Serrapeptase: Reviews, Dosages, and Side Effects

| Modified: Jul 30, 2020
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Serrapeptase, a nutritional supplement, is an enzyme derived from silkworms.  This enzyme breaks down non-living tissue, making it useful for a wide variety of conditions.  It is commonly recommended to remove plaque from arteries, dissolve scar tissue, decrease inflammation, dissolve blood clots, help varicose veins and heal cysts. Others have used it for lung disease, asthma and sinus problems, including polyps. It is also suggested for blocked fallopian tubes and varicose veins.

Serrapeptase Dosages

Serrapeptase can be bought in health food stores and online.  It is recommended to take one or two capsules one to three times a day on an empty stomach, with a glass of water.  Amounts in one capsule vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.  Some have as little as 40,000 Serratiopeptidase units per capsule. Others have as much as 120,000! When beginning a new supplement it is always best to start with the lowest dose and increase slowly to avoid side effects or detox reactions.

Serrapeptase Warnings

Reported side effects of serrapeptase include an increase in pain or worsening of symptoms. Side effects do seem to be rare for this supplement.
There are some people who should not use serrapeptase. For example, if you have had surgery for a hernia repair, the long term repair is dependent upon the scar tissue produced and attached to the mesh. Serrapeptase dissolves scar tissue, and this would be counterproductive for a hernia repair patient. Some cosmetic surgeries and procedures may also be compromised by serrapeptase use, including fat injections and face lifts. If a surgical procedure is supported by any non-living tissue, serrapeptase should not be used.

Serrapeptase Reviews

Earth Clinic readers have reported wonderful results when using serrapeptase as a natural remedy.

Trish from England reports: "I have suffered most of my life with sinus problems have had an operation were they drilled the bone at top of my nose had some relief for a short time but I was told to try serrapeptase and the relief has been brilliant I take 2 80,000 tablets morning and night and they have been excellent."

Amy from Michigan also had excellent results also.  She says, "Take serrapeptase 1-2 x daily on an empty stomach. It literally is amazing. When you are in pain, you will search for instant relief and this was it for me."

Please scroll down to see what Earth Clinic readers have experienced when using serrapeptase.

If you use serrapeptase, be sure to share your story with us!

Blocked Arteries

Posted by Mike (Mudgee) on 09/04/2018
1 out of 5 stars

Used high doses of serrapeptase for almost 2 years to try and clear blocked carotid arteries, combining this with careful diet and exercise but with no apparent effect as checked with ultra sound.

Replied by Vlad
New York

Absolutely useless, I would not give it even one star. I thought I am protected with 120000 units, together with double dose of nattokinase, 200 mg), twice a day ( quite aggressive dosages) from clots, etc. My walking distance due to intermittent claudication would not improve, if not getting worse, which suggests that my PAD is progressing. After realizing that my headaches are caused with narrowing blood vessels I started again baby aspirin (which I previously thought I didn't need thanks to the above supplements) and my headaches miraculously stopped. I appreciate that serrap. helped rats, but it helped me like a poultice to dead body. I also tried citrus pectin, which was short of miraculous for swains' arteries (that research was also funded by NIH), but where are those swains, who saw them?

To be fair, not only these oral enzymes and pectin are useless; same results, if not worse, I got from NIH TACT study of IV EDTA, in which I participated in 2005, after which my 90% open artery successfully closed.

Eventually (for leg arteries) I had to turn for revascularization (no matter how much I wanted to avoid it), and now, three years later, my surgeon is quietly waiting for my return, because he knows damn well that despite all this hoopla about miracle supplements I will come back by the simple reason - I still cannot walk, nor I can spend all my life to develop sufficient collateral circulation.

I also hoped to get rid from sinus infection at the same time, so I stopped washing my nose with antibiotic solution. Regardless of that, and twice a day wash with saline solution after several months of getting nowhere, I realized that I again should start Wilson wash.

So it is not all gold which shines. Keep your hope, but at the same time keep looking for more established remedy.

Replied by Jillery
Durtham, Nc
85 posts

There is a familial type of heart issues that are genetic and does not respond well the natural cures.... perhaps you are one of these types of people? I can see your frustration and I am so sorry. Keep up with good diet practices and supplements but take your meds, buddy. Virtual hugs.

Replied by Alan
W Yorks

Have you considered Nattokinase?


Posted by Karen (Ma) on 09/04/2018

I listen to a holistic radio show hosted by naturopaths in Massachusetts and they recommend taking serrapeptase supplements if you are in the beginning stage of cataracts. They also said you can take it to prevent cataracts.


Posted by Cheryl (Rochester, Ny) on 09/04/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Serrapatese. I started taking about 7 months ago to help clear arteries. Interestingly I had a golf ball size cyst or lump just above my hip bone about the same time. I decided to try my own thing which involved rubbing it with castor oil every night and morning limiting my progress to a 5 week check if no progress I would go to the doctors.

To my amazement cyst was half the size. Nose polyps are gone too. In July I kept forgetting to take it and the cyst laid stagnant. I tried to remember what I was doing and realized it was the serrapatese. 1 month later almost gone. Funny thing with home remedies is that sometimes one doesn't know that they are working until you stop taking it. Lobellia and Muellein for respiratory same story. Stopped my drops woke up congested..hadnt't done my muellein and lobelia routine. Hope this helps.

Ear Fluid

Posted by Lyn (Heber) on 09/06/2018
5 out of 5 stars

My doctor recommended serrapeptase for drying the fluid in our ears. It worked!


Posted by Sue (Ks ) on 09/05/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I have only used serrapeptase for two cycles of 4 months each but have found really good results for my endometriosis. I found that it dissolved the cysts or clotting that was or had occurred. My first menstrual cycle was painful as the cysts were actually leaving my body, however every cycle after that was less and less painful until there was no pain. My cycle was also shorter. The first week I initially felt flu like symptoms which I was told to expect -dull headache, just slightly unwell feeling- I pushed through. Glad I did. I took one tablet x two times a day. I started on the 40,000. I am about to try the higher dose soon. I believe it did work well. I would recommend it to women suffering from endometriosis for sure. I will update my review after a few months on the higher dose. Make sure you take it away from any protein foods on an empty stomach.


Posted by Trudyg (USA) on 05/30/2013
5 out of 5 stars

For hemorrhoids - you can take serrapeptase --an enzyme that digests tissue such as scars, hemi's, etc. I take one first thing in the morning, no hemi's since then. Also, no knee pain from old injury.

High Cholesterol

Posted by Wieas (London, Uk) on 01/20/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I started taking Serrapeptase 80,000IU enteric coated approx 5 months ago after my doctor did a blood test and said I had high cholesterol.

After 3 months I returned to the doctor for another blood test. When the results came back the doctor stated how pleased she was that the result had improved a lot and asked me what I had been doing. I told her I'd been out walking and exercising a lot. I hadn't. I certainly didn't mention the Serrapeptase because I knew that I would be met with the condescending smirk she normally gives me when I mention natural remedies. She told me to keep up the good work and carry on doing what I'm doing!

The instructions on the package state 'take 1 to 2 tabets daily'. Sometimes I exceed this dosage over the course of a day, taking 6 to 10 tablets daily. Is this dangerous? Any research I've done on the internet seems to suggest there are no side effects but I was just wondering if anybody more knowledgeable than me is able to confirm that?

The reason I'm asking is that for the last 4 days I have had 3 or 4 very sharp pains each day around the heart area. These pains only last a couple of seconds, one pain after the other and then disappear. I was wondering if this might be related to the Serrapeptase or whether the sharp pains are something else?


Replied by Jim
Lake Elsinore, California

Hello, you might wish to Google Smart meters and electromagnetic interference, dirty electricity and faraday cages. All the utility companies removed old style meters and replaced water, gas and electric with smart meters. I needed to call and have the meters replaced with old meters because I was having chest pain, fluttering heart.The wi fi, cell phone also causes these issues.I had 3 different Heart tests at the hospital and my heart was just fine. After eliminating these microwave devices all heart symptoms went away.

Serrapeptase has given me no heart symptoms @ 240000 iu twice a day.

Replied by L

I read on pub med site that said it caused eosinophils in a few patients. More is not better.

Replied by Phaze

I and many others also cannot bear 'smart'meters, with similar symptoms as described by Jim. People are homeless (or have died) because of these #@! -meters. (Watch out for celltowers coming to every block to enable the Internet of Things -- similar effects.) When first installed and I was suffering greatly, a friend covered the s-meter (electric, next door facing me) with 2 layers of heavy foil to help me out (was resorting to living in car) I was not seeing/watching what he did but felt sudden amazing relief. The effects are real, folks, even if you are not one of the 'sensitive' ones. If you can, opt-out of these and get your neighbors to do it too.

Knee Pain

Posted by Matt (Cambridge) on 09/04/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I agree serrapeptase is amazing. I have stiff and painful knees from decades old meniscus tears in both knees. I started taking serrapeptase two months ago. One capsule (120,00 SPU) once a day on an empty stomach. Within a few days my knee pain disappeared. Whereas a couple of months ago I couldn't get up from a movie theatre or airplane seat without limping down the aisle from stiffness, I now had zero pain. I couldn't sit kneel and pull weeds from the garden. This summer I could. I ran out of capsules and didn't replenish my supply about two weeks ago and the knee pain and stiffness returned after about 10 days. So I will resume taking this supplement asap.


Posted by Caski (Herts, UK) on 09/05/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I have used Serrapeptase to reduce mucus. It definitely has an effect, noticeable if I stop taking it or forget to take in on holiday with me. It does clear the mucus from my lungs and I feel less chesty. Useful for COPD patients.

Cutting out dairy also helps too.

PS I take Natures Best 250mg​


Posted by Amy (Metro Detroit , Michigan) on 02/25/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Take serrapeptase 1-2 x daily on an empty stomach. It literally was amazing. When you are in pain, you will search for instant relief and this was it for me. Also take B complex and turmeric daily, message with magnesium oil or take Epsom salt baths or foot soaks. Plus add a cushion to your shoes. This really works!


Posted by Maria (Gippsland, Australia) on 12/01/2011

I have seen great results with serrapeptase on abdominal surgery scars (30 yr old).

Serrapeptase Fake Reviews Warning

Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 11/05/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I spent much time reading amazon reviews today and there is a pattern of people using products in the past year that get horrific diarrhea and vomitting and having to go to ER after two perfect ~happy satisfied customer~ weeks of use of the product . Heads up . There is talk of a lawsuit. I am a little scared now, I was doing great and used 45 pills so far. Is it russian roulette. Now I feel a need to warn people incase their is a bad supplier, mine is Doctors Best and one commentor said the company was sold but I don't know?

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn

HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN,,,,,,,,,,, have no clue what this means, but Dr's Best is now a Chinese company. Don't have good vibes abut that.


Replied by Deirdre

I noticed about two months ago, when I went to buy more serrapeptase on Amazon, that there's an increase in negative reviews about Doctors Best Serrapeptase brand increasing from April, 2018 on. I am not convinced they are genuine reviews; a few too many about being violently ill and at least one suggesting you contact them to start a class action suit.

All sorts of issues on Amazon coming to the surface. Not just fake reviews, which is an old problem, but more fake supplement brands being sold by third parties. Here's a link to the 1 star reviews for Dr's Best Serrapeptase in case anyone is interested.

Check out how many negative reviews since April!

Replied by Frances
Cabarlah, Qld.

I've been using Doctor's Best Serrapeptase for quite and some time and have had no complaints.

Replied by Art
638 posts


I agree on the fake third party brands that are being sold. I bought a two pack of eye drops that I wanted to use for a recent experiment. Both bottles were supposed to be from the same lot and should have had the same batch numbers on them, but they were different. I opened one and it had the smell of mildew which I had never noticed in any other eye drop solution before then, so I opened the other bottle to see if it also smelled like that. It didn't, so I wrote the supplier and explained the problem to them. They responded by asking if I wanted a refund for the bottle that smelled like mildew. I told them no, that I would send the bottles back and they should send me a pre-inspected replacement pair. They told me to keep the bottles and that they would refund my credit card. That response told me that they were aware of the problem before I ordered their product!

I feel like I should have contacted, Systane, the original manufacturer of the product and let them know what was going on, but I got busy and forgot about it.

Clearly, there seems to be issues with fake goods! The product I received looked just like other bottles of Systane that I have used in the past. It worries me because what if I had had a cold and could not have smelled that mildew smell? What could it have done to my eyes had I used the whole bottle?


Replied by Charlottechick
Charlotte, Nc

WHAT?! Doctor's Best has recently been my "go to" manufacturer! I just found this:

Doctor's Best CEO Gale Bensussen

Doctor's Best is now owned by the Kingdomway Group, a publicly traded company in China. The primary reason Kingdomway purchased Doctor's Best was to provide an authentic, manufactured in the USA brand to the rapidly expanding market in Asia. U.S. brands are considered to be of the highest quality and are sought after in those markets.

Therefore, it is fundamental to Kingdomway's investment that the brand not only maintain its authenticity and integrity, but continue to be manufactured in the USA. There have been no changes in the staff, sourcing, or our quality standards. Doctor's Best is headquartered in California and our manufacturing is done in the USA and will remain in the USA.

We appreciate the trust our consumers have in our brand and we will maintain our brands' quality and integrity as our pledge to our consumers.

Gale Bensussen CEO

Replied by Kt

I purchased Serrapeptase from Does anyone else purchase anything from this site?


Knoxville, Tn

I used to buy from them years ago, now I buy serrapeptase 40K 'best naturals' from amazon for last 5 months. Had been using 120K 'source naturals' for last couple years. Switched due starting to get too many 'cherry angiomas'.

Replied by Kt

Years ago they came in tablets and I stopped taking them due to the "inactive ingredients", one of which was a calcium ingredient and enteric coating. I don't know when they changed to capsules but the fillers have changed from being six to just two and appear to be safer. I don't ingest the capsules.


Replied by Pearl

Interesting that half the reviews on this EC page are from 9/4/18 and 9/5/18. I think we're all accustomed to watching Amazon for that kind of behavior because it suggests fake reviews, but I didn't think it would affect my favorite site, Earth Clinic.

I just ordered my 2nd bottle of Dr's Best 40,000 from Amazon, but I wanted to check the EC comments because both my husband and I got bronchitis really bad while taking it a couple of years ago. We'd never taken it for longer than a week before that. It quite certainly may have been a coincidence since it was January and that was going around, but we both ended up really sick and I got scared of taking it for awhile.

I'm starting to think if it sounds too good to be true it just might not be.

Replied by Charity
Faithville, Us

I switched after reading the reviews because one commenter rang a bell with me. He said that it eats the outer coating of stuff off that our bodies have not been able to break through and that could be mucus and the mucus is this whole insane thing I have battled, but not in my sinus. MY humidifier is running every day in winter now because this coughing thing I can no longer take at my age. I take expectorants the second I feel any mucus out of normal range . Keep it from creeping into my lungs.

I decided on two alternatives for the months I can't sunbath, silver and castor oil by mouth at bedtime. I don't usually get any sickness in the summer. You do get some floating stools doing this but it's worth the tradeoff. I can say the serrapeptase gave me a huge leg up on my liver health and I am thankful for it. Keep the faith. Love, Charity

Replied by Jillery
Durtham, Nc
85 posts

Oy veh Robert Henry!! I think this is a good thing to keep our eyes on. The is a good response from another writer that makes me feel better about Dr's Best but but but. Do you recall the scare when powered plastic was being put in baby formula.... I think in the 60s or 70s. Always be aware of ALL companies no matter where they are located. Peace baby Peace

Replied by Robert Herny
Ten Mile , Tn

JILLERY,,,,,,,,,, as all know I's a story teller, so let me tell you about my trip to Durham in the 1950's as a Ga Tech cheerleader. What most folks don't know is that even though Duke is in NC, about 55% of the students are from NJ. It is not a Southern school.

Ga Tech played them every year. We had large megaphones to get our message out. One of our cheerleaders was a guy from Savannah, Ga. and the only thing he liked bettern flips was a fight. A Duke cheerleader came to us and stole his megaphone. Wrong thing to do. Jerry chased him down at midfield and stomped his fanny in front of the entire stadium crowd. It was a hoot.

We were a boys school. Don't think they are allowed these days. We only chased wimmins on weekends. Otherwise, we studied to avoid funking out. We took 19 to 21 hours and our daughters went to Auburn in the 80's and 90's. They took 14 hours. AUSM.

It's called dummin down, and we have arrived.


Sinus Headache

Posted by Anon (US) on 12/05/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Serrapeptase has taken away my sinus headaches. Each day I wake up so grateful and amazed to be headache free.

I hope other Earthclinic Readers find success with Serrapeptase too.

Sinus Infections

Posted by Trisha (Liverpool, England) on 05/30/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Hi I have suffered most of my life with sinus problems have had an operation were they drilled the bone at top of my nose had some releif for a short time but I was told to try serrapeptase and the relief has been brilliant I take 2 80,000 tablets morning and night and they have been excellent.