Natural Cures Usiing Coconut Water

| Modified on Feb 21, 2024
Coconut water has hit the health-food shelves in a mighty wave, promising a fat-free natural sports drink full of electrolytes and promising myriad health benefits. Are these diet claims all they're purported to be, or should we be suspicious of corporations trying to promote a new food product as a dietary fad? The real experiences of Earth Clinic Community members will help to uncover the truth!

If you were stranded on a tropical island and poked your bamboo straw into the center of a ripe coconut, coconut water is exactly what you would be drinking. This compares to coconut milk, which is produced by squeezing the macerated meat of the coconut. It is also drinkable, especially if diluted, but is very high in coconut oil.

Natural Cures Using Coconut Water

Coconut water is naturally rich in potassium and some antioxidants while low in fats, carbohydrates, and sodium. Many of us are low in potassium, and especially after rigorous exertion water and potassium are in critical need of replacement. So coconut water is likely to be of some benefit to most people.

Blood and Circulation

Posted by Edwin Joseph (Cincinnati, Ohio) on 01/10/2013

Has anyone used coconut water? There is a host of benefits too numerous to mention. My wife is taking a low dose of commumdin & was wondering if coconut water would effect it?

Replied by Ed2010
(Oakville, Canada)

You can take coconut water as you like. There are no limitations. Coconut water is rich in minerals, a medicine for Ulcer, mildly diurectic, internal flusher.

What I am saying is Freshly Extracted Tender Coconut water. Not canned

Watch this video how coconut water extracted and drunk. Coconut water is a regular nourishing drink in Tropical countries:


Posted by Faithinhealing (Forest Park, Ohio) on 04/27/2010

Dizziness Remedies...Coconut Water!

I've been dealing with dizziness for the past three weeks or so and I know that it is an electrolyte imbalance for me, although in others it could be dehydration! Trying to find the right ratio of minerals is tough. Since I have candida, I cannot do the typical sports drink or anything, although I heard of one that does not have sugar that the pharmacy recommends that starts with an E.

That said, what I use is coconut water which is the juice from raw coconut. It has the best balance of electrolytes so I always keep a cup in the refrigerator and an extra coconut as well.

If anyone has an excellent electrolyte replacement recipe please let me know!!!

Replied by John

Electrolyte replacement has helped me. The one I use has potassium, calcium, magnesium & sodium. You can add to water or anything else. No sugar, etc. I think there are other products that are very similar.

Energy Drink

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Posted by Melissa (San Diego, CA) on 09/03/2008

I concur about coconut juice. When I suffered from severe dehydration, it was the only thing that got me back. Now I use it preventatively before, during, or after intense exercise. It is even used in IV's for severe dehydration because it has the perfect balance of electrolytes. It tastes good and none of the fructose etc. of sports drinks. there are several brands you can buy at stores such as Henry's, Jimbo's, Whole foods etc.

Replied by Sarah I.
(Dar Es Salaamm, Tanzania, East Africa)

I am from a tropical country and coconut juice/milk/shell can do a lot to mankind from skin products to medical remedy and I dont recommend you drink from canned coconut juice, the best is plastic or box so it remains as pure as possible. I export a lot of it on orders and airfreighted so the transit is short.

Energy Drink
Posted by Tami (Greenville, S.C.) on 09/02/2008

In response to Marea, who asks about a sports energy drink for her son... I have this suggestion. Coconut water. This is a natural, highly nutritive substance which I feel will meet your son's needs quite nicely. It is, quite possibly, the perfect after sports beverage. It is easy to come by providing you can secure a coconut, hammer, and screwdriver. Enjoy.


Posted by Thankful (Grateful For Earthclinic!, USA) on 05/08/2012

Coconut water may help with cataracts.

Replied by Ahlam

Is it by drinking or applying to the eyes

Kidney Stones

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Posted by Jeff (Cebu City, Philippines) on 08/18/2011

Where I live, its a common remedy to drink coconut water if you got kidney stones.