L-Lysine Cures

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Sinus Congestion, Post Nasal Drip, Allergies
Posted by Renee (Bergen Co., Nj) on 07/03/2013

My allergies, sinus congestion, and post-nasal drip (and the accompanying cough that can cause you to gag or wake up in the middle of the night) have improved immensely with taking 500mg of l-lysine twice daily on an empty stomach. I take it 30 min. Before breakfast and at bedtime. Huge improvement immediately! I have occasionally taken 1000mg dose as needed. I almost have no symptoms anymore!

I've tried several different brands, including generics, and they've all worked the same. I take year-round, as I have lots of trouble with dry heat in the winter and all kinds of pollen and dust.

HIV, Colds, Mono, Herpes, Chickenpox, Shingles
Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 11/10/2007 495 posts

...I also caught another co-worker alone one day and said, "I don't want to embarrass you but I do want to tell you that if I'm ever diagnosed as HIV+ I would be taking l-lysine like it was going out of style" after observing him cornering one of the doc's , to look at his throat for the umpteenth time. His reply, what is it, where do I get it and how do I take it". Answer Walmart, Kmart, Walgreens, GNC stores, etc. Try to find the l000 mgm or 1 gram tablets, take 2 tablets breakfast, lunch, supper and bedtime. He was also told that if it didn't help him it wouldn't hurt him. I never asked if he got it, but he started looking better, missing work less often, and turned in his resignation stating he was going back to art school. Sounds like he expected to have a future. Unfortunately this story did not have a happy ending - seems he had a little too much to drink, backed his wife into a corner, and died from a stab wound inflicted by the butcher knife she carried into that corner with her for self-defense.

The reason I suspected that it might work was because it works against the common cold, mono (kissing fever), influenza. herpes type i & 2, chickenpox, shingles (herpes Zoster), all viruses, so just maybe it would work against HIV also, since it is a virus. An interesting little aside here, I recently read where some psychic claimed to have asked the other side about a cure for AIDS and was told that it had been around for centuries, that the cure was at hand and involved a protein. L-lysine is one of the amino acids which are protein. just maybe it would work against HIV virus.

Maybe we should post the benefits of L-lysine on Earth Clinic before orthodox medicine learns that it works well against viruses and starts debunking it because they can't patent it and keep you coming back to them for prescriptions.

Canker Sores
Posted by Joe (NYC, NY) on 11/02/2008

I have taken L-Lysine for canker sores and it worked great. I havent had one since.

If taken for a while L-Lysine can have an effect on your liver, my mistake was that i kept experimenting and supplementing on it even though i did not need it. It is good but you should pay attention to your arginine levels (consume arginine foods or supplements), as an unsafe drop in those levels can damage your liver. As in my case after consuming about 2-3 grams a day for about 3-4 months resulted in a morning with pain in my liver and a feeling as if i had a cinder block under my ribcage(i had no idea there was such a thing such as liver pain and swelling). Stopped supplementing on it, and 2 days after my liver felt way better. My cholesterol levels were also unusually high during supplementation and they went back to normal after stopping, so people should keep these things in mind, i know its easy to miss these warnings since i missed them myself. The beautiful thing about the liver though is that it can repair itself, but that doesnt mean you shouldnt be careful. Milk Thistle can help repair your liver. And if i had to do this all over again i would take L-Arginine along with L-Lysine. It would be great if someone posted these warnings in the main description for awareness so they can learn from my mistake. Thanks

Posted by Carrie (Reston, VA) on 01/19/2009

Chronic Hives and L-lysine: My mother and grandfather both suffer from chronic hives all of their bodies, face, skine, and even internal organs. ITS BAD! My mother has researched and tried everything (including conventional and holistic medicine). She prayed and prayed that God would show her the cure. HE DID! Its just plain old (and CHEAP I might mention) L-lysine. You know, you use it for canker sores in your mouth! I think she would take 2 in the morning and 2 at night. They started going away immediately and she's even off the L-lysine now and hasn't had a recurrance in over two years! She had my grandfather use it and it worked for him too. This gave my mom her life back! I hope that this helps someone else as it did them. It was literally a God-send. What do you have to lose a few bucks?

Tailbone Pain
Posted by HisJewel (New York) on 07/18/2021

Hello Earth Clinic,

As ORH has desired for us to do I have been studying. I am a big woman and do little exercise until I get to the subway steps. (Mama and Michael I tried). Never the less I shall keep trying to pick up on the exercises.

It seems I'm dealing with two problems during the sitting; A numbing pain from poor circulation and Tailbone pain.

To cut to the chase, I just want to say that Lysine has helped my Tailbone pain more than any pain killers I have tried. Amazing!

I had wanted to cry after doing some traveling, and then rushed to a service. Before I knew it, I was back in the house and had fallen asleep and not taken my supplements.

I don't know if it was the good Lord or not, but it came to my mind you have not taken your Lysine. I got up and took two 1000 mgs because I was in PAIN! I fell back to sleep and when I awoke, no pain. I had a feeling before that it was the lysine that was giving me relief when I took it, now I know.

There is plenty of information about lysine and viruses, but very little information of lysine as an anti-inflammatory.

Healing Benefits of L-Lysine


Posted by Jodi (AV, Minn) on 04/01/2008

L-LYSINE Keep it simple - you feel the tingle - take (2000 to 3000mg) lysine asap! then (2000 to 3000mg) 3 times a day -for 2 days. Day 3 reduce to (1000 to 1500mg) 3 times a day. Day 4 (1000 to 1500mg) 3 times a day. Day 5 & day 6 (500mg) 3 times a day. Your Done! You will either have no outbreak or only a day or two with a very small blister with this treatment.

Also note: L-LYSINE is an amnio acid not a vitamin. Do not take Lysine for long extended periods or mega dose as it can have negative effect on the liver. For mega dosing you may want to have your liver checked out. I have done this for 20 years with great success. I do not take it any other time.

Tip: For traveling back and forth - cold to warm climates, or after viruses, or muscle exersions all of which can trigger coldsores as well as large doses of stress. Take 1000mg for a week to help keep them away.

Posted by Leslie (Barboursville, VA) on 03/03/2007

hey cool got it! speaking of foods and health, peanuts, coffee and chocolate all contain arginine, the amino acid which promotes the outbreak of herpes simplexes, esp. cold sores. Add lack of sleep and stress, and that risk increases. More than 97 percent of all humans have some form of these strains of viruses. To combat, take a supplement amino acid, L LYSINE, which tilts the see-saw of balance back. Usually a double dose at first then as directed for several days to prevent worsening of symptoms. The tingling outbreak will stop and it should start to heal within 24 hours (with good sleep, no coffee, etc). Also, the greens, arugula, italian rockette, will assist healing. A paste can be made to draw fluids off, too. Lip Balms sold at health food stores can be purchased that contain Lysine as well.

CAUTION: Do not take Lysine for long extended periods as it can have negative effect on the liver. Try to use foods instead and good care of the body. if necessary, milk thistle, dandelion root and burdock can assist the liver in rebuilding itself.

Posted by AJ (IL) on 04/13/2006

Lysine didn't cure the herpes but it clears it up in no time. I also put hemorrhoid creme on the sore if it doesn't get opened. The ulcer is gone by the end of the day. If it does get opened then I used Hydrogen peroxide. It burns but it clears it up faster.

Canker Sores
Posted by Speedwell (Earth) on 10/24/2015

4 ounces a day? Recommended by who, the morgue?

Lysine is definitely processed in the liver, so don't take a high dosage along with alcohol, paracetamol (Tylenol for you Yanks), or other medications processed by the liver such as metformin.

Canker Sores
Posted by Maya (Ft Leavenworth) on 11/19/2005

My daughter and I would get canker scores often, until a friend told me about Lysine. We both take one a day, and if ever one starts to appear, then take 2 pills and the scores are gone. I told a great friend who had very dry lips and the lysine has worked for her as well! Love it! The pain is gone!

Posted by American (Los Angeles, Ca) on 11/21/2012

They put me on remecade for arthritis and it blew out my immune system. Shingles popped out all over my leg. The day it manifested, I started taking two big tablets of L-lysine a day. The result was fantastic. The pain and itching died down within hours and I within a week it was gone. Pretty amazing stuff that L-lysine.

Posted by Denise (Seattle, Wa) on 07/21/2012

Oscar, I have read your reply regarding L-Lysine. "Ted" from this website says, "there are 2 things hepatis C does not like; aspirin and lysine.. He also recommends a protocal of lysine and aspirin for 4 days, taking them for four hours and for 4 days will eliminate hepatitis c. I recall he recommends 4000 mgs of lysine per day..

Just am a bit confused regarding this conflicting info...Thanks

Posted by Suzanne (IN) on 02/10/2022

Also taking magnesium before bed on a regular basis will fix this.

Posted by Bonita (Rochester, MN, USA) on 01/03/2009

Found this website looking for flea remedies and found so much more! I too am always looking for remedies other than what are mainstream, just because it seems to me there has got to be more than one way to skin a cat, so to speak!

Read about Vitamin D deficincy in The Star Tribune by a doctor at the U of MN who discovered how many people suffer from a lack of it. Of course, I am a blue eyed blond who frys like a lobster in the sun and can't remember when the last time was that I went outdoors without sunscreen and and hat so I began taking a D supplement right away. I take 2000 IU of vitamin D daily. I have to say that I feel pretty darn good considering I have arthritis in all the major joints of my body.

I also have been using lysine to take care of my Herpes simplex outbreaks for years and would not be without it. I find that if I take 4-6 500 mg tablets at the first sign of the itch/tingle on my lip, and then 2 tablets every couple of hours after that, I can most times, stop it in its tracks and completely skip and signs of the break out. If I am nowhere near my supply of lysine and I get those symptoms, taking it at first opportunity causes the leisons to heal very rapidly. In any case, it works for me.

Am going to try the apple cider vinegar thing as well, for arthritis and for the flea problem. Weird that it will be for 2 such unrelated problems but If it works, who cares. It is certainly safe enough. Thanks for being here as a sounding board and gathering of natural remedies.

L-Lysine Vs. Lysine
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines) on 02/05/2011

Hi Baldev... Lysine or L-Lysine are the convenient supplement names for this amino acid. The actual chemical name of lysine is 2, 6-diaminohexanoic acid, which is a bit of a mouthful.

The lysine supplement I use is pure Lysine Monohydrochloride which is the same as Lysine Hydrochloride.

Posted by Bill (Davis, CA) on 12/22/2008


One should not take this much L-lysine as it has a severe effect on arginine levels. No medical practictioners have ever suggested more than 1500mg per day when an outbreak is present. To much L-lysine can have a toxic effect on the liver.

Posted by Sue (Waukesha, WI) on 09/23/2007

Ever since I was a child I would get really bad cold sores on my lips. about eighteen years ago a co-worker told me about L-lysine. I bought some and as soon as I would feel the tingling like one was starting I'd take 2-3 L-lysine and later in the day 2 more and the next day only 3. And the cold sore wouldn't form or come out. For about a year I'd take it only when I felt one coming and a day or two. For about 14 years I haven't had one cold sore! A miracle!

Canker Sores
Posted by Carol (Hamburg, NY) on 03/14/2007

For years, my teenage grandchildren suffered through excruciatingly painful episodes of canker sores. After trying & failing with many remedies suggested by their mother & others, including their M.D., they finally tried the old-fashioned home-remedy that their great-grandmother used! L-lysine, a simple, low cost cure. They now are tried & true users of L-lysine, and have almost become heroes with their college friends. The treatment is: Immediately upon the beginning of an out-break, take two 500 mg. tablets. Continue taking one 500 mg. tablet each day until 2 or 3 days past the day the canker sore appears to be healed. "L-lysine is an essential amino acid needed in our diet. It is found in animal protein, such as milk protein. It is recommended that young adults need approximately 23 mg of L-lysine per day per kilogram (10 mg per lb) of body weight. The proteins of cereals; wheat gluten, for example, do not provide enough L-lysine (Columbia University Press Encyclopedia)". Little do the young believe that Grandmother's could be so smart - until they try the "old- fashioned home remedies!

Posted by Pat (Ann Arbor, Mich) on 06/23/2006

For me, it's the only thing I've tried, and it works every time. I used to get shingles regularly, and have used l-lysine each time, except for the time the MD didnt recognise the condition, and gave me............ antibiotics! Wow. I also use the dietary guidlines, and eat foods rich in lysine, and low in arginine. Stress will up the arginine, and bring on the outward manifestation of the virus.

Posted by Shara (PHILADELPHIA, PA) on 01/10/2006

Thank you so much!! I have been ill for my entire life but I was hospitalized when I was 13 yrs old. The Dr's had nothing useful to me other than a sugar and Saline drip and a lot of bed rest. They said that what I had looked like lupus but they could not peg it. Finally a few years ago I learned that Lupus ran in my family thus I believe that I may have a bastardized version of Lupus. My mother put me on a vitamin theorapy treatment of vitamins e,c,Lecithin, Bcomplex, multi, omega 3, Calcium, and many other things here and there. Just recently I have added Lipoic acid. I can honestly say that my lupus has not progressed as the Dr's were afraid of with out their treatment. They said that I would be in a wheelchair by the time I was 19 yrs old and now I am 29 and just having less episodes than when I was 13. I do still have episodes that consist of Extreme muscle break down, memory loss, Brown urine and extreme muscle cramping. Skin rashes are also a symptom along with facial sores that my have bonded with a herpes simplex virus. This mixture of herpes and lupus rash is a constant battle but I contain it by taking L-Lysine, Larrea Root, and Red Marine Algea. But still I am very vulnerable to virus attacks b/c of my immune system and when I contract a virus it sends me into an episode that can take me down for a week to a month depending on the virus. Anyway just wanted let you know that your information is very useful to me and I plan to use it daily.

Posted by Lindsey (Cincinnati, Oh) on 08/09/2015

Have you ever been adequately tested for Lyme Disease. All of your symptoms sound more like chronic Lyme with tick-borne co-infectiona than lupus. If you have questions, please contact me. As a lupus researcher and someone with Chronic Neurological Late-Stage Lyme Disease, this is a viable diagnosis. Lyme is often misdiagnosed as lupus, MS, ALS, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and many others... Hope this helps. Lindsey

Posted by Jane (British Columbia, Canada)

I use L-lysine. 500mg. Taken a few days each month. Or take at the on-set of symptoms. Very rarely do I ever get an outbreak of oral anymore. Used to get them regularly and now they are almost a thing of the past. L-lysine is the cheapest and most effective remedy that I have found. Love it.

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