized to min. 90% Total Polyphenols)

I took three of these spread throughout the day and noticed good benefit within one week. That works out to 300mg of HA per day. I was happy with the results, but it was a bit expensive as I was paying almost $20 for a bottle of 60 capsules which lasted only twenty days. I stopped taking them after going through 5 bottles to see if the effect would be lasting. It wasn't!

I then decided to try Ted's mix as it was cheaper to take, though not as convenient as the capsules. With the electronic scale I use, it seemed to take just over 1/2 teaspoon of the HA to get the required 500mg assuming that my scale is reasonably accurate. I added the sea salt and started taking that mix three times per day on an empty stomach after the mixing process.

This mix took about two full weeks before I started noticing any benefit and I did not feel the benefit was a good as with the capsules. One bottle of mix would last me about two and a half days as I was taking a full shot glass for each serving. I have since increased the mix to 3/4 of a teaspoon per bottle and this seems to have added to the benefit of the mix to the point that I now feel that it has a similar effect as the capsules.

Although I am using more HA per mix, it (bulk HA powder) is still significantly cheaper than the capsules. The consistency of the mix is "very slightly thicker than water", possibly like the consistency of low fat or non fat milk. I just recently noticed that _____ offers a 120 capsule bottle for about $25, so my current thinking is that I may use both. The capsules when I am away from home or run out of the liquid, and the liquid for when I am able to make it and take it at home. The other thing I am thinking is that with the capsules, I probably could have cut down on the dose of 3 caps per day after the first week or two... possibly only one or two per day to maintain the benefit.

The thing is, I am a little afraid to try and cutback on the amount of HA I put in the mix or consume as I like the benefit and would hate to lose the benefit, even temporarily! Any suggestions or thoughts?


Replied by Shane
(Pine Lodge, Victoria)

Hi Art, or Ted may help with this question...

Can l ask how you mix the Hyaluronic Acid? (purchased through purebulk). eg 500mg HA -6c1829 9grams Sea Salt and 500ml water. The reason l ask is that when l mix it with water and salt, it goes like a cloud in the water, and l shake the living hell out of the bottle but not all of it gets dissolved if that makes sense to you? just thought l might be doing something wrong. I look forward to your advise.

Replied by Art
(Tustin, Ca.usa)

In reply to Victoria: I used to put the salt and HA in the bottle of water and shake for about thirty seconds and then put it in the refrigerator. I would shake the bottle about every two hours for about thirty seconds each time, at least a total of four times. I usually left the bottle overnight before starting to use it. I always shook before using and the consistency was even, not lumpy or clumpy. I would take a shot glass per serving on an empty stomach and it seemed like the bottle would last about 2 to 3 days.

I just take capsules now because it is more convenient than mixing the liquid and seems at least as effective as the liquid.


Posted by Alfred (Bangkok, Thailand) on 06/11/2010

After one week without HA.. my body started to fall apart. In about 4 days my knees started to hurt.. I have no reaction to HA..

I got to get off My a-- and do more exercise..I eat a lot of vegtables.. I grow my own purslane and aloe vera.. never knew you could eat aloe vera.. a little bitter BUT very healthy.. Just wash it, scrape the little ruff spots off the edge.. do not peel.cut in thin slices. eat the whole thing.. tell u one thing, it gets that poop out of you..every day like clock work.

That HA is good stuff Lee. Thanks for checking In.
I care

Replied by Carly
(Seattle, Wa Usa)

Hi Alfred -

I am glad to hear you are feeling better. I always enjoy reading your posts here on Earth Clinic.

I had a thought concerning the HA and how when you went off it for a week you felt bad. I wonder if it is like the reaction people have sometimes when they stop taking high doses of vitamin C abruptly? Maybe if a person stops taking HA they should taper down slowly?

Sorry if you already addressed this idea. I did not see your first post, and am joining this in the middle.

Just wanted to throw that thought out there.

Best to You,

Replied by Alfred
(Bangkok, Thailand)

Carly, Thanks for your suggestion.. that I stopped too fast taking the HA.. Should have been gradual...I do not know what my hurry is.. Moses lived 900 years, I am just a kid, No rush.. I have time. Thanks for the suggestion. Well taken.

I care

Congestive Heart Failure

1 User Review

Posted by Claudia (Kansas City, Kansas) on 03/01/2011

Does anyone know if the salt in the HA recipe would make congestive heart failure worse? Using borax in the bath caused all the fluid build up in legs to drain out which was fantastic! but the HA/sea salt/water mixture is bringing all the fluid back.

Degenerative Disc Disease

5 User Reviews
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1 star (3) 

Posted by Bily (Bitola, Macedonia) on 05/24/2014

Re: Degenerative Disc Disease all right, I bought double strength HA from Now foods, but it contains other stuff as well, it is in capsules, so my question is can I dissolve like 5 capsules in cold water to get 500mg HA or just drink the capsule, which way is better, I spend so much money and I come from very poor country, as I said in another post, Pure Bulk did not work for me, ordered online plus shipping inversion table...etc, a lot money for a guy from poor country, I would really appreciate answer which brand of HA is the best and I accept anything that will help not to go under the knife, because of uncertain outcome...HELP

PS;my worst problem is insane vertigo...feels like hell, any help apriciated, thanks

Replied by Mr. Ree

Get a bottle of "Lightheaded" from Heel. They're on the web. It works wonders for lightheadedness and vertigo...You may find it in some health food stores. A bottle costs about $10.00. Put one tablet under your tongue, usually ends the problem; sometimes put another if needed...They come 100 to a bottle..Realy works!

Degenerative Disc Disease
Posted by Bily (Bitola,Macedonia) on 06/03/2013

Hi to all, having degenerative disc disease (ddd) in my neck c5-c6 along time, I'm 35 and really disappointed. I was on Hyaluronic Acid for about a month, but nothing so far, now I'm giving up, I don't know if I was doing something wrong, maybe one thing. I was not making the remedy in a distilled water, it was regular store bottle, so to be honest I'm getting a litlle bit suspicius about this purebulk site! And will ask for answers from the supplier next time I buy HA, but from another source.

Replied by Anrea C
(Cardiff, Wales)

Hi Billy, The thing is, when you're unwell, it's taken years to put you where you are. A month may not be long enough to cure your ailments. Some folks get a 24 hour reduction...I am not one of them. Do not disappear, I am trying lots of remedies on E/C......BUT........you have to give it time. We all hope it will work overnight, but some illnesses, from person to person, take longer. Believe me, I bought everything and spent days crying. I am NOT buying into doctors! They are crap!!!! Do it at your own pace, a little, with a build up, is better than reading a post, and praying it will help. We are all different, what suits one person may not be the answer, ... Don't give up!You will find what you need on here xxxxx Have its just a matter of trying.

Replied by Prioris
(Fl, Usa)

Before giving up on Hyaluronic Acid, I would have tried the HA that comes with collagen. Ted has recommended the HA given to horses. I am not familiar with HA suppliers so only know about the Biocell product. I know other older HA products that are useless.

Many HA brands use the Biocell version. It does work. I had my neighbor down the street try it last month and he is now free from herniated disc pain. He's older so the cause tends to be deficiency of HA.

Being much younger, that may not be the cause but I'd make sure by trying another HA like Biocell. Just make sure you take it on empty stomach and don't ingest other proteins until 45 minutes afterwards.Take 300 grams if HA (usually 6 tablets) for at least two weeks and see if there is improvement. If not then you can move on.

If that doesn't work then try other things like comfrey packs. Maybe it is caused by infection. Think outside the box.

Thanks for the information on the laser. The only drawback is the underlying cause may not get addressed so just something to be aware of.

Health Benefits of K-Laser Class 4 Laser Therapy


Replied by Happy
(Up The Creek In Wv, Usa)


your problem is that you are using a biologically in-active grade of hyaluron. the chinese genetically modified hyaluron from purebulk is inert, is useless. [I know; I bot $100 of it.] find a good brand of hyaluron somewhere and take that; you will probably start seeing some results in 3 days time.

also;these will help create cartilidge:

add a copper supplement to the diet; 2 mg. per day.

you must balance the copper with 15 mg. zinc per day ..... take the copper & zinc at different meals .... not together.

add 5, 000 mg ascorbic acid, per day,

don't take any supplement with molybdenum in it.

add chicken cartilidge type 2, .... 20 mg X 2t/d


Happy Up the Creek:

Please provide evidence that the product sold by purebulksupplements is any different from that sold by other manufacturers. They all buy their raw materials from China...with the exception perhaps of Thorne, although they no doubt get some of their stuff from wherever it's clean.

You're saying it's 'genetically modified'. I think you need to show documentation that that's true.

Also, zinc and copper work together, there's no reason to take them separately. They're not separated in foods...

Peg Futrell
(Virginia USA)

You must take zinc and copper at separate times, ideally at least 2.5 hours apart. This is because they compete with one another on the access point. Also be sure of the form of copper you take. There is a wonderful explanation of all of this on the MitoCopper website. I learned much.

Replied by Linda
(Calif., US)

don't give up, I used and healed but did many other things. I had 4 doctors tell me I needed surgery and had not been able to stand for more than 5 minutes at a time for 8 months.Had ice or heat applied 24/7. This site and Ted's remedy was a god send!

Replied by Luis

Hi .. where did you get this protocol? Jarrow makes a zinc 15mg and copper 2mg product combination formula. Where did you read the scientific study that says you should take zinc and copper separately?

Peg F.
(Virginia USA)

There is a treasure trove of information on copper, including the reasons why copper and zinc should be taken separately, on the MitoCopper website. Please take the time to listen to the wonderful video.

Replied by Allyson
(Colorado Springs, CO)

Hi Billy,

I read a comment of yours from 2013 on Earth Clinic. Not sure how you are doing on HA, per medical medium we need Horsetail and a tablespoon of silica like food grade diatomaceous earth (it is fossil shell flour that our body needs, put in whatever you drink, no taste, with a gazillion other things our body needs), try doing that along with the things you have learned since 2013. I hope you are better!

Degenerative Disc Disease
Posted by Carolyn (Capitan, Nm) on 03/01/2011

My husband was told by his Doctor that his incredable pain in his back was because his disks were degenerating. Surgery was the only option they left him with. I learned about hyaluronic acid right here on this site. I made it for him and in about a week his pain was gone. He's a bad boy and only took it for a few weeks and because his pain is gone he has quit taking it. I also made it for an friend with bad knees and he had a very good result. He has cancelled plans for a knee replacement.

Degenerative Disc Disease
Posted by Val (Tampa, Florida) on 05/11/2010

No results with hyaluronic acid

After reading Alfred's posts about the benefits of this, my husband and I started taking 100mg (2 50mg capsules) daily one month ago. The brand I bought has very high ratings and was just manufactured in March 2010 (so it is not old product). We haven't seen any changes since taking this. Has anyone else tried this? Have you gotten results?

My next step is to try the brand he recommends I guess.

Replied by Isabel
(Tampa, Fl)

I have been taking hyaluronic acid for a month without any result, the formula I bought was from a well known company and it was good for arthritis so far nothing I mean no changes at all, I still have 3 more bottles because I took the promotion buy 3 get one free, I will finish all, but so far no changes at all, I won't buy it again.

Replied by Lee
(New York, New York)

Same for me, unfortunately. I'm going to try the recommended brand next because it does sound amazing.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi, In regards to the hyaluronic acid, I ordered the brand Alfred uses and within 2 days saw a big difference in my joints. I'll let you know if I see any changes in haircolor, skin, etc. It has now been 2 weeks on a regular basis and I have already ordered and received more. Hope this info helps, Lisa

(Bangkok, Thailand)

To Lisa from Thousand Oaks,

Happy that the HA is helping.. My wife had head ache and NO energy.. She is taking Pefect multi, super Greens..NOW NEW person. NO headache plus energy the products..

Stay Well
I Care


Alfred, are you buying purity products fast acting HA?

EC: Hi Teresa,

Alfred was in his 80s when he wrote those posts a decade ago. Unfortunately, we haven't heard from him in years.

Replied by Alfred
(Bangkok, Thailand)

To Val from Tampa,

Sorry you're not getting any results from HA..When I was younger, I worked on saving money and purchased pills that I thought were good. Now I am getting along in years, running out of time, I buy the Best Pill I can find..Then I give it Ted's test.. Place pill in water, it should dissolve in 20 to 25 min. The pill from P dissolves in 12 min. Last week I got e-mail from a gal who was taking 400mg of HA.. But her pill did not dissolve.. So that was a waste of money.

Health worth more than money. June 3rd It will be 4 months.. Will send update.
I Care

Replied by Alfred
(Bangkok, Thai)

Lee, sorry your pill not working.. the one I am getting from Purity Products is Ultimate Ha.. If you take 3 pills each day they equal 100mg.. You can take more up to 200 per day.. but at the start Please stay with 100mg. The pill your now taking.. how long does it take to dissolve in water. If it over 25 or 30 min, it's not helping you any.

I Care

Replied by Val
(Tampa, Florida)

Thank you, Alfred. Will try your recommended brand next.

Replied by Alfred
(Bangkok, Thailand)

Val..is the new HA helping your husband?

I care

Replied by Val
(Tampa, Florida)

Thank you for asking, Alfred! He can't take them because the capsules (Hylastin) are too large. Lord, they are monsters!

I started taking them 3 days ago though and will definitely let you know if I see any difference in my fine lines, dry skin, vision (oh, to not need reading glasses), gray hair or stiff neck and shoulders. We also just bought a new mattress so that will probably help with the stiff joints.


Replied by Alfred
(Bangkok, Thailand)

Val... I agree the pills Hylastin from PP are Big.. But Big and powerful IF you can Swallow them.. I had trouble swallowing them but I finished the bottle by dipping the pill in Honey.. then it went down easier. Then I switched to Ultimate H.A. I take 4 pills a day now.. my hair on my going crazy..People keep looking at me.. Top and back top of my head.. Not a hair. Now a handful.. in black.. Maybe your husband can try the Honey thing.. the other thing if you have Dentures.. take my dentures out.. easier for me to swallow pill....My joints no pain, skin getting younger, barnicles of aging slowly moving on

Take it easy.. try the pill in honey..your husband needs the pills more than you do.

I Care

Dissolving Hyaluronic Acid

Posted by Donna (Pleasant Shade, Tennessee, Usa) on 02/23/2013

I got my HA powder online in bulk and followed the directions in our spring water in my bottle of 16.9 oz cold fridge water. Over night it still didn't disolve and no indication of doing so in a new batch this morning. I shake it regularly and it still is a little gooey mess on in the bottles. HELP!!!!!!!! THANKS DONNA

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

I was unable to get my HA to dissolve after refrigerating it overnight, with shaking. (I used (5) 100mg. pills) So the following morning I put it in my blender on high and it became completely disbursed.

Replied by Betty L.
(Lead Hill, Ar)

Directions I read said to chill water overnite. Then add HA in the morning. Shake, let sit in fridge some more. Will dissolve.

Replied by Suzipond

I have found that Hyaluronic acid will dissolve if you add a little coconut oil to the emulsion........I think it needs a fat to be soluble..........

Replied by Kelly

The powder will dissolve just fine in warm or hot water. I sprinkle it over my dinner, and it works just fine.

General Feedback

2 User Reviews
5 star (2) 

Posted by John (Singapore) on 09/13/2011

Regarding Ted & Alfred's recommendation of Hyaluronic Acid supplements, are there any concerns that HA may promote breast & colon tumors?

Thanks for any advice, John

General Feedback
Posted by Beryl (London, England) on 09/02/2010

Hi, After reading Alfred's letter about the benefits of hyaluronic acid, I started taking it, but found it made me feel overwhelmingly tired. It was from an animal source. So I changed to one sourced from plants, and have been taking it ever since with no ill effects. But to be honest I cannot see any improvement in my health, and I was wondering if anyone else had experienced any beneficial changes? In the meantime, I shall continue for a while yet. Perhaps give it three months in all. Best wishes. Beryl

Replied by Maggie
(Calgary, Alberta,canada)

Hi. Just wanted to respond to your question. I started my husband and I on hyaluronic acid pills 100 mg two months ago. I started 2 pills per day. Have slowed down to one per day. We have had no side effects that we are aware of. We both suffers aches and pains - my husband quite possbily has degenerative disc disease - some days we feel worse than others but could be contributed to other things such as what we eat. But all in all we have not seen any improvement in his back and leg pain as yet. I wonder if I should have put him on a larger dose to begin with. Will continue with it for awhile yet. The brand I have us taking has a very high review rating. Maybe it takes longer as Alfred has stated.

General Feedback
Posted by Lisa (Lafayette, La) on 09/02/2010

Hi. I emailed Ted directly re: how to use his HA remedy for spinal degeneration. Will that also get posted to this website, when or/if he answers? My questions were; His mixture of Hyaluronic acid in sea salt and water were not extremely clear. I read his referred Purebulk website directions on mixing, and they were a little different. In Ted's mixture:
1. Does the water have to be 39 degrees F. Or lower?
2. How do I measure 1 gram of sea salt?
3. Does the formula go bad after 48-72 hours like that on Purebulk?
4. Mine did not gel up like Purebulk talks about, although Ted used 500 mg. HA, purebulk used over 2 grams, I believe. 5. Do you have to shake it every 2-4 hours for 12-24 hours like Purebulk instructs?
I am SO excited about starting this regiman, as is my husband. I actually mixed his up this yesterday morning, and shook it appropriately (is this necessary, Ted?) and gave him 8 capfuls this morning. He very sceptically asked me how long it takes to work. I said anywhere from 1 day on, why? He said he could hardly walk on his knee this morning, 3 hours later, no pain! Awesome if this would be "the Miracle Cure", huh?
God Bless, Lisa from SW Louisiana

Replied by Peter
(Chicago, Il)


One gram of salt is approx 1-1/2 teaspoon (per Google), also 8 capful is equal to approx 1 shot glass. Accoding to Ted, this formula lasts over 2 weeks. Can you let me know when you pour 8 caps into a shot glass, do you fill up the shot glass?

General Feedback
Posted by Dj (London, Gb ) on 08/09/2010

Hi all, I was about to buy from the purebulk site but got a little confused by Ted's initial comments. Can you clear up for me this comment: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand writes: "... Hyaluronic acid, yes I buy them from purebulk. The only particular brand I like is not the brand itself but for those formulations used for horses, which is proven to work. So Purebulk do not do an equine HA product." What does this mean then please? As I'm buying for international shipment the order will be very expensive for a months supply so I need to know what I'm buying! Cheers for viewing, best wishes, DJ

General Feedback
Posted by Sue (Fairfax, Va Usa) on 08/08/2010

Having read numerous posts here about hyaluronic acid, I am now trying it, but in the various suggestions I find some confusion. So I am appealing to the generosity of knowledgeable contributors who take the time to share their expertise. When taking the hyaluronic acid tablets:

1. Should it be refrigerated?
2. Should it be taken on an empty stomach, or with food?
3. Should it NOT be taken at the same time as vitamin C, or any other particular supplements?

None of these issues is addressed on the bottle. Many thanks for this wonderful site.

Replied by Alfred
(Bangkok, Thailand)

I know some of the answers...

1. Refrigerated best
2. Either way with food or empty stomach both work for me..
3. The one with Vit C.. I do not know the answer.. When you say Tab.. Normally tabs takes a long time to dissolve, sometimes more than 20 minutes which does not do too much for the body. Capsules are better,


Replied by Sue
(Fairfax, Va Usa)

Thank you for your reply. I am taking the same brand as what Lisa from Thousand Oaks is taking. As for the tablet dissolving in water, I always wondered about that test, since the stomach contains hydrochloric acid that is 10 times as acidic as pure lemon juice and can have a pH of 1 or less... In any case, I hope I get the same benefits as you and Lisa, and the many others who have generously reported their experiences. Thank you, Sue

General Feedback
Posted by Peter (Chicago, Il) on 07/06/2010

To Bill from San Fernando, Luzon

I have been taking's Ted's Hyaluronic Acid formula for the disk & back problem on empty stomach (3 times a day), he also recommends taking magnesium citrate on empty stomach also, can I take both of them at the same time ?

Thanks Bill for your advice.

EC: Peter is referring to Ted's reply regarding Hyaluronic Acid in the below thread:


04/18/2010: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Hyaluronic acid, yes I buy them from purebulk. The only particular brand I like is not the brand itself but for those formulations used for horses, which is proven to work. Hyaluronic acid is way better then the popular Glucosamine sulfate. It is a miracle supplement against back pain caused by degenerative spinal column.

My formula that works is as follows: 500 mg of Hyaluronic acid powder (sodium hyaluronate) plus 9 grams of sea salt in 500 cc of water. Store in refrigerator when not in used. The formula advocated by the (purebulk) will not work as it degrades Hyaluronic acid since vitamin C will obviously degrade them. They do get more stable if EDTA is added in small amounts as free metal irons tend to degrade them. The dose is about 8 caps three times a day empty stomach. It takes about 2 weeks to completely remove all back pain and the joint affected area in extremities may take a little longer. I have a couple of cases with severe spinal degeneration of cartilage and gets fully restored upon taking of HA. What the HA does is very simple. It is a major component of synovial fluid - spinal fluids. It is also found in your skull that acts as a shock absorber. So if the movie Rocky got decomissioned from boxing, the HA will restore the brain concussion and helps boxers against brain damage as HA will act as shock absorber between the brain and the skull..."  continued


Replied by Amai

Hello everybody...... After reading many of your feedbacks, i'm a bit confused, since some people is getting positive results but not with HA as itself (only) since many products are mixed with collagen or conditrion and so on.......... About The purebulk HA and Ted's mix---some people can't take salt as you may know so taking it alone isn't it as good as mixed one?

Replied by Missy T.O.
(Toronto, Ontario)


I am begging you to please help me sort thru all this confusion about the reference to Hyaluronic Acid (HA) in Ted's post and so many other posts on this product and treatment. Another poster stated that the HA from purebulk is not pure bcos the Chinese cut it with synthetic?

Ted's quote: "Hyaluronic acid, yes I buy them from purebulk. The only particular brand I like is not the brand itself but for those formulations used for horses, which is proven to work. Purebulk does not sell a equine HA product."

What does this mean and then please, where can I buy the HA Ted is talking about?

Continued from Ted... "My formula that works is as follows: 500 mg of Hyaluronic acid powder (sodium hyaluronate) plus 9 grams of sea salt in 500 cc of water. Store in refrigerator when not in used. The formula advocated by the (purebulk) will not work as it degrades Hyaluronic acid since vitamin C will obviously degrade them. They do get more stable if EDTA is added in small amounts as free metal irons tend to degrade them. The dose is about 8 caps three times a day empty stomach."

Is the EDTA to be added to Ted's formula? Or is the EDTA only added if the vitamin C is included?

I wish that someone from EC would post clearer instructions for Ted's bulk formula and where to buy it. Should it be taken on an empty stomach, or with food? What size caps is he referring to? What would the dosage be in teaspoons instead of caps? I have read so many of the posts on this subject and it seems that many people are very, very confused as well. Some say to just buy the product already prepared by natural product suppliers and others say it doesn't work.

Then Alfred from Bangkok swears by Purity Products.com and yet when I do a google search review on the Purity company, Many people have been burned by Purity, stating it's a scam. Why is Purity so unethical with it ordering/shipping "IF" it's such a quality product???

I am in much pain and would like a real easy and cheap method of taking the effective type HA, which will cure and not just manage my degenerative disc disease.

Will you please help me. Thank you.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando)

Hi Missy...I'm not sure why you have had so much trouble finding hyaluronic acid on purebulk. All I did was go to purebulk and type in "hyaluronic acid" in their search box at the top and I found it straight away. See this link.

I also checked the other website you mentioned and complained about from Alfred and did exactly the same thing -- I searched for and found hyaluronic acid on the Purity Products website within two seconds. See this link.

And if you had just typed "hyaluronic acid health" into Google Search(as I have just done) then you would have gotten hundreds of hits on other sites also selling oral HA.

The dose for HA is to put 500 mgs HA(1/8 tspn powder) into 500 mls of water and then add two level teaspoons of sea salt. The sea salt is necessary because it helps to increase the absorption of HA into the body. This will heal spinal degeneration problems. Take 5 capfuls of this mixture three times a day outside mealtimes. The term "caps" or "capfuls" refers to the cap on the bottle itself in which you store the hyaluronic/sea salt mixture.

And Ted does not advise using Vitamin C with this protocol. When people say vitamin C everyone usually thinks of Ascorbic Acid -- which is the wrong oxidant form, not an anti-oxidant. In other words the Ascorbic Acid form will act to oxidize the HA and make it useless to you. The proper and useful anti-oxidant form of vitamin C is as ascorbate. To avoid all this confusion that is why Ted advises adding a small amount of EDTA -- no confusion here -- to the HA solution as an anti-oxidant and heavy metal detoxer to help prevent oxidation and breakdown of the HA in the solution during storage in the fridge.

Replied by Missy T.o.

Thank you for your response but you obviously didn't read my post all the way thru. The issue is NOT that I can't use google to find HA, the issue is (quote from my post):

Ted's quote: "Hyaluronic acid, yes I buy them from purebulk. The only particular brand I like is not the brand itself but for those formulations used for horses, which is proven to work.

Another poster's quote in reply to Ted's post above: Purebulk does not sell a equine HA product." What does this mean and then please, where can I buy the HA Ted is talking about?

Another poster stated that the HA from purebulk is not pure bcos the Chinese cut it with synthetic?

My question: If Ted prefers the HA used on horses, and if another person states that Purebulk does not sell equine HA, then from whom does Ted buy this "horse HA"??? Yet another poster claims that Purebulk cuts it with synthetic. (Scary! )

My question could not be plainer in lieu of the above quotes/statements by other posters.

Next quote from my post: Then Alfred from Bangkok swears by Purity Products.com and yet when I do a google search review on the Purity company, many people have been burned by Purity, stating it's a scam. Why is Purity so unethical with it's ordering/shipping "IF" it's such a quality product???

Google search:

- Ripoff Report | Purity Products Complaint Review Plainview ...


- 124 PURITY PRODUCTS Complaints and reviews


- Top 10 Reviews of Purity Products - My3cents.com


Those are only 3 review google searches on Purity Products. There are other negative links.

If Purity Products is such a good product, why are they so unethical in their shipping and credit card practises and why would Alfred recommend them???

I certainly don't want to even remotely try ordering from them. Apparently, once they have your credit card info, they continuously bill and ship product at their will.

Next, Using "bottle caps" as a mode of measurements is just plain wrong. Not all water bottle companies use the same size cap! Some use wider caps, others use smaller caps, depending on the size of the bottle. So what is the proper measurement in terms of measuring spoons? And what type of water, spring or distilled?

You also missed the fact that I stated that I would prefer to buy in bulk since the HA supplements that many companies are selling are very expensive. The prices in my health food stores, here in Canada are anywhere from $45 and up, for 100mg of HA, 60 capsules, which also have other things added to the mix.

According to the link you provided for Purebulk, they have 3 HA's to chose from. So which one does or did Ted use? HA (bovine, vegan or vegan wheat free). None of these 3 even remotely describe the use for horses!

Also, you didn't answer whether it should be taken on an empty stomach or with food.

Bottom line, if you went and read ALL the posts to Ted about Purebulk, then you would see where so much confusion lays. Another poster found the HA from Purebulk, when mixed, grey and not blending very well.

Your reply has left me still confused as to where to buy in bulk this "horse type of HA, since it's been stated by another poster that Purebulk does not carry it, and that Purebulk uses synthetic in their product! btw: They sell it in lots of 10g bag, 25g bag, 50g bag. Which size of bag should one order for a mth supply? Ted says to use 500mg of HA and according to you, that equals 1/8 teaspoon. Thank you for the translation. :)

At times, Ted's instructions are vague, that's why there are always so many posts with so many questions.

Yes, many companies sell HA in capsule forms, and if you look at the ingredients, they add a lot of other product into the mix. So my other question is, which company selling the HA capsules, is the best one to buy from, other than from Purity Products, since they don't have a good reputation with ones credit card.

I have been doing my homework and there seems to be different sources for this HA. According to Consumer Guide to Oral Hyaluronic Acid Supplements: http://www.prweb.com/releases/hyaluronic/hyalogic/prweb492817.htm

quote: Q. Are HA supplements, which contain glucosamine and chondroitin, derived from shellfish?

A. No. HA supplements are derived from natural sources such as rooster comb, or chicken sternum cartilage, or synthetically made from a vegetarian source by fermentation of corn syrup. The latter is a purer source, while the others provide additional collagen, which is also beneficial.

Given that there are 3 sources that HA is derived from, and that Consumers Guide states that the fermented corn syrup is best, which is the one that Ted refers to as the one given to horses?

And given that Purebarn sells bovine and vegan, and Ted is not clear as to which one he buys from them, hence the reason for so much confusion. I look forward to your reply. Thank you.

Replied by Jeanne
(Los Angeles, CA)


I ordered Ultimate H.A. Formula from Purity Products for the first time about 3 years ago. Here's the link to the exact product. We only order 1 bottle at a time (the top choice), not the "Super Saver" or "Buy 4 Get 1 Free" option. It's very pricey for sure. I don't use it, but my husband still uses it regularly and finds it helpful when used in conjunction with other supplements like Fish Oil, Magnesium and more. We have never have any issues with this company.

Replied by Missy T.o.

Hi Jeanne,

Thank you for trying to help, but I just don't trust that company after reading all the negatives about them.

It puzzles me why, if Purity Products HA is so good, why your hubby still needs to use it. In Ted's original post, he stated that the brand he uses actually "CURES" degenerative discs and joint problems.

Perhaps your husband didn't take the 500mg of HA per day like Ted recommended? On the back of the bottle, look at the mg of the HA only, not the combined total of all the ingredients.

That's why I was hoping to find and buy the exact same HA that Ted way using bcos it's much cheaper doing it his way.

Replied by Bob
(Toronto, Canada)

Dear Bill,

I came across Ted's remedy for DDD.

I went to Purebulk's website to order Hyaluronic Acid powder, so I found that they have three types of HA: Bovine, Vegan, and Vegan wheat-free.

As I don't know what the difference is between them, I asked the sales guy he said that the most popular one is the Bovine one, so I ordered this one. I received the shipment and I started taking the remedy yesterday.

My question is what is the difference between long and medium chain, and what about the weight difference between the bovine and the vegan and which one should I use for Ted's Remedy?

I read somewhere that the bovine molecule does not get absorbed properly by the intestine as it is too long, is this statement correct?

Thank you all for the trying to help people, this is wonderful!

Peace, Bob

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