Neem Oil Health Benefits

| Modified on Sep 19, 2022
Neem Oil Health Benefits

A substance that has been used in skin care for thousands of years, neem oil has a variety of other applications as well. The oil is considered highly treasured in India and is used extensively as a remedy and treatment in Ayurvedic medicine. Now more readily available, neem oil has risen in popularity and use around the world.

What is Neem Oil?

Neem oil is derived from the neem tree. The neem tree is an evergreen that is considered a member of the mahogany family and is typically located in drier regions including India, Southeast Asia, and some parts of Africa. All parts of the tree can be used medicinally including the bark, leaves, fruit, seeds, and oils; however, the oil is often considered the most potent of the treatment options.

Derived from crushing the seeds, neem oil is a powerful anthelmintic compound. The oil also possesses a wide range of other beneficial properties as well. In any treatment plan, neem oil is to be used solely as an external remedy but is capable of treating a wide range of conditions.

Health Benefits of Neem Oil

With its exclusive composition, neem oil possesses a wide range of medicinal applications. While initially used as a skincare agent, neem oil has since been identified as an effective treatment with a host of additional treatment properties.

Neem oil can be used as an antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and an analgesic agent. Each of these properties offers specific healing components including inhibiting viruses and fungi, destroying bacteria, relieving pain, reducing inflammation and tenderness and eradicating other microorganisms.

As such, the oil can be used for treating a wide range of specific conditions. Neem oil is effective for fighting the aging process, improving acne prone skin, soothing dry skin and eczema, treating nail fungus and other fungal infections, and removing parasitic insects. The oil is also effective for treating other mild conditions including warts.

With applications ranging from wart removal to parasite expulsion, neem oil is an effective treatment option. Its innate properties and sensitive application make it an easy to use treatment for a range of conditions.


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Posted by Tee (Chicago, Il) on 10/10/2009

Im using neem oil in a face wash I made myself to fight acne and the smell is about to turn my stomach. I tried to mix lavender with it but the smell still lingers. Any suggestions?

Replied by Rose
(Brisbane, Australia)

I use a product called ___ ___ Neem Oil. It's not as potent smelling as the raw neem - and is thinner. It stills smells though but not as nutty or as strong as the raw potent ones. I use it all over my skin for candida rash. Just a few drops in water. It cleared up my small cyst acne on chin. This may help?

Replied by Dan
(Dunedin, New Zealand)

I use neem quite a bit and a fantastic way to disguise the smell is with spearmint essential oil. Not only does the spearmint oil disguise the smell, but it draws the blood to the skin and opens the pores letting more of the neemy goodness in. You can still use it on your skin, even your face with a little discomfort.

Replied by Sax Therapy

I don't mind the smell at all. To me it's an exotic aroma.

Replied by Daisy

I have found that the only thing that disguises the smell really well is citronella essential oil. I mix 2T coconut oil with 1/4t neem oil with 15 drops of citronella. Add more or less according to your preferences. With this I can stand having it on my face. I was really concerned because I bought a large amount of it and then couldn't use it due to the smell, but this works. It is even better than lavender, lemongrass or peppermint to disguise the smell. I still put it on over night though. I hope this helps.

Replied by Carol

I feel sorry for those people who cannot use NEEM OIL because of the smell. They are truly missing out on such a great opportunity to get well and stay well.

I have used it for a long time (when necessary) and I love the smell.

Angular Cheilitis

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Posted by Cj (Malaysia) on 02/22/2018

40 years old male, Asian, 165 cm, 57 kg.

The angular cheilitis comes once every few months. I will apply neem oil 3-4 times daily. After one overnight, it becomes less painful. It will be gone in 2-3 days.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Posted by Rebecca (GA) on 09/18/2022

I do hope this thread is still active. I was diagnosed with Diabetic Retinopathy in 2015 and took the shots for a couple of years but could no longer tolerate them. ever since then I have been researching constantly to find a natural cure (besides the Rice Diet) which has led me to Neem very recently. I purchased the Neem extract and it should arrive this Wednesday. Can someone please give me their opinion on how I should take this please? I feel so desperate. Thank you kindly.



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Posted by Boochie (Pennsylvania ) on 02/16/2018

Neem oil. Cleared my ears of eczema after only 3 days of applying it. I suffered with it for over a year, nothing else I tried worked. I told a friend of mine about it and she used it on her son's arms and legs and it also cleared after one week.

Neem Oil Side Effects

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Posted by Pat (United States) on 08/05/2019


In response to:

Malena from Slidell Louisiana on September 10, 2017 at 7:48 pm who wrote: "My chocolate lab got mange. We cured in two weeks. Once daily we slathered her head to toe in a mixture of coconut oil, neem oil and tea tree oil. Washed her bedding daily. Gave her a bath every three days to wash off old oil and reoiled her. Its messy and smelly but well worth the effort. We bought large containers of coconut oil from Sams club, Tea Tree oil from Walgreens and Neem Oil from asian markets and then we found large bottles on Amazon."

Neem oil made a skin problem I had much, much worse. And lengthened the time it took to cure it by many many months. It seemed to “lift” the “patina” of something foreign that was living on the surface of my skin as I rubbed it on and into my skin.

Kind of the way dead skin after a sunburn can lift off. For that reason I thought neem oil was helping get rid of whatever it was that was living on my skin. But after some weeks of using neem oil, my skin problem got much worse. The “lifting” both increased the area that was infected by this foreign stuff that was living on my skin, and drove it deeper into my skin.

The cure I finally found was a homeopathic remedy. This remedy triggered my own immune system to fight the growth — in stages. One of the stages includes the surface-eruption of what appear to be “roots” of the growth in small hard bumps that form long-lasting scabs, or spots that resemble burns and form scabs as well. I'm right-handed, and I used neem oil primarily on my upper left arm and the front of my right thigh, and the largest, toughest, most enduring breakouts took place in these two areas as the homeopathy did its job. Neem oil drove the life-form deeper into my skin.

This is simply an honest report of what happened to me with neem oil. If you use homeopathy, it is definitely best NOT to ever put anything on your skin other than water (and nontoxic soap where needed). That's one of the many things I learned the incredibly hard way. I tried at least 30, probably more, natural cures. Homeopathy is the only thing that has worked.

Neem Oil Side Effects
Posted by Corey (Topeka, Kansas) on 11/01/2017

I just wanted to let people know that I used neem oil -- about four bottles all together, maybe five -- for a skin problem, and it made the problem worse. Whatever it was that invaded my skin seemed to actually like the stuff, and the oil spread the problem to a larger area and made the invader go deeper, which I believe made the problem last a lot longer than it would have without neem. I used so much, I actually was starting to like the strange smell of neem. I have never found a description of a skin disease that matches my problem, in spite of more hours of searching than I can count. At least a hundred. So it's probably rare. The symptoms are a brownish freckle-like sheath on the surface of the skin, from which it seems like no harm is being done; but nothing, and I mean nothing, would make it go away. Then sulphur baths triggered what I guess people call "an aggravation" -- a partial breakout of bumps that contained what seemed like the seeds of whatever the sheath is/was.

That was the beginning of my discovering a cure. Before finding the cure, I tried -- for a couple years -- about 50 non-toxic possibilities, including neem, clove, tea tree, peppermint, coconut, and other oils, lactic acid (whey), acetic acid (vinegar), acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin), sauna, infra-red sauna, no-sulphur mineral water soaks, various soaps, alkaline water, acidic water, alkaline body, alkaline blood, adequate sleep, giving up gluten (for other reasons not related to the skin problem), etc. etc. etc. I can't even remember everything else, there was so much. None of it made the problem worse, as I'm pretty sure neem did. But it didn't get rid of the problem either. I'm glad neem does help for whatever it helps for. I just wanted to let people know that there is at least one harmful skin growth that likes neem. What did finally work was homeopathy. I also have been taking systemic enzymes. Those are the two most helpful things I did. (Oh, I had given up all forms of sugar, including fruit, years before I was exposed to and contracted the skin problem, and gave up grains during the battle with the skin invader.)

After getting the mild outbreak from sulphur baths, I read about homeopathy helping people with other skin ailments, and the homeopathy I used induced a severe outbreak (and overlapping series of outbreaks) that went on for about ten months but is now I think/hope about 70 percent gone. Homeopathic teachers/healers say each person is different, so what works for one person might not work for another. But I'm pretty sure it doesn't hurt if you use the wrong remedy. Also, anyone who's reading this, it really is true that our illnesses are opportunities to have better health than ever before.

For one example, I had a lifelong health problem with my bladder (from age five or earlier) (not an infection, but the many many doctors I went to for help were useless and in some cases harmful) that I had accepted as a horrible but incurable part of my life; my search for a cure for my skin problem led me to homeopathy, which to my complete amazement 80 percent cured me of my lifelong horrible bladder problem before the skin problem was cured. Actually, the skin problem is slowly slowly slowly but very surely going away still. I didn't have hope for a long time, and now I'm certain it's so conquered that its disappearance is going to continue until it's completely gone. (By the way, for sulphur baths, you can use epsom salt from the drug store or go to a natural spring.)


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Posted by Ram Pal (Usa) on 12/29/2016

Neem (also known as nimm in Punjabi) is most useful herb on this planet. I am from Punjab and we still have so many nimm trees in our farms. And I used to eat neem / nimm fruit also know as namolian every day during their season and I used to clean my teeth with the neem / nimm wood every day. Never had any teeth issues or parasites issues until I moved here in the US. Well, taking / consuming nimm (leaves, oil, juice, fruit etc.) in a small amount is recommended unless other wise you know what ghee (clarified butter) is and add 2-3 tbs of ghee in your every day diet (lunch, dinner etc.). Punjabi people add ghee in their daily diet every day and that could be the reason that why it never bothered me but, if you do not eat ghee and over use the nimm then it can effect your eyes and some other internal parts as well. Yeah, you can consume it in any form (eat fruit, eat leaves, oil, juice etc.) but do not over dose.

Posted by Rivergirl (Washington, Dc, United States) on 10/21/2012

I first noticed that I had parasites a month ago. I tried wormwood, cloves, walnut hall, DE, for over 30 days and not much elimination of them. I read on a few searches that the herb neem will expel them, prevents them from feeding you and stops the eggs from hatching, Finally ordered some and after taking it two day I could not believe what I was seeing coming from my body. I could feel them moving around throughout my body head to feet causing me to lose sleep. I have been running to the toilet most of the day and each time looks likes hundreds of the expelling from my inside. Close inspection I could see them moving around inthe toilet. I also took a laxative, triphala to get assist with the neem. It works and it works fast. Hopefully in two weeks or so I will be parasite free. Neem is a lifesaver for me. These things were crawling around in my ears. Face and brain. This is the first time, I feel them lessen up. Now I am in the die off stage. Try neem!!!!!!! I need something quick and this is doing it for me so far. Do a search on neem and see how good it works on all types of parasites.

Replied by Waynow
(Motown, Ca/ Usa)

I was very pleased to read this worked! Neem is considered a sacred tree in India. It sounds like the word, Name.

Triphala (lit. "three fruits") sounds like, Trip Fall-a. The "greatest" of these "three fruits" is Amaliki, which sounds like Am I Like He.

This is an excellent body and blood cleanser, and has the Indian saying, "So you have no mother? That's alright if you have Triphala. " So perhaps this is even safe for children??? It is very high in Vit. C. , and good for use as a purgative /laxative, whole body cleanser (especially the liver and organs), and is anti-inflammatory for the stomach and intestines. --T.

Replied by William S

I read your comments on neem oil and killing parasites. My question is how do you take it and how much? I am looking forward to a reply. Thank you. William

Replied by Ed2010

Hi William, You can start with Quarter Teaspoon in the night time for 3 days. If you can tolerate increase to half teaspoon. It will flush all the crap out of your bowel. It will induce loose bowel movements. We used to give to Calf to kill their parasites in those days.

Good Health.

Replied by William S

Neem oil. How to take it, and how much, for killing parasites. Thank you william

Replied by Ed2010

You have to drink the neem oil.

Good Health

Replied by Gr8will
(Montgomery, Alabama)

Just want to ask clarification about taking neem oil internally to kill parasites. It was written here that "neem oil is to be used solely as an external remedy." Is it safe to drink it? Or the bark and the leaves are the ones to be brewed and drink?

Replied by Marcin
(Toronto, Canada)

I am drinking a tea made from ground neem powder and I am fine. So oil should be safe. But double check that. Or buy the powder.

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

to Gr8will --- use neem oil externally only but you can use neem leaves in caps or as tea. Namaste Om

Replied by Martha
(Vinton, Va)

How did you take the Neem Oil?

Replied by Karmakazy

You shouldn't take Neem oil internally. Neem oil should only be taken externally, either diluted in a bath or with a good carrier oil. You can buy Neem tablets at your local health food store. They are made from the leaf of the Neem tree, whereas the oil is made from the seed and can be toxic. It is always a good idea to fight from the inside out, so for parasites. Myself, I would take the Neem pills along side the use of Neem oil, in either a bath or with a carrier oil and applied to the skin. Neem oil will stop the external parasites from reproducing by messing up their hormones, while Neem pills will make the body a less desirable host for critters. For external parasites; in a clear bottle I will dilute 3% peroxide with water to bring it down to 1%, add just enough borax until it no longer disolves. I then pour the mixture all over the body and without rinsing, let it dry. I leave it on for 1 to 2 days, wash it off, apply coconut oil and repeat in 3 to 4 days. Avoid getting it in the eyes. I use this for all types of mange in dogs and it destroys them and is non-toxic to my dogs. Just throwing it out there(0=

I am not a doctor, these are just my opinions on Neem products, etc. I am not telling people to use them but merely speaking from my own experiences.

Replied by Piotr

To all who got cured from all kinds parasites and candida with neem oil. Could You please share the amounts of neem oil and required safe time period to take it internally. Suffering for years, now it's unberable. Please help. Thank You.

Replied by Piotr

Per Ed2010 from Canada 06/12/2014

You can start with Quarter Teaspoon in the night time for 3 days. If you can tolerate increase to half teaspoon. It will flush all the crap out of your bowel. It will induce loose bowel movements. We used to give to Calf to kill their parasites in those days.

P.S. I think repeat for min 3 weeks in the same manner.

Replied by Eve
22 posts

I'm desperate to find something that will get rid of whatever is in me. In following these threads I notice that one time we are on Neem Oil, then I see by the teaspoon. It would be wonderful if what you are referring to is really identified as to kind (ie. oil, powder, tincture, paste, leaves, brand name) Neem is something you have to be very careful when using. Aren't these blogs wonderful? what did we do without them?

Replied by John

it it ok to take neem oil orally?

Replied by Sara
(North Carolina)

Did you put the neem oil dropper in you mouth? Could you please tell me how you used this. Thank you in advance. Sara

Replied by Jessica

You can buy capsules of neem and take them internally.

Replied by Jeanette

Both neem tea and neem oil can be used internally, other posts are opinion based upon the fact that neem can trigger dieoff. It is powerful, but absorbant helpers like activated charcoal or bentonite clay drunk internally lessens that reaction strongly.

With any powerful natural cure, when you begin using it, more is less. Try googling the term 'titration'.

Dieoff/herx reactions can kill when they are just plain too strong, so for serious illnesses it's best to start with just 1/8-1/16 of a standard suggested dose.

Replied by Danielle
(Atlanta, Georgia)

How much neem oil should you use daily? Does Neem oil have any side effects one taken orally?

Replied by Michael
(New Zealand)

Thank you Ram Pal from India with this cautionary tale about the (possible) over-usage of Neem products. Here again is a classic case of something taken in small, beneficial amounts doing good but taken in larger amounts causing some grief to the system. This message could be transferrable to some other products overly, enthusiastically embraced on this Site I have to say. Ram Pal grew up with the Neem tree as an integral component of his Culture and environment, so has an intimate knowledge of the properties of this wonderful tree that we cannot possibly match. Shall we just listen to what he has to say and take heed of his precautionary approach? This does not stop us from using the Neem but rather educates and makes us aware of possible untoward consequences if we are foolish enough to over-indulge. My medical guide extols the many virtues of the Neem Tree but nevertheless concludes with the advice that "Neem OIL should not be ingested. Use as directed" (Authors' words- not mine! ). Cheers and Happy New Year to you all!

Replied by Joy
(New Jersey)

Do you use Neem oil or capsules? I bought an oil that says to use only externally so not sure if I should use that. Or use pills of Neem LEAF.


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Posted by Lilly (Wellington, New Zealand) on 11/03/2009

I have been plaqued by all kinds of symptoms and just recently discovered it is most likely candida. I had rashes, hives, prickles, body hot flashes, allergic feeling, sneezing, weird smell coming from body. When my rashes dry out I get dandruff like white dust (a sign of fungi) and this is when it starts to heal up - before that rash just about made me leap through the roof.

I started to use Neem oil. I put a few drops in water and because I don't have a bath put it on container and then dribble it over my body. I rub it in at last point in shower so it doesn't wash off then get out and let it dry. I don't put any creams on just dry.

I have been using it for about a week and so far the rash has almost gone - i don't itch nearly as much, no more hives, or prickles unless I get over hot.

I am also going to add in betonite clay/psyillum. Spices I crave but they may create too fast die off because I get really hot and itchy after I eat them.

I recommed Neem (some of the other oils I get reactions too but i'm fine with neem). Will you keep you posted - I can tell I have overgrowth in throat (not in mouth) and I guess probably just about everywhere. I am also going to try find some leaves to put in warm water and soak - or chew on.

Replied by M
(Anon, Usa)

hi, it sounds like you have tinea versicolor. i've had it since i was 12 (im 25 now...) and the only effective way i've found to get rid of it is H2o2 therapy w/food grade hydrogen peroxide. you have to drink it in water, and its totally gross, but it will cure you in about 2 weeks. tea tree oil castille soap is also helpful. the only prob is tinea versicolor recurs like 90%of the time :( i'll try the neem oil tho! maybe it can help me too!

Replied by Annie
(Montreal , Quebec, Canada)

Hi, for similar problems that were caused by the tinea fungus, it is true that neem oil will help a lot, but the best cure is apple cider vinegar. Use a piece of cotton and dab apple cider vinegar on the lesions, at least once a day. Let dry without rinsing. The fungus cannot live in an acidic medium. Don't forget those cracked heels: they can be infected by the same fungus, that also causes athlete's foot and jock itch, depending on the location. My 5 years old son had tinea on his back, then the fungus moved to his groin, so this was called jock itch, but it was the same tinea versicolor fungus. I cut the vinegar half and half with water to ease the sting to these tender parts, put it in a spray bottle, sprayed him all over his lesions everyday after shower. He waited for it to dry before putting clothes on. Everything disappeared within a couple of weeks.

Beware that cats and dogs can be carriers. A very good treatment would be to dab on or spray apple cider vinegar, then rub in a few drops of neem oil. 2 very good, powerful antifungal in conjunction. For athlete's foot, wet or soak the whole feet in vinegar. Then rub in a little neem oil. Best luck!

Replied by Debbiefudge
(Brighton, East Sussex, Uk)

Hi, where any symptoms are to do with yeast/fungus.

I'd take a good look at your diet and do loads of research. There are so many things that feed off yeast, which may make the problem worse. Whilst neem and ACV can help on the outside of your body, you need to look at what you are putting 'into' your body, which could be the root cause. For instance, there is sugar in so many things. Even natural sugar in fruit. Take a good multi vitamin/mineral supplement. If you are cutting things out of your diet. So that you are not lacking in those.

One thing that might help, is a good probiotic yogurt. Preferably, one you make your self. You can also use this on your vagina which is very cooling.

Read the labels on everything you eat!

Replied by Maryannw
(Brick, Nj / Usa)

I had tinea versicolor once about 20 years ago, never came back though. I used Nizoral shampoo- on the area and wash your hair thoroughly leaving it on for a few minutes. It worked for me!

Replied by Jolene
(Albuquerque, New Mexico)

to BetterButNotCured - if you have an overgrowth of Candida Albicans, you need to cut it down to size. The best way of doing that for me is to take White Oak Bark supplements. There is also a product with cellulase and protease enzymes that works very well because it consists of enzymes that digests the fungus instead of destroying it and so the "healing crisis" is avoided. There are online tests to help you determine if you do have that fungal overgrowth.

Replied by Rhonda

Where can you get that product? How is the best way to use the neem powder and the neem oil for parasites?

Reader Feedback

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Posted by Fibb (Bangalore, India) on 09/05/2011

If there are consistent outbreaks then apply - rather massage neem oil even after the outbreak goes away for at least 3 months to let the neem enter the body and kill the virus. Along with that chew neem leaves or take neem capsules.

Reader Feedback
Posted by Merryanne (Orange City, Florida, Usa) on 09/28/2010 115 posts

I am glad you found out about Neem, I live in Florida and there is a Neem Tree Farm here that sells the bark or leves in capsules. I personally took a capsuel of each three time a day for 2 months and it gave me a wonderful cleansing out, and then I quite smoking, I did pray to God a lot, but I am still free of cigarettes after 2 years, thank God, but the neem products are great for all cleansings

Reader Feedback
Posted by Amy (Indianapolis, IN) on 07/22/2009

I can attest to using neem oil for dandruff. I have been using a high quality organic neem shampoo, and have noticed a big difference in the 2-3 days that I have used it. I have been following the instructions and leaving the shampoo on my scalp for 3-5 minutes before rinsing. I have had an itchy, red scalp for about 2 years that came on after a bad home perm. The flakes are definitely almost gone already. Using pure neem oil seems to irritate my skin b/c it's too strong, but the shampoo seems to work well so far. I think my scalp problems are due to some sort of ongoing yeast or fungus, and I am also taking coconut oil daily.

Reader Feedback
Posted by Rosie (Westport, New Zealand) on 06/11/2009

I often use Neem oil on a little sponge inside my vagina to help me with my candidiasis symptoms... It works very well, no more itching anymore but it did not cure the candidiasis completly ( I am still working on it, with the help of this great site, I am on a Borax cure at the moment and I am going to start Apple cider vinegar + Baking soda cure as well as coconut oil). Neem oil is great on my hair too, to prevent it from exessive dryness.

Replied by Mdepaul
(Phila, Pa)

It can be taken internally to fight off parasites and infections. The use of neem leaf capsules will help immune system which is why the problem to begin with.

Replied by Mitch
(Gatineau, Quebec)
3 posts

You may want to try vaginal douches of 3% hydrogen peroxide once a day for a week or two.

Reader Feedback
Posted by William (Grants Pass, Oregon) on 01/12/2009

Hot Spot Remedies:

My dog Terra who is part Sheppard and part Akita, had two large hot spots on her back above her tail. I wasn't sure what to do so I asked the folks at our local herb shop ( called "the Herb Shop") and they recommended using Neem oil. When I got home I poured a little Hydrogen peroxide on them to clean and disinfect the spots and then I applied a coating of the oil, nothing else. After about 20 minutes or so, the skin started drying out and that was it, no more problem , completely healed with in a few days.

Several years later, my Mother was in the last few days of her life, from cancer, and we noticed a rather large bed sore on her back so I applied some Neem oil and the same thing happened. Even though her body had started shutting down the skin was reforming on the bedsore!

Replied by Traci

Wow! That is amazing - especially with your mom. It's wonderful you were able to help her like that too during so difficult a time. Rest her soul.

My Persian cat Sunshine got a horrible skin condition. I think it was mange. It was complete scabs all down his backend. I made a shampoo with lots of neem and then to liet it sit on him put the "donut collar" on him so he couldn't lick. Many things can be toxic to cats. I think I had read to leave it on 15 minutes but for good measure left it on a few hours before rinsing him thoroughly. The next day his hair was growing back 50% from bald! The rest of the growth was rapid. The condition never returned or a symptom after rinsing. AMAZING stuff.

Neem Oil has been tested scientifically against the top chemical spot flea treatments. It is applied to the back of the neck the same way only more. For thick fur animals you nip a tiny area of fur out to have skin showing. It tests more effective than the toxic treatments on all four stages of fleas.

It even lasts longer 6- 8 weeks but I apply every 4 or 5. It works! It can also save a lot of money especially if one has a lot of pets. It stinks only for about 15 minutes and then the smell dissipates. I've told many friends about it and they are amazed. It saves some people over $100 a month. Amazon has a 16 oz container for $8. This is my second bottle. It lasts a LONG time. You can give it as gifts to animal lovers. Their animals are spared the chemical toxicity and they are spared the bills.

Reader Feedback
Posted by Barbara (KEY WEST, FL) on 11/05/2008

If you are discovering Neem for the first time, here are some quick amazing Neem facts :

* the tree is known to cure more than ONE HUNDRED diseases.
* neem is both a pest control material and as well as a fertilizer, making it an invaluable farm companion.
* neem is an intelligent pest repeller - it affects only harmful pests and does not affect useful species in the farm!
* neem has a four-pronged repellant action and complex molecular structure which ensures that pests don't become immune to it.
* it gives more oxygen than other trees, making it a champion pollution fighter.
* just sleeping under the shade of a neem tree is therapeutic.
* the tree is known to halt spreading deserts.
* It's leaf and it's extract are a natural substance that don't simply mask symptoms but encourage your body to heal itself.
* Its completely safe and causes no harm or side-effects. It has been used as a health and beauty aid in India for more than 5000 years!
* It was considered a divine tree by ancient Indians.
* A world conference is held every three years to discuss the research and discoveries modern science is making, on this single tree. And there is lots to show and tell!

As if all this wasn't amazing enough, the Neem is a hardy tree that requires almost no water and grows happily on wastelands.

Replied by Eh From Latrobe
(Latrobe, Pa)

I'm new to EarthClinic -- and am already addicted to it. I have been investigating Rosacea for a friend and came across your comments on NEEM. It sounds like the perfect thing for Rosacea -- as Ted said he was most concerned about microbes as its cause. Any further understanding would be appreciated. Thank You

Replied by Diana
(Portland, Oregon)

I have heard that a raspberry cream can help. This seems to be too expensive for me & seeing a Dr. with no insurance is to what can I use that will be cheaper & effective.

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