Serrapeptase: Reviews, Dosages, and Side Effects

Serrapeptase and Surgical Implants
Posted by Elaine (New Jersey) on 03/17/2021
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I read the information provided by earth clinic on natural remedies for abdominal adhesions. I was hoping that you could help me understand and perhaps make a few suggestions for two of my relatives.

In the article, it said that serrapeptase should NOT be used for people who have implants. Can you explain this in more detail to me? After surgery, my relative had a titanium surgical steel implant put in her neck. Lymph nodes began to swell on both sides of her neck and they cannot figure out why this is happening. She does take serrapeptase. My theory is the serrapeptase is affecting the surgical steel and her lymph nodes are trying to filter something that has become dissolved from the steel. I am wondering if this is possible. The surgery caused scar tissue for another of my relatives. He also has implants.

What can he use to try to prevent the growth of new scar tissue which results from the surgery to remove the old scar tissue. If you can suggest something that could be used, would it still be effective even after a period of time that the body has had to heal after his recent surgery? At this time, no natural remedies have been given, therefore scar tissue has probably begun to form.

If you have some suggestions, I would be very grateful. Thank you