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| Modified on Mar 21, 2023
Posted by Adrienne (Idaho) on 06/29/2022

Hello Everyone!

Just want to bring up hydration in this discussion. I do notice more difficulty concentrating than usual in the morning, some mornings more so than others. But, water always helps! This morning was noticeably worse even though I did get 7 or 8 hours of solid sleep. I am suspicious of the dark chocolate I broke down and ate not that long before bed. I gotta cut that out. Maybe eating carbs, especially sugar, isn't a great idea in those last hours before bed, especially for seniors which I am. I'm thinking it could lead to low sugar in the morning because of overly conscientious insulin doing its job in the night.

I recommend 4 cups as soon as you can get it down. I keep a quart milk bottle with a metal straw on the counter all day so it's easy to get a swig or two and also it helps keep track. My goal for the day is the recommended 8 cups. You know all us animals need water. We don't last long without it. But, what I have observed is that insects also die without water, something I never gave a thought to when I was young. That's why we find them in our sinks. They seem to know the sink and water go together. Or, we find them floating in the dog's water or other fluids we leave sitting around. What I do is get a bit of water on a piece of paper towel and then get the bug on it. Typically they will put out that straw many of them have and start sucking it up, sometimes instantly. :-)

How to Make Hydrogen Water
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 03/21/2023 427 posts

I wasn't talking about hydrogen peroxide - just less (and/or more) oxygenated water which simply happens - either by heating or simply letting it set in the open and off-gas.

If you want more oxygen, just aerate some cold water - I.e. scramble some cold distilled water with a whisk or simply shake it up in a half full bottle, squeeze out the air and release, letting it reinflate and suck in fresh air a few times, shaking it up each time, put the lid on and put it back in the fridge. If you want less oxygen, simply boil it off, cover and don't agitate it as it cools, bottle and keep at room temp. Or just let it set still, covered with a coffee filter, somewhere warm for a while to off-gas and then drink it. No hydrogen peroxide required.

Best Reusable Water Bottles
Posted by Littlewing (Boston) on 11/20/2018

Hi Denise - I love Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water. It comes in glass bottles and is loaded with great minerals, will make you feel wonderful. I sometimes cut it with flavored sparkling water because the mineral content is high.

Best Reusable Water Bottles
Posted by KT (Usa) on 11/21/2018

I agree with MtM, Mmsg, and this post is also for Denise and Phyllis,

I also drink tap water. I used to drink a lot of Perrier but it is my opinion that drinking so much water is unnecessary and just flushes out the water soluble vitamins like B's and C that can protect the CNS in addition to magnesium. Too expensive to keep replacing. I use the warm/hot tap water to make my ginger, turmeric and cayenne "tea". I use cold tap water to make orange juice (from concentrate) and coffee or tea. I dissolve my magnesium powder in tap water or orange juice. I read that the neurodegenerative diseases are associated with inflammation. MSG causes inflammation and hidden sources are difficult to avoid in the infiltration of voluminous hidden sources. Turmeric and ginger are both reported to reduce inflammation and even fight cancer. Several years ago had reports of turmeric dissolving and possibly preventing the amyloid plaque forming in the brains of laboratory animals. I haven't researched any more because I felt I was improving on what I had learned and trying to get on with my life, taking care of my husband and trying to help others when asked if I have the opportunity.

As I mentioned, I am 70 and have been taking turmeric and ginger for several years and making earnest attempts to avoid hidden sources of MSG. My short term memory is better and my mind seems clearer. I am just s-l-o-w due to multiple head & neck injuries and dealing with a severed GI tract lining.


Water During Meals
Posted by Cynthia (Madison, WI) on 11/17/2021

Hi, my understanding is that you should drink half you weight in ounces a day. You split the total into pints, and drink one pint of water with a pinch of sea salt 30 minutes before each meal. Then add another pint upon awakening and before you go to bed. Here's my routine (I weigh 152 lbs):

Upon rising: 1 pint

Before breakfast: 1 pint

Before lunch: 1 pint

Before dinner: 1 pint

Before bedtime: 1 pint

Splitting into pints over the course of a day makes it much easier to consume the needed amount of water.

Good luck -- the benefits of the Water Cure are almost too numerous to list!

How to Make Hydrogen Water
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 07/20/2021 427 posts

In my exploration of colloidal silver, it occurred to me that perhaps the water at Lourdes comes down through the Pyrenees across a vein of silver somewhere but, apparently, it's actually what some call "hydrogen water".

In looking into what hydrogen water is, I found something very peculiar. Machines that dissolve extra hydrogen are actually sold - and not only sold but, some, for thousands of dollars!

Here's the deal. You can get the same "hydrogenated" water by heating it which increases the hydrogen by decreasing the oxygen so, just heat some water and treat it like an indigo vat because that's where the magic of indigo is - "hydrogen" water - I.e. low oxygen water. It's also that magical "feel good" effect of tea as well as why hot springs can't support aquatic life. Not enough oxygen.

So, if you want some hydrogen water just heat some up which will cause it to throw off oxygen, increasing its hydrogen and then be sure not to stir it up or shake it or splash it around. That's it! Practically free hydrogen water! Yeah!!

But don't forget! Silver is awesome!!

Now, somebody can sell "magical tea kettles" that make "hydrogen water" for thousands of dollars! ROFL!

P.S. Something else occurs to me which is that urine contains NO dissolved oxygen so, it is 95% hydrogen water...very interesting...given its profound therapeutic effects...I never did get up the gumption to drink it. I tried it's a psychological thing, I guess...but boiled water...I can DO that!

Detoxing with Water
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 05/22/2014

Hello Om from Canada,

Thanks for all your good posts in the past.

Mama to Many may be out of touch for a few days but am sure she will answer as soon as she can.

You invited anyone to "chime" in so I will. First; I'm worried for you as you describe yourself as looking "anorexic" somewhat.

Om, that's serious. Maybe I've missed it but have you described in detail what you have been going through over the past 10 years or so nutritionally? Forgive me if you have and I just missed your description. Really, anyone who is starved looking has some serious issues. Do you mind too much recapitulating what you've experienced...medically by way of prior tolerance issues. Do I understand you are not only vegan but also totally raw? Are there any infection questions that play into your condition do you think?

You sure got my attention by how you describe yourself. I've had some (hard) experience with such situations and may be able to give some insight but I know your whole EC family will want to focus in on what we can do to help you. Also what other symptoms are you facing. I realize your conscience won't let you eat meat. I won't advise otherwise since you are given to that decision by conviction. So to get what you need I'm wondering what you've read that takes you to a healthy life ... one that won't deteriorate you. By the way and important; when did you start in the path of weight loss? Was there a point in your life when all was well, and then event "x" happened that seemed to kick off problems...

Just remember Om ... you have lots of friends and family here so stay resolute in knowing there is an answer to the situation. I look forward to hearing from you.

Your friend Dave from SC

Kangen Water
Posted by ryan (dallas) on 02/22/2023

Check on ebay for a tyent mmp 7070 or a model near it they are used and came out about 10 years ago that do the exact same thing as the kangen. They cost about $200. If you go to the tyent website and grab the 0.01micron filters too, it will take out a lot of the chemicals in tap water. I will say I've been using it and I do feel better overall. doing this and using a grounding pillow case that plugs into the ground on your wall worked very well for me.

Posted by Denise (Buena, Mt) on 07/15/2012

Thanks for posting the link to the magnitized water info. Their method works very well, but there's an even faster way. Get a magnitized 6" square pad. You place your water jug on it. It will magnitize a gallon of water in only one hour. OR set your water glass on it. An 8 oz cup will be ready in ten minutes. The pad will last "forever." Search online.

Best Reusable Water Bottles
Posted by Terry (Langley, B.c. Canada) on 03/30/2011

How about glass. I use glass containers for water. They contain no harmful chemicals and you can wash them after use and are way less of a burden to the environment. If breakage is of concern be creative I. E. use a neoprene holder or something like that.

Best Reusable Water Bottles
Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 11/25/2018 233 posts

Frances, in Qld, also Both in Qld and free delivery option.

Dechlorinating Water
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 02/10/2018

Check this page out for information about using charcoal to remove chloramine.

Decontaminating Water
Posted by Carola (Larkspur) on 06/05/2022

Hi! I'd be careful about boiling your tap water -- boiling can concentrate lead rather than remove it.

Water Therapy Feedback
Posted by Cat (Austin, Tx) on 01/24/2011

My husband and his father consistantly drink a gallon jug of water a day. If they didn't have grey hair, you would not know they were older men because they have NO wrinkles (husband 60 looks 35 w/o grey; father-in-law is 82 but looks 60). My husband brushes his teeth -1 times a day. And unless he is eating too many sweets (rarely) or too much meat (Texas BBQ lover), his breath does not smell. He has no detectable plac and no cavities; he's never been to a dentist and has all his teeth firmly lodged in. His teeth stay NORMAL white; His skin is never dry and, like his father's, Is a golden canvas of soft suppleness. He's visited the doctor 2 times since he was 25 (peanut allergy symptoms). He attributes his good health to the fact that he was breastfed, a low sugar eater, And that he drinks copious amounts of water (Any kind; doesn't matter to him). Also, I noticed, after finishing his last bite at a meal where he drinks 1.5 - 2 glasses of water, he swishes this teeth with a last swallow of water. He and his father have been doing that since I've known them.

I, on the other hand, have rarely drunk over 3 cups of water a day and it now shows with my skin being constantly dehydrated, dry, itchy and lined. My teeth have suffered as well. Needless to say, I'm FINALLY following his footsteps and my skin, breath, and teeth (I'm oil pulling too) has greatly improved.

Water Therapy Feedback
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 06/10/2020

Caution is the first word I feel led to say. Water must be added slowly as with anything and also one must add balance of salt~ minerals for that water to wash away as it comes through the body. Minerals hold water in place . If you want to use lots of water read Dr. Batmanghelidj work on water and salt Water and minerals do have amazing affects on our bodies and it takes about 6 months to properly rehydrate and remineralize a dehydrated body. Blessings, Charity. Ps....I learned this all the hard way.

Water Therapy Feedback
Posted by Charlene (Ontario, Canada)

I suffered for years with sinus infections. My last sinus infection lasted an entire year. I read a book called: "Your Body's Many Cries for Water" written by a doctor. I began drinking at least 2 liters of water a day, and have not had ANY form of a cold or sinus infection since. An added bonus, I have lost weight without even counting calories.

How to Make Hydrogen Water
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe) on 07/20/2021

Cindy, I heard that it's the high magnesium content that does the healing in all those "healing springs".

Water Cure
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 03/21/2015

Dehydration and rehydration occur over a period of time. You can't just add a lot all at once and expect your body to agree with the transition. Start with an extra cup of water with sea salt in the morning when you wake up . Then add more a few days later, until you are drinking half your body weight in ounces of water a day with added sea salt. If you drink 1/2 hour before you eat, it will allow your body to coat the stomach to prepare to allow in the acids to digest food. Over a period of time you will need to add balanced minerals. If you are in balance your body will not produce histamine, because histamine is a dehydration signal.

Water's Healing Properties
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 02/10/2015

Stevanus, when I learnt to drink more, I would do that, but the water would feel like it's going right thru me. I had no good results, skin still dry etc. Then I heard that a tiny lick of sea salt (I use Celtic) before each drink, would help the water get INTO the cells. That did the trick.

Water's Healing Properties
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 02/12/2015

Dear Mmsg,

I am glad you shared this trick of adding salt when drinking water! It is fascinating that it made such a difference, but your explanation makes sense.


~Mama to Many~

Borax Instructions
Posted by Mary (Canada) on 09/26/2014

Hey there, anyone who can't afford to buy distilled water, has a family, and/or drinks a lot of water, this was my solution. I bought a water cooler, the kind where you put the big blue jug upside down on it. You'll have to buy the first jug of water, then when it's empty, I ran my water through a brita filter, poured it into the big blue jug, (you have to remove the cap, and don't worry about trying to save it) doing this until the jug is full. Then place a small piece of glad "press and seal" (NOT REGULAR PLASTIC WRAP) it has to be the PRESS N SEAL! Make sure it's pulled tight, rub your finger around the rim to make sure you have a good seal, then flip it onto your cooler, voila, you now have gallons of free filtered, distilled, whatever else you want in there, water. I used to add liquid trace minerals, so I don't see why you couldn't just add borax if you wanted. Did this for years, for my family of seven; the water was horrible where we lived then.

Sparkling Water
Posted by Joanne (Capitola, Ca) on 06/11/2014

Well, sucralose is an artificial sweetener, so I would not be drinking this particular brand of sparkling water if I were you!!

Water Intoxication
Posted by Becreul (Mi) on 06/10/2014


Desparate enough to try anything. After reading through some of these posts I decided to try it. Hasn't been long enough to tell if it works... That being said I continued to read on through the posts, and I feel compelled to tell you that there is such a thing as water toxicity. You must be careful not to force too much water on your body. It can kill you, so just pace your self and don't drink more than you are comfortable with. Good luck, hope you all are feeling better.

Detoxing with Water
Posted by Om (Hope, Bc. Canada) on 05/24/2014

Dave from Fountain Inn, Sc from Om.

Thank you for your very kind post and your concern; I do appreciate it very much.

My background: nearly twenty five years of teaching yoga, vegetarian and no background of North American diet at all. Never sodas, fast food, restaurant food, sugar binges, except one episode ten years ago. My weight was steady and ideal all my life till a doctor put me on insulin, when my health took a slide. I got out of that fast having myself educated on EC. I don't take any kind of drugs, do not smoke or drink alcohol.

The problem started when I became vegan. I am very fond of dairy, however, several years ago I tried to remove dairy from my diet when it came to my attention how the animals are tortured and then killed. I could not manage on that restriction but was unhappy.

Just about a year ago, I had this constant reminder in my consciousness to get out of dairy. The day before I was going to put that into serious practice, I bought a piece of brie cheese to enjoy and then quit. As I had finished the cheese, a very powerful electrical current in five pathways issued from the liver to end up in my right breast. I call this grace. Most people will close their eyes to the prevailing times and will have to pay for it sooner or later. It must have been the bovine hormone. I had to become vegan.

Now, I have a gluten sensitivity and have to take care with sugar. Organic food here is available sporadically. As soon I took to the vegan diet, my body did not want breads or doughy stuff. I said ok. But it became apparent that I was loosing weight and was at a loss what I could eat and what was a no no because of sugar.

I have some understanding of Ayurveda. Whenever a western Dr or person present their idea of diabetes, I first go to Ayurvedic websites to read on the wisdom of more than five thousand years. Since the doshas are never considered by western science, it is confusing and hit and miss. Allopathic drs. have not received a good grounding in diet and have done much damage to human health as a result. Added to which, health is now a business, to focus on disease. Even much advertised forums on diabetes and natural treatment are somewhat chaotic IMO.

I see my difficulty in getting a reasonably good diet is overshadowed by the powers that be who seek to "cull" the planet of its people. We are not in the era of Weston Price. We are using our wits to escape the poisoning on every level on this planet. Hence the blessings of EC. So I am on my dandelion tea, Kombucha , triphala, turmeric and amala. But food is the issue. I have managed to make a chapatti with sorghum flour. Hey, it takes real practice and expertise. The stuff is sticky. Thrown into the non stick ceramic pan, take a plate to flatten and hope for the best.

And if any one wonders, there are millions of Asians on vegetarian diet; their cuisine is varied and very eonomical and has been for thousands of years. It contains good quality protein for health.

Meanwhile it is difficult for me and I hope to find a good solution. Namaste, Om

Detoxing with Water
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 05/24/2014

Dear Om,

So sorry to take so long to respond to your posts. I have been out of town. But Dave's email was so helpful (he is compassionate and wise! ) and your response to him is helpful, too.

First, just to answer your initial question, I think that water could cause detox symptoms. (I think you were talking about water with no borax?) Anyway, water helps to clean out the body. And I know you have posted on the use of hydrotherapy and understand how effective it can be. I have been amazed at how well water will bring healing when used even externally. So, anyway, it seems reasonable to me that water could cause detox symptoms.

I guess the more important question is: what is causing you to feel unwell and what solutions are there to make you feel your best.

I too have been vegetarian and vegan at times in the past. I respect your decisions and won't try to change your mind. I was quite healthy on those diets and even went through three pregnancies as a vegetarian. But now I am rambling.

Anyway, it seems that if you are quite underweight and having trouble finding quality food you are comfortable with, that is quite possibly the cause. Lack of quality food will mean a lack of nutrients, which can cause quite a range of symptoms.

So, you are able to handle sorghum flour (I am impressed that you are making chappatis with it! Those are hard enough with wheat flour, at least for me. :) )What about things like millet and quinoa? They are high in nutrients and usually tolerated well by people. Do you eat brown rice? How do you do with legumes - beans, lentils, etc? They would be some good sources of protein, carbohydrates and nutrients. Are you avoiding fruits because of sugar? Avacados, if you could get them, would have lots of fat and not so much sugar. Also, I believe you have mentioned sesame oil. That would be a good source of fat in the diet. Do you have a source for any vegetables?

You may be able to find plantain leaves growing in a non-polluted place that would be good for making salad (with some sesame oil maybe?)

Well, lets keep chatting. I am home now and hopefully with more regular sleep this week my brain will function a little better. I am feeling a little slow of brain right now.



Detoxing with Water
Posted by Om (Hope, Bc. Canada) on 05/26/2014

Mmsg, from somewhere Europe ---- Hi, to answer your question, see what commercial interests are doing to poor innocent animals. Can this benefit the body and the mind?

When I sit down to a meal I am happy no creature had to suffer torture and death on my account. I see so much love in them.

India and Asia are famous for their abundance of economical healthy vegetarian cuisine. The west believes if they have no dead animal to eat, they face malnutrition. As the food, so ones' thoughts.

My own problem is fatigue. Once overcome, I will be able to make it well. Except perhaps, avoiding the poisoning of everything everywhere. Paradise is just around the corner. For All of His creatures, all beings and Mother Earth as well. We are one with her. Love, Om

Detoxing with Water
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 05/27/2014

Hi Om...Maybe the best thing for you to do would perhaps be to gather some more evidence concerning your ongoing problems. That's why a hair analysis would be extremely useful if you can do it. This will tell us exactly what heavy metals you have in excess in your body, if any, but it will also tell us what vitamins and minerals you are lacking in your diet. And in the hair analysis results, I would be particularly interested in these status levels -- especially the calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, copper, mercury, B12, folate and B6 counts.

Because of your low energy problems(which may indeed also be linked to the candida) -- I would suggest that you get a Free T3(triiodothyronin) and Free T4(thyroxine) check on your thyroid from the doc. Do not take their normal TSH/T4 thyroid test -- which is very inaccurate. I would simply insist on the Free T3/Free T4 thyroid check. We really need to eliminate whether you are having thyroid issues or not. Low thyroid can also cause low energy, low immune system, fatigue, brain fog plus many other symptoms as well.

Problems like osteoporosis and diabetes also have a direct relationship with the thyroid gland. The calcitonin hormone is produced in the thyroid which controls bone formation in the body. So low thyroid causing incorrect levels of calcitonin may well contribute towards causing osteoporosis. Calcitonin from the thyroid also indirectly controls osteocalcin which is the bone formation hormone which circulates in the blood. Recent research has discovered that higher levels of osteocalcin in the blood increases insulin production in the pancreas and also tends to reduce insulin resistance throughout the body. So, indirectly, a healthy thyroid, with proper amounts of daily iodine, must go a considerable way to help prevent diabetes and osteoporosis as well.

Your serious fatigue problems could be directly related to many other issues -- some are shown here:

Candida infection

Hypothyroid or low thyroid issues

Adrenal problems

Digestion problems

Methylation Cycle issues or blocks

Heavy metals in the body

High Copper(hypercupremic)

It would be a great help if you could get both the hair analysis and the thyroid check then, with that information, we might be able to more accurately define exactly what your problems are and help you to resolve them quickly.

Mineral Water
Posted by Biodoc (San Francisco) on 01/19/2014

Healing with mineral water has a long history all over the world. There are lots of healing mineral spas in the Europe, where people with chronic liver, pancreas, gallbladder, intestinal diseases, and metabolic disorders spend healthy vacation by using drinking healing mineral water, diet, massage, acupuncture and so on. The small Czech town of Karlovy Vary has been a well-known international healing resort since the 1700s.

Visitors throughout Europe, America, and Asia traveled to Karlovy Vary for a few months stays to drink healing mineral water for various chronic conditions. For sick rich people, which couldn't go to Karlovy Vary, water was carried by bottles and barrels all over Europe. European doctors understood that the mineral content is a primary healing factor of this water and began producing the salt from the evaporated thermal spring water in 1764. Dissolving the salt in the warm water has been given the chance for home treatment.

According to research of European doctors who practice alternative medicine, the most beneficial action of the water in chronic diseases is to increase production and improve the flow of bile and pancreatic juice. Additionally, healing mineral water supplies the pancreas with the alkaline minerals and bicarbonates, the key ingredients of the pancreatic juice. Alkaline pH is critical for pancreatic juice because digestive enzymes work only in an alkaline environment.

General Feedback
Posted by Healthodyssey (Ojai, Ca/usa) on 05/16/2012

First let me say that I do not believe that there is one cure for everyone. It is a question of tuning into yourself and intuiting the path toward healing. The products or protocols that you begin with may change over time, so be flexible.

I am a 46 year old male who started losing my hair in my early 20's. It was devestating. I don't think a day has gone by without it affecting my self-esteem. But, I now have such significant regrowth that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (toward full regrowth) and wish to share my experience with those who might benefit.

I started washing my hair everyday when I was 8 years old. Little did I know that I was stripping the natural sebum from my hair and scalp, sending my sebaceous glands into oily overdrive and causing hair loss: oily scalp syndrome. Around this time (coincidently) I also started getting crippling headaches from scalp tension.

In my early 20's I was taking Minoxidyl, to little affect because of course I was still washing my hair with SLS shampoos. In my early 30's I came off Minoxidyl and started working with Edgar Cayce's protocol using Atomidine and crude oil as well as the violet ray machine (Tesla coil). Again nothing worked, as I was still washing my hair everyday with chemical shampoos. I have a great deal of respect for Cayce and believe his readings were very accurate, but SLS was not introduced into shampoos and soaps during his lifetime, so we have to adapt to new protocols.

I then met a very gifted clairvoyant who told me to stop using SLS shampoos and start taking biotin. So, I switched to "natural, " sulphate free shampoo and began supplementing with Biotin. Again nothing worked and while I continued using "natural" shampoos, I quit taking the supplement. It took several years to realize that many of the so called sulphate free, "natural" shampoos on the market are legally allowed to use a "sulphate free" descriptor if they change the chemical name to something else. Don't you just love those folks at the FDA! There are, apparently, around 150 different chemical names for SLS (so buyer beware! ). I then switched to Morrocco Method shampoos about two years ago and noticed the hair loss pretty much stopped within a month, but there was no regrowth (but, I was still washing my hair everyday). However, I did notice that decades of headaches and chronic scalp tension vanished overnight, as soon as I quit SLS or any of its alternate chemical names.

At about the same time I starting fingernail rubbing twice per day for ten minutes each time. At the end of each session I noticed that my hair and scalp had a lot of chi running through it. In hand reflexology the fingernail beds relate to the scalp. There were some scary moments, several months into the protocol, when my hair shed A LOT, but then quickly regrew to be thicker and much stronger.

I finally quit using Morrocco Method several months ago (it's very expensive) and starting washing my hair with baking soda and a ACV rinse, but only once a week, then after a while every two weeks. The night before I washed my hair I oiled it with a mixture of olive oil, lavender oil and rosemary oil. I was finally, after all these years seeing some regrowth, but I also noticed that after washing I was running into the same old problem of my sebaceous glands going into overdrive for a day or two.

Then I had this intuition to quit eating eggs. I was curious and did some research and found out that raw egg white blocks biotin absorbtion. Although, I was eating cooked eggs (most days) I guess I must be sensitive to egg white protein. As soon as I quit eggs I started to re-supplement with 5000 mcg of biotin a day. I also quit washing my hair with anything at all, just rinsing it everyday with cold water. Never hot or even warm as this tends to activate heavy metals in the water, unless you have a really superior shower filter. I went as they say "no-poo! " There was an instant difference and very quickly I noticed huge regrowth as the oils in my scalp returned to normal.

Around this time frame I treated my cat for flea sensitivity with crab apple flower essence. He was reacting to fleas bites with itchy scabs and his fur started to fall. Within a few weeks of the crab apple in his water, the fleas left, the scabs healed and his fur totally regrew and his coat is in better condition than it has ever been. So, I started using crab apple on myself, as I had a sense that maybe if the sebum is stripped from the hair then it has no protection against microscopic parasites. I also added cotton, cedar and mountain pride flower essences to the crab apple. I take these flower essences internally, as well as adding them to a spray bottle for external use. I added mountain pride, which is primarily an essence for standing firm in one's warrior nature, because I had this sense that male pattern baldness or thinning of the hair has a mythology to it, based on the Biblical tale of Samson and Delilah. I am now curious to learn if other cultures have a similar mythology?

Anyway, a few weeks ago I retroduced the violet ray and that is helping enormously to increase scalp circulation. It goes to show that just because something did not work in the past that it might not work again in the future, if we change the mix. For me the culprit was primarily chemical sensitivity and the stripping of natural sebum from the scalp. I also vigorously brush my hair everyday, which I had not done for years as I was told as a child that brushing is not good and the more you brush the more hair loss you will experience (the dumb things we buy into! ). This, of couse, could not be further from the truth and in fact the opposite is the true. brushing is actually way more affective than even natural shampoos.

I have had such amazing results with the no-poo that I decided to go no-soap, too. I am amazed! My whole body/skin chemistry has changed and whereas I got stinky after exercise, there is no odor at all now. I can only guess that using soap causes the body to go into overdrive in an attempt to rebalance the system with natural oils. I am now wondering if soap and shampoo are culprits in the rise of skin cancers? SLS breaks down and destroys the top layers of the epidermis, the layers which act as an environmental immune buffer, stripping the natural oils that protect the skin from sun damage. Of course this is just an intuitive theory, but I feel it is pretty accurate. I also feel this is the case with toothpaste. Is it just sugar in the diet or are we adding to the problem by using products that strip the bodies natural defence mechansims? For all of our "sophisticated" dental care and advance formula toothpastes and floss we have more tooth decay than at any other time.

My father was a brewer by trade and therefore something of chemist. I recall him telling me, when I was a child, that if you wash a lab beaker thoroughly six times with distilled water then all trace chemicals will be completely washed away. I also have a friend in AZ that has a commercial eco-cleaning business that uses super-heated water to clean hotels, hospitals etc. They have scientific evidence that super-heated water will kill ALL bacteria and keep them away for far longer that a bottle of chemical cleaner which when sprayed onto a surface kills most bacteria for a few seconds, before they start to multiple again and eventually become resitant to the chemicals. Nothing ever becomes resistant to water!

So, the moral of my story is: "Let water be enough and then let the body's natural wisdom do its thing. It knows best! "

General Feedback
Posted by Olddude (Chattanooga, Tn, Usa) on 04/22/2012 21 posts

If u can, walk a mile a day even if u have to split up walking. Drink water, if u cant do 8, 8oz glasses, do 4, 8 oz glasses, it's a start. Many of us take a lot of meds or supplements, we need WATER. So, Walk a mile a day or at least try, and drink ur water. Water to the body is like oil to a automobile engine, u have to keep ur joints and tissues lubricated like the bearings in ur car, both cannot run without them. IMHO.

General Feedback
Posted by Ken (Henderson, Nevada) on 10/21/2011

For pets and people check out:

don't laugh until you look at it!


Best Reusable Water Bottles
Posted by Denise (Us) on 11/23/2018 50 posts

Hi Teena, I so appreciate your reply! I did order a smaller, inexpensive filter for my faucet. I will at least have something for now. Some of the users of the purifier are very happy with it, and some poor reviews as well. But for the price, $31.00, with a coupon for $20 dollars off from amazon, it's worth a shot. I am, however, going to snip your reply and keep it in my desktop file so I can refer back to it. Thank you so much, Denise

Best Reusable Water Bottles
Posted by KT (Usa) on 11/26/2018

Oh dear Denise...I was just trying to think how to post how our Heavenly Father provides for us. With the GMO's being so pervasive and difficult to avoid, the microwave is one thing I feel is needed to cook our vegetables until tender for assimilation. Especially broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, etc.

I don't cook meat in it but I cook oatmeal with an egg..the oats have been genetically modified too and are difficult to digest unless cooked to death!!

I only cook in clear glass containers and I don't stand in front of it while in use. I use clear glass cups to make or reheat any beverage. I know the microwave was given such a bad name but I feel it is because of cooking in plastic. I found documentation that microwaving carrots increased their nutritional value. Interesting...our daughter had better than 20/20 vision when she was young up until she left home and my vision actually improved at the age of...I was over 50.

I feel because our food supply has been so tampered with the Lord gave someone the mind to invent the microwave for our benefit and I feel cooking the vegetables until tender is the best way to get the nutrients we need. This is just my two cents on the microwave.

For those of you who are Believers I hope the following will truly speak to your hearts.

Rev. 12:9 says the great dragon (who leads the whole world astray) was hurled down to earth with his angels. 1 John 5:19 says the whole world is under the control of the evil one. The only thing the whole world has to do is eat. Verses are taken from the NIV.


Best Reusable Water Bottles
Posted by John (Sydney) on 10/12/2022

Hi there Frances,

In Sydney Pure Water 4 Life stocks and ships USA made Sprite Water Filters. They ship all around Australia

General Feedback
Posted by Mesem (Toulon, France) on 03/09/2011

Ted says keep away from chlorine treated pools as the chlorine displaces iodine and so mucks up glands. I swim often in pools too and hate how it dries the skin but taking iodine does help against this. I am less sensitive to the chlor. Since I started taking Lugol's. I have friends who have swum regularly all their lives in town pools and look pretty good on it. I think you must balance all the positive effects against the 1 negative and take a good soapy shower after!

General Feedback
Posted by Shar (Kent, Ohio) on 02/01/2011

I enjoyed reading the benefits of cold water. I came upon the earth clinic site because; my grandmother was a very beautiful woman, half indian and African American. She use to use cold ice packs on her face after she had washed it with warm water, as a little girl I never asked her why... But now I know... That why she had such lovely skin... well into her 80's...

Dechlorinating Water
Posted by Darcy (Victoria, Bc, Canada) on 02/09/2018

Any ideas on how to remove chloramine from tap water for drinking. I've done a search but it hasn't yielded anything simple, or that doesn't require adding another chemical. Vitamin C 1,000mg is mentioned for an "average tub of bath water", but not what type or how much per litre. I can't take much vitamin C unless it's ascorbal palmitate, which isn't water soluble. A zero water filter has been suggested, but is very expensive and has received poor reviews in general.

Thank you.

Dechlorinating Water
Posted by Janet (In) on 02/10/2018


Ted here on earth clinic recommends aquarium science to reduce contaminants.

I suggest you look at these, in your Google search. There were many, with different methods that may work for you.


Dechlorinating Water
Posted by Denise (Us) on 11/21/2018 50 posts

I'm shopping for a chlorine filter for my tap in the kitchen as I find that is all I need. I had to do quite a bit of surfing the net, and also, talking to the treatment plant where our water comes from. We do have an annual report but since the one for 2018 isn't out yet, I contacted the source of the reports. He was so helpful. Our county hasn't switched over to chloramine, and still uses chlorine. So all I believe I'll need at this point is something for around 6 dollars. It fits right on my tap, so I will edit after I get one and install it. I'll let folks know what I found, and if it works. I know it's possible I'll need more, but at this point I just can't afford more.

Sinus Infections
Posted by Karina (Munich, Bavaria, Germany) on 07/25/2010

After months of a sinus infection I found that drinking a full glass of water from a copper cup first thing in morning to be beneficial. It cleared my sinuses overnight and finally the skin around my nose started to heal after 3 days. However, one has to be persistent with this treatment - at least a month - otherwise it comes back if not all bacteria is cleared out of the body. Please make sure to eat healthy - as many have observed before too much milk, fried food and extremely spiced food can cause imbalances for the liver and set up liver stagnation (TCM). This in turn may lead to headaches and the liver cannot filter all bacteria if it is overtasked (which is one of its primary functions).

Buy an Ayurvedic copper cup or any pure copper vessel - make sure it is absolutely clean (citron juice and salt will clean it naturally). Fill with water in the evening and leave over night. Drink first thing in the morning. Copper water is a natural purification for the body and kills harmful bacteria - without ever causing resistance or harmful side effects. Check the internet for more information.

EC: TCM= Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dechlorinating Water
Posted by Wydo (Ventura, Ca) on 01/04/2010

I would like to, not only dechlorinate the water to my house but defluoranate it as well. Has anyone tried to do this? I thought of adding sodium thiosulfate and boarx to a water softener or a chemical injection system. Any way I look at this it is expensive equipment to buy and I don't know if it would work.

Please, if anyone out there has tried this or has any thoughts on this, post your ideas here.


Yogic Water Treatment
Posted by Ruma (Calcutta, India) on 01/15/2009

Try my yogic water treatment. It will have you feeling better and looking rejuvenated in a matter of days.

When you wake up, try and drink at least a glass of water on an empty stomach. In a hot climate, you may try and work your way to two glasses of water. This is not as easy as it sounds. Don't worry if it takes a few days to get to your target amount of water.

Having finished drinking your water, stand up gently and stretch your hands above your head as far as they will go. Stand on your tiptoes to elongate the stretch. If you are feeling slightly sluggish (very possible since this is first thing in the morning), walk around the room on your tiptoes with your hands stretched in the air. Otherwise, you can just stretch up and then down again. Do this for a couple of minutes and then gently lower yourself to the floor, lowering your hands as well.

Then stand with your feet apart and stretch gently from side to side. Do this a couple of times but do so gently.

Last of all, with your feet slightly apart, stretch your hands to the side. Pretend you have a piece of cloth held tight in your hands and stretched behind you. Twist around to face backwards and try and keep this imaginary cloth as taut as possible. If you find this stretch too easy, then let go off the "cloth" at the end moment and grab one hand on one of your shoulders and the other on the side of the rib cage. Do this a couple of times each side.

This entire routine should take no longer than four or five minutes. The idea behind this is that the water that you drink hydrates and cleans out your internal organs, rejuvenating your body and bringing light and life to your face.

Water Therapy Feedback
Posted by Mahesh (Los Angeles, USA) on 11/04/2007

After reading Dr. Batman's findings and the transcript of his interview, I immediately got into Water Therapy. After I began to drink 2 liters of water a day with about a teaspoon of added crystal sea salt (non refined), I found that on the 3rd day my skin felt soft and supple. I shower in hot water (not warm) on cold mornings and that used to dry my skin to the point of terrible itchiness all over the body including my butts and I either had to satisfy myself (satisfaction = a scratch for every itch) or I had to apply mosturizing cream all over my body. I could see dry dead cells fall of my chest and abdomen area every time I removed my banian or T-Shirt.

I no longer have any visible dry and/or flaky skin and the skin feels smooth & supple. My butts feel very soft to the touch. My skin now glows and is radiant. I guess I am done with moisturizers (no more of harmful chemicals to be rubbed on my skin). Also, I sleep better at night.

Water Therapy Feedback
Posted by Michael (Bethalto, Il) on 05/28/2012

Gastritis cured in 10 days "as stated by article".... After a trip to the ER & sent home... I found some relief with Mylanta.. BUT the water therapy worked... My stomach has never felt better... First couple days stay close to restroom after drinking water. Pain lessened every day... I will drink a glass of water after waking from here on. Thank God for earth clinic...

Here are the Instructions from the above-referenced website:

1. As you wake up in the morning before brushing teeth, drink four glasses of water each of 160 ml.
2. Brush and clean the mouth but do not eat or drink anything for 45 minutes.
3. After 45 minutes you may eat and drink as normal.
4. After 15 minutes of breakfast, lunch and dinner do not eat or drink anything for two hours.
'5. Those who are old or sick and are unable to drink four glasses of water at the beginning may commence by taking little water and gradually increase t to four glasses per day.
6. The above method of treatment will cure diseases of the sick and others can enjoy a healthy life.

Posted by Jared (Portland, Oregon) on 10/05/2007

After my last gout attack and starting my self on a PH balancing regiment with ACV and Baking Soda. During the summer months, I tend to buy a lot of filtered bottled water (not distilled). One day I was reading a label very closely and they state that this water has added potassium and sodium bicarbonate to replace the minerals lost through sweat. As a benefit, the ph is 9. So for those looking for a portable bottled water to help with disolving uric acid, Essentia touts increased alkakinity for health. The same ideal that Ted preaches. It helps me maintain a healthy PH when I can't added Baking soda to water. For more info.

Water Therapy Feedback
Posted by Edna (Fukuoka City, Japan) on 10/03/2007

Water therapy cured my sinus congestion. I seemed to have gotten a sinusitis after a bad cold 3 months ago. Tried the tomato tea and aple cider vinegar but they were good only temporarily. After about 3 weeks of apple cider vinegar my nasal congestion was worse. Somebody posted a water therapy cure in my egroup and I remembered this. Tried it and it really worked! After 4 days of water therapy I'm breathing much more freely. Just concerned about those who haven't found a cure yet.

EC: Here are the Instructions from the above-referenced website:

1. As you wake up in the morning before brushing teeth, drink four glasses of water each of 160 ml.
2. Brush and clean the mouth but do not eat or drink anything for 45 minutes.
3. After 45 minutes you may eat and drink as normal.
4. After 15 minutes of breakfast, lunch and dinner do not eat or drink anything for two hours.
'5. Those who are old or sick and are unable to drink four glasses of water at the beginning may commence by taking little water and gradually increase t to four glasses per day.
6. The above method of treatment will cure diseases of the sick and others can enjoy a healthy life.

Water Therapy Feedback
Posted by Marion (California City, Ca) on 07/17/2011

Response to Renee with bad knee:

I have osteoarthritis in both knees. It was crippling. I resolved this painful condition by doing the following daily or regularly, depending:

1 - ACV in water with baking soda (cures almost everything)

2 - Oil pulling, 1 tbsp sesame seed oil for 20-30 minutes (removes toxins, cures almost everything)

3 - 64 oz filtered water daily with sea salt, 32 oz first thing in morning

4 - Turmeric spice, 1/2 tsp daily in cereal, soup or other food (inflammation, antioxidant, antimutagenic, pain, arthritis and joint ailments, numerous cures)

5 - Rosemary Tea (arthritis, joints, inflammation, pain, relaxation)

6 - Astragalus (antibiotic, fatigue, osteoporosis, antioxidant and more, USE PRECAUTION of 3 weeks on, 1 week off)

7 - Coconut Oil (internal-external uses, antiviral, antifungal, eliminates parasites, fatigue, numerous cures)

8 - Healthy diet (NO to wheat, dairy, soy, beef, sugar, refined salt, additives, prepared foods; YES plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables daily, organic fish and chicken; nutrients; minerals)

9 - Sun Gazing

10 - Grow your own garden vegetables and herbs, if possible, or buy them fresh locally.

This regimen should relieve the pain within a week. You will also relieve many other conditions and remove them altogether if followed for the rest of your life. Be sure to read about them before doing these or other treatments. Understand what causes an ailment, as well as understand why the cure works. This is what has worked for me when diagnosed with arthritis, asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis, bacterial infection (deadly), infected teeth/abcess, overweight, nerves, flexibility, depression, poor vision, poor circulation and many other conditions too numerous to mention here. All have been cured with this regimen within 6 months.

This is what works for me. Start slow and add treatments as you read about them. You will come up with your own program that works for you. Never give up. Earth Clinic is where it all began for me, and the place I always return for answers. They have been a blessing and miracle in my life. The answers are here.

Water Therapy Feedback
Posted by Carly (Seattle, Wa) on 07/19/2011

Hi Marion - good advice!

I would add just three things to your regime (for Renee with the bad knee) BORON. BORON, and BORON. Google Boron and arthritis. It is amazing!

Carly :-)

Water Therapy Feedback
Posted by Rachel (NC) on 08/28/2021

Carly is right. In one week I was running up stairs again - like when I was a kid.

Water Therapy Feedback
Posted by Santy Mewah (Japan) on 06/09/2020

Hi Cat,

I am impressed reading about your husband and his father`s water therapy testimonies. You wrote in 2011. I hope to receive a reply from you even though it is already 9 years now. I just began water therapy. I take 1.5 liter water one hour after my morning workout. You mentioned your husband and his father take 1 gallon daily which about 4000ml. I am puzzled as how to incorporate such a large amount in daily schedule especially because I always try to keep a gap of 1 hour before and after meal in order not to dilute the gastric juice to ensure proper digestion of food. Please would you be able to tell me their daily schedule of drinking water from morning to night and the amount they drink each time. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you in advance, Cat.