L-Lysine Cures

| Modified on Nov 12, 2023

A naturally occurring amino acid, l-lysine is one of the only 20 amino acids that serves as a building block for proteins. L-lysine is a component of all of the proteins in the human body and is crucial for good health. With such an important role in the body, l-lysine is used as an effective treatment option and supplement.

What is L-Lysine?

An essential amino acid, l-lysine or lysine is necessary for human health. However, the body cannot manufacture the nutrient, so it is important to get enough of the nutrient via dietary intake or supplement.

Lysine serves as a building block for proteins in the body, making it important for growth and development. The nutrient also functions in the production of other nutrients including carnitine, which regulate the processing of fatty acids in the body.

While most individuals get an adequate amount of l-lysine in their diets, some individuals including athletes, burn patients and some vegans do not. An insufficient amount of lysine in the diet leads to fatigue, nausea, dizziness, decreased appetite, irritability, bloodshot eyes, delayed development, anemia, and reproductive issues.

Health Benefits of Lysine

As a building block of proteins in the body, lysine is a vital nutrient for supporting proper growth and development; however, the nutrient serves other purposes as well. Research suggests that the nutrient also helps the body absorb calcium. Likewise, it appears to play a part in the formation of collagen, which supports bone and tissue health, including skin, tendon, and cartilage development.

Being such a crucial nutrient, l-lysine can also help manage a variety of health conditions. The nutrient can be used to control cholesterol levels, prevent osteoporosis and other age-related bone density conditions, support growth and reduce anxiety and stress. The nutrient is also effective for preventing herpes, treating shingles, relieving pain due to inflammation and maintaining heart health.

As with any health supplement, care must be taken when using l-lysine as both too much and too little of the nutrient can cause health concerns. In any case, though, lysine is an effective health support that prevents and treats a wide range of conditions.


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Posted by Alex (Paris, France) on 11/11/2023

I feel better after using lysine since 2 days, I'm less stressed and anxious. I'll keep taking the supplement and will update.

Canker Sores

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Posted by Whiperingsage (Northeastern California) on 08/07/2015 45 posts

I thought lysine wasn't helping my cold sores when I took 500 mg and dicovered I should be taking more. I have been on 1 gram a day for years and any time I run out or forget, my cold sores fire up within 2 days.

Recently my cold sores popped out even on 1 g and gallstones and ulcer symtoms came back, I was stressed because I had just gotten out of the ICU with severe bleeding ulcer and loss of 5 pints of blood (extreme stress). I researched until I found a lysine link and found deficiency can cause anemia (a constant problem for me) and many other symptoms asociated with anemia. I googled lysine-gallstones and found conflicting info- but tried 5 g of lysine and the pain was releived and I slept without benedryl and all the usual herbs I have to take to sleep. And the cold sores are going away. I don't know what stimulated this last period of stress that I would need a higher dose of lysine, but I will have to be more mindful of getting enough protein.

Canker Sores
Posted by Joe (NYC, NY) on 11/02/2008

I have taken L-Lysine for canker sores and it worked great. I havent had one since.

If taken for a while L-Lysine can have an effect on your liver, my mistake was that i kept experimenting and supplementing on it even though i did not need it. It is good but you should pay attention to your arginine levels (consume arginine foods or supplements), as an unsafe drop in those levels can damage your liver. As in my case after consuming about 2-3 grams a day for about 3-4 months resulted in a morning with pain in my liver and a feeling as if i had a cinder block under my ribcage(i had no idea there was such a thing such as liver pain and swelling). Stopped supplementing on it, and 2 days after my liver felt way better. My cholesterol levels were also unusually high during supplementation and they went back to normal after stopping, so people should keep these things in mind, i know its easy to miss these warnings since i missed them myself. The beautiful thing about the liver though is that it can repair itself, but that doesnt mean you shouldnt be careful. Milk Thistle can help repair your liver. And if i had to do this all over again i would take L-Arginine along with L-Lysine. It would be great if someone posted these warnings in the main description for awareness so they can learn from my mistake. Thanks

Replied by Bill
(Davis, CA)


One should never take as much Lysine as you have suggested. I have been taking L-Lysine for 15yrs for herpes and have never heard of such a high dose. Most medical practictioners suggest 500mg daily before food or other aminos and during an outbreak up to 1500mg/day. This has helped me control my outbreaks for a long time. Not one source that I have researched during this time has suggested such a high dose. Overloading of the liver would seem common sense with that dose.

Replied by Anthony
(Canberra, Act, Australia)

Hello Bill, Continuing from your suggestion re dosage of Lysine, I am aware that Linus Pauling protocol (for heart disease) suggests high dosages ie up to 6 gms Lysine per day. This protocol also suggests Vit C of up to same quantity ie 6 gms. I have tried to research this issue but could not get answer as to What other Amino ACids to take with such high dosage of L-Lysine.

I read some where in this website, to take L-Arginine along with L-Lysine. Do you or others have any suggestions on this issue ie how much L-Arginine to take alongwith say 6 gms of L-Lysine.

EC: Can we pass this question to Ted for his expert comments please.


EC: Forwarded to Ted, per your request.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Anthony: I tried l-lysine numerous times for canker sores, sometimes it helped, sometimes not. I do take 1 gr. Vitamin C daily.

Then I was told to take the l-lysine away from foods. I now take one capsule of 500gr. with my morning drink as a precaution, because the CANKERS ARE GONE!!! Thank G-d! So in my experience it's not the huge amount that you might need, it's the taking it far from meals, preferably in the morning.

Replied by Anonymous
(Miami, Florida)

Interesting I have been taking four caps of lysine and started having liver pain burning feeling for weeks, I read high protein diet can cause this too, it creates high acidicity and the liver doees not like this. My doctor ran tests for liver enzymes check and of course Hepatitis right away I feel kind of silly thinking that perhaps the lysine is the causative factor anyhow I stopped the Lysine right away.

Replied by Marloef8
(Comox Valley)

This is to reply to Anthony from Canberra:

Just come across an interesting article from Nutrition Review: The Collagen Connection Linus Pauling's Unified Theory of Human cardiovascular Disease that might help with your question.

Replied by Ron

Fighting cancer recommended is 112 grams per day.....4 oz

Replied by Speedwell

4 ounces a day? Recommended by who, the morgue?

Lysine is definitely processed in the liver, so don't take a high dosage along with alcohol, paracetamol (Tylenol for you Yanks), or other medications processed by the liver such as metformin.

Canker Sores
Posted by Carol (Hamburg, NY) on 03/14/2007

For years, my teenage grandchildren suffered through excruciatingly painful episodes of canker sores. After trying & failing with many remedies suggested by their mother & others, including their M.D., they finally tried the old-fashioned home-remedy that their great-grandmother used! L-lysine, a simple, low cost cure. They now are tried & true users of L-lysine, and have almost become heroes with their college friends. The treatment is: Immediately upon the beginning of an out-break, take two 500 mg. tablets. Continue taking one 500 mg. tablet each day until 2 or 3 days past the day the canker sore appears to be healed. "L-lysine is an essential amino acid needed in our diet. It is found in animal protein, such as milk protein. It is recommended that young adults need approximately 23 mg of L-lysine per day per kilogram (10 mg per lb) of body weight. The proteins of cereals; wheat gluten, for example, do not provide enough L-lysine (Columbia University Press Encyclopedia)". Little do the young believe that Grandmother's could be so smart - until they try the "old- fashioned home remedies!

Canker Sores
Posted by Maya (Ft Leavenworth) on 11/19/2005

My daughter and I would get canker scores often, until a friend told me about Lysine. We both take one a day, and if ever one starts to appear, then take 2 pills and the scores are gone. I told a great friend who had very dry lips and the lysine has worked for her as well! Love it! The pain is gone!

Canker Sores
Posted by Thesa (Colorado Springs) on 11/15/2005

My 5 year old daughter came down with a horribly serious case of canker sores. Her mouth had several sores on her tongue, cheek, and gums. Her gums were so red and swollen you could barely see her little teeth. Her breath was absolutely terrible and she barely ate or drank a thing. Finally after a week of different attempts, we had her gargle with 6 drops of tea tree oil in 4 oz. of water three times a day, gave her half an adult dose of L-lysine crushed up into water once a day, gave her a homeopathic every hour and had her drink 16 oz. of water with acidophilus/FOS throughout the day. We kept her completely off of sugar, dairy and meat and mostly she ate cottage cheese and plain yogurt. Within one day she was so much better and finally eating and within 3 days totally better!

Replied by Vandi

I feel so sorry for your little girl. I hope she came out of it OK. My son has also suffered with cold sores all of his life on his cheek and all across his mouth. Now that he's a young man and has a career this can be embarrassing and painful for him when he has a bad outbreak. I just advised him to start taking lysine on a daily basis.I advised him to take one tablet per day this advice was given to me by a good friend who tried it and hasn't had a cold sore in years. I started nearly a year ago and haven't had one.

Canker Sores
Posted by Lynda (Durham, NH) on 10/20/2005

My nurse practitioner recommended L-Lysine for my debilitating canker sores. They would last for weeks and were so bad that the pain extended to my neck and lymph nodes. I couldn't even eat without excruciating pain. When I feel a canker sore coming on, I take 1 gram 3 times a day and the sore is gone within a day or two.

Canker Sores
Posted by Donnie (Spartanburg, SC)

A supplement called LYSINE helps to heal mouth sores faster, just take a 1-gram capsule 2 or 3 times a day.

Colds and Cold Sores

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Posted by Baiazid (Gvrd, Bc) on 10/12/2015

I use L-Lysine for cold sores and to keep away the colds. For me it works.

Colds: I use the dose on the bottle for colds and gargle with cayenne powder water as often as I remember to. The worst I get is maybe one day of very mild symptoms. I tried many recipes from EC but for me this one knocks it out of the park.

Cold Sores: I use it a bit more often/day than for colds. As soon as I feel pain or itchiness around my mouth I take L-Lysine then dab the spot with DMSO. I keep dabbing DMSO every time I remember. That's it. It just fails to erupt if I catch it in time, if not, the combination of L-Lysine and DMSO stops it in its tracks, dries it and saves me days of unpleasantness. If I am away from my DMSO bottle, I use H2O2 instead. A fraction less effective for me but it stil works.

I have tried many other remedies for colds and their resulting sores but none have worked so consistently and so efficiently as these have. It takes a bit of time to search and to try them out until you find your own combo.

Thank you EC!


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Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 02/25/2012


There is evidence that taking L-LYSINE supplements with a compromised liver and or kidneys is bad for you. This may help explain why some people are having mixed or less than desired effects with the BHT [ butylated hydroxytoluene ] treatment for hepatitis C. Many of these people are including supplements including L-LYSINE supplements as a part of their treatment. It seems this is a bad idea for the treatment of hepatitis. Link here about all this: http://www.livestrong.com/article/394394-l-lysine-contraindications/

And any person who is experiencing both kidney and liver failure should read that linked information and should be especially concerned.

So, if you have a compromised liver and or kidney do NOT take L-LYSINE as a supplement....Oscar

Replied by Denise
(Seattle, Wa)

Oscar, I have read your reply regarding L-Lysine. "Ted" from this website says, "there are 2 things hepatis C does not like; aspirin and lysine.. He also recommends a protocal of lysine and aspirin for 4 days, taking them for four hours and for 4 days will eliminate hepatitis c. I recall he recommends 4000 mgs of lysine per day..

Just am a bit confused regarding this conflicting info...Thanks

Replied by Mevina
(Texas, Us)

Saying "hep C doesn't like aspirin and lysine" means they knock out the virus.

Replied by Felina
(Wilmington, Delaware)

Thank you for this message. I'm so glad I checked before I took it. I'm currently taking mavyrit, its like harvoni. I am struggling with joint and severe constipation side effects. That's why I was tempted to take it. Thank you, for your knowledge. Love and light.


I see you struggle with constipation. If you have a juicer, then juice some beets and it will make you go.

Replied by Suzy


Ssorbic acid crystals, vitamin c, mixed with water or taking magnesium will take care of your constipation. Experiment with it a bit and find the right dosage. Black strap molasses daily also fixes the problem. It is high iron if that's something you are avoiding. These have changed my life. I wish you the best.

Replied by Suzanne

Also taking magnesium before bed on a regular basis will fix this.


Posted by Colleen (Greenwich, NY, US) on 04/11/2013

I'm reading all this wonderful information about lysine but i'm wondering what type of supplement is everybody using? Are you using typical synthetic, chemical supplements or is it natural from an animal source? I was taking 500mg of L-lysine from CVS until I read about how bad synthetic supplements are for us. I'm curious if people are still getting good results with the synthetic? Thank you!


Replied by Plumhappy
(Eugene, Oregon)

I use liquid lysine. The tablets are too big for the amount you need. The liquid is not so pleasant but I put it in a little bit of water or frute juice and chase is with something with flavor. It comes with a dropper and quite affordable.

Fever Blisters

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Posted by Mel (Houston, Tx) on 02/07/2013

I get a lot of fever blisters on my lips from stress and I don't know what. But I started taking L-Lysine and that alone helps keep them away for months at a time and the only reason I might get them might be cuz I forget to take it. When I do get them I use acetone and coconut oil. But L-Lysine works.

Replied by Dee
(Medford, Oregon)

Mel from Houston.... Do you put acetone on the fever blister? You do know that Acetone is a harmful chemical that nail techs use to take off artificial nails.... It's a hamful substance that I've never heard of anyone using on an open sore. Please rethink this.

Replied by Polly
(Gander, Neewfoundland, Canada)

Yes you can use acetone in fever blisters-it burns a bit but does not hurt the skin, and gets rid of them very fast--really it wonderful for this--strange but true!!

Food Sources

Posted by Yow_whaz_up (Chinatown, Singapore) on 11/11/2011

I can't find the supplements Lysine and Arginine where I live. The ones I have seen are bits of them in children's multivitamin syrups, which are either inadequate or has MSG added.

I don't know what else to do except making some chicken soup or the pig leg one. For Chinese people, it is kind of like a tradition to cook it if someone in the family feels weak and sick.

Will it have the same effect as taking 1000 mg of lysine to fight against some virus or germ? Will it also be the same as taking 500 mg of arginine to relax that stressful heart? Does the soup also have the same useful lysine and arginine?

Ted from Bangkok, anyone, have you ever drunk dong koi teng (chicken soup with dong koi herb) or ba kut teh (pig leg tea) to kill the fatigue caused by a germ or simply stress?

Replied by Frankiee
(Tennessee, US)

GNC.com is where you can order the L-lysine online; I believe even though you live in China, you still may be able to have it shipped to your location. I have to tell you, it has worked so well with my sudden development of canker sores, I am just so relieved to know that I have access to it; I will pay whatever amount to obtain it!!


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Posted by Bonita (Rochester, MN, USA) on 01/03/2009

Found this website looking for flea remedies and found so much more! I too am always looking for remedies other than what are mainstream, just because it seems to me there has got to be more than one way to skin a cat, so to speak!

Read about Vitamin D deficincy in The Star Tribune by a doctor at the U of MN who discovered how many people suffer from a lack of it. Of course, I am a blue eyed blond who frys like a lobster in the sun and can't remember when the last time was that I went outdoors without sunscreen and and hat so I began taking a D supplement right away. I take 2000 IU of vitamin D daily. I have to say that I feel pretty darn good considering I have arthritis in all the major joints of my body.

I also have been using lysine to take care of my Herpes simplex outbreaks for years and would not be without it. I find that if I take 4-6 500 mg tablets at the first sign of the itch/tingle on my lip, and then 2 tablets every couple of hours after that, I can most times, stop it in its tracks and completely skip and signs of the break out. If I am nowhere near my supply of lysine and I get those symptoms, taking it at first opportunity causes the leisons to heal very rapidly. In any case, it works for me.

Am going to try the apple cider vinegar thing as well, for arthritis and for the flea problem. Weird that it will be for 2 such unrelated problems but If it works, who cares. It is certainly safe enough. Thanks for being here as a sounding board and gathering of natural remedies.

Replied by Listen 2 Ur Body
(Denver, Co)

In regards to the warning.....Your typical "Dr. "will almost ALWAYS say "Warning!". They are unfortunately taught to be drug pushers because there is no $ in natural cures. As with anything be aware of how YOUR body reacts, you are your best physician. :).

Replied by Victoria

I got tired of spending 20 bucks on abreva that never ever worked on my fever blisters that would swell and become pus filled(and I assume virus filled). I would say on, avg I had blisters at least 3 times a yr. My triggers are sun, stress, trauma, and the occasional accompanying cold. Came on here and read about l lysine. So in middle of hell started a regiment of vit a, e, b complex, echinaecha, goldenseal, and lysine. (I also am prone to stys and they are also triggered by stress, so naturally I was treating that too). The swelling of much lip reduced in a day and both the blister and sty were gone in like 3 days. Now I rarely have either ailment start due to taking it every other day for 2 wks, then week off, then every othet day. Havent. Had either in probably a yr. And that was only because I stop taking it.

Replied by Anjjella

Lysine cream never realy worked for me, so for yrs I just put up with them. Then I started using iodine for a nail fungus, (which has work well) and wondered if it would help on the lip blisters. So I took a little coconut oil (1 Tblsp) added 3 drops of iodine and started rubbing it into sore on my lip. After repeated use, the one area that used to take over my bottom lip has yet to reappear, even if a smaller one appears in another area of my lips. I stopped getting that crappy feeling like the flu was coming on also. They stay very small. Iodine has worked better than the baking soda paste I used to plaster on them.

But since Lysine has been helping my son with the severity of his acne and scaring when they heal, I have started taking it too since I love cashews and hazelnuts which are high in arginine. hoping it will counter the imbalance.

Replied by Anjjella

Lysine cream never realy worked for me, so for yrs I just put up with them. Then I started using iodine for a nail fungus, (which has work well) and wondered if it would help on the lip blisters. So I took a little coconut oil (1 Tblsp) added 3 drops of iodine and started rubbing it into sore on my lip. After repeated use, the one area that used to take over my bottom lip has yet to reappear, even if a smaller one appears in another area of my lips. I stopped getting that crappy feeling like the flu was coming on also. They stay very small. Iodine has worked better than the baking soda paste I used to plaster on them.

But since Lysine has been helping my son with the severity of his acne and scaring when they heal, I have started taking it too since I love cashews and hazelnuts which are high in arginine. hoping it will counter the imbalance.

Posted by Okemah (San Diego, CA, US) on 09/22/2008

For over twenty years I've witnessed L-Lysine work for family, friends, neighbors,and recently nurses at Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla. Nurses claim they noticed it stunted the growth overnight. People with reoccurring fever blisters, cold sores, canker sores and I suppose herpes, too, may find relief. My mother, Nancy, had suffered with fever blisters in her youth. She felt they were triggered by stressful events in her life. And by paying attention to her own symptoms (nerve twitch in the area the blister intends to form) and taking L-Lysine she could keep the blisters from ever forming. Within an hour of feeling the twitch she would take no less than 3000mgs - 6000mg of L-Lysine and repeat treatment every two to three hours until bedtime. Upon rising she continued her assault until she had no symptoms (twitching nerve/nerves) for one complete day. Then she felt she had enough amino acids to squash its desire to produce. If she felt it again or felt one in another area she would slam another 3000-6000mgs to squash its desire as well. Everyone will find their own dosage through trial and error, too little and you'll blister, but keep taking the L-Lysine and you'll heal faster. Almost enough, a bump may form but not into an open sore. Always check dates for freshness because it has to be potent.The day before her mothers funeral she had 5 blisters, until then I never saw more than one. We eventually traced it back to her using an old bottle that had little or no potency. Some may require less and some seem unable to be honestly consistent with their dosages to squash the sore. Pound it down, we say, 1000mg tablets, yes they are big. If you prefer there are also 500mg tablets, available. It works!

Replied by Bill
(Davis, CA)


One should not take this much L-lysine as it has a severe effect on arginine levels. No medical practictioners have ever suggested more than 1500mg per day when an outbreak is present. To much L-lysine can have a toxic effect on the liver.

Replied by Cheryl H.

My doctor recommended 2000mg for 6 months to help with my reoccurring shingles. I am sorry to dispute your fact that one wouldn't suggest more that 1500mg. Are you a doctor - just wondering if I should research further.

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