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Water Cures
Water--the forgotten nutrient! Eight glasses, 75% of our body by volume, the elixir of life, yada, yada, yada... Even as much as we talk about how important proper hydration is to human health, nothing is easier than to forget to drink enough water. Most of us, in fact, seem to be dehydrated most of the time.

Getting the safest water to drink has likewise become a crucial part of our daily healthcare habits. The debate between tap water and bottled, filtered vs. distilled or dechlorinated, etc. and the nutritional value of spring water has become as intense as any in the natural health community. Our readers have something to say about the relative values of each water source or water filtration option below.

Natural Remedies: Water can have a strong remedial effect on conditions like diabetes, skin ailments, constipation, and high blood pressure. However, there is virtually no health condition or area of general health that can't benefit from getting enough to drink each day. Older men in particular should pay attention to proper hydration, as their bodies less effectively recognize or signal dehydration as the years go along.

ACV and Salt

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Posted by Andreina (Roma, Italy) on 12/27/2007

In the morning, I mix 1Tbl ACV with a pint of water, and 1/4 teaspoon of salt. I put it in a bottle and drink it throughout the day. I repeat the prosedure in the afternooon, so I drink 2 pints a day. It cures everything (my acne, sore throat, stomach ache, dry skin, sore joints...etc) I've been doing this for 3 months, and have dropped 7.5 kilograms! I <3 water! Be sure to mix it with salt and vinegar, so you don't lose vital nutrients, and sodium!

Best Reusable Water Bottles

Posted by Randy (Jersey City, Nj, Usa) on 03/27/2011

Hello, I was wondering what is currently considered to be the safest type of reusable water bottle..... Is it stainless steel? BPA-free plastic? something else? thanks! -Randy

Replied by Terry
(Langley, B.c. Canada)

How about glass. I use glass containers for water. They contain no harmful chemicals and you can wash them after use and are way less of a burden to the environment. If breakage is of concern be creative I. E. use a neoprene holder or something like that.

Replied by Denise
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Edit 11/21/2018: I have this all figured out I hope, and will edit this again when I actually get my water filter in place.

I'm reading until I can't read anymore. I just have to ask for help. Can someone please help me figure out the best water for me to drink, cook with etc.? I live in an apartment, and I have looked at a bunch of ways like under the sink contraptions. My pocket-book is small, so what I've done so far is just buy water from the store. Plastic bottles which I now am determined to get rid of plastic anything I drink or eat out of. All glass only is my goal. I read in Ted's remedies but couldn't find anything specific as to how to get as close to original clean water, with all the minerals I need, but minus any man-made additives. I know the answer is probably going to be out of my budget, but if I can even come close I would feel safer. I know this is a journey, a gradual thing to eliminate as much as I can, like I stopped using deodorants, store bought, and now I don't want to use shampoos or anything with chemicals. I think I'm having a minor panic attack but also, I am really having my eyes opened to possibilities that might help some of my health issues. I do supplement now with vitamins, and some other things like ACV, EVCO, Blackstrap Molasses etc. but if I am still consuming chemicals, I'm just defeating my purpose. Feedback so VERY welcome, Denise

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Denise, I also did a "water quest" for a long time, and then gave up. I noticed that less worrying about every little detail, helped me.

So now I drink tap water, cold or boiled, try to stick to a diet that seems to help me most, take a few supplements that seem good for me and don't sweat anything else. Being at peace with myself and laughter seems to keep me close to where I want to be!

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Hello Mmsg,

I can't agree more over not stressing over things. As I mentioned to Teena, I did find a small gadget to connect to my faucet. It will work, I hope, in my situation. I talked to the lead man at our water Treatment Plant and also saw the latest report on our water supply. I don't think I need to go further by testing my tap-water itself, but may at a later date. I did find out that we are still using chlorine, not chloramine and we stopped using flouride some years ago. So I found the filter that says it will take care of the chlorine. Mine does not dissipate if it's left sitting for 24 or more hours. I still smell, and taste it. Thank you for your excellent advice on not stressing over things. It does only make them worse so I'll be working on that too, Denise

Replied by Littlewing

Hi Denise - I love Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water. It comes in glass bottles and is loaded with great minerals, will make you feel wonderful. I sometimes cut it with flavored sparkling water because the mineral content is high.

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Hi Littlewing, and thank you for the information on mineral water. I may have to try some, it sounds wonderful! I do want to get away from buying water in bottles as it is just too difficult for me to carry home from the store. I think the little filter I've purchased will get me the cleaner water, and last about 2 months. I can't afford to spend a lot but those glass bottles sound so good. I am in the process of replacing all things plastic, with glass. I also got rid of my microwave which there's a whole other subject!! Thank you again, Denise

Replied by Mama To Many


Well said. I always appreciate your calm, practical approach and quite faithfulness in helping others.

~Mama to Many~


I agree with MtM, Mmsg, and this post is also for Denise and Phyllis,

I also drink tap water. I used to drink a lot of Perrier but it is my opinion that drinking so much water is unnecessary and just flushes out the water soluble vitamins like B's and C that can protect the CNS in addition to magnesium. Too expensive to keep replacing. I use the warm/hot tap water to make my ginger, turmeric and cayenne "tea". I use cold tap water to make orange juice (from concentrate) and coffee or tea. I dissolve my magnesium powder in tap water or orange juice. I read that the neurodegenerative diseases are associated with inflammation. MSG causes inflammation and hidden sources are difficult to avoid in the infiltration of voluminous hidden sources. Turmeric and ginger are both reported to reduce inflammation and even fight cancer. Several years ago had reports of turmeric dissolving and possibly preventing the amyloid plaque forming in the brains of laboratory animals. I haven't researched any more because I felt I was improving on what I had learned and trying to get on with my life, taking care of my husband and trying to help others when asked if I have the opportunity.

As I mentioned, I am 70 and have been taking turmeric and ginger for several years and making earnest attempts to avoid hidden sources of MSG. My short term memory is better and my mind seems clearer. I am just s-l-o-w due to multiple head & neck injuries and dealing with a severed GI tract lining.


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Hello Kt, I think my water is pretty good after talking to the folks at our Treatment Plant, and also, reading the annual report that we get. It's the smell I can't handle and we are still using chlorine. I don't know what the chloramine would smell like but we don't have that anyway, for now. No flouride, and it is ground water that comes from under our Smith River. I learned a lot of interesting things, and my favorite thing is learning about things I am passionate about. I did find a filter, simple, and attaches to my faucet that hopefully will remove that odor that is too much for me anyway. By the way Kt, wanted you to know I am sticking with my ACV, coconut oil, Blackstrap Molasses, cinnamon, and 2, large cups of my home-made ginger tea every day. It's going on just 2 months, but with those things, plus my basic supplements, I am doing SO much better in every way. I can't thank the people here like you, that have helped me by sharing your own experiences, Denise

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Mtm, and I always appreciate your generosity of spirit in sharing with all of us your vast experience!

Replied by Teena
(Melbourne Australia)
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Hello Denise,

I am responding because I agonized for years over the same concern. I eventually found shower filters (US made) that filter chlorine and fluoride. Did you know there is 100% fluoride absorption in delicate skin areas such as scrotum, eyelids? These were $135 AU each. And a one litre jug for the kitchen that filters chlorine and fluoride. The filter is very fiddly with many different parts but that's how it is. It is a plastic jug because glass in this instance is just not practical for me (breakage). Cost about $180 AU. Doesn't hold much so I put the filtered water in a 5 litre glass pitcher with shungite stones, to keep mineralised. Use for cooking too. At work our 'filtered' water only reduces chlorine, I got an empty dropper bottle, filled approx 1/3 each borax (fluoride, fungus), sodium thiosulfate (chlorine, ammonia, heavy metals) and unrefined salt Himalayan, for minerals. Filled with my filtered (! ) water and add one drop to normal mug size fluoridated and chlorinamined water and 2-3 drops for 400 ml bottle. This is my personal solution from extensive reading, knowing the importance of removing such toxins, and gives my mind peace. Best to yours.

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Hi Teena, I so appreciate your reply! I did order a smaller, inexpensive filter for my faucet. I will at least have something for now. Some of the users of the purifier are very happy with it, and some poor reviews as well. But for the price, $31.00, with a coupon for $20 dollars off from amazon, it's worth a shot. I am, however, going to snip your reply and keep it in my desktop file so I can refer back to it. Thank you so much, Denise

Replied by Frances

Teena, I am in Qld. I would be interested in the supplier of your shower filter. I have one which only removes the chlorine.

Replied by KT

Oh dear Denise...I was just trying to think how to post how our Heavenly Father provides for us. With the GMO's being so pervasive and difficult to avoid, the microwave is one thing I feel is needed to cook our vegetables until tender for assimilation. Especially broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, etc.

I don't cook meat in it but I cook oatmeal with an egg..the oats have been genetically modified too and are difficult to digest unless cooked to death!!

I only cook in clear glass containers and I don't stand in front of it while in use. I use clear glass cups to make or reheat any beverage. I know the microwave was given such a bad name but I feel it is because of cooking in plastic. I found documentation that microwaving carrots increased their nutritional value. Interesting...our daughter had better than 20/20 vision when she was young up until she left home and my vision actually improved at the age of...I was over 50.

I feel because our food supply has been so tampered with the Lord gave someone the mind to invent the microwave for our benefit and I feel cooking the vegetables until tender is the best way to get the nutrients we need. This is just my two cents on the microwave.

For those of you who are Believers I hope the following will truly speak to your hearts.

Rev. 12:9 says the great dragon (who leads the whole world astray) was hurled down to earth with his angels. 1 John 5:19 says the whole world is under the control of the evil one. The only thing the whole world has to do is eat. Verses are taken from the NIV.


Replied by Teena
(Melbourne, Australia)
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Hi there Frances,

In Sydney Pure Water 4 Life stocks and ships USA made Sprite Water Filters. They ship all around Australia

Borax Instructions

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Posted by Mary (Canada) on 09/26/2014

Hey there, anyone who can't afford to buy distilled water, has a family, and/or drinks a lot of water, this was my solution. I bought a water cooler, the kind where you put the big blue jug upside down on it. You'll have to buy the first jug of water, then when it's empty, I ran my water through a brita filter, poured it into the big blue jug, (you have to remove the cap, and don't worry about trying to save it) doing this until the jug is full. Then place a small piece of glad "press and seal" (NOT REGULAR PLASTIC WRAP) it has to be the PRESS N SEAL! Make sure it's pulled tight, rub your finger around the rim to make sure you have a good seal, then flip it onto your cooler, voila, you now have gallons of free filtered, distilled, whatever else you want in there, water. I used to add liquid trace minerals, so I don't see why you couldn't just add borax if you wanted. Did this for years, for my family of seven; the water was horrible where we lived then.

Dechlorinating Water

Posted by Sean (Wilmington, Delaware, Usa) on 12/14/2010

When you allow tap water to sit for, at least 10 minutes, the chlorine will evaporate. The water will taste better and will allow you to drink chlorine-free water.

Replied by Garry
(Pomona, California)

Unless your municipality is using chloramine, which most US water companies are changing over to. Chloramine doesn't give off gas as much as chlorine, whether its hot water, cold water or water sitting overnight. Please find out what kind of anti bacterial devices your water company is using and then learn how to remove it.

Replied by Darcy
(Victoria, Bc, Canada)

Any ideas on how to remove chloramine from tap water for drinking. I've done a search but it hasn't yielded anything simple, or that doesn't require adding another chemical. Vitamin C 1,000mg is mentioned for an "average tub of bath water", but not what type or how much per litre. I can't take much vitamin C unless it's ascorbal palmitate, which isn't water soluble. A zero water filter has been suggested, but is very expensive and has received poor reviews in general.

Thank you.

Replied by Janet


Ted here on earth clinic recommends aquarium science to reduce contaminants.

I suggest you look at these, in your Google search. There were many, with different methods that may work for you.


Replied by Mama To Many

Check this page out for information about using charcoal to remove chloramine.

Replied by Denise
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I'm shopping for a chlorine filter for my tap in the kitchen as I find that is all I need. I had to do quite a bit of surfing the net, and also, talking to the treatment plant where our water comes from. We do have an annual report but since the one for 2018 isn't out yet, I contacted the source of the reports. He was so helpful. Our county hasn't switched over to chloramine, and still uses chlorine. So all I believe I'll need at this point is something for around 6 dollars. It fits right on my tap, so I will edit after I get one and install it. I'll let folks know what I found, and if it works. I know it's possible I'll need more, but at this point I just can't afford more.

Dechlorinating Water
Posted by Sandra (Sudbury, Ontario, Canada) on 09/17/2009

Dechlorinating water: What is a fast/cheap/easy method to dechlorinate my water at home?

Replied by Kathy
(Dubois, Pa)

I use one of those "on the faucet" type filters (can't name it...sorry), which cost about $20.00 each and last a couple of months. But they only remove free chlorine. As far as I know, the only way to get rid of bound chlorine is through distillation or reverse osmosis.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
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To Sandra from Sudbery:

Hello Sandra,

When cleaning and refilling the water in your aquarium, the instructions tell you to run and leave tap water sitting overnight and the next day the chlorine will be gone. I haven't had an aquarium in years, but suspect that this is probably still effective in removing chlorine from tap water.

Replied by Kathy
(Dubois, Pa)

It is a good method for removing FREE chlorine, but the BOUND chlorine remains.

Replied by Wydo
(Ventura, Ca)

I would like to, not only dechlorinate the water to my house but defluoranate it as well. Has anyone tried to do this? I thought of adding sodium thiosulfate and boarx to a water softener or a chemical injection system. Any way I look at this it is expensive equipment to buy and I don't know if it would work.

Please, if anyone out there has tried this or has any thoughts on this, post your ideas here.


Replied by Kathleen
(San Antonio, Texas)

There are three ways to remove fluoride from water. Distillation, reverse osmosis, and filtration with activated alumina. The last is more recent. Currently I get my drinking water from one of the RO coin operated units at the store as it is reasonably priced. I'm considering one of the whole house filter units when I can afford it to avoid skin absorption of both the chlorine and fluoride.

Decontaminating Water

Posted by K.Lynn (Mt.Healthy, Ohio) on 01/07/2009

I'm confused over the healthy drinking water debate. could someone please tell me, as I've been boiling our water on the stove for 5-10 minutes after boil to decontaminate. we have traditional city water but it tastes horrible from all the additives. Do I need to add anything after boiling to make it healthier? Thankyou

Replied by Carola

Hi! I'd be careful about boiling your tap water -- boiling can concentrate lead rather than remove it.


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Posted by Adrienne (Idaho) on 06/29/2022

Hello Everyone!

Just want to bring up hydration in this discussion. I do notice more difficulty concentrating than usual in the morning, some mornings more so than others. But, water always helps! This morning was noticeably worse even though I did get 7 or 8 hours of solid sleep. I am suspicious of the dark chocolate I broke down and ate not that long before bed. I gotta cut that out. Maybe eating carbs, especially sugar, isn't a great idea in those last hours before bed, especially for seniors which I am. I'm thinking it could lead to low sugar in the morning because of overly conscientious insulin doing its job in the night.

I recommend 4 cups as soon as you can get it down. I keep a quart milk bottle with a metal straw on the counter all day so it's easy to get a swig or two and also it helps keep track. My goal for the day is the recommended 8 cups. You know all us animals need water. We don't last long without it. But, what I have observed is that insects also die without water, something I never gave a thought to when I was young. That's why we find them in our sinks. They seem to know the sink and water go together. Or, we find them floating in the dog's water or other fluids we leave sitting around. What I do is get a bit of water on a piece of paper towel and then get the bug on it. Typically they will put out that straw many of them have and start sucking it up, sometimes instantly. :-)

Detoxing with Water

Posted by Om (Hope, Bc. Canada) on 05/22/2014

Mama to Many from Om have you some ideas on this:

Can drinking of one liter of water cause detox symptoms? I add 1/8 tsp borax to one liter daily with two days off and also make my own Kombucha which, I know, causes detox symptoms. I am also not used to drinking straight water. Today, for the first time in long years, I felt nauseous for a short while and feel I want to sleep a lot. I am vegan but do not do too well at it with wheat allergies and sugar concerns, as well as no soy. I take no drugs and deal with everything myself. Because of the poisons in our food and my unwillingness to consume food that is obtained by torture and kill, I look almost anorexic by now.

I am well informed about commercial food production and our little store here does not want to be bothered with "freaks", like vegans. I planted things in the garden but not a thing came up. Repeated, with the same results and gave up. ( They have a house on their back and get it first.) BTW I have to be vegan because I experienced the bovine growth hormone by eating cheese that gave me a whollop of current from the liver to my right breast. That did it over night. And raw food is not for everyone.

Please let me know what you think or anybody who can chime in. Namaste, Om

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Om from Canada,

Thanks for all your good posts in the past.

Mama to Many may be out of touch for a few days but am sure she will answer as soon as she can.

You invited anyone to "chime" in so I will. First; I'm worried for you as you describe yourself as looking "anorexic" somewhat.

Om, that's serious. Maybe I've missed it but have you described in detail what you have been going through over the past 10 years or so nutritionally? Forgive me if you have and I just missed your description. Really, anyone who is starved looking has some serious issues. Do you mind too much recapitulating what you've experienced...medically by way of prior tolerance issues. Do I understand you are not only vegan but also totally raw? Are there any infection questions that play into your condition do you think?

You sure got my attention by how you describe yourself. I've had some (hard) experience with such situations and may be able to give some insight but I know your whole EC family will want to focus in on what we can do to help you. Also what other symptoms are you facing. I realize your conscience won't let you eat meat. I won't advise otherwise since you are given to that decision by conviction. So to get what you need I'm wondering what you've read that takes you to a healthy life ... one that won't deteriorate you. By the way and important; when did you start in the path of weight loss? Was there a point in your life when all was well, and then event "x" happened that seemed to kick off problems...

Just remember Om ... you have lots of friends and family here so stay resolute in knowing there is an answer to the situation. I look forward to hearing from you.

Your friend Dave from SC

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc. Canada)

Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc from Om.

Thank you for your very kind post and your concern; I do appreciate it very much.

My background: nearly twenty five years of teaching yoga, vegetarian and no background of North American diet at all. Never sodas, fast food, restaurant food, sugar binges, except one episode ten years ago. My weight was steady and ideal all my life till a doctor put me on insulin, when my health took a slide. I got out of that fast having myself educated on EC. I don't take any kind of drugs, do not smoke or drink alcohol.

The problem started when I became vegan. I am very fond of dairy, however, several years ago I tried to remove dairy from my diet when it came to my attention how the animals are tortured and then killed. I could not manage on that restriction but was unhappy.

Just about a year ago, I had this constant reminder in my consciousness to get out of dairy. The day before I was going to put that into serious practice, I bought a piece of brie cheese to enjoy and then quit. As I had finished the cheese, a very powerful electrical current in five pathways issued from the liver to end up in my right breast. I call this grace. Most people will close their eyes to the prevailing times and will have to pay for it sooner or later. It must have been the bovine hormone. I had to become vegan.

Now, I have a gluten sensitivity and have to take care with sugar. Organic food here is available sporadically. As soon I took to the vegan diet, my body did not want breads or doughy stuff. I said ok. But it became apparent that I was loosing weight and was at a loss what I could eat and what was a no no because of sugar.

I have some understanding of Ayurveda. Whenever a western Dr or person present their idea of diabetes, I first go to Ayurvedic websites to read on the wisdom of more than five thousand years. Since the doshas are never considered by western science, it is confusing and hit and miss. Allopathic drs. have not received a good grounding in diet and have done much damage to human health as a result. Added to which, health is now a business, to focus on disease. Even much advertised forums on diabetes and natural treatment are somewhat chaotic IMO.

I see my difficulty in getting a reasonably good diet is overshadowed by the powers that be who seek to "cull" the planet of its people. We are not in the era of Weston Price. We are using our wits to escape the poisoning on every level on this planet. Hence the blessings of EC. So I am on my dandelion tea, Kombucha , triphala, turmeric and amala. But food is the issue. I have managed to make a chapatti with sorghum flour. Hey, it takes real practice and expertise. The stuff is sticky. Thrown into the non stick ceramic pan, take a plate to flatten and hope for the best.

And if any one wonders, there are millions of Asians on vegetarian diet; their cuisine is varied and very eonomical and has been for thousands of years. It contains good quality protein for health.

Meanwhile it is difficult for me and I hope to find a good solution. Namaste, Om

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Om,

So sorry to take so long to respond to your posts. I have been out of town. But Dave's email was so helpful (he is compassionate and wise! ) and your response to him is helpful, too.

First, just to answer your initial question, I think that water could cause detox symptoms. (I think you were talking about water with no borax?) Anyway, water helps to clean out the body. And I know you have posted on the use of hydrotherapy and understand how effective it can be. I have been amazed at how well water will bring healing when used even externally. So, anyway, it seems reasonable to me that water could cause detox symptoms.

I guess the more important question is: what is causing you to feel unwell and what solutions are there to make you feel your best.

I too have been vegetarian and vegan at times in the past. I respect your decisions and won't try to change your mind. I was quite healthy on those diets and even went through three pregnancies as a vegetarian. But now I am rambling.

Anyway, it seems that if you are quite underweight and having trouble finding quality food you are comfortable with, that is quite possibly the cause. Lack of quality food will mean a lack of nutrients, which can cause quite a range of symptoms.

So, you are able to handle sorghum flour (I am impressed that you are making chappatis with it! Those are hard enough with wheat flour, at least for me. :) )What about things like millet and quinoa? They are high in nutrients and usually tolerated well by people. Do you eat brown rice? How do you do with legumes - beans, lentils, etc? They would be some good sources of protein, carbohydrates and nutrients. Are you avoiding fruits because of sugar? Avacados, if you could get them, would have lots of fat and not so much sugar. Also, I believe you have mentioned sesame oil. That would be a good source of fat in the diet. Do you have a source for any vegetables?

You may be able to find plantain leaves growing in a non-polluted place that would be good for making salad (with some sesame oil maybe?)

Well, lets keep chatting. I am home now and hopefully with more regular sleep this week my brain will function a little better. I am feeling a little slow of brain right now.



Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc. Canada)

Mama to Many from Tennessee --- Good to talk to you. I just sent a post to Dave and hope you will also read it. Om

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc. Canada)

Hello, Dave-

I think the Borax in one liter of water made me detox. So, now I do it every other day with two days' break. In addition Kombucha also does detox and I use cilantro chutney for heavy metal detox. I also use clorella caps.

But I was thinking my symptoms have maybe to do with mercury in two teeth and gold in others. I was unnaturally tired and could not get my chores done. I heard someone say that when he had mercury removed from his teeth, he became seriously ill, but managed to heal himself with colloidal silver administered rectally.

I am also a fan of coll. silver, make it myself and use it at the present for a tooth abcess with other things. I use astaxanthin, fulvic and maca as well as DMSO and UT.

I have had fatigue periods often during my life but now it is worse. Seeing a dentist is not an option. I sleep too well and it is a bother when there are chores to do. I walk to do errands and use the car once a month. And I want to take up my yoga practice again. I am not checking my blood sugar and go by how I feel. Now I am starting to take aloe vera two to three times a day. And I always take high doses of amala (vit C) and turmeric. as a powder in almond milk.

Is it the diabetes or heavy metals or both? My fatigue is unrelenting and a bother when chores are to be done. Cooking a meal, mostly East Indian style, is sometimes loosing out because am sleepy again. I think common sense in dietary matters should work. In the past, I did not even know what to eat when reading about diabetes. Now I follow my common sense.

Thanks for listening, Dave,

Namaste, Om

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Om,

So glad to hear from you on your recent post.

Thanks for the bit of history; As you laid it out, you're dealing with a diabetes problem and fatigue. You suspect mercury in two teeth is a factor.

Great about your use of CS re the tooth abscess.

Help me out on this one point...I'm trying to get a picture of when this all began. You said the fatigue is something you've dealt with to some degree much of your life...right? What I'm looking for is the cause and always suspect infection. Before the fatigue began, maybe when you were 20 years old, do you recall any infection or set of infections (ear infections, repeat strep infections, mono) that could tell us if this is infection based. This is really important. It would tell us whether we should focus on a lasting / lurking virus that is at work and so we do the anti viral protocol.

But if not infection, then the second thing we look at in fatigue cases is the endocrine system especially the adrenal. I've had two "periods" of my life in dealing with fatigue. The first time, after much consumption of various nutrients, the break through was consumption of "raw adrenal" which was taken afternoon and evenings...for many months. The energy began returning, even surging back.

I'm sure you've tried various energy enhancers...lots of herbals (Chinese as well as Ayurveda). But I'd first assume the low adrenal levels. You can get your endocrine tested which I'd recommend. But if you can't afford that, just try out some raw adrenal for a few weeks. If the problem is adrenal, you'll get the energy surge in a few weeks (and in my case in a few days).

The next fatigue I experienced was very deep and long lasting. The raw adrenal didn't work. So I had my saliva tested again and again the endocrine was involved but the second time it was very low testosterone. The MD testing me gave me a prescription for the same and in just two weeks I was back to normal. That was twelve years ago. I continue to take the raw adrenal as support. So far, even though I've been through many "hits" of a very emotional and personal nature, I continue to do well.

So here is my summary:

1. Suspect a long term infection drawing down on your energy reserves and compromising your immune system.

2. Suspect in addition to that, a depleted adrenal system.

3. Suspect in addition to the two listed above, an imbalance in the whole endocrine system.

Finally, could the mercury be at work in causing the problem? Yes, but not the underlying cause. Mercury could be adding to the problem.

If you determine that in fact you do think an infection might be the cause then the protocol is at your fingertips. Two tablespoons of high ppm colloidal silver three times daily on empty stomach...for six months. CS will not hurt beneficial bacteria. CS is positively charged and beneficial bacteria is also. You read in the medical study material that all the "bad" bacteria have negative charge.

Another hint on whether the problem is viral...Often a virus replicates on being given a signal in the blood, and the virus then explodes in the blood stream. So, you might be prone to "waves" of fatigue, and then you're better and then a month or two later, another wave of fatigue. THAT is a viral infection. I know a case, by the way, that is diabetes involved and a definite virus is at work. The diabetes is caused by the virus. Now this lady has gone to Mayo for analysis and her diabetes is not the normal kind and Mayo couldn't help her. How was it different? Because it wasn't really the standard diabetes ... but a virus had compromised the liver's insulin production. The VIRUS had impacted the liver. A specialty so many viruses that hurt, polio etc. Specialty viruses.

So, the two ... your diabetes and fatigue might be related. And the underlying cause could be virus.

Just a guess on the above...maybe something hits home with you. Let me know.

Your friend


Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Om, can you eat eggs?

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc. Canada)

Dave, thank you so much for your answer. On thinking it through, it is the fatigue, not so much not knowing what to eat. My liver gives occasionally a reminder. I had myself tested many years before; they could not find anything. But I knew something was afoot. So I took Milk Thistle off and on but the liver sends message specially at four am - liver time.

I also took some natural meds for the endocrine system but noticed no change. Being vegetarian/vegan, I won't take animals' parts. meds. Perhaps you may have an answer. Taking colloidal silver will be easy, and I would start with that. But I know my diabetes, weak kidneys are due to conditions in early childhood. I know those "hits" you have experienced. They do leave their mark. I feel I have to pay attention to body mind and soul to find an answer to my deep fatigue. Please let me know if you have additional thoughts on this.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc. Canada)

Mmsg, from somewhere Europe ---- Hi, to answer your question, see what commercial interests are doing to poor innocent animals. Can this benefit the body and the mind?

When I sit down to a meal I am happy no creature had to suffer torture and death on my account. I see so much love in them.

India and Asia are famous for their abundance of economical healthy vegetarian cuisine. The west believes if they have no dead animal to eat, they face malnutrition. As the food, so ones' thoughts.

My own problem is fatigue. Once overcome, I will be able to make it well. Except perhaps, avoiding the poisoning of everything everywhere. Paradise is just around the corner. For All of His creatures, all beings and Mother Earth as well. We are one with her. Love, Om

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Om...Maybe the best thing for you to do would perhaps be to gather some more evidence concerning your ongoing problems. That's why a hair analysis would be extremely useful if you can do it. This will tell us exactly what heavy metals you have in excess in your body, if any, but it will also tell us what vitamins and minerals you are lacking in your diet. And in the hair analysis results, I would be particularly interested in these status levels -- especially the calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, copper, mercury, B12, folate and B6 counts.

Because of your low energy problems(which may indeed also be linked to the candida) -- I would suggest that you get a Free T3(triiodothyronin) and Free T4(thyroxine) check on your thyroid from the doc. Do not take their normal TSH/T4 thyroid test -- which is very inaccurate. I would simply insist on the Free T3/Free T4 thyroid check. We really need to eliminate whether you are having thyroid issues or not. Low thyroid can also cause low energy, low immune system, fatigue, brain fog plus many other symptoms as well.

Problems like osteoporosis and diabetes also have a direct relationship with the thyroid gland. The calcitonin hormone is produced in the thyroid which controls bone formation in the body. So low thyroid causing incorrect levels of calcitonin may well contribute towards causing osteoporosis. Calcitonin from the thyroid also indirectly controls osteocalcin which is the bone formation hormone which circulates in the blood. Recent research has discovered that higher levels of osteocalcin in the blood increases insulin production in the pancreas and also tends to reduce insulin resistance throughout the body. So, indirectly, a healthy thyroid, with proper amounts of daily iodine, must go a considerable way to help prevent diabetes and osteoporosis as well.

Your serious fatigue problems could be directly related to many other issues -- some are shown here:

Candida infection

Hypothyroid or low thyroid issues

Adrenal problems

Digestion problems

Methylation Cycle issues or blocks

Heavy metals in the body

High Copper(hypercupremic)

It would be a great help if you could get both the hair analysis and the thyroid check then, with that information, we might be able to more accurately define exactly what your problems are and help you to resolve them quickly.

Replied by Andrea C
(Wales Uk)

I forgot to ask in my last reply. Do you use an enemas at all? That's another vegan problem. Because they eat an abundance of fiber type foods, you can fall under the misnomer that your colon is clean. And it's not all that fiber and everything get's stuck up there and what many think is a god bowel movement is actually behind it a back log of rotting food behind it.

And that's why many vegans are windy or they smell when they open their bowel's because the food is rotting and fermenting in their guts, And some fibers we're just not made to break down raw at all. We haven't got the enzymes or the gut for it. Sheep and cows have but we're not made like them.

And if your insides aren't clean from stuff rotting away then you won't get any nutrition from your food no matter what diet you eat. I started doing enemas because I got problem's being vegan and what came away and still is was colossal amount of build up. So no matter what I eat I do one every other day if I feel I need it. Or once a week or every two week's.

Love Andrea C xxxx

Replied by Andrea
(Wales, Uk)

Hi just a thought, as you're vegan do you eat a lot of the 'Brassica Family' of vegetable's? as there's loads of them and they block the absorption of Iodine .

And it will mess your Thyroid up which in turn disrupts your hormone status as well.? You can counteract this by eating seaweed a few times a day with your food.


Broccoli, Chinese know as Kai-lan (Brassica Rapa, Alboglabra group)

Broccoli or Calabrese (Brassica oleracea, Italica group)

Broccoli raab (Brassica rapa, Rapa group)

Broccoli, sprouting (Brassica oleracea, Cymosa group)

Brussels sprouts (Brassica oleracea Gemmifera group)

Cabbages (Brassica oleracea, Capitata group)

Calabrese (Brassica oleracea, Italica group)

Cauliflower (Brassica oleracea, Botrytis group)

Chinese cabbage (Brassica Rapa, Pekinensis and Chinensis group)

Collard greens (Brassica oleracea, Acephala group)

Kale (Brassica oleracea, Acephala Group)

Kohl rabi (Brassica oleracea, Gongylodes group)

Komatsuna (Brassica rapa Pervidis or Komatsuna group)

Mibuna greens (Brassica rapa Nipposinica or Japonica group)

Mizuna greens (Brassica rapa Nipposinica or Japonica group)

Mooli/Daikon(Raphanus sativus Longipinnatus group)

Swede (Brassica napus)

Tatsoi (Brassica rapa Rosularis group)

Texsel greens(Brassica carinata)

Turnip (Brassica napa, Rapifera group)

And are you eating a wide variety of 'live' food's? Many vegans and raw foodist tend to eat a lot or 'dehydrated' food which is practicably or fully devoid of any life force or nourishment, and not enough variety in their diet as well.

And people I grew up with thought I was on Heroin because I've lost so much weight and always larthargic or had Anorexia. Even my own Sister didn't believe I was eating until my Brother told her I'm always eating

I don't smoke or drink and have never used or have taken street drugs. I was smoking Cannabis, until I stopped back a few years ago which is NOT a drug.

And apart from Diazapam which I tapered right down to a small dose from a large doses. And went cold turkey and withdrawal from HELL off a load of Prescribed MEDI-'SIN'S!! ' that's it,

I then started being unable to open my bowels,, my mental state was becoming questionable to ME, never mind anyone else.

I began to feel 'Schizophrenic' to the point I was convinced my neighbors were constantly talking badly about me, they never even mentioned me.? But every time they went out side to sit in the sun I could 'hear' them? my 'logic' knew there as something wrong.? But the things I was hearing and seeing were unreal!! Fatigue, anxiety, irrational, feeling morbid. lots of health issues were cropping up.

And I got enough 'Pharmaceutical' induced problems without adding on to the unlimited one's caused by 'Medi-sins'.

But in my heart I knew what it was, my body was screaming it at me!! I NEEDED to eat meat.? It wasn't a craving for it, my body was fighting to survive and I was even eating so called 'weeds' which are excellent foods.? Not just repetition of the same food stuffs which is another vegan/raw foodist mistake.

And one of the world's top vegan Doctors and a staunch pro vegan Author who wrote books on vegan-ism (i forgot her name sorry) for many years Is on youtube stating as to why SHE after nearly a life time of being Vegan had to start eating meat and fish again.? Because HER health and Mental state were to the point she ended up in Mental and General Hospital' and even though we don't want or like to do it, we have to accept. We are ALL Human

BUT our genetics and our Ancestry back ground isn't the same as many culture's who have been vegan since God put them on this Planet.? Even WE are in the Food chain, amongst many Species of Animals, insects and each other? Our bodies are just a carriage for our spirit and once we leave them what are they?

Just a slab of meat wherein we who are 'Infinite' and pure energy resided in this reality for a given moment in the Universe and go on to yet another reality.? All thing's are PURE ENERGY you can't KILL energy, you just alter its reality once the body shuts down. I have actually died and looked at my body and it meant NOTHING to me, .

This place, this Planet was not OF me, I was a passer by just watching events that meant nothing, and the Universe is perfect balance, good or bad.? You can't have one without the other. THIS is natural law, and reality is there are many things that will please or displease us morally but we HAVE to accept it/them.

And as much as I don't want to and don't like it like many others I accept in order to get well and fight anything wrong with me. I have to return back to meat.? After I ate some Free range Chicken (I NEVER eat Farm factory meat or fish, I make sure its 'had a life' in its natural environment) I began to feel better.? And a couple of hours later opened my bowels like I hadn't been for years, and my mental realm began to level off again.

I also wasn't producing enough blood, but before I went vegan my blood count was improving all the time after I started eating Paleo along with other health issues.

I tend to eat Paleo/ raw vegan on different days and I feel much better by combining both ways of eating together than staunchly sticking to one. And I don't fully cook meat except for fowl and pork.? I eat the rest very rare or raw, and I don't eat any dairy at all, it makes me too mucus filled and I'm lactose intolerant as well.

Love Andrea? xxx

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Om, of course I'm talking about free-range chickens with healthy eggs. The reason I'm asking is that I've seen fatigue overcome by simply adding MORE "hefty" food to the diet instead of constant "cleanouts".

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc. Canada)

Andrea C from Wales, UK--

The answer is in finding Ayurvedic remedies. If there is a problem, it is fabulous. For many years I have taken TRIPHALA which is one of the most important remedies used for thousands of years. If you research it, you will be amazed. I don't think the West has something like it.

Keep in mind how many vegetarians are in this world. Do they all stink?? A doctor told me many years ago when meat is ingested it turns into puss in the intestines. Om

Replied by Andrea C
(Wales Uk)

tvaaM dhanyaM ( I thank you) Om, but I did try TRIPHALA, and it gave me gas, diarrhea, and bloating. I know that's it's also actually strengthens and nourishes the bones, nervous system, and reproductive organs.

But 'Three.. (TRIP) Fruits (PHALA) is a wonderful remedy, but two of them have a laxative effect on the body, which is excellent for constipation. But I think I just had a reaction to one or more of the three. I am looking to see if I can purchase them separately as individually they have wonderful healing properties.

I can't find them in any health shop, but where I live we have a very large Indian community, so I'm sure that one of that lovely community will know where I may purchase them. And another person I could ask is a gentleman named Mhadav who has the most wonderful Indian spices and products shop.

It's just a problem trying to get out with my pain levels and ever fading weight which are making me weak and the Amalaki (emblica officinalis). Commonly known as Indian gooseberry or amla, is considered one of the best rejuvenating herbs in Ayurveda. So would be a great help as long as it doesn't turn out to be one of, or the one which is causing negative reaction's. :-D

Namaste' Andrea C xxx


Posted by Kevin (Crossett, Arkansas) on 12/20/2011

I've been taking the H2o2 3% mixture internally now, for awhile, and I just want to know if there's anything I can add to the mixture to make it taste better. I know the H2o2 isn't supposed to mix with certain things, and it's not the H2o2 that tastes bad. I just don't like the taste of this distilled water, I've been getting. So, is there anything safe, that I can add?

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Usa)
2063 posts

Kevin, I use 5 drops 35% FGP in 3/4 cup filtered water 1/4 cup regular coffee, basically extremely watered down coffee with H202. 2 or 3 of these a day does well by me, has helped digestion very much.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn Usa)

Kevin, distilled water has no taste. You have some bad water. Suggest you go to Sulphur Springs and get your water there. That's out past the ole Switzer homestead.

=====ROBERT HENRY=======

Posted by Phil (Athens - Pagrati, Attica, Greece) on 07/17/2011

Hello wonderful people.

I've got two questions about distilled water:

1)Since it is not the easiest thing to find in Greece and when you find it, it is cost much more than deionized water, can we consider the water that comes out of a drippimg coffee maker (filter coffee) as distilled ? If not why? It is the same way. Water boils, becomes vapor , vapor condenses to water again.

And 2) if so, do we have to add sea salt in it to consume it?

Greetings to all from hot (poor) Athens

Distilled or Filtered Water

Posted by Sean (New York, NY) on 02/25/2009

Hi. First let me just say that I'm new to this site and I think it's great. I'm going to start doing some of the remedies (ACV, BSM, oil pulling maybe). I've been reading a lot and I've noticed or it seems most people are using distilled water or some form of other water that doesn't have pollutants or as much in it. I don't know if I missed something but my question is... I know it may sound stupid but:

Is it ok to use filtered water(using Brita) when using any of these remedies that I plan on using as mentioned above or with any remedy that is mentioned on your site? I just want to make sure that using the water filtered through the Brita is ok to use?

Thank you.

Distilled Vs Reverse Osmosis

Posted by Maryanne (Seattle, Washington) on 07/31/2009

I have a question about water. I researched the entire water and distilled water section, but I am still a bit confused about what the best choice is. It seems that plain distilled or Reverse Osmosis water is not beneficial to health, but mineral water is the best. Of course I do want to remove dangerous chemicals such as Flouride and Chlorine, but not remove good minerals. What kind of water purifier is best? and what should I add to the finished water to provide minerals (is it sea salt?) I'm interested in an inexpensive countertop variety, if you cant say brand names, then just email me.

Replied by Rob
(Manhattan, New York)

the notion that distilled water is dead water seems to be a myth.. we get all the minerals we need from vegetable etc. I trust Dr. Weil's opinion ...he uses a D3 distiller.. but also says that carbon block with KDF (a copper zinc combination that retards bacteria growth) are OK. I use a carbon KDF but do find I need to change it every 4 to 6 months..and I also flush it for 30 seconds before using...I would prefer the distiller but it is too expensive.

Distilled Vs. Demineralized

Posted by Brendan (Adelaide, South Australia) on 01/02/2011

Anybody know what the difference is between distilled and demineralised water, I tried to go buy distilled the other day from the laundry isle because I remember my mum buying it for the iron, but all I found was deminerallised. Is this the same thing? Thanks.

P. S Thanks guys for fixing the posting window thing, that was driving me nuts.

General Feedback

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Posted by Supertigertv (San Francisco, California) on 08/07/2014

I found some really interesting very scientifically backed information about Adya Clarity on the website called that basically does not recommend the product. I did not have a good experience myself but you should decide for yourself. Mike Adams says the product contains high levels of aluminim because it is basically just over priced "pool cleaner" and the separation of toxic minerals just a common "parlor trick" that still requires a separate water filter device to complete the products ability to turn a glass of water into something actually drinkable.

Replied by Baldev
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Some time back I had requested the feed back on Kangen Water, since the investment is big.

I had suddenly while playing golf had developed Sciatica pain, the MRI showed herniated disc at L4, L5. The life came to stand still, very painful to walk, went to Ortho.He in lighter vein remarked that he doesn't have to even see the MRI, the way I was walking, my sciatica nerve is getting pinched. Treatment, he suggested spine surgery but before that I can try getting admitted in the hospital for about 30 days where he will put me on traction and if it works fine other wise only answer surgery.

Being ardent reader and follower of Earth Clinic, this was not acceptable to me. That is the time I asked opinion on Kangen Water. What I did, since the doctor had used the word traction, I looked into the inversion table uses and impressed my club to have it in the Gym.I started using it from 2mts.twice a day to 5mts. once a day. I started putting myself in the swimming pool though initially could not swim because of the pain(only for Hydrotherapy). And got the Kangen Water machine, started drinking Kangen water and of course started applying Magnesium oil with DMSO (50% each mixed)In a matter of 45 days I came back on the golf course with the help of these four things what I did. I do wear Belt while playing golf for support, I do daily 5 mts. on the inversion table(some days I do skip)and drink kangen water since it is available now and also some time I apply Magnesium Oil with DMSO.


General Feedback
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 05/25/2014

Ted, I'm curious to know why you recommend drinking during meals. Most other health advisors say it waters down digestive juices and water should be drunk before, or a while after, food.