Serrapeptase: Reviews, Dosages, and Side Effects

Posted by Cheryl (Rochester, Ny) on 09/04/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Serrapatese. I started taking about 7 months ago to help clear arteries. Interestingly I had a golf ball size cyst or lump just above my hip bone about the same time. I decided to try my own thing which involved rubbing it with castor oil every night and morning limiting my progress to a 5 week check if no progress I would go to the doctors.

To my amazement cyst was half the size. Nose polyps are gone too. In July I kept forgetting to take it and the cyst laid stagnant. I tried to remember what I was doing and realized it was the serrapatese. 1 month later almost gone. Funny thing with home remedies is that sometimes one doesn't know that they are working until you stop taking it. Lobellia and Muellein for respiratory same story. Stopped my drops woke up congested..hadnt't done my muellein and lobelia routine. Hope this helps.