Hyaluronic Acid Benefits: Skin Care and More!

Multiple Ailments Cured

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Posted by Linda (Wokingham, England) on 02/04/2012
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Hi Folks, I am 55 and have just started taking HA just under two weeks ago. I have osteo problems and a bad "dry eye" condition. I have been taking a liquid HA. It's a high molecular weight HA as I read a book called "The Hyaluronic Acid Miracle" and they recommend a bio-identical high molecular weight HA. They state that low molecular weight is easier to digest but it's like putting oil mixed with water in your car instead of pure oil (i. e. not as thick so won't work as well).

The only thing I am not sure of is if its a bio-identical HA as it does not state that but does say that it is not from animal source. It is distributed by a company in West Yorkshire here in the UK.

You take one sachet a day mixed with water so it's really easy to take.

The effects were almost immediate, pain in joints easing daily and are almost gone. I have only had to take my dry eye gel/drops twice during this time and previously I had to take them 3-4 times a day. So far no side effects.

They also state that you should get HA from non-animal source (as it is not bio-identical to our bodies). They really stress that!! You can buy it online and it ranges from £20-30 for a months supply. The book talks about how HA affects your body and is written by Dr Chris Meletis and David Rousett (and is recommended by L. Sephen Coles M. D. , Ph D. and the author of Extraordinary Healing, he is apparently the world's leading supercentenarian expert).

I am new to all this but have done quite a lot of research on the net on HA (which lead me to this site) and like most things I totally think that you get what you pay for. If it's not a quality product there is really no point in taking it. By the way before I started taking this I could not read the ingredients without my glasses and was amazed just now that I can almost make them out without them... Onwards and upwards I hope!!


Multiple Ailments Cured
Posted by Alfred (Bangkok, Thailand) on 09/07/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Update from HA 100 mg daily.. It does not work fast but it works.. We must have the HA in our system to repair the broken parts with its glue type stuff. I was bald.. Top and back.. Now its covered black color.. But it works slowly, my white mustache, now 90 black..

Barnicles on my face falling off slowly, liver spots on back of my hand 90% gone.

Skin soft and supple and heals quickly..

Had large wart growing on right side of my nose. Good size.. My glasses did not sit strait.. Night time put banana skin over wart.. Taped on, , 5 nights gone. No arthritis pain, no pain at all.

Alfred's daily schedule..



Replied by Jill
(South Dakota, US)

Hi, I am confused regarding taking HA with food or on empty stomach. The bottle by PP that Alfred recommends says to take with meal. However, on other ailments on EC site regarding back problems, I have read posts that say not to take it with food, or protein sources specifically.

Does anyone know the answer to this question. Take with or without food?

And thanks Lisa, from Thousand Oaks, I plan to get the one from Source Naturals after this bottle, as the price online seems to be better.

Thank you!

Replied by Gene
(Pattaya, Thailand)

I saw Alfred's posts from 2010 on Hyaluronic Acid and and was delighted with all the good it did him. So, is Alfred still around? He would be 90 years old if he is. Hope so. My other question is...can HA be bought in Thailand?

Multiple Ailments Cured
Posted by Patrice (Nashua, Nh) on 06/05/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Val: My experience with HA is tremendous. My nails are no longer striated. My face has filled out I guess must be renewed collagen. Alfred recommended Ultimate HA which I've just started trying. I've been using Natures Way and it has the exact same ingredients, 'cept Ultimate has quercetin, lecitin and inositol. Perhaps you shd check the ingredients.

Multiple Ailments Cured
Posted by Alfred (Bangkok, Thailand) on 06/01/2010
5 out of 5 stars

My 4 month HA update...

Crazy took us 30 or 40 yrs to get into the condition were we are.We can not wait a few months, maybe a year to have some changes.. I guess thats what they call the Impatience of Youth.. We are young at heart.

the HA stuff work pretty fast if you have the correct mix, so it gets easily absorbed into the body.

I have been listening to my body.. What happening,or what do I feel that I did not have before. Seems like something running around repairing what has worn out on the inside.. My left knee feels new again.. no hurts their. I was having problem with my my hips.. thought I would need a hip replacement.. For about 5 days a lot of pain in my hip areas, both hips. I would push down, it hurt.. I guess it was the Putty that HA has.. maybe pushing it in were the hip were worn. Now 1 month latter. NO hip problem.. Everything working normal.. So I guess the putty from the HA is doing its thing.. No more worry about Hips replacements. The hair on my head still growing, but not fast enough for me. So I shaved my head hopeing it would stimulate new growth faster..It did not seem to help..but it will take a year to have thick hair the way I want it on Top of my head. Hair coming in original color Black.. Hair on my arms still growing...

now an intesting thing my face show a lot of Barnicles of ageing. That why I had a full Beard which is white color.. To cover that mess on my face, men lucky we can do that.. I shaved my cheek area 10 days ago. My face almost clear of all that Black markings.. watch it daily and every day getting lighter in color.. In two week more my face will look new again.. I am getting comments from people about my face.. Makes me happy.. My beard still white but Mustache is Salt & pepper.. black hair replacing the white hair. 85% gone liver spots on back of my hands..

I am taking 4 pills per day which is about 134mg of HA.
thanks for your time
I Care

Replied by Alfred
(Bangkok, Thailand)
5 out of 5 stars

Been quiet on the Home front.. Not too much about HA.. Its keeping my joints limber, mustache in two month will be completly black, cuts and scratches heel very fast with no scars..barnicles of aging disappearing slowly..

I care

Replied by Sdl

Hello Alfred,

I just read your comments about your experience with hyaluronic acid back in summer of 2010. It's 2014 now and I'm wondering whatever happened with that experiment. I'm curious to know how well you are doing or if you ran into any difficulties along the way as I'm considering trying HA myself.

Multiple Cures

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Posted by Alfred (Bangkok, Thailand) on 03/31/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Been Taking Hyaluronic Acid Pills 3 pill per day = 100mg of HA.. after two months my results..HA is suppose to reverse the aging process..I am 83yrs young.. back of my hand almost clear of the liver spots ,underneath my arms were my skin hung from aging, gone.. skin tight does not hang, was completely bald, now full of black hair (my other hair white turning black slowly) in 3 month more will not be bald ,left knee hurt when I walked, most of pain gone, face double chin getting smaller, wrinkles forehead disppearing slowly.. After one year I should look like I am 65 yrs.. health #1 alfred

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)


Wow is all I have to say! And good for you. You definitely found your magic! Keep it up and keep us posted. I love it.


Replied by Alfred
(Bangkok, Thailand)

On the way to the Forum, stopped and got massage at my favored place.. have not been there for 3 weeks.
The massage was great, relaxing, rewarding,, all that good stuff. When the massage gal got me sitting up and start working on my head she stopped. She did not believe ALL THAT NEW BLACK HAIR.. TAKING OVER THE WHITE..too many questions to answer.. I saw the black hair coming in my bald spot from the front.. But the back of my head invaded with black hair... i do not get to the back often.. but thanks to HA.. Wow I will give it one year..Rome was not built in a Day.. my bald spot filled in, all my hair black..With what HA is doing with the skin, barnacles of aging disappearing instead of 83.. Could I pass for 68 yrs young.. we will see.. only must wait for one year. thanks for your time.. Earth Clinic good people.
I Care

Replied by Hope
(Sacramento, California)

Wow-Alfred - What Grand news! Big congratulations and well, just W-O-W!!! I have been using the product you recommended and have been feeling quite wonderful - a bit of detox from time to time due to my experimentation with other great stuff but, today woke up after 2 nights of lack of sleep to feeling quite excellent, self-empowered, and filled with joy, energy and creativity! I think you are most certainly on to something :-D
Wishing you the very best -

Replied by Juli
(Toledo, Oh)

Hello, I have a question for Alfred concerning HA. I read from one of your earlier posts that you switched from U Ha to the hylastin HA and then I think you switched back to U HA recently. I'm interested in starting HA for sore joints, and I wondered about the difference you experienced. I took a collagen powder product last year and experienced nightmares and extreme dizziness, so I am very wary. Thank you so much for your time~Juli(49)

Replied by Alfred
(Bangkok, Thailand)

Hell Hope.. We must give H>A> time.. It will do mircles. With its putty.. re-pair your old and tired joints..which will work like new.. go back to running and sports. Takes care of the barnicles of aging, better eyes, better skin. List goes on & on. Thanks for your note.

I Care,

Replied by Jacki
(Portland, Or)

Hi Alfred, I am so impressed with your results that I ordered the Ultimate HA formula then I saw that you started with Hylastin. Which vitamins are you taking and which do you feel is overall better for someone close to 60?

Replied by Alfred
(Bangkok, Thailand)

Good Day Jacki, Ultimate H. A. Is the best one. To start with, double the dose for a few days. Then take 4 pills per day. They will help you at a tender age of 60. Stay well. Alfred

Replied by Eugenia
(Latina, Italy)

Hi Alfred! This is Eugenia from Italy. I've just bought online some Hyaluronic Acid Tablets from Health Spark (UK). Do you know if the quality of this brand is good? I also bought asthanxanthin from the same site... Do you may be know if they can have any side effect if taken both?

Thank you so much for your suggestions!

Sciatica, Tennis Elbow

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Posted by Kate (Maidenhead, Berkshire, England) on 01/05/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I forgot to mention that after 7 days of taking HA 3 x 50mg a day, my tennis elbow and sciatica pains have gone. I knocked my left knee on a porcelain tile, I had excruciating pain, I'm glad to report the sweling and the pain have gone. This is a brilliant ingredient. I just want to get my bald hair patches filled in with new hair. I know Rome was not built in a day but Earth Clinic members.... Do any of you have information on how long was it before you could see positive changes to new hair growth? Thanks

Replied by Paul
(Tornot, Ontario, canada)

Are you sure it just wasn't time that let the piniform muscle relax and ease up on the pressure on the sciatic nerve? I read about a woman who ate ginger slices for 3 weeks and voila, her sciatica settled down.

Replied by Kate
(Maidenhead, Uk)

Paul - I got off the HA tablets and the horrid tennis elbow pain returned with a vengence, which goes to explain HA has been useful for my ailment. My mother suffered from back pain, she too took HA tablets, her pain has subsided a fair bit.

Where to Buy: Australia

Posted by Gail (Melbourne, Victoria Australia) on 04/21/2010

I am a person who suffers with severe spinal canal stenosis with 3 ruptured discs one of which is a bi-lateral rupture & would therefore be very interested in trying the hyaluronic acid. I have located a company in Australia who sells the HA for cosmetics use in a powder form. Would this be the same? Is there anyway of testing the powder. Help please

Replied by Catherine
(Wellington, New Zealand)

Reply to Gail, Hi if you search the web for "healthyonline" you will get the worldwine natural health pharmacy website. In NZ I purchase from their link www.healthy.co.nz

There are two products both supplying 100mg hyaluronic acid..one with MSM and one without. They also contain Hydrolized Collagen Type2 600mg, and Chondroitin Sulphate 200mg.

These are the only HA supplements I can buy here and I have to say I have been getting gradual improvement in joint pain and stiffness. Also I got my daughter to try this last week and in four days she has had significant improvement in pain and stiffness..she said she usually had to roll off the side of the bed onto her hands and knees in the morning to be able to stand up and she noticed yesterday (day 5) that she got up and went into the kitchen before she realised she had got out of bed normally with no pain..(we are taking the supplement with MSM) Best of luck.

Replied by Gail
(Wheelers Hill, Victoria Ausstralia)

Thank you Catherine for your feedback, I did manage to locate a supply in australia where Iam getting pure powdered H A which makes 5 ltrs, lasting me about 4-5 weeks as Iam initally taking about 150ml a day to build up but the difference it is making in my mobility is very noticable, I have had no adverse reactions at all, I will however have to look into another supply soon as it is way too expensive to buy this way on a pension. I see the product you are getting is only 10% HA , how many tablets are u taking per day?

Cheers, Gail

Replied by Gail
(Wheelers Hill, Victoria Ausstralia)

Thank you Catherine for your feedback, I did manage to locate a supply in Australia where I am getting pure powdered H. A. which makes 5 ltrs, lasting me about 4-5 weeks as Iam initally taking about 150ml a day to build up but the difference it is making in my mobility is very noticable, I have had no adverse reactions at all, I will however have to look into another supply soon as it is way too expensive to buy this way on a pension. I see the product you are getting is only 10% HA , how many tablets are u taking per day?

Cheers, Gail

Replied by Marika
(Stanthorpe, Queensland)

Hi Gail where do I buy this in australia do you have a website or phone number where I can inquire about this product? thanks, marika

Replied by Martine

Could anyone tell me where to buy hyaluronic acid powder for degenerative disc dicease in Australia? Amazon won't ship from the USA to Australia so I guess that the import of this product is prohibited in Australia. Thank you!

Replied by Robyn

I get it from iherb. No one will ship MSM to Aust either so you can buy HA and MSM together unless they've stopped that. Although you can buy msm here. I have dd c4,5,6.

Where to Buy: Uk

Posted by Pauline (Cheshire, United Kingdom) on 05/25/2010

Hi, I read Alfred's post about hyaluronic acid. It seems very expensive to order from the USA. Has anyone any recommendations for a British product of the same quality?

Btw, I had great results from using home-made kombucha and kefia many years ago: clear skin, energy, less aches and pains. Unfortunately, I had loose fillings from bad dental work and I had to discontinue the kombucha.

Many thanks for the site. Renewed my search for health!

Replied by Dj
(London, Gb)

I see that Purity Products does not supply Ultimate HA outside of the US or Canada, so I wonder where Alfred in Bangkok gets the supply from, or anyone else non US. I have seen a few ebay site operators selling it that may ship abroad... I'm thinking that the costs of getting Ted's recommended HA from Pure Bulk in the US, means we have to look for a quality european based HA product... Anyone used one yet?

In health - DJ

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

I have seen hyaluronic acid in the UK in health food shops like Holland & Barrets and Bean Freaks.

Youthful Skin

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Posted by Mama11 (Nyc) on 09/22/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Since hyaluronic acid holds moisture well--holding up to 1,000 times its weight in water--it functions not only to deliver water to the skin, but also to hold it there. As a large molecule, it does not permeate deep into the skin, but instead stays near the surface where it moisturizes the skin's outer surface layers.