Distilled Water to Chelate Heavy Metals

Apr 07, 2016

Water is probably the most important and frequently overlooked contribution to our overall diets, and finding the safest and healthiest source of drinking water has only gotten more complicated through the years. Bottled water, tap water, spring water, osmotic water, filtered water, and distilled water all have their proponents.

Distilled water in particular is often preferred for its greater clarity. The distillation process (boiling water and collecting the condensed evaporative steam) kills off pathogens and removes virtually all contaminants from the source water. However, this removes the virtuous components of a natural water source at the same time, including essential minerals.

NB: Fluoride is not removed in the distillation process, and in some cases aluminum ions can be introduced to the water through distillation.

Overall, distilled water can be a good way to otherwise avoid tainted water sources, but most drinking water sources are generally safe. Some specific cases definitely require distilled water or similar, but for most people it is probably unnecessary. As to the lack of mineral content, most of our dietary mineral intake is food-based, and so our water sources should make minimal differences one way or the other.

Distilled Vs. Spring Water  

Posted by SupportTed (Pennsylvania) on 03/07/2014

I read the posts about drinking water.

I need to avoid fluoride and all the other contaminates in our public drinking water. I am very sick and unable to take care of my basic needs so I need the easiest and most affordable solution. I trust this site, Ted and Bill and I also trust Dr. Weil. So it is confusing to me when their advice contradicts one another. Dr. Weil drinks "distilled water" and distilled is the easiest for me. I even added T*** Mineral Drops to it.

Distilled water is the easiest for me.

I don't like drinking water from plastic jugs no matter what kind of water it is. I used to get home delivery of distilled water but I can't find home delivery of glass bottles. Spring water is impossible to trust even ones saying they come from a spring - because when I do further research it says it comes from a Municipal Water Company.

I used to work in retail and I've seen those pallets of gallon filled jugs sit out in the hot summer sun. You never know when the plastic is going to leach into your water.

I bought a home distiller but even some of its parts are plastic. I spent a lot of money on it but the water it makes smells moldy so I don't use it. The home made distillers I find on youtube all use rubbermaid plastic containers or worse.

Water is so important to our health. I know this thread already exists here on this website. I hope to continue the conversation so that I can make 1 comprehensive list for us all that would include the costs, level of difficulty and pros and cons while also addressing conflicting research such as "distilled water leaches minerals fact or fiction?".

Dr. Weil drinks distilled water.

Ted's Borax/H20 baths help me immensely but then again, I'm bathing in tap water!! I don't have the money to filter my bathroom as well.

This is my first post and I would appreciate any feedback.

Thank you!


(and post reviews of their books too! )

Replied by Prioris
Fl, Usa

Here is a Q & A by Dr Andrew Weil on Fluoride


I have read him through the years. He has so many red flags on many health matters that it is scary. Anyone trusting him will need all the luck that can get. I think Ted would be aghast at Weil's public stands on health matters. Trusting both Ted and Weils is living in contradiction.

Replied by Mike62

SupportTed: I did the same as you worry. I read an article one time that said the nano pollutants from car exhausts are 300x as potent as regular sized. I spend 8 hours/day in a down town mall. I am exposed to a lot of pollution. In the 21st century there is a lot of pollution every where. First let me say that I drink 2 gallons of water per day all from plastic containers. I make 1 gallon a day water kefir in plastic. If the plastic leached into the kefir the microbes would die and they don't. I read the same articles you did. The coconut oil I take is in plastic. Reputable companies who sell their products in plastic have not been able to detect any plastic in their products. There are 2 things you can do to solve the pollution problem. Saponins from liquid yucca and insoluble fiber mop up the pollutants in the digestive tract before they get into the plasma. Soluble fiber, enzymes, and nutrients mop up the pollutants in the plasma before they get into the cells. Chia and apples are high in soluble fiber. Activated barley is high in enzymes. Raw organic and raw grass fed products are high in nutrients. The supplement highest in nutrients is rice bran solubles.

Replied by Timh
Ky, Usa

Prioris: I will second your observation as I have stopped altogether reading his daily or weekly publicity. Weil has obviously fallen off into his own little comfy, liberal world that doesn't challenge or remedy the real, hard core health concerns facing us moderns.

I have often wondered what a near-dead patient like me would encounter at his clinic. Needing radical intervention therapy, Weil would likely lecture me on dietary & lifestyle habits, and recommend relaxation and visual techniques, brushing & flossing my teeth, etc.

Replied by Jana

I just bought a TNTON water distiller...(glass and stainless steel) on ebay. I love it! The water is very more-ish. I add Lugols for iodine, and a ocean minerals.

Distilled Water and Sea Salt  

Posted by Peter Piper (Burnsville, Mn) on 08/01/2013

It was said earlier that adding sea salt to distilled water helps to absorb medicine better. But if you add sea salt to distilled water, isn't that like drinking ocean water? And everyone knows you can't drink ocean water.

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Peter, I don't know about salt water helping absorption of medicine, but I do know that putting a small lick of salt (a few grains) on your tongue before drinking a glass of water is very useful and is nowhere near the concentration of sea water!

Replied by Mike Giller
Denver, Colorado

It's known that sharks breathe in sea water and they have been around a long time. When my dad had a heart attack the doctors put him on a low salt diet. That is bad advice. The chloride from salt is needed to make hydrochloric acid to digest food. Potassium, chloride, and sodium make electricity for the cells. Improperly processed table salt is bad for you. Tiny amounts of magnesium and potassium remove large amounts of excess sodium from the tissues. I take 6 grams of sun dried sea salt and 4 grams of dead sea salt every day. 1 gram of dead sea salt has 100mg. of magnesium and 50 mg of potassium. 23 oz. of sun dried sea salt can be purchased for $1.69. The sea salt in the grocery store is improperly processed. I get my salt from non gmo red miso. The orientals use sun dried sea salt in their products. Fish sauce from Thailand has sun dried sea salt. Salt, borax, antioxidants, acids, and enzymes from green papaya and pineapple dissolve hard stuff in the body like biofilm, kidney stones, and plaque.

Ted's Feedback  

Posted by Doug (Reno, NV) on 06/28/2009

I was reading about your distilled water for detoxing for two days only. I am using a marine calcium and mineral supplement and was told to add it to distilled water or reverse osmosis water to get better results in raising the ph to 10.5, because I am adding this supplement to the distilled water would you still say that distilled water is not good to drink for more than two days?. One serving size is 4.3 grams to 1/2 gallon of distilled water and sip on it throughout the day. I did notice great results in my blood under a dark field microscope in just a few weeks of using this product. Before I used this product my red blood cells were clotted together and were very stringy then after three weeks of dringking this product my red blood cells were perfectly round with white rings and nucleous in the center. So is the distilled water a bad thing to use long term??? thanks in advance for your feedback....

Replied by M2o
Reno, Nevada

I do have a question to Ted or Dr. Andrew Weil, Natural Health, Natural Medicine....

I am drinking distilled water now for 9 years every day. I have a table top distiller. I am so glad to learn here, that i should add baking soda & sea salt to it. Yes, and i will also add a tiny bit of borax now to my 5 gallon container, thanks so much for the info.

Sofar i did often add colloidal silver, as i have one of those, too.
Now i would like to know, does a distiller (via vaporization, like mine) take out the fluoride & chlorine??? Nano-particles? I sure hope so.
You would not believe, the cuck, gue that is left in my pot. Our faucet water is so bad, its a crime against humanity.

Replied by Nelson
Buffalo, Ny

Doug and others. Don't just rely on one site to persuade you on the benefits or ills of distilled water. The water falling from the sky is distilled water. Why would drinking it all the time be a problem. I drink it every day and all day and have for years. And if it seems to smell, put it through activated carbon (which is standard procedure for distilled water, to remove VOCs which are what make distilled water smell sometimes) And if after that you believe it tastes bad, it's more likely that you're tasting the odor/flavor in your mouth. Give it a few days and you'll not want to drink anything else. And I've researched distilled water extensively and nowhere did I ever see a reference that said fluoride is not removed in the distilling process. Just the opposite. So I challenge the statement here and I can say they are wrong.

Posted by Daniel (Seattle, WA) on 06/06/2009

Distilled water / Detoxification

I feel compelled to comment on Ted's assertion that distilled water should only be taken for 1-2 days for the need of detoxifying heavy metals.

If someone is found to be seriously contaminated with mercury or other heavy metals, the detoxification process can take several months and even up to 2 years. In some cases is must be done very, very slowly in order to keep the side effects to a minimum. I'm not sure about distilled water, but detoxification takes much longer than 2 days.

Dr. Andrew Cutler has studied this for over 10 years, helping people recover from autism, CFS, fibromyalgia, and even misdiagnosed multiple sclerosis using his specific detailed protocol. A google search will turn up more information.




Posted by Anne (U.S.) on 06/30/2014

I have been using thiosulfate to de-chlorinate our tap water whenever we run out of distilled water. But I've just realized that table salt is sodium chloride. When I put thiosulfate in the water to make soup, and then add salt and thiosulfate, does it bind the chlorine from the salt? And if it does, is this freed sodium something to worry about. Thanks

Using Iodine to Purify Your Water
Iodine is a very effective method for water purification. Iodine destroys bacteria, viruses and cysts. Its action is dependent on the concentration of iodine, the water temperature and duration of contact. For example, a concentration of 8 mgs per litre at 20 degrees centigrade will destroy all pathogens if left for 10 minutes. Lower concentrations and lower water temperatures require a longer duration of action. Iodine has been used safely for periods of several months; however, it is not known whether there are adverse effects associated with longer term use.

Read more about iodine cures.