Olive Leaf Extract Cures

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Olive leaf extract comes from the leaves of olive trees and has different therapeutic benefits than the oil from the olives themselves. Olive leaf extract has antioxidant qualities that prevent and repair cell damage, keeping us feeling youthful and our skin and hair healthier. Non-clinical research has supported that olive leaf extract has been effective in treating some forms of liver, prostate, colon, skin, and breast cancer. There is also support for olive leaf extract sinusitis treatments, and olive leaf extract for candida and other fungal maladies. In clinically-supported tests, olive leaf extract has shown efficacy in lowering blood pressure

Olive Leaf Extract for Candida, Other Conditions

On this page you can find numerous olive leaf extract remedies submitted to us by our Earth Clinic readers. Popular uses for olive leaf extract from our users include bladder infections, fungal remedies, genital herpes, and a number of discussions over other health benefits of olive leaf extract. Let us know if you use olive leaf extract for any of the afflictions listed here; and if we are not yet familiar with a use for olive leaf extract, let us know so we can post it here!

Bladder Infections

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Posted by London (Sandusky, Ohio) on 02/02/2010

OK, guys, I'm sure by now, it's well known, (since I've tried every cure on this website known to man) My struggles with Chronic Bladder infections on here.

Recently, I broke down and went to the hospital to get antibiotics. They didn't work, it was alarming truly, this is modern medicine. After, about, THREE trips back to the hospital, and THREE rounds of antibiotics, and about 4 months of struggling with my latest bladder infection, I finally found a natural cure, that I think is very effective.

I was frustrated, nothing was working. I tried the ACV, I tried sea salt, baking soda, alka seltzer, EVERYTHING. Coconut Milk, (which tastes really gross)

My friends, a combination of Olive leaf extract, and turmeric herb cured my stubborn bladder infection.

You have to take about 2 dropperfuls of olive leaf extract (alcohol free) dissolved in a cup of water about three times a day, along with 2 caps of turmeric herb, three to four times a day.

This is intensive treatment, but that's what it took for me.

I cap my own turmeric by the way, in veg. caps 00

Replied by Janey
(Leeds, Uk)

I have used olive leaf but only in capsule form I think the tincture would be better absorbed, it is very effective but I have not tried the tumeric along with it I never thought of making my own capsules before what a great idea!

Replied by Diana
(Charlotte, Nc)

For frequent bladder infections and urinary tract infections, get yourself a toilet seat bidet. It's a simple installation over an existing toilet, and provides an "under carriage wash. " It's electrical so it warms the water. My cost $300 but the deluxe models run higher.

I had reoccurring infections and antibiotics didn't work anymore. Natual remedies worked so-so. Since my huband installed the bidet, no more bladder infections. I cannot tell you much I love my bidet, especially at that time of the month. The bidet feels good, and I feel good knowing I'm clean!

Replied by Francisca
(Zug, Switzerland)

Hi Diana, I come from a Southern European country where bidets are standard part of bathrooms. I lived in France in a house that had one as well, no idea why but now I haven't and our new house doesn't have one either. I always made good use of it even to wash my feet during the winter if they were cold. You feel clean in the important bits without always needing to take a bath. I cured my recurring bladder infections by doing several things so I don't know what actually helped! I think that the thing, like with many other ailments is to keep trying, something might eventually work for you! I haven't had one in 18 months and before that they were down to once a year. I think that the most important thing was probably using lube during sexual relations. If the vagina gets irritated somehow that triggers a bladder infection! I only had them if I was in a sexual relationship. The most important is to never accept that it is the age, or that it is chronic or whatever, keep on searching for answers!

Replied by Kathy

How many mg of Olive Leaf extract per day? How many mg of Turmeric per day? So good to hear there are natural cures that work.

Bladder Infections
Posted by Kirtti (Solana Beach, CA) on 06/09/2007

I have had frequent chronic UTI's all of my life, and have occasionally tried to cure them naturally, without any luck, just ending up sicker and needing antibiotics. Usually, if I didn't get drugs in the first few days, it moved right into the kidneys. I've tried herbs, accupuncture, energy healing, and nutrition. This time, I was determined, and let it go for a week, trying several things. I tried a whole jar of cranberry juice plus pills every day, and that seemed to help (the urine smelled bad for about a day, but then the smell left. However, about that time, the infection moved up to the kidneys, and the condition got worse over a week's time. Finally, by Friday, I was desperate, as I'd have to get through the whole weekend before I could give up and get to a doctor....and I was having trouble even walking, from the pain. Then, I remembered that I had heard Olive Leaf extract could help. I happened to have some on hand for something else, and took a couple. I googled it and found that you can take up to 16 of the 500 mg pills per day, so I took 4, then 4 more a few hours later. When I got up from my nap, I felt a lot better. I was still in a lot of pain, but less, and somehow, my energy felt stronger, like I was heading out of the woods. I continued to take it overnight, and this morning, I woke up about 70% better! Since I was so ill, I'm still in pain, but not enough to need pain killers.

Some people experience die-off symptoms with Olive Leaf, and it can be used as a prophylactic, which would allow for gradual cleansing, in case you needed to use it in high doses for an infection. However, I didn't experience any of that, as I've done a lot of cleansing before. Still, if I were going to, I'd do it anyway, as it really kicked the infection.

I also tried Ted's salt remedy, but it was at about 10 pm, after the Olive Leaf was obviously working, so I can't be sure what its effect was. However, it didn't make me feel ill, as some here have reported.

As an aside, I recently went to see a Korean doctor, who described about three sets of symptoms I've been having as being connected to an original problem of weak chi in the kidneys and spleen. He gave a very reasonable explanation of how the seemingly unconnected symptoms are all part of a developing problem based on the weakness in the two organs. After a month on his custom tincture, I experienced a reversal in the most recent symptom (period coming a week earlier each month for a few months, with a lot of spotting). So, I believe that if I continue with that treatment, eventually, the internal weakness which leads to the chronic symptoms will be eradicated.

One last thing - I've just read that a high percentage of women with chronic UTI's have a lack of immunoglobulins, which you can supplement with collostrum, so I'll try that, too.

Replied by Sp
(Murfreesboro, Tn)

Olive leaf extract really worked for my bladder infection. I was tired to being in pain and having to wait to see the doctor and then get presciption. I came to here and decided to try olive leaf extract. Thank you so much for sharing the information.

If I feel a symptom coming on, I take 2 capsules every 4 hours on Day 1 of symptom. Along with that, I also add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and drink that every 4 hours on Day1 and drink plenty of water. The next day, I just take 2 oliver leaf extract capsules 3 times a day and drink plenty of water. Day 3, I take 2 olive leaf extract capsules 3 times a day even if I feel better. By the 4th day, I just take 2 in the morning and 2 at night. I do the same thing on Day 5.

Replied by Kathy

Great to know Olive Leaf Extract Capsules work - can you tell me how many mg per day?

(Murfreesboro, Tn)

Hi Kathy, I didn't see your comment until now. I take the brand Nature's Way, I think it's about 430 mg in each capsule. And a couple of years ago I added cornsilk also 400 mg each capsule. Hope this helps.

Colds and Flu

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Posted by Deedee (Skowhegan, Maine) on 12/08/2014

On wed night I felt like I didnt feel right, by thursday morning-the same old familiar feeling that accompanies a bad cold or flu had started.It always starts with a strong achey feeling going straight across my shoulders then spreading thru my body, kinda feels like getting hit by a mack truck I quess.So I knew I was coming down with something, especially since we had just had thanksgiving with the family, and my grandson had a bad cough and wasnt feeling well.For whatever reason, if I come into contact with him when he's sick, I end up getting sick. We had some Olive Leaf throat spray-we had just bought 3 bottles for the winter, I sold one bottle to my son-in-law, for my grandson, so I sprayed my throat as soon as I started feeling bad. Started on high Vit C, and as usual, made sure I washed my hands alot during the day. Anyways the typical flu usually lasts about a week or more for the average person. By saturday I was able to do a couple small chores, in between laying down and napping and dosing, and by sunday-I folded up the sleeper couch, did more chores, no nap, went to bed at 9:30 and slept all night. 2 & 1/2 days of flu. I'm still spraying my throat-I also sprayed a q-tip and twirled it inside my nose. My next experiment is to kill this toenail fungus as nothing else has worked, and to buy some Olive leaf capsules, for preventative daily maintenence. We now keep a bottle of throat spray in the bathroom since last year, but after reading we now know it does so much more...

Replied by Julie
(Derby, Uk)

A good remedy for fungus on the feet is to soak feet in warm water with baking soda and vinegar 2-3 times a day. Tea tree oil applied directly should help or you can soak the feet in warm water with epsom salts and add the tea tree oil to the water. Again 2-3 times a day. Borax is also an excellent remedy which can be used internally and externally. It can be added to warm water along with baking soda or by itself as a foot soak.

All of these are covered on this site I believe.

Colds and Flu
Posted by Jb (Australia) on 10/17/2014

Better But With Side Effects

I have been using olive leaf extract for years. I take it when I feel a cold coming on. I use very high potency capsules. Sometimes I can take them with no side effects, but usually when I take them I feel very queasy. I am currently battling a cold and I took them at the onset of the cold. They made me feel dreadfully queasy and then I had bad diarrhea... but I felt better afterwards and the cold held off for a few days.

Unfortunately the cold came back with a vengeance. I tried to fight it off with various teas as I didn't want to go through the nausea and diarrhea again, but today I decided to give the olive leaf another go (this time with food.) Once again I felt queasy and had bad diarrhea... but once the diarrhea passed I felt almost like a new person. Within hours many of my cold symptoms had vanished (stuffiness, sore throat, blocked ear, headaches) and I had more energy.

There needs to be more published on how this product works. To me, it feels like it's literally blasting the bad bacteria and viruses out of me. I can physically feel it doing this. It feels terrible, but if you can get through it the after effects are worth it.

I wonder if the effects are only this extreme when you are sick, or if it is dependent on the type of sickness you have? There have been times I've taken it without effects.

Replied by Crystal

Olive leaf extract helps to alleviate constipation so that may be why with a high dose is causing diarrhea. May want to lower dose and add a probiotic.

General Feedback

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Posted by Branda (Detroit, Mi) on 03/11/2013

I am taking olive leaf extract and oil of oregano daily. Does one cancel out the other? I read that olive leaf extract should not be taken with antibiotics. Does oil of oregano act like an antibiotic? Is there anything else that should not be taken with olive leaf extract?

General Feedback
Posted by Carolyn (Hobbs, Nm, Usa) on 10/23/2009

In this website Ted speaks of the many benefits of olive leaf. In our part of the country we only have Russian Olive trees. Would this tree be beneficial? If we buy olive leaf in the health food store is it better to use the tincture (drops) or the capsules? I would appreciate hearing from anyone with information on the olive leaf remedy. I'm even wondering if it would be good to take for stomach viruses and perhaps even the flu.

Thanks, Carolyn

Replied by Wendy Jo
(Bellevue, Wa)

I have suffered from acne & rosacea since my teens. The issue eased in my 30's but returned again with more intensity in my 40's. I have tried many,many different things to find some easing of the postules, cysts, and redness. The only thing that brought minor relief was antibiotics. These, however, brought other side affects that I was not willing to live with. I then ran across some information on olive leaf extract. I began to take 2 adult size tablets twice a day. I also purchased olive leaf bar soap and face lotion. I began to see results within a week. After several months I reduced my intake of supplements to 1 twice daily. I have continued with that regimen for over a year now and my skin is completely clear with only a very occasional breakout. The redness is also greatly reduced. My skin hasn't looked this good since before puberty!

Replied by Tina
(Merriam, Ks)

Wendy Jo, which olive soap do you use? what brand? please email me at okiegirltina gmail.

Genital Herpes

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Posted by Sed (South Africa) on 04/06/2015

Hi I justed wanted to find out from those using olive leaf extract to suppress Herpes simplex virus.

1. Does anyone still see where the leisons were?
2. And is it still transferable to another individual while using this treatment method?

Genital Herpes
Posted by Chloe (Providence, RI) on 07/20/2008

Hi Everyone ~ I discovered Olive Leaf Extract (I use the one by ___ ___, purchased at Whole Foods Market - haven't tried other brands). Well, all my life, I would get at least two terrible cold sores per year. Even after two weeks of looking awful, I would be left with a scar for at least a month...I was so upset every time. They were the bane of my existence!

The very first time I tried Olive leaf extract, I was on the verge of another cold sore. I put about 2-3 droppers full in a small amount of water. Within moments I could feel the initial swelling going away. I ran to the mirror because I thought I was imagining things! I wasn't! The nasty little thing was disappearing before my eyes.

It's been 4 years now and I've had only one (pretty mild) cold sore and all because I hadn't taken the olive leaf at the first signs of fatigue, dry lips, and a feeling of being 'run-down' which always precedes the outbreak. My Mom also had these her whole life, and it works wonders for her too. The key is to use it preventatively, as well as extra doses at the onset of a breakout. I've many droppers full of it, and it has no side effects whatsoever - other than good ones! Also, using it topically, directly on the area where you usually breakout, in addition to internally is helpful also.

Interestingly enough, some biblical scholars believe that the "Tree of Life" represents the Olive Tree and that the Dove which carried a twig/branch to Noah, was carrying an Olive Twig. I truly hope this helps any of you dealing with problem. I Love, Love, Love this website! :-)

Replied by E.

Does it cure herpes type two virus? how long does it take to work?

Genital Herpes
Posted by Kate (Atlanta, GA) on 06/12/2007

Ok let me start by saying medical advise from doctors only suppress symptoms. This is the remedy I use daily... Take 2 super lysine pills daily I take them at the same time on empty stomach, You can fine this at an herbal shop. Drink liquid oxygen water thru out the day it increases ph balance in blood, we need water any way daily but don't mix the oxygenated water with herbs at the same time. You can find this at the herbal shop. Take olive leaf capsules, I take 3 a day, this plant is the plant that heals the nations according to the bible it also builds the immune system just like super lysine. Taking a liquid vitamin for example mirical 2000 is a good way 2 build the immune system and you are getting daily vitamins. Finally vegetables and fruits I don't consume enough vegetables and fruits eating so the alternate option is to juice them and drink a nice glass of green plants and fruits this also increase your ph in your blood and to top it off apply dmso on the bottom part of your spine and your genital area I would say twice a week. And this will stop any break outs you will practically forget u have herpes I have been outbreak free for 14yrs now.

Replied by Imani34
(Alpharetta, Ga)

I have to agree with liquid oxygen. I suffered from flare ups from the herpes virus and started using stabilized liquid oxygen over five years ago. Oxygen kills viruses Dr's won't presrcibe it because they and all of the pharmacutical companies would be out of business. But with healthy eating and exercise It's been years even without the use of the oxygen. No more outbreaks.

Replied by Sedzani
(Johannesburg, SA)

Hi is it safe to take olive leaf extract with milk and what is dmso?

EC: Hi, there is information on DMSO here:  https://www.earthclinic.com/supplements/DMSO.html

Replied by Erica

So were cured? have you taken another blood test to see if you still had it?

Genital Herpes
Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) 388 posts

The easiest treatment and simplest treatment for herpes is to use fresh olive leaf or use olive leaf extract. However, in practice I used more than one just to make sure they don't come back again.

Since I am talking about olive leaf, this is also used against Epstein-Barr Virus and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as well, due to its antiviral properties. As a result, I have cut and paste portions describing in more details the oleuropeins found in olive leaf -- see below. I suspect that olive leaf extract when mixed with apple cider vinegar would increase its antiviral potency, especially when you have the common colds or pneumonia coming.

For those already against vaccination the olive leaf can be eaten regularly as a protection against other deadly viral diseases as well.

Replied by James
(Raleigh, North Carolina, Usa)

Hello, I was wondering if the Asprin and Vitamin C method to eradicate Herpes is for good (for life) or is it for just a treatment of a herpes OB. I have started taking Asprin (750mg) every hour for 5hours also taking 1000mg of Vitamin C every hour with each dose of Asprin. I have done my first 5hours instead of 4 and took 750mg instead of 500mg. I am just really wondering if I do this for the 3 days - Morning and Evening will the herpes be gone for life or will I have another OB down the road sometime.

If the above method does not work, could he please let me know an exact method that would permantley eradicate the Herpes Permantley for life if this is possible. I deeply appreciate the time and any help you can give me, and may god bless you for the great work you are doing. You will be rewarded Im sure!

Take Care, God Speed, James

Replied by Nikki
(Georgetown, DE)

Aspirin is just bad and at that dose a day could cause you stomach issues. Get olive leaf extract and cats claw capsules . Use both throughout the day and a high dose, double what's on the bottle. It's better to overdose on that stuff than to under dose. There are no negative side effects of overdosing. The olive leaf, take on an empty stomach - the cats claw, take with food.

Replied by Kevin


That much aspirin will eat your stomach!! Do not do this!!!

Replied by Michael

I totally agree regarding losing the aspirin. Not good. Olive leaf on the other hand is an unbelievable healing agent.

Multiple Ailments

Posted by Diane (Uniontown, Pa) on 09/11/2012

Could we please have an Olive Leaf Extract page? My family has used it for our pets and children to quickly recover from conjunctivitis and shingles, and after one megadose yesterday with one cayenne capsule (as a carrier) my husband finally has gotten some relief for the horrible burning associated with chronic prostatitis. Hopefully he will continue to improve, because doctors don't know how to treat prostatitis. I've personally experienced energy and the same sense of well being from olive leaf extract, that I get when I take diatomaceous earth. I just feel that olive leaf extract is deserving of its own page, and hope you will too!

Replied by Rob
(Manhattan, Ny)

Diane, is there a particular brand or method that you find most effective?

Replied by Steve
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

I am a big fan of olive leaf as well. Olive leaf is antiviral, antifungal, antiparasitic, and antibacterial. I have had excellent results. Both are high in the active ingredient oleorupin. Look for 18% oleorupin or higher on the label.

Replied by Roec
(Los Angeles, Ca)

I have tried many over the years and for some reason GNC's the one that works best for me. I don't like their price and I have seen it go up 2 times in the last 10 years but it always works for me.

There are a ton of olive trees around Los Angeles. When I cant afford to buy it, I just boil the leaves and drink the tea. I cant say I recommend anyone else do that. One must know exactly what they are doing when picking wild herbs. Though, around the spring, olives should be clearly visible on the fruit baring trees.

Replied by Branda
(Chicago, Il)

I am not having any die-off (detox) symptoms from taking Olive Leaf Extract and have not experienced anything else. I've been on it about a week and a half (750mg - extra strength). Does it mean that the products is not working for me? Should I expect something?

Replied by Bonnie
(Ravenna, Ohio)

Check out iherb.com for good prices on olive leaf extract with reviews. Much more reasonable than GNC.

Nail Fungus

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Posted by Marylynn (Louisville, Kentucky) on 04/23/2006

I tried olive leaf extract for overall infection in my body. About 3 months later, during a pedicure, I noticed that my toenails were perfect! I stopped taking it after a while, so finally after a long time, maybe almost a year, the fungus came back. I work in a hot, humid and dirty environment where toenail fungus is a common problem. After discovering this, I looked it up on the internet and read that it does indeed cure toenail fungus!

Olive Leaf Extract

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Posted by Dean (Christchurch, New Zealand) on 05/25/2015

Up until 2004 I have had a large planters wart under my left big tie. I was constantly getting planters warts on my fingers etc. I was using peroxide and freeze sprays that temporarily got rid of them only to return sometimes and others would pop up. In 2004 I began taking olive leaf extract for general health that I found on Earthclinic site. After 6 months of taking at 3 x 5ml aday doses I realised that my planters had gone. The one I had since I was 10 was affecting my running...it was gone completely. This is a sure cure. I am in my 50s and not a hint of a wart again....amazing.

Yeast or Fungi

Posted by Mylu (California, Missouri) on 08/16/2008

Oregano cap. or oil and olive leaf extract will kill yeast and fungi. Inside and out. Google them.