L-Lysine Cures

Colds and Cold Sores
Posted by Baiazid (Gvrd, Bc) on 10/12/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I use L-Lysine for cold sores and to keep away the colds. For me it works.

Colds: I use the dose on the bottle for colds and gargle with cayenne powder water as often as I remember to. The worst I get is maybe one day of very mild symptoms. I tried many recipes from EC but for me this one knocks it out of the park.

Cold Sores: I use it a bit more often/day than for colds. As soon as I feel pain or itchiness around my mouth I take L-Lysine then dab the spot with DMSO. I keep dabbing DMSO every time I remember. That's it. It just fails to erupt if I catch it in time, if not, the combination of L-Lysine and DMSO stops it in its tracks, dries it and saves me days of unpleasantness. If I am away from my DMSO bottle, I use H2O2 instead. A fraction less effective for me but it stil works.

I have tried many other remedies for colds and their resulting sores but none have worked so consistently and so efficiently as these have. It takes a bit of time to search and to try them out until you find your own combo.

Thank you EC!