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Neural Therapy for Pain Management, More!

| Modified on Dec 14, 2012
An alternative medical treatment called Neural Therapy can re-balance the body's electrical fields when damage or trauma has thrown the body out of whack, relieving various symptoms and ailments. Neural Therapy seems to reset the body's autonomic nervous system in order to stop feedback cycles that create chronic pain and other health conditions.

Typical Neural Therapy treatment is to inject ganglia, scar tissue, glands, and/or acupuncture or trigger points with novocaine or a similar local anesthetic in order to stop looping pain signals from the body. The therapy was established in the first half of the 20th century by physician brothers Walter and Ferdinand Huneke from Germany.

Natural Cures: Neural Therapy is said to be reliable in the treatment of headaches and migraines, skin conditions, arthritis, lupus, chronic fatigue, allergies, and more.


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Posted by Gabriela (Tola, Nicaragua) on 09/27/2010

Did you try Neural Therapy for managing the pain?

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi, I just wanted to post regarding neural therapy, something I've never written about on EC and I've been meaning to. It is something we don't hear of here in the U.S. but I had this done after I had my stem cell therapy abroad. I had never heard of it and feel it is something noteworthy as I saw its efficacy immediately. I was in excruciating pain after my stem cell therapy that had kept me up through the night. When I went in the following morning for my follow-up treatment, the nurse who had attended me for the previous three days commented on how tired I looked and she'd never seen me look that way. She asked me how I was and I said I'd experienced a lot of pain after the stem cell injections. She informed me that what they were going to now do was give me neural therapy. I had never heard of it and asked what it was. When she explained what it entailed, I dreaded it! It would be 12 small injections along my spine of procaine. Of course, I figured if it was going to help which she assured me it would, I would try it. First of all, they weren't as bad as I anticipated. When they were done, my nurse said the pain would subside within a few minutes. To be honest, I wasn't so sure! Well, sure enough, within about 5-10 minutes I felt the pain lift out of me. It was amazing.

I am going to give a link to an explanation regarding neural therapy. I feel it is important for people to know of this therapy as we don't hear anything about it here in the states. Has anyone else out there experienced this treatment? If so, I would love to hear your feedback. Here is the link to the explanation:

Best to all and happy holidays! Lisa

Replied by Catrina

Hi, Great to hear of your success with neural therapy for pain... You say that you got your stem cell treatment done abroad, could you inform us of where that was and if it was a success. Thank you

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Catrina, Yes, I did get my stem cell therapy abroad. It was in Quito, Ecuador. I had it done this past March after hearing about it right here on EC! At the time, I had no idea it was even being done- I actually thought they were still in research regarding it. When the woman wrote on here about it, I immediately inquired where and could she tell us more but she never responded again. I was so disappointed! I had been suffering with excruciating hip pain for several years at this point. Then, about a week later, I had picked up a brand new book called "The Baby Boomer Diet" by Donna Gates and in the second chapter she started writing all about the successful treatments being done with stem cells! That was it for me! It was as if the universe was answering me. I got up and began to google search about it. I found a few places and wrote to them. Only one actually answered me immediately.

Within one month I was on my way to get my treatment. And yes, it was quite successful. I would find out that I had stage 4 arthritis in my hip. I can now walk again and I swim every other day now. I began doing that in August and my muscles have finally returned as they had atrophied so badly due to the inability to move much. To feel my muscles again is exhilarating! I can't say I'm completely pain-free but I'm about 90% better which I'm grateful for. I just might go back to take care of that last 10%!

Since then, I have had friends go for treatments as well and they have seen success too. The place I went to now has places in Jamaica, Trinidad and Grand Cayman in addition to Ecuador. So, that's my story... Lisa